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                                                                                                                                    FEBRUARY 2011

   Are You Up On FMCSA’s Motor                                                                    PPA is Back and
    Carrier Safety Measurement                                                                   Presents PBA With
   System (SMS)? It’s Public Now                                                                  New Challenges
                                                                                             Court Declares PPA’s Regulations Invalid

                                                                                                       On July 16, 2004, Act 94 was enacted
                                                                                             which transferred the oversight of taxis and limou-
                                                                                             sine providers in cities of the first class
         For several years now,          ment and percentile results of the                  (Philadelphia) from the Pennsylvania PUC to the
PBA motorcoach members have been         Cargo-Related and Crash Indicator                   Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA). This had
hearing about FMCSA’s new safety         BASICs. General public users can                    enormous implications for the motorcoach industry
tool called CSA 2010 whose name          view the inspections, violations, and               because the definition of limousine services in
was recently changed to the Motor        crashes that are used to calculate the              Section 5701 (1)(ii) of the Act stated “Common
Carrier Safety Measurement System        BASIC measurements and percentile                   carrier service for passengers for compensation”.
(SMS).                                   results. However, driver names and                  The Act did not specifically exempt buses from the
                                         other carrier-specific details are avail-           definition which resulted in new requirements for
           SMS is the current tool which able only to the individual carrier and             Pennsylvania motorcoaches operating in Philadel-
will be used by the FMSCA and State enforcement staff.                                       phia.
Partners (like the Pennsylvania PUC
or State Police) to evaluate a motor     GET TO KNOW THE 7 BASICS                                     In June 2005, the PPA issued regulations
carrier’s safety performance. Two                                                            to oversee the taxicab and limousine industries.
things motorcarriers should know:                  SMS is organized into seven               Since motorcoaches were not exempted in Act 94,
                                         Behavior Analysis and Safety Im-                    PPA had no choice but to include buses in the
1. You must register to be able to       provement Categories (BASICs). The                  regulations they adopted.
      log-on to your company’s record    BASICs sort the carrier's safety infor-
      to view important information (you mation into specific categories. The                          In 2005, three PBA operator members
      need your PIN number); and         BASICs are defined as follows:                      filed a lawsuit which resulted in a signed Agree-
2. SMS is now available to the gen-                                                          ment with the PPA. This lead to the completion of
      eral public to view.               #1        Unsafe Driving BASIC —                    Questionnaires by motorcoach companies in
                                         Operation of commercial motor vehi-                 Pennsylvania to provide some relief from the
HAVE YOU REVIEWED YOUR                   cles (CMVs) in a dangerous or care-                 many regulations which were a duplication of
DATA?                                    less manner. Example violations:                    those of the FMCSA and PA PUC. There was
                                         speeding, reckless driving, improper                much time and money spent on this effort by PBA
           FMCSA highly recommends lane change, and inattention.                             and, to their credit, the PPA accepted the Ques-
that all motor carriers periodically re-                                                     tionnaires and have been focusing much of their
view their SMS record and, if incorrect #2         Fatigued Driving (Hours-of-               enforcement efforts on the taxicab and limousine
information is detected, initiate a data Service) BASIC — Operation of                       companies up until now.
correction request through DataQs, an CMVs by drivers who are ill, fatigued,
electronic data correcting system. The or in non-compliance with the Hours-                           Jumping ahead to April of 2010, the
DataQs system is available online at     of-Service (HOS) regulations. Exam-                 Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court determined
http://dataqs.fmcsa.dot.gov.             ple violations: exceeding HOS, main-                that PPA’s regulations were invalid in a case
                                         taining an incomplete or inaccurate                 Germantown Cab Co. versus PPA. The courts
ARE YOU AWARE OF WHAT                    logbook, and operating a CMV while ill              determined that PPA was considered a “local
THE PUBLIC CAN VIEW?                     or fatigued.                                        agency” and therefore have a legal responsibility
                                                                                             to comply with the Commonwealth’s Documents
                                                                                             Law and print the regulations in the PA Bulletin for
         The General public can view                               Continued on Page 7       public comment. This never happened.
SMS information for motor carriers,
with the exception of the measure-
                                                                                                                                Continued on Page 11
                                              Report of the Executive Director
          PBA                                                               Elaine Farrell, CAE

James A. JeBran                     What’s New for PBA in 2011?
Trans-Bridge Lines, Inc.

Vice Chair                         Marketing Committee Established                     Joey Venezia, Holly-
Nelson Floyd                                                                           wood Casino at Penn National Race Course
Perkiomen Tours                                                                        Linda Lemos, Arcola Bus Sales
                                          Since joining PBA in 2006, one my goals      Gina Romanelli, National Constitution Center
Secretary                        has always been to update PBA’s logo and name         Nancy Nathan, Adams Mark Hotel
Patrick Cole                     recognition. The following is the logo PBA has        Diane Meglino, Philadelphia Belle
Cole Transportation              been using for some time:                             Nelson Floyd, Perkiomen Tours
                                                                                       Barbara Koazak-Sellers, PA Dutch Hotels
Treasurer                                                                              Bryan Johnson,
Aerial Fullington Weisman                                                              David Benedict, David Tours
Fullington Trailways                                                                   Lois Stoltzfus, Executive Coach
                                                                                       Jim JeBran, Tans-Bridge Lines, Inc.
Scott Henry (Past-chair)                    When this logo was designed, PBA rep-      Tammy Wolf-Baker, Wolf’s Bus
Martz Trailways                  resented both motorcoaches and school
                                 buses….hence the bright yellow color. Over the
                                 years, however, the travel and tourism industry,        New Legislative Session Begins
Amy Brooks
Susquehanna Trailways            legislative efforts, and relationship with bus manu-
                                 facturers and companies servicing the motor-                    Pennsylvania has a two-year legislative
Brian Kurtz                      coach industry has become a major focus of who session which begins in 2011. This year we will
Elite Coach                      we represent. I hope you agree that this logo no     have a new Governor, new State Department
                                 longer represents who PBA is today!                  officials, and probably new Deputy Secretaries.
        PBA STAFF                                                                     PBA was invited to participate in Governor-elect
                                            Many PBA membership representatives Corbett’s transition team interviews, with our own
Executive Director               respond to an email inviting members to assist       Steve Haddad (Bieber Transportation Group) con-
Elaine Farrell, CAE              with the rebranding of PBA’s “look”. This includes ducting the interview with PBA, the school bus
                                 both motorcoach operators, travel suppliers, and     association and motor truck association. It was
Executive Assistant              our associate members so the committee is a nice an opportunity to share our legislative concerns,
Tammy K. Linn                    mix. The Marketing Committee has now been            experiences good or bad with various state de-
                                 officially established and has scheduled their first partments and challenges in the new year.
PBA Bus Digest is published      conference call.
6 times a year. Advertising                                                                      As we start this new legislative session, I
opportunities are available by              The first order of business with the Mar- would like to remind all of our readers of the im-
contacting PBA at 717-236-       keting Committee is to agree on a goal so that we portance of developing a relationship with your
9042 or go to our web-site at    are all on the same page with our efforts moving     local legislator. They know NOTHING about the
www.pabus.org.                   forward. In terms of a timeline, this effort will    motor coach business so invite them to your op-
                                 probably take up to 6 months since we need to        eration for a cup of coffee and a tour. Let them
Contact us:                      identify our tasks, develop an RFP to issue to       climb into a coach, sit in the driver’s seat, and tell
Pennsylvania Bus                 marketing type companies, review designs, and        them about your business challenges.
Association                      present options to PBA’s board.
4405 North Front Street                                                                          Finally, don’t forget to contribute to
Harrisburg, PA 17110                        When you think about rebranding, there PBA’s Motorcoach PAC so we can support the
(717) 236-9042                   are many things that project a company’s “look”      candidates that understand the motor coach is-
Fax (717) 236-1391               including web-site, email signatures, letterhead,    sues and are supportive of those issues. PUT IT
www.pabus.org                    envelopes, business cards, publications like Bus     ON TODAY’S TO DO LIST!
                                 Digest, programs like the annual meeting and
                                 marketplace. So we will be using our members’
                                 creative minds to come up with something that is
                                 professional, clean, and offers the public a
                                 glimpse of who PBA is.

                                          We will keep you updated on this effort
                                 and thank those who stepped forward to help in-

                                 Mike Trageser, Sands Casino-Resort
                                 Michelle Jennings, Longwood Gardens

                                              Report of the Chairman
  Board of Directors                                          Jim JeBran, Trans-Bridge Lines
     2010-2011                                                                Bethlehem, PA
Sue Anderson-Nicklin
Anderson Coach & Travel

John Bailey
Bailey Coach
                                                Resolving in 2011
David Benedict
David Tours & Travel                   Although we are well past New Year’s, it’s
                              never too late to contemplate the importance of                Working your
Amy Brooks                    adding some resolutions into our lives. Even         plan means despising
Susquehanna Trailways         though this list is incomplete, it’s a good place to ease, forgetting hard-
Patrick Cole
                              start.                                               ships, laughing at discouragement and sticking to it
Cole Transportation, Inc.                                                          until possibilities are turned into achievement.
                              •   Show kindness. It’s a choice. Choose it.
Mike Fleischhauer                                                                              These rules are basic, fundamental and
Greyhound Lines, Inc.                                                                  necessary; they are the universal laws of success.
                              •   Show patience. Just remember, you’re not
Nelson Floyd                      perfect either.                                                There never was a time when concen-
Perkiomen Tours                                                                        trated thought and diligent work were not rewarded
Jim Garman                    •   Show encouragement. If you do, people will           by a full measure of success, and there never will
Advance Coach                     strive for more.                                     be.

Don Hagey
Hagey Coach                   •   Show compassion. Put yourself in someone
                                  else’s shoes.
Scott Henry
Martz Trailways
                              •   Show wisdom. It’s in short supply these days.
Jim JeBran
Trans-Bridge Lines, Inc.      •   Show fairness. Don’t stack the deck in any-
                                  one’s favor.
Wayne Klein
Klein Transportation
                              •   Show leadership. Too many people are fol-
John Kowalski                     lowers.
Bieber Transportation Group                                                                 PENNSYVLANIA BUS ASSOCIATION
Brian Kurtz                   •   Show humor. Life is short. Don’t take it too
Elite Coach                       seriously.                                              CALENDAR OF EVENTS
Linda Mauzy
Pennsylvania’s Laurel High-   •   Show concern. Listen to the problems of oth-           March 21, 2011
lands (Travel Supplier            ers.                                                   “Investing in the Motorcoach Industry: In-
                                                                                         creasing Your ROI” Seminar, Harrisburg, PA
Dale McMichael                •   Show love. It can solve many unsolvable
Executive Coach                   problems.                                              PBA Board Meeting & PBA Awards Program
                                                                                         Holiday Inn Grantville, PA
David Myers
Myers Coach Lines
                              •   Show forgiveness. You’ll help change the
                                                                                         March 22, 2011
                                  world.                                                 PBA Marketplace, Harrisburg, PA
Jay Newswanger
R & J Transportation                    Practicing any or all of the above listed        June 4, 2011
                              “resolutions” could help lead us down the road of          Bus Museum of Transportation, Spring Fling,
Jay Oakman                    success. After all, success is one of the most
ABC Companies                                                                            Hershey PA
                              sought after things in the world.
(Associate Representative)
                                                                                         June 14-17, 2011
Dennis Warner                           Regardless of your affiliation with the Mo-      PBA Annual Meeting, Seneca Niagara
Red Lion Bus Company, Inc.    torcoach Industry, or your personal goals, success         Casino & Resort
                              is within reach of all of us. Unfortunately, it’s sel-      Niagara Falls, NY
Aerial Fullington Weisman     dom attained, because most people stumble over
Fullington Trailways          the two simple rules governing its attainment.             Additional information available at
                                        Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan.               www.pabus.org
Tammy Wolf-Baker
Wolf’s Bus Lines, Inc.
                                       Planning your work means thinking and
                              analyzing in order to make things possible.
                                                                                                    PENNSYLVANIA BUS ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                     Annual Meeting
                                                                                                    June 14 - 17, 2011

                A Glimpse at the FAMs!
          The Niagara Tourism & Conven-        You'll experience awe-inspiring scenery,   to
tion Corporation is pleased to offer the       historical significance, and Class Five    an
following FAMs at the June Annual Meet-        white water at the Devil's Hole Rapids!
ing. They will give you a great feel for the   Hydrate your senses and bring a change of
area so you can develop itineraries for your   clothes! This (must do) fun excursion will
traveling customers.                           provide thrills for young and old alike.

Tuesday, June 14th                               Wet but not so Wild…The Park Tour
                                                                                             itinerary. Although these are totally free,
         Taste of Niagara Wine Tour                                   This is the tour for   they add insight into the variety of things to
                                                            those who have never experi-     do in Niagara USA.
                      Venture off to Becker                 enced Niagara Falls up close                 The group will start by having
           Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards                     and powerful. Here is your       Lunch at the Hard Rock Café where the
           where you can sample a variety                   chance to ride the famous        group can view it extensive collection of
           of award winning wines or tip a Maid of the Mist boat tour. Don’t forget to       rock memorabilia and learn about the
           glass from the micro brewery       bring you camera for pictures of all three     many free concerts offered at the Hard
while enjoying a delightful lunch prepared    waterfalls from the Observation Tower.         Rock, including the Guitar Drop, concerts
from a fabulous array of food all grown       (The only spot on either side to capture this  and fireworks on New Year’s Eve.
from within a 100 mile radius. This delight- view)                                                       Next it is off to the Niagara
ful working farm also features Hayrides, a              Get closer than you can imagine      Power Vista which features more then 50
petting farm, fresh made fudge, pies and      at the Cave of the Winds! Go face-to-face      interactive exhibits about hydroelectricity
cookies.                                      with the pounding waters of Niagara Falls      and an observation deck perched 350 feet
          Next it is off to the “Most Haunted and get soaked on the Hurricane Deck           above the Niagara River Gorge.
Winery in the Country” as voted by The        where you are just feet from the thundering                Nearby, the Castellani Art Mu-
Learning Channel’s Ghost Hunters. Mar-        waters! You will feel one with nature’s maj-   seum specializes in modern and contem-
jim Manor will share its tales while you      esty!                                          porary art. The permanent collection in-
embark on a taste journey through a vari-                                                    cludes more then 5,000 works of art.
ety if award winning fruit wines.             Thursday, June 16th                                        Although our time is limited to
                                                                                             explore the many free things to do in Niag-
       Shop Til You Drop Shopping             Somewhere in Time…The History Tour             ara, there is still more to see, so hop back
                                                                                             on the bus and head to the National
                      Crazy schedules often             It is off to the quaint Village of   Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Fatima.
            don’t let us escape to the mall. Lewiston where the group will be met by         The spectacular glass dome basilica is
            Well we have the answer. The characters in period dress who will tell of         surrounded by 20 acres of gardens and
            Fashion Outlets of Niagara        the village’s rich history and involvement in over 150 life-size marble and bronze stat-
            Falls will treat you like a shop- the Underground Railroad. There you will       ues of saints.
            ping diva. You will be wel-       enjoy lunch featuring a delightful taste from
comed with a private reception at Saks        the Lewiston area restaurants and stroll the
where you will receive a discount shopping unique shops and boutiques.
card and a mall gift card to be used for                Traveling further north explore
lunch or towards the special treasure you     Old Fort Niagara. The original 18th cen-
always wanted. With all the great stores      tury fortress where the empires of Britain,
you will never want to leave.                 France and the Iroquois struggled for con-
                                              trol of North America. Exciting living history
Wednesday, June 15th                          programs, exhibits and spectacular scen-
                                              ery. Hear the stories of the life led by those
    Wet and Wild Jet Boat Adventure           who helped to form America. Don’t miss
                                              seeing an original flag that flew over the
                               As seen on     fort in 1812, which predates “Old Glory” in
                     The Amazing Race,        the Smithsonian.
                     Whirlpool Jet Boat
                     Tours is an exhilarating      Niagara Treasures (Its Free Tour)                   Meet the 2011 Annual Meeting
experience aboard 1500 horsepower jet                                                           Co-Chairs John Bailey, Bailey Coach (left
boats that take you safely through the Ni-              This tour provides you with some        in sun glasses) and Sue Nicklin, Anderson
agara River Gorge on the Niagara River.       of the unique attractions that you can add        Coach & Travel, right.


                 2011 Marketplace
                             March 22, 2011

       142 Confirmed Booths as of                        January 25, 2011    lists grows weekly with new companies!

1000 Islands                               Hershey Farm Restaurant and Inn             Pocono Mountains Convention & Visitors
Adam's Mark Buffalo Niagara Hotel          Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors          Bureau
Allegany County Tourism                      Bureau                                    Port O Call Hotel
Allenberry Resort Inn & Playhouse          Historic Houses of Odessa                   Prince George's County, MD CVB
American Mountain Theater                  Holiday Inn Washington PA                   Prince William County/Manassas CVB
American Music Theatre                     Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race      QVC, Inc.
American Treasure Tour                       Course                                    Rainbow Dinner Theatre
Amish Experience at Plain & Fancy Farm     Horizon Inn                                 River Lady Cruises
Atlantic City Convention & Visitors        Hudson River Valley Tours                   Ruchi Enterprises, LLC
  Authority                                Hunterdon Hills Playhouse Dinner Theatre    Rockwood Mill Shoppes & Opera House
Bar Harbor Music Festival                  Indiana County Tourism Bureau               Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem
Boardwalk Hotel Group                      Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation               Sea Bay Hotel
Brandywine River Museum                    Lake George Area in NY's Adirondack's       Seneca Gaming Corporation
Broadway Inbound                           Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum         Seven Springs Mountain Resort
Broadway.com                               Landmark Tours                              Shady Maple Smorgasbord and
Cape Cod Custom Tours                      Longwood Gardens                              Conference Center
Carousel Resort Hotel                      Luray Caverns                               Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre
Cecil County Tourism                       Luzerne County CVB                          Sight & Sound Theatres
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation           Maryland Office of Tourism                  Southern Maryland Heritage Area
Comfort Inn Gold Coast                     Matador Oceanfront Resort                   Split Rock Resort & Golf Club
Country Junction – Worlds Largest          Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts &          Suicide Bridge Restaurant
  General Store                              Humanities                                The Alleghenies
Crown American Hotels                      Miller's Smorgasbord                        The Corning Museum of Glass
Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau          Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs                 The Maine Tour Connection
Dandy Restaurant Cruises                   Morris Meadows Historic Preservation        The Meadows Racetrack & Casino
Delaware Art Museum                          Museum                                    The National Apple Harvest Festival
Discover Lehigh Valley                     Mount Airy Casino Resort                    Toby's Dinner Theatres
Dockside Express Cruises & Tours           Mountaineer Country Tours                   Totem Pole Playhouse
Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre                 Mystic Howard Johnson                       Tourism Council of Frederick County
Duty Free Americas                         Mystic Seaport                              Tropicana Casino & Resort
Eat'n Park Hospitality Group, Inc.         National Aquarium                           Turning Stone Resort Casino
Ehrhardt's Waterfront Resort               National Christmas Center                   Valley Forge Convention & Visitors Bureau
Elk Country Visitor Center                 National Constitution Center                Villa Roma Resort & Conference Center
Erie Canal Cruises                         National Radio Astronomy Observatory        Virginia Beach CVB
Franklin County Visitors Bureau            New River Train Excursions                  Visit Baltimore
Fredericksburg, VA Regional Tourism        New York City Ballet                        VisitMercerCountyPA
  Partnership                              Newseum                                     Visit Monroeville
Gettysburg Convention & Visitors Bureau    Niagara Tourism & Convention Corp           Visit Norfolk
Graceland and Elvis Presley's Heartbreak   Oakhurst Tea Room                           Visit Winston Salem
  Hotel                                    Ocean City Convention & Visitors Bureau/    Washington County Tourism Promotion
Greater Licking County Convention &          Dept of Tourism                             Agency
  Visitors Bureau                          Oneida County NY Tourism                    West Virginia Group Travel Association
Greater Reading Convention & Visitors      PA Dutch CVB                                Wheeling – Ohio County Convention &
  Bureau                                   PA Dutch Hotels                             Visitors Bureau
Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism     PA's Laurel Highlands                       Willow Valley Resort
  Alliance                                 Paper Mill Playhouse                        Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing
Greene County Tourism                      Patriot Cruises                               Arts
Hagerstown MD Convention & Visitors        Pennsylvania Horticultural Society          Woodloch Pines Resort
  Bureau                                   Philadelphia Belle                          Yankee Candle Company
Harford County Tourism                     Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau
Harrison Group Resort Hotels &             Phillips Seafood Restaurants                Check PBA’s web-site at www.pabus.org
  Restaurant                               Phillips Seafood Restaurants – Ocean        for a constantly updated list of Market-
Herr's Snack Factory Tour                    City, MD                                  place booth companies.

                      Linda Mauzy, PBA Travel Supplier Board Member
                                                       When selecting your shows, we
                                              hope you will keep in mind our state asso-              Your PBA is listening and wants to
                                              ciation where time spent is more one-on-       create an environment that really enhances
                                              one rather than hoping to get an appoint-      your best marketing interests. Its commit-
Dear Friends of the PBA:                      ment at the bigger industry shows, provid-     tees are working hard to give you the value
                                              ing a comfortable way of encouraging com-      you would expect and the opportunity to
         Can you even believe we are well     panies to consider your destination.           build those all-important relationships we
into 2011 already? Everyone is busy pre-                                                     seek to further tour product development.
paring for the upcoming travel season and               While we choose then to partici-
things are looking up in our industry. Tour   pate in these shows, renewing our mem-                    I encourage you to plan on attend-
planners seem more excited about the          berships, it is our hope that companies will   ing the PBA Spring Marketplace with an
prospect of moving their respective           support us by seeking our services when        Educational Seminar in March and/or the
coaches. Suppliers are eager to meet the      planning tours to our neighborhoods rather     Annual Summer Meeting and Sales Re-
needs of those choosing to visit.             than a competitor who is not a member,         treat, this year to be held mid-June in magi-
                                              just because of rate. We want to be the        cal Niagara Falls, New York.
         Now it is time to think about Fall   consideration, willing to work with the tour
2011 and in to 2012. So how do we get         planner.                                                 Sure hope we see you at both, if
our ‘new’ and exciting information to travel                                                 not this year please be sure to include
companies? Multiple trade and travel                  Although we seek overnights, we        them in your financial proposal for next
shows are projected in our budgets and we also realize the amount of dollars spent on        year! Let us hear from you with your valued
must carefully select shows that realize a   the day tours or the hub ‘n spokes and the      suggestions to make PBA a must to keep
return on our investment.                    overall economic impact they bring to our       in your next budget!
                                             regions. We appreciate every opportunity
                                             to host groups!

FMCSA Portal from Page 1                         #7        Crash Indicator — SMS evalu-          Information (A&I) Online, and the National
                                                 ates a motor carrier's crash history. Crash     Consumer Complaint Database (NCCDB)
#3        Driver Fitness BASIC — Opera-          history is not specifically a behavior.         via a single password and user ID. Com-
tion of CMVs by drivers who are unfit to         Rather, it is a consequence of a behavior       pany users can also access public func-
operate a CMV due to lack of training, ex-       and may indicate a problem with the carrier     tionality in L&I, SAFER, Commercial Vehi-
perience, or medical qualifications. Exam-       that warrants intervention. It is based on      cle Information Systems and Networks
ple violations: failing to have a valid and      information from State-reported crash re-       (CVISN), and the National Hazardous Ma-
appropriate commercial driver's license          ports and identifies histories or patterns of   terial Route Registry (NHMRR) as well as
and being medically unqualified to operate       high crash involvement, including fre-          the "Protect Your Move" and "Share the
a CMV.                                           quency and severity.                            Road Safely" Web sites.

#4        Controlled Substances and              WHAT’S NEXT? FMCSA COMPASS                      Direct access via the Web - Anyone who
Alcohol BASIC — Operation of CMVs by             PORTAL REGISTRATION IS COMING                       can access the Web can access the
drivers who are impaired due to alcohol,                                                             FMCSA Portal.
illegal drugs, and misuse of prescription or              The FMCSA is transitioning all         Carrier access to their own information -
over-the-counter medications. Example            login processes to a Single Sign On                 Carriers now have a single location to
violations: use or possession of controlled      through FMCSA’s new Compass Portal.                 view their data. Carriers can also gen-
substances or alcohol.                           Currently law enforcement uses the Portal           erate their own safety profiles from
                                                 and FMCSA is in the process of transition-          within the Portal at no cost and desig-
#5        Vehicle Maintenance BASIC —            ing everyone else to use it, also.                  nate third-party entities as having
Failure to properly maintain a CMV. Exam-                                                            online access to their safety and opera-
ple violations: brakes, lights, and other        What is COMPASS?                                    tional data.
mechanical defects, and failure to make          The COMPASS program is an FMCSA-                Accounts management - Users can re-
required repairs.                                wide initiative that is leveraging new tech-        quest FMCSA Portal accounts and
                                                 nology to transform the way FMCSA does              modify requests directly from the
#6        Cargo-Related BASIC — Failure          business.                                           FMCSA Portal. Users can also request
to properly prevent shifting loads, spilled or                                                       a forgotten User ID, unlock a locked
dropped cargo, and unsafe handling of             What is the FMCSA Portal, and what                 account, and receive automatic notifi-
hazardous materials on a CMV. Example            does it mean for companies?                         cations when their passwords are get-
violations: improper load securement,            For companies, the FMCSA Portal (https://           ting ready to expire.
cargo retention, and hazardous material          portal.fmcsa.dot.gov) provides single sign-
handling.                                        on access to L&I, DataQs, Analysis and                                 Continued on Page 11

                                                                       Looking Back in Time
                                                 By Tom Collins
                                                 President, Museum of Bus Transportation

                                                           When Mike sold his family’s oper-       amount of new buses delivered during
                                                 ating company in 2006 he retained two             World War II. This 27 foot Ford, the stan-
                                                 interesting buses from this fleet that had        dard “cracker box variety”, ran until 1986!!
          Although we are based right here       been purchased new and that remained in
in central Pennsylvania, the Museum of           the fleet all of their “life”. In 2010, the Mu-             While we are saying we have a
Bus Transportation has nearly 400 mem-           seum received a 1924 Fageol city bus; it          “Ford in Our Future” we can look back and
bers nationwide. It is gratifying to us when     needed nothing and was immediately                recall several PBA members who had
someone from California recognizes that          placed on the Museum floor.                       Ford buses including Trans-Bridge Lines,
we are attempting (somewhat successful at                                                          Werner Bus Lines, and Fullington. Others,
this juncture) to preserve the rich history of            In 2011, we will be receiving a          who have been in the industry over the
this industry of ours. Mike Demeter from         1945 Ford model 99-T. Allocated to Palo           years will surely recall the Ford bus.
East Palo Alto, California and former owner      City Lines, the name of Mike Demeter’s
of Peninsula City Lines, later Peninsula         company in the l940’s, by the ODT. The                      We plan to take delivery of this
Charter Lines, is just such an individual.       ODT (Office of Defense Transportation)            unit in mid-February. You can expect to
                                                 had to approve delivery of the limited            see it on the floor in Hershey by March 1.

                                                                                                              This is also a good time to remind
                                                                                                   every PBA Member of the Museum of Bus
                                                                                                   Transportation. Many of your are already
                                                                                                   members or supporters but several of you
                                                                                                   are not. Business membership is only
                                                                                                   $150 per year and for that you receive our
                                                                                                   quarterly newsletter, free admission to the
                                                                                                   Museum itself (in the AACA auto museum
                                                                                                   in Hershey), discounts in the bus portion
                                                                                                   of the Museum gift shop, and access to our
                                                                                                   library of bus artifacts.

                                                                                                             Currently, we own 31 buses in-
                                                                                                   cluding intercity, transit, and school
                                                                                                   buses. Most are inside but we are ap-
                                                                                                   proaching a storage issue and are currently
                                                                                                   engaging in a fund raising effort to build
                                                                                                   additional storage at our garage in Hum-
                                                                                                   melstown, PA. Jot Bennett, one of our
                                                                                                   Board members, is handling this project.

                                                                                                           Further information is available on
                                                                                                   the Museum’s web-site at

                                                                                                             Hope we can count on your sup-
                                                                                                   port in 2011. We’re all part of a great in-
                                                                                                   dustry and we want to preserve its rich
                                                                                                   history for future generations.

                                                PBA Membership Renewals
          PBA is very grateful for the sup-      Maryland Office of Tourism Development           DECEMBER Renewals
port of our travel supplier and associate        National Christmas Center Family Attraction      Armstrong County Tourist Bureau
members through their dues renewal ef-            and Museum                                      Carousel Resort Hotel and Condominiums
                                                 National Seating Company                         Comfort Inn Gold Coast
forts and participation at PBA’s main
                                                 Ocean County Tourism                             Delaware Art Museum
events. We encourage our motorcoach              PA Maple Festival, Inc.                          Eisenhower Hotel, Conference Center &
members to utilize these great organiza-         Prevost Car, Inc.                                  Allstar Funland
tions in their business ventures.                Ramada Conference Center                         Fort Ligonier
                                                 Research Underwriters                            Gettysburg Group Reservations
OCTOBER Renewals                                 Sands Resorts                                    Harford County Tourism
American Mountain Theater Inc.                   Smith Island Cruises                             Harrah's Cherokee Casino & Hotel
Americas Best Value Inn Lodge on the Green       The Alleghenies                                  Heritage Group Planners, Inc.
Arnold Mackinac Island Ferry Company             The Oceanfront Inn                               Hudson River Valley Tours LLC
Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority    Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau      Lycoming County Visitors Bureau
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum                                                                  Mansfield/Richland County Convention &
Bergen Auto Upholstery Co, Inc.                  NOVEMBER Renewals                                 Visitors Bureau
Boardwalk Hotel Group                            Archon Hospitality                               MDSHENKAN Collegiate Express Connection
Capacity Coverage Company of New Jersey          Artsquest                                        Ontario Lottery and Gaming
Cecil County Tourism                             Best Western Oceanfront                          PA Dutch Hotels
Central Pennsylvania Convention & Visitors       Daimler Buses North America                      Patriot Cruises
 Bureau                                          Greater Reading Convention & Visitors Bureau     Queen Anne's County Department of Economic
Circle Line Sightseeing Yachts                   Harrison Group Resort Hotels & Restaurants         Development,
Clearfield County Recreation & Tourism           Horizon Inn                                      River Terrace Resort
Comfort Suites Gettysburg                        Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs                      Sands Casino - Resort Bethlehem, PA
Ehrhardt's Waterfront Banquet & Conference       Philadelphia Museum of Art                       Sight & Sound Theatres
  Center                                         Phillips Seafood Restaurants                     Smoky Mountain Tour Connection, Inc.
Fee/Hedrick Entertainment Group                  QVC Studio Park                                  Split Rock Resort & Golf Club
Good 'N Plenty Restaurant                        Riveredge Resort Hotel and Conference Center     Steve Ellis Tour and Receptive
Herr's Snack Food Factory                        Smith Family Dinner Theater                      The Franklin Institute
Historic Houses of Odessa                        Sunset Hotel Group                               The Meadows Racetrack & Casino
Holiday Inn Morgantown                           The Maine Tour Connection                        Visit Monroeville
Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum              Valley Forge Convention & Visitors Bureau        Washington County Tourism Promotion Agency
Landmark Hotel Group                             VisitMercerCountyPA                              Wytheville Convention & Visitors Bureau
Marshall Hotels & Resorts Inc.                   Watermark

                                          PBA Welcomes New Members
                                                    November 2010 - January 2011

PBA proudly announces the following new          sounds and smells of Elk Country. Gift shop,     theater, Appalachian Vittles & Music Dine-
members received recently.                       public restrooms and wildlife watching trails,   Around; Don Knotts Hometown with apple
                                                 observation areas and viewing blinds.            dumplings. The most memorable group tours
       BUS OPERATOR MEMBERS                                                                       start by contacting Mountaineer Country
NOTE: Pending PBA Board approval on              Lebanon Valley Exposition Corp/Lebanon           Tours, Receptive Operator at 304-329-6330,
March 21, 2011.                                  County TPA                                       mountaineer@atlanticbb.net.
                                                 80 Rocherty Road
Main Street Leasing dba J & J Affordable         Lebanon, PA 17042                                Park City Diner
and Luxury Transportation                        (717) 273-3670                                   884 Plaza Boulevard
John and Denise Cali                             www.visitlebanoncounty.com                       Lancaster, PA 17601
445 Business Park Lane                                                                            (717) 435-8512
Allentown, PA 18104                              Mercer County CVB                                Park City Diner is open 24 hours. Great at-
(610) 776-1516                                   PO Box 4088                                      mosphere and friendly service go along with a
                                                 704 Bland Street                                 large selection of menu items. Specializing in
Gregg Bus Service                                Bluefield, WV 24701                              seafood and steaks, we offer breakfast all
1400 First State Boulevard                       (304) 325-8438                                   day. Home made soups, salads, and burgers,
Wilmington, DE 19804                             www.visitmercercounty.com                        paninis, wraps and more.
(302) 993-7859                                   DMO representing a Victorian town built by
                                                 coal operators, an exhibition coal mine, three   Shaner Hotel Group
      TRAVEL SUPPLIER MEMBERS                    state parks with spectacular views and more.     1965 Waddle Road
                                                 Easily accessed from I-77.                       State College, PA 16803
Elk Country Visitor Center                                                                        (404) 210-1403
134 Homestead Drive                              Mountaineer Country Tours, LLC                   www.bookyourtourgroups.com
Benezette, PA 15821                              125 North Price Street                           Shaner Hotel Group owns and manages 31
(814) 787-5167                                   Kingwood, WV 26537                               hotels located in the US. Our properties are
www.elkcountryvisitorcenter.com                  (304) 329-6330                                   located in CT, DE, FL, GA, IA LA, MA, MN,
Premier elk watching, conservation education     www.mountaineercountrytours.com                  NC, NJ, PA, RI, TN & WV. We welcome your
facility. Eco-friendly building, 'Great Room'    Experience wild, wonderful West Virginia,        tour groups.
with fun exhibits and panorama of elk viewing    historic Southwestern PA; and scenic West-
areas and food plots. Our 'Story Theatre' pre-   ern Maryland. Exclusive tours- Bobby Vinton/
sents a multimedia experience of sights,         Perry Como/4 Coins Hometown with dinner

FMCSA Continued from Page 7                 tal's account management functionality                   Philadelphia Parking Authority
                                            allows users to do this online. Available
                                            information includes inspection and crash
                                                                                                     Continued from Page 1
 Is Portal registration required?           data, review and enforcement case data,
Companies are not currently required to     records of letters sent by FMCSA, and
register for a FMCSA Portal account. Users company safety profiles. The FMCSA Por-                            On January 15, 2011, the PPA
who want FMCSA Portal access are en-        tal will also allow companies to designate               submitted new proposed Philadelphia
couraged to complete training prior to reg- authorized users to administer online ac-                Taxicab and Limousine regulations to the
istering. Account requests are approved or cess to their company safety data by ap-                  PA Bulletin for review and comment by
denied by an authorized Company Official. proving individual accounts for users.                     industries affected by the regulations.

What is a Company Official, and how                  Can I continue using L&I, DataQs, A&I,          PBA’s New Challenge
can I obtain Company Official privi-                 and the NCCDB without using the
leges?                                               FMCSA Portal?                                             The only way Pennsylvania
The holder of the company's USDOT Num-               You can continue using L&I, DataQs, A&I,        motorcoach (bus) operators can be ex-
ber designates a Company Official who                and the NCCDB through existing interfaces       empted from the Philadelphia Parking
manages access for all accounts held by              for a short period of time. After that time,    Authority regulations when travelling in
company staff and designees (e.g., insur-            however, you will be required to register for   Philadelphia is to amend the statute cre-
ers, brokers, process agents, legal repre-           a Portal account.                               ated by Act 94. This was on PBA’s legis-
sentatives, etc.). To be designated as a                                                             lative calendar last session but the timing
Company Official, you must register for the           What should I do if I lose my password         was not right and the legislature had
FMCSA Portal by using your company's                 or user ID?                                     many other items that took priority.
Personal Identification Number (PIN) that            User accounts are locked after three failed
was issued by FMCSA.                                 attempts to log on. After approximately one                PBA has already met with a
                                                     hour, the system will allow you to reattempt    Senator on this issue to proceed with
Here are the types of company user roles             a login or you can use your security ques-      legislation. It makes no sense for motor-
and their descriptions:                              tions to reset your password. Users can         coaches that have oversight under the
                                                       request a forgotten User ID and unlock a      FMCSA and PA PUC to have yet an-
Role         Role Description                          locked account themselves. You can also       other body of government provide over-
Name                                                   contact FMCSA Technical Support (1-           sight, in this case, the Philadelphia Park-
Company      Allows the Company User as-               800-832-5660 or 703-280-4001) for help        ing Authority.
Official     signed the role for a specific US-        with your Portal account.
             DOT # to administer access to                                                                     In addition to a legislative fix,
             sensitive company information in         Do passwords and accounts expire?              PBA will also be responding to the Janu-
             the FMCSA Portal or Existing Sys-                                                       ary 15, 2011 PPA proposed rulemaking.
                                                      Passwords expire every 90 days. Users
             tems for the specific USDOT#.                                                           We have been communicating with
Company      Allows the Company User as-              are automatically notified when their pass-
                                                      words are about to expire. Although user       PBA’s lobbyist and legal counsel for a
Official     signed the role for a specific US-
Alternate    DOT # to administer access to            accounts do not automatically expire, they     thorough understanding of the implica-
             sensitive company information in         are automatically locked after 90 days of      tions of the regulations. It is understood
             the FMCSA Portal or Existing Sys-        non-use. Unlocking an account requires         that a legislative fix is required to exempt
             tems for the specific USDOT#.            providing an answer to a previously-           buses but, at the same time, PBA needs
Portal       Allows a Company User assigned           answered security question.                    to stay out front with this issue and re-
View Sen-    the role for a specific USDOT# to                                                       spond to the concerns raised by the pro-
sitive       view the sensitive information for                                                      posed rulemaking.
Company      the specific USDOT# in the
                                                       What kinds of training and support are
Informa-     FMCSA Portal.                            available?
tion                                                  Online help is available via the FMCSA                   PBA will keep the members
NCCDB        Allows a Company User assigned           Portal login page at                           current on this issue as we work to re-
Secure       the role for a specific USDOT# to        (https://portal.fmcsa.dot.gov). FMCSA          solve it.
Access       view all of the complaints for the       Technical Support personnel (1-800-832-
             USDOT# in the NCCDB system.              5660 or 703-280-4001) are also available       KEY POINTS TO PONDER
A&I Car-     Allows a Company User assigned           to answer your questions.
rier         the role for a specific USDOT# to
             view all of the sensitive information                                                   •   PPA must include buses in the pro-
             for the USDOT# that is displayed         How can I provide feedback?                        posed rulemaking because the stat-
             in the A&I system.                       Your feedback is extremely important to            ute’s (Act 94) definition of limousine
DataQs       Allows a Company User assigned           us. Please send your comments, sugges-             service refers to “motor carriers” in
Secure       the role for a specific USDOT# to        tions, and questions to the COMPASS                general.
Access       view all of the data challenges for      team at compass@dot.gov.
             the USDOT# in the DataQs sys-                                                           •   The PUC is monitoring the PPA new
             tem.                                     NOTE ON FEEDBACK: PBA used the                     proposed regulations to make sure
Non-         Allows a Company User assigned
                                                      feedback option when experimenting with            bus oversight is included.
sensitive    the role to access the FMCSA
Portal       Portal for My Profile, survey and        the new Compass Portal log-in process          •   Does PPA even want to oversee
Access       system broadcast message func-           and FMCSA actually called the office to            buses that are highly regulated by
             tionality.                               assist. This was very helpful and PBA              the FMCSA and PUC?
                                                      would like to encourage all members to         •   The new proposed rulemaking can
Can a Company Official appoint a                     use this option if you have any questions.
                                                                                                         be confusing to ready and under-
Company Officials can appoint a perma-
nent or a temporary Alternate to share ac-
count administration privileges. The Por-
                                                       PBA Member Highlights
 Trans-Bridge Lines celebrates 70                                   Motor Coach Industries show-         on romantic getaways in Lehigh Valley.
                                                          cased Trans-Bridge’s new J4500 at the          Discover Lehigh Valley, the designated
 Years with New MCI J4500 Coach                           American Bus Association’s Marketplace         tourist promotion agency of Lehigh and
                                                          January 6-9 in Philadelphia. Trans-Bridge      Northampton counties, is making this
             In 2011, Trans-Bridge Lines, a               president Tom JeBran currently serves on       year’s Valentine’s Day more affordable with
Lehigh Valley charter, tour and scheduled- ABA’s Board of Directors as Vice Chair-                       savings at area attractions, lodging and
service operator, will observe its 70th anni- man.                                                       restaurants through its “Be My Valley Val-
versary with a celebratory customer trip to                         Trans-Bridge has a fleet of 75       entine” promotion, valid throughout the
Tennessee, a special event for employees, vehicles including 69 motor coaches, most                      month of February, 2011. Be My Valley
and plans for a new Park & Ride facility at               made by MCI, and is one of the largest         Valentine savings on must-see area attrac-
its Bethlehem, PA location.                               privately held operators in the country. In    tions and restaurants. See for yourself at
                                                                 addition to tours and charters,         www.discoverlehighvalley.com.
                                                                 Trans-Bridge runs a highly success-
                                                                 ful commuter service to several                   ABA Moves Offices
                                                                 points in New York City, along with
                                                                 daily trips to nearby casinos and                  ABA has moved to a new office
                                                                 Atlantic City. It also serves custom-   closer to Capitol Hill at 111K Street N.E.,
                                                                 ers with transportation to area air-    9th floor, Washington D.C. 20002. ABA’s
                                                                 ports and piers.                        new space is in a recently completed 11-
                                                                            Trans-Bridge was founded     story office building condo. The location is
                                                                 in 1941 by A.J. Ferraro and family      ideal, positioning ABA closer to the U.S.
                                                                 when they operated transit, charters    Capitol, where it can continue to serve all
                                                                 and tours from a base in Port           members even more efficiently as the mo-
                                                                 Colden, NJ. In 1981, Trans-Bridge       torcoach, tour and travel industry voice
                                                                 Lines and Tri-city Coach Lines          before elected officials. ABA’s new head-
                                                                 merged and moved to a new facility      quarters are also adjacent to Union Station
(left to right): Front Row: Lin Ernst, Joleene Evangelist, Janet
JeBran, Leslie JeBran, Camille JeBran. Back Row: Jim Fitz-
                                                                 in Bethlehem’s Lehigh Valley Indus-     in a vibrant and quickly developing upscale
patrick, Vinny Quinn, Kirby Parnell, Jim JeBran, To JeBran,      try Park. Trans-Bridge is active in     urban neighborhood called NoMa (short for
Mike Holva, Frank Warga, Dave Massey                             community and within the industry       “North of Massachusetts Avenue”).
                                                                 by providing annual transportation to              In keeping with the environmental
                                                                 the Spirit of Lehigh Valley Christmas   stewardship that guides the Association,
                                                                 Eve Dinner for the less fortunate,      ABA found a new office location that is
                                                                 serving and giving gifts to nearly      LEED Gold with a small carbon footprint,
                                                                 5,000 people since 1989. Trans-         reflecting our industry’s small environ-
                                                                 Bridge is a member of ABA, IMG,         mental footprint. ABA’s new address is:
                                                                 Greater New Jersey Motorcoach
                                                                 Association, and Pennsylvania Bus             American Bus Association
                                                                 Association where Jim JeBran, Vice            111 K Street N.E., 9th floor
                                                                 President, is chair of PBA’s Board.            Washington, D.C., 20002
                                                                                                         ABA’s website, emails, phone numbers
                                                                      Lehigh Valley CVB                  and fax numbers will remain the same.

                                                               Will You Be My Valley Valentine?
(left to right): Tom JeBran, Jim JeBran, Camille JeBran, Pat   is Discover Lehigh Valley’s new pro-
Ziska (VP & Chief Customer Officer, MCI), Rick Heller          motion campaign! Prepare to fall in
(President MCI)                                                love with great offers and discounts

                                     REMINDERS and new updates
     MC 150 Forms Due Every 2 Years                       LAWS - Federal (NEW)                                     employees how to contact the NLRB with questions
All motor carriers operating commercial motor vehi-     TEXTING WHILE DRIVING. The FMCSA ruling went               or complaints.
cles in interstate commerce are required to file a      into effect in October banning over-the-road bus and       The NLRA applies to most private-sector workplaces.
Motor Carrier Identification Report, Form MCS-150       truck drivers from texting while driving. If you fail to   Employers of airline, railroad, and agricultural work-
every 2 years. Go to the web-site                       comply? Hefty fines of $2,750 for the driver and           ers are not covered. Section 6 of the NLRA author-
www.fmcsa.dot.gov to check the status of your           $11,000 for the operator; the driver also can be           izes the Board to issue “such rules and regulations as
company’s filing.                                       disqualified from driving in the future.                   may be necessary to carry out the provisions” of the

     UCR Fees Due Annually                                PENNSYVLANIA FMCSA OFFICE (NEW)
                                                                                                                   Board Member Brian Hayes dissented from the
                                                        NEW location and telephone numbers effective
Pennsylvania participates in the Unified Carrier Reg-                                                              issuance of the proposed rulemaking, stating his
                                                        December 20, 2010:
istration Program (UCR). This program requires                                                                     belief that “the Board lacks the statutory authority
interstate motor carriers to register with the pro-                                                                to promulgate or enforce the type of rule which the
                                                        Tim Cotter, Pennsylvania FMCSA Administrator
gram and pay an annual fee which is based on the                                                                   petitions contemplated and which the proposed rule
                                                        215 Limekiln Road, Suite 200
size of the carrier’s fleet (see schedule below).                                                                  makes explicit.”
                                                        New Cumberland, PA 17070
These fees will fund motor carrier safety and en-
                                                        Direct 717-614-4067
forcement programs in Pennsylvania. To pay, go to                                                                  Public comments are invited on all aspects of the
                                                        Main 717-614-4060
www.ucr.in.gov. Payment by VISA or MC, or elec-                                                                    proposed rule, including the issue of the Board’s
tronic check (ACH). NOTE: UCR registered compa-                                                                    authority raised by the dissent, and should be sub-
nies should not be paying any PUC Assessments. If         PA ACCIDENT REPORTING - The Law                          mitted within 60 days of publication in the Federal
you have received an invoice from the PUC, call PBA     52 P.A. Code § 29.44. Accident reports.                    Register, either electronically to
for assistance.                                          (a) Accidents involving death of a person. Motor          www.regulations.gov, or by mail or hand-delivery to
                                                        carriers of passengers, operating vehicles with seat-      Lester Heltzer, Executive Secretary, NLRB, 1099 14th
2011 UCR Fees                                           ing capacities of 15 passengers or less, including the     Street NW, Washington DC 20570.
                                                        driver, shall telephonically notify the Bureau of
# Commercial Vehicles owned:        UCR 2011 Fee        Transportation and Safety of any accident resulting
                                                                                                                     IRS MILEAGE RATES FOR 2011 (NEW)
                                                        in the death of a person within 24 hours of the acci-
0-2 vehicles                      $76                                                                              The Internal Revenue Service have increased the
                                                        dent. Carriers shall maintain a copy of the police
                                                                                                                   allowable standard deduction for business travel in
3-5 vehicles                      $227                  report for 1 year from the date of the accident.
                                                                                                                   an automobile to 51 cent-per-mile for 2011. Appro-
                                                         (b) Other accidents. For all accidents resulting in the
6-20 vehicles                     $452                                                                             priate records must be maintained, however, to
                                                        filing of a police report, a motor carrier shall main-
                                                                                                                   prove the expense.
                                                        tain a copy of the police report for 1 year from the
21-100 vehicles                   $1,576
                                                        date of the accident. PA PUC Contact for accidents
101-1,000 vehicles                $7,511                is: Gerald Clark - Cell 717-433-7864 24/7

1,001 or more vehicles            $73,346
                                                          NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD
                                                        Proposes Rule to Require Posting of
                                                                                                                        BUS DIGEST
  ADA Reports Due October 30th Each
Year                                                    NLRA Rights (NEW)
The USDOT Americans With Disabilities reporting
                                                                                                                             Announces for 2011
                                                        The National Labor Relations Board has submitted to
regulations require over-the-road bus (OTRB) com-
                                                        the Federal Register a Notice of Proposed Rulemak-
panies to submit three types of reports by the last
Monday of every October. Each annual report cov-
                                                        ing, which provides for a 60-day comment period.               $$ New affordable adver-
                                                        The rule would require employers to notify employ-
ers the time period from October 1 of the prior
                                                        ees of their rights under the National Labor Relations
                                                                                                                       tising rates for travel sup-
calendar year through September 30 of the current
calendar year. Reports required:
                                                        Act. The Board “believes that many employees                   plier and associate mem-
                                                        protected by the NLRA are unaware of their rights
                                                        under the statute. The intended effects of this action
                                                                                                                                 bers $$
1.    Annual Summary Report of Individual Accessi-
                                                        are to increase knowledge of the NLRA among em-
      ble/Equivalent Service Requests and Re-                                                                         PBA’s Bus Digest newsletter will
                                                        ployees, to better enable the exercise of rights under
      sponses/Service Provided
                                                        the statute, and to promote statutory compliance by           now be available via email to the
2. Fixed Route OTRB Company’s Annual Lift Use
                                                        employers and unions.”                                        members and posted on the web-
3. Annual Report of OTRBs Purchased/Leased and
                                                       Private-sector employers (including labor organiza-
      Overall Fleet Data.
                                                       tions) whose workplaces fall under the NLRA would              PBA Board reviewed the high cost
                                                       be required to post the employee rights notice                 of printing and postage of mailing
Web-site for information is: fmcsa.dot.gov/rules-
                                                       where other workplace notices are typically posted.            pieces, the busy schedules of our
                                                       If an employer communicates with employees pri-                members, and convenience to read
                                                       marily by email or other electronic means, the notice          at our members’ leisure.
   FMCSA PRE-EMPLOYMENT SCREENING would be posted electronically as well. The notice
PROGRAM (PSP)                                          would be available from the agency’s regional offices
PSP is a screening tool that allows motor carriers and and could also be downloaded from the NLRB web-
                                                                                                                      NEW advertising rates and issues of
individual drivers to purchase driving records from    site. The proposed notice is similar to one recently
                                                                                                                      Bus Digest now available at
FMCSA at www.psp.fmcsa.dot.gov Records show a finalized by the U.S. Department of Labor for federal                   www.pabus.org.
driver’s most recent 5 years of crash data and 3       contractors. It states that employees have the right
years of roadside inspection data from the FMCSA.      to act together to improve wages and working condi-
Cost is $10/record, companies must be registered.      tions, to form, join and assist a union, to bargain
This is a VOLUNTARY program.                           collectively with their employer, and to choose not
                                                       to do any of these activities. It provides examples of
                                                       unlawful employer and union conduct and instructs


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