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					Dunluce Castle
5    The Journey of a Lifetime
6    Causeway Coastal Route
20 Your 5 Day Itinerary
24 Six Must Sees
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68   The Glens of Antrim
70   Why this area is so special
72 The Lower Bann
74   Myths and Legends
80 Road Racing
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                                   PAGE 3

Mussenden Temple

                                    Set your spirit free
                                    with the journey of
                                    a lifetime
                                   To witness the drama of Ireland’s       Coast and Glens, from the golden
                                   Causeway Coast and Glens is to          sands to the purple-browed hills,
                                   walk with the ancient spirits of        you’ll find they are matched by
                                   its deep glens and experience           the man made glories. Heritage,
                                   a unique blend of majesty and           culture and visitor attractions
                                   sheer beauty. You won’t just walk       abound. Ancient castles brood,
                                   or drive through this land: you         their stones remembering long-
                                   will take a journey of the spirit.      gone nights of feasting and
                                   This is a special place for a special   days of treachery and slaughter.
                                   holiday and your experience will        Crumbling church ruins testify
                                   be yours alone, for in this corner      to the births, the marriages, the
                                   of the world we still believe in        deaths of generations forgotten,
                                   travellers, not tourists.               their joys, their struggles.
                                        The diversity of this sculpted     Romance is in that pure air.
                                   landscape, under wide bright                 If you’re looking for contrasts,
                                   skies and ever-changing light, is       the attractions of the past are well
                                   sharpened by the rare purity of         matched by sporting, leisure and
                                   its air; refreshing, invigorating.      fun activities, by fabulous unspoilt
                                   No need to rush it for, as they say     beaches stretching endlessly,
                                   here, ‘When God made time, He           traditional family resorts, bustling
                                   made plenty of it!’                     and sophisticated towns with shops
                                        And when you have                  and restaurants for all tastes and
                                   wondered at the unsurpassed             pockets.
                                   natural dramas of the Causeway

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                            PAGE 5

Causeway Coastal Route
One of the world’s great
road journeys


1 Causeway Coastal Route, Portrush   The Causeway Coastal Route,               famous preserved Norman Castle,
2 Carnlough Harbour                  from Belfast Lough to Lough Foyle         built in the 12th Century as a
                                     is a kaleidoscope journey of natural      defence against marauders.
                                     wonders, peppered with villages                Travel onwards to the busy
                                     and towns which have retained             commercial centre and ferry-
                                     character and charm over the              port of Larne which is regarded
                                     generations. Each have their own          by many as the gateway to
                                     stories to tell of myth and history       the Causeway Coast and Glens.
                                     and you’ll find that the entire           Then turn towards Glenarm or
                                     nation seems to boast the famous          alternatively take a detour around
                                     ‘gift of the gab’. This makes asking      Islandmagee (this being Ireland,
                                     directions a long drawn out affair,       this is not a real island, but a
                                     for everyone you ask will want you        peninsula!) As you drive you’ll be
                                     to see their favourite spot, but it all   amazed at the dazzling views of
                                     adds to the charm and, with scenery       the Scottish coast unfolding across
                                     like this, who’s hurrying anyway?         the North Channel.
                                           Just a few miles along                   Glenarm itself is a pretty
                                     Newtownabbey’s Loughshore                 village at the mouth of the first of
                                     (offering a magnificent backdrop as       the Glens, which bears the same
                                     you start your adventure) is the pretty   name. You are now entering an
                                     seaside town of Carrickfergus.            area where fairies and folklore are
                                     Overlooking the marina is Ireland’s       not to be dismissed: they still have
                                     oldest, best and certainly most           mastery of the Glens! Listen to the

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                               PAGE 7
Causeway Coastal Route |


locals and say hello to the little    of the plough, Glenballyemon -          of scenic walks by tumbling rivers
people before you pass over one of    Edwardstown Glen, Glenaan -             and panoramic viewpoints.
their bridges and give due respect    glen of the little fords, Glencorp -          Take the opportunity to divert
to thorn trees, for you never know    glen of the dead, Glendun - the         inland through the flower filled
who may be living just underneath     brown glen, Glenshesk -glen of          village of Broughshane, and clamber
the spiky branches! Take time         the reeds and Glentaisie - after        up Slemish Mountain, where St.
to marvel at the sunset over          Taisie, princess of Rathlin Island.     Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland,
Carnlough’s picturesque harbour.      (Try challenging locals how many        is said to have tended livestock as
     Famed in legend and a million    they can name and translate: you        a slave boy in the 5th Century.
songs, each of the nine glens         may win or lose the bet, but your             The town of Cushendall, the
has its own distinct character and    audacity will almost certainly engage   ‘capital of the Glens’, with its
charm. Their very names conjure       you in some great conversations!).      unique town-centre tower house
up ancient mysteries. Glenarm -             Magnificent Glenariff, with       is well worth a meander, before
the glen of the army (Glenarm         its stern high cliffs and tumbling      moving on to Cushendun, a relaxing
Castle is the seat of the Earls of    waterfalls is known as the ‘Queen       ‘time-capsule’ village of pretty
Antrim, one of the ancient feudal     of the Glens’. Its upper reaches        Cornish-style cottages owned by
landowning families), Glencloy -      also embrace one of Ireland’s           the National Trust. From here you
glen of the dykes, Glenariff - glen   great forest parks with a network       could take the ‘straight’ road to

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                              PAGE 8
                                                                                Visit our website to plan your
                                                                                journey and find out more.

                                                                                1 Carrickfergus Castle

                                               The Folklore of Trees
                                               There has always been a strong association in the Glens of Antrim
                                               between the hawthorn tree and fairies. Small, gnarled hawthorns,
                                               often of great age, survive on slopes and in fields where other
                                               obstructions to the plough have long since been removed. Stories
                                               abound of the misfortunes that have befallen those foolish enough
                                               to cut down a ‘skeoch’, as they are known (someone struck dumb
                                               or even a man’s head turned back-to-front).
                                                    Twigs of hazel are favoured by water diviners and noted for
                                               providing protection against mischievous fairies, (tying a hazel
                                               branch to a horse discourages fairies from taking the animal).
                                               Alder, on the other hand, is feared for harbouring water spirits and
                                               the ash is said to be the first tree that lightning will strike, and
                                               should be avoided in a storm.
                                                    The survival of beliefs and traditions within the Glens
                                               continues to enrich the cultural heritage of the area, and, although
                                               not everyone will admit to believing in fairies, few would dare to
                                               cut down a hawthorn tree.

                                               Pictured: A lone fairy tree in the Glens

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                 PAGE 9
Causeway Coastal Route |




                                    the seaside town of Ballycastle -       join in the craic of the Oul’ Lammas
“The Causeway                       but be careful not to fall prey to      Fair. Look out for the traditional
                                    the mysterious ‘vanishing lake’ of      sticky sweet Yellow Man, and the
Coastal Route is                    Loughareema!                            edible seaweed, Dulse. Both are
regarded as one of                       If you stay by the coastline       fair favourites but you should be
                                    for just a while more, you’ll be        able to track them down at other
the top 5 driving trips             rewarded - the narrow road from         times too.
in the world with its               Cushendun to Torr Head is a                   If you have the nerve for it,
long beautiful beaches              switchback that scenically is one       take your courage in your hands
                                    of the finest sections of coastal       and cross the amazing Carrick-
and rugged cliffs.”                 road in Ireland. Torr Head itself is    a-Rede Rope Bridge as it swings
Bob Dow, Scottish Daily Record      worth a brief diversion for its great   over an 80 foot chasm. Ballintoy
                                    seascape views before heading on,       Harbour, reached by a steep windy
                                    by lonely and lovely Murlough Bay       road is a painter’s paradise and
                                    and behind the massive ramparts         the start of the 15-mile Causeway
1 Binevenagh, Limavady
                                    of Fair Head, to Ballycastle, where,    Coast Path, (one of Europe’s great
2 Wishing Arch near Portrush
3 Fairhead, Ballycastle
                                    if you’re there in August, you can      cliff-top and wild beach walks).

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                          PAGE 11
Causeway Coastal Route |

     Then on to the UNESCO            steam train (or just drive) to
World Heritage Site of the Giant’s    Bushmills, the home of Ireland’s
Causeway, an iconic symbol of the     oldest whiskey distillery, established
region and one of Ireland’s major     in 1608. Enjoy a ‘wee Bush’ and
visitor attractions. A wonderful      learn the secret of the water of life!
honeycomb of almost 40,000                 From Bushmills, the road
mainly hexagonal columns packed       runs by the magnificent cliff-top
together from the cliffs right down   castle of Dunluce (try to see it
and into the sea... and echoed        against the setting sun) and then
again on a more modest scale in       to the traditional resort towns
Scotland: this is a sight not to be   of Portrush and Portstewart,
                                                                               The Vanishing Horsemen
missed and never to be forgotten.     with their magnificent Blue Flag
                                                                               Loughareema lake lies in an area
The natural grandeur of the rock      beaches, hotels, amusements
                                                                               riddled with sink-holes, and it
formations set against the sea        and stimulating night life, the fun      empties rapidly through these to
creates stunning views, while the     venues for generations of people         underground watercourses, and can
story of the giant Finn McCool who    from across the North of Ireland         fill again quickly as rainwater drains
allegedly made the Causeway as a      and well beyond.                         off the surrounding bogs. The old
road to meet a Scottish enemy is           After a long walk along             road ran across the dry bed of the
sure to delight.                      Portstewart Strand to clear the          lake, and one dark night long ago, a
     Take a ride on a traditional     head, take the opportunity to            Colonel McNeill, his coachman and
                                                                               horses drowned when the driver
                                                                               misjudged the state of the water
                                                                               level. It is said that their ghosts still
                                                                               haunt the lake.

                                                                               1 Loughareema - the vanishing lake
                                                                               2 Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge


Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                   PAGE 12

Causeway Coastal Route |


“...the Causeway Coast
is a splendid way to
travel back in time and
see Ireland for what it
was and always will be,
a magical island the
colour of emeralds, in
which every little valley
hides a village of fairy
Sascha Matuszak, Europe Up Close -
the Insiders Travel Guide.

1 The Dark Hedges
  near Ballymoney
2 Old Bushmills Distillery
3 Newtownabbey Loughshore
4 Carrickfergus Marina                                                4



 Ossian the Bard
 Ossian the Bard was the son of Finn McCool and a great warrior and poet. Ossian was tempted to
 dwell with Niamh, a lady of the ‘Underworld’, the ‘Land of Eternal Youth’, where no one ever aged.
 He was warned never to set foot on land again or he would at once grow old and frail. But he could
 not resist coming back to Glenaan, and set about doing so on horseback, but he fell from his horse
 while assisting an old lady, and on contact with the ground aged and died almost at once. A stone-
 age burial cairn near Cushendall has long been romantically associated with the grave of Ossian.

 Pictured: Ossian’s grave

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                        PAGE 15
Causeway Coastal Route |

divert for a brief encounter         have been inspired by the Temple
with the beautiful Bann Valley,      of Vesta in Rome. Drive down to
Drumaheglis Marina and the           Downhill, Benone or Magilligan,
market town of Ballymoney.           leave the car for a while and
Continue on to Coleraine to enjoy    just walk. These are wonderful
shopping in relaxed fashion in the   windswept and dramatic beaches,
town’s attractive pedestrianised     great stretches of unspoilt
centre, with well known high         coastline, so long that you will
street names and an impressive       often find yourself quite alone -
range of independent shops and       and at one - with nature.
major family owned stores.
     Returning on to the Causeway
                                          An old Irish saying has it:
                                     ‘When you take a path, the
Coastal Route, head towards          path takes you’. The modern         Visit our website to plan your
Limavady, via Castlerock. Look       interpretation ‘go with the flow’   journey and find out more.
out for the glorious Mussenden       loses some of the romance, but
Temple, the clifftop folly said to   the general advice is wise.
                                                                         1   Turnley Tower, Cushendall
                                                                         2   Glenarm Castle
                                                                         3   Drumaheglis Marina
                                                                         4   Ballintoy with Fairhead

1                                    2


Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                           PAGE 16
“Top 10 Most Spectacular Drives -
There’s always space for another
beautiful drive along a coast. Here
you’ll find the epitome of untamed
landscapes, the land of the nine glens,
where ferocious green leaps over the
road and where cliffs cut into the wild
Atlantic sea.”

Esther Young, ABC News USA


Causeway Coastal Route |


                                                                 The Wedding Of Taisie
                                                                 Taisie, the daughter of a King of
                                                                 Rathlin, was a great beauty who had
                                                                 gained the attentions of the King of
                                                                 Norway. He sent a contingent of his
                                                                 men to bring her back to be his bride
                                                                 but his demand was refused for Taisie
                                                                 was promised to Congal, heir to the
                                                                 Kingdom of Ireland. When Taisie and
                                                                 Congal’s wedding celebrations were
                                                                 in full swing, the King of Norway
                                                                 suddenly arrived with his army to
                                                                 capture Taisie but in the subsequent
                                                                 battle, the Norwegian king was
                                                                 killed and his army returned home
                                                                 leaderless and empty handed.

                                                                 Pictured: Glentaisie

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                  PAGE 18
                                                                 “ effect, three
                                                                 major tourist
                                                                 attractions which sum
                                                                 up what Northern
                                                                 Ireland has to offer...
                                                                 Giants Causeway, the
                                                                 Antrim Coast and the
                                                                 nine Glens of Antrim.”
                                                                 Paul New, Sunday Sun

                                                                 Visit our website to plan your
                                                                 journey and find out more.

                                                                 1   Sallagh Ring, Ballygally
                                                                 2   Giant’s Head, Portrush
                                                                 3   Black Arch, Larne
3                                4
                                                                 4   Broughshane village

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                  PAGE 19
  Causeway Coastal Route |

          ergus Ca                                                               untain
                     stle                                          Slemish Mo

                                                                     Day 1: Belfast
                                                                     The rejuvenated capital of Northern
                                                                     Ireland has become one of Europe’s
                                                                     must see cities. Top places to visit

  Your 5 day itinerary                                               include the Waterfront Hall, Cathedral
                                                                     Quarter and the Titanic Quarter.

  on the Causeway                                                    Day 2: Belfast - Cushendall

  Coastal Route                                                      Distance: 84m (52miles)
                                                                     Leave Belfast and join the Causeway
                                                                     Coastal Route at Newtownabbey with
                                                                     the beautiful Belfast Lough providing
                                                                     stunning views to your right. Stop
                                                                     at Newtownabbey’s Loughshore
                                                                     Park with spectacular views of ships
                                                                     sailing from Belfast (this is where
                                                                     the fateful Titanic first sailed as
                                                                     she headed out from the famous
                                                                     shipyards of Harland & Wolff).
                                                                        A few miles on, you’ll get to the
                                                                     pretty seaside town of Carrickfergus
                                                                     with its well-preserved 12th Century

  Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                   PAGE 20
                                                                   h Harbou
            -Rede Rop
                           e Bridge

  Norman Castle. Stroll around the         Glenballyeamon, Glenann,              discovering, are the traditional
  town’s modern marina or pop into         Glencorp, Glendun, Glenshesk and      folk music sessions, which are
  the museum. Also worth a look is         Glentaisie.                           characteristic of the area. You
  the Gasworks Museum.                         At the foot of Glenarm sits       could spend the night here, or
     Continue to Larne, gateway            the charming little village of the    drive a little further to Cushendall.
  to the beautiful Glens of Antrim.        same name, set slightly inland.       Here, the town’s four-storey red
  Here you can take the loop around        It’s the setting of the delightful    sandstone Curfew Tower, built
  Islandmagee to Portmuck Harbour.         Walled Garden at Glenarm              ‘to imprison idlers and rioters’ is
  Nearby are the Gobbins Cliffs, home      Castle and the beautiful public       surrounded by pretty buildings and
  to a breathtaking variety of seabirds.   parkland of Glenarm Forest. Take      some convivial watering-holes.
     Head northwards through a             the opportunity to divert inland
  selection of villages and the Glens      through the flower-filled village
  of Antrim will unfold before you. Slip   of Broughshane and clamber            Day 3: Cushendall - Bushmills
  off the side road to Gleno where         up Slemish Mountain, where            Distance: 49km (31miles)
  four waterfalls create picture-          Saint Patrick, the Patron Saint of    Start off exploring one of the
  postcard views. Just outside Larne,      Ireland, is said to have tended       Glens before taking in the striking
  take the famous Antrim Coast Road        livestock as a slave boy in the 5th   views at Torr Head and the natural
  and enjoy the breathtaking scenery       Century. Returning to the coast       glories of Murlough Bay, via the
  on this award winning route.             at Carnlough, stop to admire the      picturesque village of Cushendun,
     The Causeway Coastal Route            beautiful harbour and, close by,      with its quaint cottages.
  passes by the foot of each of the        some distinctive houses and pubs,        Returning to the Causeway
  nine Glens: from the south there’s       exuding true Irish charm.             Coastal Route, head towards the
  Glenarm, Glencloy, Glenariff,                Less obvious, but equally worth   seaside resort of Ballycastle (where

  Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                               PAGE 21
Causeway Coastal Route |

Giant’s Cause                                                                                      lymoney
                   way                                         The Dark Hedges, Bal

                                     and it was at nearby Port na
ferries leave for Rathlin Island) with                                       or Magilligan Beach and go for
the option of taking in the final twoSpaniagh where divers recovered         a walk. These windswept and
Glens: Glenshesk and Glentaisie.     the treasures of the galleon, the       dramatic beaches are so long you’ll
Rathlin itself is well worth visitingGirona, now on display at the           often be the only one around.
(allow 45 minutes for the crossing   Ulster Museum in Belfast. Heading       Limavady is a vibrant market
to the island and the same for the   west take in the romantic ruins of      town and is next along your route,
way back).                           Dunluce Castle before continuing on     after which there is an option of
   Heading west take in the          through Portrush and Portstewart,       travelling through the magnificent
stunning scenery of the Causeway     lively seaside resorts with             Roe Valley, where you can visit the
                                     cosmopolitan night life. There is the
Coast before arriving at Carrick-a-Rede                                      beautiful country park.
Rope Bridge spanning a 24-metre      opportunity here to divert to the
chasm. Head inland to the village    beautiful Bann Valley, Drumaheglis
of Bushmills, home to Ireland’s      Marina and the market town of           Day 5: Limavady - Londonderry
oldest licensed whiskey distillery.  Ballymoney, continuing on to            Londonderry, UK City of Culture
                                     Coleraine, one of the region’s          2013, is the perfect place to end
                                     premier shopping towns.                 the trip and is the only completely
Day 4: Bushmills - Limavady             Returning on to the Causeway         walled city in the British Isles. Stroll
Distance: 59km (37miles)             Coastal Route, head towards             along the 17th Century walls and
Head out of Bushmills to the         Limavady, along by Castlerock.          soak-up the history of this historic
UNESCO World Heritage site           Look out for Hezlett House and the      city.
of the Giant’s Causeway, an          glorious Mussenden Temple, the cliff
iconic symbol of the region. Ships   top folly said to have been inspired
from the Spanish Armada once         by the Temple of Vesta at Rome.
floundered off this rugged coastline    Drive down to Downhill, Benone

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                               PAGE 22
                                          Hezlett H
                                                       ouse, Cas


                                                                           ar t Harb
                                                                 Po rtste
Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                             PAGE 23

Six must sees


                  The Giant’s Causeway                                       Downhill Demesne and
                  (2 miles east of Bushmills BT57 8SU)                       Mussenden Temple
                  A visit to Northern Ireland’s only UNESCO World            (1 mile west of Castlerock BT51 4RP)
                  Heritage Site will unearth the famous legends and          This attraction offers visitors the
                  colourful folklore about the Causeway - layered            chance to explore a stunning
                  basalt columns, left by volcanic eruptions 60 million      landscaped park at Downhill
                  years ago. There are coastal and cliff paths for           Demesne with its beautiful
                  exploration and the wreck site of the Armada treasure      sheltered gardens and cliff walks.
                  ship ‘Girona’ is located off Port-na-Spaniagh. The         Close to the edge of a sheer drop
                  development of a new visitor facility has commenced        stands the beautiful 18th Century
                  and will be completed in Summer 2012. Temporary            folly, Mussenden Temple, originally
                  visitor facilities are located in the Causeway Hotel and   inspired by the Tivoli Temple of
                  include a shop, refreshments and tourist information.      Vesta.
                  A minibus service is provided at a small charge to
                  take visitors to the Causeway stones. Specialist guided    T 028 7084 8728
                  tours are available throughout the year (booking           E downhilldemesne@
                  essential). Disabled access. Admission charge to car
                  park. Stones and North Antrim Coastal Path open all
                  year. Shop closed 25 & 26 December.

                  T 028 2073 1855 (Visitors Centre)
                  T 028 2073 1582 (National Trust)
                                           1 The world famous Giant’s Causeway
                                                                             2 Mussenden Temple, near Castlerock

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                            PAGE 25
Six must sees |


                                         Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge               Carrickfergus Castle
                                         (White Park Rd Ballintoy BT54 6LS)       (Marine Highway
                                         Carrick-a-Rede offers visitors a         Carrickfergus BT38 7BG)
                                         unique experience to traverse a          Dominating the town’s skyline is
                                         30m deep and 20m wide chasm by           Ireland’s best preserved Norman
 www.                                    a rope bridge that was traditionally
                                         erected by salmon fishermen.
                                                                                  Castle. Established in 1178 by John
                                                                                  de Courcy, the castle has seen action
 Visit our website to plan your          Visitors can enjoy an exhilarating       right up until the Second World War.
 journey and find out more.              coastal walk with stunning views         It is now a popular visitor attraction               across to Rathlin Island as well as      that everyone can enjoy. Open
                                         amazing flora, fauna and bird life.      throughout the year. Admission
                                         Guided tours are available to groups     charge. Guided tours available
                                         if pre-booked. Tea room serving          (prebooked), gift shop, refreshment
                                         tasty refreshments and shop offering     area and amenities provided.
                                         wonderful souvenirs available on site.
 1   Fireworks at Carrickfergus Castle                                            T 028 9335 1273
 2   Dunluce Castle                      T 028 2076 9839                
 3   Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge          E
 4   Old Bushmills Distillery  

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                 PAGE 26

3                                                                 4

Dunluce Castle                         Old Bushmills Distillery Co Ltd       walking difficulties or wheelchair
(3 miles east of Portrush BT57 8UY)    (2 Distillery Road                    users). Whiskey/Gift Shop and Café
Clinging fast onto a dramatic          Bushmills BT57 8XH)                   are accessible to all during opening
clifftop, Dunluce is thought to be     Experience for yourself the unique    times (no entrance charge). Phone
the most romantic and picturesque      whiskey making tradition at           for opening and tour times and
Castle in Ireland dating back to the   Ireland’s oldest working whiskey      group bookings. Children under 8
14th Century. Admission charge.        distillery, granted a royal licence   are welcome to visit but are not
Guided tours. Open all year except     to distill in 1608. The guided tour   permitted to join guided tours.
Christmas.                             of Ireland’s only ‘grain to glass’
                                       distillery will unravel some of our   T 028 2073 1521
T 028 2073 1938                        trade secrets. Admission charge       T 028 2073 3272              applies for guided tours (please      E
                                       note unsuitable for those with

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                            PAGE 27

Other places to visit

Rathlin Island

                                                                 Rathlin Island
                                                                 (6 miles north of Ballycastle)
                                                                 Lying just over six miles north
                                                                 of the pretty seaside resort
                                                                 of Ballycastle, County Antrim,
                                                                 and 14 miles from the Mull of
                                                                 Kintyre, Scotland. Rathlin Island is
                                                                 situated within the Antrim Coast
                                                                 and Glens Area of Outstanding
                                                                 Natural Beauty. It includes several
                                                                 important natural heritage sites
                                                                 and is particularly internationally
                                                                 important for its flora and fauna
                                                                 and in some cases its unique
                                                                 underwater marine life. The
                                                                 island’s rugged cliffs are home
                                                                 to the biggest seabird colony in
                                                                 Northern Ireland.

                                                                 In addition to this it has many
                                                                 interesting listed buildings and a
                                                                 strong cultural heritage. Legend
                                                                 has it that Rathlin Island was the
                                                                 stopping place for Robert the
                                                                 Bruce and his famed spider.

                                                                 Rathlin offers accommodation,
                                                                 bar, café, guided tours and
                                                                 information centre. Access by
                                                                 ferry with Rathlin Island Ferry Ltd.

                                                                 T 028 2076 9299 (Ferry)
                                                                 T 028 2076 2024 (Tourist Info)

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                 PAGE 29
Other places to visit |


                                                                            Dooey’s Cairn
                                                                            (Garryduff Road Dunloy)
                                                                            A Neolithic Courtcairn dating from
                                                                            around 2000-4000BC and named
                                                                            after the Dooey family who gave
                                                                            it into State care. Open all year,
                                                                            admission free.

                                                                            T 028 2766 0230
                                                                            Sentry Hill House and
                                                                            Visitors Centre
Flame!                                 Arthur Cottage                       (40 Ballycraigy Road
Gasworks Museum of Ireland             (The Dreen Cullybackey BT42 1EB)     Newtownabbey BT36 8SX)
(44 Irish Quarter West                 Only a short walk from the village   This Victorian farmhouse and
Carrickfergus BT38 8AT)                of Cullybackey is the carefully      garden tells the story of the
Conservation and presentation          restored ancestral home of Chester   McKinney family, and of many
of Ireland’s sole surviving coal       Alan Arthur, 21st President of       rural families in Ulster during the
gasworks. A unique example             the USA, where you can see           19th and 20th Centuries. The
of social and industrial heritage      how the Arthur family lived in       family collection includes furniture,
from the mid 19th Century. Fully       the 18th Century. Local ladies       paintings, personal diaries, letters
restored and open to the public.       in period costume give regular       and photographs recording life
Admission free. Open: May-Aug          demonstrations of traditional        at Sentry Hill and its surrounding
incl daily (ex Sat 2-5pm), Sept        cooking over an open fire. Booking   areas. Visitor Centre, guided tours,
Mon-Fri 2-5pm, last tour 4pm. To       advisable.                           tea-room, exhibition gallery, AV
visit at other times or groups, book                                        presentation. Admission charge.
in advance by phone or email.          T 028 2563 5900
                                         T 028 9083 2363
T 028 9336 9575                                                             E

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                            PAGE 30
                                    Andrew Jackson Cottage
                                    and US Rangers Centre                    Historic
                                    (2 Boneybefore
                                    Carrickfergus BT38 7EQ)                  Interests
                                    This traditional 18th Century            Why not uncover and explore
                                    Ulster-Scots farmhouse displays          the many historic buildings and
                                    the ancestry and life of the 7th         places across the region, from
                                    President of the United States as        Pattersons Spade Mill and
                                    well as rural life. Beside the Jackson   Flame Gasworks to Glenarm
                                    Cottage is an exhibition dedicated       Castle Garden and Dunluce
                                    to the US Rangers, an elite American     Castle, Hezlett House or Arthur
                                    Army regiment. Admission free.           Cottage and Leslie Hill Farm.
                                    Open by appointment.                     Our land is full of history and
                                                                             every stop on the Causeway
                                    T 028 9335 8049                          Coastal Route will tell a story.

                                                                             1 Flame! Gasworks Museum,
                                                                             2 US Ranger’s Centre, Carrickfergus
                                                                             3 Sentry Hill, Newtownabbey
                                                                             4 Arthur Cottage, Cullybackey

                                                                             Always phone ahead or go
                                                                             online to check opening times.

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                             PAGE 31
Other places to visit |

                                                                              Get Active
                                                                              Why not try some of the
                                                                              many activities that the
                                                                              region has to offer. Whether
1                                                                             it’s walking, cycling, fishing
                                                                              and for the more adventurous
                                                                              scuba diving, kayaking or
                                                                              surfing, there’s something for
Patterson’s Spade Mill                  Giant’s Causeway and
                                                                              1 Patterson’s Spade Mill,
(751 Antrim Road                        Bushmills Railway                       Templepatrick
Templepatrick BT39 0AP)                 (Giant’s Causeway Station             2 Giant’s Causeway and
See history literally forged in steel   Runkerry Road Bushmills BT57 8SZ)       Bushmills Railway
at the last working water-driven        The GCBR follows the breathtaking     3 Hezlett House, Castlerock
spade mill in daily use in the          two mile extension of the original
British Isles. Guided tours vividly     Giant’s Causeway and Bushmills
capture life during the Industrial      Hydro Electric Tram track. The new
Revolution and dig up the history       locomotive and coaches have been
and culture of the humble spade.        designed to recreate the experience
Many varieties of spades used in        of the original tram providing a
Ireland are on display.                 nostalgic journey linking Bushmills
                                        to the World Heritage site at the
T 028 9443 3619                         Giant’s Causeway.
E                T 028 2073 2844

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                       PAGE 32
Larne Museum and Arts Centre            Mid-Antrim Museum                       Hezlett House
(2 Victoria Road Larne BT40 1RN)        at the Braid                            (107 Sea Road
The Centre houses Larne Museum,         (1-29 Bridge Street                     Castlerock BT51 4TW)
a temporary exhibition gallery,         Ballymena BT43 5EJ)                     Make a visit to Hezlett House and
auditorium and education centre.        The Mid-Antrim Museum offers a          learn about the reality of life in a
The Museum charts Larne                 fascinating experience for all the      17th century thatched cottage. The
Borough’s maritime, agricultural,       family. The Museum boasts two           cottage has an early timber frame
industrial and social history through   large state of the art exhibition       dating back to 1690. Guided tours
a range of exhibits and interactive     galleries. In the History Gallery,      available, phone for opening times.
features.                               the story of the Mid-Antrim area
                                        and its people is presented in a        T 028 7084 8728
T 028 2827 9482                         thoroughly contemporary way.            E downhilldemesne@
E                   There is a café and shop on site                                                      
                                        T 028 2565 7161
Ballymoney Museum                                     Ballycastle Museum
(1 Townhead Street                                                              (59 Castle Street
Ballymoney BT53 6BE)                    Museum at the Mill                      Ballycastle BT54 6AS)
The museum explores the history         (Carnmoney Road North,                  Folk/social history of the Glens
of Ballymoney over the past 9000        Newtownabbey BT36 5QA)                  in the town’s 18th Century
years. On display are rare finds        Housed within what was originally       courthouse. Exhibits include the
from the bronze and medieval            the wet spinning floor of the mill,     Glentaisie Banner of the first Feis
periods as well as exhibits             the museum tells the story of           na nGleann (1904). Admission
associated with the political           Mossley Mill and the people who         free. Seasonal opening.
upheaval of the late 18th century       worked there from the 1800s to
and the United Irish Rebellion. A       the mill’s closure in 1996. The         T 028 2076 2024
History Resource Area contains          history is presented through a
information useful for genealogical     range of interpretative displays
research. A programme of                including artefacts, AV installations   Garvagh Museum
temporary exhibitions is available      and interactives, making it             and Heritage Centre
from TIC or online.                     accessible for everyone.                (142a Main Street
                                                                                Garvagh BT51 5AE)
T 028 2766 0230                         T 028 9034 0000                         The museum houses collections
E                which cover most aspects of rural                 museumatthemill                         and domestic life in the 19th
                                                                                and early 20th Centuries. Also
                                                                                blacksmiths shop and displays
                                                                                of horse-drawn agricultural
                                                                                machinery. Admission charge.

                                                                                T 028 2955 7924


Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                               PAGE 33
Other places to visit |

    “Ireland’s coastal
    highway to heaven;
    The Antrim coast offers
    one of the world’s most
    spectacular drives,
    with natural and
    manmade wonders
    awaiting round every
    bend in the road.”
    Henry McDonald,

 1 Whitepark Bay
 2 Carrickfergus Museum
 3 The Braid, Ballymena                                               1

                                                                 Carrickfergus Museum
                                                                 (11 Antrim Street
                                                                 Carrickfergus BT38 7DG)
                                                                 Explore the history of Carrickfergus
                                                                 from pre-historic times to the
                                                                 present day. Material from the
                                                                 Council’s own civic collection,
                                                                 together with Carrickfergus related
                                                                 material on loan from several
                                                                 private and national collections
                                                                 are on display. The separate
                                                                 ‘Community Archive’ features 20th
                                                                 century local and social history
                                                                 material, relating to the Borough’s
                                                                 recent past. Admission free. Open
                                                                 all year

                                                                 T 028 9335 8049
                                                                 The Steensons
                                                                 (64 Toberwine Street
                                                                 Glenarm BT44 0AP)
                                                                 The picturesque village of
                                                                 Glenarm is home and workplace
                                                                 to goldsmiths Bill and Christina
                                                                 Steenson. The workshop, converted
                                                                 from an old Belfast Savings Bank,
                                                                 is an interesting stop off along the
                                                                 famous Antrim Coast road, where
                                                                 you can watch the highly skilled
                                                                 craftspeople at work. The stunning
                                                                 hand crafted jewellery makes a
                                                                 perfect souvenir. Open Mon-Sat

                                                                 T 028 2884 1445

“There is not a single sign along
the Antrim Coast to warn the
visitor that the scenery here is as
good as it gets - anywhere.”
William Ecenbarger, Toronto Star

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                 PAGE 35

and galleries


Bannside Craft and Coffee Shop       Gloonan Gallery                        Pretty Crafty Design and
(11 Ballymena Road                   (13 Church Street Ahoghill             Willow Garden Tea Room
Portglenone BT44 8BL)                Ballymena BT42 2PA)                    (5 Springbank Road
Stockists of Irish-made souvenir     Gloonan Gallery is situated in the     Castlerock BT51 4RU)
goods - crystal, china, peat, Aran   award winning village of Ahoghill,     Situated in the heart of the
knitwear, candles and many more.     just outside Ballymena. The gallery    Downhill Forest, Pretty Crafty
Open: daily 9.30am-5.30pm.           is recognised for its commitment       Design takes its inspiration from
                                     to customer service. As well as        a beautiful part of the world.
T 028 2582 1754                      a wide selection of original Irish     Services include Willow Garden Tea
                                     Art, Gloonan Gallery also stocks       Room, corporate entertainment,
Coleraine Borough Chamber            designer jewellery, pottery,           craft workshops specializing in
of Commerce & Industry               ceramics and hand-made wooden          craft parties for all ages, evening
(2 Abbey Street                      items. Open Tues-Sat, 10-5.30pm.       demonstrations, gallery supporting
Coleraine BT52 1DS)                                                         original local artists. Phone for
Coleraine Borough Chamber            T 028 2587 8470                        opening times. Late opening by
an independent not for profit        E                appointment
organisation. Our remit is to
benefit the members and                                                     T 028 7084 8146
their businesses through a           Junction One International
combination of networking,           Outlet Shopping                        R&J Hillis
training, representation and         (111 Ballymena Road                    (27-29 Main Street
lobbying. Coleraine Borough          Antrim BT41 4LL)                       Portrush BT56 8BL)
Chamber is the voice of the local    Junction One is a unique shopping      Traditional Irish Craft Shop offering
business community recognised        environment with over 70 shops         a wide range of gift and craftware.
as an influential network and a      and catering outlets. There are high   Also offering men’s, ladies’ and
quality provider of support and      street giants, designer brands and     childrens’ fashions.
information.                         international market leaders, all
                                     with discounts of up to 60% every      T 028 7082 3203
T 028 7034 3111                      day of the year. Junction One has      E
E info@coleraineborough              over 3,000 free parking spaces and                        is open 7 days a week.
www.coleraineborough                        T 028 9442 9111

                                                                             Get busy shopping at Junction
                                                                             One Outlet centre or the
                                                                             bustling towns of Coleraine,
                                                                             Ballymena and Newtownabbey.
                                                                             Or for a more traditional
                                                                             shopping experience hit the
                                                                             smaller towns and villages with
                                                                             their antique and craft shops
                                                                             where you can always pick up a
                                                                             unique bargain or souvenir.
                                                                             1 Junction One International
                                                                               Outlet Shopping
                                                                             2 Coleraine Town Centre

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                              PAGE 37

Food & drink

Crosskeys Inn                         Crusoes Coffee Shop
(40 Grange Road Ardnaglass            (29 Sea Road                           Locally
Toomebridge BT41 3QB)
The Crosskeys Inn is the oldest
                                      Castlerock BT51 4TN)
                                      A relaxing and homely                  sourced
thatched pub in Northern Ireland      environment in which people            Here, it’s but a short step
if not the whole of Ireland. This     can enjoy great coffee, freshly        from landscape to larder, as
white-washed, thatched stone built    prepared homemade food using           much of the food served in
cottage served as a coaching stop     the finest local ingredients. The      the Causeway Coast & Glens
on the original Belfast to Derry      coffee shop is a relaxing space        will have been raised, caught
road. No one knows for sure when      with a contemporary feel, lots of      and grown locally. Traditional
it was built, but it is thought to    wood, handmade furniture and           recipes are very much to the
be around 1740. As well as this,      comfy leather sofas. Crusoes has a     fore, but expect the region’s
it is one of Ireland’s most famous    children’s area with jigsaws, books    accomplished chefs to serve
traditional music venues attracting   & drawing paper. The work of local     them up with their own
musicians from all over Ireland       artists is exhibited on the walls of   contemporary twists.
and all other parts of the globe.     the coffee shop. Crusoes is famous
Irish music sessions are held most    for its coffee and hot chocolates.     Look out for the region’s
Saturday nights with impromptu        Open 7 days a week, all year.          Home Bakeries with their
sessions on some Fridays & Sundays.                                          mouth-watering traditional
                                      T 028 7084 9618                        breads and cakes.
T 028 7965 0694                       E

                                                                             1 Blackstone Bar & Restaurant,


Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                            PAGE 39
Food & Drink |

                                                                            Arbutus Restaurant
                                                                            (13 Bridge Street Kilrea BT51 5RR)
                                                                            Arbutus offers elegant Victorian
                                                                            surroundings, modern cuisine
                                                                            specializing in seafood. Open for
                                                                            just two and a half years, having
                                                                            received the Taste of Ulster
                                                                            2008/2009, Georgina Campbell
                                                                            Award 2008/2009 for fine food,
                                                                            wine and service. Daily specials

                                                                            T 028 2954 0140

                                                                            The Lime Tree Restaurant
                                                                            (60 Catherine Street
                                                                            Limavady BT49 9DB)
                                                                            Good value and good cooking go
                                                                            hand in hand in this family-run
                                    Glenariff Tea House                     well renowned little hidden gem
 Recipe for                         and Craft Shop                          of a restaurant that has gained
 Success                            (Glenariff Forest Park
                                    Glenariff Co Antrim BT44 0QX)
                                                                            numerous awards and recognition
                                                                            for the past decade in most major
 Food is an undoubted highlight     Glenariff Tea House offers both         food guides. Winner of Northern
 of any holiday and the food        magnificent views over the valley       Ireland Tourist Board Taste of
 in this region is spectacularly    and excellent home-made food            Northern Ireland Award 2010.
 good. Don’t be shy about           made from local produce. Whether        Fresh fish and locally sourced
 asking for the recipe to take      tea and scones or a healthy lunch       meat allow the Lime Tree to offer
 home to make the memory            is your requirement we would            a combination of menus that
 last, or check local bookshops     be delighted to welcome you on          cater for most tastes and budgets.
 for culinary inspiration. An       your day out. Specialising this         Early bird menu Tues-Fri. Booking
 insider’s tip: look out for        year in ‘Traditional Afternoon Tea’     strongly recommended.
 compilation recipe books           - traditional Afternoon Tea and
 produced locally by church or      Stories in the Glens. In an area        T 028 7776 4300
 charity fund-raisers. They’re      steeped in local folk-lore, Glenariff   E
 packed with tried and trusted      Tea House with talestotell offers
 traditional recipes.               the perfect setting and comfort for
                                    a traditional story-telling session
                                    with writer and broadcaster Liz
 1 Crosskeys Inn, Toomebridge
                                    T 028 2175 8769
                                    M 07703 328961
 Download                           E
 Go online now and        
 download our traditional
 Irish recipes including
 Onion and Guinnesss soup
 and traditional soda bread.

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                          PAGE 40
The Restaurant at Logans                 Charly’s Restaurant                      Laragh Lodge
(232 Frosses Road                        (34 Newbridge Road                       (120 Glen Road
Cloughmills BT44 9PX)                    Coleraine BT52 1TP)                      Glenariffe BT44 0RG)
Situated on the main A26 Frosses         Situated on the main road                Laragh Lodge exclusive licensed
Road is an oasis of calm from the        between Coleraine and                    restaurant is situated at the bottom
outside world, serving scrumptious       Ballymoney, at Charly’s American         of the famous walks and waterfalls
scones, tantalizing tray bakes and       themed restaurant the emphasis           in Glenariffe, Queen of the Glens.
delicious desserts, and that’s just to   is on quality. Serving only the best     Large viewing windows around
start. We have a range of gourmet        of produce from local suppliers,         the restaurant ensure the ultimate
homemade salads, prepared daily          whether you fancy a juicy 16oz           experience as you wine and dine,
to complement our home crafted           T-Bone steak, peppered chicken, or       watching the water flow past and
lunches, and prepared using only         a Charly Big Burger, why not pop         enjoying the majestic views in
the finest local ingredients. Go on,     in and enjoy the food, the service       comfort.
be good to yourself, you know you        and the best of Ulster hospitality.
want to.                                 Child friendly with special children’s   T 028 2175 8221
                                         menu.                                    E
T 028 2763 8656                                                         
M 07736 064741                           T 028 7035 2020
E              E           Rafters Bar & Restaurant                     (2-4 Kilrea Road
                                                                                  Swatragh BT46 5QF)
Blackstone Bar & Restaurant              My Little Kitchen Cookery School         A 4th generation family run historic
(15-17 Hill Street                       (162 Gortgare Road                       listed traditional Irish Bar and
Ballymena BT43 6BH)                      Greysteel BT47 3DB)                      Restaurant, established in 1846.
The Blackstone Bar is located in Hill    Whether you are looking to               Situated on the A29 between
Street just off the main shopping        improve your cookery skills, cook        Garvagh and Maghera, Rafters
area of Ballymena. In recent years,      up a feast for family and friends        offers superb locally sourced
the premises was extensively             or learn how to bake, we offer a         homemade food, served daily
renovated and a restaurant added         range of contemporary cookery            12noon – 9pm. Daily specials are
upstairs. The Blackstone is now as       classes and demonstrations in            available in the restaurant or new
well known for its fine food as it is    a fun and relaxed environment.           beer garden. Live entertainment
for its busy, lively bar.                Our modern and well equipped             every Sat and Sun. Full carparking
                                         kitchen and dining facilities, set on    and disabled facilities. Private
T 028 2564 8566                          a secluded farm with wonderful           parties and coach tours welcome.
E           views of the Lough Foyle and
                                         Donegal countryside make an              T 028 7940 1206
The Nook at the Giant’s Causeway         idyllic setting for you to enjoy         E
(48 Causeway Road                        lunch with a glass of wine with
Bushmills BT57 8SU)                      fellow class attendees after a day
Listed building of historical            of cooking exciting new recipes led
significance, formerly the               by our passionate chef Phil.
Causeway School, sympathetically
refurbished. Located at the              T 028 7181 3712
entrance to the World Heritage           E                        “…the Antrim Coast
Site, enjoying an excellent                               Road is a contender for
reputation using only local
                                                                                  one of the best biking
                                                                                  roads in Ireland - if
T 028 2073 2993                                                                   not, the world.”
                                                                         - Travel Blog

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                    PAGE 41

Spas & wellbeing


                                        “Awe is something Northern Ireland’s rugged Antrim
                                        Coast continues to deliver, and the Causeway Coastal
                                        Route, a meandering 200-kilometre stretch of highway
                                        and secondary road that runs from Belfast to Derry,
                                        is one of the world’s great scenic drives.”
                                        Dean Jobb – Wennipeg Free Press

Nirvana Beauty & Day Spa                The Roe Spa                          Springwell Manor Health Farm
(15 Isle Road Macosquin                 (Radisson Blu Roe Park Resort        and Bed and Breakfast
Coleraine BT51 4JH)                     Limavady BT49 9LB)                   (7 Ballystrone Road Macosquin
Northern Ireland’s award winning        The Roe Spa offers over 40 face      Coleraine BT51 4JF)
spa welcomes you to enjoy the           & body treatments to cater for all   This is a place which offers you
very best of personal spa service       your needs. You are sure to be       true sanctuary, where you can
available. Whether as part of your      impressed with the facilities of     rejuvenate the body and deeply
ongoing maintenance or a special        twelve treatment areas including     relax the mind. It has that ‘home
treat, you’ll feel relaxed, fresh       a Moroccan Mud Rasul, an Aqua        from home’ feeling which makes
and revitalised after the ultimate      Veda Wet Exfoliation Table, a        guests feel very much at ease.
pampering experience, with a            Cleopatra Bathing Experience,        Full range of beauty and holistic
full range of treatments including      an Aqua Meditation Chamber           treatments available including
facials, body massage and spa           and Luxurious Relaxation Suite.      massage, reflexology, facials, nails,
rituals.                                Signature treatments have been       waxing, tan etc… and much more.
                                        especially formulated to offer the
T 028 7032 8093                         newest and most effective means      T 028 7035 3505
E              to de-stress, relax and renew.       E                                           
                                        T 028 7776 2929
The Spa at Galgorm                      E
(Galgorm Resort and Spa       
Galgorm BT42 1EA)
Designed by renowned spa
consultant, Jennifer Gorman, the
bespoke spa offers a Fitness Suite,
eleven Treatment Rooms including
a Serial Mud Chamber, Cleopatra
Bath, Hamman Room, Relaxation
Room and a Thermal Spa featuring
five individual Climate Rooms,
Thermal Stone Heated Relaxation
Loungers, and an infinity
hydrotherapy pool. An outdoor hot-
tub offers stunning views of the
waterfall from its elevated position.

T 028 2588 1001

1 Galgorm Spa, Galgorm
2 The Roe Spa, Limavady                 2

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                             PAGE 43

Family fun


                                     Barry’s Amusements                     Benone Tourist Complex
 Get the family                      (16 Eglinton St Portrush BT56 8DX)     (53 Benone Avenue

 involved                            Established for over 70 years,
                                     Barry’s is the largest amusement
                                                                            Limavady BT49 0LQ)
                                                                            Modern touring caravan park and
                                     park in Ireland with the very          holiday centre beside Blue Flag
 We all know that if the kids
                                     latest rides for indoor and outdoor    Benone Beach. Complex includes
 have a good holiday, then
                                     entertainment. Seasonal opening,       seasonal outdoor heated pools,
 the parents do too. Causeway
                                     phone for information.                 tennis courts, driving range, play
 Coast and Glens has long been
                                                                            area, putting green and café. 100
 the holiday capital of Northern
                                     T 028 7082 2340                        touring sites, including 80 electric
 Ireland so you’ll find all the
                                     E            and serviced sites and tent spaces.
 traditional family favourites
                                          Book directly with reception by
 alongside some surprising new
 ones. Why not try Carnfunnock
                                     Dunluce Family
 Country Park or Leslie Hill Open
                                     Entertainment Centre                   T 028 7775 0555
 Farm, Benone Tourist Complex
                                     (10 Sandhill Drive                     E
 or Watertop Farm, the Jet
                                     Portrush BT56 8BF)           
 Centre or Sportsbowl.
                                     The ultimate in family
                                     entertainment! New Darklight
 1 Whiterocks Beach, near Portrush
                                     Laser Drome. 4D Turbo Tours -
 2 Benone Tourist Complex,
   Limavady                          Astro Pinball. Finn McCool’s Indoor
                                     Playground. Great venue for
                                     birthday parties and groups. Private
                                     hire also available.

                                     T 028 7082 4444


Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                           PAGE 45
Family fun |

 Beaches to                                                                1
 free the spirit
 We have traditional seaside
 beaches where families still
 paddle and build sandcastles,
 enjoy an ice cream and
                                     Carnfunnock Country Park              The Crescent, Portstewart
 candyfloss, hunt for shells and
                                     (Coast Road Drains Bay                (The Promenade
 dabble in rock pools. We have
                                     Larne BT40 2QG)                       Portstewart BT55 7AB)
 miles of deserted silver strands
                                     Country Park consisting of 191        Visitors to Portstewart Crescent can
 perfect for romantic strolls – or
                                     hectares of mixed woodland,           now enjoy a fountain, which hosts
 a horseback gallop! We have
                                     colourful gardens, walking trails     thirty three streaming musical
 wonderful secret bays, wide
                                     and coastline. Attractions include    jets which are synchronized
 open spaces and shoreline
                                     walled garden with unique             to music creating a magical
 views that you will remember
                                     sundials, maze, caravan park and      experience during show times
 all your life. All you have to do
                                     campsite, family fun zone with        (seasonal). Reaching heights of up
 is find your favourite!
                                     miniature railway, 18 hole mini       to 4 metres, with multi coloured
                                     golf, laser clay pigeon shooting,     lights and a variety of tunes it is
                                     remote control boats and lorries,     spectacular and appeals to both
                                     activity centre with outdoor          children and adults alike. The play
                                     adventure playground, mini cars,      area has also been refurbished and
1 Carnfunnock Country Park, Larne    trampolines and facetastic face       the newly designed café provides
2 Watertop Farm, Ballycastle
                                     painting and tattoos, orienteering,   teas and refreshments, along with
3 Barry’s Amusements, Portrush
                                     modern visitors centre with gift      an outdoor covered seating and
                                     and coffee shop, golf activities      viewing area. By popular demand,
 causeway                            including driving range and 9 hole
                                     golf course.
                                                                           the paddling pool and boating lake
                                                                           have been retained, along with the
 coastandglens                                                             small cart area and the bandstand.
 .com                                T 028 2827 0541
                                     E            T 028 7034 4723
 Go online for all our latest
 family friendly activities.

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                         PAGE 46
                                                           Watertop Farm
                                                           (188 Cushendall Road
                                                           Ballycastle BT54 6RN)
                                                           Family business based on a Hill
                                                           Farm in the Glens of Antrim.
                                                           Summer activities include pony
                                                           trekking, boating, farm tours,
                                                           pedal-go-karts, quad train, café,
                                                           caravan and camping and lots
                                                           more for the whole family to enjoy.

                                                           T 028 2076 2576


                                                                          Always phone ahead or go
                                                                          online to check opening times.

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                         PAGE 47
Family fun |

 White Park Bay - Area of
 Special Scientific Interest
 (A2, 1.5 miles west of Ballintoy
 4 miles east of Giant’s Causeway).
 This spectacular sandy beach
 forms a white arc between two
 headlands on the North Antrim
 Coast. One of the first Neolithic
 settlements in Ireland and three
 passage tombs stand on the
 surrounding hills. Species rich chalk
 grasslands are carpeted in rare
 plants, including many orchids and
 sea spurges. Site is also rich in bird
 life. Bathing is not recommended
 due to strong currents.

 T 028 2073 1582

  1 Whitepark Bay
  2 Jet Centre, Coleraine
  3 Waterworld, Portrush                                              1

                                    Portstewart Strand                   The Arcadia
                                    and Bann Estuary                     (East Strand Portrush BT56 8AB
                                    (118 Strand Road                     The Arcadia includes children’s
                                    Portstewart BT55 7PG)                feature paddling pools, play frame
                                    A magnificent 2 mile stretch of      and sand area. Fantastic views of
                                    golden sand is the perfect spot to   East Strand and Whiterocks. Café.
                                    explore sand dunes formed around     Seasonal opening.
                                    6000 years ago, as well as wild
                                    flowers and butterflies. There is    T 028 7082 3924
                                    also the chance to see wild fowl     T 028 7034 4723
                                    and nesting birds at the Bann
                                    Estuary. Visitors can also enjoy
                                    light refreshments and some retail   The Jet Centre
                                    therapy in the visitor facility.     (Riverside Park South
                                                                         Coleraine BT51 3AW)
                                    T 028 7083 6396                      The North Coast’s premiere
                                    E   entertainment centre boasts a
                                       six screen Movie House Cinema,
                                                                         showing all the latest blockbusters,
                                    Waterworld                           Super Strikes Bowling Alley, Alley
                                    (The Harbour Portrush BT56 8DF)      Cats Indoor Adventure Play and the
                                    Waterworld has two main              NY City Café, which serves fantastic
                                    attractions - a water play area      burgers at great prices. With loads
                                    complete with a range of water       of arcade games, you could spend
                                    features and two 80 metre            hours at the Jet Centre
                                    waterslides. Our six lane ten pin
                                    bowling alley with computerized      Movie House Cinema
                                    scoring system and colour graphics   T 028 7035 0000
                                    suitable for all age groups. Phone   Super Strikes Bowling Alley
                                    for opening times.                   T 028 7035 0005
                                                                         Alley Cats Indoor Adventure Play
                                    T 028 7082 2001                      T 028 7035 0010
                                           NY City Café
                                                                         T 028 7035 0015

2                                                             3

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                       PAGE 49
Family fun |

 Always phone ahead or go
 online to check opening times.


                                                                 Visit our website to plan your
                                                                 journey and find out more.

                                                                 1   Portstewart Crescent
                                                                 2   Portrush West Strand
                                                                 3   Leslie Hill, Ballymoney
                                                                 4   Portstewart Strand

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                 PAGE 50
                                    The Coastal Zone at Portrush         Treasure Island
                                    (8 Bath Road Portrush BT56 8AP)      (Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre
                                    Come visit this centre with its      Ballymoney BT53 7AU)
                                    coastal and marine exhibitions,      Three floor themed soft play area
                                    indoor rock pool and live sea        with many exciting features: twin
                                    creatures. Viewing platform at the   wavy slide, ball cannon arena,
                                    back of the centre gives excellent   ball pool, exo-station interactive
                                    views towards the sea where          games, 540° spiral slide and
                                    dolphins, seals, harbour porpoises   treasure hunt. Admission charge.
                                    can sometimes be seen.               Phone for opening times.

                                    T 028 7082 3600                      T 028 2766 0260

                                    Leslie Hill                          Sportsbowl Ltd
                                    (Macfin Road                         (Wakehurst Road
                                    Ballymoney BT53 6QL)                 Ballymena BT42 3AZ)
                                    Historic estate with Georgian        Ballymena Sportsbowl, accessed
                                    farmyard, lakes and woodland,        from 7 Towers Roundabout, has
                                    walled garden, pets corner, shop     16 lanes of automated tenpin
                                    and tea shop. Wagon and pony         bowling, JD’s fully licensed
                                    rides, horse drawn machinery,        restaurant (Taste of Ulster Award
                                    carriages and deer park,             Holder), Tumble Tower’s children’s
                                    ornamental pheasants, poultry,       soft play area, Kids Quad indoor
                                    many animals. New: covered play      karting arena and a wide range
                                    area and barrel train.               of Video Games and Simulators.
                                                                         There’s something for everyone of
                                    T 028 2766 6803                      all ages here.
                                                                         T 028 2564 4144

3                                                4

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                       PAGE 51



                                                                       The Jungle NI
                                                                       (60 Desertmartin Road Moneymore
                                                                       Magherafelt BT45 7RB)
                                                                       The Jungle NI is an award winning
                                                                       outdoor entertainment facility set
                                                                       in the heart of Northern Ireland.
                                                                       Activities include: paintballing, clay
                                                                       pigeon shooting, archery, team
                                                                       building, zorbing and recently
                                                                       introduced - Ireland’s first Treetop
                                                                       High Wire Adventure Course!
                                                                       With over 40 elements, zip lines,
                                                                       bridges and a parafan descent,
                                                                       this course is sure to bring out the
                                                                       Tarzan or Jane in you!! Ideal for
                                                                       Stag/Hen Do’s, birthdays, corporate
                                                                       events, youth groups or just a few
                                                                       friends looking for a great day out!

                                                                       T 028 8674 8881

                                                                       (14 Portmore Road
                                                                       Portstewart BT55 7BE)
                                                                       PADI 5 Star Dive Centre providing
                                                                       dive courses for beginners/
                                                                       experienced divers. Also power
                                                                       boat trips along scenic Causeway
                                                                       Coast. Boat trips available for
                                     Something                         charter to the West Coast of
                                     for everyone                      Scotland and Donegal. White
                                                                       knuckle trips - take your party on
                                                                       an exhilarating power boat ride.
                                     Art and craft classes, drama
                                                                       Dive the clear waters of the North
                                     courses and lessons in
                                                                       Coast. A range of wrecks - shallow
                                     everything from jet skiing to
                                                                       and deep, reefs and drop-offs for
                                     photography and horse riding.
                                                                       experienced divers, available 7
                                     Our region will get you active
                                                                       days a week. Air/Nitrox fills from
                                     and learning.
                                                                       232 bar to 300 bar. We run the
                                                                       largest Scuba Dive Retail shop on
                                     PS. Let them enjoy culinary
                                                                       the North Coast, with large range
                                     heritage too - sample the local
                                                                       of brands, accommodation, hiring
                                     ‘Yellow Man’ honeycomb!
                                                                       and servicing equipment.

                                                                       T 028 7083 2584
                                                                       M 07968 164748
                                     1 Zorbing in the region with
                                       The Jungle NI, Moneymore

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                       PAGE 53
Activities |

                                                                            Moorbrook Trout Fishery
                                                                            (46 Glebe Road
                                                                            Castlerock BT51 4SW)
                                                                            Moorbrook Trout Fishery is set in
                                                                            20 acres of unspoilt countryside
                                                                            and offers panoramic views along
                                                                            the famous Causeway Coast. A
                                                                            member of staff will be on hand
                                                                            with hints and tips and newcomers
                                                                            will be especially welcome.
                                                                            Stocked with a range of Trout,
                                                                            including Brown and Rainbow.
                                                                            Ample car parking available,
                                                                            disabled access, picnic area and a
                                                                            newly built anglers’ lodge offers
                                                                            free tea and coffee. Tackle shop
1                                                                           on site.

                                                                            T 028 7084 9408
                                     North Irish Diver Ltd
 Boat Trips                          (161b Low Road                         Water Sports Centre
                                     Islandmagee Larne BT40 3RF)            (East Strand Portrush BT56 8AN)
 Whether you are eight or
                                     10m Luxury RIB. Skipper with over      This dedicated water sports facility
 eighty, messing about on the
                                     30yrs experience navigating and        is used for a wide range of sea
 river is undoubtedly one of
                                     diving local waters. Fully compliant   and coastal related activities. It
 the great pleasures of life. Hire
                                     with MCA/Health & Safety               allows year round access to high
 your own boat or join a laid
                                     Regulations, all crew qualified to     quality amenities for both local
 back pleasure excursion and
                                     MCA standards. Emergency 1st           and visiting water sports users,
 feel your stresses slip away
                                     response instructors, 3 oxygen         including surfing, body boarding,
 as the scenery slips by, then
                                     units, defibrillator, hypohoist man    sea kayaking, surf kayaking, wind
 wander along towpaths and
                                     overboard/casualty recovery            surfing, sub aqua and sea angling.
 riverside walkways. There’s no
                                     system, GPS, VHF, sonar, life raft.    Beach safety/lifeguard station,
 more relaxing way to discover
                                     Covered seating for 12 passengers      first aid room, equipment hire and
 the region.
                                     and 2 crew. Operating fast             retail, training room, fully serviced
                                     passenger and dive charter along       external changing facilities and
                                     Antrim Coast - Scotland - Rathlin      lockers, club/group male and
                                     Island and Isle of Man. Golf,          female changing facilities and
 1 North Sea Irish Diver
 2 Maddybenny Riding School,
                                     whiskey, birthday, office, bird and    equipment store, small kitchen,
   Portrush                          whale watching trips. Weddings         leader/coach changing facilities,
 3 Canoeing at Carrowmena,           and funerals arranged. PADI scuba      male/female and disabled public
   Limavady                          diving courses. Commercial work,       toilets.
                                     photography, marine studies,
                                     TV/film work.                          T 028 7034 7234
 Visit our website to plan your      T 028 9338 2246
 journey and find out more.          M 07753 816069           E

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                            PAGE 54
Maddybenny Riding Centre                  Bann System Ltd
(20 Maddybenny Park Atlantic              (54 Castleroe Road, Coleraine BT51 3RL)
Road Coleraine BT52 2PT)                  Northern Ireland’s most extensive and varied fisheries. Choose
This BHS Approved riding centre           from salmon, brown trout, sea trout, pike and coarse angling,
is part of the Award winning              on Lower Bann, Foyle and tributary rivers. Season or day rods
Maddybenny Leisure complex,               available on private beats, also Bann permits and licences. For
which includes Farmhouse B&B              bookings, visit our website, or call the office for more details.
and Self Catering holiday cottages.
Qualified instructors, reliable horses/   T 028 7034 4796
ponies, pleasant farm surroundings,       E
we cater for all ages/standards of
riders including disabled. Visitors
most welcome for relaxed riding
experience or lessons.

T 028 7082 3394 (option 2)
M 07732 630963



Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                PAGE 55
Activities |

Carrowmena Activity Centre               Predators Charters Ltd               Moonjumper International
(100 Carrowclare Road                    (9 Bellisk Drive                     (Suite 9 Sandel Village Centre
Limavady BT49 9EB)                       Cushendall BT44 0AX)                 Knocklynn Road Coleraine BT52 1WT)
Carrowmena is a unique outdoors          Angling, scenic tours along the      Be adventurous and try a tandem
pursuits residential centre that lies    North Antrim Coast, bird watching,   skydive which offers the chance
at the foot of Binevenagh offering       seal watching, birthday parties,     to exit an aircraft at 13,000ft
fun tailored activity packages for       corporate entertainment, diving,     attached to an instructor. You
stag/hen parties, corporate team         Campbeltown runs, Islay whisky       freefall for 7,000ft at which point
building events, birthdays, youth,       tours, funeral arrangements, TV      the instructor opens the canopy
school, church groups, friends and       filming.                             and steers you to the ground.
families. Activities include canoeing,                                        Moonjumper International offers
kayaking, climbing wall, abseiling,      T 028 2177 1828                      something for family, friends and
zip line, rock climbing, rope            E           social gatherings.
courses, hill walking, archery, camp
crafts team building exercises                                                T 028 7035 6356
and initiative challenges. Facilities    Wild Geese Parachute Centre          E
include games room, conference           (Movenis Airfield          
room, lounge area, BBQ area, fully       Garvagh BT51 5LQ)
furnished kitchen and dining room        Parachute centre offers: one         Aquasports
and camping available.                   day training course using square     (Ballycastle Marina
                                         parachute which is automatically     Harbour Road Ballycastle BT54 6BT)
T 028 7776 3431                          opened by static line; tandem        Wildlife trips around Rathlin. See
M 07746 095680                           skydiving where student is           puffins etc and seals at ‘upside
E                  attached to instructor throughout    down’ lighthouse, and Bruce’s cave.                     entire descent. Open seven days      Visit Giant’s Causeway and North
                                         a week, all year round. Restaurant   Antrim Coast by sea. Whiskey trails
Troggs Surf Shop & Surf School           on site. Public welcome.             and golf on Islay and Machrihanish.
(88 Main Street Portrush BT56 8BN)                                            Corporate trips and team building.
Take a surf lesson with Troggs under     T 028 2955 8609                      Driving large RIB. Trips to Gigha,
expert instruction individually          E          Sanda, Jura and Iona.
or with a group. Lessons last for
2 hours and include full expert                                               M 07962 309670
tuition, use of boards and wetsuits.                                          E
Our instructors are fully qualified                                 
beach lifeguards, and BSA Levels
1 and 2 surf coaches. Instructors
are accomplished surfers and have
ample experience and training
to take lessons for complete
beginners to advanced surfers. The
school is one of only 4 Quiksilver
approved surf schools in the UK,
and the only one in Ireland.

T 028 7082 5476
M 07748 257717 (surf school)

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                            PAGE 56
                                                                 Go online for all the best offers
                                                                 and more information about all
                                                                 of the activities available.

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                       PAGE 57
Activities |


Alive Surf School                     Foyle Hovercrafting
(73 Ballywillin Crescent              (71 Carrowclare Road
Portrush BT56 8GJ)                    Limavady BT49 9EB)
Alive Surf School, Portrush, is the   Outdoor leisure pursuits centre,
longest running surf school in        based on Ireland’s only purpose
Northern Ireland and operates 7       built hovercraft track. Including
days a week, 12 months a year.        hovercrafting, powerturn
We offer surfing lessons for all      buggying, laser clay pigeon
ages, individuals and group sizes -   shooting and archery. Hoping to
we have all the equipment you         introduce Laser Combat (outdoor)
need, the best instructors on the     in late summer 2010.
coast and best of all, we know how
to be safe and have loads of fun!!    T 028 7772 2235
                                      M 07799 324019
M 07935 952532                        E

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                PAGE 58
 Your catch in Causeway
 Coast and Glens could be
 as varied as the region’s
 world-renowned scenery:
 Atlantic Salmon, Pike, Trout,
 Eel, Perch, Bream and
 Roach are plentiful here
 and the area has some of
 the finest salmon beats in

 1 Surf’s up at Portrush
 2 Xplore Outdoors
 3 Fishing on the River Bush


Activities |

 Go online for all the best offers
 and more information about all
 of the activities available.

 1 Portrush Harbour
 2 Fishing, River Roe
 3 North Antrim cliff path                            1

Xplore Outdoors                     Centre Stage                           ShutterSheep Photo Safaris
(15 Glenara Woods                   Summer Drama Holidays                  and Workshops
Coleraine BT51 3TR)                 (11 Hopefield Avenue                   Join professional photographer,
Xplore Outdoors is an innovative    Belfast BT15 5AP)                      Philip T Adams, for a fantastic
and exciting outdoor activity       Unique summer drama activity           ShutterSheep Photo Safari. Take
provider based on the rugged        holiday for young people aged          your camera skills to a new level.
and picturesque North Coast of      8-18 in spectacular setting. Drama,    Learn how to photograph one
Northern Ireland. We provide a      dance, singing, mime and other         of the world’s greatest scenic
wide range of outdoor activities,   activities. Residential and non        treasures – The Causeway Coast
we have the flexibility to tailor   residential. “One of the nine best     and Glens. Capture secluded
programmes to meet the clients’     activity holidays in the UK” - Daily   beaches, majestic waterfalls and
requirements and we pride           Telegraph. One of “The ten best        magical ruins. Beginners welcome.
ourselves on our professional and   creative outings for children” -       Hotel pick-up.
welcoming approach.                 The Independent.
                                                                           T 028 9334 4137
M 07734 365321                      T 028 9077 8099                        M 07805 464512
M 07773 359773                      T 0800 324 7046                        E
E         E       

2                                                      3

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                         PAGE 61

Gardens, country
parks and forests

Benvarden Gardens                    The Walled Garden                      Altarichard
(36 Benvarden Road Dervock           at Glenarm Castle                      (Altarichard Road Armoy BT53 8XS)
Ballymoney BT53 6NN)                 (2 Castle Lane Glenarm BT44 0BQ)       There are two way-marked hill
The Walled Garden at Benvarden       Dating from the 18th Century, The      walks at Altarichard on the scenic
has been in existence since 1788,    Walled Garden at Glenarm Castle        route between Magherahoney and
when it is shown on a map of the     is one of the oldest in Ireland.       Cushendall. The Milibern and Breen
estate. There are rose beds, long    Beautiful in all seasons, the garden   forest trails, collectively known as
herbaceous borders and a very fine   is open from May through to            Croaghan Way. Walkers can enjoy
kitchen garden. Also a small lake    September. The Tea Room is open        these challenging circular upland
and woodland walks, and a tea        daily from Easter until mid-October,   routes taking in the summit at
room. Awarded number one spot        hosting various events, exhibitions    Croaghan from which magnificent
in Irish News May 2009 Top Ten       and workshops, as well as the          panoramic views to Rathlin Island
Gardens in Ireland to Visit.         annual Tulip Festival and Glenarm      and Scotland can be seen. Carpark.
                                     Castle Opera.
T 028 2074 1331                                                             T 028 2766 0230
E                 T 028 2884 1203                                  E

                                                                                   1 The Walled Garden
                                                                                     at Glenarm Castle

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                           PAGE 63
Gardens, country parks & forests |

 Back to nature
 Nature is what we’re famous
 for and it’s arguably what
 we do best. While farming
 has helped to shape the land
 over generations, giving us
 the traditional patchwork quilt
 scenery, we take huge pride
 in the unspoilt natural beauty
 of our land and seascapes. Our
 rivers, glens, forests, mountains
 and shores are as nature
 intended and shaped them and
 ready for you to enjoy.

 1 The Landscape Centre, Dunadry
 2 Benvarden Gardens, Ballymoney

Ballyrobert Cottage                      Monkstown Wood                       Hazelbank and
Garden and Nursery                       (off Monkstown Road                  Jordanstown Parks
(154 Ballyrobert Road                    Newtownabbey BT36 6AL)               (Foreshore Newtownabbey
Ballyclare BT39 9RT)                     Two kilometres of pathway will       Jordanstown Loughshore BT37 0PR
A specialist nursery stocked with        lead you on your journey through     and Hazelbank Park BT36 7DE)
a wealth of cottage garden plants        a mix of habitats, including         Providing some of the best
is open to the public. Tea making        grassland, mixed woodland and        shoreline walks and cycle paths
facilities are available for visitors.   recently planted woodland. The       around Belfast Lough. In addition,
Ballyrobert Cottage Garden is a          Three Mile Water River meanders      the 9 mile Millennium Way is a
beautiful and unique Ulster Cottage      alongside the new woodland and       unique recreational path which
Garden. The garden extending             winds in to meet you at certain      links many of the villages edging
to 6 acres is designed around an         parts of your journey. Walkers can   the lough from Whitehouse to
historic 17th Century landscape,         keep an eye open for: dragonflies,   Whiteabbey.
with the original cottage and barn       damselflies, bluebells, bats and
being key features.                      buzzards.                            T 028 9034 0000
T 028 9332 2952                          T 028 9127 5787
E joy.ballyrobertcottagegarden 

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                           PAGE 64
                                                                            The Landscape Centre
                                                                            (24 Donegore Hill Dunadry
                                                                            Antrim BT41 2HW)
                                                                            The Landscape Centre is a family
                                                                            owed award winning garden
                                                                            centre in beautiful historic
                                                                            Donegore. Enjoy home cooking
                                                                            and our famous lemon meringue
                                                                            pie in our 120 seat coffee shop
                                                                            overlooking Donegore Moat. Climb
                                                                            to the top of the Moat and enjoy
                                                                            spectacular views of the 6 counties
                                                                            of Ulster.

                                                                            T 028 9443 2175

                                                                            Carnmoney Hill
                                                                            (off Knockenagh Road
                                                                            Newtownabbey BT36 6BE)
                                                                            One of a chain of hills, steeped
                                                                            in history and folklore. Managed
                                                                            by the Woodland Trust, these
                                                                            70 hectares of land - grassland,
                                                                            wetland and woodland - are a
                                                                            honeypot for wildlife, including the
                                                                            long-eared owl, sparrowhawk and
                                                                            Irish hare.

         2                                                                  T 028 9127 5787

Riverside Park                         Carnfunnock Country Park             Roe Valley Country Park
(Armour Avenue                         (Drains Bay Coast Road               (Dogleap Road Limavady BT49 9NN)
Ballymoney BT53 7AG)                   Larne BT40 2QG)                      Beautiful riverside walks await
The majority of the town’s Highway     Country Park consisting of 191       the visitor here as well as a
to Health passes through the forty     hectares of mixed woodland,          countryside museum. Variety
acres of open parkland in the heart    colourful gardens, walking trails    of walks to suit all levels. Walks
of Ballymoney town. The park           and coastline. Attractions include   available all year. Phone for
offers riverside walks, cycle paths,   walled garden with unique            opening times of Visitors Centre,
lake with ducks, children’s play       sundials and maze. Modern visitors   Green Lane Museum and café.
area and band stand. Picnic area,      centre with gift and coffee shop.    Admission free.
car parking and toilet facilities.
Admission free.                        T 028 2827 0541                      T 028 7772 2074
T 028 2766 0230              

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                           PAGE 65
Gardens, country Parks & forests |

Glenariff Forest Park
(Signposted from Ballymena
and Waterfoot)
Spectacular glen walks and
waterfalls await you at Glenariff
Forest Park whose scenic paths
and trails lead through tranquil
woods and up to magnificent
mountain viewpoints. Conservation
areas, café, caravan site, exhibition
centre, toilets, picnic areas and
disabled access. Admission charge.

Springwell Forest
(Halfway between Limavady/
Coleraine on A37)
A number of signed walks along
the Macosquin River through 1200
hectares of mixed tree species
planted from the 1930’s on. Car
park and picnic area.

Portglenone Forest
(On A42 Ballymena Road)
Just south of Portglenone is
this ancient area of tree cover.
Impressive displays of bluebells,
wood anemones and wild garlic in        1
spring. Magnificent walks through
mostly broadleaved trees and
along the River Bann. Admission         Downhill Wood                         Ballypatrick Forest
charge. Car park and picnic areas,      (On A2, 7 miles west of Coleraine)    (On A2, south east of Ballycastle,
toilets and disabled access.            There are a number of enjoyable       signposted)
                                        walks and rare trees through          Five-mile drive (open weekends
Ballykelly Forest                       85 hectares of mixed woodland         June and September, 7 days July
(On A2, just west of Ballykelly         around a beautiful lake, where you    and August) through peatland
village)                                can take time to feed the ducks.      forests with many fine views of
First taken over by the Forest          The biggest Sitka Spruce in Ireland   Rathlin Island and surrounding
Service in 1910, this mixed             can also be found here. Situated      areas. A variety of picnic sites,
woodland is the first state forest      one mile from Castlerock on A2        conservation ponds, signed walks
in Northern Ireland. Car park and       Coast Road. Car park and picnic       and toilets on site. Admission
picnic tables.                          tables.                               charge, toilets, car park and picnic

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                              PAGE 66
                                                                                 Want more?
                                                                                 For information on any of the forests,
                                                                                 please contact the Forest Service.

                                                                                 T 028 2955 6000
                                                                                 E customer.forestservice@
Coleraine Woods                         Binevenagh Forest
Just under 2kms from Coleraine          (Off the A2, 5 miles north of
centre lie three areas of woodland;     Limavady)
                                                                                 1 Glenariff, Queen of the Glens
Mountsandel, Somerset and               Mature mixed woodland.                   2 Roe Valley
Castleroe. Situated on either side      Binevenagh Lough is close to the
of River Bann. Mixed woodland           headland where panoramic views
planted 19th century and the            can be seen over Lough Foyle            Garvagh Forest
1930’s-40’s, and Mountsandel            and Donegal Mountains. Rich in          (on the western outskirts of
contains the earliest known site        interesting arctic and alpine plants.   Garvagh off Main Street)
of human habitation in Ireland,         A 6km off-road section of the           Mature mixed woodland with quiet
Mountsandel Fort. Walks open all        Sustrans cycle route runs through       walks and nature trails along the
year, dawn-dusk. Car parks and          the forest. An integral part of         Agivey River. Part of the Eagle’s
directed walks at all 3 sites; picnic   Binevenagh Area of Outstanding          Glen cycle route is signposted
tables at Somerset & Castleroe.         Natural Beauty. Car park and picnic     through the forest. Car park and
Exercise cluster at Somerset,           tables.                                 picnic tables.
and its ‘White’ path is purposed-
designed for wheelchair users.

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                   PAGE 67

 The Glens
 of Antrim
 These nine famous glens, endowed with evocative names and blessed
 with a diversity of landscape are also rich in history, in folklore and
 in the natural beauty that is a world away from the frantic bustle of
 modern life. Famed in legend are the magnificent Glens of Antrim. The
 rich musical sounds of their names and their meanings relate to the
 character of the glens or events of long ago. Characterised by tumbling
 waterfalls, rushing rivers, lush forest parks and spectacular scenery,
 each glen is unique in its beauty and each deserves a visit.

 Glencloy                                Glenaan
 The glen of the hedges, two miles       The glen of the colt’s foot or rush
 north of Glenarm, with the village      lights, a rugged glen - having
 of Carnlough at its foot.               the site of the legendary Ossian’s
                                         grave, with the Cushendall -
 Glenarm                                 Ballymoney mountain road.
 The glen of the army - with
 Glenarm village, eleven miles           Glendun
 north of Larne, on the famous           The glen of the brown river,
 Antrim Coast Road.                      adjacent to Cushendun village;
                                         spanned by a viaduct on the main
 Glenariff                               Cushendall to Ballycastle road.
 The arable or fertile glen, the best-
 known of the nine, which sweeps         Glenshesk
 majestically towards the village of     The sedgy glen, east of the town
 Waterfoot.                              of Ballycastle, and sweeping
                                         towards the ruins of historical
 Glenballyemon                           Bonamargy friary.
 Edwardstown glen, at the foot of
 which is Cushendall, more or less       Glentaisie
 at the centre of the nine glens.        The glen of ‘Taisie of the bright
                                         sides’, roughly west of Ballycastle
 Glencorp                                and, like Glenshesk, close to the
 The glen of the slaughtered, close      town.
 by Glenaan and roughly parallel to
 the main road from Cushendall to

Heart of the
Glens Festival
6-14 August 2011
Held every August in and around
the village of Cushendall with many
locals and visitors alike making it
their annual holiday. The nine day
festival covers a wide range of
events for all age groups including
opening Parade, The Food Festival
night, Vintage Family Fun Day, Lurig
Mountain Run, Fireworks and the
Waves of Tory.

Cushendall Development Office
T 028 2177 1378

Why this area
is so special


An Area of Outstanding Natural           Antrim Coast and Glens AONB             Causeway Coast AONB
Beauty (AONB) is exactly what            This region contains some of the        A place of extraordinary beauty
it says it is: a precious landscape      most beautiful and varied scenery       encompassing 18 miles of
whose distinctive character and          in Northern Ireland. The area is        spectacular coastal scenery of
natural beauty are so outstanding        dominated by a high undulating          dramatic cliffs and headlands
that it is in everyone’s interest to     plateau cut by deep glens which         broken by the wide sweep of fresh
safeguard them. Special legislation      open north and eastwards to the         sandy beaches backed by dunes.
in the UK ensures that these areas       sea. It is an area of contrasts:        Dark volcanic rocks and brilliant
are protected for the enjoyment          gentle bays are separated by blunt      white chalk, eroded by the vigorous
of future generations. Each AONB         headlands; exposed moorland             North Atlantic, form magnificent
has been designated for special          gives way to sheltered valleys;         geological features including the
attention for a number of reasons        wide open expanses to enclosed          renowned World Heritage Site of
including flora, fauna, historical and   farmland. Slemish Mountain rises        the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-
cultural associations as well as the     abruptly, its wildness in sharp         Rede. This natural beauty is made
outstanding dramatic landscapes.         contrast to the neat fields of the      all the more impressive by the
There are 47 AONBs in the UK and         Braid Valley below. This area has       small harbours, fisheries and farms
4 of these sit within the Causeway       a rich cultural heritage, folklore is   delicately poised on the storm-torn
Coast and Glens region, making this      alive and well and there are close      coastline. A rich and fascinating
area and the Causeway Coastal            associations with Scotland. Rathlin     wildlife thrives on the offshore
Route, One of the World’s Great          Island, lying offshore to the north,    islands and rocks, amid the cliffs
Road Journeys.                           is rich in historical, geological and   and sand dunes, and within the
                                         botanical interest.                     farmed countryside.

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                              PAGE 70

2                                                   4

Binevenagh AONB                       Sperrin AONB
Binevenagh’s dramatic cliffs and      A largely mountainous area of
headlands have given the AONB         great geological complexity,
its name, however, it also includes   it presents vast expanses of
some of the finest beach and sand     moorland penetrated by narrow
dunes in Ireland. Magilligan Strand   glens and deep valleys, and is
stretches for 8km from Downhill       rich in historic and archaeological
                                                                             For further details on how to
to Lough Foyle. Binevenagh has a      heritage and folklore. It is           protect and enhance the unique
rich cultural heritage and includes   important to note that only a          heritage and landscapes of the
many striking buildings such          portion of this AONB sits within the   region contact Causeway Coast
as Mussenden Temple and the           Causeway Coast and Glens region.       and Glens Heritage Trust.
Bishop’s Palace at Downhill and the
Martello Tower at Magilligan.                                                18 Main Street, Armoy BT53 8RQ
                                                                             T 028 2075 2100

                                                                             1   Glenariff Waterfall
                                                                             2   Roe Valley
                                                                             3   Wishing Arch, near Portrush
                                                                             4   Mussenden Temple, Castlerock

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                           PAGE 71

The Lower Bann


                                 2                                          3

The Lower Bann River, navigable         bream, pike, eel and roach.             knee-boarding. The Lower Bann
from Lough Neagh to the sea at the           Offering excellent opportunities   region also boasts many walking
Barmouth between Castlerock and         for all water enthusiasts the Lower     and cycling opportunities.
Portstewart Strand, is very popular     Bann is carefully zoned ensuring              Privately owned boats are
with watersports enthusiasts,           that all activities are conducted       plentiful, with marinas along the
anglers and cruisers alike.             with safety and enjoyment in            waterway providing excellent
     The Lower Bann is a haven for      mind. Rowing and canoeing are           facilities for visitors as well
watersports, but there is a feast of    accommodated via a number               as advice on how to take full
other activities available too, with    of active clubs with waterskiing        advantage of the wide range of
angling a particular favourite. Game    being widely practised and actively     activities, local hospitality and
fishing has become increasingly         encouraged in dedicated zones. Jet-     heritage sites available.
popular as the Lower Bann is home       skiing has its base at Newferry and
to some of the best salmon and          power-boating promises a real taste
trout angling in Ireland. Coarse        of adventure.
fishing is popular at Glenone Forest.        Watersports centres provide a
                                                                                1 Lower River Bann
Kilrea and Movanagher also offer        range of water-based activities like
                                                                                2 Fishing on the Lower River Bann
excellent opportunities with perch,     waterskiing, wake-boarding, and         3 Canoeing on the Lower River Bann

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                              PAGE 72
                                                  Go. Enjoy.


                                                                                      and Hezle
                                                                                               tt House

          wart S

                            For further information on National Trust attractions visit
                   or call 028 9751 0721
                            Holiday Cottages, Shops, Events, Refreshments, Guided Tours,
                            Local Stories, Family Fun...Something for everyone. Go. Enjoy.

                            Log onto and Donate Today!
Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                            PAGE 73

Myths & legends

                                                      The mystical Causeway Coast &
                                                      Glens region is steeped in myths,
                                                      magic & folklore. These are just
                                                      a few of the many tales that will
                                                      be told throughout your stay.

                                                      Finn McCool
                                                      The legend tells us that the Irish Giant Finn McCool
                                                      had a rival - a Scottish giant named Benandonner.
                                                      Finn McCool decided to build a causeway to Scotland
                                                      so that he could challenge his adversary in battle.
                                                      When the work was completed, the causeway
                                                      stretched from North Antrim to Staffa. Benandonner
                                                      accepted the invitation to walk over to Ireland and
                                                      fight for supremacy. As Benandonner appeared over
                                                      the horizon, Finn McCool realised in horror that he
                                                      had taken on a rival much bigger than himself. He
                                                      ran home to his wife, Oonagh. What to do? The quick
                                                      thinking Oonagh disguised Finn as a baby and made
                                                      him curl up in an enormous cradle. Benandonner,
                                                      faced with the sight of this huge ‘child’, took fright at
                                                      the thought of the size of his father and fled back to
                                                      Scotland, tearing up the causeway in his wake.

 Fairy Stories
 Spirited stories are handed down
 through the ages with, it sometimes
 seems, every house of importance
 boasting its own ghost. Story telling
 isn’t confined to traditional tales,
 for in almost every pub you’ll find
 someone ready to spin a yarn to an
 appreciative audience! Perhaps its
 something in our water... or it could
 be that it’s the local whiskey which
 prompts spirited tales!

 1 A mist covered Slemish mountain
 2 Finn McCool’s causeway to
   Scotland                                                                                                   2

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                          PAGE 75
Myths & legends |


                                        Ballygally Castle
                                        Hotel Ghost
                                        Every castle has to have a ghost       Lady Isobella’s ghost is reputed to
                                        of some kind, and the ghost of         be a ‘friendly’ spirit who walks the
 The Watershee                          Ballygally has been around for the     corridors of the old castle. Over the
 Usually appearing as either a female   best part of 400 years! The popular    years many guests have reported
 fairy or a beautiful woman, the        theory is that the ghost is that of    strange experiences and have
 Watershee lures weary travellers
                                        Lady Isobella Shaw, wife of Lord       felt a presence in their rooms!
 into bogs and lakes with her sweet
                                        James Shaw. Lord Shaw wanted a         There are also endless stories of
 singing; only to drown them and
 devour their unfortunate souls.        son, and when his wife delivered       unexplained noises in the night,
                                        his heir, he snatched the baby from    and an eerie green mist over the
 Only the wearing of a cross or         his wife and locked her in a room      castle! The hotel is so fiercely
 saying a prayer will protect human     at the top of the castle. While        proud of their permanent resident
 beings from her dark and evil ways.    trying to escape to search for her     they have even given her her own
                                        beloved child, Lady Isobella fell to   bedroom, ‘The Ghost Room’ in one
                                        her death from the tower window!       of the towers in the oldest part of
 1 Ballygally’s Haunted Castle          Another theory is that she was         the castle.
 2 The Leap of the Dog, Limavady        actually thrown from the window
 3 The Leap of the Dog statue at        by the cruel Lord Shaw or one of
   Limavady High School
                                        his henchmen!
 4 Ladye Grave

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                              PAGE 76
2                                                         3

The Leap
of the Dog
Limavady derives its name from
the Irish ‘Leim an Mhadaidh’
meaning leap of the dog, arising
from the legendary leap over
the River Roe by a dog owned
by the O’Cahan Clan to warn the
chieftains of an enemy ambush.
The jump took place from the
Dogleap Bridge, in the Roe Valley
Country Park, where the site of the
O’Cahan’s castle once stood.


Myths & legends |


St Patrick                             Children of Lir
Patrick was brought to Ireland         Children of Lir is a tragic story.
as a slave and taken to Antrim         Lir was a famous Irish Chieftain         The Black Nun
                                                                                Bonamargy Friary contains
where he was sold to a local           whose wife died after giving
                                                                                important tombs. The crypt of
landowner, Meliuc, who put him         him a daughter and three sons.           the McDonnell clan is in the main
to work as a shepherd. For six         He then married his dead wife’s          church, close to that of their
long years, Patrick lived upon         evil half-sister. She cast a spell       stewards, the McNaghtons. A small
Slemish mountain with only his         on the children turning them into        rounded cross with a hole in the
sheep for company. The land was        beautiful white swans, destined          centre at the west door marks the
bleak and the conditions harsh but     to spend nine hundred years in           grave of Julia McQuillan, a recluse
Patrick found solace in the faith      exile. Three hundred of these years      who resided here in the 1600s,
that his people had abandoned.         passed here, on the Waters of            better known as ‘The Black Nun’.
                                                                                She was famous for her predictions,
One night he heard a voice calling     Moyle, and the birds’ lonely cries
                                                                                some of which local believers claim
to him, telling him that the time      were heard about the bay. Finally,       to have been fulfilled. There have
had come to escape. It told him,       their sentence expired and they          been many sightings of a figure,
“See, your ship is ready.” Patrick     changed instantly into old people.       reported to be the Black Nun,
knew that he had to travel south       Old and weak, they were baptised         haunting Bonamargy.
to seek the ship God had told him      and died together. There is a local
of. He travelled for 200 miles until   belief that it was to a little port on
he came to Wexford where, sure         the Sea of Moyle that the children
enough, a boat heading for Britain     returned when their ordeal was
was waiting.                           over.
                                                                                1 Bonamargy Friary ruins

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                               PAGE 78

Home of
Ireland road
racing                                                             1

Experience the region’s Motorcycle
Heritage. This is one of the very
few places in the world where you
can enjoy motorcycle road racing
at its adrenalin-charged best.

The region is home to Ireland’s
Number 1 road racing event, the
famous North West 200, which                                       2
celebrated its 80th anniversary
in 2009. It’s more than a sporting
sensation, it’s a festival for the    Coleraine and District Motor          Armoy Motorcycle
entire family. The region’s road      Club - North West 200                 Road Racing Club
racing heritage was cemented          (Coleraine/Portrush/Portstewart)      (162 Glenshesk Road
with the Armoy Armada which           The International North West 200 is   Armoy BT53 8RL)
was established in 1977 by Frank      a motor cycle road race held over     In August visit historic Armoy and
Kennedy, Jim Dunlop, Mervyn           a nine mile road circuit and runs     experience the region’s exciting
Robinson and the local road           between the towns of Portrush,        Armoy Road Race. Billed the ‘Race
racing legend Joey Dunlop. His        Portstewart and Coleraine. It is a    of Legends’ the three mile circuit
achievements include three hat-       week long festival of sport and       harks back to the 1970s and the
tricks at the Isle of Man TT where    attracts competitors from all over    days of the famous ‘Armoy Armada’
he won 26 races in total; he won      the world.                            but has been brought bang up to
the Ulster Grand Prix 24 times and,                                         date by organisers. The finale to
in 1986, he won a fifth consecutive   North West 200                        the national championship, the
Formula One world title.              May 2011 (date to be confirmed)       inaugural race on 8th August 2009
                                      T 028 7035 5800                       attracted top local and international
The Dunlop Memorial Gardens           E               riders including Ryan Farquhar, Guy
and the nearby museum in                      Martin, William and Michael Dunlop
Ballymoney have become points of                                            and Michael Dopukil.
pilgrimage for people from around
the world who marvel at the skill,                                          August 2011 (date to be confirmed)
commitment and courage which                                                T 028 2075 1490
are synonymous with success in                                              E
this tough sport.                                                 

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                          PAGE 80
3                                                                    Armoy
    Road Racing Legends
                                                                     Find out about the people
                                                                     and personalities that have
    (Castle Street Ballymoney)
                                                                     turned road racing into a cult in
    Memorial Gardens to the famous
                                                                     Causeway Coast and Glens.
    Dunlop brothers, Joey and Robert,
    in Ballymoney town (Castle Street)
    offer an excellent setting for
    people to read about and reflect
    on the achievements of two
    greatly admired local motor cycle
    road racers and honorary Freemen
    of the Borough of Ballymoney.

    T 028 2766 0230

                                                                     1 Ballymoney Museum
                                                                     2 North West 200
                                                                     3 North West 200

    Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                              PAGE 81

  Larne Alive Pirate Festival           Newtownabbey Loughs         NI Milk Cup

 The Danny Boy Festival                                                                       ow
                                       Ballyclare May Fair          Ballymoney Agricultural Sh

 Carrickfergus Annual Pageant                                       Ould Lammas Fair
                                         Slemish Mountain

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                          PAGE 82
Key                                    Carrickfergus’ Annual Pageant
                                                                               Larne Alive Pirate Festival
                                                                               Friday 3 - Sunday 5 June 2011

                                       10-12 June 2011                         The Pirate festival will feature
                                       This colourful annual pageant           a drive in movie of Pirates of
                                       explores Carrickfergus’ unique          the Carribean 1 as well as the
                                       cultural history and features           Larne Alive Pirate Parade on Sat
                                       historical re-enactment,                4 June. The festival will end on
St Patrick’s Day at Slemish            exhibitions, fireworks, live music      Sun 5th June with a Pirate Day
(Broughshane)                          and family entertainment.               in the Park. Sample foods from
Each year numbers visiting Slemish                                             across the globe fit for a pirate
on St Patrick’s Day, 17 March,         T 028 9335 8049                         king, sea shanty competitions,
have grown dramatically. Visitors      E         live music, soak the pirate, pirate
can learn about St Patrick and his                   puppets, walkabouts, fancy dress,
historical legacy, history, wildlife                                           storytellers, pirate skirmishes,
and geology of Slemish. Coach          Ould Lammas Fair                        treasure hunts. Special Finale
departs Buckna and Ecos Centre at      (Ballycastle)                           will be a Maritime themed Circus
9am and finishes at 2pm. Small         Last Monday and Tuesday in              performed by Premiere Circus.
admission charge.                      August, 29 & 30 August 2011. One        Larne Alive will also be trying
                                       of Ireland’s oldest fairs. Livestock    to break the world record of the
T 028 2563 5900                        sales and countless stalls sell         largest gathering of pirates. The
E tourist.information@                 souvenirs and bric-a-brac of every      target to beat is 1722 people so                       description. Sample the local           make sure you come along!                   specialities - ‘dulse’ a dried edible
                                       seaweed, and the deliciously            T 028 2826 0088
Ballyclare May Fair                    sweet chewy toffee ‘yellow man’,
(The Square Ballyclare)                made from a closely guarded
24 May 2011 (to be confirmed)          secret recipe.                          NI Milk Cup
Enjoy the annual horse trading                                                 24-29 July 2011
fair including continental market,     T 028 2076 2024                         Watch some of the world’s
music, fun and entertainment for                   budding young footballers as
all the family with events held                                                they congregate in Ballymoney,
throughout the week.                   Ballymoney Agricultural Show            Ballymena, Coleraine and
                                       (Showgrounds North Rd                   Limavady for this annual
T 028 9034 0000                        Ballymoney)                             tournament of top teams from five                3 & 4 June 2011                         continents.
                                       Ballymoney Show provides fun
The Danny Boy Festival                 for all by promoting the best in        T 028 7034 4723
(Roe Valley Arts and Cultural          rural Ulster from prime livestock to
Centre, Limavady)                      top class equestrian classes, UFC
                                       events, schools’ exhibitions, home
Summer 2011 (to be confirmed)
A programme of music, dance,           industries and trade stands - a          causeway
history and heritage events            great family day out.                    coastand
celebrating Limavady’s connection
with the world famous song             T 028 7083 5642                
‘Danny Boy’.                           E alison.ballymoneyshow
                                                                                Go online for all the best offers and
                                                          more information about all of the
T 028 7776 0650                                                                 events throughout the region and
                                                                                remember to always phone ahead                                                        or go online to check event details.

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                  PAGE 83
  Rain or shine it’s jet centre time!
                                                                  Movie House Cinema
                                                                  Superstrikes Bowling
                                                                  Alley Cats Play Centre
                                                                           NY City Café

                                                          Jet Centre Coleraine - Riverside Park South
                                               The North Coast’s Premier Entertainment Centre

                                    heart of the North-East
                                TheThe heart ofthe North-East

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                   PAGE 84
    Set sail for
    new horizons
                                                                                      T: 0845 608 0000

  Great Golf from £199
   Causeway Coast and Glens Golfing Gems
   The Causeway Coast and Glens are offering the chance to experience some real Golfing Gems.
   Here is the opportunity to play some of Ireland’s real golfing Gems for a fantastic price of £199.
   Included in this package is the famous Royal Portrush, one of the great courses of the world. In
   addition there is a choice of three rounds at a further four venues - Ballycastle with it’s great
   mix of Links and Parkland, Galgorm Castle one of Ireland’s 30 finest courses, Gracehill offering
   American style water hazards and Radisson Roe Park with its challenging water features and
   beautiful setting. Whether it’s Links or Parkland you are looking for there has never been a
   better time to experience it.

   Golf Tournaments
   Experience some classic courses in one of these great tournaments.

   Tullamore Dew                                          Causeway Coast
   Amateur Golf Tournament                                Mixed Golf Tournament
   13-17 June 2011                                        Autumn 2011 (to be confirmed)

   For more details visit

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                          PAGE 85

                                Home of

                                The Valley Links
                                at Royal Portrush
                                Golf Club is home to
                                Graeme McDowell,
                                the 2010 US Open

                                    Ballycastle Golf Club                 Ballyclare Golf Club
 Fore!                              (2 Cushendall Road                    (25 Springvale Road
                                    Ballycastle BT54 6QP)                 Ballyclare BT39 9JW)
 To say that we had some
                                    Ballycastle Golf Club, founded in     A challenging parkland course,
 of the best links courses in
                                    1890, lies at the foot of Glenshesk   Ballyclare features tree lined
 the world would not be an
                                    on the world famous Causeway          fairways, strategically placed
 exaggeration and we’ve bred
                                    Coast. The 18 hole course is          bunkering and natural water
 champion golfers to match.
                                    both parkland and links, with         hazards, including three lakes and
                                    spectacular views of Rathlin Island   the meandering river Islekelly,
 Across the region there
                                    and the Mull of Kintyre. The Rivers   which runs through the course.
 are numerous golf courses
                                    Margy and Carey come into play on     Listed in Ireland’s top 100 courses
 offering links and parkland
                                    the first five holes. The clubhouse   by Golf Digest (2006)
 challenges to tempt golfers
                                    offers warmth, hospitality, good
 of all abilities and with green
                                    craic and friendship to all.          T 028 9332 2696
 fees that won’t put you off
 your stroke! Be warned: you
                                    T 028 2076 2536             
 will need to book tee-times
 well in advance.

                                    No of holes: 18                       No of holes: 18
                                    Length of course: 5744 yds            Length of course: 6339 yds
 1 Royal Portrush                   Club hire available                   Club hire available
 2 Ballycastle


Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                         PAGE 87
Golf |


Benone Golf Course                  Brown Trout Golf Course
(53 Benone Avenue                   (209 Agivey Road
Limavady BT42 4HY)                  Aghadowey BT51 4AD)
Set against the backdrop of the     Situated on the banks of the
majestic Binevenagh Mountain,       Agivey River, this heavily wooded
Benone is a delightful parkland     parkland course is both enjoyable
course where most of the nine par   and testing. Opened by Norman
three holes feature narrow grass    Drew in 1973, great use is made
fairways. With invigorating sea     of the river with the course
breezes and unsurpassed views,      traversing the water no fewer than
a round of golf promises to be an   seven times.
uplifting experience.
                                    T 028 7086 8209
T 028 7775 0555                     E       

No of holes: 9                      No of holes: 9
Length of course: 1426 yds          Length of course: 5510 yds
Club hire available                 Club hire available

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS           PAGE 88
Cairndhu Golf Club                   Cushendall Golf Club                 Carnfunnock Golf Club
(192 Coast Road Ballygally           (21 Shore Road                       (Drain’s Bay, Larne BT40 2AQ)
Larne BT40 2QG)                      Cushendall BT44 0NG)                 All ages and standards are
This fine 18 hole parkland course    A tricky nine hole course right      welcome from the beginner to
is arguably the most scenic in       in the heart of the Glens on         the experienced golfer. Much of
Ireland with unsurpassed views       the shores of Red Bay, with the      this parkland course runs adjacent
of the Sallagh Braes, the Scottish   clubhouse on the beach looking       to the wonderful scenery of the
coast and islands, as well as        across to the Mull of Kintyre in     Antrim Coast Road and magnificent
the headlands leading to the         Scotland which is just 20 miles      views are commonplace.
renowned Glens of Antrim. The        away. The picturesque River Dall
fabulous setting is matched          winds through the course, creating   T 028 2827 0541
by the challenging golf, warm        out of bounds at seven holes,        E
welcome, great food and the best     therefore rewarding the accurate
of craic. Phone Stephen Hood, Golf   player rather than the big hitter.
Professional, 028 2858 3954 to       A traditional Glens welcome is       No of holes: 9
book.                                always assured.                      Length of course: 1145 yds
                                                                          Club hire available
T 028 2858 3324                      T 028 2177 1318
E           E            Castlerock Golf Club
                                                                          (65 Circular Road
No of holes: 18                      No of holes: 9                       Castlerock BT51 4TJ)
Length of course: 6136 yds           Length of course: 4794 yds           Castlerock is a magnificent links
Club hire available                  Club hire available                  on the Causeway Coast. The fourth
                                                                          hole on the Mussenden Course is
                                                                          arguably the most perilous, a par
                                                                          three ‘Leg of Mutton’. It has out
                                                                          of bounds on both the left and
                                                                          right and is an exciting challenge
                                                                          for even the most competent
                                                                          golfer. Why not consider 9 holes
                                                                          on the Bann Course to help loosen
                                                                          up prior to your play on the
                                                                          Mussenden Championship Links.

                                                                          T 028 7084 8314

                                                                          Mussenden Course
                                                                          No of holes: 18
                                                                          Length of course: 6747 yds
                                                                          Club hire available

                                                                          Bann Course
                                                                          No of holes: 9
                                                                          Length of course: 2493 yds
                                                                          Club hire available

                                                                          1 Castlerock
                                                                          2 Galgorm

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                         PAGE 89
Golf |

Galgorm Castle Golf Club
(200 Galgorm Road
Ballymena BT42 1HL)
Championship golf course set in
220 acres of mature parkland,
bordered by rivers Maine and Braid
and including a magnificent oxbow
lake feature and five impressive
landscaped lakes. Offering both
the novice and low handicapped
                                      Portstewart Golf Club
golfer a stimulating challenge and
                                      (117 Strand Road
a memorable round. Golf Academy
                                      Portstewart BT55 7PG)
with floodlit driving range, Fleet
                                      The Strand Course is indisputably
of buggies with on-board GPS
                                      the jewel in Portstewart’s crown,
satellite navigation.
                                      for both quality of game and
                                      scenery, set in classic links country
T 028 2564 6161
                                      amid towering sand dunes with
                                      views at every turn of the Donegal
                                      Hills, the rolling Atlantic and
                                      the tranquil estuary of the river
No of holes: 18
                                      Bann. For something a little less
Length of course: 6736 yds
                                      challenging, golfers can join the
Club hire available
                                      Riverside course, suitable for all
                                      the family. Finally, there is The Old
                                      Course, situated at the eastern
Gracehill Golf Course
                                      end of Portstewart along the rocky
(141 Ballinlea Road Stranocum                                                 1
                                      shore, where golf was first played
Ballymoney BT53 8PX)
                                      as far back as 1889.
Nestling in beautiful parkland
outside the village of Stranocum
                                      T 028 7083 2015
near Ballymoney, this course is
now regarded as one of the top
18 hole championship courses in
Ulster. Amid the rural tranquility,
                                      Strand Course
golfers of all standards can enjoy
                                      No of holes: 18
the challenging American style
                                      Length of course: 6,895 yds
water hazards and holes played
                                      Club hire available
through mature woodland, trees
and heathland.
                                      The Old Course
                                      No of holes: 18
T 028 2075 1209
                                      Length of course: 4,730 yards
                                      Club hire available
                                      Riverside Course
No of holes: 18
                                      No of holes: 18
Length of course: 6531 yds
                                      Length of course: 5,725 yards
                                      Club hire available

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                    PAGE 90
                                    Radisson Blu Roe Park Resort           Royal Portrush Golf Club
                                    (Limavady BT49 9LB)                    (Dunluce Road, Portrush, BT56 8JQ)
                                    The 18 hole parkland layout takes      Founded in 1888, Royal Portrush
                                    full advantage of its beautiful        is one of Ireland’s premier
                                    setting with Lough Foyle and the       tournament venues, having played
                                    Inishowen Peninsula providing          host to many prestigious events. In
                                    a dramatic backdrop to the             1951, the first Open Championship
                                    course. Popular with amateurs          ever held in Ireland was played
                                    and seasoned players alike, the        here. The dramatic physical
                                    course is both challenging and         features of this magnificent course
                                    enjoyable. Beyond the course, a        present even the most skillful
                                    first class clubhouse is surrounded    golfer with a formidable challenge.
                                    by excellent facilities including an
                                    indoor Interactive Video Coaching      T 028 7082 2311
                                    System, 18 bay driving range, pro      E
                                    shop, short game area and putting
                                                                           Dunluce Links
                                    T 028 7776 0105 (golf)                 No of holes: 18
                                    T 028 7772 2222 (hotel)                Length of course: 6845 yds
 Remember                                                                  Valley Links
 Always phone ahead or go                                                  No of holes: 18
 online to check availability.                                             Length of course: 6304 yds
                                                                           Club hire available
                                    No of holes: 18
 1 Gracehill                        Length of course: 6324 yds             Pitch & Putt
 2 Portstewart                      Club hire available                    No of holes: 9
 3 Radisson Roe


Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                          PAGE 91

Getting here,
tours and guides


DFDS Seaways                            Stena Line                              Nutt Travel
(Victoria Terminal 2                    (Victoria Terminal 4                    (15 Sperrin Business Park
9 West Bank Road Belfast BT3 9JL)       Westbank Road Belfast BT3 9JL)          Ballycastle Road Coleraine BT52 2DH)
DFDS Seaways offer passengers           Stena Line, the world’s leading Ferry   Nutt Travel have been specialists in
over 50 sailings each week              company, offers up to 14 sailings       ferry crossings to and from Ireland,
between Belfast, Dublin and             each day between Stranraer and          UK, Isle of Man and Europe for
Liverpool (Birkenhead), with            Belfast aboard our superb fleet,        over twenty years. Nutt Travel also
modern vessels providing comfort        including the Stena HSS, the            provide a courier service from all
and reliability all year round.         world’s largest fast ferry. We also     major cities.
                                        sail from Holyhead to Dublin and
T 00 353 1 819 2999 (ROI)               Dun Laoghaire and from Fishguard        T 028 7035 1199
T 0871 230 0330 (UK)                    to Rosslare giving you the widest       E
E           choice of routes to Ireland.  
Norfolkline                             T 08447 707070                          McComb’s Executive
                                                   Travel and Tours
P&O Irish Sea                                                                   (1st Floor Unit C Loughside Ind Park
(Larne Harbour Larne BT40 1AW)          Rathlin Island Ferry Ltd                Dargan Crescent Belfast BT3 9JP)
P&O Irish Sea operate the shortest      (18 Bayview Road                        McComb’s Travel offers visitors
fastest crossing between Scotland       Ballycastle BT54 6BT)                   to Northern Ireland the longest
and Ireland. Cruise across from         Rathlin Island Ferry Ltd operate two    established day tour from Belfast
Cairnryan to Larne on our excellent     ferries on the scenic route across      to the Causeway Coast. Running
2hr superferries all year round on      the Sea of Moyle between Rathlin        every day, our luxury coach travels
a choice of 7 return crossings daily.   Island and Ballycastle Harbour. MV      along the Causeway Coastal Route,
Or travel fast class on our seasonal    Rathlin Express crosses in 20 minutes   with friendly commentary from our
fast ferry service operating from       and the leisurely MV Canna,             award winning local guides. The
March to October. You can vrrooom       carrying cargo and passengers,          day is spent visiting world famous
from Troon in just 2 hours or from      crosses in 45 minutes. Rathlin can      attractions including the Giant’s
Cairnryan in just 1 hour to Larne.      be a quick trip for an hour or two,     Causeway, Carrick A Rede Rope
There is no faster way to drive         or a long day of exploring.             Bridge and much much more!
across the Irish Sea!
                                        T 028 2076 9299                         T 028 9031 5333
T 0871 66 44 777                        M 07553 359596                          E
E           E            

                                                                                 Go online for all the best offers
                                                                                 and more information about
                                                                                 tours, guides and how to get
                                                                                 around the region.

                                                                                 1 Portstewart Harbour
                                                                                 2 Getting about

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                   PAGE 93
Getting here, tours and guides |

Tommy Collins
Blue Badge Tour Guide
(33 New Row Kilrea BT51 5TA)
Tours can be planned for church
groups, tourists, conference
delegates, tour operators and
corporate groups. Interests include
walking in rural Ireland, vintage
vehicles, foreign travel, local
history, folklore, Irish & Scottish
traditional music, ornithology,
conservation, Ulster Scots history,
pre-Christian Ireland.

T 028 2954 0645
M 07989 397942                         Translink                                 Irish Cycle Tours and Walks
E          (Central Station East Bridge Street       (28 The Anchorage Tralee Co Kerry)                     Belfast BT1 3NR)                          Choose from cycling holidays in
                                       Bus and Rail Services throughout          the Antrim Glens and Causeway
Chambers Coach Hire Ltd                Northern Ireland and Cross Border.        Coast, the Mourne Mountains,
(27 High Street Moneymore                                                        Ring of Kerry, Dingle Peninsula
Magherafelt BT45 7PA)                  Translink: NI Railways                    and Clare and the Burren. Walking
Chambers is well established as        Discover the Causeway Coast with          tours include the independent
the largest coach and bus operator     NI Railways, one of the world’s           Glens of Antrim and Causeway
in Northern Ireland, operating         great railway journeys. Your rail         Coast or a guided holiday of the
coach hire and tours throughout        journey between Londonderry               Beara Peninsula, Kerry Peninsula or
Ireland, UK and Europe. With           and Coleraine will allow you to           traditional Ireland walking holiday.
an impressive fleet of vehicles        experience the stunning and
ranging from 16-84 seaters, our        breathtaking scenery of the               T +353 (0) 66 712 8733
professional drivers will ensure       spectacular Causeway coastline.           E
passengers travel safely in style                                      
and comfort. Our office staff are      Translink: Ulsterbus
highly experienced in catering for     Explore the spectacular Antrim            Specialized Travel Services
our customers’ travel requirements.    coastline with Ulsterbus. The             (80 Carysfort Avenue
                                       Antrim Coaster 252 ‘day return’           Blackrock Co Dublin)
T 028 8674 8152                        ticket (seasonal) is terrific for a day   Irish incoming tour operator
E              out, or look out for the Causeway         operating since 1974, dealing                   Rambler; this little accessible bus       exclusively with travel to
                                       takes in all of the main attractions      Ireland. Our broad range of                    from Bushmills to Carrick-a-Rede.         accommodations varying from
(2 Croft Heights Ballygally            For a novel experience why not            5* luxury to intimate bed and
Larne BT40 2QS)                        make a trip on the ‘Open Topper’ -        breakfasts, from boutique hotels
We offer guided walking in the         great for the kids. Ulsterbus, your       to self-catering rentals. Extensive
hills and Glens of Antrim and also     journey, your destination.                transport options including luxury
in other areas if requested, such as                                             coaches of all sizes, along with
the Mournes, Sperrins or Donegal.      T 028 9066 6630                           experienced dedicated driver/
                                       E                guides, to self-drive car rentals.
T 028 2858 3483              
M 07855 960870                                                                   T +353 (0) 21 439 1996
E                                                         E                                                

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                PAGE 94
Virtual Visit Northern Ireland          Jennifer McLernon                    Iron Donkey Bicycle Touring
(12 Cambourne Mews                      (1 Westbourne Avenue                 (15 Ballyknockan Road
Newtownards BT23 4WB)                   Ballymena BT43 5LW)                  Saintfield BT24 7HQ)
The best of Northern Ireland in         Approved National Tour Guide.        Iron Donkey offers a wide variety
stunning high definition virtual        Half-day and full-day guiding        of wonderful bicycle tour itineraries
tours…a virtual prelude to the real-    services. Tailored itineraries       around the Causeway Coast and
world experience that awaits you.       covering: Causeway Coast and         the Glens of Antrim. Our self-
Virtually Visit hotels, self catering   Glens, the Sperrins, Lough Neagh,    guided tours are for independent,
accommodation, bars, restaurants        Lower River Bann. Member of          adventurous cyclists, while our
and visitor attractions of the          Northern Ireland Tourist Guide       guided groups and custom group
Causeway Coast and beyond.              Association (NITGA). Fees based on   tours are for those who are more
Virtual Visit Northern Ireland allows   NITGA rates.                         comfortable with a knowledgeable
you to literally get in the picture,                                         local guide and vehicle support.
stand where the photographer            T 028 2565 5965
stood, see and experience what          M 07709 523116                       T 028 9081 3200
they did and discover places            E        M 07850 337336
you may never have seen…or               E
rediscover old favourites.                                         

T 028 9581 1334
E contact@virtualvisit-

Posnett Golf Ltd
(151A Bloomfield Avenue
Belfast BT5 5AB)
Golf tournament, corporate golf
day and golf travel organizer.

T 028 9045 5115

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                            PAGE 95
Getting here, tours and guides |

Getting here by air
Causeway Coast and Glens can be easily accessed by air with
3 airports within a 90 minute drive, Belfast International Airport, George
Best Belfast City Airport and City of Derry Airport with direct flights from
a number of international destinations. The region can also be reached
via international connections in Great Britain.

European direct                                                                      Trans-Atlantic direct
scheduled air routes                                                                 scheduled air routes

Aberdeen            East Midlands        Krakow               Newcastle              New York
Alicante            Exeter               Lanzarote            Newquay
Amsterdam           Edinburgh            Leeds Bradford       Nice
Barcelona           Faro                 Liverpool            Paris
Birmingham          Galway               London Heathrow      Pisa
Blackpool           Geneva               London Gatwick       Reus
Bristol             Glasgow              London Luton         Rome
Bourgas             Glasgow Preswick     London Stanstead     Salzburg
Cardiff             Grenoble             Majorca              Southampton
Cork                Guernsey             Malaga               Tenerife
Doncaster           Ibiza                Manchester           Toulouse               *All details are correct at time
Dublin              Inverness            Menorca              Verona                 of going to print. For up to date
Dubrovnik           Isle of Man          Munich                                      details please contact the carrier
Dundee              Jersey               Murcia                                      or the airports directly.

Getting here by sea
There are two main ferry ports in Northern Ireland, Belfast and Larne.
These can be reached from Great Britain via Stranraer, Cairnryan, Troon,
Fleetwood, Birkenhead and Isle of Man.

                                                                            Larne            Stranraer
                                                                                               Isle of Man
 Travel to Northern Ireland has
 never been easier with an                                                                             Fleetwood
 increasing number of air and                                                                          Birkenhead
 ferry routes now available. For
 up to date information and to
 find the most convenient route
 visit our website

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                     PAGE 96
just a stone’s throw away
                                                      Only P&O speeds you straight to Larne,
                                                the gateway to the Causeway Coast & Glens.
                                                Race across from Troon in under two hours
                                                or from Cairnryan in just one onboard the
                                                P&O Express. Or Cruise across in just 2 hours
                                                        onboard our superfast superferries.

                                                                             0871 66 44 777

The shortest, fastest
crossings to Ireland.                                                          

             Calls Route: ONE per minute from BT landline. JOURNEYS
 Causeway Coastal charged at 10pOF THE WORLD’SaGREAT ROADOther networks and mobile charges may vary.   PAGE 97
The best travel experience
    on the Irish Sea!

With more fastcraft, more crossings and no baggage
restrictions, you can pack more in when you take your car
to Ireland with the Irish Sea’s leading ferry company!
So surf across the Irish Sea and enjoy free WiFi, the kids
can meet Curious George, you can take in a movie or
simply sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

       Stena Plus                   Curious George ª                 FREE WiFi

Book early on
Call   08447 70 70 70
Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                   PAGE 98
                                                 Conditions apply.
                     One of the World’s
                 Great Railway Journeys
                                          Coleraine to Londonderry

   Lots for everyone
      in Newtownabbey
   Located on the idyllic shoreline of Belfast Lough, yet just ten minutes from the famous attractions
   of Belfast, you’ll find so much to see and do in Newtownabbey.
   There’s plenty for the outdoors enthusiasts, with fishing at Tildarg Fishery, horse-riding at
   Laurelview Stud & Riding Centre and top class golfing for all abilities at Ballyclare Golf Club,
   Greenacres Golf Centre and Burnside Golf.
   Explore a fascinating history at Patterson’s Spade Mill or journey back to rural Ulster life of
   past centuries at atmospheric Sentry Hill Historic House & Visitor Centre. Or why not explore
   Ballyrobert Cottage Garden & Nursery, beautifully designed by Irish-born William Robinson.
   Shopaholics should visit the Abbeycentre where big brand names sit comfortably with individual
   boutiques. But if you like the more traditional shopping experience, why not visit the former
   market town of Ballyclare, famous for retaining its independent retailers in the heart of the town.
   Enjoy superb local produce, sublimely cooked at restaurants like Barnaby’s and Oregano, which
   has just won a coveted Michelin Bib Gourmand award.
                                            And in the evenings you can relax at the newly opened
                                            Theatre at the Mill with its diverse programme. Or if you
                                            like more action packed evening entertainment, take in a
                                            movie or try your luck at tenpin bowling in Glengormley
                                            before sampling some modern food and music in the
                                            village’s restaurants and bars.
                                            At the end of the day, you’ll find no better place to check
                                            in at welcoming B&B’s like Abbeydene House, great value
                                            modern hotels like Corr’s Corner and Chimney Corner,
                                            or budget beating accommodation at Loughshore
                                            Caravan Park.

                                            Mossley Mill, Newtownabbey BT36 5QA
Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                 PAGE 100
   Sail to Ireland for less!

                                                                      Fe rry Cu ltu ra l
               Fe rry D ire ct          Ferry Enjoyable

   Telephone Reservations: 0871 230 0330
   Liverpool to Belfast or Dublin

                                                    b ’s To u
                                        M cC

                                                                                 Original &

                                                                                 AWARD WINNING
                                               Day & Overnight tours from
                                             Belfast to the Causeway Coast
                                                                   For bookings & information

                                                                 Tel: 028 9031 5333

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                             PAGE 101

Causeway Coast
and Glens Map                                  Greencastle


                                                                                                                                                                            Bay       Bal

                                                             Magilligan Point                                                                B62         Bushmills
                                                                                                                            A29                    B17
                                                                                Downhill        Castlerock


                                                                                                                            COLERAINE                                                  Ar
                                                                     Binevenagh                                                         A26
                     Lough Foyle                         B69
                                                                                                        A37                  Bann                                                      A4
                                                               A2                 BINEVENAGH
                                                                                                                                  A54               BALLYMONEY
                            City of Derry
                            Airport                               LIMAVADY                                                                          B66                   A26
                                                                    Roe                                                                         River
                 Eglinton                                                                                                                       Bann                                  A26

                                                         Roe                                                                              A54
LONDONDERRY                                              Valley
                                                          B192                                                                                                 Rasharkin
                                                                      Dungiven                    AONB

                                                                                                                                                 A42                                  Gr

                                                     Sperrin                                                                Maghera                                                   Ah

UK and Ireland





                              A505                                   A505


Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                   PAGE 102
                                        Rathlin Island

                                                                                                                                    Causeway Coastal Route

                                                                                                                                    Additional Scenic Routes
                                             Fair Head                                                                              Motorways
         A2        BALLYCASTLE                                                                                                      Railway
                                                                     Torr Head
               Glenshesk                               A2                                                                           Ferry Crossings
                                                                                                                                    Causeway Coast and Glens Region

            B15                                                         Cushendun
                                                                                                                                    Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty                     AONB
         River                    Glenaan
         Bush                                                     Glencorp                                                          UNESCO World                             Golf
                                                                                                                                    Heritage Site                            Courses
                   Slieveanorra                                       Cushendall
 A44               Mountain
                                        Tievebulliagh                                                                               Marinas                                  Airports
                                        Mountain                      Glenariff
                                                 B14                         Garron        Garron
                                                                             Plateau       Point
                                                                  Glenballyemon                                     0                  5km             10km         15km
A26                                                                                                                 0                              5miles                   10miles
                                                ANTRIM COAST                         Carnlough
                                                AND GLENS
                                                AONB                                       Glenarm

                                A43                                 Glenarm                      A2
                                                                                                                                                      Ca roon ood
                                                                             B97                                                                        T etw
              M2                                                                                                        Carnfunnock
                         Broughshane                                                                                    Country Park
   Cullybackey                                                      Slemish

Gracehill            BALLYMENA                                                                                LARNE                        B90

                                                                                                  A8                                                B150

                                                                                                                                Ballycarry                                 nr         n
                                                                                                                                                                      ra           Ma
                                                                                     A57                                                                                       of
                            A26                                                                                                                                             le        ol
                                                                                                                                       Whitehead                         Is
                                                                                                                                                                                e rpo
                                                                             Ballyclare                                                                                     Liv
                                                                                            A8                                 A2

                                                              Templepatrick          M2

                                       A26                                        A6                   Whiteabbey
               International                                            NEWTOWNABBEY

                                                            A52                                                     George Best
                                                                                                         M5         Belfast City Airport

               Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                               PAGE 103
 Accommodation                                                             All accommodation is listed in alphabetical order by town and name, thereafter by type of accommodation.

                                                           }   Dedicated Parking                             r     Audio visual/conference facilities         J     Linen for hire
                                                           F   Ground floor room available                   µ     Internet access available                  9     Food shop/mobile shop on site/nearby
            LICENSED GUEST INN                             G   Family room available on request              k     Credit cards accepted                      %     Games/sports area on site
                                                           f   Cots/highchairs available                           Kitchen facilities for guest use           d     Barbecue/patio facilities
                 GUEST HOUSE                               C   Dogs/pets accepted by arrangement (outside)   v     Restaurant on premises                     P     Gas/electricity charged by meter
                                                               Dogs/pets accepted by arrangement (inside)    S     Restaurant nearby (within 1 mile)
              BED & BREAKFAST                              (   TV in bedrooms/on premises                    j     Licensed premises                          SymBoL vARiATionS
                                                           )   Satellite TV                                  x     Special dietary needs catered for          CARAvAn pARkS AnD mARinAS
                SELF CATERING
                                                           %   Tea/coffee making facilities                  €     Euro accepted                              C     Dogs on leads
                                                           ;   Hairdryer available                           ^     DVD                                        Q     Showers
                                                           ^   Telephone for guest use                       z CD/Hi-Fi/Radio                                 ;     Electric supply to pitches
                CARAVAN PARK                               G   Lift/elevator                                 C     Bar nearby (within 1 mile)                 c     Gas
                                                           A   Left luggage facilities                       z     Laundry facilities/service                 S     Café/food shop
                     MARINA                                w   Spa facilities                                v     Ironing facilities                         ^     Public telephone
                                                               (e.g. Sauna/Solarium or Jacuzzi)              g Dishwasher                                     y     Laundry
 All establishments registered and approved by the NITB.   !   Indoor swimming pool                          O Microwave                                      K Boating
 Tariff rates quoted include VAT and service charge, but
 are subject to alteration and must be confirmed at time   }   Gymnasium/health club                         I     Electric shaver point                      )     Children's play area
 of booking. Self-catering rates are per week unless
                                                           O   Entertainment                                 I     Linen provided                             R     Lounge
 stated otherwise. B&B rates are per person sharing.

                         ANTRIM                                                               ANTRIM                                                              ANTRIM
                       ★★★ HOTEL                                                     ★★★ GUEST HOUSE                                                        BED & BREAKFAST

Dunsilly Hotel***                                                   Truffles Restaurant & Guest House***                                   Ardbrin Lodge
20 Dunsilly Road, Antrim BT41 2JH                                   9 New Street, Randalstown BT41 3AF                                     21 Clady Road, Dunadry BT41 4QR
Tel: (028) 9446 2929 Fax: (028) 9446 5801                           Tel: (028) 9447 8152                                                   Tel: (028) 9443 2835
Email:                                       Mobile: 07732 369657                                                   Mobile: 07877 280635                                               Email:                                               Email:
(Rooms 40, ensuite 40) s£69-£109, d£39.50-£59.50pps                                         
                                                                    (Rooms 6, ensuite 6) s£40, d£30-£40pps                                 (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£35, d£30 pps
Ideally situated in the heart of Northern Ireland, Dunsilly
Hotel Antrim is the perfect base for both corporate and             Truffles is a hidden treasure located in the heart of the              Purpose built country lodge, located within 3 miles of
leisure clientele. Opened in May 2005 and located just off          picturesque village of Randalstown in rural Co. Antrim.                Belfast International Airport, 4 miles from Antrim Town
the M2/M22 motorway at Junction 1, this superb hotel                The 3 star guesthouse & restaurant is one of Northern                  and 15 miles from Belfast City. Close to local amenities
is just minutes from Belfast International Airport and is           Ireland’s finest and is renowned for its welcoming                     and transport facilities. Taxi services can be arranged to
easily accessible from Belfast City Centre.                         hospitality and extensive selection of culinary delights.              and from property. Hilton Golf Course, North West 200
                                                                    There are 6 contemporary designed ensuite bedrooms                     and Dundrod race courses all easily accessible.
                                                                    all equipped with Wi-Fi access. On site parking. Close                 Wheelchair friendly room.
                                                                    to all attractions.

}Ff()%;Grµkvjx                                                      }Gf(%;µkvjx€                                                           }FGfC              ()%;zµkSx€

                         ANTRIM                                                               ANTRIM                                                              ANTRIM
                  BED & BREAKFAST                                                        BED & BREAKFAST                                                    BED & BREAKFAST

Bay Cottage B&B                                                     Lurgan West Lodge                                                      Woodburn House
61 Loughview Road, Aldergrove, Crumlin BT29 4ED                     15A Old Staffordstown Road, Randalstown BT41 3HN                       44 Belfast Road, Antrim BT41 1PB
Tel: (028) 9442 8350                                                Tel: (028) 9447 9691 Fax: (028) 9447 9691                              Tel: (028) 9446 7702
Email:                                   Mobile: 07858 662008                                                   Mobile: 07730 065014                                           Email:                                  Email:
(Rooms 2, ensuite 1) From s£35, d£30 pps                                                      
                                                                    (Rooms 3, ensuite 2) s£30-£35, d£25-£32 pps                            (Rooms 2, ensuite 2) s£45-£50, d£35-£40 pps
Bay Cottage has a warm welcome for the weary business
traveller, the inquisitive tourist or those wanting a quiet         Lurgan West Lodge is a luxurious accommodation which lies              Homely atmosphere and large luxurious versatile ensuite
break. A family home offering guests the choice of two              on the edge of the tranquil and scenic village of Randalstown          rooms. Free pickup from International Airport. Hassle free car
comfortable bedrooms (one ensuite, one with private                 where there are numerous pubs and restaurants, forest walks            hire arranged at competitive prices. Located beside Antrim
bathroom), excellent local food and easy access to                  and heritage trails. Our property location coupled with                Technology Park and 5 minutes walk from Antrim Town
major road networks for major towns (Belfast, Lisburn,              its close proximity to Belfast International Airport, Belfast          Centre, pubs and restaurants. Near Junction One, an ideal
Ballymena) and attractions such as the Giants Causeway.             City Airport, Larne and Belfast harbours make it an ideal              base for business or touring.
                                                                    touring base. Also close to Shanes Castle.

}GC(%;zx                                                            }FGfC                 (%;zµSx€                                         }FGf(^%;AzµSx€CvII

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                                              PAGE 104
                       ARMOY                                                          ARMOY                                                          ARMOY
          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                      ★★★★★/★★★★/★★★                 SELF CATERING                            ★★★ SELF CATERING

Season Cottages*****                                           Limepark Arts & Cottages*****/****/***                        Charlie’s***
5 Carrowcrin Road, Armoy, Ballymoney BT53 8YL                  37 Drones Road, Armoy BT53 8XJ                                64 Carrowreagh Road, Armoy BT53 8RS
Tel: (028) 2075 2083 Mobile: 07973 924888                      Tel/Fax: (028) 2075 1216 Mobile: 07904 986566                 Tel: (028) 2075 1327
Email:                               Email:                   Mobile: 07903 178080                                       6 units (sleeps 2-6) £200-£660                                Email:
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £350-£550                                                                                
                                                               Think of crackling fires, cosy sofas and a warm welcome.
                                                                                                                             (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 5) £275-£350
Self-catering, 3 bedroom cottages for 6 people. Fully          Historic cottages in a Georgian retreat ideally placed
equipped lounge, kitchen, dining and utility area. All         between the Glens and the Causeway Coast. Fully               Relax in our sheltered garden. Enjoy the rural peace of North
bedrooms ensuite. Bed linen, towels, gas and electric          equipped - linen, welcome pack, laundry facilities,           Antrim and the luxury of our 3-star self-catering farm cottage.
included. Private garden to the back.                          snooker/library/games room, croquet, art studios,             Convenient to the Causeway Coast and the Glens of Antrim.
                                                               stabling/paddock for horses, activities organised.            Scenic area with panoramic view of Knocklayde and the
                                                               Please check out our website for more information.            Antrim Hills. Ferry terminal to Rathlin Island is 10-15 minute
                                                                                                                             drive. Pets welcome.

}fC         ;(^z^CzvgOII                                       }fC          ;(^z^µkC€zvgO
9d                                                             IId                                                           }fC          ;(zSC€zvgOII9d

                       ARMOY                                                       BALLINTOY                                                     BALLINTOY
              ★★★ SELF CATERING                                                 BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST

Struain Cottage***                                             Bengore House B&B                                             Rope Bridge House
33 Stroan Road, Armoy, Ballymoney BT53 8RY                     8 Ballinlea Road, Ballintoy, Ballycastle BT54 6NQ             122 Whitepark Road, Ballintoy BT54 6LS
Tel: (028) 7083 2306                                           Tel: (028) 2076 1005 Mobile: 07732 855807                     Tel: (028) 2076 2267 Mobile: 07980 616036
Mobile: 07751 345031 or 07851 062331                           Email:                               Email:
Email:                                                                              (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£50-£60, d£40-£45 pps                   (Room 1, ensuite 1) s£50, d£37.50 pps
(Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £250-£350
                                                               Overlooking Whitepark Bay with splendid sea views of          Among the ‘must-sees’ of the Causeway Coast & Glens,
This cottage is over 100 years old and has been completely     Causeway headlands and Scottish Islands. This unique          a warm welcome awaits you at Ropebridge House B&B.
refurbished in the traditional style. Set on a quiet country   house is in a quiet rural location 1 mile from the famous     Comfortable, clean accommodation, quality king-size
lane, it has its own garden and enjoys sweeping views across   Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and 5 miles from the               beds & ensuite bedrooms offering excellent sea views.
to the mountainside. Thick walls, wooden and stone floors      Giant’s Causeway. Rooms are spacious with luxurious           Wake up to a great breakfast cooked with locally sourced
throughout. Struain is a hill walker’s paradise and an ideal   beds and period furnishing. Breakfast menu and time is        produce & delicious wheaten bread baked each morning
base to tour the magnificent North Antrim Coast.               designed to suit individual guests. Private parking. Closed   at Ropebridge House especially for you! Private parking
                                                               October-March.                                                & gardens for guest use. 2 min walk pubs/restaurants.
                                                                                                                             Special rates 2 or 3 night stay.

}f;(^zzvOII                                                    }FC%;zµSx€                                                    }G(%;kx€

                   BALLINTOY                                                       BALLINTOY                                                     BALLINTOY
                BED & BREAKFAST                                            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Whitepark House                                                Carrick-a-Rede Cottage****                                    Lemawilkin Cottage****
150 Whitepark Road, Ballintoy, Ballycastle BT54 6NH            119 Whitepark Road, Ballintoy BT54 6LS                        5 Knocksoghey Lane, Ballintoy, Ballycastle BT54 6NR
Tel: (028) 2073 1482                                           Tel: (0844) 800 2078                                          Tel: (028) 2076 2032 Fax: (028) 2076 2032
Email:                                  Fax: (0844) 800 2071                                          Email:                                         Email:                
(Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£75, d£50 pps                                 (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 7) £295-£410
                                                               (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) Prices on request.
Unique building above beautiful Whitepark Bay, between                                                                       Luxury cottage, with double ensuite, twin and family
the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge.           Carrick-a-Rede cottage is located a short distance            room. Panoramic sea views on its own private grounds,
Recommended by Special Places to Stay in Ireland and           from Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and commands                  2 minutes walk from village and 5 minutes walk to
Guide du Routard, Lonely Planet, Frommers, Cadogan,            stunning views towards Rathlin Island and on to               beach. Has all modern conveniences, open fire, patio and
Michelin. AA 5 Stars and Guesthouse of the Year 2008           Islay and the Mull of Kintyre. It is less than a mile         barbecue area. Ground floor room available.
(Georgina Campbell’s Ireland Guide). Welcoming                 from the quaint village of Ballintoy.
atmosphere, cups of tea, a log fire and a hearty breakfast
with vegetarian option.

}%;µkSx                                                        }f;(^zkSCzvgOIId                                              }f       (^SC€zvgOII9d

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                                 PAGE 105
                     BALLINTOY                                                         BALLINTOY                                                      BALLINTOY
             ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                                ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                        ★★★★/★★★ SELF CATERING

portbraddan Cottage****                                            The Wee House****                                               Braeside Lodge**** and Cottage***
26 Portbraddan Road, Bushmills BT57 8TA                            134a Whitepark Road, Ballintoy BT54 6ND                         1&2 Knocksoghey Lane, Ballintoy, Ballycastle BT54 6NR
Tel: (0844) 800 2078 Fax: (0844) 800 2071                          Tel: (028) 2076 2093 Fax: (028) 2076 8306                       Tel: (028) 2076 2032 Fax: (028) 2076 2032
Email:                               Mobile: 07734 231308                                            Email:                    Email:                         
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) Prices on request.                                                          (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £250-£410
Portbraddan is a semi-detached cottage nestled in the              (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 5) £285-£410
                                                                                                                                   Lodge: Spacious modern house with panoramic sea
western end of White Park Bay in the old fishing hamlet            Spacious, modern 2 bedroom cottage situated on a hill           views, fitted with all modern facilities. A home full of
of Portbraddan. Views from the cottage encompass the               farm. Open fire for cosy winter evenings. All mod cons.         charm, character and comfort. Within walking distance of
beautiful beach dunes and extend out across the sea to             Pubs and restaurants nearby (1 mile). Fabulous sea              Carrick-a-Rede and Ballintoy Harbour. Convenient to local
the western cliffs of Rathlin Island. Open fire. Holiday lets      views, perfect location for hill and coastal walking and for    pubs and restaurants. Short breaks available. Ground floor
begin on Fridays.                                                  visiting Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge,          room available.
                                                                   Rathlin and Glens of Antrim. Welcome pack provided.             Cottage: Traditional refurbished 18th century fisherman’s
                                                                                                                                   cottage. A home full of charm, character and comfort.
                                                                                                                                   Open fires, logs and fuel included.

}f;^zkzvgOIId                                                      }f       ;(^z^SC€zvgOIId                                        }f       (^SC€zvgOII9d

                     BALLINTOY                                                         BALLINTOY                                                      BALLINTOY
              ★★★ SELF CATERING                                                  ★★★ SELF CATERING                                              ★★★ SELF CATERING

Carnanlea***                                                       Causeway Coast Cottage - Castle Cottage***                      northern Star Cottage***
24a Ballinlea Road, Maghernahar, Ballycastle BT54 6NL              12C Harbour Road, Ballintoy, Ballycastle BT54 6NA               12b Harbour Road, Ballintoy, Ballycastle BT54 6NA
Mobile: 07813 780488                                               Tel: (028) 9268 2581                                            Tel: (028) 9261 7577 Mobile: 07795 242173
Email:                                  Mobile: 07773 627387                                            Email:
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 5) £350-£400                                Email:                 
                                                                                            (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £250-£450
Carnanlea is a 3 bedroom modern bungalow with
                                                                   (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £185-£335
panoramic views of rural Ireland and just 2.5 miles to                                                                             Traditional Irish country cottage on the beautiful Causeway
the famous Causeway Coastline. It is centrally located to          Unique modern holiday cottage built in traditional Irish        Coast close to the Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills Distillery,
visit local beauty spots and places of interest such as:           style, including wood burning stove and oil fired central       Royal Portrush Golf Club and Carrick-a-Rede Rope
Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills            heating. Garden with decked area, barbecue and views            Bridge. Secluded and close to miles of beautiful sea shore
Distillery and Rathlin Island.                                     to Rathlin Island. Close to Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge          walks. Northern Star Cottage is immaculately presented.
                                                                   and Giant’s Causeway. Five minutes walk to local pubs/          We supply bicycles, surf boards, fishing equipment, flasks
                                                                   restaurants. Enjoy winter nights by the fire or summer          and picnic packs.
                                                                   days on the deck looking out to sea.

}f;(^zzvgOII                                                       };(^zkSC€zvOII9d                                                }fC         ;(^zSC€zvI9d

                     BALLINTOY                                                         BALLINTOY                                                    BALLYCASTLE
               ★★★ SELF CATERING                                                 ★★★ SELF CATERING                                                 ★★ GUEST HOUSE

Rope Bridge Apartment***                                           Rope Bridge Cottage***                                          Glenluce Lodge**
(Part of Rope Bridge House)                                        12A Harbour Road, Ballintoy, Ballycastle BT54 6NA               42 Quay Road, Ballycastle, Co Antrim BT54 6BH
122A Whitepark Road, Ballintoy BT54 6LS                            Tel: (028) 9058 0284                                            Tel: (028) 2076 2914
Tel: (028) 2076 2267 Mobile: 07980 616036                          Mobile: 07821 273304                                            Email:
Email:                                    Email:                                                                       (Rooms 8, ensuite 4) s£30-£45, d£25-£40 pps
                                                                   (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 3) £375-£400
(Rooms 2, sleeps 3) £300-350                                                                                                       Licensed accommodation with easy access to all local
                                                                   Rope Bridge cottage is a traditional style whitewashed          facilities. Recently upgraded rooms all have free tea/
Ropebridge Apartment (opposite Carrick-a-rede Ropebridge,
                                                                   cottage situated on the beautiful Causeway Coast, just 10       coffee making facilites and TV. Teahouse serves lunch
Ballintoy) is located among the ‘must-sees’ on the Causeway
                                                                   minutes from the famous Carrick-a-Rede ropebridge. The          and snacks - all fresh food made on site. Private parking.
Coast - Dunluce Castle, Giants Causeway, Whitepark Bay,
                                                                   cottage boasts beautiful sea views of Rathlin island and        Wi-fi. Within easy walking distance of restaurants, bars,
Ballintoy Harbour & The Glens. This bright apartment has
                                                                   is a short walk from the quaint village of Ballintoy with its   shops, beach, tennis, golf, gym, indoor pool, sports
picture-postcard views over sea to Causeway. The apartment
                                                                   traditional pubs, turf fires and fine Ulster cuisine.           pitches, children’s play area, and Rathlin Island ferry.
is accessed by a safe flight of steps. Towels/bedlinen provided.
Complimentary welcome pack. 2 min walk to pubs/restaurants/
buses. Guest garden - picnic with a view! Private car parking.

};(zkC€OIId                                                        }C        ;(^zC€zId                                             }Gf(%;kvjx€

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                                  PAGE 106
                 BALLYCASTLE                                                    BALLYCASTLE                                                        BALLYCASTLE
                BED & BREAKFAST                                                BED & BREAKFAST                                                    BED & BREAKFAST

Ardaghmore                                                   Carnately Lodge                                                      Clare House
35 North Street, Ballycastle BT54 6BP                        51 Moyarget Road, Ballycastle BT54 6HJ                               33 Whitepark Road, Ballycastle BT54 6LL
Tel: (028) 2076 3329 Mobile: 07886 893296                    Tel: (028) 2076 8626 Mobile: 07866 047877                            Tel/Fax: (028) 2076 3889
Email:                                   Email:                                 Mobile: 07714 763889                                                                                Email:
(Rooms 3, ensuite 2) From s£35-£40, d£30-£35 pps             (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£30-£40, d£27.50-£32.50 pps          
                                                                                                                                  (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) From s£35, d£25-£30 pps
Ardaghmore is a family-run Victorian house (all rooms        A professionally run boutique style B&B in peaceful
recently refurbished) in a peaceful area overlooking         surroundings only 1 mile from Ballycastle and                        Comfortable family-run house, locally situated for touring
Ballycastle Bay with breathtaking views of Rathlin Island    overlooking Glentaisie, one of the Nine Glens of Antrim.             the Causeway Coast and Glens of Antrim. Convenient to
and Fair Head. Just 2 minutes walk from the beach,           Close to the Causeway Coastal Route, we are well placed              shops, beach, tennis courts and golfing.
golf club, Rathlin Ferry, tennis courts. Hotel and pubs      for the Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge
all located on the seafront. Two ensuite bedrooms, one       and Bushmills Distillery. Rathlin Island ferry terminal
private bathroom.                                            nearby. Carnately Lodge offers a tranquil setting outside
                                                             Ballycastle town with ample safe parking.

GfC         ()%;µSx€                                         }FGfC              ()%;zµSx€                                         }GfC(%;µSx€

                 BALLYCASTLE                                                    BALLYCASTLE                                                        BALLYCASTLE
                BED & BREAKFAST                                                BED & BREAKFAST                                                    BED & BREAKFAST

Colliers Hall                                                Corratavey House                                                     Fragrens
50 Cushendall Road, Ballycastle BT54 6QR                     40 Quay Road, Ballycastle BT54 6BH                                   34 Quay Road, Ballycastle BT54 6BH
Tel: (028) 2076 2531 Mobile: 07926 753002                    Tel: (028) 2076 2845                                                 Tel: (028) 2076 2168
Email:                         Email:                                   Email:                                                                                (Rooms 6, ensuite 6) s£35, d£25-£27.50 pps
(Rooms 9, ensuite 9) From s£40, d£30 pps                     (Rooms 5, ensuite 3) s£30-£60, d£25-£40 pps
                                                                                                                                  Historic house built 1734-1750, forms part of the oldest
                                                             Within easy walking distance of restaurants, bars, shops,
18th century farmhouse on a working farm, beside the         beach, tennis, golf, gym, indoor pool, sports pitches and            property in Ballycastle. Completely restored. Extensive
golf course. Central for Glens of Antrim, Giant’s Causeway   Rathlin Island ferry. If there’s time after all that then relax by   breakfast menu. Central to Giant’s Causeway and Glens
and Waymarked Walks. Runner-up in Irish Farm House           a real turf fire. This tastefully refurbished Victorian townhouse    of Antrim. Within walking distance of beach, golf course
Accommodation Award (Allied Irish Bank and Irish Farm        is still a family home offering modern facilities, with space        and ferry terminal. Ample lock up and storage suitable
Journal, 2000). Closed October to end of March.              for privacy and quiet relaxation, while retaining warm friendly      for walkers and cyclists. Recommended in Le Guide du
                                                             traditional hospitality. We offer private parking with secure        Routard and UK Travel Guide. Landscape gardens/patio
                                                             parking for bikes and storage facilities for outdoor enthusiasts.    area for guest.
                                                             We can recommend walks, bike rides and tours. Close to main
                                                             bus stop and start/stop Cycle Route 93. Languages - Polski,
                                                             Deutsch (ein bischen!) and Francais (un peu!). Wi-Fi.
}FGf%;zkSx                                                   }Gf)%;IµkSx€                                                         }FGf(%;kSxI

                 BALLYCASTLE                                                    BALLYCASTLE                                                        BALLYCASTLE
                BED & BREAKFAST                                                BED & BREAKFAST                                                    BED & BREAKFAST

Hillsea                                                      J and J                                                              kinbane Farmhouse B&B
6 Rathlin View, Ballycastle BT54 6EN                         58 Clare Road, Ballycastle BT54 6LQ                                  85 Whitepark Road, Ballycastle BT54 6LP
Tel: (028) 2076 2385 Mobile: 07709 851560                    Tel: (028) 2076 9383                                                 Tel: (028) 2076 9947 Fax: (028) 2076 9947
Email:                               Email:                                  Mobile: 07753 508669                                                                Email:
(Rooms 3, ensuite 3) d£25-£30 pps                            (Rooms 2, ensuite 2) s£30-£40, d£25-£27.50 pps             
                                                                                                                                  (Rooms 3, ensuite 2) s£25-£35, d£25-£30 pps
Hillsea is a large detached custom built B&B set in          Superb family house, close to all local amenities. Walking
its own lovely grounds with quiet gardens for guests.        distance from beach. Ideal location for visiting the Giant’s         This family-run working farm is situated between Ballycastle
We are a 5 minute walk to the beach, marina and town         Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and Glens of                    and Ballintoy on the beautiful Causeway Coast. Kinbane
centre. Large appetising breakfasts with home-baked          Antrim. Smoking and patio area for guests to unwind after            offers spectacular sea views of Rathlin Island, Fair Head
breads and scones. Central location for touring the Glens    visiting local attractions.                                          and Scotland. Kinbane Castle ruins are a 10 minute walk.
of Antrim and Giant’s Causeway.

}C       (%;zµSx€                                            }Gf()%µSx                                                            }GfC(%;zµSx€

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                                   PAGE 107
                  BALLYCASTLE                                                   BALLYCASTLE                                                   BALLYCASTLE
                 BED & BREAKFAST                                           ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                            ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Rock manor                                                     3 Carrowcroey Road****                                        19 marine Apartment****
87a Straid Road, Ballycastle BT54 6NW                          3 Carrowcroey Road, Ballycastle BT54 6JN                      Marine Apartments, Ballycastle BT54 6BN
Tel: (028) 2076 8815 Mobile: 07870 758273                      Mobile: 01577 862726                                          Tel: (028) 9032 2228 Mobile: 07710 004097
Email:                                    Mobile: 07780 684112                                          Email:                                             Email:                                (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) Prices on request.
(Rooms 2, ensuite 2) s£35, d£35 pps                  
                                                                                                                             Excellent self-catering apartment, located in Ballycastle,
                                                               (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £500
Rock Manor is a quiet, family B&B situated halfway                                                                           just a minutes walk from the seafront. Furnished to a high
between Ballycastle and Bushmills in the heart of the          Within 4 miles of the picturesque coastal town of             standard with its own private balcony. The apartments
Irish North Coast, 5 miles from the Giants Causeway and        Ballycastle where there is boating, tennis and golf           offer: master bedroom (king-size bed), twin beds in room
2 miles from Whitepark Bay. The house is surrounded            available. Many beautiful beaches are within easy reach       2, and free use of leisure club (2 adults & 2 children per
by 1.5 acres of gardens and there is extensive private         as well as the world renowned Giant’s Causeway. A fully       day). Please call mobile 5pm-11pm.
parking for guests. There is an extensive breakfast menu.      modernised spacious edwardian farmhouse, with outside
Motorbikes welcome.                                            dog kennel and playroom including table tennis table.
                                                               Situated on one of many local cycle routes, in a stunning
                                                               rural location.

}GfC(%;zµx€                                                    }fC(^z€zvgOIId                                                }C(µkSC€zvOIIJ9P

                  BALLYCASTLE                                                   BALLYCASTLE                                                   BALLYCASTLE
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                            ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Apartment 5 Strand Court****                                   Ballycastle Holiday Homes 7-10 market Court****               Breen Cottage****
5 Strand Court, Glenshesk Avenue, Mary Street                  7-10 Market Street, Ballycastle BT54 6DP                      114 Glenshesk Road, Armoy, Ballymoney BT53 8RZ
Ballycastle BT54 6QH                                           Mobile: 07742 475009 Fax: (028) 2076 2418                     Tel: (020) 8523 0571
Tel: (028) 9042 7053 Mobile: 07796 692884                      Email:                       Mobile: 07845 920313
Email:                                                 Email:
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 7) Prices on request.                   4 units (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £300-£450                   (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 3) £250-£350
Modern 3 bedroom ground floor apartment with excellent         Opened in 2006, these luxury holiday homes, situated          This is a tranquil, peaceful and very private rural
facilities for year round comfort. Positioned on cul-de-sac    in the heart of Ballycastle, offer all you need for that      cottage which stands in its own spacious and mature
opposite tennis courts and beach. All seafront amenities       restful break. These superb 3 bedroomed townhouses are        site in Glenshesk, one of the nine Glens of Antrim.
only yards away e.g. leisure pool, golf course, marina,        furnished to the highest of standards, which will cater for
angling river, Rathlin Ferry and shops. Prime location for     all your needs.
touring Antrim Glens and Causeway area. Private parking.
Please enquire about our accessibility.

}f;(^zSCzvOII9d                                                }C       (kSC€zvgOII9d                                        }f;(^zµ€zvOIId

                  BALLYCASTLE                                                   BALLYCASTLE                                                   BALLYCASTLE
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                            ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Crockatinney Cottages****                                      Strand Cottage****                                            Strandview House and Apartment****
80A & B Whitepark Road, Ballycastle BT54 6LP                   20 Sheskburn Avenue, Ballycastle BT54 6BL                     1F Strandview Road, Ballycastle BT54 6BU
Mobile: 07938 876837 or 07759 935192                           Tel: (028) 2076 2385                                          Tel: (028) 2076 9662 Mobile: 07836 645232
Email:                          Mobile: 07709 851560                                          Email:                                   Email:                      
2 units (Rooms 2, sleep up to 5) £500-£550                                        Units 2 (sleeps up to 4) £200-£450
                                                               (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £250-£475
‘Stonechat’ and ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’, located on Crockatinney                                                                     Large maisonette with access straight from own front
estate, are set in peaceful, rural surroundings including a    Spacious, new, well-furnished house beside Ballycastle        door, one minute walk to Marina, beach and tennis. Large
fishing lake, 19th century Famine Graveyard, children’s play   Strand. Quiet, nearby river walk, no through traffic.         kitchen/living area set on two levels. Ideal for a few days
area and private car parking. We aim to be your very own       Laundry supplied, open fire. Quiet cul-de-sac. Next           to explore the Glens of Antrim and Causeway Coast.
‘home away from home’ on the North Antrim Coast!               to Deer Park. Only 1 minute to hotel, restaurants and
                                                               Rathlin ferry.

                                                               }fC         ;(^zSC€zvgOI
}f       ;(^µSCzvgOII9d                                        I9d                                                           }f;(^SC€zvgOII9

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                             PAGE 108
                  BALLYCASTLE                                                   BALLYCASTLE                                                    BALLYCASTLE
              ★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★ SELF CATERING                                                ★★ SELF CATERING

Cushleake House***                                             Glenshesk School House***                                      Bath Lodge**
32 Quay Road, Ballycastle BT54 6BH                             7 Greenan Road, Ballycastle BT54 6QA                           16 Carrickmore Road, Ballycastle, Antrim BT54 6QS
Tel: (028) 7133 8326 Mobile: 07790 647481                      Tel: (028) 2076 2280 Fax: (028) 2076 2280                      Tel: (020) 7834 5839 Mobile: 07717 597904
Email:                                     Email:                        Email:                                                                      (Rooms 4, sleeps 10) £600-£1,000
(Rooms 5, sleeps up to 12) £450-£750                           (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £250-£350
                                                                                                                              Stunning location with the garden steps giving direct
Magnificent Victorian house combining the character and        Set in Glenshesk, one of the famous 9 Glens of Antrim,         access onto Ballycastle Beach with views across to
charm of period features with comfortable and spacious         4 miles from Ballycastle, and the beach. Situated in a         Rathlin Island, along the beach or up the coast to
accommodation for a large group. Three bathrooms               quiet and rural setting ideal for touring the Causeway         Fair Head. Bath Lodge has spacious accommodation
(2 ensuite), two lounge/sitting rooms and well-equipped        Coast and Antrim Glens. It has a private spacious garden       in a Grade 2 listed building. 2 doubles, 1 twin and
kitchen. Only 600 yards from the beach. Restaurants, bars      with patio and barbecue, overlooking Knocklayde. Built         1 family room.
and shops within a short walk. Short breaks available.         1834, it has been refurbished in traditional style with
                                                               modern kitchen. Closed November - February.

I9d                                                            }f;(z€zvgOIId                                                  }f(^µSCzvgOII9

                  BALLYCASTLE                                                   BALLYCASTLE                                                     BALLYCLARE
               ★★ SELF CATERING                                               ★★ SELF CATERING                                                BED & BREAKFAST

Garden Cottage**                                                Silvercliffs Holiday village**                                Carrageenan
32a Quay Road, Ballycastle BT54 6BH                             21 Clare Road, Ballycastle BT54 6DB                           6 Moss Road, Ballynure, Ballyclare BT39 9UT
Tel: (028) 7133 8326 Mobile: 07790 647481                       Tel: (028) 2076 2550 Fax: (028) 2076 2259                     Tel: (028) 9332 2476 Mobile: 07813 193499
Email:                                      Email:                          Email:                                                                   
(Rooms 1, sleeps up to 2) £160-£260                             (40 apartments, chalets and caravans)                         (Rooms 2, ensuite 2) s£25, d£25 pps
This quaint cottage is a cosy base for exploring the            Prices on request.                                            Set in a scenic rural location just off the A8 Belfast to
stunning Causeway Coast and Antrim Glens. Set back              With breathtaking views over Ballycastle Bay, near            Larne Road. Airports, ferries, Belfast and County Down
from the road in the pretty seaside town of Ballycastle, it     Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, this         just 25 minutes away. Relax and enjoy both home
occupies a prime location just 600 yards from the beach.        park is ideal for families. Includes indoor heated pool,      comforts and large mature garden. Excellent base for
Adjacent to shops, bars and restaurants, it also has both       café, bar with live entertainment. Touring caravans           exploring the spectacular Antrim Coast leading to the
tennis courts and golf club within a short walk.                also welcome.                                                 awe-inspiring Giant’s Causeway; for seeing the sights of
                                                                                                                              Belfast, the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum & National
                                                                                                                              Trust properties.

fC;(zkSC€OII9d                                                  9dP                                                           }FGfC%;µS€

                  BALLYCLARE                                                     BALLYGALLY                                                     BALLYGALLY
                BED & BREAKFAST                                                  ★★★★ HOTEL                                                   BED & BREAKFAST

Rua Wai Farm                                                   Ballygally Castle Hotel****                                    Cairnview
149 Templepatrick Road, Ballyclare BT39 9RW                    274 Coast Road, Ballygally, Larne BT40 2QZ                     13 Croft Heights, Ballygally, Larne BT40 2QS
Tel: (028) 9335 2417                                           Tel: (028) 2858 1066 Fax: (028) 2858 3681                      Tel: (028) 2858 3269
Email:                                  Email:                             Mobile: 07745 570037
(Rooms 3, ensuite 2) From s£25, d£25 pps                                                      Email:
                                                               (Rooms 44, ensuite 44) Prices on request.            
This 20 acre farm offers fishing on a river and is central
to a golf and riding centre, 10 miles to Larne harbour,        Ideally located on the scenic Antrim coast, only 26 miles      (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£30, d£25 pps
8 miles to the International Airport and 8 miles to Belfast.   from Belfast and close to Larne, the Ballygally Castle faces   Friendly, welcoming B&B situated at the entrance to
Complimentary tea also offered on arrival.                     the soft sandy beaches of Ballygally Bay. Full of character    the world famous Antrim Coast Road. We have 3 family
                                                               and charm it boasts a welcoming atmosphere.                    rooms with double and single beds (all en-suite).
                                                                                                                              Breakfast is served in the conservatory with outstanding
                                                                                                                              views of the surrounding hills. 10 minute drive from
                                                                                                                              Larne Harbour and 30 minutes from both Belfast
                                                                                                                              airports. Non smoking.

}FGC           (;Sx                                            Gf(%;Gzrµkvjx                                                  }FGf          ()%;zµSx€

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                               PAGE 109
                  BALLYGALLY                                                                                      BALLYGALLY
                BED & BREAKFAST                                                              ★★★★★/★★★★/★★★ SELF CATERING

                                                                                                                            Ballygally Holiday Apts*****/****/***
                                                                                                                            210 Coast Road, Ballygally BT40 2QQ
                                                                                                                            Tel: (028) 2858 3061 Fax: (028) 2858 3100
                                                                                                                            Mobile: 07845 176576
Lynden Heights                                                                                                              7 apartments (sleeps 2-6)
97 Drumnagreagh Road, Ballygally, Larne BT40 2RR                                                                            Price: £340-£560
Tel: (028) 2858 3560 Fax: (028) 2858 3560
Mobile: 07966 388456                                                                                                        Winner of British Airways Best Self-Catering
                                                                                                                            Apartments. Modern apartments overlooking
(Rooms 2, ensuite 2) s£45, d£29.95 pps                                                                                      sandy beach in picturesque village on the
Lynden Heights licensed restaurant sits on lawned
                                                                                                                            Antrim Coast road. Equipped to a very high
gardens with a conservatory (dining room) has just added                                                                    standard. Magnificent views over Irish Sea to
two luxury ensuite bedrooms with dramatic sea views to                                                                      Scotland. Beside golf club and Carnfunnock
its portfolio. It sits on a headland overlooking Ballygally                                                                 Country Park. Ideal for touring Antrim Glens
Bay with lighthouse and 100’s of miles of Scottish
coastline, overlooked by the Antrim Hills to the rear.
                                                                                                                            and Causeway Coast. Complimentary Wi-Fi.

}GfC()%;zkSx€                                                 }f;(^z^µkSCzvgOIId

                  BALLYGALLY                                                     BALLYMENA                                                     BALLYMENA
             ★★★ SELF CATERING                                                   ★★★★ HOTEL                                                      ★★★ HOTEL

Croft Holiday Let***                                          Galgorm Resort & Spa****                                      Adair Arms Hotel***
14 Croft Park, Ballygally, Larne BT40 2QR                     136 Fenaghy Road, Cullybackey BT42 1EA                        Ballymoney Road, Ballymena BT43 5BS
Tel: (028) 2858 3747 Mobile: 07801 815819                     Tel: (028) 2588 1001 Fax: (028) 2588 0080                     Tel: (028) 2565 3674 Fax: (028) 2564 0436
Email:                    Email:               Email:                                     (Rooms 75, ensuite 75) s£105-£245, d£52.50-£122.50 pps
(Rooms 1, sleeps up to 2) Prices on request.                                                                                (Rooms 44, ensuite 44) Prices on request.
                                                              Located in 163 acres of breathtaking scenery, the resort
Croft Holiday Let is a modern open plan studio apartment      boasts 75 ensuite guestrooms, 6 self catering cottages and    Located in the centre of the bustling town of Ballymena, The
positioned on an extensive mature and private site with       4 riverside log cabins. Relax in the spa where you will       Adair Arms Hotel was originally built in 1846. This bespoke
large enclosed gardens. It has a contemporary lounge          find a true sanctuary of luxury, warmth and vitality. Dine    property offers 44 ensuite bedrooms and the popular Adair
with a double bed settee, widescreen television, freeview     in either Gillies Bar & Grill for a relaxed style of dining   Grill, which serves an extensive menu all day, every day. For
channels, DVD video, hi-fi and Wi-Fi internet access. The     serving traditional food with an emphasis on local Irish      conference clients the hotel offers an unparalleled level of
bedroom has a double bed, wardrobe, dressing area, with       produce, or the 2 AA Rosette award winning River Room         hospitality to help ensure that your needs are fully addressed
an ensuite bathroom and electric shower. A travel cot is      Restaurant overlooking the magnificent River Maine.           and ready for business. The hotel and its environs are the
available upon request.                                       Perfect for a weekend retreat, a business venue               perfect place to relax and unwind; the place where traditions
                                                                                                                            merge with professionalism.
                                                              or a rendez-vous with colleagues.

}fC;(^zµSCzvOIId                                              }FGf()%;Gzw}rµkvjx€                                           }f(%;rµkvjx

                  BALLYMENA                                                      BALLYMENA                                                     BALLYMENA
                    ★★★ HOTEL                                                  ★★ GUESTHOUSE                                                 BED & BREAKFAST

Rosspark Hotel***                                             Beechfield**                                                  Four Winds
20 Doagh Road, Kells, Ballymena BT42 3LZ                      79-83 Galgorm Road, Ballymena BT42 1AA                        146 Crankill Road, Ballymena BT44 9HA
Tel: (028) 2589 1663                                          Tel: (028) 2565 9709 Mobile: 07799 058074                     Tel: (028) 2568 5360
Email:                                      Email:                     Mobile: 07876 358820                                              (Rooms 18, ensuite 18) s£45-£50, d£32.50-£35 pps              (Rooms 3, ensuite 2) s£35, d£27.50 pps
(Rooms 39, ensuite 39) s£70, d£42.50-£70 pps                  4 self catering units available £420-£500
                                                                                                                            Four Winds is a working farm with beef cattle and sheep.
Set in 10 acres of beautiful countryside in the heartland     Close to local shops and tourist attractions. Three minutes   A friendly atmosphere with tea and supper served in the
of County Antrim, Rosspark is the perfect setting for any     walk from train/bus stations and with easy access to the      guest lounge with television.
occasion. Whether it’s for a relaxing midweek or weekend      Antrim Coast. Furnished to the highest standard. We offer
stay or for a delicious bite to eat, Rosspark has it all!     an enjoyable and relaxing experience. All rooms have
Closed Christmas Day.                                         TV and hospitality tray. Guest lounge. Full cooked or
                                                              continental style breakfast. Children and pets welcome.

}FGf()%;Gz}rµkvjx                                             }FGfC(%;zµkvjx€                                               }FGfC              (%;zµSx

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                             PAGE 110
                  BALLYMENA                                                        BALLYMENA                                                        BALLYMENA
                BED & BREAKFAST                                                 BED & BREAKFAST                                                   BED & BREAKFAST

Lisnafillan Lodge                                              meadow view                                                        pinegrove Lodge B&B
46 Lisnafillon Road, Gracehill, Ballymena BT42 1JA             13 Redford Road, Cullybackey BT43 5PR                              2 Pinegrove Park, Ballymena BT43 6TJ
Tel: (028) 2587 1660 Fax: (028) 2587 1660                      Tel: (028) 2588 0738 Mobile: 07541 955705                          Tel: (028) 2564 3434 Mobile: 07889 466990
Mobile: 07850 187581                                           Email:                             Email:
Email:                                                                                            (Rooms 2, ensuite 2) From s£35, d£27.50 pps                        (Rooms 2, ensuite 1) From s£40, d£30 pps
(Rooms 2, ensuite 2) s£40, d£30 pps
                                                               Meadow View is an attractive modern bungalow with a lovely         A warm welcome awaits you at Pinegrove Lodge B&B.
An early 1800s country house, family-run since 1995.           private garden in rural settings. The bedrooms are centrally       Situated in a quiet residential area a few minutes from
Quiet rural location featuring large garden, mature trees      heated, ensuite rooms with colour TV and tea and coffee            Ballymena town centre and on the main routes to
and a view of Slemish. Close to Galgorm and Moravian           making facilities. There is also a comfortable resident’s lounge   the Causeway Coast and Glens of Antrim. Enjoy our
Gracehill villages with historical Galgorm Castle Golf         and a summer house in the colourful garden. The Meadow             summer house set in pretty gardens and visit the popular
Centre. Warm welcome and personal attention given.             View is situated near the village of Cullybackey and Galgorm       Countryman Inn. Free Wi-Fi.
Basic Hygiene (Ballymena Council, 2005) and Welcome            Resort and Spa Hotel, a short distance from the busy town of
Host Certificate (CCAG Tourism, 2007). Self-catering           Ballymena and the M2 motorway which provides easy access
also available.                                                to the North Antrim Coast and the picturesque Glens of Antrim.

}Gf(%;µSx€                                                     }FGfC              (%;zµx                                          }FGf(%;µSx€

                  BALLYMENA                                                        BALLYMENA                                                        BALLYMENA
          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                               ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                                 ★★★ SELF CATERING

parkhead Lodge*****                                            Russellstown Cottage****                                           Ash Lodge***
20 Andena Grange, Ballymena BT43 5EU                           29 Russellstown Road, Gracehill, Ballymena BT42 1HP                18a Ballyconnelly Road, Ballymena BT42 1JF
Tel: (028) 2564 3434 Mobile: 07889 466990                      Tel: (028) 2587 1660 Fax: (028) 2587 1660                          Tel: (028) 2588 0600 Fax: (028) 2588 0555
Email:                             Mobile: 07850 187581                                               Email:                                        Email:                         
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 5) £250-£475                                                     (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £300-£350
                                                               (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 5) £350-£420
Luxury 5-star self-catering accommodation situated in a                                                                           Ash Lodge is ideal whether you’re visiting for a peaceful
quiet cul-de-sac. A few minutes walk from the town centre      Situated about 1 mile from historic Gracehill and 3 miles          break in the surrounding countryside or to explore
and on the main routes from the ferry/airports to the North    from Ballymena, the cottage is pretty and comfortably              County Antrim’s Causeway Coast and Glens, an area of
Antrim Coast. The design is contemporary yet somehow           furnished with 2 bedrooms and is well-equipped for your            unsurpassed beauty and magnificent scenery. Ash Lodge
manages a warm and cosy atmosphere, with a keen                stay. There is an enclosed garden and parking area. The            is on a working farm.
attention to detail. Sky TV and Wi-Fi are included.            cottage has recently undergone further enhancement and
                                                               is now fully double-glazed and has a new fitted kitchen.
                                                               B&B also available.

}f(^z;^µSC€zvgOI                                               }f;(^zSC€zvgOII9
I9d                                                            dP                                                                 }f;(^z€zvgOIId

                  BALLYMENA                                                        BALLYMENA                                                       BALLYMONEY
             ★★★ SELF CATERING                                               ★★★ SELF CATERING                                                    ★★ GUESTHOUSE

Galgorm Resort & Spa: Riverside Log Cabins                     montalto***                                                        Harmony Hill Country House**
and Fisherman’s Cottages***                                    22 Skerry East Road, Newtown Crommelin                             Balnamore, Ballymoney BT53 7PS
136 Fenaghy Road, Cullybackey BT42 1EA                         Ballymena, Co Antrim BT43 6RP                                      Tel: (028) 2766 3459 Fax: (028) 2769 8150
Tel: (028) 2588 1001 Fax: (028) 2588 0080                      Tel: 01943 600654 Mobile: 07796 341317                             Mobile: 07710 185619
Email:                                Email:                               Email:                                                                   
7 units (sleep 2-8) £90-£350 per night                         (Rooms 4, sleeps up to 6) £200-£475                                (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£49, d£39.50 pps
Self-contained cottages and beautiful riverside log cabins     Lovely farmhouse on working farm at the top of the Antrim          Harmony Hill Country House dates back to the
situated on Galgorm Resort and Spa’s estate (163 acres         Plateau with spectacular views from all bedrooms, sitting          1760s when it was the home of the owner of
of idyllic countryside). Each cabin sleeps up to 8 guests,     room and dining room. Cosy, welcoming and spacious                 Cornmill. The west wing of the house has been
with 4 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge and kitchen        home with two open fires and all the facilities for a family       extensively refurbished.
area with a patio overlooking the fantastic River Maine.       holiday. Peaceful retreat ideally situated for Antrim Coast
The estate includes an equestrian centre, fly fishing on the   including the world famous Giants Causeway. Perfect
river, and is close to many superb golf courses as well as     locations for walking, biking, and activities for the kids.
the beautiful Causeway Coast.

}f;^k(SC€zvOII9                                                };(^z^CzvgOIIJ9d                                                   }FGfC             ()%;zµkvjx€

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                                  PAGE 111
                 BALLYMONEY                                                    BALLYMONEY                                                        BALLYMONEY
                BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST                                                   BED & BREAKFAST

Chatham mill B&B                                             Honeysuckle Cottage                                               ken mar
4 Chatham Mill, Ballymoney BT53 8TH                          14A Kilmoyle Road, Ballymoney BT53 6NR                            20 Queen Street, Ballymoney BT53 6JB
Tel: (028) 2075 1189 Mobile: 07729 747191                    Mobile: 07919 493938 Fax: (028) 2074 2721                         Tel: (028) 2766 3699 Mobile: 07749 058830
Email:                                Email:                           Email:                                        (Rooms 2, ensuite 2) From s£30, d£30 pps                
(Rooms 2, ensuite 2) s£35-£40, d£27.50-£32.50 pps                                                                              (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) From s£35-£40, d£25-£28 pps
                                                             Tucked away in a quiet rural location, yet only a short
Chatham Mill B&B is a family-run business situated in a      drive from Portrush, Portstewart, Bushmills and Giants            Ken Mar House is a family-run business, in the heart of
secluded country location. Close to The Dark Hedges and      Causeway, this delightful family run bed and breakfast offers     Ballymoney, providing 1st class modern accommodation.
only a short drive from all North Antrim’s coastal resorts   tranquil accommodation for those seeking a holiday on this        Five minutes walk takes you to the town centre and the
including the Giant’s Causeway. 15 minutes drive from        beautiful part of the North Coast. A warm welcome, relaxed        Joey Dunlop Memorial Garden. Convenient to all the
Lissanoure Castle.                                           ambience, not to mention the wonderful Irish breakfast, will      North Coast’s top attractions.
                                                             ensure a perfect stay. Spacious ensuite rooms.

}GC         (%;µSx€                                          }G()%;zµx€                                                        }FGf(%;zµSx

                 BALLYMONEY                                                    BALLYMONEY                                                        BALLYMONEY
                BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST                                                   BED & BREAKFAST

mill House                                                   narrow Gauge                                                      pinetrees
27 Mill Square, Ballybogey, Ballymoney BT53 6QP              20 Greengage Lane, Ballymoney BT53 6HW                            1 Ishlan Court, Ballymoney BT53 6QG
Tel: (028) 2074 1985 Mobile: 07825 311337                    Tel: (028) 2766 5364 Mobile: 07704 457229                         Tel: (028) 2766 7175 Fax: (028) 2766 7175
Email:                            Email:                             Mobile: 07912 043055
(Rooms 1, ensuite 1) From s£37, d£27 pps                                                               Email:
                                                             (Rooms 2, ensuite 2) From s£35, d£30 pps                
Centrally located for most of the North Coast attractions,
                                                                                                                               (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) From s£30-£40, d£25-£30 pps
Giant’s Causeway, Portrush and Portstewart. Central to       Narrow Gauge Bed and Breakfast is a family-run business
all golf courses. On entering Ballybogey follow brown        located in the centre of Ballymoney, home of the late, great      Luxurious modern accommodation set in private tranquil
B&B signs. Extensive choice of breakfast including home      Joey and Robert Dunlop. It provides 1st class modern              gardens within walking distance of the town centre.
produce. Morning papers and magazines also provided.         accommodation with 2 large rooms both with ensuites. Also         Friendly & relaxed atmosphere. Convenient to the train
German is spoken fluently. Closed October-February.          offer private secure parking and garage parking for motorbikes.   & bus station. Located close to the Causeway Coast.
                                                                                                                               Free on site parking, Free Wi-fi. Satellite TV. Pet friendly.
                                                                                                                               Pinetrees has a good reputation for the extensive choice of
                                                                                                                               breakfast, vegetarian & gluten free diet options available.

}GC(%;µx€                                                    }G()%;zµSx€                                                       }GfC            ()%;µkSx€

                 BALLYMONEY                                                    BALLYMONEY                                                        BALLYMONEY
                BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST                                              ★★★★ SELF CATERING

The Arches Country House                                     Westwinds                                                         Garden Cottage and Lodge****
64 Pharis Road, Ballymoney BT53 8JU                          290a Moyarget Road, Ballymoney BT53 8EG                           2 Lisconnan Road, Knockanboy, Ballymoney BT53 8AD
Tel: (028) 2764 1570                                         Tel: (028) 2074 1471 Mobile: 07791 348922                         Tel: (028) 2074 1728
Email:                             (Rooms 3, ensuite 1) From s£30, d£24-£25 pps                      Email:
(Rooms 2) From s£28, d£24 pps                                                                                                  Units 2 (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £200-£350
                                                             Modern country bungalow with lovely views, situated a
Detached country bungalow set in an acre of gardens,         short distance off the B67 Coleraine to Ballycastle Road,         Garden Cottage: Lovely 2 bedroom country cottage
situated off the Ballycastle A44 Drones Road. The Arches     within 20 minutes drive of all North Antrim resorts.              just minutes from the Giants Causeway, beautiful beaches
Country House is 50 yards on the left from the A44           Guests can enjoy the home cooking and baking.                     and Causeway Coast and Glens. Set in 2 acres of
Junction. Ideal base for walking and touring the Antrim                                                                        mature gardens. Ideal base for quiet and relaxing break
Coast. Homely atmosphere. TV lounge also available.                                                                            with fishing and country walks. Price includes heating,
                                                                                                                               electricity, bedlinen and towels.
                                                                                                                               Garden Lodge: Garden Lodge is a luxury 2 bedroom
                                                                                                                               self-catering lodge on the west wing of a country house.
                                                                                                                               It is situated 1 mile from the nearest village and 3 miles
                                                                                                                               from the nearest town. An ideal place to have a relaxing
                                                                                                                               quiet holiday.
}F(%;                                                        }FG(zx                                                            }f;(^z^µS€CzvgOII9

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                                 PAGE 112
                  BALLYMONEY                                                       BALLYMONEY                                                      BALLYMONEY
             ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                               ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                               ★★★ SELF CATERING

knockavallen Lodge****                                            Riverside Apartments****                                        Conagher Self Catering Chalets***
77 Toberdoney Road, Dervock, Ballymoney BT53 8DH                  4-6 Main Street, Armoy, Ballymoney BT53 8RQ                     111a/111b Knock Road, Ballymoney BT53 6NH
Tel/Fax: (028) 2074 1230 Mobile: 07761 356556                     Tel: (028) 2075 1223 Fax: (028) 2075 2021                       Tel: (028) 2074 1342
Email:                            Email:                                           Units 2 (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £180-£300                             
                                                                                                                                  Two delightful chalets on a working farm, which was the
(Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £200-£330                               2 units (Sleeps up to 4) £150-£350
                                                                                                                                  ancestral homestead of President McKinley. They are
At Knockavallen Lodge you can relax and enjoy luxurious           Riverside Apartments are ideally situated on the doorstep       within easy reach of the North Coast. Fully equipped, with
4 star accommodation in a peaceful rural setting. You will find   of the magnificent 9 Glens of Antrim and a stone’s throw        bed linen provided.
this spacious ground floor flat is family friendly with private   from the world renowned Giant’s Causeway. Situated
parking and garden. The tasteful furnishing throughout includes   overlooking the picturesque River Bush, both of these
a well equipped modern kitchen. Ideal for touring North Coast,    beautiful apartments should not be missed.
Causeway and Glens. Easy access to golf, beaches, leisure
centres and sports facilities.

I9                                                                }f;(^C€zvgOII                                                   }f(^zzvOIIdP

                  BALLYMONEY                                                     BROuGhShANE                                                     BROuGhShANE
              ★★★ SELF CATERING                                              ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                               ★★★ SELF CATERING

The Chalet***                                                     maggies Cottage*****                                            mill Cottage***
The Chalet, 8 Crosstagherty Road, Ballymoney BT53 8LN             26 Lisles Hill Road, Broughshane, Ballymena BT44 0DT            Houstons Mill, 10 Buckna Road, Broughshane BT42 4NJ
Tel: (028) 2766 4070 Mobile: 07845 477818                         Tel: (028) 2568 4631 Mobile: 07739 041299                       Tel: (028) 2586 2777 Fax: (028) 2586 2700
(Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £175-£300                               Email:                          Email:
Luxury self-catering chalet will sleep four adults
                                                                  (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 5) £400-£600                             (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 5) Prices on request.
comfortably. Surrounded by luxurious gardens and picnic
area. Spacious play area for children. Off-street parking.        Built in the 1800’s, this three bedroom cottage offers          This traditional restored stone dwelling is situated on
Just off the Frocess Road, 4 miles from Ballymoney and            modern accommodation whilst remaining true to its               the edge of Broughshane Village known as the “Garden
a short drive to the Causeway Coast and Glens. Pets               original character and charm of the early dwelling.             Village of Ulster”. Broughshane is renowned for flowers
welcome by arrangement.                                           Situated at the gateway to the Glen’s of Antrim,                and environmental work having won Ulster in Bloom,
                                                                  overlooking Slemish Mountain.                                   Britain in Bloom, European Entente Florale and Nations
                                                                                                                                  in Bloom.

}fC;(^zzvgOIId                                                    I9d                                                             }f(^SCOII9

                    BuShMILLS                                                        BuShMILLS                                                      BuShMILLS
                   ★★★★ HOTEL                                                     BED & BREAKFAST                                                 BED & BREAKFAST

Bushmills inn Hotel****                                           Ballyness Bed and Breakfast                                     Brown’s Country House
9 Dunluce Road, Bushmills BT57 8QG                                38 Castlecat Road, Bushmills BT57 8TN                           174 Ballybogey Road, Bushmills BT52 2LP
Tel: (028) 2073 3000 Fax: (028) 2073 2048                         Tel: (028) 2073 1438 Mobile: 07977 402687                       Tel: (028) 2073 2777 Fax: (028) 2073 1627
Email:                                      Email:                               Mobile: 07761 385275                                              (Rooms 3, ensuite 2) s£38, d£29.50 pps                          Email:
(Rooms 41, ensuite 41) s£118-£138, d£74-£199 pps                                                                        
                                                                  Warm & welcoming farmhouse in a peaceful rural location
                                                                                                                                  (Rooms 8, ensuite 8) s£35-£37, d£29-£32 pps
This multi award-winning four star hotel with turf fires, oil     half a mile south of Old Bushmills Distillery on the B66
lamps, nooks, crannies, a Victorian bar still lit by gaslight     beside Ballyness Caravan Park. Convenient to the Giant’s        With a reputation for superb breakfast and a friendly
and even a secret room presents an extensive range of             Causeway and scenic North Antrim Coast. Causeway                atmosphere, Brown’s is close to the Giant’s Causeway,
luxurious bedrooms and suites, many with views over the           Rambler bus during June to September. Good choice of            Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, open farms, pony trekking,
River Bush. The AA Rosette restaurant blends New Irish            restaurants nearby. Excellent breakfast and tea and coffee on   fishing and golf. Three and a half miles from old
cuisine with only the finest fresh North Antrim produce,          arrival. Private off road parking. Closed November-February.    Bushmills Distillery. Closed December - end of January.
overlooks the garden courtyard. A warm welcome awaits.

}FGf(%;Gzrµkvjx€                                                  }G(%;Sx€                                                        }FGfC(%;µkx€

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                                  PAGE 113
                   BuShMILLS                                                     BuShMILLS                                                     BuShMILLS
                BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST

Causeway Lodge                                                Craig Cottage                                                 Craigalappin Country House
52 Moycraig Road, Dunseverick, Bushmills BT57 8TB             181 Whitepark Road, Dunseverick, Bushmills BT57 8SS           26 Craigalappin Road, Bushmills BT57 8XY
Tel: (028) 2073 0333 Mobile: 07974 683512                     Tel: (028) 2073 1480 Mobile: 07599 664330                     Tel: (028) 2073 2027
Email:                                 Email:                                Mobile: 07732 695119                                                                       (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£28, d£25 pps
(Rooms 3, ensuite 3) Prices on request.                       (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) From s£35, d£30 pps
                                                                                                                            Situated 1 mile from the North Antrim Coast and local
Situated in rolling countryside just 3 miles from the         This delightful bed and breakfast accommodation is            attractions such as Dunluce Castle, Giant’s Causeway,
Giant’s Causeway, this magnificent new property offers        situated outside Bushmills. Craig Cottage’s proprietor        Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and Bushmills Distillery.
a superb range of facilities including a 2 room suite.        is Rosemary McFarland and she will do her utmost to           Close to local bars and restaurants. Wheelchair access.
                                                              ensure that your stay is both enjoyable and relaxing.         Tea and coffee facilities in bedrooms.
                                                              Set on a location with stunning views of the coastline
                                                              and Giant’s Causeway. Wi-Fi available. Closed end of
                                                              October - March.

}FGf(%;µkSx                                                   }FG(%;µSx€                                                    }FGf           (%;zx€

                   BuShMILLS                                                     BuShMILLS                                                     BuShMILLS
                BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST

kilmail Country Chalet                                        Lismar                                                        montalto House B&B
12 Kilmoyle Road, Ballymoney BT53 6NR                         26 Castlecat Road, Bushmills BT57 8QY                         5 Craigaboney Road, Bushmills BT57 8XD
Tel: (028) 2074 1358 Mobile: 07968 955139                     Tel: (028) 2073 2137 Mobile: 07845 909996                     Tel/Fax: (028) 2073 1257 Mobile: 07980 562838
Email:                               Email:                                Email:                                                         
(Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£30-£35, d£25-£30 pps                   (Rooms 2, ensuite 2) s£35-£40, d£27.50-£30 pps                (Rooms 6, ensuite 5) s£29-£39, d£29-£30 pps
Family-run B&B, 3 miles from North Coast and the main         Just 250 yards from, and within sight of, the world’s         Large Victorian house with panoramic views of the North
route (A2) Coast Road to Bushmills, Giant’s Causeway and      oldest distillery this contemporary B&B offers two purpose    Coast. Peaceful rural location yet only 10 minutes walk to
Portrush. Modern property furnished to a high standard        designed en-suite guestrooms with full facilities including   Bushmills. Close to the Giant’s Causeway, Old Bushmills
with solid oak trim throughout, power showers and king-       flat screen TV’s. Lismar is in a quiet location on the        Distillery and Dunluce Castle - all within 3 miles. The
size beds. Free Wi-Fi internet access. Closed December.       outskirts of Bushmills village, gateway to the spectacular    breakfast menu is varied, with home-made bread and
                                                              Causeway Coast.                                               preserves a speciality. Special diets catered for on request.
                                                                                                                            A warm and friendly welcome is assured.

}FGf(%;µx€                                                    }FGfC             ()%;µSx€                                    }Gf(%;µkSx€

                   BuShMILLS                                                     BuShMILLS                                                     BuShMILLS
                BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST

portcaman House                                               Rest A While                                                  Seaview
11 Priestland Road, Bushmills BT57 8QP                        90 Castlenagree Road, Bushmills BT57 8XL                      194 Whitepark Road, Bushmills BT57 8SR
Tel: (028) 2073 0178 Mobile: 07761 945914                     Tel: (028) 2073 2869                                          Tel/Fax: (028) 2073 1621 Mobile: 07746 754805
Email:                       Email:                               Email:                                                        
(Rooms 3, ensuite 3) From s£32.50-£40, d£27.50-£35 pps        (Rooms 2, ensuite 2) From s£30-£35, d£27.50-£30               (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) Prices on request.
If you are looking for somewhere to stay, that’s convenient   Rest-A-While bed & breakfast is sited on the edge of          Spacious bungalow with panoramic sea views and
to all the major tourist attractions such as, the Giant’s     Bushmills village in the heart of the glorious Causeway       convenient to all Causeway Coast attractions.
Causeway, The Old Bushmills Distillery and Carrick-a-         coast. Set in a country location 600 metres from the
Reed Rope Bridge, then Portcaman House is the perfect         Bushmills Distillery and less than 3 miles from the Giants
location. All rooms have been extensively refurbished         Causeway. We have double / twin and family rooms all
and decorated to a high standard offering our guests the      en-suite with TV, Wi-Fi and tea/coffee making facilities.
comfort of a hotel style room, all with ensuite facilities.   A lounge area with free broadband internet access is
Wi-Fi available.                                              also available.

}FGf(%;µSx€                                                   }Gf(%;µS€                                                     }Ff(%;µx€

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                            PAGE 114
                   BuShMILLS                                                    BuShMILLS                                                    BuShMILLS
                BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST                                             BED & BREAKFAST

Turfahun Lodge                                                Tramway B&B                                                 valley view Country House
177 Straid Road, Turfahun, Bushmills BT57 8XW                 4 Tramway Drive, Bushmills BT57 8YS                         6 Ballyclough Road, Bushmills BT57 8TU
Tel: (028) 2073 1918                                          Tel: (028) 2073 2335 Mobile: 07880 552280                   Tel: (028) 2074 1608 Fax: (028) 2074 2739
(Rooms 2, ensuite 2) From s£30-£35, d£27-£30 pps              Email:                        Mobile: 07718 867677
                                                              (Rooms 2, ensuite 2) s£35-£40, d£30 pps                     Email:
Modern farm bungalow in a peaceful rural setting near
the Giant’s Causeway and Bushmills Distillery. Closed         First class accommodation set in an acre of garden, this
                                                                                                                          (Rooms 7, ensuite 7) s£35-£40, d£28-£30 pps
October - February.                                           B&B is ideal for exploring the North Antrim Coast, the
                                                              Giant’s Causeway and Old Bushmills Distillery. Visit        Attractive Country House with very friendly welcome. Newly
                                                              the neighbouring resorts of Portrush, Dunluce Castle,       decorated rooms, some king beds and mini coolers in
                                                              Portstewart, Ballycastle and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge.    rooms. Free Wi-Fi. Convenient to all North Antrim Coastal
                                                                                                                          attractions including Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills Distillery,
                                                                                                                          Dunluce Castle and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. Tea and
                                                                                                                          scones on arrival between 3pm-6pm. Take B17 towards
                                                                                                                          Coleraine, pass Maxol station, first left, 3 miles on right.

}F(%;S€                                                       }FC         (%;µSx€                                         }FGf(%;µkx€

                   BuShMILLS                                                    BuShMILLS                                                    BuShMILLS
                BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST                                        ★★★★★ SELF CATERING

valley view Farmhouse                                         White Gable                                                 Bayview Farm Holiday Cottages*****
6 Ballyclough Road, Bushmills BT57 8TU                        28 Moycraig Road, Dunseverick, Bushmills BT57 8TB           203 Whitepark Road, Dunseverick, Bushmills BT57 8SR
Tel: (028) 2074 1608 Fax: (028) 2074 2739                     Tel: (028) 2073 0563 Fax: (028) 2078 8033                   Tel: (028) 2073 0202 Fax: (028) 2073 0106
Mobile: 07718 867677                                          Mobile: 07817 553404                                        Mobile: 07866 442845
Email:                          Email:                                  Email:                                                         
(Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£35-£40, d£27-£30 pps                   (Rooms 3) s£40-£60, d£30-£50                                Units 3 (Rooms 2, sleeps 4) Prices on request.
Family-run farmhouse with beautiful views and newly           Set in peaceful countryside with spectacular sea views,     These spacious 5 star cottages, each with spectacular
refurbished rooms. Tea and scones served on arrival           White Gable is ideally located three miles from the         sea views are superbly located on the Antrim Coast Road
between 3pm and 6pm. Convenient to all North Antrim           Giant’s Causeway, 10 minutes from the historic village      between the Giants Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede Rope
coastal attractions including the Giant’s Causeway,           of Bushmills and 20 minutes from the popular seaside        Bridge. The cottages are set in a 200 year old traditional
Bushmills Distillery, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and          resort of Portrush.                                         farm courtyard yet only 3 miles from Bushmills (home of
Dunluce Castle. Free Wi-Fi at Valley View. Take B17                                                                       the world’s oldest whiskey distillery). They are extremely
towards Coleraine, pass Maxol station, first left, continue                                                               convenient to the Giant’s Causeway coastal footpath,
for 3 miles on right.                                                                                                     Dunseverick Castle, harbour and rock pools.

}Gf(%;kx€                                                     }FGfC(%;µx€                                                 }f;(^z^µ€CzvgOII%d

                   BuShMILLS                                                    BuShMILLS                                                    BuShMILLS
          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                           ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING

Bush Cottage*****                                             Bushmills Thatched Cottage*****                             Eagry Cottage*****
3 Distillery Court, Bushmills BT57 8PU                        25A Cozies Road, Castlecat Road, Bushmills BT57 8QY         10 Eagry Gardens, Bushmills BT57 8AU
Tel: (028) 9040 3114 Mobile: 07775 432085                     Tel: (028) 9028 8122 Mobile: 07730 074018                   Mobile: 07780 962697
Email:                                       Email:                                Email:                                                     
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 7) £375-£500                           (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 7) £650                              (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 5) Prices on request.
Bright modern house, ideal touring base for the delights      Imagine sleeping under a newly thatched roof. Smell the     In a peaceful family friendly location, yet just a few
of North Antrim. Secluded and quiet cul-de-sac right          earthy peat as it burns on an open fire. Cook a gourmet     minutes walk from shops, restaurants and pubs, Eagry
in the heart of Bushmills village. Relaxing lounge, fully     meal on an AGA range or modern hob in an ultra deluxe       Cottage is beside the world famous Bushmills Distillery.
equipped kitchen, spacious dining area with patio doors       kitchen. Soak away the aches and pains in a slipper bath,   Offering an excellently equipped base from which to
leading to south-facing enclosed garden. Linen and towels     lean over a half door and admire the view or snooze away    explore the natural beauty of the Causeway Coast and
provided, Sky TV with children’s package, Wi-Fi internet.     in a 4-poster bed. Any day check-in available.              local seaside towns. Linen, heating and welcome pack
Special offers available all year. Contact for details.                                                                   included in cost.

}fC         ;(^z^µkSC€zvg                                     }fC         ;(^z^kSC€zvgO                                   }f;(^z^µSCzvgOII
OII9d                                                         IIJ9dP                                                      9d

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                            PAGE 115
                    BuShMILLS                                                       BuShMILLS                                                    BuShMILLS
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                               ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                           ★★★★ SELF CATERING

1 The Aird Cottages****                                          8 Dunluce Cottages****                                       Al norte Holiday Cottages****
Causeway Road, Bushmills BT57 8AR                                8 Dunluce Cottages, Priestland Road, Bushmills BT57 8QP      198 and 200 Causeway Road, Bushmills BT57 8SY
Tel/Fax: (028) 9070 5322 Mobile: 07810 182903                    Tel: 07761 855526                                            Tel: (028) 2766 3390 Mobile: 07710 945321
Email:                                    Email:                                    Email:
Apartment (2 bedrooms, sleeps 4) Prices on request.                               
                                                                 (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 5) £325-£450                          Units 2 (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £270-£400
Two bedroom (one double ensuite, one twin) ground floor
apartment. 1km from Giant’s Causeway with unparalleled           On an elevated site with views of the River Bush. Property   Two comfortable well-maintained traditional cottages
views over Causeway Coast. Luxuriously furnished in              is located close to Bushmills. It is an ideal base from      with open fires, gardens and sea views. Adjacent to small
pine, fully fitted kitchen. Ideal base to discover the natural   which to visit sites of historical interest, spectacular     beach and swimmers rock pool, Dunseverick Harbour
beauty of the Causeway.                                          beaches and other attractions of the Causeway Coast. For     and coastal path between Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-
                                                                 more than 1 family travelling together, please note the      a-Rede Rope Bridge. Ideal for walking and fishing. Wide
                                                                 adjoining property is also family owned.                     choice of local restaurants.

}f       ;(^zSCzvOII9d                                           }f       ;(^zSCzvgOII9d                                      }fC         (^z^µ€zvOIId

                    BuShMILLS                                                       BuShMILLS                                                    BuShMILLS
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                               ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                           ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Bluebell Cottage****                                             Causeway Coast porthole Cottage****                          Causeway Cottage Bushmills****
11 Ballyclough Cottages, Ballyclough Road                        19 Moycraig Road, Dunseverick, Bushmills BT57 8TB            38 Bush Crescent, Bushmills BT57 8AJ
Bushmills BT57 8AA                                               Tel: (028) 9443 2161 Mobile: 07761 156596                    Mobile: 07771 537987
Tel: (028) 2587 1431 Mobile: 07759 822472                        Email:                                   Email:
(Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £230-£380                              (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £325-£400                          (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £350-£650
Luxury furnished cottage on a peaceful hillside location         Fully equipped (4*) detached farm cottage offering           At the gateway to the attractions of the Giant’s Causeway
enjoying panoramic views of surrounding countryside              relaxation and seclusion in an Area of Outstanding Natural   and North Antrim Coast including 7 world-class golf
with view of sea. A few minutes drive to Portrush,               Beauty just off the famous Antrim Coast Road. Within easy    courses. Modern bungalow ideal for families, or groups of
Portstewart, Portballintrae and Giant’s Causeway. Price          walking distance of Whitepark Bay and close to the many      golfers. The area is quiet and safe but very close to shops,
includes electricity, heating and linen. Ideal for a relaxing    attractions of the Causeway Coast, eg. Giant’s Causeway,     bars and restaurants. Facilities for children and pets.
holiday Two downstairs bedrooms,one double with patio            Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Ballintoy, and Ballycastle.
door to rear garden and one twin TV lounge upstairs with         Price includes central heating, bed linen and towels.
outside balcony.

                                                                                                                              }fC         ;(^zSC€zvgOI
}f;(z^SC€zvOII9d                                                 }C       ;(^z€zvOII                                          I9d

                    BuShMILLS                                                       BuShMILLS                                                    BuShMILLS
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                               ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                           ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Coves Cottage****                                                Gunya****                                                    Larchfield****
50 Moycraig Road, Dunseverick, Bushmills BT57 8TB                37 Bush Crescent, Bushmills BT57 8AJ                         31 Eagry Gardens, Bushmills BT57 8AU
Tel: (028) 2073 1441 Mobile: 07961 059786                        Tel: (028) 2073 2056                                         Tel: (028) 9083 3861 Mobile: 07749 508182
Email:                              Mobile: 07711 896576 or 07708 657749                         Email:                                               Email:                            
(Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £380-£400                                                (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) Prices on request.
                                                                 (Rooms 4, sleeps up to 6) Prices on request.
Experience the authentic charm of a traditional Irish stone                                                                   Larchfield is ideal for that luxury break for families or
cottage (18th-century) 1.2 miles from Whitepark Bay,             Gunya - Maggie’s Cottage. 4 bedroom and 2 bedroom,           golfers. Located close to the North Antrim Coast, Giant’s
minutes from the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede             4 star NITB approved. Walking distance to Bushmills          Causeway and numerous golf courses. The area is quiet,
rope bridge. Rural views extend over counties Antrim,            distillery, shops etc. Minutes travel to Giant’s Causeway,   yet minutes away from shops, bars and restaurants. Off-
Tyrone and Donegal. Wood burning stove, electric heating         Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and Glens. Houses made up         road parking for two cars and the rear is fenced for pets
& all modern conveniences. Open all year round. Weekly           to suit your needs and that special occasion. Book early     & children. Patio furniture & gas BBQ provided for lazy
lets start Saturday and short breaks available. Secure           to avoid disappointment. See website for full details.       summer days, peat & logs provided for relaxing evenings.
off-road parking.

}fC          ;(^zµ€zvgOII                                        }fC         ;(^zSC€zvOII                                     }fC         ;(^zSC€zvgOI
dP                                                               J9d                                                          I9d

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                              PAGE 116
                   BuShMILLS                                                      BuShMILLS                                                        BuShMILLS
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                              ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Lavender Cottage****                                           melagh****                                                     portcaman****
9 Ballyclough Road, Bushmills BT57 8XA                         16 Bush Gardens, Bushmills BT57 8AE                            40 Bush Crescent, Bushmills BT57 8AJ
Mobile: 07834 812647                                           Tel: (028) 9044 8249 Mobile: 07802 336624                      Tel: (028) 9081 3217 Mobile: 07765 956 129
Email:                                  Email:                                   Email:                                                
(Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) Prices on request.                   (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £350-£450                            (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £375-£450
Well equipped, purpose built cottage set in beautiful          Quality modern bungalow in a quiet residential location.       Portcaman is situated within walking distance of
countryside, enjoying panoramic views of North Antrim’s        Enclosed rear garden. Local attractions: Giant’s Causeway,     Bushmills village and is only 10 minutes away from
famous Causeway Coast.                                         beaches, golf etc. Oil/electricity, bed linen and towels       Portballintrae and Giant’s Causeway by car. Bushmills is
                                                               supplied. No hidden extras.                                    steeped in history and offers visitors a friendly welcome
                                                                                                                              with many interesting things to see and do.

}f;(zvOIId                                                     }fC;(^zSC€zvOII9                                               }fC;(^zSCzvgOII

                   BuShMILLS                                                      BuShMILLS                                                        BuShMILLS
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                              ★★★ SELF CATERING                                                ★★★ SELF CATERING

Rose Cottage****                                               20 Dunluce Cottages***                                         Ballinastraid Farm Cottage***
8 Ballyclogh Cottages, Ballyclogh Rd, Bushmills BT57 8AA       20 Dunluce Cottages, Priestland Rd, Bushmills BT57 8AT         17 Moycraig Road, Whitepark Bay
Mobile: 07976 819626 Mobile: 07774 767549                      Tel: (028) 9267 3078 Mobile: 07790 325922                      Bushmills BT57 8TB
Email:                              Email:                               Tel: (028) 2073 1560 Fax: (028) 2073 1560                          (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 5) Prices on request.                   Email:
(Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £230                                                                                                (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 5) £250-£350
                                                               Located 5 minutes walk from Bushmills. Ideal base to visit
Attractive cottage in superb location with private patio and   many historical interests, ie. Bushmills Distillery, Dunluce   Situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, on the
balcony to sit and enjoy the commanding views of the           Castle, Giants Causeway, Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge.           scenic North Antrim Coast. This family accommodation is
Causeway Coast, Bush Valley and Glens of Antrim. Fully         Golf courses at Bushfoot, Portrush, Portstewart and many       modern and fully equipped with private grounds for safe
furnished and well-equipped with ample parking. The            more. Kitchen with fridge, dishwasher and microwave.           parking. Ideally located for walking, time on the beach
cottage has an open-plan lounge, kitchen and dining area       Utility with freezer, washer/dryer. Lounge/Dining with         and exploring the Causeway Coast. Ramp at front door
with spacious double and twin bedrooms and modern              TV, video and DVD player. Patio area with BBQ facilities.      for easy access.
bathroom with bath, shower and electric shaving point.         Cot available.

}f;(^S€vgOII9                                                  }f       ;(^zSCzvgOII9d                                        }fC           ;(^z€zvOIId

                   BuShMILLS                                                      BuShMILLS                                                        BuShMILLS
              ★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★ SELF CATERING                                                ★★★ SELF CATERING

Cozy Cottage***                                                village Lodge***                                               Walkmills - Hollies*** / The Leap***
8 Loughbeg Cottages, Cozies Road, Bushmills BT57 8ZE           129 Main Street, Bushmills BT57 8QB                            28A & B Priestland Road, Bushmills BT57 8XB
Tel: (028) 9262 1701 Fax: (028) 9023 1959                      Tel: (028) 2588 2230 Fax: (028) 2588 2230                      Tel: (028) 2073 1261 Mobile: 07748 523636
Email:                     Mobile: 07773 268196                                           Email:
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £300-£500                            Email:                         (Hollies or The Leap: Rooms 2, sleeps 4) £265-£415
                                                                                       A perfect setting for those wishing to enjoy the freedom of a
Modern Cottage in a tranquil rural setting with stunning
                                                               (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £225-£425                            self catering break in a tranquil rural location just half a mile
views and only 3 miles from Bushmills centre. Sleeps                                                                          from Bushmills village. Hollies is a charming cottage, fully
4-6. Two double bedrooms and a shower room upstairs.           Ideal location for exploring Causeway Coast. Convenient        equipped, furnished and maintained to a high standard. It is
Downstairs has a large living/dining/kitchen area, a living/   to shops and restaurants. Families very welcome. Sleeps        set on a family farm in the designated area of outstanding
bed room with two single sofa beds and a bathroom. All         4 adults and 2 children (bunk beds). Secure private            natural beauty on the Causeway Coast and offers its own
mod cons. Spacious private garden. Central to all North        parking. Clean, comfortable, well-equipped house. Price        interesting nature walks by the riverside. Private Secure
Coast attractions. A home away from home.                      includes central heating, electric, water, bed linen and       parking. The Leap, found on an elevated site overlooking the
                                                               towels. A home from home.                                      Salmon Leap on the River Bush, is a charming cottage fully
                                                                                                                              equipped, furnished and maintained to a high standard. Ideal
                                                                                                                              for exploring the North Antrim coast and local resorts. Play
                                                                                                                              area, garden, patio & BBQ.
}f       ;(^zzvgOIId                                           }f(^zSzvOII9                                                   }f;(^SCzvgOII9d

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                                    PAGE 117
                  CARNLOuGh                                                       CARNLOuGh                                                     CARNLOuGh
                    ★★★ HOTEL                                                   BED & BREAKFAST                                         ★★★★★ SELF CATERING

Londonderry Arms Hotel***                                       maidens view B&B                                              Largy Coastal Apartments*****
20 Harbour Road, Carnlough BT44 0EU                             53 Largy Road, Carnlough, Ballymena BT44 0JG                  69-71 Largy Road, Carnlough, Antrim BT44 0JJ
Tel: (028) 2888 5255                                            Tel: (028) 2888 5696                                          Tel: (028) 2888 5635 Fax: (028) 2888 5635
Fax: (028) 2888 5263                                            Mobile: 07503 899438                                          Mobile: 07732 704775
Email:                                    Email:                               Email:                                                                
(Rooms 35, ensuite 35)                                          (Rooms 2, ensuite 1) s£35, d£30 pps                           Units 3 (Rooms 2, sleeps 4) £400-£500
From s£50-£65, d£40-£65 pps                                                                                                   Units 1 (Rooms 1, sleeps 2) £275-£350
                                                                A beautiful property situated along the Antrim Coast Road
This beautiful Georgian hotel was built in 1847/8. Once         with panoramic views of the sea and Carnlough Bay. It is      Situated in 1 acre of garden and woodland extending
owned by Sir Winston Churchill, it is now owned and             just a five minute walk from Carnlough village and located    down to Antrim Coast Road. Short walk to local beach,
managed by Mr Frank O’Neill. With its open log fires,           on a quiet peaceful road with beautiful nearby walks. It is   shops and restaurants. An ideal location for touring the
private lounges and award-winning restaurant, this              an ideal and convenient base for visiting the famous Glens    Antrim Coast and Glens and the world famous Giant’s
premier hotel in the Glens of Antrim is the perfect place       of Antrim, Giant’s Causeway and Bushmills Distillery.         Causeway. Luxury accommodation with magnificent sea
to stay and discover the north eastern part of Ireland.                                                                       views over the North Channel to Scotland. Commended
                                                                                                                              Best Self-Catering (2005/2006, NITB/BMI).
                                                                                                                              }C       f;(^z^SCzvgOI
}Gf(%;Gzµkvjx€                                                  }FGf();zµSx€                                                  I9d

                  CARNLOuGh                                                       CARNLOuGh                                                 CARRICKFERGuS
           ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                              ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                                    ★★★ HOTEL

Redbrae Holiday Cottages*****                                   Upper Deck****                                                Clarion Hotel***
58a & 58b Largy Road, Carnlough BT44 0JG                        17 Marine Road, Carnlough, Ballymena BT44 0HE                 75 Belfast Road, Carrickfergus BT38 8PH
Tel: (028) 2888 5397 Fax: (028) 2888 5088                       Tel: (028) 2888 5936 Fax: (028) 2888 5100                     Tel: (028) 9336 4556 Fax: (028) 9335 1620
Mobile: 07801 306062                                            Mobile: 07733 128340                                          Email:
Email:                                 Email:                                                         (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £250-£400                           (Rooms 68, ensuite 68) Prices on request.
Birch Cottage (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £360-£495
                                                                Upper Deck is a delightful 2 bedroom apartment, located       The hotel boasts 68 luxurious en suite bedrooms,
Elm Cottage (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £325-£420
                                                                on the beautiful Antrim Coast with un-interrupted views       including family, triple, and wheelchair accessible rooms.
Redbrae Holiday Cottages offer traditional-style luxury         of the famous Carnlough Bay. It is situated in the centre     Dine in the Red Pepper Restaurant, or take advantage of
accommodation on the North Antrim Coast of Ireland.             of Carnlough, overlooking the beach and only a 2 minute       superb value and delicious Italian inspired meals in Pizza
Ideal for touring Glens of Antrim and Giant’s Causeway.         walk to restaurants, pubs, shops and the local hotel. This    Worx. Relax and enjoy a coffee or a drink in the the Lobby
Ten minutes walking distance from the seaside village of        first floor apartment is furnished to the highest standard.   Bar. Free car parking and excellent transport links into
Carnlough. These cottages boast spectacular views of the        There is a private patio area with sea view.                  Belfast and directly on the Causeway Coastal Route.
Irish Sea and Antrim Hills to the rear.

}f;(^z^µSC€zvgOI                                                                                                              }FGfC             ()%;Gzwrµkv
I9d                                                             }f;(^zSCzvOII9dP                                              jx€

              CARRICKFERGuS                                                   CARRICKFERGuS                                                 CARRICKFERGuS
                      ★★ HOTEL                                                         ★ HOTEL                                                BED & BREAKFAST

Dobbins inn Hotel**                                             Coast Road Hotel*                                             Beechgrove Farm
6/8 High Street, Carrickfergus BT38 7AF                         28 Scotch Quarter, Carrickfergus BT38 7DP                     412 Upper Road, Carrickfergus BT38 8PW
Tel: (028) 9335 1905 Fax: (028) 9335 1689                       Tel: (028) 9335 1021 Fax: (028) 9336 2254                     Tel: (028) 9336 3304 Mobile: 07896 793656
Email:                             Email:                              Email:                                                         
(Rooms 15, ensuite 15) From s£45-£50, d£28-£39 pps              (Rooms 18, ensuite 18)                                        (Rooms 6, ensuite 6) s£27-£30, d£25-£27 pps
                                                                s£49.50-£67.50, d£32.50-£47.50 pps
15th Century building now running as a family Hotel,                                                                          Homely farmhouse set in rural countryside with superb
situated in the heart of Carrickfergus. Perfectly located for   A family owned and managed hotel, with a warm and             views. Close to the historic seaside town of Carrickfergus
trips up the Antrim Coast or the city of Belfast. With 15       friendly welcome. The Hotel is conducting a refurbishment     with its Norman Castle and Church. Good home cooking
ensuite bedrooms, FREE Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, award        of its bedrooms, and subsequently we offer two standards      and a warm and friendly welcome assured.
winning food served all day every day, it really does deserve   of rooms - Budget & Superior - these can be viewed on our
a visit. Don’t forget to ask about the resident ghost...        website. The restaurant serves local produce and boasts
                                                                unrivalled views across Belfast Lough towards the Copeland
                                                                Islands. Fully licensed bar, with weekly entertainment.

Gf       (%;zkvjx                                               Gf       (%;rµkvjx€                                           }FGfC             (%;µSx€

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                             PAGE 118
                CARRICKFERGuS                                                      CARRICKFERGuS                                                 CARRICKFERGuS
                  BED & BREAKFAST                                                    BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST

Hillcrest House                                                      Leafield House                                                Loughside B&B
66 Bellahill Road, Carrickfergus BT38 9DB                            56 Larne Road, Ballycarry BT38 9JR                            69 Larne Road, Carrickfergus BT38 7NB
Tel: (028) 9336 7342                                                 Tel: (028) 9337 8692                                          Tel: (028) 9336 8102 Fax: (028) 9332 6168
Email:                                     Email:                               Mobile: 07794 668215                                           (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) From s£30, d£25 pps                      Email:
(Rooms 2, ensuite 2) From s£35, d£25 pps                                                                                 
                                                                     Situated in 23 acres of wooded hillside. Walking distance     (Rooms 2, ensuite 2) From s£30, d£25 pps
Set in 5 acres with superb views over Belfast Lough                  from train to Belfast or Larne. Horseriding, 2 golf courses
and surrounding countryside. Carrickfergus In Bloom                  and a beautiful beach walk close by. Superb views of          On the A2 Coast Road north bound, approximately
winner of Best Kept Pub/Hotel/Guesthouse category,                   Whitehead, Islandmagee and the Scottish coast. Warm           10 miles from Belfast and the ferry port of Larne. Within
(Carrickfergus Council, 2006). Only 15 miles from Belfast            and friendly atmosphere.                                      easy walking distance of Carrickfergus Town, with
and 3 miles from historic Carrickfergus. Beautiful gardens,                                                                        its splendid Norman castle, promenade and marina,
superb accommodation and a friendly atmosphere.                                                                                    restaurants and shops. Our rooms are ensuite, with
                                                                                                                                   hospitality trays, TV etc. We offer Free Wi-Fi, off-street
                                                                                                                                   parking. Buses pass the door and the train is a 5 minute
                                                                                                                                   walk. Ideal stop to explore Belfast City or Antrim Coast.
                                                                                                                                   A warm welcome awaits!
}Ff(%;µ                                                              }FGfC             ()%;zµSx€                                   }GfC(%;µSx€

                CARRICKFERGuS                                                      CARRICKFERGuS                                                 CARRICKFERGuS
             ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                                  ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                            ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Blackhead Lightkeepers’ Houses ****                                  Fool’s Haven****                                              parklands****
McCreas Brae, Whitehead, Carrickfergus BT38 9NZ                      33 Boneybefore, Carrickfergus BT38 7EQ                        336 Upper Road, Trooperslane, Carrickfergus BT38 8PN
Tel: (00) 353 1 670 4733 Fax: (00) 353 1 670 4887                    Tel: (028) 9336 3880 Mobile: 07866 239705                     Tel: (028) 9336 2528
Email:                                    Email:                                   Email:                                                                       
Units 2 (Sleeps up to 5-7) £532-£973                                 (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £295-£395                           (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 7) £500
Once the guardian of Belfast’s glory days of shipping,               This gem of a thatched cottage is over 250 years old and      This is a newly built house on a farm overlooking Belfast
Blackhead Lighthouse guided many great ships on their                and is situated at the start of the world famous Causeway     Lough with wonderful views to the rear of farm animals
journey, including the famous Titanic. Perched on the edge           Coast and Glens Route, opposite the Andrew Jackson            and hills. It has 3 bedrooms all ensuite, one with a wet
of a cliff, it offers a wild, windswept retreat with a difference,   cottage on the shores of Belfast Lough. Arrival by either     room. Upstairs is a huge lounge with open fire (logs and
on the magical Antrim Coast. From the station, guests can
climb down the cliff path and walk along the shore to the            air or sea, to one of the main airports or ferry-ports in     coal supplied).
seaside village of Whitehead. Near Carrickfergus Castle,             Northern Ireland, brings you within 30 minutes easy drive
Glenariff Forest Park and the Gasworks Museum of Ireland.            to Carrickfergus.
Other properties include: The Barbcian Gatelodge, The
Drum Gatelodge and Ballealy Cottage. No television.
                                                                                                                                   }fC         ;(^zSC€zvgOI
}fkSCzvgOI9dP                                                        }f;(^z^SCzvOII9d                                              I9d

                    CASTLEROCK                                                         CASTLEROCK                                                    CASTLEROCK
                  BED & BREAKFAST                                                    BED & BREAKFAST                                         ★★★★★ SELF CATERING

Carneety House                                                       keeragh Lodge                                                 Carraig Lodge*****
120 Mussenden Road, Castlerock BT51 4TX                              59 Altikeeragh Road, Castlerock, Coleraine BT51 4SR           16 Belvedere Park, Castlerock, Coleraine BT51 4XW
Tel: (028) 7084 8640 Fax: (028) 7084 9917                            Tel: (028) 7084 8666 Mobile: 07761 402440                     Mobile: 07886 847925 or 07737 056920
Mobile: 07762 502642                                                 Email:                      Email:
(Rooms 3, ensuite 1) From s£30, d£25-£27.50 pps                      (Rooms 2, ensuite 2) s£45-£50, d£32.50-£35 pps                (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) From £395-£500
This 300 year old traditional farmhouse provides                     Spacious ensuite luxury bedrooms, separate lounge and         A luxury modern self-catering accommodation in the
comfortable rooms overlooking the garden. Set in the                 dining facilities with views of Castlerock, Portstewart       tranquil coastal village of Castlerock and an ideal touring
lovely North Coast countryside close to Mussenden                    and Portrush. Delightful beaches, golf courses, historic      base for the stunning North Coast area. Spacious lounge,
Temple. Beautiful walks and beach nearby. The great                  castles, mountains/lowland walks and the Giant’s              kitchen/dining and utility room. Equipped to a high
farmhouse country breakfast is a must! Stabling for                  Causeway within 25 minutes drive. Welcoming tea/coffee        standard throughout. Extensive fully enclosed rear patio
horses available. Closed Christmas.                                  and home baking on arrival.                                   area with built in BBQ and patio furniture. Generous off
                                                                                                                                   road parking. Convenient to shops, beach and golf club.

}fC           (%;zµSx€                                               }GfC()%;µx€                                                   }f;(^z^SC€zvgOII9d

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                                    PAGE 119
                                                CASTLEROCK                                                                                 CASTLEROCK
                                   LUXURY ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                                                       ★★★★★ SELF CATERING

                                                                                                                         mussenden Lodge*****
                                                                                                                         8 Liffock Park, Castlerock, Coleraine BT51 4DG
                                                                                                                         Tel: (028) 7086 8771 Mobile: 07708 306754
                                                                                                                         (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) From £175-£525
                                                                                                                         Located in the picturesque seaside village of Castlerock,
                                                                                                                         minutes walk to beach, golf course and shops. This
                                                                                                                         excellent 5 Star self catering bungalow accommodates
                                                                                                                         6 people in 3 very comfortable bedrooms (1 double ensuite/
                                                                                                                         1 double/1 twin). It also has a spacious bathroom, lounge
                                                                                                                         and dining room. Relax in the fully enclosed rear garden with
                                                                                                                         garden furniture/BBQ. Comfortable homely atmosphere.


                                                                                                                                    ★★★★★ SELF CATERING
pine Hollow *****                                     (Sleeps 6 people, all rooms ensuite)
19 Belvedere Park, Sea Road, Castlerock BT51 4XY
Fully equipped 5 star. 1 double ensuite, 1 twin ensuite, 1 double ensuite, bathroom and
shower. Separate WC, living room, kitchen/dining, utility room, cloak room. Enclosed garden,
patio, storage area. Car parking.
Less than 5 minutes from Castlerock strand, Mussenden Temple, Hazlett House, Downhill
Beach. Short drive to market towns Coleraine, Garvagh, Limavady and Ballymoney. Horse-                                   Tara Lodge*****
riding and bird watching. Scenic train ride to Londonderry, Roe Valley Country Forest Park.                              2 Belvedere Avenue, Castlerock, Antrim BT51 4XD
Magilligan Point ferry to Greencastle, Co Donegal, Portrush and Portstewart sea-side towns.                              Tel: (028) 9029 0923 Fax: (028) 9029 0923
                                                                                                                         Mobile: 07900 898857
Linen and heating supplied (normal usage). No pets, no smoking. Good housekeeping                                        Email:
deposit (refundable).                                                                                          
                                                           Weekends (ex bank hols)                                       (Rooms 4, sleeps up to 8) £425-£625
               Low            mid             High         Low           mid                                             Situated in the beautiful seaside village of Castlerock.
                                                                                                                         Beautifully appointed, detached property. Ten minutes
Pine Hollow £350              £400            £450         £175          £180                                            walk to the beach, shops, restaurants and golf course.
                                                                                                                         Spacious kitchen/dining room. Enclosed patio area and
Contact: P&A Coastal Cottages, 39 Barmouth Road, Castlerock BT51 4XG                                                     gas BBQ. Commended in “Property of the Year 2007”,
Tel: (028) 7084 8698 Mobile: 07899 666155                                                                                (NITB Awards).

                                                                                                                         }f       ;(^zµkSC€zvgO
}fC            ;(^zSC€zvgOII9d                                                                                           II9d

                 CASTLEROCK                                                 CASTLEROCK                                                     CASTLEROCK
           ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                            ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Castle Cottage****                                         Gull Cottage****                                              mussenden-Castlerock****
53 Belvedere Park, Castlerock BT51 4XW                     6 Seacourt Mews, Castlerock, Coleraine BT51 4LG               23 Seapark, Castlerock BT51 4TH
Tel: (028) 9147 1318 Mobile: 07968 963932                  Tel: (028) 7134 8074 Mobile: 07894 513879                     Tel: (028) 7130 1214 Mobile: 07708 249556
Email:                           Email:                             Email:
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £310-£440                                              
                                                           (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £325-£450                           (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 7) £495-£695
Beautiful pine furnished bungalow. Fully equipped
kitchen. Utility room with washing machine, tumble dryer   Gull Cottage is situated in the beautiful village of          ‘Mussenden’ is a coastal retreat at Castlerock, 3 minutes
and freezer. Living room has wood/coal burning stove,      Castlerock, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Quiet        from excellent Blue Flag beach. Championship Links
TV, video and DVD. Garden with patio and BBQ. Close        cul-de-sac location, 5 minutes walk to beach, shops, train,   Golf Course. Location also appeals to surfers, walkers
to beach and golf course. Ideal base for touring Antrim    golf course and Downhill Estate. 3 bedrooms (1 double         & cyclists. Convenient to Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills
Coast, L’derry and Donegal.                                ensuite, 1 twin, 1 bunk room). Enclosed rear courtyard        Distillery. Excellent restaurants and wine bars nearby.
                                                           with gas BBQ and patio furniture. Perfect location for a      Fully equipped house, Wi-Fi, garden, ideal base for
                                                           family holiday.                                               holiday or corporate guests. Any day check-in. Open all
                                                                                                                         year. Minimum stay 3 nights.

                                                           }fC         ;(^zSC€zvgOI                                      }f;(^zµkSC€zvgOI
}f;(^zSC€zvgOII9d                                          I9d                                                           I9

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                          PAGE 120
                  CASTLEROCK                                                    CASTLEROCK                                                    CASTLEROCK
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★ SELF CATERING                                              ★★★ SELF CATERING

Railway Cottage****                                           Gracenotes***                                                 ocean view***
3 Seacourt Mews, Castlerock, Coleraine BT51 4LG               15 Seacourt Mews, Castlerock BT51 4LG                         14 Ocean View, Main Street, Castlerock BT51 4QZ
Mobile: 07821 017310 Fax: (028) 2763 8438                     Tel: (028) 7084 9328 Mobile: 07903 496672                     Mobile: 07544 921468
Email:                                 Email:                              Email:                                                  
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) Prices on request.                  (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 5) £350                                (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) Prices on request.
Beautifully furnished townhouse very suitable for families.   Cosy town house in Castlerock village. Three bedrooms         Modern two bedroom apartment overlooking the sea with
The house is within 2 minutes walk from the beach,            (twin with two single beds, two rooms with double beds,       uninterrupted panoramic views, only yards from the beach
shops, railway station and championship golf course.          easily sleeps six adults). Very near to beach, golf course    and within a short walking distance of the golf course,
Ideal base for touring the North Coast and Donegal.           and village amenities (including Crusoes Coffee Shop!).       shops, bars and the railway station. Spacious open plan
                                                              Price includes bed linen and electricity (normal usage).      kitchen and lounge with excellent sea views. One bedroom
                                                              Short breaks available - any 2 nights from £120.              has double bed and ensuite with shower and the second
                                                                                                                            bedroom has two single beds. The bedrooms also have
                                                                                                                            sea views.

}f       ;(^zSC€zvgOII
9d                                                            };(^SCzvOII9                                                  }f;(^zSCzvgOII9

                 CLOuGhMILLS                                                     COLERAINE                                                      COLERAINE
                BED & BREAKFAST                                                   ★★★ HOTEL                                                     ★★★ HOTEL

Broughanore                                                   Brown Trout Golf & Country inn***                             Bushtown Hotel***
148 Culcrum Road, Cloughmills BT44 9DT                        209 Agivey Road, Coleraine BT51 4AD                           283 Drumcroone Road, Coleraine BT51 3QT
Tel: (028) 2763 7830                                          Tel: (028) 7086 8209 Fax: (028) 7086 8878                     Tel: (028) 7035 8367 Fax: (028) 7032 0909
Email:                                    Email:                                 Email:
(Rooms 3, ensuite 1) From s£30, d£30 pps                                           
                                                              (Rooms 15, ensuite 15) s£60-£70, d£40-£55 pps                 (Rooms 39, ensuite 39) Prices on request.
Modern bungalow nestling in a quiet farming area off
the A26, convenient to the North Coast and Glens of           Nestling near the River Bann, only 12.8 kilometres from       Country house hotel situated on the outskirts of Coleraine
Antrim, both 30 minutes away, with uninterrupted views        the picturesque Causeway Coast. This old inn is Northern      on the A29. 39 ensuite bedrooms and leisure centre
of the countryside. You are assured of a warm welcome,        Ireland’s 1st golf hotel. We will happily organise golf and   complex, complimentary to all guests, which includes
excellent food and accommodation.                             fishing packages with professional tuition or you can         swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and full fitness gym. Beauty
                                                              just enjoy a relaxing break with friendly locals. Warm        treatments also available. Superb hospitality with open fires
                                                              hospitality and “Taste of Ulster” restaurant will make your   and two restaurants. Big Band country Monday nights, plus
                                                              stay enjoyable.                                               live music at the weekends. Wi-Fi access in public areas,
                                                                                                                            and just 10 minutes from the Giant’s Causeway.

}G(%;zS€                                                      }FGfC             ()%;z}µkvjx€                                }FGf(%;zw!}rµkvjx€

                   COLERAINE                                                                                      COLERAINE
                    ★★★ HOTEL                                                                                  BED & BREAKFAST

                                                                                                                            Breezemount House
                                                                                                                            26 Castlerock Road, Coleraine BT51 3HP
                                                                                                                            Tel: (028) 7034 4615
                                                                                                                            Fax: (028) 7032 8478
                                                                                                                            Mobile: 07701 071302
Lodge Hotel***                                                                                                    
Lodge Road, Coleraine BT52 1NF                                                                                              (Rooms 6, ensuite 6) From s£30, d£25 pps
Tel: (028) 7034 4848 Fax: (028) 7035 4555
Email:                                                                                               Historical listed Georgian house. Ideal
(Rooms 56, ensuite 56) s£65-£68, d£42.50-£43.75 pps
                                                                                                                            location for all tourist attractions on the
                                                                                                                            Causeway Coastal Route and Ulster Way.
Conveniently situated for shopping, golfing, horse
riding or sightseeing. Seven golf courses, one for each
                                                                                                                            5 minutes walk from town centre, 12 eating
day of the week, all within 30 minutes drive. Relaxing                                                                      establishments nearby, Giant’s Causeway
conservatory and reception areas. Choice of 2 restaurants                                                                   20 minutes drive, 12 golf courses within
serving superb food. Entertainment at the weekends.                                                                         5 miles. Group bookings, walkers, bikers and
Renowned for friendly hospitality.
                                                                                                                            cyclists welcome. Secure off-street car park.
                                                                                                                            Groups welcome, discounts apply. Generous
                                                                                                                            breakfast with wide selection. Internet cafe
                                                                                                                            available. Personal attention assured.
}FGf(%;Gzrµkvjx€                                              }FGf()%;^Azµkx€

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                              PAGE 121
                   COLERAINE                                                       COLERAINE                                                     COLERAINE
                BED & BREAKFAST                                                 BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST

Camus House                                                    Carnadoon                                                      Cranagh Hill
27 Curragh Road, Coleraine BT51 3RY                            41a Portstewart Road, Coleraine BT52 1RW                       52 Cranagh Road, Coleraine BT51 3NN
Tel: (028) 7034 2982 Mobile: 07730 386104                      Tel: (028) 7035 7492 Fax: (028) 7035 7492                      Tel: (028) 7035 1138 Mobile: 07712 780405
(Rooms 3) s£32.50, d£30 pps                                    Mobile: 07754 773173                                           Email:
An old, ivy covered house dating back to 1685 and built
                                                               (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£40, d£27.50 pps                         (Rooms 3, ensuite 2) s£26-£30, d£26-£28 pps
on the site of the old Camus Monastery. Overlooking the
lazily meandering River Bann and set in peaceful parkland      Superb modern house with country atmosphere and                Two-storey detached house which has a conservatory.
on a quiet byway. Located on the A54 Coleraine to Kilrea       private parking on the A2 Portstewart Road. Ideal for          Enjoy country walks in a rural setting with National Trust
Road. Turn left in Castleroe Village, Castleroe Forest on      relaxing, walking, golfing, fishing or activity holidays.      property nearby. Situated on National Cycle Network, route
left, house on right. One mile from Castleroe Village.         Convenient to town centre, marina and university.              NCN 93 and Waymarked Walks. Situated in Binevenagh -
                                                                                                                              an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Only 2.5 miles
                                                                                                                              from Coleraine centre. Closed November - March.

}G(%;zx                                                        }Gf(%;Sx€                                                      }F(%;µx€

                   COLERAINE                                                       COLERAINE                                                     COLERAINE
                BED & BREAKFAST                                                 BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST

Crowfield House                                                Glenleary Farm House                                           Greenhill House AA*****
1 Rhee Lane, Curragh Rd, Aghadowey, Coleraine BT51 4BF         12 Glenleary Road, Coleraine BT51 3QY                          24 Greenhill Road, Aghadowey, Coleraine BT51 4EU
Tel: (028) 7086 8253 Mobile: 07770 935131                      Tel: (028) 7034 2919 Fax: (028) 7035 2130                      Tel: (028) 7086 8241 Fax: (028) 7086 8365
Email:                          Mobile: 07749 064224                                           Mobile: 07719 884103
(Rooms 2, ensuite 2) s£45 d£35-£37.50 pps                      Email:                             Email:
Crowfield House is situated in a quiet countryside location
                                                               (Rooms 4, ensuite 4) From s£30-£35, d£27.50-£30 pps            (Rooms 6, ensuite 6) From s£45, d£35 pps
on the banks of the River Rhee some four and a half miles
from Coleraine. Our beautiful en-suite rooms have all          A warm welcome awaits you at our modern family-run             AA Premier Collection 5 stars, 2010. Award-winning
the amenities you would expect from a small luxury B&B         farmhouse found in a peaceful rural setting 3 miles south      Georgian house including Georgina Campbell’s
including flatscreen TVs in each guest room with free          of Coleraine just off the A29. Babysitting and evening meals   Farmhouse of the Year Award, 2003. Rooms well equipped
wireless internet access.                                      can be arranged on request. We are convenient to shops,        with thoughtful extras including complimentary wireless
                                                               restaurants and North Antrim Coast. Closed Christmas.          internet access. Good base for touring the North Coast,
                                                                                                                              Giant’s Causeway, fishing or golfing. On B66 just off A29,
                                                                                                                              7 miles south of Coleraine, 3 miles north of Garvagh.

}Ff         (%;zµSx€                                           }FGfC              (%;zµSx€                                    }G(%;µk

                   COLERAINE                                                       COLERAINE                                                     COLERAINE
                BED & BREAKFAST                                                 BED & BREAKFAST                                               BED & BREAKFAST

Heathfield Farm AA****                                         Lisnagalt Lodge                                                number 10 B&B
31 Drumcroone Road, Killykergan, Coleraine BT51 4EB            108 Ballyrashane Road, Coleraine BT52 2LJ                      10 University Park, Coleraine BT52 1JU
Tel: (028) 2955 8245 Mobile: 07745 209296                      Tel: (028) 7032 8005 Mobile: 07922 212255                      Tel: (028) 7032 1267 Mobile: 07737 390223
Email:                                Email:                           Email:                                                                      (Rooms 3, ensuite 2) s£30-£45, d£20-£34 pps
(Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£40-45, d£30-£32.50 pps                  (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£28, d£25 pps
                                                                                                                              Chalet bungalow situated opposite the University in
Award-winning spacious period farmhouse of old world           Spacious family home in a rural location close to              a quiet cul-de-sac. Local amenities, historical places
charm, surrounded by mature trees and garden on A29            Coleraine, Ballymoney and coastal resorts. Convenient          of interest and places of natural beauty all nearby. All
Garvagh to Coleraine Road. Perfect location - Giant’s          to Giant’s Causeway and North Coast attractions. Rooms         rooms are on the ground floor and newly decorated in
Causeway coast, golfing, fishing River Agivey. Tea,            are spacious. Private car parking Wi-Fi available. Iron        a contemporary style. The breakfast room has a homely
homemade biscuits on arrival. King size beds. Excellent        and ironing board available on request. Warm welcome           atmosphere. Friendly and hospitable host will ensure a
inns for evening meals. NITB 4 star self catering available.   to everyone.                                                   very enjoyable stay.
Featured on ITV This Morning Family Getaways, March 2008.

}GC(%;µkx                                                      }Gf         ()%;^µ€                                            }FGf%;µx€

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                             PAGE 122
                   COLERAINE                                                      COLERAINE                                                            COLERAINE
                BED & BREAKFAST                                                BED & BREAKFAST                                                     BED & BREAKFAST

Quilly Farmhouse                                             Springwell manor Health Farm B&B                                     The Grange B&B
Jean Sherrard                                                7 Ballystrone Road, Macosquin, Coleraine BT51 4JF                    2e Grange Road, Coleraine BT52 1NG
23 Green Road, Coleraine BT51 4LX                            Tel: (028) 7035 3505 Fax: (028) 7034 2843                            Tel: (028) 7034 4961 Mobile: 07801 808840
Tel: (028) 7035 7663                                         Mobile: 07880 813801                                                 Email:
Email:                           Email:                             
(Rooms 2, ensuite 2) From s£32-£35, d£26-£28 pps                                                 (Rooms 5, ensuite 4) s£30, d£30 pps
                                                             (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£45, d£35 pps
Traditional farmhouse on a 100 acre farm with views of                                                                            Attractive bungalow with private parking in a quiet area,
the surrounding countryside and Castlerock. Ideal for        Large modern house, 3 miles west of Coleraine, on the North          just opposite the Lodge Hotel. Only minutes walk to the
touring the Causeway Coast, Roe Valley and Donegal.          Coast. Also offers beauty salon on site. A true sanctuary,           town centre, bus/train station and Causeway Hospital.
Closed December.                                             where you can rejuvenate the body and relax the mind. Set            Central for touring the North Coast and Giant’s Causeway.
                                                             in its own country grounds. All bedrooms are comfortable             We offer the highest standards of comfort and service.
                                                             and simply, yet suitably decorated, with fantastic views.            Facilities include residents’ lounge and mature garden.
                                                             Home from home atmosphere. Closed Christmas.                         A warm welcome assured. Single room available &
                                                                                                                                  biker friendly.

}%;µ€                                                        }FGfC(%;zµkSx€                                                       }FGf(%;µkSx€

                   COLERAINE                                                      COLERAINE                                                            COLERAINE
          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                    ★★★★★/★★★★ SELF CATERING                                                      ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Brown Trout Cottage Suites*****                              Causeway Holiday Homes *****/****                                    Ardagh Cottage****
213-215 Agivey Road, Aghadowey, Coleraine BT51 4AD           36 & 52 Cloonavin Green, Coleraine BT52 1RG                          31 Drumcroone Road, Killykergan, Coleraine BT51 4EB
Tel: (028) 7086 8209 Fax: (028) 7086 8878                    Tel/Fax: (028) 9447 9806 Mobile: 07802 625511                        Tel: (028) 2955 8245 Mobile: 07745 209296
Email:                                Email:                                 Email:                                                             
4 units (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 8) £250-£700                  Units 2 (Sleeps up to 5 & 8) £265-£499                               (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 5) £300-£450
5-star cottage complex in Northern Ireland introduces        The mallow: Modern and stylishly furnished 3 bedroom house           Featured on ITV This Morning, Family Getaways, March
fully-serviced 1 and 2 bedroom cottages. Guests have         with ensuite shower room. Enclosed rear garden, private parking,     2008. Tastefully furnished restored 17th Century dwelling
the advantage of cottage life combined with hotel service.   located in a quiet and secure area. Ideally situated to explore      next to an 18th Century country farmhouse. Furnished
Only 10 miles from the North Coast, this is a perfect        Causeway Coastal Route or play on championship golf courses.         with elegant rustic simplicity, fully fitted kitchen, open fire,
holiday base.                                                Joint bookings with “Admiral” for larger groups possible.            king size beds. Patio garden gives views over farmland to
                                                             The Admiral: This spacious and elegantly styled property
                                                                                                                                  mountains beyond. Causeway, Bushmills Distillery, sandy
                                                             provides for your every need including free internet access. It is
                                                                                                                                  beaches, golf course and Donegal within easy reach.
                                                             situated in a quiet and secure location and is an ideal base for
                                                             visiting world renowned attractions such as the Giants Causeway.
}fC;(^z^µkSC€zvg                                             }fC  ;(^zSCzvgOII                                                    }fC          ;(^zµkzvgOI
OIIJ9d                                                       9d^µ                                                                 I9d

                   COLERAINE                                                      COLERAINE                                                            COLERAINE
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                                   ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Blackberry Cottage****                                       old Coach House****                                                  Springwell Country Cottage****
55c Green Road, Macosquin, Coleraine BT51 4LX                233 Loughan Road, Coleraine BT52 1UD                                 4 Springwell Crescent, Macosquin, Coleraine BT51 4JQ
Tel/Fax: (028) 7035 3414                                     Tel (day): (028) 2766 2212 Tel (evening): 028 2766 3766              Tel: (028) 7035 7768 Mobile: 07808 589583
Mobile: 07723 329578                                         Mobile: 07709 182920                                                 Email:
Email:                      Email:                          
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 7) Prices on request.                                                        (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £280-£425
                                                             (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 6) £260-£350
We have a Rural Traditional Irish Style Cottage. Our                                                                              Charming country cottage set on the edge of Springwell
cottage is fully furnished and is decorated to keep it       Black stone listed cottage, 2 bedrooms (1 double, sleeps 2,          Forest just off A37. The cottage has been refurbished and
in time with the traditional theme. We are located near      1 with single bed and bunk beds, sleeps 3), bathroom,                beautifully decorated. Close to Antrim Coast and Donegal.
Coleraine with Portstewart, Portrush, Castlerock and         living room, kitchen, oil central heating. Secluded rural            Ideal location for touring, hiking and golfing. Fully
Limavady all within a short distance. We have many           setting, 200 metres from River Bann, private jetty for               equipped kitchen. Securely enclosed back garden, deck
fantastic beaches and tourist attractions on our doorstep.   boat owners. Private walkway to river with grassed area              with chairs, table and BBQ. Wi-Fi available.
                                                             and picnic tables. Coleraine approx 3 miles, Portstewart/
                                                             Portrush 6 miles approx.

                                                                                                                                  }f       ;(^zµSCzvgOII
}f;(^C€zvOII9d                                               }fC           ;(^zzvgOIId                                            9d

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                                      PAGE 123
                    COLERAINE                                                         COLERAINE                                                        COLERAINE
              ★★★ SELF CATERING                                                 ★★★ SELF CATERING                                                ★★★ SELF CATERING

Cloyfin Cottage***                                                Lisnagault Cottage***                                            mill Cottage Furrow Farm***
Cloyfin Cottage, 81 Creamery Road, Cloyfin                        12 Ballyversal Road, Coleraine BT52 2ND                          74a Ringrash Road, Coleraine BT51 4LJ
Coleraine BT52 2NE                                                Tel: (028) 7034 3862                                             Tel: (028) 8555 7241 Fax: (028) 8555 7047
Tel/Fax: (028) 7034 3472                                          Mobile: 07933 389562                                             Email:
Mobile: 07780 954713                                              Email:                                 (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £275-£295
                                                                                                                                   A lovely cottage, fully equipped in lovely rural                                            (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £300-£350
(Rooms 2, sleeps up to 5) £250-£350
                                                                  Situated in peaceful rural setting. This is a cosy, tastefully
Set in a peaceful location, this self-catering cottage is         furnished 2 storey cottage with an enclosed garden and
ideal for those wishing to explore the Causeway Coast             parking area. It makes an excellent base from which
or families wanting a quiet base near beaches and local           to tour the North Antrim Coast. Sandy beaches and
activities. Situated on a farm lane, it is tastefully decorated   watersports nearby.
with an emphasis on comfort.

                                                                  }Ff;(^z%^A                          Sµ€zvO
}fC          ;(^zµ€zvgOIId                                        II9d                                                             }C        (C€zvOII9d

                    COLERAINE                                                        CuShENDALL                                                      CuShENDALL
          ★★★/★★ SELF CATERING                                                              HOTEL                                                   BED & BREAKFAST

kings Country Cottages***/**                                      The Glens Hotel                                                  Garron view
66 Ringrash Road, Macosquin, Coleraine BT51 4LJ                   6 Coast Road, Cushendall BT44 0RU                                14 Cloughs Road, Cushendall BT44 0SP
Tel: (028) 7035 1367 Fax: (028) 7035 1367                         Tel: (028) 2177 1223 Fax: (028) 2177 2655                        Tel: (028) 2177 1018 Mobile: 07746 296391
Mobile: 07938 502564                                              Email:                              Email:
Email:                                                                                   (Rooms 14, ensuite 14) s£40-£45, s£32.50-£42.50 pps              (Rooms 2, ensuite 2) From s£27-£30, d£20 pps
7 cottages (sleeps 4-11) £300-£450
                                                                  The Glens Hotel is a small family run hotel located in the       Garron View is a working farm, just outside the pretty
Seven cottages set in a quiet farmyard clachan, convenient        beautiful scenic area of Cushendall in the heart of the          village of Cushendall. It has breathtaking views of Red
to Castlerock and Causeway Coast tourist attractions.             Glens of Antrim. At the Hotel we offer guests the warmest        Bay and Garron Point. Garron View is an ideal base for
One cottages are suitable for persons with disabilities.          of welcomes in friendly and homely surroundings.                 visiting the Glens as well as the Causeway Coast. You will
Pets welcome. Group bookings accepted.                                                                                             experience good hospitality and great home cooking at
                                                                                                                                   this wonderful establishment.

}fC          (^SC€zvOII9dP                                        }GfC()%;zrµkvjx€                                                 }FGfC              ()%;zµkSx€

                   CuShENDALL                                                        CuShENDALL                                                      CuShENDALL
                 BED & BREAKFAST                                                   BED & BREAKFAST                                                  BED & BREAKFAST

Glendale                                                          Lurig view                                                       Riverside
46 Coast Road, Cushendall BT44 0RX                                38 Glen Road, Glenariffe Ballymena BT44 0RF                      14 Mill Street, Cushendall BT44 0RR
Tel: (028) 2177 1495 Mobile: 07784 646651                         Tel: (028) 2177 1618 Mobile: 07715 722215                        Tel: (028) 2177 1655 Fax: (028) 2177 1655
Email:                               Email:                                     Email:
(Rooms 6, ensuite 6) From s£30, d£22.50 pps                                                 
                                                                  (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£35-£40, d£27.50-£30 pps                   (Rooms 2, ensuite 2) From s£35, d£27.50 pps
Within easy walking distance of the village, beach and
golf course. Glendale specialises in providing a high             Close to Waymarked Walks, beach and forest park                  Riverside is a small family run B&B with a friendly relaxed
level of hospitality. Television lounge and internet access       Accommodation on the ground floor is also available.             atmosphere. Just 15 minutes drive to Glenariff Forest Park
for guest use.                                                    The village and restaurants are nearby and it is ideal           with it’s scenic walks and waterfalls, easy driving distance
                                                                  for touring the Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills Distillery,          to Giant Causeway and the Old Bushmills distillery.
                                                                  Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and Glenariff Forest Park.            Situated in the centre of the village, close to all amenities.
                                                                  Closed Christmas and New Year.                                   Secluded patio for guest’s use,secure parking,room safes,
                                                                                                                                   TV in bedrooms, free Wi-Fi, and residents TV lounge.

}FGfC              ()%;zµSx                                       }FGf           (%;Sx€                                            }f()%;µSx€

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                                    PAGE 124
                   CuShENDALL                                                        CuShENDALL                                                  CuShENDALL
                 BED & BREAKFAST                                                   BED & BREAKFAST                                        ★★★★★ SELF CATERING

The Burn                                                           The meadows                                                 Antrim Coast Cottages - The Fairways
63 Ballyeamon Road (B14), Cushendall BT44 0SN                      81 Coast Road, Cushendall, Ballymena BT44 0RX               & The Links*****
Tel/Fax: (028) 2177 1733 Mobile: 07763 974277                      Tel: (028) 2177 2020 Fax: (028) 2177 1641                   20 Coast Road, Cushendall, Ballymena BT44 0RY
Email:                                       Email:                        Tel: (028) 2764 1437 or (028) 2177 1680                                                               Mobile: 07927 628072 or 07708 664979
(Rooms 3, ensuite 3) From s£25-£40, d£24-£25 pps                   (Rooms 6, ensuite 6) From s£35, d£25 pps                    Email:
Use The Burn as a base to tour the wonderful Antrim Coast:         Lounge, conservatory and private parking. An ideal          Units 2 (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £350-£575
Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and Bushmills         base for touring the Antrim Coast.
Distillery. Explore the fabulous hill-walking country that                                                                     Luxurious boutique cottages in the heart of Cushendall
surrounds us (we are on the Ulster/Moyle Way), return to a                                                                     village. Close to hotel, restaurants, shops and bars.
turf fire, tea and tranquillity. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings                                                               Spectacular views can be enjoyed of the golf course, Sea
in our secluded garden with its own waterfall and burn. We                                                                     of Moyle and beyond. These modern cottages offer all the
are a 20 minute walk from Cushendall.                                                                                          amenities that you would expect from 5 star luxury; plasma
                                                                                                                               TV, integral music system and spa bath. Come enjoy the
                                                                                                                               splendours of the glens and causeway coast, in comfort.
}FGfC              ()%;zµkSx€                                      }FGf(;%Sx€                                                  I9d

                   CuShENDALL                                                        CuShENDALL                                                  CuShENDALL
           ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                               ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING

Coast Road Cottage*****                                            Lurigedan House*****                                        mcCloeys Cottage at ossian’s Grave*****
20B Coast Road, Cushendall, Ballymena BT44 0RY                     38 Coast Road, Cushendall BT44 0RX                          36a Glenaan Road, Cushendall, Ballymena BT44 0TG
Tel: (028) 2075 2083 Mobile: 07973 924888                          Tel: (028) 2177 1701 Mobile: 07801 981876                   Tel: (028) 7034 4357 Fax: (028) 7034 4357
Email:                                   Email:                                Mobile: 07720 286538                                                                            Email:
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 5) £500-£600                                (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £350-£595               
                                                                                                                               (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £320-£440
This 3 bedroom townhouse has facilities for 5 people.              Five-star accommodation within the town boundary of
It has an open-plan living, kitchen and dining area,               Cushendall Village. Fully enclosed back garden with         Traditional 300 year old farm cottage restored to 5 star
with stunning views over the beautiful golf course and             garage. Ideal base for touring the Glens of Antrim and      standard. Has ample parking and patio area and 2 ensuite
Scotland. Luxuriously furnished throughout.                        Causeway Coast.                                             bedrooms. Open plan living/dining area features a vaulted
                                                                                                                               ceiling, traditional fire, satellite TV and DVD. Please
                                                                                                                               enquire about our accessibility.

                                                                   }fC         ;(^z^SC€zvgO
}f;(^z^SCzvgOII9                                                   II9d                                                        }f;(^^zvgOIId

                   CuShENDALL                                                        CuShENDALL                                                  CuShENDALL
           ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                                 ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Tavnaghoney Cottages*****                                          Blacksmith’s Cottage****                                    Glenaan Cottage****
37 Glenaan Road, Cushendall BT44 0TG                               4A Gaults Road, Cushendall, Ballymena BT44 0SR              31 Glenann Road, Cushendall, Ballymena BT44 0TG
Tel: (028) 2177 2416 Fax: (028) 2177 2360                          Tel: (028) 2177 1651 Mobile: 07734 682634                   Tel: (028) 2076 2385 Mobile: 07709 851560
Mobile: 07976 772897                                               Email:                    Email:
Email:                                                                                                   (Rooms 3, sleeps 5) £325-£425                               (Rooms 3, sleeps 5) £250-£450
Units 3 (sleeps up to 6) £395-£515
                                                                                                                               Beautifully restored white-washed farmhouse. Built high
                                                                   Luxurious 4-star cottage situated in a quiet and rural
Luxury accommodation nestled in one of the Nine Glens                                                                          in the Glens early in the last century, it offers breathtaking
                                                                   location within easy walking distance of the village of
of Antrim, on the North’s scenic coastal route. Purpose-                                                                       views to the village of Cushendall and across the rolling
                                                                   Cushendall. Ideal base to explore attractions such as the
built white-washed cottages offering a base for local                                                                          hills to Scotland and the Mull of Kintyre.
                                                                   Glens of Antrim, Glenariff Forest Park, Giant’s Causeway,
sight-seeing or a retreat in the tranquillity of Glenaan.
                                                                   Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and Murlough Bay.
Purpose-built holiday homes, finished to a very high
standard, Tavnaghoney Cottages are set within their own
enclosed grounds and offer stunning views over the
surrounding countryside.

}Ff;(^^€zvgOId                                                     }f;(^zSC€zvgOII9d                                           }fC          ;(^zSC€zvOII9d

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                                  PAGE 125
                  CuShENDALL                                                     CuShENDALL                                                     CuShENDALL
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Lurig Holiday Cottages****                                     Sandstones****                                                 Siopa milséan Beag****
72 Ballyemon Road, Cushendall BT44 0SN                         14 Shore Street, Cushendall BT44 0NA                           19 Mill Street, Cushendall, Ballymena BT44 0RR
Tel: (028) 2177 1718 Mobile: 07752 457489                      Tel: (028) 2177 1218                                           Mobile: 07712 280008
Email:                             Mobile: 07984 893942                                           Email:                                     Email:                   
3 cottages (sleeps 4-6 each) £330-£475                                                 (Rooms 3, sleeps 6) £250-£395
                                                               (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 7) £320-£470
Situated in a quiet rural setting, in an Area of Outstanding                                                                  Siopa Milséan Beag is a tastefully-refurbished listed,
Natural Beauty, close to safe sandy beaches and the            Sandstones is a historically listed Irish cottage with large   3 bedroom townhouse, situated right in the centre of
picturesque village of Cushendall. Ideal location to           private garden. Situated in Cushendall village near all        Cushendall, at the heart of the Antrim Glens. It is an ideal
explore the 9 Glens of Antrim, Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-      essential facilities. Ideal base for exploring Antrim Coast    location to relax and enjoy the local area leaving the car
a-Rede Rope Bridge, Bushmills Distillery and Glenariff         and Glens from Larne to Giant’s Causeway and Portrush.         behind, and lies within 45 minutes drive of Bushmills
Waterfalls/Forest Park. Enclosed garden, pets welcome-                                                                        and Portrush. Siopa Milséan Beag sleeps 6 people
prior permission recommended. Disabled access.                                                                                comfortably, and comes with a fully-equipped modern
                                                                                                                              kitchen & bathroom.

}f       ;(^kSC€zvOII9d                                        f;(^zSC€zvgOII9d                                               f;(^zSC€zvOII9d

                  CuShENDALL                                                     CuShENDALL                                                     CuShENDALL
       ★★★★/★★★ SELF CATERING                                                ★★★ SELF CATERING                                              ★★★ SELF CATERING

Antrim Glens Cottages****/***                                  Ballymacdoe Cottage***                                         Dalriada Cottage***
Old School House, Cushendall BT44 0RR                          3 Dalriada Gardens, Cushendall, Ballymena BT44 0QG             12 Dalriada Avenue, Cushendall BT44 0QE
Tel: (028) 2177 2990 Fax: (028) 2177 2129                      Mobile: 07753 803266                                           Tel: (028) 2177 1400 Mobile: 07821 345857
Email:                            Email:                           Email:                                                     
7 cottages (sleeps up to 7) £260-£655                          (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £230-£550                            (Rooms 4, sleeps up to 8) £320-£490
Quality accommodation in the magnificent Glens of              Ballymacdoe Cottage offers elevated views of golf course       Dalriada Cottage is a detached, 4-bedroom bungalow
Antrim. Luxury self-catering holiday cottages located          and beach. Relaxing base for touring Antrim Glens and          that sleeps 8 people, situated in Cushendall. One minute
along the Antrim Coast Road near Ballycastle, Cushendun,       Coast. Shops, restaurants, pubs and beach all within 200       walk to the sandy beach, golf club, sailing and boat club,
Cushendall, Glenariff and Carnlough. All cottages are          yards. Non-smoking. On-site parking. Large enclosed            fishing areas, village shops, pubs and restaurants. Pets
fully equipped with every convenience to make your stay        garden. Perfect for family holidays, walking and golf          very welcome.
enjoyable. Many of the properties have children’s play         breaks. Please call for availability and prices.
equipment in the garden.

                                                               }fC          ;(^zSC€zvgOI
}f;(^zkCzvOIId                                                 I9d                                                            }fC         ;(^zSC€zvOI9

                  CuShENDALL                                                     CuShENDALL                                                     CuShENDALL
              ★★★ SELF CATERING                                              ★★★ SELF CATERING                                              ★★★ SELF CATERING

portnagolan House***                                           Tavnaghan Cottage***                                           The Seaview Apartment***
17 Layde Road, Cushendall BT44 0NQ                             18A Tavnaghan Lane, Cushendall BT44 0SY                        12A Dalriada Park, Cushendall BT44 0QH
Tel: (028) 2177 1279 Mobile: 07813 600698                      Tel: (028) 2177 1671                                           Tel: (028) 2177 1555 Mobile: 07708 026888
Email:                                 Email:                           Email:                                                          
(Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £350-£400                            (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 5) £315-£445                            (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £280-£420
Beautiful apartment on 2nd floor in a Victorian house,         Charming country cottage. Well-equipped. Lovely                Ideally situated at a quiet location, beside a small jetty
set in large garden, 5 minutes walk from Cushendall.           gardens. Panoramic mountain views. Pubs, restaurants,          with rock pools. Superb views over Red Bay. Rear
Stunning views over the bay. Drawing room, 2 bedrooms,         golfing and beaches nearby. Great base for exploring the       entrance to beach and golf course. Convenient to village.
kitchen, dining room and bathroom. Sky TV and table            Antrim Coast, Glenariff Forest Park and Giant’s Causeway.      Ideal base for exploring the Glens of Antrim, Causeway
tennis available. A cot is also available.                     BBQ, garden furniture, towels and linen supplied. A warm       Coast and Giant’s Causeway.
                                                               welcome awaits you. Euro accepted.

}fC         (^µSC€zvOII9d                                      } f C ;( S C € v O I I 9 d                                     9d

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                              PAGE 126
                  CuShENDuN                                                    CuShENDuN                                                      CuShENDuN
                ★★ GUEST HOUSE                                           ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★ SELF CATERING

The villa Farmhouse**                                        Agolagh House****                                              Beachview Cottages****
185 Torr Road, Cushendun BT44 0PU                            Knocknacarry Road, Cushendun BT44 0NS                          185B Torr Road, Cushendun BT44 0PU
Tel: (028) 2176 1252 Fax: (028) 2176 1252                    Tel: (028) 2888 5825                                           Tel/Fax: (028) 2176 1540 Mobile: 07766 868625
Mobile: 07789 214297                                         Mobile: 07740 959435                                           Email:
Email:                            Email:                           
Email:                           (Rooms 4, sleeps up to 6) £550-£625                            Units 4 (Sleeps up to 8) £320-£530
(Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£35, d£30 pps                          Listed, period 2-storey farmhouse on the edge of the           4 luxury cottages overlooking Cushendun Bay. Situated
                                                             National Trust Village of Cushendun. Set in its own            1 mile from pretty village. Four cottages available. Fully
Overlooking the sandy beach and Cornish style village        mature grounds running down to the River Dun. A gentle         furnished with pine kitchens, timber floors and open
of Cushendun. views of gardens. Runner up most               stroll to the village shop, pubs and sandy beach of            fireplace. Winner of the Rural Cottage of the Year 2004
attractive Farm/Country house 1981. Runner up Houses         Cushendun Bay.                                                 and the winner of Glens of the Year 2003 and 2004.
in Harmony with The Countryside 1988. Featured in
cookery programme - Gourmet Ireland. All diets catered
for, wonderful breakfasts! Seafood speciality. Tudor style
house featured on Australian TVs Good Morning Australia.
A warm welcome awaits!
}FGf(%;µx€                                                   }f;(^z^SCzvgOII9d                                              }fC         (^zSCzvgOII9d

                  CuShENDuN                                                    CuShENDuN                                                      CuShENDuN
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                     ★★★★/★★★ SELF CATERING                                                 ★★★ SELF CATERING

Drumfaskey****                                               Seaside Cottages****/***                                       irragh Cottage***
153 Glendun Road, Cushendun BT44 0TF                         Mrs. K McNeill                                                 10 Irragh Lane, Cushendun BT44 0TB
Tel: (028) 2176 1239                                         41 Glendun Road, Cushendun BT44 0PY                            Tel: (028) 2176 1264
Email:                                  Tel: (028) 2176 1610                                           Mobile: 07711 750052                                           Email:                             Email:
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 5) Prices on request.                            
                                                             Units 5 (sleeps 5-8) £290-£510                                 (Rooms 4, sleeps up to 8) Prices on request.
Luxury cottage overlooking the beautiful valley of
Glendun. Ideal setting for that rejuvenating break. Within   Seaside Cottage, panoramic seaviews, beach 65 metres,          Irragh Cottage is built on the townland of Irragh, Glendun.
easy reach of Giant’s Causeway, Ballycastle and Antrim       village 0.5 mile. Fisherman’s - traditional cottage at mouth   It overlooks Glendun viaduct on the main Cushendall /
Coast. Guests can enjoy farm walks with spectacular          of Glendun River, perfect for fishing/watching seals play.     Ballycastle road.
views. Special rates for two sharing                         Glendun House & Glenview Cottage - ideal retreat for
                                                             families, 1 mile to village and 0.5 miles to beach.
                                                             Central location for touring North Antrim Coast.

                                                                                                                            }fC         ;(^z^µkSC€zvg
};(^zµzvgIId                                                 }fC         ;SC(zvgOII9d                                       OII9d

                  CuShENDuN                                                    CuShENDuN                                                         DuNADRY
             ★★★ SELF CATERING                                            ★★★ SELF CATERING                                                    ★★★★ HOTEL

The Barnhouse at Drumkeerin***                               The Coach House***                                             Dunadry Hotel****
201A Torr Road, Cushendun BT44 0PU                           185a Torr Rd, Cushendun BT44 0PU                               2 Islandreagh Drive, Dunadry BT41 2HA
Tel: (028) 2176 1554 Mobile: 07704 704677                    Tel: (028) 2176 1252 Fax: (028) 2176 1252                      Tel: (028) 9443 4343 Fax: (028) 9443 3389
Email:                             Mobile: 07789 214297                                           Email:                                 Email:                    
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £500-£575                          Email:                   
                                                                                         (Rooms 83, ensuite 83) s£69-£120, d£40-£120 pps
The Barnhouse overlooks Cushendun Bay with stunning
                                                             (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £280-£395
views from every window. It offers quality accommodation                                                                    A truly magical atmosphere awaits guests at this hotel
to those wishing to experience a relaxing break in an Area   Set high on a farm overlooking Cushendun Village and           where the warmth of yesterday meets the style of today.
of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Behind this well-equipped     beach. Within reach of cycling, horse riding, walking, golf,   Conveniently located only 20 mins from Belfast and
house is a French boule court, and a woodland walk.          shops, swimming, mountain climbing and activity centre.        enroute to the Causeway Coast, this legendary hotel
                                                             A warm welcome awaits each traveller. Panoramic views.         invites you to create memories of your own in this rare
                                                             TVs in all bedrooms, CD player, DVD player, varied library     and beautiful place, renowned for delicious food, warm
                                                             of books. Ideal for a relaxing holiday.                        welcomes and a relaxed atmosphere. Leisure facilities
                                                                                                                            and private car park.
}f;C           (^z^µSC€zvOI                                  }f;(^z^µSC€zvgOI
I9d                                                          I9d                                                            }FGf()%;zw!}rµkSjx€

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                              PAGE 127
                    DuNADRY                                                        DuNGIVEN                                              GIANT’S CAuSEWAY
                BED & BREAKFAST                                          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                                       ★★ HOTEL

Wentworth Country House                                        magheramore Courtyard*****                                    Causeway Hotel**
30 Rathmore Road, Dunadry BT41 2HG                             59 Magheramore Road, Dungiven BT47 4SW                        40 Causeway Road, Giant’s Causeway BT57 8SU
Tel: (028) 9443 2100 Mobile: 07960 229899                      Tel: (028) 7774 1942 Fax: (028) 7774 0466                     Tel: (028) 2073 1226 Fax: (028) 2073 2552
Email:                       Mobile: 07803 077410                                          Email:                                  Email:                         
(Rooms 3, ensuite 3) From s£30, d£25 pps                                                        (Rooms 28, ensuite 28) Prices on request.
                                                               Cottages 3 (sleeps 4-6) £270-£400
White, split level, country family home, situated in quiet                                                                   Situated on the North Antrim Coast at the entrance to the
scenic surroundings. Open views from every window              3 award winning luxury 5-star historically listed cottages,   world famous Giant’s Causeway. This old family hotel
and superb walks around the adjoining countryside. It is       centrally situated in an area of outstanding natural          established in 1836, has been tastefully renovated and
close to a popular bar/restaurant and a 4 star hotel is less   beauty to explore the Northern part of Ireland. Open log      restored to provide modern facilities while retaining its old
than 1 mile away.                                              fires and ensuite bedrooms throughout. Fully equipped         grandeur and charm. TV, tea/coffee making facilities and
                                                               games room and virtual farmyard play area. Green energy       bathrooms with ensuite.
                                                               produced by wind powered turbine. Recycling area.
                                                               Private signed walks for guests.

}FGfC();%zµSx€                                                 f;(^z^µk€zvgOIIdP                                             Gf(%;zkSj€

            GIANT'S CAuSEWAY                                               GIANT'S CAuSEWAY                                              GIANT'S CAuSEWAY
                 ★★★ GUEST INN                                                    GUEST HOUSE                                                BED & BREAKFAST

Smugglers inn***                                               Carnside Guest House                                          Ardtrabane House
306 Whitepark Road, Giant’s Causeway BT57 8SN                  23 Causeway Road, Bushmills BT57 8SU                          66 Causeway Road, Bushmills BT57 8SX
Tel: (028) 2073 1577 Fax: (028) 2073 1072                      Tel: (028) 2073 1337 Mobile: 07779 647395                     Tel: (028) 2073 1007 Mobile: 07743 118437
Email:                               Email:                    Email:                                                  
(Rooms 12, ensuite 12) s£39-£85, d£30-£45 pps                  (Rooms 10, ensuite 10)                                        (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£40-£80, d£25-£40 pps
                                                               s£27.50-£32.50, d£27.50-£32.50 pps
Traditional Inn overlooking the Giant’s Causeway. With                                                                       This modern family home can claim to be the closest
beautiful views of the Donegal Hills and Scottish Isles.       Elevated site with spectacular views of coast. 10 minutes     habitation to the actual Giants Causeway itself. Walk from
Friendly atmosphere, bistro and á la carte dining. Perfect     walk from Giants Causeway and 3 restaurants. Carrick-a-       Ardtrabane House and within one minute you are on the
location for exploring the Causeway Coast and Glens of         Rede Rope Bridge, Dunluce Castle and Bushmills Distillery     network of pathways that lead directly to the world famous
Antrim. One mile from Bushfoot Golf Club and only              nearby. Golf, fishing, watersports and horse riding           rock formations. Spacious comfortable accommodation,
4 miles from Royal Portrush.                                   nearby. Private carpark; laundry and kennels available.       a warm welcome and superb breakfast awaits you.
                                                               Bedrooms ensuite with TV; 2 visitors sitting rooms.
                                                               Can accommodate walking/art groups etc. 1 room
                                                               wheelchair friendly.

}FGf           (%;µkvjx                                        }FGfC             (%;zµkx€                                    }FGfC(%;µSx€

            GIANT'S CAuSEWAY                                               GIANT'S CAuSEWAY                                              GIANT’S CAuSEWAY
           ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                     ★★★★★/★★★★ SELF CATERING                                              ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Blackrock House*****                                           Ballylinny Cottages*****/****                                 Harebell Cottage - Giant’s Causeway****
25 Runkerry Road, Bushmills BT57 8SZ                           7 Causeway Road, Bushmills BT57 8SU                           9 Aird Cottages, Causeway Road, Bushmills BT57 8AR
Tel: (028) 9087 4244 / (028) 9066 2129                         Tel: (028) 2073 1683 Mobile: 07771 886516                     Tel: (028) 9076 8532 Mobile: 07801 278907
Mobile: 07812 198594                                           Email:                              Email:
Email:                                                                                    Units 11 (sleeps 4-7) £270-£650                               (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £270-£450
(Rooms 4, sleeps up to 8) £350-£700
                                                               Giant’s Causeway half a mile. 11 quality cottages of          2 bedroom, 2 bathroom cottage (1 twin and 1 king size
Listed house circa 1750 with modern interior. Located          traditional style and with breathtaking scenery. On family    ensuite). Located just half a mile from Giant’s Causeway,
on the scenic North Antrim coast within easy walking           farm. Nearby golf, walking and fishing. Wheelchair access.    with panoramic sea views over the Causeway Coast
distance of the Giant’s Causeway, Bushfoot beach and           Open gas fire creates that homely feeling. Tennis court and   through large barn-style windows. Furnished in pine,
is an ideal location for visiting many key attractions.        games room. Meeting room on site. Weekends available          and with natural pine and slate floors throughout. Rates
Blackrock House is user friendly, peaceful, warm,              (not July and August). Highly commended in NI tourism         include oil fired central heating, electricity and linen.
comfortable and has a large enclosed garden with               awards on 3 occasions.
patio/sun area.

}fC;(^zkC€zvgOIId                                              II9d                                                          }fC;(zSCzvOIId

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                             PAGE 128
           GIANT'S CAuSEWAY                                            GIANT'S CAuSEWAY                                            GIANT'S CAuSEWAY
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                         ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                            ★★★ SELF CATERING

isle Cottage****                                           Tonduff Cottage****                                          Giants Causeway Holiday Cottages***
Paul McAlister                                             130D Causeway Road, Bushmills BT57 8SX                       71 Causeway Road, Bushmills BT57 8SX
234 Whitepark Road, Lisnagunogue, Bushmills BT57 8SP       Tel: (028) 7082 2078 Mobile: 07718 914700                    Tel: (028) 2073 1673 Fax: (028) 2073 2533
Mobile: 07976 531313                                       Email:                               Email:
Email:                                                                                       (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £250-£415                          (8 units, sleeps up to 6) £275-£510
(Rooms 5, sleeps up to 9) Prices on website.
                                                           Situated on the Antrim coast - 4.5 miles from Bushmills      Superb cottages (some with sea views) just 1km from the
                                                           and 1.5 miles from Giant’s Causeway. This cottage has        Causeway and convenient to coastal walks, beaches,and
Located near the Giant’s Causeway in the picturesque
                                                           been built using natural materials in a traditional style.   attractions such as Dunluce castle, and Carrick-a-Rede
village of Lisnagunogue. Isle Cottage has 5 bedrooms;
                                                           Nearby golf, walking and fishing. Washing machine            rope bridge. Laundry area and games room on site. Cosy
1 ensuite, a bathroom and shower, in addition to a large
                                                           on site.                                                     interiors with turf fires and all home comforts, including
1st floor living/dining area with sea views to Rathlin
                                                                                                                        Wi-Fi. Restaurants within walking distance. Special
Island. This is an excellent location for exploring the
                                                                                                                        midweek offers available during low and mid season.
Giant’s Causeway and all of the attractions of the North
Coast. The lockable garage offers storage for bicycles
and wetsuits.
}(^kSvOII                                                  }fC;(^z€zvOIId                                               IdP

           GIANT’S CAuSEWAY                                                    GLENARIFF                                                   GLENARIFF
             ★★★ SELF CATERING                                             BED & BREAKFAST                                        ★★★★★ SELF CATERING

Hunter’s Cottage Giant’s Causeway***                       Dieskirt Farm                                                Hazelwood*****
110A Causeway Road, Bushmills BT57 8SX                     104 Glen Road, Glenariff BT44 0RG                            Hazelwood, 116 Glen Road, Glenariff BT44 0RG
Tel: (028) 9266 1745 Mobile: 07894 352559                  Tel: (028) 2177 1308 Fax: (028) 2177 1185                    Tel: (028) 2177 1440 Mobile: 07872 169851
Email:                               Mobile: 07801 346792                                         Email:
(Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £420 per week.                   Email:                        
                                                                                        (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 5) £290-£530
Architect designed holiday cottage just 1 mile from
                                                           (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£35-£40, d£27-£30 pps
the Giants Causeway World Heritage Site. The cottage                                                                    Luxury accommodation with magnificent views over
is situated in “Tonduff Clachan” with views over open      Located in a peaceful, tranquil and rural setting, on a      Glenariff. One minute walk to licensed restaurant and
countryside towards the causeway headland and the          500 acre sheep farm nestled at the foot of the Glenariff     forest park/waterfalls. Ideal location for touring the
National Trust Cliff Path.                                 Mountains. Own private walks and spectacular views of        Giant’s Causeway and Glens of Antrim.
                                                           the Antrim Coast and Scottish Hills. It is a 5 minute walk
                                                           from Glenariff Forest Park, waterfalls and Laragh Lodge
                                                           Restaurant. Giants Causeway /attractions nearby.
                                                           Excellent breakfast served. Free Wi-Fi.

}f(^SCzvgOIId                                              }GC(%;S€                                                     }f;(^z^SC€zvgOIId

                   GLENARIFF                                                   GLENARIFF                                                    GLENARM
          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                               BED & BREAKFAST

maisies*****                                               Windyridge****                                               Castleview B&B
180A Garron Road, Glenariff, Ballymena BT44 0RA            4 Bay View Park, Glenariff, Waterfoot BT44 0SA               15b Altmore Street, Glenarm, Ballymena BT44 0AR
Tel: (028) 2177 1171 Mobile: 07702 479 618                 Tel: (028) 2177 1218                                         Tel: (028) 2884 1587
Email:                                 Mobile: 07984 893942                                         Mobile: 07729 630843                                         Email:                           Email:
(Rooms 4, sleeps up to 7) £320-£550                                    
                                                           (Rooms 4, sleeps up to 8) £320-£470                          (Rooms 2, ensuite 1) Prices on request.
Modern house with wonderful sea, mountain and beach
views, looking over Cushendall Bay and Scotland. Four      Luxury 4 bedroom house at the foot of Glenariff Glen         Castleview B&B is situated in the picturesque village of
bedrooms, sleeps 7-2 doubles, 1 single and 1 twin,         (Queen of the Glens). Easy walking distance to village       Glenarm on the Antrim Coast. The rear of the house offers
2 bathrooms. Modern kitchen with separate dining area      and beach. Panoramic views of mountains and sea.             excellent views of Glenarm Castle and the Barbican Gate
and living area. Detached garage and large garden to                                                                    Lodge. A large lounge with satellite TV and a sun room
front and rear.                                                                                                         with balcony are provided for guests.

}f;(^z^SCzvgOII9d                                          }f;(^zSC€zvgOII9d                                            }Gf()%µx

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                         PAGE 129
                      GLENARM                                                          GLENARM                                                   ISLANDMAGEE
              ★★★ SELF CATERING                                                 ★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING

Glenarm Holiday Townhouses -                                      Glenview***                                                    north irish Lodge - Barn Cottage*****
Toberwine and Altmore***                                          Glenview, 16 Springhill, Glenarm BT44 0AW                      161b Low Road, Islandmagee BT40 3RF
46&48 Toberwine Street, Glenarm BT44 0AS                          Tel: (00353) 1 8013852 Mobile: (00353) 851 244877              Tel: (028) 9338 2246 Fax: (028) 9338 2246
Tel: (028) 2884 1087 Fax: (028) 2884 1298                         Email:                                    Mobile: 07595 351638
Mobile: 07804 636246                                              (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £275-£325                            Email:
                                                                  Glenview enjoys village life with contemporary modern                                                                                                        (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 5) £450-£550
                                                                  living. Living accommodation boasts spectacular views
Units 2 (sleeps 6-7) £250-£350
                                                                  of the beautiful coast and stunning scenery of the Glen.       Multi award-winning cottage set on the Antrim Coast,
Two luxury, self-catering townhouses in Glenarm                   Situated within walking distance to the beach, pubs,           just 30 minutes drive from Belfast City centre. Westward
conservation village, on the Causeway Coastal Route, one          shops and playground. Gateway to the Glens of Antrim           facing witnessing spectacular sunsets. Superb sea views
of the World’s great road journeys. The townhouses have           and near to the Giant’s Causeway, this is truly an area of     over Larne Lough. Cottage fully refurbished in 2009.
been restored by a local regeneration group to retain the style   outstanding natural beauty.                                    Guaranteed spotlessly clean on every arrival.
and atmosphere of the Georgian period while including all
modern facilities necessary for a relaxing and comfortable
stay. Private parking and gardens; turf fire on arrival.

}f       (µSC€zgOII9d                                             }f;(^SC€zvOII9d                                                }f;(^z^k€zvgOII

                 ISLANDMAGEE                                                      ISLANDMAGEE                                                           KELLS
       ★★★★/★★★ SELF CATERING                                                        SELF CATERING                                          ★★★★ SELF CATERING

maiden’s view**** and Fisherman’s Leap***                         Gobbins Loft                                                   vale Farm****
69a/77 Portmuck Road, Islandmagee, Larne BT40 3TP                 65 Gobbins Road, Islandmagee, Larne BT40 3TY                   128 Steeple Road, Edenvale, Kells BT42 3NP
Tel: (028) 9338 2252                                              Tel: (028) 9335 3536 Mobile: 07850 853853                      Tel: (028) 2589 8030 Fax: (028) 2589 8030
Email:                      Email:                            Mobile: 07850 375365
(Rooms 2, sleeps 4 & 5) £280-£420                                                                 Email:
                                                                  (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) Prices on request.         
maiden’s view - recently converted stone barn, situated
                                                                                                                                 (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 5) £275-£425
on headland with magnificent views of Antrim Hills and            Set in 14 acres of private land at the sea, with a path to a
Mull of Kintyre. One double ensuite and 1 twin bedroom            pebble beach, this self catering apartment offers privacy      Comfortable farmhouse, convenient to all parts of
with attached bathroom/shower. Fully equipped kitchen.            and scenic beauty. Comprised of 2 en-suite bedrooms,           Northern Ireland. Panoramic view of Antrim Hills, Bann
Enclosed garden with ample parking. Short walk to beach.          both with stunning sea views, a fully fitted kitchen/dining    Valley and Sperrins. Fully-equipped kitchen including
                                                                  room/lounge. It offers private parking, use of gardens and     dishwasher and microwave. Fishing, pony trekking and
Fisherman’s Leap - one of three original coastguard
                                                                  also the availability of sauna, steam room, hot tub, small     golf nearby. Pets by arrangement. Weekend breaks.
cottages, situated above Portmuck Harbour. With its small
                                                                  gym and extensive library.
sandy beach, it is perfect for families.

}     f;(^zzvgOId                                                 };(^zµkzvgOII9dP                                               }fC         ;(^z^zvgOIIdP

                         LARNE                                                            LARNE                                                         LARNE
                 ★★ GUEST HOUSE                                                   ★★ GUEST HOUSE                                                ★★ GUEST HOUSE

Derrin Guest House ** / AA****                                    manor Guest House **/AA****                                    Seaview**
2 Princes Gardens, Larne BT40 1RQ                                 23 Olderfleet Road, Harbour Highway, Larne BT40 1AS            154-156 Curran Road, Larne BT40 1BX
Tel: (028) 2827 3269                                              Tel: (028) 2827 3305 Fax: (028) 2826 0505                      Tel: (028) 2827 2438 Fax: (028) 2827 2438
Email:                                     Email:                          Email:                                                              
(Rooms 7, ensuite 7) s£35-£40, d£27.50-£29.50 pps                 (Rooms 8, ensuite 8) From s£30, d£27.50 pps                    (Rooms 8, ensuite 7) s£25-£33, d£27.50-£30 pps
Derrin House is a beautifully appointed, award                    Early breakfasts catered for. AA 4 stars (2009). Two           Well established guesthouse, all rooms with colour TV
winning Bed and Breakfast (B&B) offering AA four star             minutes walk from ferry terminal and train station. Secure     and hospitality tray. Guest lounge with Sky TV. Convenient
accommodation in a quiet residential area close to the            parking. All rooms have Wi-Fi access and mini fridge.          to Glens of Antrim, Carnfunnock Country Park, 2 minutes
bustling town centre of Larne and the ferry terminal.             Closed Christmas.                                              from Larne Harbour and the famous Coast Road to the
Internet access and free Wi-Fi available.                                                                                        Giant’s Causeway. Personal attention and warm welcome
                                                                                                                                 assured. All rooms have Wi-Fi access.

}FGfC              (%;µkx€                                        }Gf()%;µkx                                                     }GfC           ()%;µkvx€

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                               PAGE 130
                       LARNE                                                        LARNE                                                       LARNE
                BED & BREAKFAST                                              BED & BREAKFAST                                          ★★★ SELF CATERING

Beltoy Farmhouse                                             inverbann                                                   Bayends Cottage***
45 Ballywillan Road, Gleno, Larne BT40 3LH                   7 Glenarm Road, Larne BT40 1BN                              36 Browns Bay Road, Islandmagee, Larne BT40 3RX
Tel: (028) 9337 3725 Fax: (028) 9337 3725                    Tel: (028) 2827 2524 Mobile: 07944 437439                   Tel: (028) 9338 2259
Mobile: 07709 237014                                         Email:                                  Email:
(Rooms 2, ensuite 2) From s£27, d£25 pps                                          
                                                             (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) From s£30-£35, d£23-£25 pps            (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 5) £300-£350
A traditional Ulster farmhouse situated on the main
country road from Carrickfergus to Larne and only 1.5        Superb detached family home on A2 Antrim Coast Road,        Bayends Cottage self-catering accommodation in
miles from the scenic village of Gleno and close to the      close to town centre. Bright, comfortable facilities with   Islandmagee is a 2-storey terrace house only seconds from
historic village of Ballycarry. Warm welcome, home           conservatory, lock-up garages. DVD and welcome tray of      a lovely sandy beach. It is situated along the Brown’s Bay
cooking, television lounge and many more facilities on       tea/coffee in every room. Perfect base for exploring the    Coastal Route, has a shared garden and off-road parking.
offer. Closed December.                                      magnificent Antrim Coast and Giant’s Causeway. A few        Pet friendly. Ideal area for fishing, boating and walking.
                                                             minutes from Larne Harbour.

}FGfC()%;zµx€                                                }GfC()%;µS                                                  }fC         ;(^zSCzvOII9d

                    LIMAVADY                                                    LIMAVADY                                                     LIMAVADY
                  ★★★★ HOTEL                                                 BED & BREAKFAST                                             BED & BREAKFAST

Radisson Blu Roe park Resort****                             Carrick Lodge                                               keady view Farm
Roe Park, Limavady BT49 9LB                                  138 Ballyquin Road, Limavady BT49 9EZ                       47 Seacoast Road, Limavady BT49 9DW
Tel: (028) 7772 2222 Fax: (028) 7772 2313                    Tel: (028) 7776 7194 Mobile: 07543 552339                   Tel: (028) 7776 4518 Fax: (028) 7776 4518
Email:                 Email:                             Mobile: 07970 522605                                                                 Email:
(Rooms 118, ensuite 118) Prices on request.                  (Rooms 2, ensuite 2) From s£35, d£30 pps          
                                                                                                                         (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) From s£35-£45, d£30-£35 pps
The North Coast’s only 4 star deluxe resort. Open 7 days a   Carrick Lodge is a modern family home situated 2 miles
week, with 12 treatment rooms offering Elemis treatments,    from Limavady and 7 miles from Dungiven, offering a         Renowned for superb breakfast, friendly atmosphere,
the Roe Spa welcomes you to this uniquely affordable         warm Irish welcome and off-street parking. Breakfasts at    peace and tranquillity, this country home, set in farmland
experience set in an atmosphere of peace. Fairways Leisure   Carrick Lodge are sumptuous and served at a time to suit    with panoramic views, is the place to stay. Breakfast
Club with pool and fitness suite. The Greens Restaurant      your requirements in our dining room overlooking our        is served in the beautiful sun room overlooking the
offers international cuisine with local ingredients, while   green meadows. Roe Valley Country Park within walking       River Roe. Guests’ own TV lounge and writing/reading/
the Coach House Brasserie is perfect for the more informal   distance, opposite property.                                games area. B&B Specialist of the Year (West Midlands
occasion, overlooking the 18 hole golf course.                                                                           News, 2009).

jx€                                                          }GfC           (%;zµx€                                      }Gf(%;Sx€

                    LIMAVADY                                                    LIMAVADY                                                     LIMAVADY
          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Drenagh*****                                                 Garden Apartment****                                        pebble Cottage****
Estate Office, Drenagh, Limavady BT49 0HP                    Ballyhenry House, 172 Seacoast Road, Limavady BT49 9EF      51 Tircreven Road, Limavady BT49 0JQ
Tel: (028) 7772 2649                                         Tel: (028) 7772 2657 Mobile: 07956 815746                   Tel: (028) 7775 0594 Mobile: 07745 740431
Email:                      Email:                                Email:
Units 2 (Rooms 2 & 8, sleeps up to 4 & 16)                                                 (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £295-£395
Prices on request.
                                                             (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 5) £375-£450
Drenagh is one of the great late Georgian Estates of the                                                                 Four-star detached cottage, situated on its own elevated
North West of Ireland. This beautiful country house is       2 spacious bedrooms, one double & one family room,          site overlooking Lough Foyle and Magilligan, in a
set in 1,000 acres of parkland in some of the most fertile   both ensuite, with French doors opening onto the natural    quiet secluded location. All modern conveniences and
farmland in Ireland. Available to hire on an exclusive       stone patio and flower garden. The living/dining area       equipment. No hidden extras.
basis, Drenagh is the perfect setting for any event.         opens onto the beautiful garden & patio area, ideal
The house has 8 luxurious rooms, all with their own          for BBQ’s. The kitchen is full fitted with all the modern
bathrooms. Heated indoor pool, cinema, games room            conveniences. Suitable for disabled guests. Farm walks
and spa facilities. Attached to main house, the Clock        and nature trails. 300 metres to pub/restaurant. 5 miles
Tower Wing can be rented as a 2 bedroom unit with            to Benone Beach.
further rooms available upon request.
}fC;(^z^µSCzvgOI                                                                                                         }fC         ;(^zS€CzvgOI
I9d                                                          }fC;(^zµkC€zvOIId                                           Id

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                          PAGE 131
                    MAGhERA                                                                                NEWTOWNABBEY
             ★★★★ GUEST HOUSE                                                                    ★★★★★/★★★★ SELF CATERING

                                                                                                                            Abbey Self Catering*****/****
                                                                                                                            451 Shore Road, Newtownabbey BT37 9SE
                                                                                                                            Tel: (028) 9085 4777 Mobile: 07821 921777
                                                                                                                            Units 3 (Sleeps up to 6-8) £450-£595
Ardtara Country House****                                                                                                   Three superior properties located in the grounds
8 Gorteade Road, Upperlands, Maghera BT46 5SA                                                                               of an historic Grade 11 Listed Georgian residence
Tel: (028) 7964 4490 Fax: (028) 7964 5080
Email:                                                                                           overlooking, and with private access to, Belfast                                                                                                             Lough. Each of the three properties has its own
(Rooms 9, ensuite 9) Prices on request.                                                                                     private patio area. Located very conveniently
A Victorian house set in 8.5 acres. All bedrooms with                                                                       for exploring the Antrim Coast whilst being only
power showers and furnished with antiques. All are                                                                          8 miles from County Down and 10 minutes
individually decorated and even have original fireplaces                                                                    from Belfast City Centre. Luxuries provided
converted to gas so you can curl up in front of the fire in                                                                 include top quality beds, crisp white bed linen,
the winter. Enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant which
was awarded 2 AA Rosettes.                                                                                                  free broadband access, flat screen TV and DVD
                                                                                                                            recorder, power showers and dishwasher.

}FGf(%;zµkvjx                                                 }f;(^z^µSC€zvgOII9d

              NEWTOWNABBEY                                                                                 PORTBALLINTRAE
               ★★ SELF CATERING                                                                                   ★★★ HOTEL

                                                                                                                            Bayview Hotel***
                                                                                                                            2 Bayhead Road, Portballintrae
                                                                                                                            Bushmills BT57 8RZ
                                                                                                                            Tel: (028) 2073 4100 Fax: (028) 2073 4330
Glenwhirry Court**                                                                                                          (Rooms 25, ensuite 25)
Glenville Road, Whiteabbey, Newtownabbey BT37 0PF                                                                           Prices on request.
Tel: (028) 9024 5999 Fax: (028) 9024 6644
Email:                                                                                                       Opened 2001, situated in the heart of the
4 units (sleep up to 5) Prices on request.
                                                                                                                            picturesque village of Portballintrae, 1 mile
                                                                                                                            from Bushmills. Overlooking the Atlantic
Each unit has 5 bedrooms with wash hand basin, separate
bath/shower room, 2 toilets, kitchen and living room.
                                                                                                                            Ocean and close to the Giant’s Causeway and
Fully-equipped kitchen. Electric and heating included in                                                                    Old Bushmills Distillery. Interlinking and family
price. Closed September - May.                                                                                              rooms available. Excellent conference facilities,
                                                                                                                            fantastic sea views from the restaurant and bar.
                                                                                                                            Located only 5 minutes from the famous Royal
                                                                                                                            Portrush Links Golf Course.

f(kSC€zvOII9                                                  }Gf()%;Gzkµvjx€

             PORTBALLINTRAE                                                PORTBALLINTRAE                                                PORTBALLINTRAE
                BED & BREAKFAST                                         ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                            ★★★★★ SELF CATERING

manor House                                                   9 Beach Apartment*****                                        portballintrae Townhouses*****
51 Beach Road, Portballintrae BT57 8RT                        9 Beach Apartments, Beach Road, Portballintrae BT57 8US       72/74/76 Bayhead Road, Portballintrae, Bushmills BT57 8SA
Tel: (028) 2073 2002 Fax: (028) 2073 2002                     Tel: (028) 2587 8670 Mobile: 07734 825653                     Tel: (028) 9269 9849 Fax: (028) 9269 9849
Email:                             Email:                                     Mobile: 07799 346779                                                                  Email:
(Rooms 5, ensuite 5) d£30-£35 pps                             (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 5) Prices on request.                  3 units (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £495-£595
Recently renovated guest house in a quiet village on the      Luxury beachside self catering apartment set in the           5-star self-catering houses with magnificent sea views
Causeway Coast with uninterrupted views over the Atlantic     heart of the causeway coast. Includes 2 bedrooms & 2          across the Atlantic Ocean. Close to the Giant’s Causeway,
Ocean. Close to Old Bushmills Distillery, Dunluce Castle      bathrooms. Off street parking with stunning sea views.        Old Bushmills Distillery and convenient to many top golf
and the Giant’s Causeway. Central to the golf courses at      Beautifully appointed interior. Kitchen includes dishwasher   courses, including Royal Portrush. Walking distance to
Portrush, Portstewart, Castlerock and Ballycastle.            and washing machine.                                          the beach. Perfect location for family and golfing holidays.
                                                                                                                            Good restaurants near by. If required 4 bedrooms can
                                                                                                                            be provided.

FGf()%;µSx€                                                   }f;(^zµSCzvgOII9                                              }f(^zSCvgOII9

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                            PAGE 132
                                      LUXURY ★★★★★ SELF CATERING ★★★★★ LUXURY LIVING

Gortnee Drive *****                                (Sleeps 6 people)    portree *****                                              (Sleeps 8 people)
2 Gortnee Drive, Portballintrae                                         52 Ballaghmore Road, Portballintrae

3 bedroom detached bungalow - 1 double ensuite, 1 double, 1 twin,       Detached 4 bedroom bungalow, 2 double bedrooms with ensuites,
bathroom with separate shower, living room, kitchen/dining, utility     2 twin bedrooms, bathroom/shower, dining room, lounge, kitchen.
room and garage. Enclosed private space with BBQ, patio/garden          Conservatory, south facing, enclosed garden. BBQ and garden
furniture. No Smoking, pets by arrangement.                             furniture. No Smoking, pets by arrangement.

port Four *****                         (Sleeps 6 adults, 2 children)   portpleasant *****                                         (Sleeps 8 people)
54 Ballaghmore Road, Portballintrae                                     17 Ballaghmore Avenue, Portballintrae

This 4 bedroom house has 1 twin ensuite, 2 double, 1 bunk               This 5 star 1600sq ft bungalow has the following, 4 bedrooms 2
bedroom, bathroom with shower, living, kitchen/dining, utility,         doubles ensuite and 2 twin bedrooms, bath with separate shower,
south facing enclosed garden, patio and parking. No Smoking, pets       kitchen with breakfast area, living room, dining room, patio, BBQ,
by arrangement.                                                         and garden furniture. No Smoking, pets by arrangement.

                                                                        Luxury 5 star living in portballintrae. A tranquil village in the heart of the
                                                                        North Antrim Coast with beaches, golf courses, hotels, restaurants and pubs;
                                                                        the rugged coastline is on your doorstep. Within 5 minutes you reach one of
                                                                        the wonders of the world - The Giant's Causeway, Dunluce Castle, Bushmills
                                                                        Distillery, White Park Bay, Portrush Strand, Dunluce Centre, Royal Portrush Golf
                                                                        Course, fishing, surfing, diving and forest parks. In less than 30 minutes you
                                                                        can reach Ballymoney, Ballycastle, Ballintoy Harbour, Coleraine, Carrick-a-Rede
                                                                        Rope Bridge, the Glens of Antrim, numerous inland and coastal golf courses and
                                                                        beaches from Whitepark to Benone. No smoking. Linen and heat supplied (normal
                                                                        usage). Good housekeeping deposit (refundable). Short breaks available.

Corner Cottage *****                              (Sleeps 12 people)                                                             (ex bank hols)
2 Ballaghmore Avenue, Portballintrae                                                         Low         mid        High         Low       mid
                                                                        Gortnee              £350        £400       £450         £175      £180
Spacious cottage with pine floors throughout. 2 double ensuite,         portfour             £400        £500       £550         £220      £240
1 twin with wash-hand basin, 3 double rooms, 2 shower rooms. Living
                                                                        portree              £450        £550       £595         £225      £250
room, snug, dining room, kitchen/dining, utility. Master bedroom with
ensuite jacuzzi bath. Enclosed south facing garden. Barbeque/patio,     portpleasant         £450        £550       £595         £225      £250
garden furniture. No smoking, pets by arrangement. Private parking.     Corner Cottage       £675        £795       £895         £375      £420

Contact: P&A Coastal Cottages, 39 Barmouth Road, Castlerock BT51 4XG
Tel: (028) 7084 8698 Mobile: 07899 666155                                                                              }fC ;(^zSC
Email:                                                   €zvgOII9d

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                PAGE 133
            PORTBALLINTRAE                                               PORTBALLINTRAE                                              PORTBALLINTRAE
          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                           ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★★ SELF CATERING

victoria Cottage*****                                       13 Bushfoot Drive****                                       Causeway Coast Cottages - 53 Ballintrae****
48 Benbane Park, Portballintrae BT57 8BP                    13 Bushfoot Drive, Portballintrae, Bushmills BT57 8YW       53 Ballintrae Park, Portballintrae BT57 8YN
Tel: (028) 9066 6400 Fax: (028) 9019 0426                   Mobile: 07764 182933 or 07974 642536                        Tel: (028) 9268 2581
Mobile: 07799 467694                                        Email:                            Mobile: 07773 627387
Email:                        (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £350-£450                         Email:                                                                                  
                                                            This beautifully presented town house sleeps 4 and has
(Rooms 4, sleeps up to 8) £400-£575                                                                                     (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 6) £230-£420
                                                            been awarded 4* Tourist Board Approval. It has stunning
Outstanding luxury 5-star accommodation, 4 bedrooms,        views and has everything required for a wonderful           Well-furnished, 2-bedroom house with sea views. Close to
3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, free phone, broadband,         holiday in the delightful, picturesque seaside village of   beaches and restaurants. Giant’s Causeway and Bushmills
wireless internet, Sky and 42” TV with cinema surround      Portballintrae. Central to all top attractions including    Distillery within 1.5 miles. Freesat TV, DVD and video,
sound. Picnic tables and seats provided in garden. The      Giant’s Causeway and overlooking Bushfoot Golf Course       wireless broadband, patio furniture and gas barbecue.
house is only minutes from the beach.                       and Runkerry Beach.                                         Welcome pack provided.

}fC         ;(^z^µkSCzvgO                                                                                               }f;()^zµkSC€zvOI
II9d                                                        };(^zSC€zvgOII9d                                            I9d

            PORTBALLINTRAE                                               PORTBALLINTRAE                                              PORTBALLINTRAE
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Causeway Cottage portballintrae****                         Causeway view Cottage****                                   Glenville Cottages****
12 Ballaghmore Cottages, Portballintrae BT57 8RJ            8 Causeway View, Portballintrae, Bushmills BT57 8RW         Bayhead Road, Portballintrae BT57 8SA
Mobile: 07771 537987 Fax: (0870) 137 9510                   Tel: (028) 2589 2282 Mobile: 07875 550001                   Tel: (028) 2073 2233 or (028) 2073 1279
Email:                          Email:                       Email:                                             
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £350-£700                         (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 7) £325-£485                         Units 6 (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £250-£495
Beautiful country views, only half a kilometre from the     This property is ideal for family relaxing breaks, set      Houses with excellent views over the harbour and bay.
beach. Luxurious modern townhouse. Large open lounge        in the beautiful village of Portballintrae overlooking      Equipped and furnished to the highest standards, yet
and dining area. Fully equipped kitchen and laundry room.   grazing pastures towards Runkerry Beach and the Giant’s     maintaining the traditional fisherman’s cottage exterior.
Patio and barbecue area. Off-road parking and play area.    Causeway. The setting is very quiet along a cul-de-sac      No pets. Non smoking.
                                                            within 3 minutes walk of the Bushmills Tourist Railway
                                                            Towpath, leading to Bushfoot Golf Club, Runkerry Beach
                                                            and the Giant’s Causeway.

}fC         ;(^z^S€CzvgO                                    }fC         ;(^zSC€zvgOI
II9d                                                        IJ9d                                                        }(SC€zvgOII9

            PORTBALLINTRAE                                               PORTBALLINTRAE                                              PORTBALLINTRAE
           ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                           ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Harbour view****                                            macCool Cottage - number 29****                             Sea Breeze Cottage****
3 Bayhead Apartments, Bayhead Road                          29 Benbane Park, Portballintrae BT57 8BP                    14 Ballaghmore Cottages, Ballaghmore Road
Portballintrae, Bushmills BT57 8RZ                          Tel: (028) 9268 2380 Mobile: 07801 131626                   Portballintrae, Bushmills BT57 0RD
Tel: 01507 343512                                           Email:                          Tel: (028) 9332 3626 Mobile: 07979 548327
Email:                                                                Email:                          (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £200-£500                         (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 5) £250-£600
(Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £400-£440
                                                            Excellent 4-star property with a clear view of the          Townhouse type property in Portballintrae Village. Two-
First floor luxury apartment. Unrivalled views of Antrim    Causeway. One ensuite bedroom and 2 twin bedrooms           storey, mid-terrace cottage. Three bedrooms (1 ensuite)
Coast line and Portballintrae Harbour. One of only 6        with shared bathroom. Short breaks available September -    with separate bathroom and shower. Oil-fired central
purpose-built units, superb location. Lounge/dining area/   June (excluding Bank Holidays and special events).          heating, upstairs living accommodation with separate
kitchen, overlooking the sea. Furnished in a contemporary                                                               utility room.
design. TV, DVD, washer dryer, microwave, central
heating. Short breaks available low and mid season.

                                                                                                                        }fC         ;(^zSC€zvgOI
}(^zSCzvOII9                                                }f;(^zSC€zvgOII9d                                           I9d

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                        PAGE 134
             PORTBALLINTRAE                                                 PORTBALLINTRAE                                               PORTBALLINTRAE
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                              ★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★ SELF CATERING

The Golfview****                                               Cranfield Self Catering***                                   Glenorra***
4 Bushfoot Cottages, Bushfoot Drive                            86 Ballaghmore Road, Portballintrae BT57 4RL                 3 Bushfoot Avenue, Portballintrae BT57 8YY
Portballintrae BT57 8YW                                        Tel: (028) 2766 3147 Mobile: 07764 853100                    Tel: (028) 2073 1049 Mobile: 07732 970683
Tel: (028) 9060 5630 Mobile: 07739 012256                      Email:                              Email:
Email:                               (Rooms 4, sleeps up to 6) Prices on request.                                                                                                                (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) Prices on request.
                                                               At the heart of the village this is a traditional seaside
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 5) £425-£565
                                                               cottage with fitted modern kitchen, open fire and central    Comfortable, fully equipped bungalow situated in a
This modern and comfortable townhouse has stunning             heating. 4 bedrooms, no bunkbeds! Sleeps 6. Large            quiet location within walking distance of beach, tennis
ocean and golf views and is furnished in a contemporary        private back garden and off street parking. Close to         court, play area and golf course. Convenient to Giant’s
style to a very high standard. Located in a courtyard          beach,local hostelry and tourist attractions. Ground floor   Causeway, Bushmills Distillery and the Glens of Antrim.
setting. The property is the perfect location to explore the   bedrooms available and bathroom and separate shower          Two bedrooms en suite.
North Antrim Coast including Giant’s Causeway, beautiful       room on ground floor also.
coastal walks, beaches, Bushmills Distillery and other
coastal resorts. Direct access for walkers to the Causeway.

}f;)^zSCzvgOII9d                                               }fC         (^zSCzvOII9d                                     }f(^zSC€zvOII9P

             PORTBALLINTRAE                                                 PORTBALLINTRAE                                               PORTBALLINTRAE
              ★★★ SELF CATERING                                                   SELF CATERING                                                SELF CATERING

no 20***                                                       6 & 7 The Anchorage                                          Wee Bush
20 Lissanduff Park, Portballintrae BT57 8RY                    6 & 7 The Anchorage, Beach Road                              45 Bushfoot Road, Portballintrae BT57 8RR
Tel: (028) 4461 3415 Fax: (028) 4461 3415                      Portballintrae BT57 8RT                                      Tel: (028) 9042 7629
Mobile: 07771 886482                                           Tel: (028) 2073 2002 Fax: (028) 2073 2002                    Mobile: 07919 387012
Email:                                  Email:                            Email:
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £371-£399                                               
                                                               Units 2 (Rooms 4, sleeps up to 8) £250-£600                  (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £135-£420
Detached 3 bedroom bungalow with OFCH. Sleeps 6,
suitable all year round. Garden, BBQ, parking. A short         Newly built four bedroomed houses behind Beach Road          Charming holiday cottage in popular Portballintrae situated
walk to beach, restaurants, harbour, playground, tennis        sea front and close to the sandy beaches and rock pools.     opposite Bushfoot Golf Club, just a minutes walk from the
courts. Near Dunluce Castle, Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills                                                                    beach, 15 minutes coastal walk from Giants Causeway
Distillery. Ideal for touring the beautiful North Coast and                                                                 and 10 minutes by foot to Bushmills. A double room and
Glens of Antrim. No smoking. No pets.                                                                                       kids room with single bed & bunks, cosy sitting room with
                                                                                                                            Sky TV and Gas fire. Private garden with BBQ. Perfect for
                                                                                                                            children & dog friendly.

                                                                                                                            }fC         ()%;µk                  S€^zCv
}f;(^SCzvOII9d                                                 }fC         (^SC€zvgOII9d                                    OIId

                PORTGLENONE                                                       PORTRuSh                                                     PORTRuSh
                BED & BREAKFAST                                                    ★★★ HOTEL                                                    ★★★ HOTEL

Whitehill                                                      Best Western magherabuoy House Hotel***                      Royal Court Hotel***
96 Gortgole Road, Portglenone, Ballymena BT44 8AN              41 Magherabuoy Road, Portrush BT56 8NX                       223 Ballybogy Road, Portrush BT56 8NF
Tel: (028) 2582 2124                                           Tel: (028) 7082 3507 Fax: (028) 7082 4687                    Tel: (028) 7082 2236 Fax: (028) 7082 3176
Mobile: 07743 264856                                           Email:                        Email:
(Rooms 2, ensuite 2) s£25, d£25 pps                                                
                                                               (Rooms 55, ensuite 55) Prices on request.                    (Rooms 18, ensuite 18) Prices on request.
Whitehill is situated on a farm 1 mile from Portglenone.
5 golf courses within 7-10miles, boating fishing on River      Recently restored and extended 19th century gentleman’s      The hotel occupies one of the best positions on
Bann and forest walks. Guest room with TV.                     residence set on a hilltop overlooking Portrush. Few miles   Northern Ireland’s most famous coastline and is situated
                                                               to Giant’s Causeway/main attractions, beaches and golf       overlooking the harbour town of Portrush and its famous
                                                               courses. Ideal for relaxation. Fully equipped conference     Royal Portrush Golf Club.
                                                               rooms and garden with children’s play area. Free WiFi.
                                                               Please enquire about our accessibility.

}FGf(%;zµkSx€                                                  }FGf()%;Gzrµkvjx€                                            }Gf()%;Gzrµkvjx€

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                             PAGE 135
                                                   PORTRuSh                                                                           PORTRuSh
                                                    ★★★ HOTEL                                                                               HOTEL

                                                           Ramada portrush***
                                                           73-75 Main Street, Portrush BT56 8BN
                                                           Tel: (028) 7082 6100
                                                           Fax: (028) 7082 6160
                                                           (Rooms 69, ensuite 69)                                  Golf Links Hotel
                                                           d£37.50-£89.50 pps                                      Bushmills Road, Portrush BT56 8JQ
                                                                                                                   Tel: (028) 7082 6611 Fax: (028) 7082 5140
                                                           The award-winning Ramada Portrush,            
                                                           Medallia Award Winner Ramada 2009, is                   (Rooms 16, ensuite 16) s£30-£40, d£30-£40 pps
                                                           situated in the centre of Portrush, with views          The recently renovated Golf Links Hotel, situated directly
                                                           over the Atlantic Ocean. Ideal base for visiting        opposite the Royal Portrush Golf Club is located just
                                                           the Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills Distillery or           5 minutes out of town. It is an ideal base from which you
                                                           the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. Excellent               can visit the Causeway Coast’s main attractions, beaches
                                                                                                                   and golf courses. Lively and modern bar and bistro,
                                                           golf courses nearby.                                    sheltered terrace garden and secure parking.

Gf(%;Grµkvjx€                                                                                                      }GfC()%;Grµkvjx

                                                   PORTRuSh                                                                           PORTRuSh
                                       ★★★★ LICENSED GUEST INN                                                                     ★★ GUEST HOUSE

                                                           Adelphi portrush****
                                                           67-71 Main St, Portrush BT56 8BN
                                                           Tel: (028) 7082 5544
                                                           skype: adelphiportrush
                                                           (Rooms 28 all ensuite)
                                                           s£59-£105, d£34.50-£52.50 pps                           Aaranmore Lodge**
                                                                                                                   14 Coleraine Rd, Portrush BT56 8EA
                                                           Family room available. Open all year.
                                                                                                                   Tel: (028) 7082 4640 Fax: (028) 7082 4640
                                                           The Adelphi Portrush is a family run licensed           Email:
                                                           luxury guesthouse in the heart of Portrush. Opened      Skype: Frances @ Aaranmore Lodge
                                                           in 2007, it comprises 28 luxury rooms, lounge/
                                                                                                                   (Rooms 5, ensuite 5) d£30-£40 pps
                                                           conference facilities, a licensed restaurant and
                                                           a health suite with treatment spa.                      Aaranmore Lodge is in a prime location on A29 for easy
                                                                                                                   access to amenities of Portrush, and tourist attractions of
                                                                                                                   Ireland’s North Coast, such as Giant’s Causeway, Dunluce
                                                                                                                   Castle, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and Bushmills
                                                                                                                   Distillery, to mention a few. Superking and twin rooms
                                                                                                                   all ensuite,TV, Radio, Hairdryer, Tea/Coffee and alarm
                                                                                                                   clock. Ironing facilities, computer for guest use, Wi-Fi
                                                                                                                   and parking.

Gf()%;Gµkvjx€                                                                                                      }()%;µ€

                   PORTRuSh                                                  PORTRuSh                                                 PORTRuSh
                ★★ GUEST HOUSE                                            BED & BREAKFAST                                          BED & BREAKFAST

Beulah Guest House**/AA***                                 An Amazing House                                        Ardenlee B&B
16 Causeway Street, Portrush BT56 8AB                      76 Coleraine Road, Portrush BT56 8HN                    19 Kerr Street, Portrush BT56 8DG
Tel: (028) 7082 2413                                       Tel: (028) 7082 2572 Fax: (028) 7082 2572               Tel: (028) 7082 2639 Mobile: 07807 259460
Email:                           Mobile: 07734 248626                                    Email:                                   Email:                    
(Rooms 11, ensuite 9) s£33-£60, d£30-£40 pps                                     (Rooms 6, ensuite 6) s£50, d£30-£50 pps
                                                           (Rooms 4, ensuite 4) From s£40, d£30-£35 pps
AA highly commended (2010/11) 3 star guesthouse.                                                                   Ardenlee is an approved NITB property situated right in
Refurbished offering excellent breakfasts, service and     Situated near beaches, golf courses and the Giant’s     the heart of Portrush, one of Ireland’s favourite tourist
accommodation. Minutes from bus/rail links, churches,      Causeway. Five minute walk to town centre, with a bus   resorts and only a few minutes walk away from the
superb restaurants. Royal Portrush Golf Course and         stop located outside gate.                              town centre, bus/train stations and excellent pubs and
7 other courses close by. Located beside the East Strand                                                           restaurants. The popular, award-winning Ramore Wine
Beach and close to the Causeway Coastal Route.                                                                     bar is nearby, at the bustling harbour. Wi-Fi available.
Wi-Fi internet.

}Gf(%;µkx€                                                 }Gf(%;GµkSx                                             G(%;µkSx€

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                   PAGE 136
                   PORTRuSh                                                     PORTRuSh                                                        PORTRuSh
                BED & BREAKFAST                                              BED & BREAKFAST                                                 BED & BREAKFAST

Beaches                                                      Harbour Heights                                                Linksview B&B
122 Coleraine Road, Portrush BT56 8HN                        17 Kerr Street, Portrush BT56 8DG                              8+8a Bushmills Road, Portrush BT56 8JF
Tel: (028) 7082 4887                                         Tel: (028) 7082 2765                                           Tel/Fax: (028) 7082 3769
Mobile: 07886 957265                                         Mobile: 07895 866534                                           Mobile: 07706 219825
Email:                              Email:                         Email:                                            
(Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£30-£44, d£25-£33 pps                  (Rooms 9, ensuite 9) s£40-£50, d£35-£50pps                     (Rooms 4, ensuite 4) d£30-£45 pps
Beaches is a small, quiet, family-run B&B close to the       Friendly, family atmosphere awaits you when you arrive at      Linksview is a luxurious bed & breakfast accommodation,
town centre. We offer double and family ensuite rooms        Harbour Heights. We are conveniently located close to all      ideally situated, overlooking the Royal Portrush Golf
with TV and tea/coffee facilities and provide off-road       of Portrush’s main amenities, attractions, transport links,    Club, ideal for golfers looking for luxury accommodation,
secure parking for all our guests. For the kids we have      shops, restaurants and amusement parks. We are a non-          offering spectacular panoramic views of the fairways of
a big back garden with football nets, climbing frame,        smoking premises and also offer free Wi-Fi to our guests.      Royal Portrush Golf Club.
swings and slides. We are close to tourist attractions       All rooms are ensuite.
such as Royal Portrush Golf Club, The Giants Causeway
and many more.

}FGf(%;S€                                                    Gf()%;µkSx                                                     }FGf(%;µkSx€

                   PORTRuSh                                                     PORTRuSh                                                        PORTRuSh
                BED & BREAKFAST                                              BED & BREAKFAST                                                 BED & BREAKFAST

maddybenny Farmhouse                                         prospect B&B                                                   Ramona
18 Maddybenny Farm, Portrush BT52 2PT                        20 Lansdowne Crescent, Portrush BT56 8AY                       8 Ramore Avenue, Portrush BT56 8BB
Tel: (028) 7082 3394 Fax: (028) 7082 2177                    Tel/Fax: (028) 7082 2299 Mobile: 07783 782126                  Tel: (028) 7082 4734
Mobile: 07714 247560                                         Email:                                Email:
Email:                                                                                        (Rooms 10, ensuite 9) s£27-£31, d£27-£31 pps                   (Rooms 10, ensuite 8) s£30, d£30 pps
(Rooms 3, ensuite 3) Prices on request.
                                                             Relax and unwind in our B&B with outstanding views of          Family-run house overlooking the recreation grounds,
Award-winning B&B, one large double bedroom, two             the Atlantic Ocean. Perfect holiday base when visiting the     close to the harbour and with sea views. Comfortable
large family rooms all en-suite. Extensive breakfast menu.   Causeway Coast. Friendly, family atmosphere, offering          accommodation with double/family rooms. This is a quiet
Family focused. Family room with snooker table, Sky TV,      every home comfort with excellent cuisine. En suite            location yet close to all town centre amenities. There is
Wi-Fi. Childrens play area, BHS riding school on site.       rooms, TV, tea/coffee making facilities plus internet access   ample parking in Ramore Avenue.
Convenient to golf courses, beaches, Giants Causeway         available on request. Close to tennis courts, bowling
and University. Self catering cottages also on site, can     green and Royal Portrush Golf Course. Closed Christmas.
cater for weddings and family reunions.

}Gf()%;zµkSx€                                                Gf(%;µSx                                                       Gf(%;Skx€

                   PORTRuSh                                                     PORTRuSh                                                        PORTRuSh
          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★★ SELF CATERING

5 Strathroy mews*****                                        6 Strathroy mews*****                                          Fairmount Coast Cottage*****
110 Crocknamack Road, Portrush BT56 8JR                      110a Crocknamack Road, Portrush BT56 8JR                       14 Morrison Park, Portrush BT56 8HZ
Tel/Fax: (028) 2588 0408 Mobile: 07748 986305                Tel/Fax: (028) 2588 0408                                       Tel: (028) 7133 7834
Email:                              Mobile: 07748 986305                                           Mobile: 07808 596605                                      Email:                                Email:
(4 Rooms, sleeps up to 8) £350-650 per week                                      
                                                             (Rooms 4, sleeps up to 6) £295-£550                            (Rooms 4, sleeps up to 8) £700-£840
Situated on the corner of the Ballywillan Road and just a
few minutes walk to the East Strand beach, town centre       Strathroy Mews is a luxury 5 star chalet bungalow              This luxurious four-double bedroomed, all with ensuite
and Royal Portrush golf course, Strathroy Mews offers        located just a few minutes walk from the East Strand           bathrooms, self catering 5-star property offers you the
luxurious accommodation in a superior position. This         beach, town centre and Royal Portrush Golf course.             finest quality service, pristine facilities and a relaxing
holiday home has an enclosed patio area with furniture,      There is an enclosed garden and patio area with furniture      atmosphere. The cottage is the ideal indulgence for
together with secure private parking. Bed linen is           together with ample private parking. All bedrooms H&C,         families, couples or groups of friends. The Cottage is
included. Non smoking, no pets.                              OFCH. Bed linen included. Non smoking, no pets.                located in a peaceful area, yet close to many activities,
                                                                                                                            restaurants and attractions.

}f;(^CzvgOIId                                                }f;(^zSCzvgOII9d                                               IJ9d

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                              PAGE 137
                   PORTRuSh                                                     PORTRuSh                                                        PORTRuSh
          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★★ SELF CATERING

Fairmount Coast Lodge*****                                   La mouette*****                                                Links penthouse*****
12 Morrison Park, Portrush BT56 8HZ                          12 Magherabuoy Drive, Portrush BT56 8GP                        Apartment 18, The Links, Bushmills Road
Tel: (028) 7133 7834 Fax: (028) 7133 7007                    Tel: (028) 2586 1258 Mobile: 07712 185713                      Portrush BT56 8SX
Mobile: 07808 596605                                         Email:                                     Tel: (028) 7035 5842 Mobile: 07711 432405
Email:                                                        Email:                                (Sleeps up to 7) £450-£650                                     (Rooms 4, sleeps up to 6) £475-£495
(Rooms 4, sleeps up to 8) £600-£740
                                                             Spacious and luxurious two storey detached accommodation       Luxury 5-star, top floor apartment with superb views over
Fairmount Coast Lodge is a luxurious 5-star,                 with open fire and conservatory. Enclosed south facing         Royal Portrush Golf Course and beach. Large, bright
4-bedroomed self-catering establishment in Portrush.         back garden and downstairs bedroom with en-suite. Close        open-plan living room. Four bedrooms (1 ensuite),
Contemporary in its styling and décor, the accommodation     to beaches and entertainment facilities and central location   balcony and bathroom. Fully equipped kitchen, bedlinens
is available all year round for holiday and corporate        for exploring the North Coast.                                 and towels supplied. Private parking. Restaurants and
lettings. Spectacular panoramic sea views from upper                                                                        shops 500 metres. Weekly lets only.
level. There is a sunny enclosed garden with patio
furniture and a gas barbecue for seasonal outside dining.

}f;(^z^µkSCzvgOI                                             }fC         ;(^z^SC€zvgO
I9d                                                          II9d                                                           };(^z^SC€zvgOII9d

                   PORTRuSh                                                     PORTRuSh                                                        PORTRuSh
   ★★★★★/★★★★ SELF CATERING                                              ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                              ★★★★SELF CATERING

maddybenny mews Holiday Cottages*****/****                   12 Rinagree****                                                25 peninsula Apartment****
18 Maddybenny Farm, Portrush/Coleraine BT52 2PT              12 Rinagree, West Strand Avenue, Portrush BT56 8FD             25 Peninsula Apartments, Eglinton Street
Tel: (028) 7082 3394 Fax: (028) 7082 2177                    Tel: (028) 9443 9428                                           Portrush BT56 8DX
Mobile: 07714 247560                                         Email:                                   Mobile: 07926 739265 or 07711 318183
Email:                               (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 6) £295-£450                            Email:                                                                                                          (Rooms 2, sleeps 4) Prices on request.
                                                             This stylish apartment on the West Strand has
Units 8 (Sleeps 8-9) £400-£700
                                                             uninterrupted views of the beach, which is approximately       This is undoubtedly a superb opportunity to stay in an
With 2x5 and 6x4 cottages we can cater for weddings          50m away. It’s a 5 minute walk along the promenade to the      excellent two bedroom apartment within Portrush town
& family reunions. Spacious open plan kitchen & living       town centre and a 3 mile walk to Portstewart, along the        centre, close to championship golf courses, beaches and
room with quality equipment. Colour TV, Wi-Fi, washing       coastal footpath/cycle lane.                                   well known restaurants. Offering fab living accommodation
drying machine, fridge, electric cooker, microwave,                                                                         to include open plan lounge with kitchen/dining with
dishwasher in 5*, gas central heating. Sea views. Patio                                                                     panoramic views, 2 bedrooms 1 ensuite, lift and stairs
with garden furniture. BHS approved riding centre, and                                                                      to first floor, com. sun terrace, secure carpark, high
Farmhouse B&B. Child friendly.                                                                                              standard of finish.

}f       ;(^µkSC€zvgOI
I9d                                                          }f;(^zSC€zvgOII9                                               };(^zSCzvgOII9

                   PORTRuSh                                                     PORTRuSh                                                        PORTRuSh
            ★★★★SELF CATERING                                            ★★★★SELF CATERING                                               ★★★★SELF CATERING

Hopefield House****                                          mount Davys House Apartment 2****                              puzzle Cottage****
17 Hopefield Gardens, Portrush BT56 8QG                      42 Eglinton Street, Portrush BT56 8DY                          59 Loguestown Road, Portrush BT56 8PD
Tel/Fax: 07834 450893                                        Tel/Fax: (028) 2588 0408                                       Mobile: 07968 081444
Email:                           Mobile: 07748 986305                                           Email:                                   Email:                                (Rooms 3, sleeps 6) £275-£500
(Rooms 4, sleeps 9) £325-£525                                (Rooms 2, sleeps 4) £250-£400                                  This cosy stone built cottage sits in a beautiful setting
Large 4 bedroom townhouse close to town centre,              Overlooking the green in front of the Dunluce Centre, this     and located just one mile from the pretty seaside town of
beaches and all major attractions including Giant’s          two bedroom first floor apartment is located on the fringe     Portrush. The property is beautifully presented, very well
Causeway, Bushmills Distillery. Suitable for families/       of Portrush within a five minute walk of the West Strand       equipped with a patio area where you can enjoy a glass of
group bookings. Local activities nearby including surfing,   beach and town centre. The apartment comprises of an           wine and a BBQ after a days touring in the enclosed garden.
Royal Portrush Golf Course and horse riding. Located 3       open plan living/dining/kitchen, one double bedroom, one       We offer everything you need for a truly relaxing break away -
minutes walk from North West 200 circuit.                    twin bedroom and a bathroom with shower over bath. Bed         golfing in famous Royal Portrush, walking along the beautiful
                                                             linen is provided. Non-smoking, no pets.                       beach to many fine restaurants offering varied cuisine and
                                                                                                                            great music. There is something to suit everyone’s taste.
                                                                                                                            Sorry, no pets.
}fC         ;(^zµSC€zvOI
I9d                                                          f(^SCzvgOII9                                                   }f;(^zSCzvgOII9d

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                             PAGE 138
                    PORTRuSh                                                      PORTRuSh                                                       PORTRuSh
             ★★★★SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                            ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Seaview mews****                                               Straid Coast Bungalow****                                     Sunset Stunner****
Seaview Mews, 11 Ballyreagh Road, Portrush BT56 8QE            17 Magheramenagh Park, Portrush BT56 8SS                      Whiterock, Mark Street, Portrush BT56 8BT
Mobile: 07712 822731 Fax: (028) 9446 9163                      Tel: (028) 7778 1363 Mobile: 07879 436668                     Tel: 07977 222297
Email:                                   Email:                                    Email:
(Rooms 3, sleeps 6) £350-£450                                                         
                                                               (Rooms 3, sleeps up to 6) £320-£460                           (Rooms 2, sleeps up to 4) Price on request.
4 star luxury holiday home ideally situated on North Coast
road between Portrush and Portstewart with sea views. Golf     Luxurious 3-bedroom spacious bungalow, 10 minutes             This excellent 2 bedroom, self-catering apartment in
course and restaurants nearby. All mod cons. Secure garden     walking distance from Portrush West Strand Beach.             Portrush sleeps 5. Fully furnished to a very high standard
with patio area, off-road parking. Convenient to beaches       Enclosed back garden with patio. Situated in a quiet          with a balcony and terrific sea views of the seafront,
and all Causeway attractions. No smoking, no pets.             cul-de-sac, close to shop and restaurant.                     harbour and stretching to Donegal. Only 1 minute walk to
                                                                                                                             the beach, two minutes from restaurants, shops and bars.
                                                                                                                             Private secure parking.

};(zSC€zvgOII9d                                                }f;(^zSC€zvgOII9d                                             };(^kSCzvgOII9

                    PORTRuSh                                                      PORTRuSh                                                       PORTRuSh
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                               ★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★ SELF CATERING

The Cottage at Corvally****                                    26 and 26a princess Street***                                 Bellemont Cottages***
40 Corvally Road, Coleraine BT52 2LZ                           26 Princess Street, Portrush BT56 8AX                         8 Islandtasserty Road, Portrush BT52 2PN
Tel: 07855 788665                                              Tel: 07881 782181 Fax: (028) 2582 2397                        Tel: (028) 7082 3872
Email:                                        Mobile: 07850 377367                                          Units 2 (sleeps 3-6) £300-£400                                     Email:
                                                                                                                             Two country cottages situated 2 miles from Portrush and
(Rooms 3, sleeps up to 4) £300-£370                  
                                                                                                                             Portstewart and 10 miles from Causeway. Attractively
                                                               Units 2 (Sleeps up to 7-8) £300-£600
Enjoy the best of both worlds. Stay in the country but                                                                       furnished and fully carpeted. Oil fired central heating, fully
be close to the seaside! Country cottage, situated in a        Spacious apartment with large living room, large kitchen      equipped kitchen, with colour TV and bed linen supplied.
beautiful rural setting overlooking Portrush and with          and dining room. Separate toilet and separate shower          Large garden with parking. Closed November - April.
views of the sea and the Donegal hills. It is central to the   room, large bathroom with bath and toilet. Very good
Causeway Coast Area, with Portrush just 2 miles away.          location in central Portrush, overlooking tennis courts.
Full facilities, large bright kitchen, 3 bedrooms (1 double,
2 single). Ample parking. No smoking in house please.

};(^zzvOII                                                     }fC         ;(^µkSC€zvOI9                                     }f(zvOIIP

                    PORTRuSh                                                      PORTRuSh                                                       PORTRuSh
              ★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★/★★ SELF CATERING                                                   SELF CATERING

West Bay Apartments***                                         Galgorm House***/**                                           Hilltop Holiday park - Self Catering Hire Homes
4 Dhu Varren Park, Portrush BT56 8EL                           117 Eglinton Street, Portrush BT56 8DZ                        60 Loguestown Road, Portrush BT56 8PD
Tel/Fax: (028) 8952 1413 Mobile: 07760 204978                  Mobile: 07881 782181 or 07850 377367                          Tel: (028) 7082 3537 Fax: (028) 7082 4415
Email:                             Fax: (028) 2582 2397                                          Email:                                        Email:                      
Units 3 (sleeps 3, 6 and 7) £330-£430                                                        Units 31 (sleeps 6) Prices on request.
                                                               Units 3 (Sleeps 4) £275-£450
Large self-contained fully modernised apartments                                                                             Our luxurious top quality holiday hire homes are complete
overlooking West Bay, Strand, Ramore Head and Harbour.         Modern apartments, finished to a very high spec. 2 double     with bedlinen, towels, fully functional kitchen and TV.
Beach 80m. Rail halt 25m. Golf, fishing, Ulster Way and        bedrooms, sleeps 4. Stunning views of West Strand Beach       All our homes have 3 bedrooms and can sleep up to
shoreline walk nearby. Front lawn. Rear enclosed yard          and Donegal headlands. 2 minute walk to the beach and         6/8 people. Close to the beach and all major tourist
(suitable for motorbikes). Close to town. Excellent base       to centre of Portrush. All good bars and restaurants within   attractions. We are open February to December so that
for exploring the North Coast and Donegal.                     walking distance. The bus and train station is 2 minutes      you can enjoy a holiday any time of the year. Please
                                                               walk away.                                                    telephone our Hilltop Office for prices and availability.

                                                                                                                             }fC          ;(^zµkSC€zvO
}f(^SC€zvOII9d                                                 f     ;(^kSC€vgOI9                                            II9d

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                                PAGE 139
                   PORTRuSh                                                    PORTSTEWART                                                  PORTSTEWART
                   SELF CATERING                                       ★★★★ LICENSED GUEST INN                                       ★★★ LICENSED GUEST INN

Sand and Sea Self-Catering                                     The york inn, Leisure and Retail Ltd****                     Anchorage inn***
Magheramenagh Park, Portrush BT56 8SS                          2 Station Road, Portstewart BT55 7DA                         87 The Promenade, Portstewart BT55 7AG
Mobile: 07729 277490                                           Tel: (028) 7083 3594 Fax: (028) 7083 2223                    Tel: (028) 7083 2003 Fax: (028) 7083 4508
Email:                               Email:                         Email:
(Rooms 3, sleeps 6) £300-£400                                               
                                                               (Rooms 8, ensuite 8) s£79-£90, d£55-£60 pps                  (Rooms 20, ensuite 20) s£45-£60, d£37.50-£55 pps
Portrush - holiday home. Bungalow sleeps 6. Two double
rooms, 1 twin room. Quiet area, just off Coleraine Road.       This fine boutique-style accommodation is the ideal          Central location for Portstewart’s picturesque promenade
Well-stocked supermarket close by. Bed linen and electricity   destination for business and leisure travellers and          and amenities. Each room has underfloor heating. Guests
included free. Enclosed rear garden. Ideal for a family        is superbly located by the coastline, on the outskirts       have free access to all entertainment. The inn incorporates
holiday in Portrush/Portstewart. Central base for tourists     of Portstewart. Refurbished in 2007, it also boasts          the award-winning Anchor Bar & Skippers Restaurant:
and hobby groups visiting the North Antrim Coast. Great        2 restaurants, 2 bars and function facilities.               County Derry Pub of the Year/Taste of Ulster Award for the
location for North West 200. Beach 15 mins walk.                                                                            restaurant (FRLT/Taste of Ulster, 2007/2008).

}(^zvOII9                                                      }()%;Gzµkvjx                                                 Gf()%;zµkvjx€

                PORTSTEWART                                                    PORTSTEWART                                                  PORTSTEWART
         ★★★ LICENSED GUEST INN                                                BED & BREAKFAST                                              BED & BREAKFAST

Cromore Halt***                                                Ard na Tra                                                   Carnalbanagh House
158 Station Road, Portstewart BT55 7PU                         9 Seaview Drive North, Portstewart BT55 7JY                  192 Coleraine Road, Portstewart, Londonderry BT55 7PL
Tel: (028) 7083 6888 Fax: (028) 7083 1910                      Tel: (028) 7083 2768 Mobile: 07742 057939                    Tel: (028) 7083 6294
Tel: (028) 7083 1919 (restaurant)                              Email:                                  Email:
Email:                                                                                             (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) s£40-55, d£32.50-£40 pps                (Rooms 7, ensuite 6) s£35-£45, d£25-£35 pps
(Rooms 19, ensuite 19) Prices on request.
                                                               A family home situated in a quiet cul-de-sac off             Tastefully furnished detached residence in quiet country
Cromore Halt is ideally situated for visitors wishing to       Strand Road with magnificent sea views from first floor      surroundings. Panoramic views of River Bann Valley,
explore the North Antrim Coast or to play golf on top          bedrooms. Ground floor room with level access, external      Donegal Hills and Mussenden Temple. A mere 1.5 miles
quality local courses within the area.                         access via ramp. All rooms have TV hair-dryer, clock-        from the seaside resort of Portstewart. Convenient to
                                                               radio & tea/coffee making facilities. The promenade,         Flowerfield Arts Centre and the University of Ulster.
                                                               golf courses, Blue Flag beach restaurants etc are all        Six spacious ensuite rooms incorporating 2 large
                                                               within 10 minutes walk. Ideal base for visiting              family rooms and 1 ground floor room. An annual
                                                               Causeway Coast & Antrim Glens.                               retreat for many of our guests.

}FGf()%;Gzµkvjx€                                               }FGf(%;S€                                                    }FGf(%;zkx

                PORTSTEWART                                                    PORTSTEWART                                                  PORTSTEWART
                BED & BREAKFAST                                                BED & BREAKFAST                                              BED & BREAKFAST

Chez nous                                                      Cul-Erg House                                                northgate
1 Victoria Terrace, Portstewart BT55 7BA                       9 Hillside, Atlantic Circle, Portstewart BT55 7AZ            13 Old Coach Road, Portstewart BT55 7BX
Tel: (028) 7083 2608 Mobile: 07900 867983                      Tel: (028) 7083 6610 Mobile: 07754 569415                    Tel: (028) 7083 2497 Mobile: 07989 739413
Email:                                     Email:                                Email:                                                                             (Rooms 3, ensuite 3) From s£30, d£25 pps
(Rooms 3) Prices on request.                                   (Rooms 10, ensuite 10) s£30-£40, d£30-£37.50 pps
                                                                                                                            Quiet family run home, close to all amenities, ideally
Small, family-run home, close to all amenities. Ideally        Modern, family-run home situated 2 minutes walk to           situated for visiting the North Coast, Glens, Giant’s
situated for visiting the North Coast, Giant’s Causeway,       Portstewart Promenade. All rooms are furnished to a high     Causeway and Londonderry. Enclosed parking and
Bushmills Distillery, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and           standard. Ground floor ensuite. Guest lounge available.      magnificent sea views.
excellent golfing nearby. Located in the town centre and       Wi-Fi internet access available. Close to all restaurants,
on the bus routes, it offers home comforts combined with       golf courses and beaches. Short drive to all tourist
home cooking.                                                  attractions. Private parking and secure garage. Credit
                                                               cards accepted.

Gf%;µS€                                                        }FG()%;zµkSx€                                                }FGfC             (%;µx€z

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                            PAGE 140
                PORTSTEWART                                                    PORTSTEWART                                                    PORTSTEWART
                BED & BREAKFAST                                          ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                            ★★★★★ SELF CATERING

Wanderin Heights                                               Heather Cottage*****                                          oakdale Cottage*****
12 High Road, Portstewart BT55 7BG                             5 Aghermore Drive, Portstewart BT55 7QQ                       6 Aghermore Close, Portstewart BT55 7QL
Tel: (028) 7083 3250                                           Tel: (028) 2564 3434 Mobile: 07889 466990                     Tel: (028) 2564 3434 Mobile: 07889 466990
Email:                                Email:                Email:                                               
(Rooms 5, ensuite 5) From s£30-£40, d£25-£30 pps               (Bedrooms 3, sleeps up to 5) £395-£575                        (Bedrooms 3, sleeps up to 5) £375-£495
Family-run with beautiful sea views, close to the promenade,   Within easy walking distance of Portstewart’s famous          Oakdale Cottage is situated in a quiet cul-de-sac within
golf, restaurants and shops. Ideally situated for visiting     strand and promenade, this luxury bungalow has all            easy walking distance to Portstewart’s famous strand
the Giant’s Causeway and North Coast. Garage available         modern conveniences, including Wi-Fi, Sky digital and         and promenade. Just around the corner is Flowerfield
for bicycles and motorcycles. Use of email and internet on     DVD. Courtyard with flowerbeds and a log cabin complete       Arts Centre and the new Tesco supermarket. At Oakdale
premises. Quality, comfort and good service guaranteed.        with tables and chairs. Enjoy a truly relaxing holiday and    Cottage guests can enjoy a truly relaxing holiday in luxury
A warm welcome awaits all. Wi-Fi access available.             beautiful scenery on Ireland’s famous North Coast.            accommodation, close to the most beautiful scenery on
                                                                                                                             Ireland’s famous North Coast.

FGf(%;zµkSx€                                                   9d                                                            }f(;^S^zC€zvgOII9d

                PORTSTEWART                                                    PORTSTEWART                                                    PORTSTEWART
           ★★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Tara Cottage*****                                              2 portmore Court****                                          4A old mill Grange****
4 Garrylaban Court, Portstewart BT55 7FN                       2 Portmore Court, Portmore Road, Portstewart BT55 7BE         4A Old Mill Grange, Portstewart BT55 7GD
Tel: (028) 2564 0278 Mobile: 07719 582172                      Tel: (028) 2587 9230 Mobile: 07764 831163                     Tel: 07764 208 444 Fax: (028) 2587 1127
Email:                              Email:                               Mobile: 07764 208444                                                                 Email:
(Bedrooms 3, sleeps up to 5) £295-£525                         (Bedrooms 2, sleeps up to 4) £350-£450                        (Bedrooms 5, sleeps 7) £350-£395
Luxury bungalow, finished to the highest standards in          A bright and modern 2 bedroom apartment (2 double             4A Old Mill Grange is a beautifully presented modern five
scenic Portstewart. Private location with lovely countryside   rooms) with balcony overlooking Atlantic Ocean. Fully         bedroom semi-detached house. The property is approachable
views. Three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Fully equipped          equipped with private parking and all mod cons. Very          via private paved driveway with parking for three cars and a
kitchen and laundry facilities. Flatscreen TV/Sky+             central to Portstewart Harbour, golf courses and the          pleasant garden. The house is situated centrally to Portstewart
package, patio and gas BBQ. The cottage is the perfect         Causeway Coast. Strictly no smoking, no pets.                 Promenade, Strand Beach, golf courses and local amenities.
base to enjoy the Causeway Coast at your own pace.                                                                           It is a perfect base from which to explore the beautiful
                                                                                                                             North Coast and it’s famous attractions.

}f(;^z^SCzvgOII9d                                              }(^zSCzvgOII9                                                 }Ff%(^zSCzvOI9d

                PORTSTEWART                                                    PORTSTEWART                                                    PORTSTEWART
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★ SELF CATERING

6 Lissadell Grove****                                          6 millstone Court****                                         6a old mill Grange****
6 Lissadell Grove, Portstewart BT55 7FB                        Lissadell Avenue, Portstewart BT55 7GT                        6a Old Mill Grange, Portstewart BT55 7GD
Tel: 07764 208444 Fax: (028) 2587 1127                         Tel: (028) 9039 7732                                          Tel: (028) 9081 3259 Mobile: 07790 426829
Mobile: 07764 208444                                           Mobile: 07711 233236                                          Email:
Email:                             Email:                             (Bedrooms 4, Sleeps up to 6) £250-£390
(Bedrooms 5, sleeps 7) £350-£395                               (Bedrooms 5, sleeps up to 9) £350-£450
                                                                                                                             Well equipped mid-terraced townhouse. Comprises
6 Lissadell Grove is a beautifully presented modern            Luxury 5 bedroom (4 double one single) town house.            kitchen, lounge, 4 bedrooms (1 ensuite). Small garden
five bedroom semi-detached house. The property is              Bathroom en suite and downstairs WC. Convenient to golf       to rear, off street parking. Price includes oil fired central
approachable via private paved driveway with parking for       courses, beach, and all good restaurants. Oil fired central   heating, electric, linen, washing machine and TV.
three cars and a pleasant garden. The house is situated        heating, plus full kitchen and laundry conveniences. Price    Closed October - May.
centrally to Portstewart Promenade, Strand Beach, Golf         includes all bed linen, heat and electricity. Minimum stay
Courses and local amenities. It is a perfect base from         7 nights (Saturday to Saturday). Patio/Barbecue area to
which to explore the beautiful North Coast and its             rear. Non smoking. No pets.
famous attractions.

}Ff%(^zSCzvOI9d                                                }(^SCzvgOI9d                                                  }fC          (;^z€zvOIId

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                                 PAGE 141
               PORTSTEWART                                                   PORTSTEWART                                                    PORTSTEWART
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                           ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★ SELF CATERING

14 Ard na mara****                                           51 meadow park****                                             Apartment 10 Atlantic Bay****
14 Seaview Drive-North, Portstewart BT55 7JY                 51 Meadow Park, Portstewart BT55 7ST                           10 Atlantic Bay, Portstewart BT55 7GF
Tel: (028) 7083 2768 Mobile: 07742 057939                    Tel: (028) 3884 2023                                           Tel: (028) 9065 5919
Email:                                  Email:                                       Mobile: 07767 234514                         (Bedrooms 4, sleeps 7) Prices on request.                      Email:
(Bedrooms 4, sleeps up to 10) £380-£625                                                                                     (Bedrooms 2, sleeps 4) £325-£400
                                                             Relax in modern 4 bedroom bungalow. Beds for 7 plus
Split level 4 bedroom house. Two en suite rooms &            baby’s cot. Quiet area 1 mile from Portstewart Promenade.      The apartment block is beside the sea with beautiful views
2 separate shower rooms with toilet and hand basin.          Restaurant and shop nearby. Convenient to several golf         of the surrounding coastline (see photographs). It is a
Magnificent sea views. Bed linen provided (not towels)       courses. Furnished and equipped to high standard; one          second floor apartment with two double bedrooms (one
can be hired. Electricity and oil allowance. Enclosed        bedroom ensuite, two showers, washing machine and              of them is ensuite) and a bathroom. It also has a large
garden. BBQ facilities. Parking for two cars. Strictly no    tumble dryer, dishwasher, electric cooker, microwave,          kitchen/ dining area with a balcony. There are great sea
smoking and no pets. Located within 10 Minutes walking       fridge freezer, colour TV, DVD player and video, gas living    views from the kitchen / dining area, as well as from the
distance of all amenities. Ideal base for exploring North    flame fire and OFCH. Private back garden, patio furniture,     two bedrooms. (There is no lift in the apartment block).
Coast and Donegal.                                           off road parking for 5 cars.

9dP                                                          }f(^^SzvgOII9                                                  }(^z;SCgOII9

               PORTSTEWART                                                   PORTSTEWART                                                    PORTSTEWART
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                           ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Cappaghmore Town House****                                   Grange House****                                               kinvara Cottage****
14 Cappaghmore Manor, Portstewart BT55 1AA                   22 Old Mill Grange, Portstewart BT55 7GD                       6 Royal Avenue, Portstewart BT55 7LE
Tel: (028) 7035 6957 Fax: (028) 7035 2761                    Tel: (028) 2954 1219 Mobile: 07707 638847                      Tel: (028) 7083 3567 Mobile: 07802 565852
Mobile: 07778 762007 Email:           Email:                        Email:         (Bedrooms 3, sleeps 5) £300-400                                Cottage (Bedrooms 3, sleeps up to 5) £320-£420
(Bedrooms 3, sleeps 6) £395-£450
                                                             Luxury 3 bedroomed house close to all amenities. Fully         This three bedroom, cottage style detached bungalow,
This is a modern townhouse in a quiet location of            equipped with home from home in mind. Just pack your           with an immaculate modernised interior, has
Portstewart close to all major attractions including         bag and kids and enjoy a break in a tranquil location.         everything you need for your self catering holiday. The
Portstewart Golf Club however far enough away to allow       Brochure available. Closed September - June.                   accommodation is tastefully decorated and furnished
for a quiet and relaxing holiday. It is finished to a high                                                                  to a high standard, with a private enclosed back garden
standard with an excellent kitchen, bathroom and ensuite                                                                    complete with patio furniture and BBQ. Kinvara is located
with all usual 4* amenities. The property provides two                                                                      in a quiet residential area, approximately a 5 minute walk
parking spaces to the front along with an enclosed garden                                                                   to Portstewart Strand and golf course and 10 minutes to
to the rear.                                                                                                                the Promenade.

9d                                                           }fC         (;^€SCzvOII9d                                      f     (;^€SCzvOI9d

               PORTSTEWART                                                   PORTSTEWART                                                    PORTSTEWART
            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                           ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★★ SELF CATERING

Rose Cottage****                                             Rosevale****                                                   Tranquility****
39 Fairfield Road, Portstewart BT55 7HX                      33 Station Road, Portstewart BT55 7HH                          4 Aghermore Close, Portstewart BT55 7QL
Mobile: 07799 536264                                         Tel: (028) 8676 2802 Fax: (028) 8676 2802                      Tel: (028) 7963 4104 Mobile: 07730 931600
Email:                                   Email:                                Email:
(Bedrooms 4, Sleeps up to 7) £450-£600                                                          (Bedrooms 3, sleeps 5) £375-£450
                                                             (Bedrooms 4, Sleeps up to 7) From £350-£450
Four bedroom house within walking distance of the beach,                                                                    Luxury bungalow finished to highest standards. Ideally
promenade, golf course and provides all the comforts of      Beautiful chalet bungalow situated in a quiet but central      situated for visiting some of the most beautiful scenery
home. 1 ensuite room plus downstairs toilet. Back garden     residential area of scenic Portstewart. Fully equipped for     on the Causeway Coast. Convenient to golf course and
and partially decked.                                        all your needs - a real ‘home from home’. Ideal for families   beach. Fully equipped for family holidays including travel
                                                             and older persons. Strictly no smoking or pets.                cot, high chair and full laundry facilities. Enclosed rear
                                                                                                                            garden with furniture provides secure play area. Totally
                                                                                                                            non-smoking. Quiet location.

}fC         (;kS€^zCzvgO
II9d                                                         }f(;S^zCzvgOII9d                                               }f(;S^CzvgOII9

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                           PAGE 142
               PORTSTEWART                                                PORTSTEWART                                                  PORTSTEWART
      ★★★★/★★★ SELF CATERING                                     ★★★★/★★★ SELF CATERING                                             ★★★ SELF CATERING

20/22 Strandview Avenue****/***                            Cromore village****/***                                     3 & 5 old Coach Road***
20 Strandview Avenue, Portstewart BT55 7LL                 Cromore Road, Portstewart BT55 7PW                          3 & 5 Old Coach Road, Portstewart BT55 7BX
Tel: (028) 9048 6699 Fax: (028) 9048 3399                  Tel: 07775 917807                                           Tel: (028) 7964 4207 Fax: (028) 7964 4669
Mobile: 07713 485584                                       Email:                            Email:
Email:                                           Units 2 (Sleeps 6-7) £350                           Units 8 (Sleeps 4-6) £295-£600
                                                                                                                       Beautiful bungalow on an elevated site, overlooking the
Units 2 (Rooms 3, sleeps 6) Prices on request.
                                                           These well appointed cottages, are designed to enhance      sea. Within easy reach of promenade and local amenities
Modern semi-detached bungalow. Oil fired central           indoor and outdoor living and you will enjoy the spacious   such as golf, tennis courts and playpark. Also close to the
heating and double glazed, with 3 bedrooms.                open floor plan, with a combination sitting room and        popular Morelli’s ice-cream parlour (10 minutes).
                                                           kitchen. All rooms tastefully decorated. Plasma screen
                                                           TV, outdoor play and BBQ area, private secure carparking.
                                                           Available to view and book at

                                                           }fC         (;^µkSCzvgOI
}f(^zSCzvgOI                                               I9d                                                         }fC(S€^CzvOII9P

               PORTSTEWART                                                PORTSTEWART                                                  PORTSTEWART
             ★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★ SELF CATERING                                           ★★★ SELF CATERING

5 & 7 mill Court***                                        6 Burnside mews***                                          6 o’Hara Court***
Mill Road, Portstewart BT55 7AL                            Mill Road, Portstewart BT55 7BH                             Apartment 6, O’Hara Court, Coleraine Road
Tel: (028) 9048 6699 Fax: (028) 9048 3399                  Mobile: 07876 566476 Mobile: 07876 685219                   Portstewart BT55 7JW
Mobile: 07713 485584                                       Fax: (028) 9066 1120                                        Tel: (028) 7086 8524 Mobile: 07813 126450
Email:               Email:                                 Email:                           (Bedrooms 6, sleeps 8) £350                                 (Bedrooms 3, sleeps 5) £300-£350
Units 2 (Sleeps 6) Prices on request.
                                                           Burnside Mews is a small cul-de-sac development off         Second floor, modern apartment with private parking in
5 mill Court                                               the Mill Road in Portstewart. The area is quiet though      the centre of Portstewart. A short walk to the beach and
Detached chalet bungalow with four bedrooms and two        within walking distance of the Promenade, Strand and        100 metres from the promenade. Master bedroom ensuite.
bathrooms. Quiet cul-de-sac location.                      Portstewart Golf Course. For those who wish to go further   Intercom system. Central location with post office and
                                                           afield public transport is close at hand. Six bedrooms,     shops a 2 minute walk away. Totally non-smoking.
7 mill Court
                                                           bathroom, shower room and ensuite. Patio, large garden,
Semi-detached chalet bungalow with four bedrooms
                                                           off street parking. OFCH.
and two bathrooms. Quiet cul de sac location.

}f(^zCzvgOII9d                                             }(S€^zCzvOII9d                                              }(S^zCvOII9

               PORTSTEWART                                                PORTSTEWART                                                  PORTSTEWART
             ★★★ SELF CATERING                                          ★★★ SELF CATERING                                           ★★★ SELF CATERING

29 old mill Grange***                                      45 & 46 montague Court***                                   100 old mill Grange***
29 Old Mill Grange, Portstewart BT55 7GD                   45 & 46 Montague Court, Portstewart BT55 7TE                100 Old Mill Grange, Portstewart BT55 7GD
Tel: (028) 9029 0193 Fax: (028) 9037 1155                  Tel: (028) 7083 1950                                        Tel: (028) 9065 7111 Fax: (028) 9028 3726
Mobile: 07730 396185                                       Units 2 (Rooms 4, sleeps 7) Prices on request.              Email:
Email:                                                                                  (Rooms 4, Sleeps 5) £350-£450
                                                           Large modern 4 bedroom homes. Kitchen, lounge
(Rooms 4, Sleeps up to 6) £330
                                                           and 2 dining areas. Private back garden. Close to           High quality 10 year old four bedroom semi-detached
Close to golf, fishing, water and equestrian sports.       town & beach.                                               dwelling featuring lounge with patio doors leading to
Modern house, well equipped. Four bedrooms (1 ensuite),                                                                secluded grassed rear garden. Kitchen contains fridge/
2 doubles and 2 singles. Separate dining room. Three                                                                   freezer, washing machine and microwave. Two parking
bathrooms. Price includes heating and electricity. Linen                                                               spaces. Strand beach and Portstewart in close proximity.
available on request. Enclosed garden. Car parking.                                                                    Closed October - May.
Closed October - Mid-June.

}C       (^zSC€zvOII9d                                     }(zvOJ                                                      }fC         (^zSCvOIId

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                        PAGE 143
                PORTSTEWART                                                  PORTSTEWART                                                   PORTSTEWART
             ★★★ SELF CATERING                                                  SELF CATERING                                                 SELF CATERING

Burnside mews Holiday Homes***                                2C portmore Cove                                            24 inishowen park
20 Burnside Mews, Portstewart BT55 7BH                        Portmore Road, Portstewart, Co. Antrim BT55 7BE             24 Inishowen Park, Portstewart BT55 7BQ
Tel: (028) 9447 9822 Fax: (028) 9447 9822                     Tel: 07828 026827                                           Tel: (028) 9188 3590 Fax: (028) 9188 3590
Mobile: 07710 113 097                                         Email:                           Mobile: 07860 197082
Email:                          (Rooms 2, sleeps 4) £350-£450                               Email:
(Bedrooms 5, sleeps 10) £490 per week                                                                                     (Rooms 3, sleeps 5) £450
                                                              Luxury 3rd floor 4* apartment with ocean views, located
Luxury detached 5-bedroom house with sun room.                approx 200 metres from main promenade, providing great      The property has 3 bedrooms, 2 with doubles, one with a
Ground floor bedrooms and toilet facilities. Enclosed         access to Portstewart town and sea front areas, just a      single + hideaway bed. One double is on the ground floor
garden and patio to rear of house. Strand beach and           gentle 5 minute stroll away. It’s a great base from which   and a cloakroom with toilet. 1st floor accommodation
town centre within easy walking distance. Wi-Fi               to explore all the spectacular sights of the North coast.   consists of a double room with ensuite, overlooking
available, FreeView and DVD player installed.                 Balcony overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, 30 metres from        the patio. A bathroom and separate power shower, and
Closed September - June.                                      water edge. Equipped for all your needs, come and enjoy     bedroom are also on this floor. Secure south facing patio
                                                              a great break.                                              with sunloungers/barbecue equipment. Portstewart a short
                                                                                                                          15 minute walk.

}fC         (µ^SCzvOIJ9d                                      }f(^SCzvgOI9                                                }fC(;^zSC€zvgOI9d

               RANDALSTOWN                                                  WhITEPARK BAY                                                      BALLINTOY
                ★★ GUEST HOUSE                                            ★★★★ SELF CATERING                                                        HOSTEL

Creeve House Country Guest inn**                              Croagh****                                                  Sheep island view
115 Staffordstown Road, Randalstown BT41 3LH                  72 Moyacraig Road, Bushmills BT57 8YD                       42a Main Street, Ballintoy BT54 6LX
Tel: (028) 9447 2547                                          Tel: 07708 657749 Mobile: 07711 896576                      Tel: (028) 2076 9391 Fax: (028) 2076 9994
Mobile: 07729 414652                                          Email:                   Email:
(Rooms 8, ensuite 8) s£30, d£30 pps                           (Bedrooms 3, sleeps 8) Prices on request.                   (Bedspaces 78, ensuite 68) s£20, d£15 pps
Creeve House is a family owned and managed Country            Newly built 3 bedroomed semi-detached chalet                Hostel in centre of village with bus stops at the door.
Guest Inn. Set in an 80 acre working farm close to Lough      (sleeps 6) set in rural location with fabulous views        Close to Whitepark Bay and Giant’s Causeway with
Neagh it has a perfect central, yet peaceful location.        of the surrounding countryside. Located 2 miles from        Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge nearby. Great for coastal
There is a fully licenced resident’s lounge. There is also    picturesque Whitepark Bay beach and within close            walks. Self-catering kitchen and group meals available.
a put and take fly fishery which is well stocked with         proximity of Ballintoy Harbour and Carrick-A-Rede           Collection service available from neighbouring towns
rainbow trout on the guesthouse site. Closed Christmas        Rope Bridge.                                                if necessary.
and New Year.

                                                                                                                          }FGf(%;^Azv                             %IIdO
}FGf(%;µkjx€z                                                 }fC         (^z;€CzvgOIId                                   kCx€

                   BALLINTOY                                                   BALLYCASTLE                                                    BuShMILLS
                        HOSTEL                                                       HOSTEL                                                         HOSTEL

Whitepark Bay Hostel                                          Castle Hostel                                               mill Rest youth Hostel
157 Whitepark Road, Ballintoy BT54 6NH                        38 Quay Road, Ballycastle BT54 6BH                          49 Main Street, Bushmills BT57 8QA
Tel: (028) 2073 1745 Fax: (028) 2073 2034                     Tel: (028) 2076 2845                                        Tel: (028) 2073 1222 Fax: (028) 2073 0493
Email:                               Email:                            Email:                                                                           (74 bedspaces, 74 ensuite)
(Bedspaces 54, ensuite 54) Prices on request.                 (Bedspaces 12) s£15-£20, d£15-£20                           Prices on request.
Overlooking Whitepark Bay beach with amazing views            The new Castle Hostel opposite Ballycastle Primary School   Located in the centre of Bushmills on the North Antrim
across the Atlantic Ocean. Popular modern youth hostel,       caters for the budget traveller with clean, comfortable     Coast, this modern hostel has spacious, comfortable ensuite
listed as one of the Top 5 Overseas Hostels by Backpacker     accommodation within walking distance of all Ballycastle    bedrooms in a range of sizes. The mezzanine style layout is
Essentials magazine. Ensuite bedrooms, TV, tea/coffee         amenities. Suitable for families, backpackers, walkers,     a distinctive feature and the attached walled garden is an ideal
facilities and hairdryer in twin rooms, fully equipped self   cyclists, scuba divers, rock climbers, etc. Groups          place to relax or to have a summer barbeque. Fully equipped
catering kitchen, picnic area and free on site car parking.   welcome. 5 rooms having two/three beds each. One            self catering kitchen, dining area, lounge and meeting room
Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge nearby.       ensuite room. Kitchen, Lounge. Laundry facilities.          available. Bushmills Whiskey Distillery nearby.
                                                              Limited private parking. Free Wi-Fi.

}FGf(%;^Az                       µIdkx€                       }Gf(Az                µIIkSC€                               }G(%^Azv                       µIIdkC

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                             PAGE 144
                  CASTLEROCK                                                       LIMAVADY                                                       PORTRuSh
                        HOSTEL                                                         HOSTEL                                                         HOSTEL

Downhill Hostel                                               Carrowmena Hostel                                                portrush Holiday Hostel
12 Mussenden Road, Downhill, Castlerock                       100 Carrowclare Road, Limavady BT49 9EB                          24 Princess Street, Portrush BT56 8AX
Londonderry BT51 4RP                                          Tel: (028) 7776 3431 Fax: (028) 7776 9576                        Tel: (028) 7082 1288 Mobile: 07881 782181
Tel: (028) 7084 9077                                          Mobile: 07746 095680                                             Email:
Email:                                Email:                                                                                                      (27 bedspaces, 27 ensuite) £12.50-£20
(30 bedspaces, 6 ensuite) s£12.50, d£19 pps                   (22 bedspaces) s£12-£15, d£14-£20
                                                                                                                               A very welcoming hostel with relaxed atmosphere,
Award winning accommodation in stunning location              Carrowmena is ideal for exploring local beauty areas             close to all town centre amenities including Waterworld,
on the Downhill/Magilligan beach by Mussenden                 such as Causeway Coast, Sperrin Mountain Range,                  harbour, tennis, bowls, park, pub, clubs and restaurants.
Temple. This atmospheric Victorian home features              Lough Foyle and the miles of beautiful beaches Northern          5/10 mins walk from bus and train station and within easy
rooms for families, couples and individual travellers and     Ireland has to offer. The centre is close to Limavady,           reach to Giants Causeway, Dunluce Castle and Carrick-
accepts group bookings for private parties. Recipient of      historical City of Derry and Donegal Ferry. Dorm rooms           a-Rede Rope Bridge. Family rooms and private Double
Commendation at NITB Awards 2010, Rated HW “Best              also available. Contact for availability. Packages for           ensuite rooms available.
Hostel in Northern Ireland” 2010 & 2009, & “Best Rural        activities available including kayaking, archery, climbing
Tourist Accommodation”, NRRTI, 2006.                          wall and zip line.

}FGf;^zv                    µIdk                              }FGC(%;Azv                           %µIdkx€                     GfC(%;Azv                      µIkC€

                PORTSTEWART                                                       BuShMILLS                                                     CuShENDALL
                        HOSTEL                                          ★★★★★ CARAVAN PARK                                                 ★★★ CARAVAN PARK

Causeway Coast independent Hostel                             Ballyness Caravan park*****                                      Cushendall Caravan park***
4 Victoria Terrace, Portstewart BT55 7BA                      40 Castlecatt Road, Bushmills BT57 8TN                           62 Coast Road, Cushendall, Co Antrim
Tel: (028) 7083 3789                                          Tel: (028) 2073 2393 Fax: (028) 2073 2713                        Tel: (028) 2177 1699 Fax: (028) 2076 2515
Email:                   Email:                             Mobile: 07525 667672
(34 bedspaces, 9 ensuite) From £12 dorm bed                                              Email:
                                                              48 touring/motor from £20                              
Terraced house on seafront, on the Coleraine-Portstewart
                                                              Open mid March - October                                         20 touring/motor, 10 tents, 62 static
bus route. Coleraine rail station is 3 miles and there is
                                                                                                                               Touring/motor caravans £18-£19
a direct bus link to major attractions from the hostel.       Multi award winning environmental park on the Causeway
                                                                                                                               2-man tents £5 per head
Waymarked walks, golf, pony trekking, scuba diving and        Coast. Fully serviced pitches, immaculate washrooms,
                                                                                                                               Family tent £5 per adult & £2.50 per child (under 12)
sea angling. Kitchen and laundry facilities also available.   free hot showers, family bathroom, easy access room and
                                                                                                                               Seasonal lets (with electric) £985
                                                              Wi-Fi. Located in a quiet, rural area just 500m from Old
                                                                                                                               Open April - October
                                                              Bushmills Distillery. Pre-booking recommended.
                                                              AA Caravan Park of the Year 2010 for Scotland and                Well maintained Local Authority Caravan Park, occupying
                                                              Northern Ireland.                                                a Coast site within 5 minutes walk of Cushendall village
                                                                                                                               centre and adjacent Cushendall Boat Club.

FGf(%;^AzvµIIkC€                                              CQI;c^)yµzvCk€O                                                  CQI;cS^yKR

                  CuShENDuN                                                           LARNE                                                       LIMAVADY
             ★★★ CARAVAN PARK                                           ★★★★★ CARAVAN PARK                                                ★★★★ CARAVAN PARK

Cushendun Caravan park***                                     Carnfunnock Caravan park & Camp Site*****                        Benone Tourist Complex****
14 Glendun Road, Cushendun BT44 0PX                           Coast Road, Drains Bay, Larne BT40 2QG                           53 Benone Avenue, Benone BT49 0LQ
Tel: (028) 2176 1254 Fax: (028) 2076 2515                     Tel: (028) 2827 0541 or (028) 2826 0088                          Tel: (028) 7775 0555 Fax: (028) 7775 0919
Mobile: 07908 768751                                          Email:                                  Email:
Email:                                                                                    31 touring/motor, 10 tents                                       100 touring, 5 tents
12 touring/motor, 3 tents, 62 static                          Touring/motor £18-£20 Tent from £9-£20 (under review)            Open Easter - September
Touring/motor caravans £18-£19                                Set in the idyllic surroundings of Carnfunnock Country Park,     Modern touring caravan park located beside Benone Blue
2-man tents £5 per head                                       facilities include a maze, walled garden, forest walks, family   Flag beach. Seasonal facilities include outdoor heated
Family tent £5 per adult & £2.50 per child (under 12)         fun zone with miniature railway, 18 hole mini golf, laser clay
                                                                                                                               pools, tennis courts, play area and bowling green. All
Seasonal lets (with electric) £985                            pigeon shooting etc, gift centre, coffee shop, golf activities
                                                                                                                               year around golf course. Seasonal cafe, driving range and
Open April - October                                          including driving range and academy, children's activity
                                                              centre with outdoor adventure playground, trampolines,           putting green.
Refurbished caravan park offering water and 16 amp            mini cars and face-painting and glitter tattoos. All hard
electricity connections to all sites. Set in woodland,        stand bays fully serviced. Pre-booking recommended
5 minutes walk from village centre and beach.                 with full payment required at time of booking.
CQI;cS^)yR                                                    CQ;S^)ykz                                                        CQI;cS^%)yk

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                               PAGE 145
               NEWTOWNABBEY                                                              PORTRuSh                                                        PORTRuSh
                   CARAVAN PARK                                                 ★★★★ CARAVAN PARK                                                 ★★★ CARAVAN PARK

Jordanstown Caravan park                                            Carrick Dhu Caravan park****                                     Hilltop Holiday park***
Newtownabbey Borough Council                                        12 Ballyreagh Road, Portrush BT56 8LS                            60 Loguestown Road, Portrush BT56 8PD
Jordanstown Loughshore Park, Whiteabbey BT37                        Tel: (028) 7082 3712 Fax: (028) 7034 7239                        Tel: (028) 7082 3537
Tel: (028) 9034 0137 Fax: (028) 9034 0062                                                            Email:
Email:                                  45 touring, 20 tents, 393 static sites (none for hire)                                              Phone for prices                                                 50 touring/motor £17.50 (off peak) £2.50 extra for awning
14 touring/motor £15-£18, 1 tent £10                                Open April - end September                                       50 Tents £5/adult £2.50/child (off peak)
                                                                                                                                     31 Static from £275 (off peak) 7 nights
Located 5 miles north of Belfast on the Shore Road (A2)             Caravan Park having 45 Touring Sites with electricity,
                                                                                                                                     Open 11 months of the year
convenient to ferry terminals, Belfast, Causeway Coast and          20 tent sites without electricity. Situated on North Coast
Glens. Electric hook up available, Nearby amenities include         close to main resorts. Golf, fishing and boating within          On site café, play park, toilet/shower facilities and laundry
picnic areas, children’s play area. Close to University of Ulster   short distance. Online bookings now available via                room. Close to all major tourist attractions such as the
and bus routes to Belfast and Antrim Coast. Pre-booking                                              seaside resorts of Portstewart and Portrush, the Giant’s
recommended. Undergoing extensive refurbishment -                                                                                    Causeway and the Bushmills Distillery. Telephone Hilltop
reopening April 2011. Laundry facilities, café on site,                                                                              Holiday Park for bookings and availability 028 7082 3537.
dishwashing area. Pin code access. Online booking available.

CQ;^Sy)                                                             CQI;cS^%)yR                                                      }C;Q;cS^%y)k€CzvI

                 PORTSTEWART                                                         PORTSTEWART                                                       BALLYMONEY
           ★★★★★ CARAVAN PARK                                                     ★★★ CARAVAN PARK                                    MARINA / ★★★★★ CARAVAN PARK

Ballyleese Town & Country Caravan park*****                         Juniper Hill Caravan park***                                     Drumaheglis marina & Caravan park
34 Agherton Road, Portstewart BT55 7PJ                              70 Ballyreagh Road, Portstewart BT55 7PT                         36 Glenstall Road, Ballymoney BT53 7QN
Tel/Fax: (028) 7083 3308                                            Tel: (028) 7083 2023 Fax: (028) 7034 7239                        Tel: (028) 2766 0280 or (028) 2766 0227
Email:                                                                       Fax: (028) 2766 0222                                           80 touring, 5 tents, 422 static sites (none for hire)            Email:
16 Touring/Motor From £19                                           Phone for prices                                       
37 Static                                                           Open April - end September                                       55 touring £21.60-£22.80, tents £18
Open March to October                                                                                                                Open St. Patrick's weekend - Halloween.
                                                                    Situated on the main A2 Coast Road, one mile east of
Ballyleese Caravan Park has a prime location on the edge            Portstewart, this site offers splendid views, modern             Award winning park situated on a beautiful stretch of
of popular Portstewart, just a few minutes from the Strand          facilities. Golf, fishing, boating and horse riding all within   the Lower River Bann. Fully serviced sites, nature walk,
Beach, superb golf courses and bustling promenade                   a short distance. Online bookings now available via              play area, picnic and BBQ areas, table tennis, volleyball.
which has restaurants, shops, bars and plenty of activities                                           The complex also incorporates a boat park, slipway and
for children. An excellently maintained park with a family                                                                           marina with overnight berthing facilities catering for up
friendly atmosphere.                                                                                                                 to 32 boats.

CQ;%y)                                                              CQI;cS^%)yR                                                      k)CQI;c^%

                   BALLYCASTLE                                                     CARRICKFERGuS                                                          GLENARM
                         MARINA                                                              MARINA                                                          MARINA

Ballycastle marina                                                  Carrickfergus marina                                             Glenarm Harbour
14 Bayview Road, Ballycastle BT54 6BT                               3 Quayside, Carrickfergus BT38 8BJ                               Tel & Fax: (028) 2884 1285
Tel: (028) 2076 8525 Fax: (028) 2076 2515                           Tel: (028) 9336 6666 Fax: (028) 9335 0505                        Mobile: 07703 606763
Mobile: 07803 505084                                                Email:                        Email:
                                                                    Let us invite you to experience the quality that has earned      Glenarm Harbour offers forty fully serviced pontoon
Open all year
                                                                    us the prestigious 5 Gold Anchor Award, RYA Berth                berths within the village’s historical limestone harbour.
Blue Flag Award Winning Marina. Ballycastle’s superb                Holders Charter and European Blue Flag Status as well            The harbour is ideally situated within a day’s sail of the
74-berth marina is situated on the spectacular North                as our designation as an RYA Sailability Centre. No detail       Western Isles and Clyde. Visiting vessels welcome.
Antrim Coast. It offers excellent scope for marine travel           is overlooked in our exclusive berth holder shower/
around Ireland and to Scotland.                                     toilet facilities.

QI;cS^%)Ky                                                          }C;^µkS9CQ;y

Causeway Coastal Route: ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREAT ROAD JOURNEYS                                                                                                                      PAGE 146
                                                                                   Causeway Coast and Glens Tourism Partnership
                                                                                   11 Lodge Road, Coleraine
                                                                                   Co. Londonderry BT52 1LU Northern Ireland
                                                                                   T +44 (0)28 7032 7720
                                                                                   F +44 (0)28 7032 7719

Regional Tourist Information Centres
Ballycastle                                        Coleraine                                        Limavady
Sheskburn House, 7 Mary Street                     Railway Road                                     Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre
Ballycastle BT54 6QH                               Coleraine BT52 1PE                               24 Main Street, Limavady BT49 0FJ
T 028 2076 2024                                    T 028 7034 4723                                  T 028 7776 0650
F 028 2076 2515                                    F 028 7035 1756                                  E
E                        E                                                                 valley-arts-and-cultural-centre/

Ballymena                                          Carrickfergus                                    Newtownabbey
The Braid, Ballymena Town Hall                     Museum and Civic Centre                          Development Services Department
Museum and Arts Centre                             11 Antrim Street                                 Mossley Mill
1-29 Bridge Street, Ballymena BT43 5EJ             Carrickfergus BT38 7DG                           Newtownabbey BT36 5QA
T 028 2563 5900                                    T 028 9335 8049                                  T 028 9034 0000
F 028 2563 5903                                    F 028 9335 0350                                  F 028 9034 0062
E             E                  E                                  

Ballymoney                                         Larne
1 Townhead Street                                  Narrow Gauge Road
Ballymoney BT53 6BE                                Larne BT40 1XB
T 028 2766 0230                                    T 028 2826 0088
F 028 2766 0222                                    F 028 2826 0088
E                    E                  

                                                                                                                                  Glenarm Marina

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information given in this Guide is given in good faith on the basis of information submitted to Causeway Coast and
Glens Tourism and McCadden. Causeway Coast and Glens Tourism and McCadden cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in this
Guide and accept no responsibility for any error or misrepresentation. All liability for loss, disappointment, negligence or other damage caused
by the reliance on the information contained in this Guide, or in the event of the bankruptcy or liquidation of any company, individual or firm
mentioned, or in the event of any company, individual or firm ceasing to trade, is hereby excluded.

Photography by John O’Kane/Christopher Maguire/Esler Crawford/Chris Hill/NITB/National Trust/Arthur Ward/Lower Bann Partnership/Gardiner Mitchell
Life/Conor O’Kane/Aidan Gilfillan/Coleraine Town Partnership. Design by McCadden. Printed in Northern Ireland. WGB 10.10 50k RG11ENG201CCG

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