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Objective: Show and explain perimeter and area of an object
*In this activity, students are asked to find the area of various shapes and can change the
perimeter of each shape. A relationship between perimeter and area can be discussed with the
class. The students could write an explanation directly on the screen about how they found their
answer. They could also draw other shapes on the screen with the same perimeter or area in
order to compare results.
Objective: Collect data and display results using a bar graph
*This lesson uses a program called The Graph Club, which is currently installed on our classroom
computers. The students can collect data and represent it in a table as well as on a graph.The data
can be manipulated on the table to immediately show a change on the graph, or vice versa.
Extension questions can be written and displayed in order to differentiate instruction.
Objective: Explain and make change from a given amount using bills and coins
*Students are asked to make change from a given amount of money. This activity provides a real-life
example of when this skill might be used. Students can physically move the amount of money that
they need from the cash register to the counter. Immediate feedback is given by selecting “Check My
Change”. For lower-level students, a number sentence can be written directly on the board in order to
help them find the correct answer.
Objective: Select and use efficient strategies to add and subtract larger numbers.
*In our math program, the students are introduced to place value (“tens, hundreds, and ones”) as “flats,
skinnies, and bits”. These manipulatives are used throughout lessons involving addition and
subtraction. SMART Board Notebook software allows students to manipulate these pieces on-screen, as
well as to show their work. To differentiate instruction, this activity can be saved and printed out for
students who may need extra assistance with this skill.
Language Arts
Objective: Identify and compare characters, setting, events, problems and solutions
*The program Kidspiration can be used to create a graphic organizer. This organizer can then be
manipulated on-screen and then saved to be printed, emailed, or posted to a classroom website. The
same organizer can be used to compare different books throughout the year.
Objective: Increase vocabulary and meaning using root/base words
*Words can be posted on-screen and the students can use the SMART Board markers or their fingers to
circle prefixes/suffixes and underline root words. This activity was created using Microsoft PowerPoint
which is installed on both the classroom computers as well as the iBooks.
Objective: Differentiate fact from opinion
*This activity was found online through the website Internet4Classrooms. Students are given
a review of facts and opinions and are then given an online assessment. This would be a
great activity to use as a whole group lesson. After completing this activity as a whole group,
the students could individually take this assessment on the iBooks or on the computers in the
classroom. This assessment could then be put in the student’s working portfolio.
Objective: Write in cursive style
*This template, designed through SMART Notebook, can be used to introduce and practice cursive style as a
whole group. SMART Board markers can be used to form each letter. The page can then be saved and
printed, to be given for extra practice for struggling students. This page can also be used to write class stories.
The entire writing process, including editing and revising, could be modeled easily using this template. After
the story is completed, it could be saved, printed out, added to portfolios, or even posted on a classroom
Objectives: Read to gain information; use appropriate resource materials
*Students can use the program World Book Online, which is installed on the classroom computers and
iBooks, to research topics that we are studying. In addition, a lesson can be taught on picking out
important information by using a highlighter. Then the class can practice taking notes on what they
have learned, by using the Sticky Note feature with the SMART Keyboard or SMART markers.
Science & Social Studies
Objective: Create a map on a grid and measure distance using a bar scale
*Using the program Kidspiration, the students could design a map of their neighborhood or use their
imagination to make a neighborhood of their own. After creating a map key and scale, the students
could measure distances between points on the map to convert to actual distances.
Objective: Compare and contrast life cycles
The life cycle of a butterfly, plant, and chicken are all studied in my third grade class. The
students could represent these life cycles through Kidspiration. Pictures or videos of each
cycle could be used to represent each stage. Many student-friendly videos can be found on the
website, TeacherTube (
Objective: Explain how the Westward Movement contributed to the growth of the western U.S.
*Students can make a timeline using the program TimeLiner, which is installed on our classroom
computers as well as the iBooks. A class timeline could be saved and added to throughout the unit. At
the end of the unit, this timeline could be saved and printed out for each student, or posted on a
classroom website.

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