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					                              Catch A
                Summer 2009                         3rd Seahawks Fish & Feast Charity Fundraiser
                A Publication of
          C.A.S.T.® for Kids Foundation
                                                               sponsored by Pinnacle
                                                       Sunday May 17th, 2009,             For the players, fishing with the kids
                                               marked the 3rd Annual Seahawks             is one of their favorite community
                                               Fish & Feast Charity Fundraiser            events of the year!” said Mike Flood,
                                               in support of the C.A.S.T. for Kids        VP Community Relations of Seattle
                                               Foundation. With Pinnacle, An              Seahawks & Seattle Sounders FC.
                                               American Management Services
                                               Company, as the Presenting Sponsor,              Clay Dyer, Professional
                                               the Seahawks and IKEA as Blue              Fisherman and C.A.S.T. for Kids
                                               Reel Sponsors, Purcell Painting            Foundation Spokesman, was also at
                                               & Coating and 1st Savings Bank
                                               Northwest as Green Reel Sponsors,
                                               and several in-kind and product
                                               donors, over $25,000 was raised to
                                               support disable and disadvantaged
                                               children getting the opportunity to
                                               enjoy a quality outdoor recreational
                                               experience through fishing.
                                                       “Working with the Seahawks is
                                               an absolute pleasure” says Jim Owens,
  Colin Cole, Patrick Kerney, and Ashley
                                               Executive Director of the C.A.S.T. for
show off their special catch at the 2009 3rd
                                               Kids Foundation, “It is very obvious       the fundraiser. Clay was born with
  Annual Seahawks Fish & Feast Charity
                                               that they involve themselves in the        half a right arm and no left arm and
                                               community, not because they have           no legs. Clay’s motto is “If I can, you
                                               to, but because they truly care about      can” and the children participating in
                                                                                          this year’s event were able to witness
                                                                                          the accomplishments of somebody
                                                                                          that has similar obstacles to their own.
                                                                                          He is a true inspiration to those who
                                                                                          encounter Clay.
                                                                                                 Families from the Renton
                                                                                          School District Special Education

                                               making it a better place.”
                                                      Seahawks DE Patrick Kerney
                                               returned as the event’s Honorary
                                               Chairman Other Seahawks personnel
                                               that participated included T Will
                                               Robinson, TE John Carlson, DT Colin
                                               Cole, QB Matt Hasselbeck, LS Ryan
                                               Senser , T Kyle Williams and QB
                                               Coach Bill Lazor.                          Department had the opportunity to go
                                                                                          fishing with the players and sponsors
                                                       “Seahawks players and staff        this year and truly enjoyed themselves.
                                               had a terrific time hosting the kids and   “My favorite part was when I caught
                                               families of the C.A.S.T. organization.      the trout. I also continued pg. 4
1 Summer 2009
                                            EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S
                                                 This past year has been incredibly       switch drivers. Sue was driving as we con-
                                       tough on non-profit organizations all across       tinued through the town. She noticed that
                                       the country. As the economy has tanked,            the cover to our boat was flapping oddly so
                                       donations have dwindled, funding has been          I told her to pull over. As she started to I
            Executive Director         cut, and programs have been lost. Many             said no, not here, go down the block a little
                Jim Owens              non-profits are struggling to stay afloat or       farther. That was key as you will see.
             227 SW 41st Street        have had to scale back. C.A.S.T. for Kids, I                 As I got out to walk back to check
            Renton, WA 98057
              (425) 251-3214           am very happy to report, is NOT one of them.       out the back cover I hear this “Jim, Jim,
          Our funding has held steady and we have            Jim, Jim,” being yelled out behind me. As I
                                       even been able to add a few new events. For        turn around I see this teenage girl screaming
       National Program Director       this I am so very thankful to all of our donors,   at the top of her lungs and running straight
               Art Pasley              sponsors, partners, and everyone else that has     for me. I recognized her immediately. Her
          1529 Sunview Drive           supported us and our mission.                      name is Amanda and she is a long time par-
           Dallas, TX 75253                      But hold on! Before you become           ticipant at our Potholes Reservoir event. As
             (972) 913-2933
          complacent and put away your checkbook             she gets to me she doesn’t slow down at all.
                                       because it looks like we are doing fine, please    She hits me and wraps me up like middle
            Executive Board            understand that we are pretty much just hold-      linebacker and gives me a huge hug, and all
         President – Scot Laney        ing ground. Don’t get me wrong, under these        the while still yelling my name. As soon as
        Vice President –Jay Yelas      economic circumstances that’s great, but we        Sue comes around the boat I am abandoned
   Secretary/Treasurer – Pat McBride   are not moving ahead. There are still a lot        and she runs straight to Sue and give her a
            Larry Walkoviak            of special needs kids out there that deserve       big huge also.
             Troy Moncrief
                                       the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and                    You can’t believe how touched
          Corporate Sponsors           the sport of fishing that we have not reached      we both are and how fortunate we feel. If
           Zebco Corporation           yet. We need your continued help to do this.       we would have stopped at the first place
        Plano Molding Company          Please continue your support and help us to        Amanda would never have seen us and we
              Eagle Claw               help these kids “Catch A Special Thrill”           would have never known what a special
                                                                                          thing CAST is in her life.
                                                 There is no better example of why
                                       I do this than what happened over this past
                                       Memorial Day Weekend. My wife, Sue, and
  A special Thank You to the           I had attended the 39th Annual Washington
  agencies that help “Special          State Bass Club Jamboree in eastern Wash-
People, Help Special Kids Catch        ington and had stayed an extra day to miss
       A Special Thrill”...
                                       the heavy Monday afternoon traffic. We
                                       stopped on the way home in a little town
                                       called Ephrata to get a chocolate malt and

                                            NOTICE TO ALL FEDERAL EMPLOYEES
                                                  Do you like C.A.S.T. events and what they represent? Do you want to see
                                          C.A.S.T. reach out and give more Special Kids a chance to CATCH A SPECIAL
                                                  Now YOU can do something to help make that possibility! C.A.S.T. For
                                          Kids Foundation is approved for the 2009 Combined Federal Campaign that runs
                                          through December. Please consider the C.A.S.T. For Kids Foundation for your next
                                          CFC Pledge. Help us ensure that there will always be someone there to help Special
                                          Kids Catch A Special Thrill.

                                                   CFC # 12017

2 Summer 2009
                1998 Ferrari Raffle For C.A.S.T.
                   and Restoring Hope, Inc.

         C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation is hosting a raffle for Restoring          C.A.S.T. for Kids
 Hope Inc. The prize is a gorgeous 355 F1 Berlinetta Ferrari! Please visit and for more pictures
 and information. There will only be 3,000 tickets sold for $100 each. Tell
 your friends, family, and co-workers. Not only will you be supporting a
                                                                                 Purpose & Goals
 great cause, you may end up in this car.
         The Cause: The proceeds from the raffle will be used to purchase
 a custom built commercial fishing charter boat designed specifically for
 special needs, foster kids, and disabled war vets. The boat will be com-           To provide disabled and dis-
 pletely wheelchair accessible and filled with several accommodations             advantaged children the oppor-
                                                                                 tunity to enjoy a quality outdoor
 for the maximum ease and comfort of the passengers. Much thought has
                                                                                 recreational experience through
 been put into this by experts from various fields of care for the disabled.
                                                                                        the sport of fishing.
 Please visit to see examples.

                                                                                  Expose children, who may not
                                                                                  otherwise get the opportunity,
                                                                                  to the sport of fishing and the
                                                                                   enjoyment of the outdoors.
         The Mission: To provide a one-of-a-kind, sport fishing, or cruise
adventure, for individuals whom would not otherwise have an opportunity.
Our goal is to provide trips for 1,000 individuals annually plus their coun-            Encourage continued
selors, assistants, and parents.                                                     participation in fishing by
         Our guests shall be provided with meals, drinks, and snacks. There       developing skills in the children
will also be alternative entertainment for those who need or want it which            along with their parents.
will include two flat screen TV's supported by satellite TV, DVD, ps3, as
well as satellite radio, local radio, mp3 and eventually a recap of the boat’s
                                                                                      Provide education and
past catches that will provide a permanent memory of all the special people
                                                                                   understanding to the children
and their successes for us to share with the world. The plan is FUN, an
                                                                                  about fish as a natural resource.
escape from a world of obstacles and limitations. The primary fish will
be sharks and sting rays not to mention the various species available in
the San Francisco Bay. All of our passengers with go home with a framed             Increase the awareness of all
picture of their catch. And by practicing 100% catch and release we’ll be         participants; parents, sportsmen,
instilling responsibility toward the environment and protection of our fish-     and volunteers, to the capabilities
eries within future generations.                                                    of children with disabilities.
         Please feel free to spread the word on this raffle. Please go to www. to buy a ticket and support two foundations with a similar
                                                                                    Broaden angling programs
wonderful cause. The car has approximately 24,000 miles and only one
                                                                                     to offer opportunities to a
owner. It is in excellent condition and has paddle shifters on the steering       greater number of disabled and
wheel for manual shifting but no clutch.                                              disadvantaged children.
         Must by 18 years of age to play. The raffle is open and will con-
tinue until July 24th, 2009.

3 Summer 2009
  Have you met C.A.S.T.’s                          ...3rd Annual Seahawks Fish & Feast Continued....
   National Spokesman?                         really enjoyed eating lunch with
                                               Patrick Kerney” said 11 year old
Message from Clay:                             Ashley Inge, “I think it was really
                                               cool because most people don’t get to
Sometimes, I feel like the luckiest            fish with a Seahawk.”
man alive. I know some people look                      Special thanks to those whose
at me and feel sympathy because                in-kind contributions added true value
                                               to the event. Thanks to the Seahawks
of my condition. I look at my                  for the use of their new VMAC
condition (physical limitations)               facility and dock, Prop Gallery for the
as one of God’s best blessings on              thoughtful event decorating, Famous
                                               Dave’s for their “real honest” BBQ,
my life. My condition has given
me opportunities to go and do
things beyond my wildest dreams.
It has also given me opportunities
to inspire others to do likewise.
                                                                                           Thank you sponsors!!
I believe we have a responsibility
regardless of our station in life to
help others who might be similarly

                                               Auburn Sports & Marine for the boats
                                               (including three other sled boats and all
                                               captains for their time), the Renton &
                                               Bellevue Reporters for the press, and
                                               Fast Signs for the banners.
situated find happiness and peace                      On a side note, Andy
irrespective of their circumstances.           Macourek, found the Fish & Feast event
Remember, if I can you can.                    information and sponsorship package
                                               online and in lieu of attending the
                                               fundraiser made a donation to C.A.S.T.
                                               for $2,500 toward a Seahawks Training
                                               Camp experience. The contribution
                                               and Training Camp Experience was
                                               purchased as a birthday present to his
                                               wife, happy birthday Denise.
                                                        Last weekend’s sunshine
                                               couldn’t have provided a better
                                               atmosphere for boating and fishing on
                                               Lake Washington. Many thanks to the
                                               100 plus attendees of the fundraiser
                                               and the wonderful show of community
For more information on Clay and his career,   support to the C.A.S.T. for Kids
please visit Clay will       Foundation. All proceeds will go
be present at an occasional C.A.S.T. Event     directly to supporting efforts to provide
when his schedule allows, however we will      more disable and disadvantaged
                                               children the opportunity to recreate
not know until a week or so ahead of time      outdoors through fishing. We look
so keep an eye out!                            forward to next year.and many years
 4 Summer 2009
         Special Thank You’s from our Volunteers and Participants...

5 Summer 2009
                Memories Caught in 2009 so far...

         Corpus Christi, TX

                                  Washington DC          Corpus Christi, TX

                                   San Pablo, CA

                                                   Shreveport, LA
                  San Pablo, CA

6 Summer 2009
            You too can help C.A.S.T. for Kids...                                 Add C.A.S.T. for Kids
                                                                                   Foundation to your
                                                                                  company’s corporate
By donating to the CAST for Kids Foundation, you will provide the means neces-         giving list!
sary to enhance the foundation’s positive work in the community and allow more
disabled and disadvantaged children the opportunity to enjoy a quality outdoor Some companies in WA that
recreational experience through the sport of fishing. Your donations are tax      offer Corporate Giving
deductible too - please request a receipt with our 501(c) (3) with your donation.
                                                                                Programs are Amazon, Cas-
                o $50         o $100         o Other ______                       cade Natural Gas, REI,
                                                                                  Safeco, and many more!
   Name _________________________________________________
   Address _______________________________________________                      Check out http://www.tgci.
   City _______________________State__________Zip __________                   com/funding.shtml to find out
   Phone_________________________________________________                      what companies are involved
                                                                                       in your state.
                o Check       o Visa         o Mastercard
   Account Number ________________________________________
   Expiration Date _________________________________________                   State & Federal employees
   Signature:                                                                     have this option too,
                                                                                    contact your HR
Please send in to C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation 227 SW 41st, Renton, WA 98057
                    or donate online at                      department for details!

                                                                                “How do I find these companies?”

            Thank you to our National Sponsors -                                Plano Tackle Systems
                                                                                431 East South Street
                                                                                Plano, IL 60545

                                                                                6105 E. Apache
                                                                                Tulsa, OK 74115

                                                                                Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle Co.
                                                                                4245 East 46th Avenue
                                                                                Denver, CO 80216-6011

                                                                                Interested in your company
                                                                               becoming a corporate sponsor
                                                                               of this wonderful community

                                                                                        Jim Owens

7 Summer 2009
                                                     FACT SHEET
                                        Total C.A.S.T. Events hosted: 442
                                       Total Fishing Kids Events hosted: 134

                         •        Total C.A.S.T. Events: 54
                         •        Amount of States C.A.S.T. is present: 26
                         •        Number of children served at C.A.S.T. Events: 2,000
                         •        Number of volunteers involved at C.A.S.T. Events: 3,050
    70                   •        Number of children served at Fishing Kids Events: 9,542
                         •        Number of volunteers involved at Fishing Kids Events: 984
                         •        Annual Budget: $667,784
                         •        Overhead: 12%
    60                   •        Total C.A.S.T. Events: 53
                         •        Amount of States C.A.S.T. is present: 23
                         •        Number of children served at C.A.S.T. Events: 2,150
                         •        Number of volunteers involved at C.A.S.T. Events: 3,039
                         •        Number of children served at Fishing Kids Events: 10,080
                         •        Number of volunteers involved at Fishing Kids Events: 845
                         •        Annual Budget: $682,048
    50                   •        Overhead: 11%
                         •        Total C.A.S.T. Events: 41
                         •        Amount of States C.A.S.T. is present: 19
                         •        Number of children served at C.A.S.T. Events: 1,682
    40                   •        Number of volunteers involved at C.A.S.T. Events: 2,767
                         •        Number of children served at Fishing Kids Events: 9,630
                         •        Number of volunteers involved at Fishing Kids Events: 835
                         •        Annual Budget: $504,236
                         •        Overhead: 10.9%
                         •        Total C.A.S.T. Events: 39
                         •        Amount of States C.A.S.T. is present: 19
                         •        Number of children served at C.A.S.T. Events: 1,641
                         •        Number of volunteers involved at C.A.S.T. Events: 2,663
                         •        Number of children served at Fishing Kids Events: 9,140
                         •        Number of volunteers involved at Fishing Kids Events: 913
    20                   •        Annual Budget: $484,207
                         •        Overhead: 11.4%
                         •        Total C.A.S.T. Events: 32
    10                   •        Amount of States C.A.S.T. is present: 17
                         •        Number of children served at C.A.S.T. Events: 1,680
                         •        Number of volunteers involved at C.A.S.T. Events: 2,005
                         •        Number of children served at Fishing Kids Events: 7,881
                         •        Number of volunteers involved at Fishing Kids Events: 860
                         •        Annual Budget: $483,421
                         •        Overhead: 14%
                1999     2000      2001       2002       2003      2004       2005       2006      2007       2008          2009

                  To track C.A.S.T.’s progress, check out our wesbite at and click the About Us page.
8 Summer 2009
 13th Annual Renton Fishing Kids Event Success
                                                                                   Lake Washington - Renton, WA

       Thirteen years and going
strong, the Renton Fishing Kids
Event held June 6, 2009, on the
shores of Lake Washington at Gene
Coulon Park serves as model to
which many of the 14 additional
Fishing Kids events held around
the state are based upon. As the
pioneering event, organizers and
volunteers alike have the imperative
                                                                                 Fishing Kids
task each year of maintaining and
improving something we at C.A.S.T.
                                                                               Purpose & Goals
have deemed as ‘chaotic perfection’.
                                        jackets. With warmer weather
        Approximately 800 youth         quickly approaching there is never
from Renton, WA, and the surrounding    a better time to remind everyone                   Purpose
                                        that safety and fun should go hand       To increase participation by all kids
communities had the opportunity to                                                     in the sport of fishing
cast their lines into the water with    in hand. Many participants and
the assistance of over 75 volunteers.   families also had the opportunity to
Unusually warm weather in Western       meet “Red” the one and only mascot
Washington in the week preceding        of the Red Robin Restaurant chain.                   Goals
the event combined with Saturday                                                 Provide a meaningful and enjoyable
morning overcast left the fish hungry          Special thanks to The City              fishing opportunity
for plump worms affixed to lines        of Renton, Renton Kiwanis, Sheet
                                        Metal Workers Local 66, Red Robin         Promote fishing as an alternative
of eager young anglers. Very few                                                        leisure activity
participants left without there limit   Restaurant, Auburn Sports & Marine,
of two trout!                           U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Western      Offer educational elements such as:
                                        Bass Club, Western Washington                      Angler Ethics
        The U.S. Coast Guard            Walleye Club, Eastside Steelheaders,             Fish Identification
Auxiliary was onsite providing          Boeing Employees Rod & Reel Club,                   Water Safety
water safety information and strongly   Starbucks Coffee, Trout Unlimited,
                                        Puget Sound Anglers, UPS, the           Develop skills that provide a lifelong
emphasized the proper use of life                                                             hobby
                                        Recreational Boating & Fishing
                                        Foundation, Zebco & Eagle Claw.

                                                                                 For more information on Fishing Kids
                                                                                  Events please see our website under
                                                                               Fishing Kids Program, Events List: www.

 9 Summer 2009
                                                           New 2009 C.A.S.T. Clothing
 All proceeds from C.A.S.T. for
Kids Foundation clothing sales go
directly to the Foundation to help
   them further their mission.

                                                              2009 Bass T-shirt                                                     09’ C.A.S.T. Kids T-shirt
                                                               M, L, XL, XXL                                                        All youth and adult sizes
                                                                      $15.00                                                                        $15.00
 All merchandise can
be purchased through
 our website click the

        Shopping link;                                    C.A.S.T. 2009 Baseball Hat                                                  2009 C.A.S.T. Camo Hat
                                                                      $15.00                                                                        $15.00

  Name __________________________________________________________
                                                                                         Check                  Money Order                 Visa              Mastercard
  Address ________________________________________________________
  City State_________________________Zip ____________                          Acct.# _________________________________________________________
  Daytime Phone (         ) ________________________________________           Exp. Date_______________________________________________________
  Evening Phone (        )_________________________________________            Signature _______________________________________________________

                             Item                            Color                           Size                        Qty.               Price                    Total



     Use separate sheet if necessary.                                                 Shipping:                                                   Shipping
                                                                                      $0.00 to $25.00 ......................$4.70
                                                                                      $25.01 to $50.00 ....................$5.70                 TOTAL
                                                                                                                                     Price includes sales tax
                                                                                      $50.01 to $100.00 ..................$6.70
                                                                                      Over $100.00..........................Call

   Make Checks Payable to:                                                                                                                                       (425) 251-3202
   C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation • 227 S.W. 41st Street • Renton, WA 98057                                                                             

10 Summer 2009
       A Few Quick Mentions We Don’t Want to Forget...
        WIN a Mexico Fishing Trip to Ascension Bay

                                      Up for Auction!
            Mexico Fishing Trip to Ascension Bay Bonefish Club for late 2009 or 2010 season!
                                           Valued at $3,200.

   This trip includes a 7 day exclusive fishing trip in a bay that allows a daily limited number of
   anglers. Room will be made for 1 additional person on this trip, however full cost will apply.
 To make a bid, call (425) 251-3202 or email Bidding will close July 31st!
                 For more details on Ascension Bay, visit www.

    Shop at Albertson’s and                      Don’t Forget!!
       Support C.A.S.T.

                                                       If you search through,
       Shop at any participating Albertsons      powered by Yahoo - they will contribute money
stores and use your Preferred Savings Card       from their advertising dollars to C.A.S.T. for Kids
to donate up to 4% of your monthly spend-        Foundation.
ing to the C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation. Do-
nating can be as simple as just going grocery    NO MONEY COMES OUT OF YOUR POCKET
shopping! Simply connect your Preferred                (It’s actually donated by Yahoo)
Savings Card to our Community
Partners ID #49001020620 today and                      Next time you’re online, go to,
you're set. Go to to         type in C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation in the “Who do
learn more about their program and register      you search for?” box. Each time you search, you’ll be
your card online.                                perusing the internet and giving back at the same time!

11 Summer 2009
            C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation Finds Out
        Some of you have noticed we’ve been doing surveys at your events...Well, these surveys help us get a better understanding
of who we’re helping. This information help us gain more financial support through grants and sponsorships as well as a better
understanding of who needs our services.

Here are our up-to-date results!

 12 Summer 2009
                                What’s New

          New so far in 2009’...

          	 Save the Date for the 2010 Seahawks Fish & Feast Charity Fundraiser sponsored
          by Pinnacle, May 2010: C.A.S.T.’s only major annual fundraiser, co-sponsored by the Seattle
          Seahawks, has consistently brought in much needed funds for our Foundation. Stay tuned to
          sponsorship information. All information will be made available on the C.A.S.T. website.

          	 Event Coodinators - Don’t forget about our Coordinators Login: To our much ap-
          preciated Event Coordinators, don’t forget that all necessary documents you’ll need for your
          events is located on our website’s Coordinator Login in the upper right hand corner. If you
          notice something is not there that you need, please let us know!

           raises money for C.A.S.T.:, the world’s larg-
          est online bass fishing guide, held its 4th annual Road Trip this year at Kentucky Lake where
          members and staff gathered for a week of camaraderie, fishing, and fundraising. The sponsors
          of the site donated gear and merchandise for a raffle helping raise $1,000 for C.A.S.T. Big
          thanks to the members, sponsors, and the staff for keeping our cause in the
          forefront of their generosity.

          	        2008 Newsletter Correction; On page 15 of the 2008 Newsletter a sponsor was re-
          ferred to as Rachateria…we’re sorry, we slipped…Special thanks to the sponsor from Feather
          Falls Casino, operated by the Mooretown Rancheria.

          	 CFC makes giving easy! Not only does the CFC make giving easy for Federal Employ-
          ees but it also is offering a post-giving survey so that each non-profit organization can review
          how its contributors like to give, why, and if we as the recipient can make it easier. Please do
          fill out that survey should you receive it! It will help all NPO’s better understand your giving

          	 States We’re IN for 2009: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California ,Colorado, Con-
          necticut, District of Columbia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri,
          Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota,
          Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, New Jersey, New York, & Wisconsin. Are we
          in your state? We’d like to be.

           	 Would you prefer this NEWSLETTER EMAILED to YOU? Please email Ashley,
, and let her know you’d like to help C.A.S.T. stay as “green” as pos-
          sible and get the newsletter emailed from now on. We’d appreciate the help.

          	 Fish Fry for C.A.S.T. this December in Renton, WA: Mini-fundraiser and awareness
          building for our local community supporters - this December in Renton, WA. Date TBD.

13 Summer 2009
                                            Native Kansan Brande Branine
                                        helps put C.A.S.T. in the WBT Spotlight
                                           By Tom Spencer, C.A.S.T. Event Director
         Brande Branine is the President of the Kansas Highway Patrol youth fishing team (KHP REEL DEAL). She was
the state champion for Kansas in 2008 and the only female competitor out of 20 qualifiers. In 2009, she finished with a 2nd
Place finish at Marion County Lake.
         In June 2009, Ms. Branine fished her first Women’s Bass Tour event in Sherwoord Arkansas and as day one came to
an end Ms. Branine was sitting in third place on the non-boater side. Branine finished the event with a 7th Place finish and
was recognized in two ESPN articles.
         Ms. Branine received her entry fee to the event from parents as a high school graduation gift. She was able to pre-
fish the event with Laura Heflin another Kansan that has fished professionally on the tour for several years.
         After doing well in B.A.S.S. Youth, Branine knew she had to find a new circuit and in her opinion the Professional
Woman’s Bass tour was the way to go. Branine said she did well with a mojo rigged brush hog and fished some of the time
with it Texas rigged.

         Branine said she fished with Sheri Glasgow on day three, which was exciting because both are from the Midwest
and Glasgow was AOY in 2007. After such an exciting week she thought it would be hard to top it, but the El Dorado
C.A.S.T. Event was the following weekend which is her favorite event of the year.
         “I love helping out with C.A.S.T. events because of the kids. They are all just so happy to be there it doesn’t matter
if they catch a fish or not, they may just love being in a boat.”
         Branine has teamed up this year with another KHP REEL DEAL member Riley Brown who is Kansas C.A.S.T.
Youth Spokesman and a 2009 state qualifier in Kansas. Together they both create tons of excitement at the El Dorado
C.A.S.T. event.
         Branine said, “Just seeing a child find something that they love this much just makes every thing even more per-

                                  THANK YOU
         Grants, Donations, In-Kind Donations & Gifts to C.A.S.T. For Kids
$50,000+                                          Guntersville - Mercedes – Benz               $1 - 1,000
Bureau of Reclamation                             Bluebonnet Electric Co-Op                    IMO of Jimmy Stewart - Striper Tournament
Zebco                                             Baptist Health Foundation                    Boeing Employees Community Fund
                                                  Puget Sound Anglers - Sno-King Chapter       Arizona Community Account
$10,000-49,999.00                                 Betty Hardwick Center                        Knights of Columbus Nevada State Council
Plano                                             Folsom - Advance Education                   Kennewick - Pasco Ranch & Home
Eagle Claw                                        John & Rhonda Stevens                        Guntersville - Ala Trade Foods
Department of Water Resources                     Northwest Marine Trade Assn & Honda Marine   Guntersville - Northpark Baptist Church
Barry Portman                                     Microsoft Matching                           Corpus - Community Bank
                                                  Kansas State Troopers Assn.                  Mike’s Bait & Tackle
$5,001-9,999.00                                   Corpus - HEB T of C                          Renton Community Foundation
UPS                                               Corpus Christi - John Stephens               New Melones - Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Association
                                                  Wal Mart                                     Folsom - Royal Glass Inc. 5
$1,001.00-5,000.00                                Alaska USA Federal Credit Union              Amercian Truck & Trailer/Michael Garner
Clay Dyer                                         New Melones - Kokanee Power                  Folsom - Progressive Technology
Telecom Pioneers Chapter 34                       Columbia Basin Walleye Club                  Bob’s Greenley Pharmacy
Washington Council of Trout Unlimited             Kitsap Community Foundation                  Everett Steelhead & Salmon Club
Sheet Metal Workers Local #66                     Puget Sound Anglers - Gig Harbor Chapter     Spokane Valley Firefighter’s Benevolent Association
Stockton - Lions Club                                                                          Lathing, Acoustical & Drywall Systems Local 1144
 14 Summer 2009
Tri-State Outfitters                                     Central Valley Bank                                            Daniel Tolar
MTV Home Repair                                          Rick & Ann Gold                                                Grace Ballard
S.W. Washington Anglers                                  IMO of Jimmy Stewart - Striper Tournament                      Gracie Bailey
Cowlitx-Wahkiakum Labor Council                          Nick’s Heavy Duty Towing                                       Bearings & Power Transmission, Inc.
AKZO NOBEL                                               Alabama Telco Credit Union                                     Albert Beasley
Sheet Metal Workers                                      Guest Apothecary                                               Bastrop Lost Pines Lions Club
S.W. Washington Anglers                                  Lynn Vaughn                                                    Mary Reeves
Central WA Sldg. & Const. Council                        Fred Biddy                                                     First State Bank – Alabama
Wenatchee Sportsmen’s Association                        Knights of Columbus                                            Shankies Body Shop
Ahtanum Mission Council #6097                            Penny Warren                                                   Insurance Associates
San Antonio - Ronald Knight                              Middle Creek Medical Center                                    Gary Wilhite
Phoenix - Central Arizona Project                        Stratford - Stratford Area Chamber of Commerce                 Mike Keman
The ARC of Tri-Cities                                    San Antonio - Vestal Steel Specialties                         El Dorado Clinic
Shuyler Productions                                      RJ Mechanical Inc.                                             Taco Bandido
American Legion Post #137                                IMO Crystal Vernor - Downtown Seattle Association              Lisa M. Meier - CC Auth. # 645553
Guntersville - Material Systems                          Lake Pleasant - First Credit Union                             General Plumbing Supply
Stratford - Stratford State Bank                         Phoenix - Sav-on-Fence                                         Joe Hall
Rosalie Schlecht                                         Folsom - Donald Welch Law Office                               James Sanders
Corpus Christi - ZLB BIOPLASMA                           Folsom - American River Trucks and Equipment                   Sheely Farms 5
Corpus Christi - Navy Army Credit Union                  Carpenters Union Local 470 Tacoma                              IMO Steve Granata - Shannon Gillen
Kennewick - Blue Crown Dental Arts                       Manchester Sports Fishing Club                                 Carl Maturo
Kennewick - Areva NP Inc.                                Anne E. Overly                                                 Judith Vidmar
Corpus - Inspectorate Inspections & Controls             Guntersville - Samples Paint & Body                            Steve Johnson
Corpus - Maintech International                          Marilyn Bundy                                                  IMO Loren Ryan - Brian & Jackie Woods
Bastrop - Chuy’s Opco. Inc.                              Guntersville - Northpark Baptist Church                        Mikleane R. Chouinard
Mulvane D.A.R.E. program                                 Stratford - Stratford Homes                                    IMO Crystal Vernor - Erika Vandebbrande
Sons of American Legion Squadron 137                     Alan & Kathryn Todd                                            Andrea Bridges
Jamestown - Dakota Anglers                               New Melones - Mother Lode Fishing Club                         Deborah Allison
Guntersville - Loyal Order of Moose                      Microsoft Giving Campaign 137.50                               Denise & David Houston
San Antonio - Sloan Management                           Guntersville - All Custom Aluminum Products                    Toni & Bernard Wright
El Dorado - Derby Fraternal Order of Police              IHO Troy & Julie Moncrief - from Michael and Valerie Mallick   Patrick McBride
Richard Roy                                              Kenneth Bundy                                                  New Melones - Raquel Figel
El Dorado - Magellan Pipeline Company                    Philip Bundy                                                   Calaveras Lumber Company
El Dorado - D-J Engineering                              Bastrop - Kiwanis Club of Bastrop                              Larry Hindman
El Dorado - American Association of State Troopers       Country Cruisers                                               IMO Cyrstal Vernor - Rick Becker
Jeffrey Richards                                         Jacket’s Nest                                                  IMO Cyrstal Vernor - Bev Zimmermann
Knollas Pizzaria LLC                                     David Allen                                                    Martha Martinez
Bay Springs - Lonnies Sporting Goods                     CopeLandScapes                                                 Ramon Rivera
Bay Springs - Spirit State Bank                          John’s Lawn Care                                               Miriam Sotelo
New Melones - Blue Mountain Minerals                     Judy Brewster                                                  Sims Marine
Farmington - Larmel Construction, Inc.                   L.W. Prewitt                                                   MissionFish
Peter Sfakianos MD                                       Gail Brown                                                     Mountain Rangers
Cedric Wong MD                                           Guntersville - American Legion Riders Chapter                  Groveland Highlanders
New Melones - Catholic Healthcare West                   Jamestown - Sunward Manufacturing                              HI-4H
Potholes - Williams Companies                             Lawrence Patterson                                            Tuolunme County 4-H Club
Tacoma Chapter of Trout Unlimited                        WI - Stradford VFW Post 6352                                   Toulumne Pioneers 4-H Club
WA State Council of Firefighters Benevolent Fund         San Antonio - Rebel Bass Club                                  Foohill 4-H Club
Colimbia Basin Fly Casters                               Guntersville - R.N. Grugel                                     Jay Wallace
Local Union #73 Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers   Guntersville - American Legion Post 107                        Arnold Rotary
PSA - South King County Chapter                          Guntersville - Houston Stokely                                 California Water Service Company
Motley-Motley & Pre-Mix                                  Judy Brewster                                                  Pala Band of Mission Indians
Pullman Parks & Recreation                               Dekalb Bassmasters
Dissmores IGA                                            El Dorado - Jim’s Propane
Kiwanis of Pullman                                       Calaveras - David Weber
Stricklin Electronics                                    Bay Springs - Bay Springs Marina
TU - North Kitsap Salmon Chapter                         Bay Springs - Fishers Family Restaurant
Bremerton Sportsmen’s Club                               Bay Springs - Senter Funeral Home

                                                                                                                                     Thank you!
Kitsap Poggie Club                                       Phoenix - Arizona Bass Federation
AJO Consulting                                           Shaw & Polly Grigsby
Dorothy L. Leckner                                       Jean Arvidson
Kitsap Credit Union
CCA - Kitsap Chapter
                                                         IMO Kevin Kerscher - Tiffany Joy
                                                         IMO Vic Morningstart & Mandy Whitely - Duane A. Ross                       Our success is
                                                                                                                                    measured in
Long Lake Bass Club                                      New Melones - Andy’s Home Center
United Moving & Storage, Inc.                            Shasta - Redding Emblem Club 515
Map, LTD                                                 New Melones - Condor Earth Technologies
Whittington Tile & Stone, Inc.
Harry E. Cilk
                                                         New Melones - McCoy Tire of Sonora
                                                         New Melones - Columbia Communications                                         smiles.
Tveten’s Lakewood, Inc.                                  Folsom - South Placer Telephone Directory Inc.
Friends of Northwest Hatcheries                          Folsom - National Directory Services
Williams Companies                                       Tuolumne Band of Me – Wuks
The Big Horn Foundation                                  Sonora Regional Medical Center
Hunting & Fishing Conservation Coalition                 All Star Lanes
The Elephant Boys                                        Hi-Joy Sports Center
Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club                           Cynthia A. Gyselinck
Inland Northwest Wildlife Council                        Celeste Greene
Longshoremen’s Union                                     Lake Mead - Valerie F. Weisser
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades        Keith Glasby
Once Upon A Child                                        Christy Phillips
NALC                                                     Guntersville - Wolff Industries
UFCW                                                     Guntersville – CED
IBEW                                                     Jeffrey Prince
Riverview Bank                                           Guntersville - H.M. Freeman Motors Inc.
Kumon                                                    Betsy L. Boggs
Adventure Dental                                         Shanna & John Cleveland
Pacific Boatland                                         Guntersville - Pierson Chevrolet
Salmon Creek Chiropractic                                Craig Lipscomb
Dr. Raymond Palesch                                      Guntersville - Homer Holladay
 15 Summer 2009
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                                                                                                         U.S. Postage
                                                                                                            P AID
                                                                                                        Permit No. 0299
                                                                                                          Renton, WA

     C.A.S.T.® for Kids Foundation
              227 S.W. 41st Street
               Renton, WA 98057

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                    Summer 2009                            
       A Publication of C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation

In this issue...
 •     3rd Annual Seahawks Fish & Feast - page 1
 •     Executive Director Note - page 2
 •     Ferrari Raffle with Restoring Hope - page 3
 •     Fish & Feast Continued - page 4
 •     Thank-yous Received - page 5
 •     Photo Page - page 6
 •     C.A.S.T. Facts - page 8
 •     Fishing Kids Events Page - page 9
 •     C.A.S.T. Apparel - page 10

 •     A Few Quick Mentions - page 11                                Save the Date!
 •     Survey Statistics - page 12
                                                       4th Annual Seahawks Fish and Feast Charity
 •     What’s New at C.A.S.T. - page 13

 •     Native Kansan & C.A.S.T. - page 14
                                                          Fundraiser May of 2010, Renton, WA!
  •   Donor Thank Yous - page 14-15
16 Summer 2009

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