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					euCi Presents a Web Conference on:

Distribution system
neutral GrounDinG
November 12, 2009   •   2:30 – 4:30 PM Eastern Time

                                     EUCI is authorized by
                                     IACET to offer 0.2 CEUs
                                     for this program.
Distribution system
neutral GrounDinG
November 12, 2009
2:30 – 4:30 PM Eastern Time

   OVERVIEW                                                                                   IACET
   Future distribution systems will be markedly different from their classical counterparts                    EUCI has been
   due to the infusion of new technologies and topologies. Better communications,                              approved as
   computing and control schemes, distributed energy sources including microgrids                              an Authorized
   and power electronic equipment, are being introduced at an unprecedented pace.                              Provider by
   New topologies such as looped and network structures are being adopted to provide          the International Association
   increased reliability and efficiencies to customers.                                       for Continuing Education
                                                                                              and Training (IACET), 1760
   Neutral grounding distribution systems is a complex, intricate, and least understood       Old Meadow Road, Suite
   phenomenon. Proper grounding of the systems is critical in designing equipment             500, Mclean, VA 22102. In
                                                                                              obtaining this approval, EUCI
   and system protection and to assure equipment and personnel safety. Because of
                                                                                              has demonstrated that it
   varying ground resistivity of the soil, frequency dependency and other operating           complies with the ANSI/IACET
   conditions make the neutral grounding issue a real challenge. For future systems           Standards which are widely
   this issue poses additional challenges due to the changes mentioned above. For             recognized as standards of
   example, high penetration of inverter connected distributed generation sources             good practice internationally.
   lead to conditions where no standard overcurrent protection methods will suffice.
                                                                                              As a result of their Authorized
   In this webinar, the basic concept and purpose of neutral grounding will be addressed      Provider membership status,
   first. It will be followed by the analysis of several methods for grounding and their      EUCI is authorized to offer
   impact on system protection and safety. Then the focus of the webinar will shift to        IACET CEUs for its programs
                                                                                              that qualify under the ANSI/
   the analysis of practical primary and secondary distribution systems with multiple
                                                                                              IACET Standards.
   neutrals. Several practical examples will be presented throughout the webinar.
   Finally the role of National Electric Safety Code (NESC) and National Electric Code        EUCI is authorized by IACET
   (NEC) will be explained in the design process.                                             to offer 0.2 CEUs for this

                                                                                              requirements for successful
   WhO ShOUld ATTENd                                                                          Completion of Program
   1. Engineers interested in grounding and protection with a minimal understanding           Participants must be logged in
                                                                                              to the web conference for its
      of power systems
                                                                                              entirety to receive continuing
   2. Electric utility system planners, operators, and designers                              education credit.
   3. Personnel in protection equipment manufacturing companies
   4. University professors and graduate students                                             instructional methods
   5. Power system protection software developers                                             Web based PowerPoint
   6. Electric power industry consultants                                                     presentation and on-line
                                                                                              interactive question/answer

   This webinar will review and discuss:
   1. The concept and importance of neutral grounding
   2. The understanding of methods of neutral grounding
   3. The analysis of neutral shifts during faults
   4. The role of grounding in protection and safety
   5. The role of NESC and NEC for grounding
   6. The analysis of primary and secondary distribution systems with multiple

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Distribution system
neutral GrounDinG
November 12, 2009
2:30 – 4:30 PM Eastern Time

                                        Program agenda
   1. What is neutral grounding?
   2. Why neutral grounding?
   3. different types of neutral grounding for devices
      a. Solid
      b. Impedance
      c. Ungrounded for delta Δ and Y connections
      d. Pros and cons
   4. Impact of soil resistivity and frequency on grounding
   5. System grounding versus safety grounding
   6. NESC role for primary distribution system grounding
   7. NEC role for secondary system grounding
   8. Practical examples on device and system grounding

   s. s. (mani) Venkata, Professor emeritus and Chair, iowa state university, affiliate Professor, university of
   Washington President, Venkata Consulting solutions (VCs) inc.
   S. S. (Mani) Venkata, Phd, P.E. is a Fellow of the IEEE. Mani has offered training courses on basic protection, wide-area
   system protection, distribution systems, planning and automation, power quality, reliability, safety, and power system
   analysis to more than 20 utilities, industries, and federal agencies. he has also provided technical and consulting services
   to many electrical and process industries. he has published and/or presented over 300 publications in refereed journals
   and conference proceedings, and is a co-author of the book Introduction to Electric Energy Systems (Prentice-hall
   Publications, 1987). he is a registered professional engineer in the states of Washington and West Virginia.

   Mani is President of Venkata Consulting Solutions Inc. he also teaches at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA as
   Professor of Electrical Engineering. Until recently Mani was with KEMA as Vice-President. Prior to 2005, he has held
   administrative and academic positions at Clarkson University, Iowa State University, University of Washington, West
   Virginia University, and University of Massachusetts. he has been very active in the IEEE for the past 40 years. he served as
   a member of the Power Engineering Society (PES) Executive Committee and governing Board and as the Vice-President
   of Publications during 2004-2007. In 1996 he received the Outstanding Power Engineering Educator Award from the IEEE
   Power Engineering Society. he also received the Third Millennium Award from the IEEE in 2000.

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Distribution system
neutral GrounDinG
November 12, 2009
2:30 – 4:30 PM Eastern Time

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Distribution system
neutral GrounDinG
November 12, 2009
2:30 – 4:30 PM Eastern Time

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