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					                                                                                                  School of Accountancy

                Date:       8/29/2011
                To:         Accounting Majors (entering OU under catalogs 2007-2008 and beyond)
                From:       School of Accountancy
                RE:         General outline of School of Accountancy four to five-year program

      Overview: this memo provides information about majoring in accounting at OU and other related
      information. To sit for the C.P.A. exam, a student must have (1) a business undergraduate or graduate
      degree, (2) at least 225 quarter hours of college credit, and (3) at least 36 quarter hours of accounting
      coursework past ACCT101 and 102. (Visit for exact requirements.) Many
      students also will have had one or more internships.

      NOTE: The State of Ohio will now allow you to apply for taking the CPA Exam prior to having your degree,
      225 hours, and your accounting hours as long as you will have completed these three requirements within
      the window following the window in which you sit for the exam. There is an enrollment form with the CPA
      Exam application that must be signed by the Director of the School of Accy if you choose to apply early.

      Outline of course offerings for 2010-2011 Note: these are faculty & enrollment dependent and are not
      guaranteed for years following 2010-2011.

                                                                              Typical sections offered
No.        Topic                                                                                                   Comments
                                                                              Fall    Winter    Spring
101        Financial principles                                                6        6         6
                                                                                                                   See Note 1
102        Managerial principles                                               6        6         6
303        Intermediate I                                                      3        2         2
304        Intermediate II                                                     2        2         2                See Note 2
305        Intermediate III                                                    2        1         2
310        Cost accounting (also offered Summer 2011)                          2        2         1
317        Federal income tax planning                                         2        1         2
345        Accounting systems & internal controls                              1        2         2                See Note 3
451        Auditing                                                            2                  2
357        Business Law 357 (also offered Summer 2011)                         1        1         1
347        Advanced federal income tax planning                                1        1
406        Advanced accounting (consolidations, partnerships, foreign                   1         2
                                                                                                                   See Note 4
413        Governmental accounting (also offered Summer 2011)                   1                        1
498        Senior internship (does not count toward required classes)           1           1            1         See Note 5
611        Financial statement analysis                                         1                        1         See Note 6

      Note 1: College of Business undergraduate requirement. SOA also offers 2-4 sections of 101/102 each summer.
      Note 2: Part of the “BAM” sequence; SOA undergraduate requirement.
      Note 3: SOA undergraduate major requirement. Accounting majors must also take BUSLAW357.
      Note 4: SOA undergraduate major requires students to take 8 hours from ACCT406, ACCT413, or ACCT347, which
               also satisfies all accounting course requirements for sitting for the CPA exam in Ohio. We highly recommend
               that you take all three of these classes.
      Note 5: Not required, but highly recommended during the senior year winter quarter, or during summer following your
               junior or senior year (following senior year assumes you will be attending OU the following Fall quarter).
      Note 6: M.F.E. class, available to undergrads meeting all requirements and with consent of Professor and Department
               Head. Note that the Spring 611 class is offered at the Pickerington campus on Saturdays only.

                8/29/2011                                                                                            1
           Memo: Outline of School of Accountancy four to five-year program

NOTE: It is important to take the business cluster as soon as possible during your sophomore year. The cluster
        contains prereqs needed to begin other majors in the COB, so it is important for double-majoring and if you
        should decide to opt out of Accounting. In addition, taking the cluster your junior year requires splitting up
        the Acct 303, 304, 305 series. The SOA will give preference for enrolling in Acct 303, 304, and 305 to
        students who have completed the cluster.

Suggested sequence of accounting major courses…
…given a freshman decision to major in accounting:
      FR: Acct 101 (preferably winter quarter), Acct 102 (spring quarter); take prereqs for the Cluster (MIS 201B,
          QBA 201, Econ 103, Econ 104, Acct 101, and Acct 102)
      SO: possibly 303 and/or 310. Note: Sophomores must complete the Cluster prior to enrolling in Acct 303. If you
          are able to take Acct 303 during Winter quarter sophomore year, you may enroll in Acct 304 in Spring.
      JR: 303 and/or 310 if not completed as sophomore, and select from 304, 305, 317, and 345 (any quarter offered,
          1 or 2 per quarter). Some juniors will get internships.
      SR: 451 and BUSL 357; choose two from 347, 406, and 413; internship; any other acctg courses not yet taken.

…given a sophomore decision to major in accounting (this is the most typical timeline):
      SO: 101, 102, Cluster
      JR: Fall—303 & 310; Winter—304 & 345; Spring—305 & 317
      SR: Fall—451 & either 413 or 347, Winter—498 (internship) or 406 and/or 347; Spring—406, and/or 413. Take
          BUSL 357 senior year.
      **so: must double up on accounting classes AND have taken the Cluster to be able to take an internship. Note
          that the above schedule has you taking three accounting electives, but only two are required.

…given a junior decision to major in accounting:
      Majoring in accounting during junior year may preclude an internship unless you are willing to take longer than 4
      years to complete the undergrad degree requirements, unless you attend summer classes.

Two paths to qualify you to take the C.P.A. exam:
1.   Get a graduate degree at Ohio University (MBA) or elsewhere. If you pursue this option, you will already have met
     your accounting requirements for sitting for the CPA exam, so you can get your MBA, or another graduate degree
     that fits your interests, instead of a Masters in Accountancy (M.ACC.) degree.

2. Opt out of graduate accounting education. You must complete 225 total quarter hours to sit for the exam, either
   at Ohio University or by taking the additional hours needed after graduation at another institution. We recommend
   that you finish your 225 hours before you begin your first accounting job, because it is difficult to attend classes
   and do homework while working a new full-time job. In addition, you should take the CPA exam as soon as possible
   after graduating. You will never be more prepared for it.

Comments/suggestions for choosing electives to fulfill university requirements
You should first consider your overall strategy in choosing electives. Alternative strategies include:
    Choosing electives that compliment your business degree. We recommend additional coursework in:
      o Economics—especially microeconomics (and public finance if you are interested in taxes)
      o A rigorous course in corporate finance is important for accounting majors
      o Psychology—take a good social psychology class
      o Math/statistics—take an intermediate-level calculus class or mathematical statistics
      o A course in informal logic, argumentation, or persuasion
      o If your schedule allows, take an additional course in interpersonal communication
      o Complete the Sales Certificate in Financial Services (this requires only 4 additional upper level marketing
        classes over and above your accounting degree, as long as you complete an internship).

    Choosing electives that give you a geographical and/or corporate specialization. Let’s discuss—your interests will
     determine specific courses. If international business interests you, then strongly consider enrolling in the College’s
     Global Consulting Program. The College of Business offers this program every summer, and it involves summer
     travel overseas to work on an international consulting project. There is financial aid available for this program.
    Choosing electives that expose you to areas completely unrelated to your business degree. Take classes that
     interest you.

           8/29/2011                                                                                           2

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