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									    Partnership Opportunities

Justin Morneau’s Casino Night
                        June 12, 2011

                Liz Truax, Senior Community Development Specialist
                     Arthritis Foundation Upper Midwest Region
                               1876 Minnehaha Ave. W.
                                  St. Paul, MN 55104
                                    (651) 229-5371

       The mission of the Arthritis Foundation is to improve lives through
 leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis and related diseases.
                       Arthritis Fact Sheet
                                 Justin Morneau’s Casino Night is an event to raise funds and create
                                 awareness to fight arthritis, the nation’s leading cause of disability.

                                 The third annual Justin Morneau’s Casino Night includes hors d’oeuvres,
                                 silent auction, live auction, food, raffle, photo opportunities and a chance
                                 to mingle with your favorite local athletes. We expect more than 400
                                 guests and volunteers to join us June 12, 2011.

                                 Justin Morneau and his wife Krista became aware that children get
                                 arthritis when their niece, Madelyn, was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis
                                 at age 2. They were unaware of the seriousness of the disease and felt
                                 helpless as they watched her go through multiple tests. Now at age 6,
                                 Madelyn uses eye drops and weekly shots to treat her disease. With the
                                 help of her family and medical team, she is now able to manage her
                                 arthritis. The Morneau’s want to increase awareness that kids get
                                 arthritis too and advance research in finding a cure!

More than 6,000 children in Minnesota have some form of arthritis, the most common forms being
juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis. Without proper diagnosis,
treatment, access to therapies and qualified rehabilitation specialists, these children can face a lifetime of
pain and disability associated with the disease.

Did you know?
   •   More than 300,000 children have been diagnosed with arthritis in the U.S.
   •   One in four adults in Minnesota live with arthritis
   •   Arthritis costs the U.S. economy a total of $128 billion annually

Where does the money go?

                                                             83% Research & Program Services

                                                             14% Fundraising

                                                             3% Management & General

               2011 Sponsorship Levels
  Sponsorship Benefits                  Grand Slam   Home Run   Triple   Double   Single   Bunt
                                          $10,000     $7,500    $5,000   $2,500   $1,000   $500
Presenting sponsor logo/name on all
marketing materials
Presenting sponsor logo on
invitations (10,000)
Sponsor recognition in the Tipsheet
newsletter (cir. 16,000)
Corporate banner at event
Primary signage at the event

Logo in event program (500)

Named scholarship for Juvenile
Arthritis Conference titled as
“Scholarship sponsored by…” and
awarded to one family to attend the
conference summer of 2012.

Company logo on event invitations
Opportunity to use the Arthritis
Foundation logo in event related
marketing efforts (upon approval)

Company logo on gaming table(s)
reading “Table sponsored by…”
                                            10          8         5        3

Recognition by name or logo on
event website with link to company
Web page
Recognition in the Arthritis
Foundation Upper Midwest Region
Annual Report
Named scholarship for Camp
M.A.S.H. titled as “Scholarship
sponsored by…” and awarded to
one child to attend camp summer of
Opportunity to provide gift bag item
given to each participant
Tickets for the event                       12          10        8        6        4       2
Company logo on sponsor thank you
signs at the event

Opportunity to provide silent auction

2011 Sponsorship Commitment

  Arthritis Foundation presents Justin Morneau’s Casino Night
               Yes, our company would like to sponsor Justin Morneau’s Casino Night

                           Please select the level you wish to sponsor.

                  $10,000 Grand Slam Level
                  $7,500 Home Run Level
                  $5,000 Triple Level
                  $2,500 Double Level
                  $1,000 Single Level
                  $500 Bunt Level

   Justin Morneau’s Casino Night

   Company name: _______________________________________________________
   (As it will appear on signage and marketing)

   Company contact: ____________________________Title: _____________________

   Address: __________________________________________ Suite: ______________

   City: ______________________________ State: __________ Zip: _______________

   Phone: ______________________ E-mail: ___________________________________

   Method of payment:

   ___ Please invoice me

   ___ Check is enclosed

                Please make checks payable to the Arthritis Foundation.
                                 Send check and form to:
                      Arthritis Foundation Upper Midwest Region
                         Attn: Justin Morneau’s Casino Night
                                 1876 Minnehaha Ave. W.
                                   St, Paul, MN 55104

                           Please call Liz Truax at 651-229-5371
                                    Fax: 651-644-4219


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