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					  Question: What’s the best place to live in Belize?
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                THE INN AT ROBERT’S GROVE:
                                                                                                                    Sixteen years ago a lovely home
                                                                                                                    began to rise on what was then
                                                                                                                    the long deserted strip of beach
                                                                                                                    between Seine Bight Village and
                                                                                                                    the Placencia Airstrip. No one at
                                                                                                                    t h a t t i me — i n c l u d i n g t h e
                                                                                                                    owners—would have thought
                                                                                                                    that within a handful of years
                                                                                                                    that home would be transformed
                                                                                                                    into one the most successful
                                                                                                                    hotels in the country and become
                                                                                                                    a major engine of growth for the
                                                                                                                    Placencia Peninsula.

                                                                                                                    It’s a great story and one that
                                                                                                                    has been replicated a number of
                                                                                                                    times in this young country. But
                                                                                                                    what makes the saga of Bob and
                                                                                                                    Risa Frackman a bit out of the
                                                                                                                    ordinary is that they started the
                                                                                                                    project when Bob was 70 years
                                                                                                                    old. Having purchased the
                                                                                                                    property in 1994 they soon set
                                                                                                                    out to build their dream home on
                                                                                                                    the beach. A guest room was
                                                                                                                    added for the invariable friends
                                                                                                                    who would visit from their native
                                                                                                                    New York. A few more followed,
                                                                                                                    then a new block of six rooms,
                                                                                                                    then another six and before you
The Farewell Soiree at the Inn at Robert’s Grove for Bob & Risa Frackman. Shown above (left to right) Hyonson Yi,   could say “don’t stop the
Robert “Bob” Frackman, Michael & Maya Krammer, Jean-Marc Tasse, & Risa Frackman.                                    carnival” the Inn at Robert’s
                                                                               Photo by Muzamanzie Photographs
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   2020                    Lionfish                                          Great Placencia Panerrifix
                                                                            Placencia Sidewalk
 Initiative                                         Cacao                                Arts
Learn more
  about it!
                           Slayers                   Fest
                                                                              Out!     Festival Band
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                                                                      The Placencia Breeze –March 2011- Page 2

              THE INN AT ROBERT’S GROVE:
                      (continued from front page)

Grove had 52 spacious rooms, three swimming pools, two
restaurants, a marina and a Saturday night barbeque buffet that
may singlehandedly support half the nation’s lobster fishermen,
shrimp farms, pork producers and vegetable farmers. It had also
been featured in dozens of high end travel magazines as well as
numerous television pieces including NBC’s Today Show.

Sinatra may have crooned about “My Way” but Bob—always
supported by Risa—actually lived it. Without any previous
experience in hotel management the Frackman’s filled the gap
with hard work, attention to detail, common sense and New York
ingenuity. They also created an ambience of friendliness that
remains the resort’s greatest single amenity, all centered around a
staff that remains the envy of many in the industry.

And that tradition will continue under new ownership. In
February the operation was sold to Sandhill Resort Holdings Ltd.
Sandhill’s principals, Jean-Marc Tasse and Michael Kramer, are
no strangers to the local hotel scene, having previously purchased
and successfully rehabilitated the Singing Sands Inn in Maya
Beach as well as launched a property management operation that
includes Los Porticos condominiums and a half dozen private
homes. At a farewell party for Bob and Risa held March 5th Jean-
Marc congratulated the Frackmans for their many
accomplishments and promised to build on that tradition of
excellence and keep the Inn at Robert’s Grove at the center of the
peninsula’s ongoing economic advancement.

On a personal note, the Placencia chapter of the Belize Tourism
Industry Association would like to offer our own thanks to the
Frackmans for their many years of support and especially to Risa,
who was the founding editor of the Placencia Breeze twelve years
ago. Although they have returned to their home in Westchester,
New York, Bob and Risa promise to return regularly to Robert’s
Grove where they retain a beachfront condominium.
                                                                                              The Placencia Breeze March 2011- Page 3

                             What’s Happening In Town?!
                                                                   flavored Margaritas for only $10. Our Mango Margarita
                       Monday                                      made with fresh mango and the Cherry Coco Margarita are
                                                                   two favorites.
♦ Ooga Booga Fun Club- Maya Monday: Authentic Maya               ♦ Tipsy Tuna - BEACH PARTY! Live music, 7 p.m -
  Menu, full meal $12 ! 5 pm 'til                                  Midnight. Party continues in our sports bar until 2

  Rotary Club of Placencia - Meets at Yoli’s Bar at 12:30
  pm.                                                            ♦   Barefoot Bar - Live Reggae Music from 6 to 10 pm.
♦ Tipsy Tuna-TEQUILA TUESDAY! 1/2 off all Margaritas             ♦   Robert's Grove Seaside Restaurant features US Prime
  Sunrise 5 p.m -Closing! Seaside Karaoke Starts at 7 p.m!           Rib Roast and Yorkshire Pudding along with its regular
  Sing a song and get a T.T. Shot!                                   menu and daily specials. 6- 10 pm. For reservations call 523
                                                                 ♦   De Lite Cafe at Maya Beach- has Sushi on
                   Wednesday                                         Sunday along with our regular eclectic menu
♦ Barefoot Bar - Top Shelf Night - $2.00 OFF ALL Imported            made from fresh Belizean produce. Licensed
  Liquors & Beers - 7 - 10 pm.                                       restaurant for daytime pleasure 7 am to 6 pm. at Spectarte
♦ J-Byrd's Bar - Karaoke starting at 8 pm!!!!!                       Art and Garden Gallery. The story of food begins here. 533
♦ Ooga Booga Fun Club- Jamaican Culture Night: All                   8019
  night great Reggae Music, Jamaican Jerk meat on de fiyah,      ♦   Ooga Booga Fun Club- All Day FUN DAY:, 12 noon ‘til
  lotta food $12, special Jamaican rum drinks $6, dancing            midnight, Fun and Games for everyone! Tournaments:
  and more! Tourist Welcome.                                         Dominoes, Checkers, Darts         Ring Toss, Horse Shoes,
♦ Tipsy Tuna - WINGS WENDESDAY! $ 1 Hot & Honey BBQ                  Volleyball and more! Cash Prize! Great food and drink
  Wings, 5 p.m - 9:30 p.m. Order any amount. Garifuna Drumming       special all day! Tourist Welcome.
  starts 6:30.                                                   ♦   Tipsy Tuna – FUN IN THE SUN-DAY! Tipsy Tuna Beach
                                                                     Volley Tournament starts approximately 1:30 p.m. Winning
                     Thursday                                        team gets a cold case of Belikin! 2nd place team gets a liter
♦ Barefoot Bar - Live Music w/ a Latin Flare! 6:30 - 10:00           of local rum! $3 Local Beer & $3 Local Rum all day!
  pm. It’s saucy, it’s spicy, it’s HOT!                              Delicious Beach BBQ Lunch Specials! Music Provided by a
♦ J-Byrd's Bar hosts organized dart competition with great           DJ.
  prizes starting 8:30 pm.                                       ♦   Yoli’s Bar & Grill - 4 pm Placencia’s Famous Ring Game!!!
♦ Ooga Booga Fun Club- Garifuna Culture Night in Seine
  Bight! The best of authentic Garifuna music, drumming,
                                                                 ♦ Barefoot Bar - Happy Hour from 5-6 pm $2.00 off all local
  dancin , Garifuna food and drinks. Special Ooga Booga
                                                                   rum drinks, daiquiris, & coladas. $3.50 for all Belikin Beer,
  bittas $3! Tiga nails $4! Tourist Welcome.
                                                                   Stout, & Lighthouse. Great Lunch Specials everyday for
♦ Tipsy Tuna - TIPSY THURSDAY! Karaoke inside our
                                                                   just $12 & great dinner specials every night $16-18!
  sports bar, starts at 9 p.m - 2 p.m. FREE Jello Shots and 2
                                                                 ♦ DANUBE, Austrian Restaurant: Dice for your Belikin
  for 1 Rum Punch for Ladies!
                                                                   beer between 4.30 - 6pm: eg. Dice “1” and pay just $1, dice
• Robert’s Grove - Experience Garifuna singers, musicians          “2” and pay just $2… or be lucky and dice “6” and get your
  and dancers                                                      Belikin beer for FREE. This special is available with a
                                                                   snack and/or dinner only! DANUBE is located just
                        Friday                                     100 yds north of Robert’s Grove. Closed Tuesdays.
♦ Barefoot Bar - Our Barefoot Bash! House Band Inner      ,Tel: 610-0132.
  Vibrations 7 pm to midnight. All Caribbean style music         ♦ DeTatch Seafood Beach Bar & Grill - $4.00 rum
  including Punta, Reggae & Soca! - Barefoot Bar -“Some            punch all day, everyday. On the beach - See you
  people can’t handle this much fun!”                              there!!!
♦ Green Parrot - Beach BBQ, served on the Patio, features        ♦ Mangos - Happy Hour 5 - 6 P.M. $4 Belikin & $4 rum
  ribs, chicken & seafood (monster shrimp when available),         drinks.
  plus all the trimmings. Reservation: 523-2488.                 ♦ Maya Beach Bistro Happy Hour 2 -5pm with half-price
♦ Ooga Booga Fun Club- Spanish Culture Night:                      appetizer menu and daily $5 bar snack specials. Also $4
  Big menu of your favorite Spanish dishes, Spanish                Belikin and $4 local rum. Take the bus from Placencia at
  music and dancing, drink special! Tourist Welcome.               1:30 pm, depart Maya Beach on the bus at 5. Closed
• Siripohn Thai Food– every Friday Thai food for                   Mondays. 520-8040
  sale by Siripohn, menu changes every week. Located on the      ♦ Pickled Parrot Bar & Grill -Ten Dolla’ Lunch Special
  main road, two story house beside the grave yard.                noon to 2 p.m., Happy Hour 5 - 6 pm. Rum Drinks from $3
• Singing Sands Inn - Martini Night. All Martinis 25% off!         & up.
  We have a wide selection of flavors to taste including our     ♦ Ooga Booga Fun Club, Seine Bight Village– 150 yards
  Melon Martini or decadent Chocolate Martini.                     north of Robert’s Grove-Happy Hour 4 pm- 6pm. Free Boca!
♦ The Placencia Hotel - Karaoke starting at 8 pm!!!                Beer 3 for $10, Rum Drinks $4 doubles! Daily dinner special
♦ Tipsy Tuna– SO GLAD IT’S FRIDAY! $ 1 off all shots all           $8 - $12! Lots of games: Dominoes, Checkers, Darts, Ring
  day. $ 1 Hot & Honey BBQ Wings, 5 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Order         Toss, Volleyball and more!
  any amount.                                                    ♦ De Lite Café at Maya Beach-Get cracking with an early
                                                                   bird breakfast from 7 am . Fresh juices, delicious pastries,
                     Saturday                                      greek yoghurt, cappuccino and latte. Free internet with
♦ Barefoot Bar - Horseshoes at 3:30 PM. Live Music w/              your order. Our cultural and waterfall rooms and perfect for
  Gram from 6:30 - 10:00 pm. Alternative, Rock, Reggae and         relaxation and rejuvenation . closed Wednesday. 533 8019
  more                                                           ♦ Singing Sands Inn Happy Hour 3 to 6 PM. Belikin and
♦ Ooga Booga Fun Club– Caribbean Bashment Night: Best              local rum along with a discounted price and appetizer
  of music, food and drink from all around the Caribbean!          menu. Closed on Tuesdays. Tel: 520.8022 or email:
  Dance, drink and eat: Indian Roti from Trinidad $10! Full
  dinna $12! Exotic Caribbean Rum drinks $6 - $10! Jelly         ♦ Tipsy Tuna - Happy Hour are 5 p.m - 7 p.m. $3 Local
  Bean $5! Dark ‘n’ Stormy $6! Tourist Welcome. Be there!          Beer, $3 Local Beer, $3.50 Guinness & 1/2 off all Coladas &
♦ Robert’s Grove - Poolside BBQ Buffet at 7 pm with local          Daiquiris. Closed on Mondays. Tel: 523-3089
  music. For reservations call 523-3565.
♦ Singing Sands Inn - Margarita Night! Try our selection of
                                                                                                    The Placencia Breeze –March 2011- Page 4

A new initiative spearheaded by the Placencia BTIA                    Environmental Association as well as educators and
and encompassing the peninsula’s most representative                  members of the law enforcement community.
governing and private sector groups is moving forward
in an effort to better plan the area’s future                         The next step will be to hire a consultant to help
development. Entitled Peninsula 2020, the project                     establish a viable process by which a planning
seeks to establish a broad consensus among the                        mechanism can be established that represents the
peninsula’s residents on a wide range of issues. “We                  entire community. The end result will be a document
learned a lot from the recent controversy over cruise                 that will articulate a shared vision for the area’s
ships,” said PBTIA chairman Stewart Krohn. “It has                    future—and not one of those reports that gathers dust
become clear that there must be a better way to                       on a shelf in Belmopan. “We are looking for a guide…a
promote sustainable development than to merely react                  map…a blueprint for the future,” emphasizes Krohn.
to every project that pops up on the peninsula. The                   “It will not only direct our efforts but will be
word ‘no’ is not a viable strategy. We need to think                  circulated to those outside of the peninsula who seek
proactively and figure out what it is we want, not just               to influence events here: government ministries,
what we don’t want.”                                                  tourism promoters, investors, aid and charitable
                                                                      groups. They need to understand that the central
At this point Peninsula 2020 is figuring out the best                 focus and beneficiaries of development must be those
process to accomplish what will prove to be a complex                 who reside here.”
endeavor, one that looks at development in a broad
sense: economic, social, environmental, cultural. A                   The Peninsula 2020 initiative is being assisted with
steering committee has been formed which includes                     funding from the World Wildlife Fund. WWF has been
representatives of BTIA, the Placencia and Seine Bight                involved with a number of projects in the Placencia
Village Councils, Tour Guides Association, Tour                       area through its Belize representative, Nadia Bood.
Operators Association, Fishing Co-op, Placencia
Citizens for Sustainable Development and Southern
                                                                       Dates You Need To Know !
                                                                      March 1st - Ben Bol’s Birthday
             Siripohn’s Thai Massage                                  March 2nd - Alexis Caballero & Anita De Leon’s Birthday
                                                                      March 3rd - Wendy Westby, Lance McKenzie & Jahne Popper’s Birthday
                  Certified Thai Therapist                            March 4th - Clint Villanueva’s Birthday
                                                                      March 7th - Louis Leslie’s Birthday Baron Bliss Day Observed
                          We do house calls!                          March 8th - Keon “Gas” Leslie’s & Cindy Lozano’s Birthday
♦   Thai Massage
♦   Essential Oil                                                     March 9th - Baron Bliss Day, Barbara Andrews, Courtney
♦   Swedish                                                                       Brown, & Louis Godfrey’s Birthday
    Massage                                                           March 12th - Mark “Bebe” Tucker’s Birthday
♦   Jet Lag Massage                                                   March 13th - John Solomon’s Birthday
♦   Back and Shoulder                                                 March 14th - Andrea Villanueva & Ashton Leslie & Jenelly Brown
♦   Foot Massage                                                                   Birthday
♦   Body Treatment                                                    March 16th - Vance Cabral’s Birthday
♦   Facial Treatment                                                  March 18th - Marissa Godfrey’s Birthday
♦   Hair Treatment                                                    March 21st - Kenroy Eiley’s Birthday
                                                                      March 24th - Agapita Pop’s Birthday
    Situated at across the road from the MnM Hardware right next to   March 25th - Olivia McKenzie & Denise William’s Birthday
                        Caribbean Travel & Tours.                     March 26th - Xiomara Monteroso’s Birthday
                  Phone number 600-0375 or 620-8718                   March 29th - Khimar Spence’s Birthday
         Time: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Air Conditioned Room!!!         March 30th - Gisele Burgess Birthday
                                                                                                      The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 5

                       T H E I N N AT R O B E RT ’ S G R O V E

              Good Times
                              P l a c e n c i a ’s M o s t C o m p l e t e L u x u r y R e s o r t
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _
March 2011                                              Placencia, Belize                      

For the 2011 Season, through May,
The Inn at Robert’s Grove offers its
guests and visitors to the Peninsula a
variety of culinary and cultural eve-
nings. So kick up your heels and bring
along your appetites to enjoy the fol-
lowing special evenings:
Saturdays Evenings at 7 pm, the Inn
throws its legendary Poolside BBQ Buffet       DIVE ROBERT'S GROVE                                     DAILY TOURS
Buffet featuring a large selection of fresh
seafood, fish, barbecued beef, roast pig,          PADI 5 STARS                                The Inn at Robert's Grove operates all of
lamb and chicken, salads and desserts.                                                         its own Reef and Rainforest tours and
                                               The Robert’s Grove PADI Dive Center, the
Local entertainment and dancing by reg-                                                        excursions. For the month of February we
                                               only Dive Shop in Placencia with PADI 5
gae band Inner Vibrations. For reserva-                                                        will be offering the following trips daily.
                                               Stars, offers daily two-tank dive trips as
tions call 523-3565.                                                                           For additional information and reserva-
                                               well as the only Nitrox (enriched air) dive
                                                                                               tions, contact the front desk at 523-3565.
                                               program in southern Belize. The Dive
Tuesdays, beginning at 7 pm, it’s Mexi-
                                               Center also offers a variety of certification
can Night at Habanero Mexican Café &           courses.                                        ♦     Diving/Snorkeling the Reef and Cayes
Bar. Chef Daniel Vasquez prepares a            For additional information and reserva-         ♦     Sport Fishing
tasty buffet of Mexican specialties, in-       tions call the Robert’s Grove Dive Center       ♦     Monkey River
cluding dishes like Puerco Piccadillo,         at 523-3565
Chipotle, Garlicky Shrimp, Guacamole,                                                          ♦     Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve
Black Bean Salsa and Cilantro Slaw.                                                            ♦     Maya Ruins (Lubaantun & Nim Li
Pitchers of Sangria and the best Margari-              National Tourism Award                        Punit)
tas in Belize are also available along with           "HOTEL OF THE YEAR"
                                                                                               ♦     Maya Ruins (Lubaantun) & Cave
wine, beer and brand label and mixed                 Awarded to Robert's Grove
drinks.                                              By The Belize Tourist Board                     Swimming (Blue Creek)
                                                           January, 2008                       ♦     Horseback Riding
Wednesdays 6-7 pm, the Peninsula’s
resident naturalist, Dave Vernon talks                                                         ♦     Kayaking (South Stann Creek River)
about the reef ecosystem and offers an
                                                    DOUBLE HONORS
                                                                                                         THIS MONTH
understanding of the importance for pre-
serving it. His weekly lecture begins with               FROM
an introduction to the Barrier Reef – how
it was formed and how it compares to
                                                    FODOR'S BELIZE 2010                        Tuesday Evenings                  6:30 pm
                                                                                               Habanero Mexican Buffet
other types of coral reef systems. He                 (4TH EDITION)
then explores in detail the varied marine      Robert's Grove is the only resort in Belize     Wednesday Evenings (after Dec 17) 6:30 pm
life found on Belize’s reef, including types   to receive double honors from Fodor's Be-       “Belize’s Reef Ecology” lecture by local
of fish, corals and the many other sea         lize 2010. For the fourth year in a row,        naturalist, Dave Vernon (complimentary)
creatures that call our reef home.             The Inn at Robert’s Grove has earned the
Thursdays from 6-7 pm, Happy Hour at           coveted “Fodor’s Choice” and a star rat-
                                                                                               Thursday Evenings                 6 –7pm
the Inn’s Poolside Bar is all the happier      ing. And for the first time, The Inn’s Sea-
                                               side Restaurant, which as been given a          Poolside Entertainment w/ Garifuna Drum-
when experiencing Garifuna culture                                                             ming
                                               separate listing , has also been found de-
through the beats of local musicians,
                                               serving of “Fodor’s Choice” as well as a
singers and dancers from Seine Bight           star.                                           Saturday Evenings                 7 pm
                                               In addition, The Inn at Robert’s Grove          Poolside BBQ buffet w/ Local Entertain-
                                               is the winner of a 2010 TripAdvisor Trav-       ment
                                               eler's Choice Award for being one of
                                               the Top Ten Best Family Hotels in Central       Sunday Evenings                   6 pm
                                               & South America. The Inn has also been          Paella Night at Habanero Mexican Café &
                                               selected as one of the Top Ten Best Fam-
                                                                                               Bar (Regular menu available)
                                               ily Resorts in the Caribbean by familyva-

Habanero Mexican Café & Bar is now
open from noon until 10 pm 7 days a
                                                                                                            Tel: (501) 523-3565
                                                                                                            Fax: (501) 523-3567
 Robert's Grove provides complimentary                                                                Email: info@rob er tsgrov m
          pick up and return for                                                                      Toll Free USA 1-800-565-9757
   Seaside & Habanero dinner guests.                                                               w w w . r o b e r t s g r o v e . c o m

                              —    -   A   D   V   E    R    T    I   S    E    M     E    N   T     —    -
                                                                                                     The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 6

       Pickled Parrot 17th Anniversary & "Wing- It"
February saw a return to action for the Rotary Club of                            participated and supported us in this fund raiser. It is
Placencia with our annual auction, the resumption of                              our intention to resume regular monthly Bingo games,
Bingo, planning for the rest of this Rotary Year and next                         so, please check the public access channel on cableTV,
year, and the holding of a service to honor one of our                            listen to LOVEFM, check the bulletin board at the ball
own.                                                                              field, and watch for posters around the Village for the
                                                                                  information on our next game.
The weather featured showers and cool temperatures,                                CARL LAWS
but it didn’t hamper the turnout or the enthusiasm for                             On February 25, 2010, a tragic accident on the Peninsula
our third annual Auction at the Arts Festival on February 12. As         Road took the life of Placencia Rotarian Carl Laws. Carl was a
in past years, Rotary Club of Placencia members started soliciting       resident of Portland, Maine who moved down here, transferred his
donations in late December for the items to be auctioned off and         membership, and became very active in the Rotary Club of
raffled off individually or in packages. Once again, we benefited        Placencia and the Peninsula Volunteer Fire Department. On
from having Rotarian Bill Butcher from San Ignacio as our                Friday, March 25, the 1 year anniversary of the accident, Placencia
auctioneer and he didn’t disappoint as he kept the crowd                 Rotarians and members of the Fire Department gathered to place
entertained while making sure that the bids kept going higher            a cross in the vicinity of the accident as a memorial. Rotarian Bob
(some items sold for more than their estimated value). In all, over      Edmonds, a close friend of Carl’s, read several verses from the
$6000 was raised for the Peninsula Volunteer Fire Department             Bible and silent prayers were said by all. Carl was a valuable
and Rotary’s Polio Plus Project, which seeks to eradicate polio          member of our Club and the Community and is missed by all.
world wide in the next 2 or 3 years. We wish to thank the following
for their donations: Goss Chocolate, Blue Crab, The Placencia            ONGOING/UPCOMING
Hotel, Miller’s Landing, Cardelli Farms, SEA, Tropic Air, Wendy’s        Work continues on the Scholarship Program as we await the
Restaurant, Leslie Tech Services, Seahorse Dive Shop, Spectarte          receipt of applications for the scholarships that will be available
Gallery, Laru Beya, Placencia Office Supply, Patricia Celenza,           next year through a Matching Grant from Rotary. The Principals
Secret Garden Day Spa, MnM Hardware, Lola, Sandhill, Danube              of the Schools in Placencia Village and Seine Bight Village have
Restaurant, Rumfish, ZTouch (Vee), ZTouch (Annie), the San               the application forms, so, students wishing to apply should see
Ignacio Hotel, Hot Mama, The Added Touch, Yoli’s, Tipsy Tuna,            them and file their applications as soon as possible.
Sunova Gift Shop, Elizabeth Zabaneh, Miramar Apartments, Tutti
Frutti, Mango’s Restaurant and Bar, Dolce Vita, JDee’s                   Planning has begun for our Annual Senior Lunch to be held in
Restaurant, Wallen’s Market, Los Porticos, Thirsty Turtle, Jaguar        May and discussions regarding this year’s Lobsterfest have also
Lanes, Robert’s Grove, Avadon Divers, Turtle Inn, The Tooth              commenced. We will provide information on these events through
Fairy, and GrillnGo. Without the generosity and support of these         the usual channels as it becomes available.
individuals and businesses, we would not be able do the work we
do and they should be commended for doing their part to make our         Although there are still several months left in Rotary Year 2010-
community a better place. We also want to thank Bill Butcher for         2011, planning for the next Rotary Year (2011-2012) has started
his invaluable service as our auctioneer, the BTIA for working           with the election of officers. Suzan Reigal has agreed to serve as
with us to schedule the auction as part of the Arts Festival, and, of    Secretary and Sandra Steele has agreed to serve as Treasurer. In
course, the people that attended the auction and bid generously on       the coming weeks, President-Elect Steve Wade will be choosing his
the items offered. We look forward to seeing everyone next year          Board of Directors for the year.
and pledge to do our best to surpass this year’s auction.
                                                                         OUR CLUB
BINGO                                                                    The Rotary Club of Placencia is a group of hard working
After a hiatus through the holidays, the Rotary Club of Placencia        individuals that believe in “Service Above Self”. Much has been
resumed Bingo on February 26 at the Paradise Hotel (the game             accomplished by these dedicated people, however, we know that we
originally planned for our usual third Saturday of the month was         could do more if more help was available from additional members.
postponed to this date so that there would be no conflict with the       Please consider joining us to make our community and the world a
Humane Society’s fund raiser on February 19). The evening saw a          better place through service. This is your community, please do
good turnout and some relatively large pots with the lucky winners       your part to make it the best it can be.
being: Gloria, Shirley, Doug and Morris (split pot), Zoe, Donny,
Mrs. Martinez, Therese, Doug (twice, in addition to the split pot),      Information about our Club may be obtained by visiting our web
John, Morris (in addition to the split pot), Suzan, Adrien, Kathy,       site (, attending one of our
and Sandra. Visiting Rotarian (from Canada) Dwayne Evans and             meetings (Tuesdays at 12:30 PM at Yoli’s), or by speaking to any
his wife Kathy were welcomed by the Club and helped us out               Rotarian. Please consider doing your part.
through the evening. Dwayne’s Club in Canada has helped us out
on several projects in the Schools and we always look forward to
their visits. The money raised will be used for funding of the
Annual Senior Lunch to be held in May and we thank all who

                                                            Wendy’s Restaurant & Bar
                                                          On the Main Street in downtown Placencia
                                                                                 Open Daily
                                                                     7:00 am til 9:30 pm
                                                             Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
                                                    Patio Dining Outside & A/C Dining Inside
                                                  Seating for 100 ~ Catering available for private events
                                                       Phone 523-3335 & email
                                                                  Visa & MasterCard Accepted
                                                              “Our best meal in Belize is at Wendy's Restaurant…..”
                                                                        - Travel + Leisure Magazine Feb 2006
                                                                                                      The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 7

                                       Lionfish Slayers
There are many lionfish swimming in our Belizean waters,                  awareness campaign on the
perhaps more than we can possibly imagine. The lionfish are               threat of the lionfish in our
native to the Indo-Pacific Region. They were first reported in            Belizean waters and at the
Florida in 1991, Bahamas in 2004 and in Belize in 2008. This              same time educate the
specie has been found in all marine habitats including lobster            general public on how to
traps, fish traps, piers, lagoons, mangroves, sea grass beds, and         clean and cook the lionfish.
coral reefs. For us in Belize this little creature poses a great threat   There were four categories
to our fishery, especially since it has aggressive tendencies and has     for prizes and the first
a large appetite for juvenile fishes. Large lion fish have been found     being for the most lionfish
with more than 20 fish in their stomach.                                  caught, the second for the
                                                                          lionfish with the most
                                                   Due       to    the    weight, the third for the
                                                   overwhelming           biggest lionfish and the
                                                   population of the      fourth for the smallest          Photo by: Annelise Hagan-
                                                   lionfish in Belize,    lionfish.
                                                   the        Southern
                                                   Environmental          The lionfish tournament kicked off at 6:30 Saturday morning
                                                   Association (SEA)      where five tour operators embarked to Laughing Bird Caye
                                                   in    collaboration    National Park and Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve to
                                                   with            the    get the catch of the day. The tour operators that competed in the
                                                   Placencia      Tour    tournament were Splash Dive Shop, Paradise Resort, Roberts’
                                                   Guide Association      Grove, Seahorse Dive Shop, and Arlin Muschamp.
                                                   (PTGA) held the
                                                   first ever lionfish    At the beginning it seemed difficult for most tour operators to
                                                   tournament and         catch the amount of fish desired, but soon after lionfish kept
                                                   cook-off               pouring in their ice boxes. Long hours of catch brought the
                                                   competition      in    participants back to Placencia to determine prizes. The catch was
                                                   Placencia Village      measured and weighed by ECOMAR personnel as well as SEA’s
                                                   on March 5th,          monitoring team. After all the hard work of sorting and measuring
                                                   2011.                  there were some winners. The first prize for the most lionfish
            Photo by: Annelise Hagan- SEA                                 caught went to Sea horse Dive Shop with a total number of 133.
                                             The theme of the             Second prize for the lionfish with the most weight went to Paradise
                                             tournament was               Resort with 23.5 ounces. Third prize for the biggest lionfish
entitled “Save Our Reef by catching and eating a lionfish                 caught went to Seahorse Dive Shop with a size
today.” The overall objective of the event was to initialize an           of 39 cm. Finally the fourth prize went to         Continued on pg 9
                                                                                                  The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 8

      Boris Mannsfeld & Associates
                     We specialize in Placencia Real Estate
Boris Mannsfeld & Associates is the only real estate firm in town that focuses solely on properties on the Placencia
peninsula. We are your source for honest, reliable and professional service and quality properties. Boris Mannsfeld
developed and sold real estate in Colorado for many years and is also the developer behind the highly praised The
Villas at Cocoplum condominium resort in Placencia. He provides years of very valuable investment, construction &
development experience that go beyond that of a typical real estate firm. Mr. Mannsfeld also provides 18 years of
contacts here in Placencia. He is happy to share his knowledge with you so to assure you make wise decisions and that
all your goals are met. Call us at 610-0294 for immediate service. Please drop by our blue sales office 100 feet south of
Tutti Frutti and the Placencia Visitor Center. Some of our exclusive listings are featured below.

           Listed for 1.2 million by                                                                 Chabil Mar Condo.
                                                     Lot listed and sold by Boris                 First Rate. Walk to Town.
           Century 21. Sold by Boris
                                                      Mannsfeld & Associates                               $450,000
           Mannsfeld & Associates

           Maya Beach Masterpiece.                      Large beach home w/                     Beautiful inside. Furnished.
           Stunning Beach $700,000                   lagoon guesthouse. $975,000                 Great location. $499,000

                                                                                                First-Class Penthouse Condo
                                                     Maya Beach waterfront with                      at Placencia Hotel &
            Maya Beach beachfront                    Spectacular view. $135,000
            Rental income. $550,000                                                                  Residences. $750,000

                                                        Peaceful, waterfront, 2
                                                                                                Right in town, water front,
           The Villas at Cocoplum                      homes and very close to
                                                                                                double lot, Perfect. $699,000
         Exceptional Condo. $385,000                       town. $298,000
•   Beach lot. $495,000. Very rare lot in quiet north end of town. Ocean to sidewalk, Stunning 70’ of beach front & 3 rental Cabanas.
•   Beach lot. $145,000. Plantation area. Excellent price. Great neighbors.
•   Beach lot $225,000. Just south of Cocoplum. Nothing but sand so no need to spend $ to fill & clear. Beautiful
•   Beach lot $162,500. Very rare 105’ of beachfront. 233’ Deep. Great deal.
•   Beach lot $197,500. Amazing double beach lot. 160’ of beach! Already cleared and filled. Lagoon waterfront lots also available.
•   Development parcel. $650,000. 2.5+ acre marina parcel. Excellent opportunity. 200’ beachfront parcel is also available.
•   Development Parcel. $500,000. 2 ocean & 2 lagoon lots. 160’ beach. Commercial or residential. Location & Opportunity!
•   Development Parcel. $5 million. 49-acre ocean to lagoon parcel. Only large parcel left! Once-in-a-life-time opportunity. WOW!
•   Development parcel. $2.5 million. Ready to go 5+ acre premier condo parcel. Development plans and approvals are already completed!

Boris Mannsfeld                              610-0294                     
Carol Milnes                                 625-5744                     
If you are seeking to sell your property then give us a call for free consultation. Boris Mannsfeld & Associates charges
a respectable 6% commission and strongly believes in cooperating with all real estate agents. We only represent
quality properties located exclusively in the Placencia area. Thank you for the consideration.
                                                                                    The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 9

            Lion Slayers Continued from 7
Paradise Resort for the
smallest lionfish caught
with a size of 8 cm. The
winners         received
numerous gift certificates
as well as cash prizes for
a job well done. There
were also numerous
booths      set    up   to
disseminate information
on this invasive specie.
Organizations such as
ECOMAR        have    also     Photo by: Annelise Hagan- SEA
embarked on a lion fish
campaign to help eradicate the specie. They were also present at
the tournament giving out information and demonstrating how to
clean the lionfish.

                                    Immediately after the winners
                                    were determined, the cook-off
                                    competition began. There were
                                    only 3 chefs that entered the
                                    competition namely Adrian
                                    Vernon, Henry Anderson and
                                    Paradise Resort. Mr. Henry
                                    Anderson won for the most
                                    tasteful meal for his grilled
                                    lionfish. Paradise Resort won the
                                    prize for the best meal
                                    presentation for his sauté fish
                                    with honey and ginger, Adrian
                                    Vernon won for local dish with his
                                    parmesan fish.

Photo by: SEA                  The Southern Environmental
                               Association would like to
congratulate all winners and thank the general public for their
continuous support and generosity in donating some of the prizes.
SEA would also like to thank Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) for
their guidance and for assisting in seeking some of the prizes.
Once again thank you and we will certainly be having another
lionfish tournament very soon

By Christina Garcia
Education & Outreach Director
Southern Environmental Association

                           Thank You Note
The Southern Environmental Association would like to thank the following
Business for their kind donation and support towards the Lion fish
tournament: Cozy Corner, Ally’s Guest house, Jane Eiley, Barefoot Bar,
Paradise Hotel, Art & Soul Gallery, Placencia Mooring Masters, Rumfish Y
Vino, Secret Garden Day Spa, Miramar Apartments, Wendy’s Restaurant,
Daisy’s Restaurant, MnM Service Station, Wallen’s Hardware, Tipsy Tuna
Seaside & Sports Bar, Sunova Beach Gift Shop, Tuttifrutti Ice-cream Parlor,
Ocean Pro, Avadon Divers, Spindrift Hotel, Hol Chan Shark Ray Alley,
Placencia Cooperative, Coral Reef Alliance, the Placencia Tour Guide
Association and SEA’s staff. Once again thank you for supporting this
worthy cause.

                                     GOSS CHOCOLATE
                          ORGANICALLY GROWN                                   MADE IN BELIZE
                                       AVAILABLE ON THE PENINSULA:
 Placencia: Wallen’s Market, Everyday Grocery, Nang Kee Market, Sunova Beach Gift Shop, Tutti Frutti Gelato
   Shop, Michelo’s Café, Turtle Inn, Chabil Mar Villas, Placencia Grocery, Ming’s Superstore, Lu Store, Above
                            Ground Coffee Shop, Gecko Home Art, Crocodile Gift Shop
       Maya Beach: Sue & Kenny’s Mini Market, Erin Incredible Edibles, Jaguar Lanes Restaurant & Bar
     Seine Bight: Lola’s Art, Danube Restaurant, Moorings, Robert’s Grove, Western Horizon Grocery &
                                          Restaurant, Peninsula Store, and
                        Blue Crab Beach ~ ~ Home of Goss Chocolate 523-3544
Also available in Belize City, San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Belmopan, San Ignacio, Spanish Lookout, Corozal, Orange
       Walk, Dangriga, Hopkins, Punta Gorda, Goldson International Airport, Ft George Tourism Village
                                                                                          The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 10

May 20th, 21st, and 22nd, will be packed with                     cacao center at the Chocolate Factory, a tour of the
exciting events and activities for young and old                  fire house, a tortilla making exhibition at the
alike not only to pay tribute to the finest organic               Fajina House, an art exhibit and an archeology
cacao grown by local Mayan villagers, but also to                 exhibit sponsored by NICH.
honor Ek Chuah, the ancient Mayan god of
merchants and cacao.                                              There will be lots of tours to the cayes and nearby
                                                                  Mayan ruins, kayaking, and tours of cacao trails.
Friday, May 20, 2011
Friday night opens with the classy Wine and                       Saturday evening activities               include    delicious
Chocolate Evening with music by one of Belize’s                   chocolate dinners at
foremost singers, Nelita Castillo. Great food and                 nearby    lodges and
drink at a fabulous new location, Coral House on                  Culture and Harmony
the water.                                                        performances at local

                                                                  Sunday, May 22, 2011
                                                                  Sunday is the grand
                                                                  finale set in the mystic
                                                                  environment            of
                                                                  Lubantuun,      Place of
                                                                  Fallen Stone, featuring
                                                                  a special performance
                                                                  by one of Mexico’s
                                                                  dance companies, a talk          Photo by: JC Cuellar
                                                                  by    an    archeologist

               Photo by: JC Cuellar   specializing in ancient
                                                                  Mayan history, a walking tour of the site, and in
Saturday, May 21, 2011                                            concert, the exciting steel bands, the Pantempters
S a t u r d a y ’ s                                               and the Panerrifix.
festivities       will
feature the town of
Punta Gorda and
the natural wonders
of    the    district.
Visitors and townies
will have a map and
list    of    events
happening around
town. Day activities
include live music
in Central Park, the
morning market on
Front     Street,   a             Photo by: JC Cuellar                                 Photo by: JC Cuellar
                                                       The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 11

                                    PHONE# 501-523-3555
                                    FAX# 501-523-3553

                                      AGENTS FOR

  “Making a Positive Difference in a Changing Belize”
Home owners Insurance                     Commercial Property Insurance
Motor Vehicle Insurance                   Marine Cargo Insurance
Marine Liability Insurance                Tour Operators Insurance
                   Other Liability Insurance

                 OPENING HOURS
            SATURDAY 7:30 TO 12:00PM
                                      SEND MONEY COUNTRYWIDE!
                                                   Corozal Town
                                                  Corozal Boarder
                                                    Belize City
                                                    San Ignacio
                                                    Punta Gorda
                                                                                           The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 12

                    Placencia BTIA announces first annual
                         “Great Placencia Shoot Out "
The Placencia BTIA and many area                                                          package      will      contain     a
business are working together to                                                          commemorative Great Placencia
host the Great Placencia Shoot Out                                                        Shoot Out t-shirt, a coupon book full
– which will be the first of many                                                         of    great    complimentary      or
annual underwater photo contests.                                                         discounted items at area businesses
The contest was designed to bring                                                         and other great items.
underwater photographers and
their families to Placencia in the                                                         The announcement of the contest
month of July. The Great Placencia                                                         has been received well by those in
Shoot Out will be held the 24th –                                                          Belize who are now involved in the
29th and in order to compete in the                                                        contest. The Placencia BITA has
contest the photographer will need                                                         already been asked by two different
to register and dive with one of the                                                       groups to go nationwide with the
8 local participating dive shops                                                           contest. For now the Great Placencia
during the contest.                                                                        Shoot Out will be kept as a
                                                                                           peninsula event and be added to the
Participants are encouraged to                                                             events      such      as     Placencia
arrive on or before Sunday the 24th                                                        Lobsterfest, the Placencia Sidewalk
in order to begin diving on the 25th.                                                      Arts Festival, and Whale Shark
Photos taken on July 25th, 26th and                                                        tourism that make Placencia the
27th will be eligible for daily and                                                        destination to visit year round! This
overall prizes. Special talks will be                                                      is an excellent example of the kind
given by guest speakers the evenings of the 25th and 26th and     of things that will extend the tourist season of Placencia and
the 29th will be the awards night where the overall prizes        Belize with overnight tourist. We hope you’ll join us for the
will be awarded. In all the participants will have their 3        Great Placencia Shoot Out – July 24th – 29th, 2011!
days of scheduled diving and then 2 days that can be spent
exploring inland Belize, experiencing all that the Placencia      Participating Dive Shops include Seahorse Dive Shop,
Peninsula has to offer or even just chilling out on the beach.    Avadon Divers, Robert’s Grove Dive Center, Ocean Pro
A web site that provides full contest details can be visited at   Placencia, Paradise Resort, and Joy Tours who are all proud This site has been          members of the Placencia BTIA!
donated and developed by Leslie Tech Service.

After each day’s dive or snorkel photographers will send in
their photos via email to a moderator who will then forward
the photos on to the panel of judges. Our judges are
“Barnacle” Bill Taylor, Costas Christ and Tony Rath. These
three represent some of the great photographers who call
Belize home.

Prize packages which will encourage participants and their
families to return to Placencia are being organized and these
will include overnight stays at various hotels & resorts,
meals and tours. These prizes are being donated by local
businesses. Other prizes include photographic equipment
and scuba gear.

Each registered participant will also be given a welcome

                                                                            NEW PACKAGING!
package upon their arrival to Placencia. The welcome

                                                                      Now you can be assured you are
                                                                      purchasing the only purified ice
                                                                         available on the peninsula!
                                                                                      AVAILABLE AT:
                                                                    In Placencia - MNM Service Station,
                                                                   Wallen’s Market & Everyday Supermarket
                                                                     In Seine Bight - 7-Eleven Store &
                                                                            Peninsula Supermarket
                                                                   In Maya Beach - Maya Point Market &
                                                                            Maya Beach Mini-Mart

                                                                          ASK FOR IT BY NAME
                                                                                                                    The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 13

                      St. John’s Memorial                                                                                     Join us for Placencia’s
                     student of the Month                                                                                     Craziest Pontoon Party!
                        February 2011
                                                                                                                              The   party    begins     the
                                                                                                                              moment   you    check     in!!
                                                                                                                              Grab your yard glass and
                                                                                                                              fill it with our delicious
                                                                                                                              "Turtle Torpedo" or "Cool
                                                                                                                              lime-Aid" as we party and
                                                        Infant I - Lucas Young.
                                                        Photo by Selena Lucas                                                 dance our way to a private
                                                                                                                              Caye for lunch.        On the
                                                                                                                              Caye, you can choose to
                                                                                      ARE YOU
                                                                                                                              kickback + relax or take

                                                                                      THIRSTY?                                advantage         of     the
                                                                                                                              complimentary snorkel gear
                                                                                      Unlimited  local  drinks,  provided! After lunch, we

                                                                                      games,  snorkel,  lunch 
                                                                                                                   hop on the boat, and cruise
                                                                                      included * $65US Dollars 
                                                                                                                   back to the village of
                                                                                      The  Turtle  Parties  every 
                                                                                                                   Placencia...... Thirsty Turtle
                                                                                      Wednesday, Thursday, and 
Top Row - Standard IV - Carlos Marroquin,
                                                                                      Saturday                     Style!! You can bet you will
Standard V - Martha Milian, & Standard VI -
Bernadine Valerio. 2nd Row - Standard I - Liam                                                                     be in for a few surprises
Parham & Standard II - Jada Longsworth. 3rd Row
- Standard III - Luis Ojeda, Infant II - Isiah Mayen,                                                                         when you experience this
& Standard III - Thalia Vernon. Bottom Row -                                          Call: 523-3061 or 670-3045
Infant I - Trenel Leslie & Infant I - Alina Ferrel.                         
Not shown Lucas Young.
                                Photo by Elysia Dial

                The 27th Annual
             National Garifuna Council

The 27th Annual National Garifuna Council
convention hosted by Seine Bight Village from March
4th - 6th 2011, was opened with various dances and
songs from the Dugu ceremony. The convention is
conducted in Garifuna and covered presentations on
socio-economic issues, education opportunities, as well
as strengthening awareness in regard to the Garifuna
Culture in Belize. The photo showing the drummers
bowed over their drums is the Amalihani known as the
MALI - this is a sacred dance to honor the ancestors
and invite them to be present at the ceremony and the
dance is circular pattern.
                     Photo by Muzamanzie Photographs
                                                                                                  The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 14

Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival!!!
The 8th Annual Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival was certainly a     – the Panerrifix
weekend to remember this past February. Close to 50 artisans        Steel Band kept
registered and took part in the event, including Carolyn Carr,      o n l o o k e r s
Walter Castillo, Boyarde Messenger, Artemis Glass and Lola’s        mesmerized with
Art. Cubola Productions were on hand with an incredible             their      musical
assortment of books and cds created right here in Belize. The       talent,    coupling
Image Factory was in attendance and represented many Belizean       traditional
artists that were unable to come to Placencia themselves.           Caribbean music
                                                                    and     fun     steel
Held the 12th & 13th of the month, this year’s festival was the     d     r     u       m
second organized by the Placencia chapter of the BTIA and the       interpretation of
first major event for the newly elected PBTIA board.       The      recent Pop music
weather       worked      in                                        hits!    The dance
everyone’s favor on Saturday                                        crew of Monsterz
with    beautiful     balmy                                         Ink gave a free
weather. Placencia’s famous                                         style        “ J e r k Lola’s Arts at the Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival.
sidewalk was literally jam                                          D a n c i n g ”                            Photo by Muzamanzie Photographs
packed throughout the day                                           performance
and especially during                                               which was a hit with all ages. The Placencia based group lead by
performances under the                                              Karl Lovell, “Tha Kreolz”, joined in the festival for a second year
main tent.                                                          and treated everyone to many original songs. The Cavalry Chapel
                                                                    Praise Band kept the crowd clapping with their upbeat music!
T h e      w e e k e n d ’ s                                        Saturday evening the Rotary Club of Placencia held its annual
entertainment was some of                                           action (for full story see page 6), followed but Placencia’s very own
the most diversified that                                           Fire Dancer Steph Wandke! Closing out the night was “Just Us” –
Placencia has seen in a long                                        John, Julie & Fred who you may have seen at other area cool spots
time. The Jankanu Boys                                              performing
from Seine Bight Village                                            classic rock
dazzled the crowd with their                                        and       folk
colorful garb and energized                                         m u s i c .
performance        of    the                                        E m m e t h
                             Jankanu Boyz of Seine Bight Village.
traditional Garifuna dance.                                         Y o u n g
                                  Photo by Muzamanzie Photographs
Another group of youngsters                                         drummed
                                                                    during     the
                                                                    day         on
                                                                    Sunday and
                                       Kokomo                       r o c k e r
                                                                    Shawn Brady
                                       Gated Community              performed
                                                                    his new hit
                                                                    s i n g l e
                                      Placencia Lagoon              “ B e l i k i n Cubola Productions at the Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival
                                                                    Whisper” for                               Photo by Muzamanzie Photographs
                                                                    the     crowd.
                                                                    Keeping the flow of the weekend smooth as silk was Placencia
                                                                    based Entourage Movements! This talented group of DJs are
                                                                    always part of Placencia community events such as the September
                                                                    parades, Lobsterfest and more. These guys are always ready to
                                                                    lend a hand at making Placencia the place to be!

                                                                    Sponsors of
                                                                    the Placencia
                                                                    Arts Festival
                                                                    include       –
                                                                    Chabil Mar
                                                                    V i l l a s ,
                                                                    Barefoot Bar,
                                                                    of      Belize,
                                                                    Tipsy Tuna
                                                                    Seaside       &
                                                                    Sports Bar, Panerrifix Steelband at the Placencia Sidewalk
                                                                    P l a t i n u m Arts Festival.
                                                                    Designs,                       Photo by Muzamanzie Photographs
                                                                    Wild Orchid
                                                                    Properties, Wallen’s Market, Paradise Resort, Whipray Caye
                                                                    Lodge, Tarpon Caye Lodge, The Inn at Robert’s Grove, Ridgewood
                                                                    Sign Crafters, Agami - A Creative Company, Go-Graphics, Belize
                                                                    Bank, Ranguana Lodge, Avadon Divers, Laru Beya Villas, Mary
                                                                    Ann Dial, Everyday Supermarket, The Secret Garden Day Spa, &
                                                                    Evan’s Place. Thank you all! For assistance with tents as special
                                                                    thanks goes out to the crews from Stann Creek Distributors and
                                                                    the Placencia Village Council – they worked
                                                                    through the rain on Friday to get everything Continued on pg 16
                                                                                                  The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 15

By Ewa Grabowski                                                        Great thanks to Ellie and the gang at BTIA for the booth and tent.
                                                                        We sure needed the tent on Sunday with all the rain.
This year for the 8th time, we did artwork and calendars with the       I would like to thank my family, Mrs. Grabowski, Barb and Jack
children of St. John's Memorial School. In spite of the rain we         McNab, Hania, and Kathy for all the art supplies, and the printing
raised a record $1600bze and $175bze for the Pre-school. Our            of the calendars.
principal Mrs. Martinez was there for both days, which helped to
get even more donations then usual for the school. On Saturday,         Thanks to all the kids who donated their time and artwork,
the kid's drew and painted pictures for the calendar. Each              especially Ana, Carlos, Carla, Miguel, Kenima, Mia, Darwin.
calendar was an original picture, signed by the artist. In the future
I'm sure that one of the paintings will be known as our "Placencia      Thanks to teachers, Sabal, R. Eiley, Cawich, Logan, Cadle,
Picasso". There were fabulous paintings and drawings, as well as        Flowers, Bol, Smith, Westby, Eiley, Estrada, with an extra special
poems to put on the calendars. On Sunday, in the pouring rain, we       thanks to Principal Martinez.
started making valentines cards. The kids were really busy,
making cards for their Moms, Dads, Teachers, and friends. One of        The volunteers which helped us over all the workshops were Mrs
our helpers, Bev, taught us how to make beautiful flowers, which        Martinez, Marjorie, Roger and Wanda, Rachel, Darwin, Kris,
they attached to the cards. Even our principal got into the action      Forbes, Jake, Dobs, Bev, and myself Ewa.
making cards "for your sweetie and cutie", which we sold. We all
had lots of fun!!                                                       Thank you to Print Belize who gave yet again such a low price for
                                                                        printing the calendars.
On Saturday we had a silent auction with paintings donated by
Ana, Carlos, Mia, Darwin, and Carina. We also had a lb. of coffee       Thanks to Placencia Office Supplies for internet services,
beans donated by the new coffee house, Above Grounds. We raised         Stationary House and Wallen's Supermarket for discounts, SCN
$175bze for the Pre-school. We had a painting donated by Jo-Ann         cable for announcements, Grill & Go for letting us paint there on
Maxwell, which didn't make the reserve and will now be on sale at       Sundays, to and to all the other people who donated supplies or
Spectarte at Maya Beach, with proceeds going to the Pre-school.         helped carry things and do all little bits and pieces.

                                                                                                       We still had a few calendars
                                                                                                       leftover, including 2012 (great for
                                                                                                       Christmas presents), which will be
                                                                                                       on sale at the coffee house
                                                                                                       'ABOVE GROUNDS' (0pposite
                                                                                                       Wendy's), with all proceeds going
                                                                                                       to the school.

                                                                                                       Anyone wanting to contribute
                                                                                                       money or supplies can get in touch
                                                                                                       with Principal Mrs. Martinez, St
                                                                                                       John's Memorial School (, or Head
                                                                                                       Teacher McKay at Pre-school St.
                                                                                                       John's School, Placencia, Stann
                                                                                                       Creek District, Belize. Please
                                                                                                       mark ALL supplies educational
                                                                                                       material because otherwise there
                                                                                                       is a huge duty. If one goes to the
                                                                                                       dollar store in the states, one can
                                                                                                       get all sorts of craft supplies, GEL
                                                                                                       PENS!! (The kids love the bright
                                                                                                       colours, and they are very
                                                                                                       expensive here), feathers, beads,
                                                                                                       construction paper, brushes stick
                                                                                                       glue etc. Any school can use them,
                                                                                                       so make a travel package to every
                                                                                                       destination. You will bring smiles
                                                                                                       to the kids.

                                                                                                       We will be doing calendars at the
                                                                                                       lobster fest, anyone wanting to
                                                                                                       help please contact the Principal
                                                                                                       by end of May. Bring underwater
                                                                                                       pictures of lobsters and fish for

                                                                                                       "HELP OUR             KID'S      BE
                                                                                                 The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 16

                                                                     TREES FOR THE FUTURE PLEDGES MILLIONS OF
Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival                                     TREES FOR EARTH DAY 2011 IN LATIN AMERICA
Continued from pg 16
                                                                           Belize Partners Plant 110,000 Trees
in place! Once again we had an outpouring of volunteers to assist
with the Sidewalk Fest! We thank you all for taking your time out    Earth Day Network announced today that its Billion Acts of
to help bartend, move                                                Green® campaign counter clicked ahead by 8.91 million Acts with
stuff and give a hand!                                               the addition of tree-planting pledges in Latin America from its
Also to the Rotary Club                                              partner Trees for the Future.
for electrical support!
M u z a m a n z i e                                                  Trees for the Future and its 26 partners in Belize, Brazil,
Photographs for photo                                                Colombia, Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua have pledged to plant
documenting           the                                            the trees through 2011, as part of Earth Day Network’s effort to
weekend! We would like                                               collect one billion Acts of environmental service and advocacy
to thank the artists that                                            before the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, aka
joined us for the weekend                                            Rio+20. To date, over 66 million Acts have been recorded.
and those that came out
and performed! And of                                                “As we reach for our lofty goal of collecting a billion Acts of Green
course everyone who                                                  worldwide, great partners like Trees for the Future are critical to
turned out to enjoy the                                              amplifying the voice of the movement,” said Kathleen Rogers,
weekend.                                                             President of Earth Day Network. Rogers added that A Billion Acts
                                                                     of Green® aims to spur government leaders in Rio to action by
Mark your calendars for                                              showing them how strongly the world’s citizens
                                                                     care about sustainability.                          Continued on pg 22
next year’s Placencia
Sidewalk Arts Festival –                                                                                                       Seedlings
February 11th & 12th,                                                                                                          that will be
2012!     But don’t wait                                                                                                       used in the
until then to come to An artist working on site at the Placencia                                                               project.
Placencia!     We’ve got Sidewalk Arts Festival.
Whale Shark Moons                  Photo by Muzamanzie Photographs                                                             Photo by
coming up throughout                                                                                                           Trees for
the months of March, April, May & June! Easter in April!                                                                       the Future!
Placencia Lobsterfest in June & the 1st Great Placencia Shoot Out
in July! There's ALWAYS a reason to come to Placencia!

For more information on this and other Placencia tourism related
news contact the Placencia Tourism Center at 523-4045 or email
                                                                                                         The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 17

                                                 Placencia BTIA Members
                                 Placencia Tourism Center – Phone: 523-4045 - Email:
                                       Website: or
BUSINESS NAME                           EMAIL                              PHONE          CELL or FAX       CONTACT PERSON
Ah-Kinchil                                 523-8017                        Kevin Madore & Maya Krammer
Artful Dodger Sail & Canvas                  523-3625                        Wini Mertens & Steve Lobban
Avadon Divers Ltd                     503-3377                        Anne-Marie & Phillip McNeil
Bachmann-Fairs, Brigitte                 523-3248                        Brigitte Bachmann-Fairs
Bahia Laguna Beach Suites                    523-4091                        Doug & Madalon Richardson
Barefoot Bar                              523-3515                        Cassie & Brice Dial
Barnacle Bill’s Beach Bungalows                    523-8010       602-7768         Bill & Adriane Taylor
Beachfront Suites                    606-1521                        Maricia & Robert McMahon
Belize Trips                                610-1923                        Katie Valk
Belize Ultralight Flying Adventures              635-5319       635-5319         Tito Roveda
Belize Sailing Charters          523-3138                        Rob & Kim McDaniel
Belize Tradewinds Cruise Club     523-3303                        Melissa Rea
Blue Crab Beach Resort                    523-3544       523-3543         Kerry Goss & Linn Wilson
Blue Garden House                           207-326-9171                    Costas & Sally Christ
Brady, Alice                                     625-0673                        Alice Brady
Brown, Felisha                                                               Felisha Brown
Caballero, Alexis & Lloydia                    523-4038                        Alexis & Lloydia Caballero
Capeling, Ralph                               610-1278                        Ralph Capeling
Captain Jak’s Cabanas                    523-3561       622-7104         Erin Ivy
Caribbean Travel & Tours                        523-3481       523-3081         Veronique & Lance McKenzie
Carpenter, Nick & Kim                        520-3021                        Nick & Kim Carpenter
Caribbean Cabinet & Furniture                        523-3555       610-1399         Steve Christensen & Maretha McCullock
Casa At Last                            523-3630                        Dewey Harshbarger
Casa Beya/Sea Grape Escape                970-963-1099                    Midge & Aaron Dallas
Casa Del Sol                            523-3481       523-3081         Veronique McKenzie
Casa Nettuno                             605-1648                        Franco Gentile & Mariuccia Levoni
Casa Placencia                             503-3143       669-4842         Jacki Tipton
Celeste, Donna                                                                Donna Celeste
Century21 BTAL                     670-2034                        Bradley Rinehart
Chabil Mar                        523-3606       523-3611         Synescio Coh
Coconut Cottage                             523-3234       609-4267         Kay Westby
Cocoplum                               610-1009                        Stewart Krohn
Cohen, Howard & Karen                  622-6695                        Howard Cohen & Karen Kotansky-Cohen
Colibri House                              605-0586                        Stefano Ragagnin & Nicoletta Sala
Cordy’s Beach Cottage                        523-3341       627-3150         Cordelia Ford
Coston, Debbie                                                             523-8001                        Debbie Coston
Cotton, Lynn & Les                             604-4088                        Lynn Cotton
CPC Real Estate Solution                  672-9000                        Dan Dunbar & Michael Young
Danube Austrian Restaurant            610-0132                        Herbert Kollmann & Simone Gareis
Destinations Belize                   523-4018       610-4718         Mary Toy
De Viners                                666-1777                        Christine Salmon, Kimberly & John Viner
Dial, Elysia                                                                 Elysia Dial
Dial, Mary Ann                              523-3209                        Mary Ann Dial
Dusa, Lee & Gail                                 523-3500                        Lee & Gail Dusa
Easy Living Apartments               523-3481       523-3081         Veronique Mckenzie
Evan’s Place                           523-3127                        Evan Bull
Feijer, Egbert                              627-1020                        Egbert Feijer
Feldman, Babe & Karen                           610-0356                        Babe & Karen Feldman
Finca                                           523-3481       523-3081         Veronique McKenzie
French Louie Caye                             523-3228                        Randolph Villanueva
Fuller, Fred & Jacque                                                      628-0992       629-6429         Fred & Jacque Fuller
Gabor Deborah                            628-7004                        Deborah Gabor
Garden Cabanas                             523-3481       523-3081         Veronique McKenzie
Galipeau, Cheryl                             523-3329                        Cheryl Galipeau
Gentile, Franco & Mariuccia Levoni           523-3624       605-1648         Franco Gentile & Mariuccia Levoni
George Cowdrey’s Guesthouse                                                      Jean Reed
Glessner, Virginia & Fox, Jay                                                 Virginia Glessner & Jay Fox
Glockhamer, Heidi & Fasano, Steven                 664-5802       651-4622         Heidi Glockhamer & Steven Fasano
Goss Chocolate                            523-3544       523-3542         Kerry Goss & Linn Wilson
Green Parrot Beach Houses                    523-2488                        David Allardice & Leo Ramirez
Grill N Go                                     523-4079                        Dawn Pollard
Guild & Guild Consulting                523-3251       523-3291         Yvette Guild
Harbour Hideaway                     623-3286                        Jim & Cindy Weller
Harry’s Cozy Cabanas                            523-3234       523-3155         Harry Eiley
Heaven’s Gate Beach Bungalow               523-3148                        Jodie Leslie
Hess, Tina                                                                 523-3344                        Tina Hess
Hughes, Sharon                            628-0916                        Sharon Hughes
JAG Auto Rental & Property Management              523-3074                        Eugenie Adderly Gabourel
J-Dees Restaurant                               503-3351                        Daisy & Jeremy Leslie
Jewel of Placencia                  523-3481       523-3081         Veronique Mckenzie & Joe Garipoli
Joy Tours                                         523-3325                        Hubert & Karen Young
Joyce and Frank’s Beach House                   561-683-3899   561-683-3899     Joyce Danz
Julia’s Cabanas                   503-3478       523-3225         Julia Leslie
Keck, Pamela & Karl                             520-4057                        Pamela & Karl Keck
Kingfisher Adventures                    523-3323       523-3322         Charles Leslie
Laru Beya Villas                                523-3476       523-3483         Ian McField
Las Amigas                               523-3117                        Lydia Villanueva & Geri Salsig
Leslie Tech Services                          523-3323                        Charles Leslie Jr. & Ycela Alpuche
Linarez, Cindy & Francisco                                                         Cindy & Francisco Linarez
Lola’s Art                                       523-3342       601-1913         Lola Delgado
Lost Porticos Villas                 523.3227       523-3226         Ron & Sandra Steele
Lost Reef Resort                            606-7262                        Lisa D’Amore
Lydia’s Guest House                                523-3117       523-3354         Lydia Villanueva
Manatee Inn                                    523-4083                        Slavek Machacka
Maya Beach Hotel                          520-8040       520-8040         Ellen & John Lee
Maya Dream Beach House                  523-3148                        Jodie Leslie & Wanda & Roger Snell
Maya Lodge                                 605-0586                        Stefano Ragagnin & Lou McLeod
Maya Playa                                      523-8121                        Chuck Meares
Mes, Basilio                              624-1470                        Basilio Mes
Michelo Flats                                 523-3519       626-2518         Michel Ardoullie
                                                                                                                                        The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 18

                                                             Placencia Peninsula Maps
From North of Placencia Airstrip to The Plantation                                                                    From Placencia Water Tower to Airstrip

                                                                                                                                                               Platinum Designs
                                                                                                     Lost Reef                                                                         J AG
                                                                                                     Resort                                                                  d Ai
                                                                                                                                                                 a   Islan
                                                                                                                                                            M ay
                                                                                              Beachfront Suites                                    ir
                                                                                                                                              ic A

                                                                                The Placencia Hotel &                                                           st   rip
                                                                                                                                                        a   A ir                                     Tony’s Gym
                                                                                                                                           n ci
                                                                        Placencia Tennis                                              Place                                                            RFG Insurance Agent
             Traveling north to Maya                                       Placencia Tennis
             Beach will take you to the                                                                                                                                              Avadon Divers
             Plantation area
             approximately 2.5 miles

                                                                                                                                                        The Placencia Road

                                             Ocean’s Edge

                                             Maya Beach Hotel

                                              Green Parrot Beach Houses
                                              Joyce & Frank’s Bed & Breakfast

                                              Barnacle Bill’s Beach Bungalows
                                              Singing Sands Inn

                                            Maya Playa Resort
Please note the                                                                                                                 Seaview Properties
distance between                                                                                                                                                                 Chabil Mar
Blue Crab and
Maya Playa Resort
is approximately 3
                                                                             False Caye

                                                                                                                   Did You Know?!
                                                                                                                  The Placencia Tourism Center
                                 Cocoplum Resort Community
                                                                                                                  is more than just an information center?
                            The Villas at

Casa At Last
                                                                                                                  The PTC has a large supply of
                                                                                                                  • maps of Belize

                                                                                                                  • animal identification guides
                  The Maine Stay

                                                                                                                  • postcards
                   Cordy’s Beach Cottage
Palmtree               Goss Chocolate
                                                                                                                  • mail drop to leave your cards
                       Blue Crab Beach
                        Bahia Laguna Beach Suites

                                                                                                                  • stamps and more
                         Nautical Inn
                            Seine Bight Village
Lola’s Art
                                Caribbean Cabinets & Furniture
  Danube, Austrian
    Restuarant                   The Inn at Robert's Grove
                                     Laru Beya Villas                                                             All to help make your visit to
                                    Miller’s Landing
                                                                                                                  Placencia perfect! Stop by the
                                          Playa de Piratas Properties
                                                                                                                  Placencia Tourism Center to check
                                                                                                                  it out!
                                          Casa Nettuno

                                          Wild Orchid Properties
    Placencia Airstrip
                          The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 19


Harbor Hideaway   88-E1



                                                                                                             The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 20

                                                          Placencia BTIA Members cont.
Miller’s Landing                          523-3010        523-3011         Gary & Ann Miller
Miramar Apartments                            523-3658/3117   503-3095         Ilsa Villanueva
Mirasol Villa                                 523-3481        523-3081         Veronique McKenzie
MnM Hardware Placencia                               523-3517        523-3537         Dora Duncker
Moorings Belize Ltd.                          523-3351        523-3206         Renee Brown
Mosquito Coast Trading Co. Ltd.                         523-8141        610-1441         Ray Twanow
Ocean’s Edge                              514-606-5582    514-697-9435     Francine Martel
One World Rental                         523-3618        620-9975         Claudia Hardegger
Ooga Booga Fun Club                                                           628-1250                         Francis Gagliano/ Max Mullins
Palmetto Place                                     523-3481        523-3081         Veronique McKenzie
Palmtree Designs                                  523-3563        603-5143         Marion Carr
Paradise Vacation Hotel                           523-3179        523-3256         Alan & Deloris Stamm
Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development      610-4718                         Mary Toy
Pepper’s Beach Cottage                   503-3017        624-8637         Linda Burrows
Placencia Bazaar                               523-4309                         Annette & Sonny Vernon
Placencia Humane Society                                                       Pam Keck- President
Placencia Pointe Townhomes              719-282-3258    719-488-1628     Ed McBride & Carol Milnes
Placencia Tennis                               626-4015                         Bob & Lida Rodgers
Placencia Yacht Club                               970-209-7251                     Michael Potoker
Platinum Designs                               610-0327                         Hannah Cowell
Playa de Piratas Properties               523-3180        610-2428         Ron Shivers
Property Pro Belize                       523-3292        628-1250         Frank Gagliano
Rain or Shine Delivery Service                                                                666-1555         Bill & Lisa Harding
Ranguana Lodge                                      523-3112        523-3112         Joy Leslie
Re/Max Belize Property Center         631-9622        523-3666         David Kafta
RFG Insurance Agent                        523-3636        523-3428         Kitty Fox
Rumfish y vino                                       523-3293        666-6934         Pamela & John Solomon
Seahorse Dive Shop                                  523-3166        523-3166         Brian & Ardie Young
Seakunga Ltd.                                      523-3644                         Ajinder Garcha & Bernard Burgos
Seaspray Hotel                                523-3148        615-2925         Jodie & Norman Leslie
Seaview Suites                                                                523-3777                         John & Marian Chan
Sea View Properties                                604-5099                         Diane Bulman
Secret Garden Day Spa                  523-3420        609-3104         Lee Nyhus
Secret Garden Restaurant                        523-3617                         Erin Park
Silver Leaf                                   970-944-2550    970-944-0552     William & Jolanda Brown, Stefano/agent
Singing Sands Inn                              523-8017        520-8022         Jean-Marc Tasse
Siripohn Thai Massage                            620-8718        600-0375         Siriporn Thakham
Smith, Stan & Mary                                  523-4306                         Stan & Mary Smith
South Environmental Association                   523-3377        523-3395         Nellie Catzim & Shannon Romero
Sunset Pointe Condos                              523-3314                         Eric & Janis Winchester
Spectarte Gallery                                533-8019                         Jenny Wildman
Splash Dive Center                         523-3058        620-6649         Patricia Ramirez
Stann Creek Auto Rental                      523-3284        662-6711         Candy Power
Taylor, Winston                                 623 7971                         Winston Taylor
The Added Touch                                       223-0054        223-1461         Robin McCutheon
The Arches                                         479-841-7970    605-0586         Mark Risk & Stefano Ragagnin
The Flamboyant                         628-1143                         Angie Markham
The Inn at Robert’s Grove                      523-3565                         Bob & Risa Frackman; Elena Cuellar
The Maine Stay                                 523-3507                         Drew Travers
The North Beach                                   523-3207                         Deborah & Dave Vernon
The Placencia Hotel & Residences               520-4110        520-4112         Marco Caruso
The Shak Beach Café                          622-1686                         Magda Morales
The Villas at Cocoplum                          610-0294        628-6447         Boris Mannsfield or Erin Ivy
The Yellow House                                   523-3481        523-3081         Veronique McKenzie
Three Iguanas Villa                           605-0586                         Stefano Ragagnin & Joe Stark
Toucan Lulu                              628-8474                         Paul Fanning
Tony’s Gym                                        665-6685        631-7427         Tony & Casey Pinder
Trade Winds                                       523-3122                         Janice Leslie
Traveler’s Inn                                                                523-3190        609-7344         Lucille Villanueva
Trip N Travel                                       523-3205/3614   523-3205         Laura Godfrey & Fiona Macfarlane
Tuttifrutti Ice Cream Parlor                                                    Tiziana Del Col
Village Inn                             523-3481        253-3081         Veronique Mckenzie
Waterfront Real Estate                      610-3264                         Patrick & Denise Callahan
Wendy’s Creole Restaurant & Bar             523-3335                         Wendy Lemus
Werlwas, Robert                             523-3040                         Robert Werlwas
Westwind Hotel                              523-3255        523-4016         George & Lisa Westby
Whipray Caye Lodge                                             610-1068         Julian & Beverly Cabral
White Sand Villa                               604-7471                         Jeanie Gabourel
Wild Orchid Properties                670-3665                         Aline Habib
Yellow Bella                                    605-0586                         Stefano Ragagnin
Yoli’s Bar                                                                                                     Yolanda Tretheway
Yount, Doran & Kim                            670-4130                         Doran & Kim Yount
Z-Touch Day Spa                                 523-3513                         Ysela Zabaneh
The Placencia Breeze March 2011 - Page 21
                                                                                                        The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 22

                       What has St. John’s Memorial Preschool been up to?
The children of St.                                                                                                    are geared toward getting
John’s       Memorial                                                                                                  parents more involved in
Preschool      recently                                                                                                their children’s preschool
visited the preschools                                                                                                 education and to have
in Georgetown and                                                                                                      them     more     actively
Maya Mopan on a                                                                                                        support them during this
cultural     awareness                                                                                                 important developmental
field trip. During these                                                                                               stage. This month also
visits, the teachers,                                                                                                  functions      to   raise
parents and children                                                                                                   awareness        of   the
from Placencia got to                                                                                                  importance of sending
interact     with    the                                                                                               school aged children to a
teachers and children                                                                                                  preschool.
from both schools and                                                                                                        Some     of   the
experience          the                                                                                             activities on the calendar
different cultures in                                                                                               for this month include a
those areas. There                                                                                                  Dora and Diego Dress-Up
were      presentations                                                                                             Day where the children
prepared      by    each                                                                                            get to pretend to be that
school     which     was                                                                                            character for a day and
enjoyed by our parents,                                                                                             visiting parents are asked
teachers and children                                                                                               to dress the part as well.
alike. It was an overall                                                                                            There is also a Family
fun and educational                                                                                                 Day, a Friendship Day, a
day for the kids.                                                                                                   Pajama Day, a Cultural
On March 1st, 2011                                                                                                  Food Fair and a Cultural
preschool      children Child Stimulation Month Parade                                                              Song and Dance Day
from Placencia and                                                                                                  planned. Parents are
                                                                               Photo by Muzamanzie Photographs asked and encouraged to
Seine Bight marched
along the Main Road in Placencia as children country wide were                                                      visit the preschool during
doing the same in their own areas. This short parade, which ended          this time and take part in the activities that are planned for their
in front of the Scotia Bank, was preceded by a short ceremony to           children. A full calendar of activities can be obtained at the
officially open Child Stimulation Month under this year’s theme,           preschool from Teacher McKay for parents who have not yet
“Parents! Educate your child!”                                             received a copy.

        The 20 days of events and activities planned for this month

                                                                                         PLACENCIA PONTOON PARTY
                                                                            Monday, Wednesday & Saturday, leaves from Thirsty Turtle 10:30
                                                                               am!! Unlimited Local Drinks, Music, Games, Swimming,
                                                                               Snorkelling, and Lunch at a private Caye. Experience the
Placencia Preschool Visits St. Alphonsus Preschool in Seine Bight.             WILDEST PARTY on the Peninsula! $65 US per person.
                                      Photo by Muzamanzie Photographs
                                                                               EXPERIENCE THE CARRIBEAN’S MOST MAJESTIC
                                                                                                   SUNSET CRUISE
TREES FOR THE FUTURE PLEDGES MILLIONS OF                                      Mon, Wed and Saturday, leaves from Thirsty Turtle at 4:00 pm.
TREES FOR EARTH DAY 2011 IN LATIN AMERICA                                   Cruise the lagoon with wine, cheese and soft music. Enjoy the cool
                                                                            breeze and radiant sunset from a luxury pontoon boat. Keep an eye
      Belize Partners Plant 110,000 Trees                                       for dolphin and manatees. Perfect for couples and families.
                           Continued from 16                                                        $45 US per person.
“Our local partners in the Caribbean, Central and South America               Enjoy a day of fishing on a private, luxury pontoon boat, with an
understand better than anyone the need to stop deforestation in                experienced captain who will be sure to show you all the local
their countries, and they are all thrilled to add their efforts to                      fishing spots! Rates available upon request.
Earth Day Network’s global A Billion Acts of Green campaign,”
says Ethan Budiansky, head of international programs for Trees                           PRIVATE PONTOON BOAT RENTAL
for the Future. TFTF’s partners include local governments and                Want to do your own thing?? Customize your day– When you rent
local and international non-profit organizations.                            the Turtle you will have access to private snorkelling, swimming,
                                                                             banana/ tube rides, fishing, sightseeing, or just relaxing on the sea.
In Belize, partner organizations include Ya’axche Conservation Trust and        Full day and 1/2 day rentals. Rates available upon request.
Maya Mountain Research Farm.
                                                                                               Call: 670-3045 or 523-3061
                                                                                          Or email
                                                                                               The Placencia Breeze March 2011- Page 23

By Ron Spilman                                                                                21 days. Once a conch reaches that
                                                                                              stage in its life it will wait until it
There are only two countries in the                                                           floats over an area of sea floor that
world that are allowed to export                                                              has sufficient algae to feed the conch.
Conch. Many countries do not allow                                                            Then the conch will fall to the sea
the taking of Conch at all. Belize and                                                        floor and bury itself under the sand.
Turk and Cacaos still have conch                                                              The young conchs live and feed under
populations that are sufficient to                                                            the sand grow for a period of between
meet their own needs and sell to                                                              one and two years. When the conchs
other nations. Turk and Cacaos has                                                            have grown to a size that makes it
maintained a conch population by                                                              too hard to move under the sand they
farming Conch. Belize has been able                                                           emerge and start the next phase of
to maintain a conch population by the                                                         their life living on the sea floor. They
establishment of no take zones. In                                                            continue to eat algae and grow until
the no take zones of Belize the conch                                                         at approximately 4 years of age when
population is high enough that they                                                           they reach sexual maturity.
are able to breed, and the baby
conchs are spread through much of                                                              Man now is the main and nearly only
Belize.                                                             predator, and we take them from the sea in huge numbers.
                                                                    Belize has been able to produce as high as 692,303 pounds of
The demand for Conch remains high through out the                   conch legally. The size of the illegal production is unknown but
Caribbean. This high demand places pressure on the areas of         we all know it exists and has been for years. Countries on both
Belize where fishermen are allowed to take conch. Conchs            sides of us have reduced their own conch populations until
reproduce and mature slowly. Each mature female conch will          almost no mature conch exist in those countries.
produce an egg mass approximately each month. In each egg
mass there will be approximately 250,000 to 350,000 eggs.           If Belize is to continue to enjoy the tradition of eating and
Only one conch will reach maturity from each egg mass, on           exporting conch we must continue the efforts of previous
average.                                                            generations. We need to continue the no take zones that allow
                                                                    conch to grow, mature and produce egg masses. We will need to
The journey to maturity for a conch begins with the egg mass        continue to observe a conch season and to curb the illegal
being rolled in coarse sand by the mother in an effort to           taking of conch as recourses will allow. We must also continue
camouflage it so it will not be eaten. A week or so after being     to look for new ways that will assure the continued existence of
laid the eggs will hatch and tiny conch will be released into the   conch in our waters for our children and generations to come.
sea. These tiny conchs will float with the currents for at least
The Placencia Breeze March 2011- Page 24
                                                                           The Placencia Breeze -March 2011- Page 25

             Did you know Placencia Village
              now has it's own tattoo shop?

Stingray Tattoo, located in the Secret Garden courtyard behind
Wallen's Market, is now open!

They have a clean, colorful shop that stays cool even in the heat of the
day. Their artists include local Anton Leslie and the American
husband and wife team of Jerry and Joanne Martian. They pride
themselves on a clean, sterile, professional environment, and will do
whatever it takes to bring your tattoo vision to life.

They accept walk-ins, can
draw custom pieces, or do
tattoos from pictures or
artwork that you provide.
They are open every day
from      10-6     with
appointments available at
other times.

You can reach them at
6 3 5 - 4 7 2 7      o r

Stop by and see one of
their professional artists
for a consultation today!
The Placencia Breeze March 2011- Page 26
                                                                                                   The Placencia Breeze March 2011- Page 27

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      Within the country of Belize: $20.00Bze per year (12 Issues)
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Please mail your subscription and pay-       Pt. Placencia
               ment to:                  Stann Creek District
                                            Belize, Central

Placencia Tourism Center’s Updated Tour Guide License List As of March 2011
Alvarado, Francisco     2011-Nov. 11            Garcia, Jeremy         2011 - Oct 13        Tucker, Elroy           2011 - Jan 10
Benguche, Bryan         2011 - May 8            Garcia, Leopold E      2011 - Apr 3         Tucker, Henry           2011 - Jan 10
Bol, Ben                2011 - Nov 11           Godfrey, Dale          2011 - May 13        Vernon, Arthur          2011 - Apr 23
Cabral, Daniel          2011- Feb 7             Godfrey, Earl          2011 - Jan 28        Vernon, David           2011 - Feb 21
Cabral, Egbert          2011- Feb 11            Godfrey, Kurt          2011 - Apr 3         Vernon, Ian             2011 - Oct 22
Cabral, Julian          2011 - Feb 11           Godfrey, Louis         2011-Feb 11          Vernon, Leslie          2011 - Jan 28
Castellanos, Wayne      2011– Nov 8             Godfrey, Rhawn Bruce   2011 - Sept 13       Villanueva , Andria     2011 - Nov 11
Carne, Lisa             2011 - Sept 9           Gongora, Prince        2011 - Mar 11        Villanueva, Clint       2011 - Apr 3
Carr, Edwin             2011 - Mar 11           Herrera, Miguel        Renewal In Process   Villanueva, Conrad      2011 - Dec 14
Chan, Clodia            2011 - Mar 11           Krohn, Aaron           2011 - Aug 21        Villanueva, Rafael      2011 - Nov 4
Chun, Cirilo            2011 - Feb 21           Leslie, Ainsworth      2011 - Jul 31        Villanueva, Randolph Jr 2011 - Dec 14
Coc, Diego              2010 - Dec 30           Leslie, Bernard        2010 - Dec 22        Westby, Jason           2011 - Dec 8
Coleman, Verna Zelma 2010 - Dec 30              Leslie, Bruce          2011 - Nov 18        Westby, Zane            2011 - Feb 21
Cuevas, Eloy            2011 - Oct 3            Leslie, Doren          2011 - Jan 28        Williams, Alfred        2011 - Feb 21
Cuevas, Ian             2011 - Feb 11           Leslie, Ivan Sr        2011 - Dec 8         Williams, Jason         2011 - Jan 14
Eiley, Elton            2011– Nov 4             Leslie, Marlon         2011 - Dec 11        Young, Carlton Jr       2011 - Apr 23
Eiley, Glen             2011 - Jun 13           Leslie, Russel         2011 - Jan 28        Young, Dorian           2011 - Apr 23
Eiley, George "Benji" 2011 - Feb 11             Linarez, Francisco     2011 - Dec 22        Young, Dwayne           2011 - Aug 18
Eiley, Kenroy           2011 - May 13           Longsworth, Gareth     2011 - Mar 14        Young, Hubert           2011 - Mar 11
Eiley, Marisa Reina     2011 - Mar 21           Lopez, Stephen         2011 - Feb 11        Young, Malcolm          2011 - Mar 19
Faux, Leslie            2011 - Nov 11           Lopez, Sydney Sr       2011 - Jan 28        Young, Shawn            2011 - Aug 11
Faux, Randolph Stephen 2011 - Feb 21            Mayen, Kirk            2011 - Dec 11
Forman, Eric            2011 - Dec 14           McKenzie, Lance        2011 - July 7
Garbutt, Alexander
Garbutt, Bertrand
                        2011 - Jan 28
                        2011 - Apr 23
                                                McNeil, Anne-Marie
                                                Mes, Basilio
                                                                       2011 - Sept 26
                                                                       2011 - Jan 14        Please note that there may
Garbutt, Wellington Clive 2011 - Mar 19
Garbutt, Derwin         2011 - Mar 24
                                                Mes, Zeferino
                                                Muschamp, Alrin
                                                                       2010 - Dec 22
                                                                       2011 - Jan 10
                                                                                              be licensed guides that
Garbutt, Eworth
Garbutt, Gilbert Jr
                        2011 - Dec 4
                        2011 - Dec 8
                                                Muschamp, Evaristo
                                                Neal, Harold
                                                                       2011 - Jan 21
                                                                       2011 - Jan 28
                                                                                              may not appear on this
Garbutt, Jeremy         2011 - Feb 11           Neal, Hubert           2010 - Dec 30         list. Feel free to contact
Garbutt, Kazerine       2011 - Jan 25           Palacio, Lennox        2011 - Sep 18
Garbutt, Kylon          2011 - Mar 2            Parks, Anthony         2011 - Nov 4           the Placencia Tourism
Garbutt, Terry          2011 - Feb 11           Pau, Juan              2011 - Sep 13
Garbutt, Walter         2011 - Apr 23           Ramirez, Patricia      2011 - Feb 11             Center for further
Garbutt, Warren         2011 - Jan 4            Shivers, Dermin        2011 - Mar 19
The Placencia Breeze March 2011- Page 28
                                                                                     The Placencia Breeze March 2011- Page 29

  Bananas: The ultimate hunger buster
By Shaun Chavis
                                                                                 Broiled Bananas
Ever grab a snack but then feel                                                  Slice 1 peeled banana in half
hungry again 20 minutes later?                                                   lengthwise. Put banana pieces, cut
Next time, reach for a banana. It’s                                              sides up, on a rimmed baking
loaded with Resistant Starch (RS),                                               sheet. Sprinkle the banana pieces
a healthy carb that fills you up and                                             with 1 teaspoon brown sugar, and
helps to boost your metabolism.                                                  broil on high until the sugar
Slightly underripe medium-sized                                                  bubbles and the bananas brown
bananas have 12.5 grams of RS—                                                   (about 2–3 minutes). After broiling,
more than most other foods. Ripe                                                 sprinkle with cinnamon—or drizzle
bananas give you 4.7 grams of RS,                                                with 1 teaspoon rum for an extra-
still enough to keep hunger pangs                                                special treat.
away. Check out these tasty ways
to work in this wonder food.
                                                                                  Coffee and Banana Smoothie
Banana "Ice Cream"                                                                Place 1 sliced peeled banana, 1 cup
Peel, slice, and freeze 1 small                                                   1% low-fat milk, 1/2 cup cold black
banana. Place frozen banana pieces in a blender with 3       coffee, 2 teaspoons sugar, and 1/2 cup ice in a blender.
tablespoons 1% low-fat milk; blend until thick. Top with     Blend until smooth—and enjoy.
1 tablespoon chopped walnuts.
                                                             Tropical Fruit Salad
Banana Salsa                                                 Make a fruit salad with 1 sliced peeled banana, 1
Make a quick salsa with 2 diced peeled bananas, 2            sliced peeled kiwi, and 1/2 diced peeled ripe mango.
tablespoons minced red onion, 1 tablespoon minced            Squirt juice of 1/4 lime over the salad, and serve.
cilantro, 1 teaspoon minced serrano or jalepeno pepper,
juice of 1 lime, and brown sugar and salt to taste. Use it
to top fish or pork tacos, jerk chicken, or jerk pork.
The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 30
                                                                                     The Placencia Breeze – March 2011- Page 31

  Our Lady of Guadalupe’s “Panerrifix Steel Band”
The “Panerrifix Steel                                                                           group made its debut at a
Band” hails from Our                                                                            Children’s      Rally     in
Lady of Guadalupe School                                                                        September 2005. Since
in the City of Belmopan,                                                                        then, the band has worked
Belize. The band was                                                                            on its repertoire to include
formed in June 2005 when                                                                        Soca, Latin, Reggae and
the Governor General of                                                                         Reggaeton, Brukdown, Pop
Belize, Sir Colville Young                                                                      and Punta selections. It
donated a complete set of                                                                       has performed at several
Steel Pans to the school as                                                                     events, playing in concerts,
part of his “Music in                                                                           carnival and Independence
School       Program.”                                                                          Day celebration parades,
Auditions were held by                                                                          graduations, weddings,
the director of the school’s                                                                    fairs, private parties, and
music program, Julietta                                                                         has entertained tourists at
Burrowes-Lewis who is a                                                                         high scale resorts in the
trained musician and                                                                            country of Belize.
holds a Bachelor of Arts
degree       in     Music                                                                      The selection of the
Education. The first set of    Panerrifix Steel Band in their Placencia debut at this year’s   members is painstakingly
students was selected, and     Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival                                done by the director, and
after only two months of                                 Photo by Muzamanzie Photographs       once    chosen,     their
rehearsals, the young                                                                          performance          and
                                                                                   behaviour within the group are closely
                                                                                   monitored. The influence of Music in
                                                                                   their lives is clearly seen in their
                                                                                   output at school, as most of the
                                                                                   members excel academically and
                                                                                   behavioural issues are curbed. Here is
                                                                                   what some of the members have to say
                                                                                   about what being a member of the
                                                                                   band has done for them:

                                                                                   Ashley Jones (15 years)- “It has
                                                                                   taught me a sense of responsibility, a
                                                                                   unique form of communication and at
                                                                                   the same time, it provides relaxation
                                                                                   and fun.”

                                                                                   Kevonne Brown (13 years)- “Being in
                                                                                   the band has helped me to be more
                                                                                   organized in my life especially in
                                                                                   school. It has given me self confidence
                                                                                   and lifted my self-esteem. It encourages
                                                                                   me to do great in school. Also, being in
                                                                                   the band has made me a role model for

                                                                                                            Continued on pg 36
                                                                                                                    The Placencia Breeze March 2011- Page 32

ACCOMMODATIONS                                                                   Green Parrot Beach Houses: Maya Beach: 6 mahogany beach
                                                                                 houses, loft bedrooms, fold out sofa, kitchenette & bath on main floor. 2 bay
                                                                                 leaf thatch cabanas w/ garden showers & private beach. Tel/fax: 523-2488;
South of Airstrip                                                                Email:; Website:
                                                                                 Miller’s Landing: Seaside Eco-Inn, Comp. Breakfast, Pool - Restaurant/
Casa Placencia: Garden Rooms/One & Two Bedroom APTS-                             Bar (20% discount w/ad!)Tel 523-3010, email:
Ocean & Garden Views-short walk to beach-A/C, WIFI, Cable TV,                    Singing Sands Inn: on Maya Beach, 6 private thatched cabanas on the
Bikes and fresh pastry daily-from $45USD-630.7811 or 503.3143                    beach, with own bath & patio as well as 2 garden view flats. Roll away beds
Heaven’s Gate:2 breath taking Seaside Cabanas located right on the               available to accommodate families w/children. Bonefish Grill on site
beach. Equipped with 1 Queen Bed or 2 double beds with TV, kitchenette,          Beautiful landscaping w/ swimming pool. Tel:                           520-8022
private porch, private shower (h/c). Great for honeymoon and getaways. The       Email:
most amazing view just for you. VISA/                                            The Inn at Robert’s Grove: Placencia’s most complete resort.
MC/Amex/Discover, Cash (US/BZ),                                                  Deluxe beachfront rooms w/private bath, ceiling fans, cable TV & A/C.
Travelers checks accepted. Contact                                               Restaurant, bar, 3 - 50’ Pools, Jacuzzis, Conference Center, Tennis court,
Jodie Leslie at 523-3148/610-1819                                                Fitness room, Internet room & Gift shop. Land and sea tours. Canoes,
Maya Dream Beach House-                                                          kayaks, sailboats, windsurfing boards & bikes for our guests use. Tel: 523-
Private vacation rental right on the                                             3565; Fax: 523-3567; Email:; Website:
beach. 2 units, 1bath-2 bedroom & 1                                    
bath– 11/2 bedroom unit in a private                                             The Placencia Hotel: A lavish Caribbean escape with European flare,
area just north of Placencia Village                                             The Placencia Hotel is a one of the most spectacular and pristine ocean front
proper. Great for honeymoon &                                                    property in Belize. The newest and luxurious resort boasts 90 first class
getaways. Contact Jodie Leslie at 523-                                           accommodations starting from Sea front Villas to Condominium Suites.
3148/610-1819                      Email:                                        Finest restaurants, with exquisite cuisines, first class service and amenities to                                                        indulge every vacationer’s dream. The exclusive private beach and the easy
One World Rentals: Seven                                                         access to the main land will let you discover a world of opportunities from
beautiful, comfortable and immaculate                                            one location. Tel: 520-4110 or email:
studios and rental houses around an
attractive courtyard . Cable TV,                                                 At The Cayes
w i r e l e ss int e r n e t a c c es s , a i r -
conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom, fully screened,
                                                                                 Ranguana Caye: is a privately owned two-acre island, managed by The
hammocks. Located in the heart of Placencia (behind the “Rumfish”                Inn at Robert’s Grove. Located on the reef with three charming wood
restaurant) close to the beach, shopping and restaurants.                        cabanas.      Meals and beverages are available. Ranguana offers prime Contact Swiss owner Claudia Hardegger at              diving, snorkeling and fishing. Robert’s Grove PADI Dive Center will rent
5233618 or 6209975. Email: MC, VISA                 tanks and dive & snorkel equipment on the island as well as
accepted. Rates from 49US$ plus Tax.                                             kayaks. Moorings are available. Reservations for dinner or lodging call 523-
Paradise Resort: Has most of the amenities & all the luxury of a large
hotel. We are located on the ocean front. 12 A/C rooms. On site full service
                                                                                 Robert’s Caye: If you didn’t know better, you’d think you’d landed in
restaurant & bar, spa by the sea, all eco tours, diving, snorkeling, fishing,    Bora Bora. Robert’s Caye, privately owned and managed by Robert’s Grove,
roof top Jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, dive shop, gift shop, kayak and golf cart rental.       is just 10 miles from Placencia (1/2 hour by boat) on a one acre island with
Maya & Tropic Air agent. or give us a call at 523       four tastefully appointed cabanas built partially over the water. Each cabana
-3179/503-3479                                         is outfitted with a king bed, full bathroom with hot and cold running showers,
                                                                                 and a private terrace with hammocks and stairs that descend directly into the
Ranguana Lodge: 5 Private ocean view cabins located right on the                 Caribbean. A small restaurant and bar, also built over the water, serves three
beach in the heart of Placencia Village: We have 3 private air-conditioned       meals daily – or on your
beach cabins each w/ 2 Double beds, fans, large refrigerator, coffee makers,     private cabana terrace if
private bath w/ hot/cold shower, private balcony w/ a hammock. We also           you’d prefer. An ideal setting
have two other cabins with full kitchens, 2 double beds, fans, private bath      for honeymooners and
with hot & cold shower & tub, private balcony with a hammock. Beach              sportsmen alike, this “swept
Palapas, beach chairs. Tropic Air agent, Gift shop. Phone/fax at 011-501-523     away” island paradise is
-3112, E-mail: website:                  surrounded by crystal clear
Seaspray Hotel: Come share a piece of our barefoot paradise located              water, ideal for swimming
right on the beach with all the ambiance of the beautiful Caribbean Sea right    (right off your own terrace),
to the touch of your toes 20 rooms various style,1seaside cabana, w/great        snorkeling and diving. The
amenities, located amongst our tropical garden. Hot/cold water, refrigerator,    nearby flats are renowned for
ceiling fans, coffee makers, open air decks, private porches, AC, TV and         fishing as well. The inn is
Kitchenettes( in selected rooms) the original Placencia “house of blues” De      happy to arrange rendezvous
Tatch is also located right on premises, with internet and e-mail service        diving, fishing and snorkeling
available, as well as all village and country wide information. Centrally        guides – even a massage
located to all gifts shops, restaurants, and local business, come make us your   therapist -- upon request.
Caribbean home away from home.Tel: 523-3148 Fax: 523-3346. Email:                Kayaks and snorkeling gear or,                are complimentary to island
The North Beach: offers luxury suites in our sea view villa with full            guests.       Reservations for
kitchens, living areas and configurations from one to five bedrooms. Each        dinner or lodging call 523-
suite has air conditioning, ceiling fans, cable t.v. & phone. Located north      3565
end of the sidewalk-walking distance to services. The perfect spot to enjoy      Whipray Caye Lodge:
Placencia Village. Contact us at phone 523 -3207, e-mail                         Whipray Caye is a magical private island in the heart of some of the best fly or visit                           fishing flats in the world. This caye has room to roam, with two spacious 2-
Tradewinds: Overlooking the Caribbean Sea & the Mountains of Belize!             room guest cabanas, private bath in each room, and verandas facing a
9 Cabanas w/ private bath, hot/cold, 2 double beds, fans, coffee maker           glorious Belizean sunrise. Hearty family-style meals are served in our
(coffee provided), refrigerator & veranda w/ hammock. Tel: 523-3122;             thatched roof restaurant and "Sea Urchin Bar". Enjoy the natural unspoiled
Email:                                                        beauty of the coral reef surrounding the caye, chock full of beautiful tropical
Toucan Lulu: 5 cabanas located in quiet northern end of the village on           fish of all shapes and sizes, rays, sharks, turtles, crab, and even the occasional
the main sidewalk. A few minutes to shops & restaurants. 3 cabanas sleep up      manatee, all nurtured by the abundant mangroves on the southern half of the
to 4, 2 cabanas sleep up to 6. All have beach access & verandas for enjoying     caye. Owner and renowned fly fishing guide Julian Cabral and his wife
the fresh sea breezes. Check out our web site at , email      Beverly will make your stay a memorable one. PHONE: 501-608-8130,, or call Kathy at 501 628 8474                       CELL: 501-610-1068, EMAIL:,                           WEB:
North of the Airstrip
Barnacle Bill's Beach Bungalows: 2 secluded bungalows on the
beach in Maya Beach. Full kitchen, queen size bed, sleeper sofa, h/w, and        De'Tatch Seafood Beach Grill & Bar -Serving the very best in
fans. Complimentary kayaks. 5 night min. Tel/fax: 523-8010; email:               Seafood and Local Cuisines. Open Mon-Sunday (Closed... on Wed)7am; Website:                           until 10pm for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (daily and nightly lunch &
Blue Crab Beach Resort: Set on 5 acres from sea to lagoon, offers 4              seafood dinner special). Come Enjoy the Perfect View (beach front), Great
beachfront A/C rooms and two thatch cabanas. Home of Goss Chocolate.             food, Great drink and Music to sooth the soul. Internet & Wireless also
Tel: 523-3544; Fax: 523-3543; Email:                     available. For Info or Take out orders please call #503-3385
                                                                                                                   The Placencia Breeze March 2011- Page 33
Pickled Parrot Pizza Bar & Grill: Thatched restaurant serving                    Tel: 523-3565.
seafood, homemade PIZZA, burgers, salads and daily specials. Great tropical      Spectarte Art and Garden Gallery at Maya Beach offers a
blender drinks and ice cold Belikin. Open 10am - 8pm Monday- Saturday.           cornucopia of art from Belizean artisans and designers. We open
A Wi Fi Hotspot! Tel: 624-2651 Open 17years in the heart of the village!         along with our cafe from 7am to 6 pm. 533 8019
Wendy’s Creole Restaurant & Bar: Fine dining in A/C comfort or
outdoor on the Patio. Specializing in Spanish & Creole. Fresh juices. Open 7
days a week for breakfast, lunch & dinner 7am - 10pm. Visa & MC accepted.
                                                                                 TOUR PROVIDERS
Ph: 523-3335 Email:                                     Avadon Divers: Dive into Belize w/ our full service PADI Dive Centre
The “Inn” Spots - North of Placencia Village                                     in Placencia, just south of the airstrip. We have 5-Star all-inclusive
                                                                                 packages for dive & snorkel trips that include new SCUBAPRO
DANUBE Austrian Restaurant                     EAT - DRINK - RELAX in a          equipment. Our spacious 46' Newton Dive Special Boat features a restroom
romantic atmosphere. A/C indoor, lounge area outdoor. Viennese Schnitzel,        & fresh water shower. Our Instructors teach scuba for kids from ages 8 to 80
Goulash, Dumplings, famous Apple Strudel and more. CIGARS from Cuba              ☺, advanced courses & dive pro levels. We also offer jungle, cave & Mayan
and Mexico. Dice your FREE Belikin beer between 4.30pm-6pm. Open                 ruin adventure tours. E-mail:
4:30pm - 10:30pm, closed Tuesdays. Ph: 610-0132,             Website: Call us at 503- 3577 or 523-3577.
Green Parrot Restaurant: On the beach at Maya Beach. Our chef                    The Placencia Hotel: tour operators specializing in snorkeling tours,
changes the menu daily and features a wide variety of local and international    inland excursions, Monkey River, fishing, Scuba Diving, Island to Island
cuisine. We feature seafood and tropical dishes. For reservations call 523-      Kayaking, Maya Ruins, Cave Tubing or Fly fishing .
2488. Email:                                                  We do special charters as well. We offer all new
Maya Beach Hotel Bistro: A creative, modern menu. Prepared with                  equipment, local guides and quality service. Call 520-
                                                                                 4110 for booking. Fax: 520-4112, Email:
the freshest local ingredients and infused with flavors from around the world.
Open to the public all day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anywhere
in between. Visa/MC. Indoor and outdoor tables, right on the beach.
Reservations are recommended for dinner (520-8040). Closed Mondays               Robert’s Grove Dive Center Member PADI
                                                                                 Int’l Resort Assn, offers daily Scuba diving and
Singing Sands Inn: Enjoy dining on the beach front in the open air
                                                                                 snorkeling trips to the reef and cayes with licensed
Bonefish Grill restaurant. The menu features traditional Belizean dishes as
                                                                                 insured PADI dive masters and guides on the inn’s new 48 foot Pro Dive
well as Asian, Italian & French influenced entrees. Closed Tuesdays, 5pm-
                                                                                 Boat. The Fishing Center features on-property licensed guides for fishing
9pm for dinner. Reservations are suggested, but not required. Call 520-8022.
                                                                                 charters -- bone-fishing, fly fishing and trolling. The Inn also operates
All major credit cards accepted
                                                                                 Horseback Riding and Buggy Tours, its own Eco Tours to Monkey River,
The Inn At Robert’s Grove: Offers two dining venues: The                         Jaguar Reserve and Maya Ruins. For Diving, Snorkeling or Fishing at
romantic, fine dining Seaside Restaurant, with a world class menu created        Ranguana Caye and Robert’s Caye call Robert’s Grove for day use fees and
by Frank Da Silva, their talented North American chef. The Seaside serves        overnight rates. For all tour services: Phone:523-3565; Email:
breakfast, lunch & dinner and offers a bar and wine cellar. We accept credit; Website:
cards. For reservations at both call 523-3565.
                                                                                 Seahorse Dive Shop: Offers SCUBA Certification, snorkeling, fishing,
The Placencia Hotel: Largest pool in Belize, complete with swim up bar           river trips & charters. Call Brian Young (office) 523-3166; (home) 523-3356;
and restaurant area. Main Dining Room in Air Conditioned, beach front            Email:; Website:
building, with outdoor dining also available. Third restaurant and bar area at
the end of The Great Pier. Four thousand foot pier head accommodates guest
                                                                                 Singing Sands Inn offers right from their dock scuba diving and
                                                                                 snorkeling trips to the reef or snorkel right in front of our beautiful reef just
in the lap of luxury. Open every day. Beach Bar 10a.m.-7p.m. Pier Bar 10
                                                                                 feet away! Kayak expedition is also available. Inland excursions, Monkey
a.m.-10p.m. Main Dining 6 a.m.-10:30 p.m. Call 520-4110 for pick up of
                                                                                 River tour, inshore and offshore fishing, Mayan ruins and much more. Tel:
any number over 4 guests for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
                                                                                 520.8022 or email:
Whipray Caye Lodge: see accommodation for info about our
restaurant & bar.
                                                                                 Splash Dive Center - PADI Proud Member. Experience Belize w/
                                                                                 Splash! Ph: 523-3058/3080 or 620-6649. Email
CHEERS -                                                                         visit For more details turn to the back page!
Placencia Peninsula Bars
Barefoot Bar: Open everyday 11:30 am - midnight.! Located on the Main            Chocolatier
Road - the party never stops! Live music Thurs - Sun nights. Happy hour,         Goss Chocolate Goss Chocolate & cocoa powder made
lunch hour beer specials, largest drink menu around, full moon parties &         & sold exclusively in Belize. 100% organically grown
more! Creative lunch/dinner specials. Barefoot Bar                               Belizean cacao, Belizean cane sugar, whole vanilla bean.
is all about Stiff Drinks - Tasty Food - Good Times!                             Now sold in fine stores, hotels, & restaurants on the
Tel:523-3515. Follow us on Facebook!                                             Peninsula & throughout Belize. ph 523-3544
J-Byrd’s: Local Bar by the Seaside docks. Open                                   Food Markets
daily from 10am to 12pm. And live music every                                    Wallen’s Market: Serving Placencia with fresh produce, dry goods, &
Friday’s Tel :523-3412                                                           specialty items. Wholesale/retail. Tel: 523-3128; Hardware Tel: 523-3316 or
The Placencia Hotel: Three restaurants and                                       523-3523; Pharmacy Tel. 523-3346. email
three bars to better serve you. Margarita Monday                                 Serving the peninsula for over 25 years!! Located across from the sport field.
with at least 10 different margaritas to tempt your
taste buds!! Poolside open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.,                               Internet Access
Pier Head bar 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Main Bars 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Drinks menu, 5      Placencia Office Supply: HIGH SPEED INTERNET. CD Burning,
p.m. to 6 p.m. happy hour on local rum mixes at Pier Head Bar, Ice Cold          USB, Floppy, Card Readers, Laptop - Wireless/LAN accessible, Printing,
Belikin and a variety of Blended Mixes. Credit cards accepted. Phone 520-        Faxing, Copies, Passport Photos, Publishing, Laminating, Stationery. Tel/
4110 for reservation for pick up of groups 4 or more.                            Fax: 523-3205, Email:
Gift Shops & Art Galleries                                                       Photography
Art ‘N’ Soul Gallery: FINEST Art in town, featuring over 100 local               Muzamanzie Photographs – contact us for wedding photographs,
                                                                                 portraits, web & brochure photographs. Tel# 523-3563 or 603-5143 email:
Artist! Just North of main pier on the Famous Sidewalk. Open 9 am - 6 pm,
Green Parrot Gift Shop: The in-place to                                          Real Estate
shop on the peninsula. Featuring a wide variety                                  CPC Real Estate Solutions - is your trusted real estate broker in
of Belizean, Guatemalan, & Central American                                      Belize. We have over 20 years experience helping clients with their real
crafts.                                                                          estate transactions and take pride in assisting you with
Lola Arts: In Seine Bight Village open from                                      your property purchase. Please visit our office next to
8am-9pm. Phone 601-1913                                                          the tourism office or call us at 672-9000 or visit:
Placencia Bazaar Gift Shop - simply the                                
best!      Original pottery, jewelry, arts and                                   The Placencia Hotel : Beachfront & Beach view
crafts...everything from souvenir spoons to                                      condominiums, Lagoon and Canal Front lots and homes
Bazaar Art. Maya Island Air Agent. Located on                                    with private boat docks in our planned, gated
the main street, next door to Scotia Bank. Summer hours: Open (most!!)           community, offering full service and amenities. Full on
every day 9am-1pm and again from 4pm-7pm and by appointment! Tel 523             site management and rental through The Placencia
4309.                                                                            Hotel for all of our property options. Please call 5204110 or 610-3600 or
Robert’s Grove Boutique: Local arts and crafts, jewelry and fashion.             email to meet with our agents and view our
                                                                                                                The Placencia Breeze March 2011- Page 34
piece of paradise! Website:                                 Mensie for more information: 523-3362
The Villas at Cocoplum will certainly be the premier Condominium                 Seventh Day Adventists: Services Fridays at sunset; Saturdays 9:00
residence in Belize. We offer you an exceptional high-quality home w/            a.m. Lay ministers. U. Torres - Tel# 503 2270
nonstandard features in a low-density, environmentally friendly setting. The     Seine Bight Catholic Church: Services
West Indies-inspired architecture will provide a home that is not only open,     Sundays 8:00 a.m. Seine Bight Village. Lay
comfortable & tropical, but also in tune with the relaxed environment            ministers. Catholic (lay) - Mrs Dora. Williams
Placencia is famous for. Please visit our on-site sales office just south of     Tel# 523 3527 or 523 3564
Maya beach where the road is paved. M-F 9-5. Office # 523-3263. Cell 610-        Worship Center: Bible Study – Wednesday
0294.       Email:           Or visit       7:00 p.m. – until. Services: Sunday 7:00 p.m. –                                                     8:00 p.m. Sunday School: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Airlines                                                                         Non Denominational - Pst. Moore - Tel# 523 3333
Maya Island Air, the safer alternative to air travel in Belize, announces        OTHER COMMUNITY NUMBERS
its new San Pedro Sula, Honduras route. Questions?? Call 523-4072. Maya          Placencia Village Council - 523 3396 Placencia Water Board - 523 4036
Island Air...because we do more!!                                                Seine Bight Village Council - 523 3660 Seine Bight Water Board - 523
Tropic Air: The Airline of Belize. Over 180 daily scheduled flights              3554
throughout Belize. Charters to remote and exotic places. For reservations call
                                                                                 GETTING AROUND
                                                                                 Hokey Pokey: Departs Independence/Mango for Placencia MNM Dock
Rentals - ( Golf Carts, Auto, Bicycles)                                          6:30a.m., 7:30a.m., 8a.m., 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:30p.m, & 4:30p.m. And
JAGZ Auto Rental & Property Management recognizing the need                      returns from Placencia MNM Dock to Independence/Mango Creek 6:45a.m,
for reliable service. Located at airstrip (501)-523-3074 or (501)-668-9982.      10a.m., 12:30pm, 2:30 pm, 4p.m, & 5p.m, 6pm (except on Sundays). For
Singing Sands Inn offer reliable bicycle rental service and see through,         more information please call 523-2376.
clear bottom kayak in Maya Beach by the hour, half day, full day or weekly.      De Express: Departs Placencia Shell Dock- 9:30 a.m. Arrives Big Creek 10
Competitive rates. Tel: 520.8022 or email:                 a.m. Departs - 11:00 am. Arrives Puerto Cortez, Honduras, 2 pm. at Laguna.
                                                                                 Return trip – Monday: Departs Puerto Cortez, Honduras 10 am. Arrives Big
Shipping Service                                                                 Creek 12 noon. Departs - 1:30 p.m. Arrives Placencia 2 pm. Tel: 523-4045. Your buying and shipping service from USA to Big                 Tickets available at the Placencia Tourism Center.
Creek Port or by air contact: or USA 404.988.1300
Spa, Massage & Physical Therapy
The Placencia Hotel: Our third floor lookout is the perfect spot to have         BANKING
your massage done!! We offer Swedish and Shiatzu Massage, facials,
manicures & pedicure. Our treatments can be tailor made to suit any request.     Atlantic Bank Ltd: Opening Hours Monday -Thursday 8 am - 3 pm &
For reservation call 520-4110.                                                   Friday 8 am - 4 pm. ATM Services: Visa,
                                                                                 MasterCard, Cirrus, & Plus. Phone: 523-3431.
Sea Spa at Robert’s Grove What better place to relax, repair,
                                                                                 Belize Bank Ltd: Opening Hours Monday -
rejuvenate -- body and soul - than on the white sand beach of the Placencia
                                                                                 Thursday 8 am - 3 pm & Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm.
Peninsula. At the heart of this seaside setting is Robert's Grove SEA SPA,
                                                                                 ATM Services: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, &
the inn's full-service spa. The Sea Spa's oceanfront
                                                                                 American Express. Phone: 523-3144.
location is ideal for succumbing to the sea's healing
                                                                                 Scotiabank Belize Ltd. Opening Hours Monday -
power. Treatment rooms are inside thatch roofed
                                                                                 Thursday 8 am - 2:30 pm, Friday 8 am - 3:30 pm, &
beach cabanas. Treatments -- including massages,
                                                                                 Saturday 9 am - 11:30 am. ATM Services: Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, & Plus.
facials, body wraps, manicures and pedicures -- are
                                                                                 Phone: 523-3277.
adapted to your specific needs and administered by
professionals. For reservations call 523-3565
Siripohn’s Thai Massage: Therapist from                                               Thank you for choosing
Thailand - Thai Massage, Essential Oil, Swedish, Jet Lag, Back & Shoulders,
Foot Massage, Body Treatments, & Facial Treatments. Open 10 am to 6 pm.
Call 620-8718 or 600-0375, email: - Kob
Khun Ka
with certified practitioners offering a unique therapeutic blend of
deep tissue, lomi lomi, thai, jin shin jyutsu and body tapping plus
                                                                                 Panerrifix Steel Band                              continued from pg 31
wellness and beauty treatment in blissful surroundings.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Located at Spectarte Art & Garden
Gallery Maya Beach. 533 8019, 629 9550 for appointment. Evening                  my friends and peers.”
sessions available.
                                                                                 The band has grown from eight members to over seventeen and
Wedding Planning                                                                 there are two junior groups with eighteen members each as
The Placencia Hotel: Our 90 rooms can easily accommodate your                    well. The age range of the members of the combined groups is
weddings quest, family and friends. The Placencia Hotel boasts the largest       eight years to twenty years. Steel Pan Music is still relatively
selection of on-site wedding and reception locations. You can choose from        new to Belize, and so through the band’s performances, it is
our spacious pool deck, extensive beach, scenic and spacious pier deck or        creating awareness of the art form. Requests for the band to
thatched pier restaurants, dramatic and spacious third floor                     perform are on the rise and they are coming from near and far,
viewing deck or adjacent beachfront chapel, whichever is                         as far as the United States.
the perfect choice for you. We also offer our own on site
full service Wedding Planner/Special Event Coordinator                           In March 2008, the band travelled to Denver, Colorado, USA for
Tara Westby– Hotel Coordinator Please call: 520-4110,
                                                                                 its first international tour where it engaged in cultural
Fax: 520-4112 or email; or Website:
                                                                                 exchanges with schools namely: Stanley British Primary
                                                                                 School, Watch Care Academy and Denver International School.
Robert's Grove offers complete wedding planning and
                                                                                 The band also performed at the famous Cleo Parker Robinson
packages -- both at the resort and its private Caye. For
further information contact 523-3565; or visit; Email       Dance Studio and in the lobby of the Denver Financial Center                                                            downtown Denver. The group entertained guests at a couple
                                                                                 private parties as well. This tour was a trip of a lifetime for
CHURCHES                                                                         each of the members as they gained exposure and added
St. John’s Memorial - Placencia Anglican (Episcopal)                             confidence in themselves as Belizeans and as members of this
Church: Sunday services at 8:00 a.m. .                                           young and dynamic group of musicians.
Ministries of the Son of God Church - Seine Bight Village                        The band is what it is today due to the committed efforts of
Wednesday Bible Studies -6:30 pm, Thursday Youth Choir Practice - 6:30
pm, Friday Youth Night - 6:00 pm, Saturday Adult Choir Practice - 6:30 pm,
                                                                                 each member, their natural talents and skills at playing music,
Sunday Service - 8:30 am & Sunday Night Service - 6:30 pm. Reverend Don          the dedication and expertise of their teacher and the relentless
Palmer. Phone 523-3301 or email                                  support of their parents.
Plantation Chapel (Calvary Chapel of the Placencia Peninsula):
Sunday Service 10:00 a.m. Non-denominational church. Call Pastor Jim
                                                                                                             The Placencia Breeze March 2011- Page 35

 How Many Words Can You Make                                                 National Transport Schedule
      from the words….                                                                         As of November 2008
OUR GREAT PAVED ROAD                                                         Leaving Belize City to Benque Veijo
                                                                                          - every half an hour to the hour from 5:00am to 12:00 pm

  Let the Breeze know…                                                       Leaving Benque Viejo to Belize City
                                                                                         - every half an hour to the hour from 1:00pm to 6:00 pm
  (all words must be in English and not proper nouns)                        Leaving Belize City to Chetumal
                                                                             6:00am (premier)                       Leaving Chetumal to Belize City
                                                                             6:45am (express)                      10:45am (premier)
                                                                             7:30am                                1:45pm (premier)
                                                                             8:00am                                2:00pm
                                                                             9:00am (premier)                      3:00pm (express)
                                                                             11:00am (premier)                     4:45pm (premier)
                                                                             1:00pm                                6:00pm
                                                                             P.S. Premier are the AC
                                                                             express buses and express are regular express buses.

                                                                              NTSL does not have any south runs do to the zoning changes! Any further
                                                                             questions kindly contact NTSL at email:

     9:30 am Sundays - Open Meeting                                          The Assassins Are Back!!!

     Placencia Police Officers
      Sgt #114 Norman Benguche - 624-9965
           Sgt #1 Enrique Aldana - 623-9252
        PC #666 Brenford Middleton - 632-4508
            PC #281 Shawn Moore - 620-7159                                   The Placencia Assassins have begun their season earlier this year. These
         PC #156 Sydney Augustine - 626-5096                                 guys are serious about their team and host many games at the Placencia
            PC #730 Macario Choc - 627-6167                                  Sports Field on alternating Sundays. These games really bring people out to
            PC #785 Elton Palacio - 669-5482                                 enjoy the game, holler for the team and always shows a true sense of
                                                                             community. Look out in upcoming issues for updates on how the Placencia
             PC #357 Curtis Card - 669-9504                                  Assassins are doing in league competition.
             PC #752 Andy Choco - 624-7533
        PC #1109 Godwin Augustine - 665-2972
                                                                                                   Go Assassins Go!!!
        WPC #1218 Shereen Vasquez - 660-2667
            PC #404 Eyon Valerio - 602-7474                                       Ritchie’s Bus Line As of August 2009
         PC #1189 Daren Ogaldez - 666-1509
            SC Claude Augustine - 624-5345                                   Placencia to Dangriga                Dangriga to Placencia
              SC Jose Sanchez - 667-4388                                     Mon to Sat -                         Mon to Sat -
              WSC Alva Leslie - 626-0807                                     6:15 & 7 am                          11 am, 2 pm & 4:40 pm
                                                                             12:45 & 2:30 pm                      Sun
                                                                             Sun                                  2 pm & 4:40 pm
                                                                             7 am & 12:45 pm

Belize Emergency Response Team 223-3292
                                                                                     IN CASE OF FIRE
Placencia Medical Center: 503-3326 Located Behind the school,                        VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT
Placencia Village. Opening hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 12:00             EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS
noon - 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. after these hours Dr. Alexis Caballero will see
only extreme Emergencies such as Heart Attack, Stroke, Asthma Attack,
Accident, and Severe Allergy Reaction. Note: Weekdays after 5:00 pm and
                                                                              •   POLICE PLACENCIA: 503-3142
weekends Dr. Alexis work by appointments only. (Private). Dr. Alexis          •   SEINE BIGHT POLICE: 503-3148
Caballero- Monday/Friday– 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m
Seine Bight Medical Center: 523-3328
                                                                              •   KATHY ANGLIN: 626-0667
Independence Medical Center: 523-2167                                         •   DAVE VERNON: 523-3207
POLICE:                                                                       •   STEVE WADE: 503-3069
        Placencia Police Station: 503-3142                                    •   SONNY VERNON: 523-4309
        Seine Bight Police Station: 503-3148
        Independence Police Station: 523-2022
                                                                              •   NICK CHACON-601-8804
FIRE EMERGENCIES - 523-3207 or 523-4309                                             Fireman NOW Stationed at the
                                                                                       Placencia Police Station
                                                                                                                                 The Placencia Breeze March 2011- Page 36

                                           SMALL BUSINESSES: ADVERTISE HERE IN THE BREEZE!
 Belize Locks & Keys Inc.                             Andrew Higinio                                                                               FOR LEASE
    Auto, Commercial & Residential
           Dudley Lopez                      Quality Builders Professional Construction         House For Rent                                  Tranquilo     Bar/
              C.E.O                         1st New Site/Aranda Crescent Extension, Dangriga.
                                                                                                2 bedroom house located by
2-3/4 miles Stann Creek Valley Road                                                                                                             R e s t a u r a n t
Dangriga. Belize.
Central America                                          Equipment Rental                        Wisdom Tree in Placencia                       at Placencia Yacht
             Phone: 501-522-2485
                                           Pressure washer, Cement vibrator, Cement mixer,             Call 624-5869                   Club on Placencia Caye 400
              Cell: 501-671-5625           Water pump & Compactor!
          Email:                                                                   for information                  meters from Placencia main
                                                               For Sale                                                                dock. Fully equipped -
                                           4” blocks, 6” blocks, 8” blocks, Heel straps,
            For Rent                       L straps & Banisters!                                HOUSE FOR RENT                         includes dock spaces with
  Long Term Year’s Contract                Email:                                Brand new 2 BR, fully furnished       hookups - great long term
2 Storey 2 Bedroom House on large lot      Website:               Located on the lagoon, near football   opportunity!
in center Placencia. Suitable for 1 or 2   Tel: 502-2131/604-7556                                field. Fully fenced Yard, pets ok
       people. RENT $850 Bze.              Specialize in Concrete and wooden building,
                                                                                                                                             contact Mike Potoker
                                                                                                     US$600/mo, incl. utilities     
       PLUS ALL UTILITIES.                 culvert and water tank.
   Call Office Hours 523-3063                                                                    Email for info.            970 209 7251 US CELL

                                   Placencia Breeze Advertising Rates
Ad Size Non Member BTIA Member                                                          Non Member                        BTIA Member
                   Monthly                     Monthly                                  Quarterly                         Quarterly
                                                                                                                                                     Special rates
Full Page $395.00                                 $297.00                                       $1125.75                           $810.00           available for
1/2 Page          $238.00                         $178.00                                       $678.50                            $486.00        advertising, front
                                                                                                                                                    & back page
1/4 Page          $119.00                         $89.00                                        $339.00                            $243.00          advertising &
1/8 Page          $79.00                          $60.00                                        $225.50                            $164.00           advertising.
Line Ads                                                                                        $18.50                             $15.75
                            Inquire at the Placencia Tourism Center (523-4045) for more information.

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