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   Community Education
              Contact:                                               Non-Credit Course Guide
  Community Education                                                              Hot Picks This Term
                                  Creative Arts
                                  Ukulele: Beginning
                                  Play the Ukulele with chords and strumming techniques that will enable you to sing and play
  Meet our Staff:                 songs with this happy little stringed instrument. Many musicians including Paul McCartney
        Tonya Booker, Director    are using the Ukulele today. Bring your Ukulele to class.

               Sarah Hodapp,      48158       Beaverton         WESTVW N113        7:30pm-9pm
  Lead Administrative Assistant   Tues        9/27-11/15        Jones              $59, $8 Fee

              Justin Eslinger,
      Communication Assistant     Home and Garden
                                          Project Linus Quilts: Beginning
  Program Coordinators            Learn quilting techniques and connect with other aspiring quilters while supporting Project
              Tsipora Dimant,     Linus’ mission of providing security to kids via blankets. Class project - a quilt donated to
                Creative Arts/    Project Linus. You keep the skills and friendships.
         Language and Culture     48210       Willow Cr         WCC 209            9am-11:50am
                                  Sat         9/17-10/1         Chevalier          $49, $10 Fee
               Laura McCray,
            Home and Garden

              Ann Van Orman,
                                  Language and Culture
      Recreation and Wellness     Secrets of the Pearl Tour
                 Dawn Davis,      Explore the inside secrets, architectural gems, and fascinating history of Portland’s “hip and
        Work and Life Balance     fashionable” neighborhood. Join this 1.5 mile walk and be the envy of your friends when you
                                  tell them how the Pearl really got its name.
         Operations Staff         45330      Downtown         DC             12pm-2pm
                 Gary Palmer,     Sat        9/24             Schargel       $29
    Operations Manager/Travel     Class to meet outside at PCC Downtown Center.

           Daphne Robinson,
      Beaverton/Lake Oswego/      Recreation and Wellness
         Tualatin/Willow Creek
                                          Your Brain on Music, Dance, Puzzles, Words and Art
                                  Neuroplasticity is the lifelong ability of the brain to reorganize neural paths based on new
             Nermina Radaslic,    experiences. Have fun trying out a few of the most enjoyable ways of re-tuning your brain,
            Cascade Campus/       based on current brain research from around the world.
      CLIMB/Metro/N Portland/     48313       Sylvania          CC SPRUCE          3pm-5:50pm
  NE Portland/Sylvania Campus     Thurs       12/15             Zimmerman          $29
               Linda Timmins,
    NW Portland/SW Portland/
                                  Work and Life Balance
         Rock Creek Campus                Motherhood and Life’s Balancing Act
                                  Have you lost the focus on your own dreams and aspirations? Discover the benefits of living
                  Neely Wiek,
                                  a balanced life: be healthy physically and mentally, experience new adventures, explore your
             Driver Education/
                                  creative side, give back and find your true passions.
  Southeast Center/SE Portland
                                  48200       Sylvania          ST 235             9am-10:20am
      Mary Jo Mazzella, Online    Sat         10/8-11/12        Umscheid           $49
             Pam Wright, CEU

       Hot Picks
                      Creative Arts
                                                                                           and Culture
 Writing for Profit for the Internet
 Make money in electronic publishing. Moving from a paper            Spanish for Travelers
 driven industry to profitable opportunities: writing for eZines,    Planning a trip to Latin America or Spain? This is the perfect
 websites and online magazines to creating your own eBooks
 and products for the Kindle, iPhone and iPad.
                                                                     choice for travelers looking to learn basic expressions and
                                                                     comfortably moving around the country. Language, culture
 43589      Sylvania        SS 211             6:30pm-8:50pm         and other travel tips provided to enhance your experience.
 Wed        10/5-10/26      Fast               $69                   48212      Central       CLIMB 304        6:30pm-8:20pm
                                                                     Wed        9/28-11/16 Castellanos         $99                        American Spirit
                                                                     Text: “Learn Spanish the Fast and Fun Way”                       Family Discovery
          Painting Mixed Media                                                                                                        July 21 - 28, 2012. Get ready for the history, adventure, culture
 An exciting class where students are encouraged to let go                                                                            and the American spirit that spreads throughout the eastern
 of inhibitions around self expression and creating art. Using       Art of the European                                              United States on this trip especially designed for families who
 mixed media, untraditional techniques to paint, using oil, latex,   and American Masters                                             want to travel. From Philadelphia to the Amish Country with
 acrylic, wax, found objects and images.                             Examine and explore the major works of the Portland Art          stops in Gettysburg, Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon
 47341      SE Center    TABOR 133             6pm-8:45pm            Museum’s modern and contemporary artists: Monet, van             and of course the nation’s capital Washington, D.C. Every stop
 Thurs      9/29-11/17 Silver                  $99, $7 Fee           Gogh, Duchamp, Picasso and others along with the Clement         on this family tour captures the story of a nation built from
 Call 971-722-6185 for supply list.                                  Greenberg Collection in the Jubitz Center for Modern and         dreams, ambition and opportunity.
                                                                     Contemporary Art.
                                                                     42934     SW Port         ARTMSM          12pm-2pm                   American Spirit Family
                                                                     Sun       9/25-10/23 Whalen               $69                    Discovery: Free Info Session
                     Home                                            $10 fee payable to “Portland Art Museum” for pass.               47932
                                                                                                                                                                CLIMB 306

                     and Garden
          Mushrooms in a Bucket                                                                                                                             Work and
 Learn how to cultivate mushrooms in a bucket. They can                                    and Wellness
 be grown with a wide variety of plants using a companion                                                                                                   Life Balance
 planting strategy. Students will learn how to create the right
 growing conditions (in a bucket) for mushrooms.                             Thai Herbs
 48241      Beaverton       FARMTN             1pm-3pm               Explore Thai medicine and find out what herbs can do
 Sat        9/24            Weiss              $29, $35 Fee          for you! Create a hot herbal compress, make a liniment           Tarot Card Reading
                                                                     balm, and plaster.                                               Discover simple keys to unlock the secrets of the Tarot. Learn
      Introduction to                                                                                                                 to quickly read the visual symbols. For hands-on participation,
                                                                     48272      Sylvania       HT 323             9am-12:50pm
                                                                                                                                      bring any 78-card Tarot deck (such as Rider-Waite) or deck of
 Electric Vehicles                                                   Sat        10/8           Moore              $35, $20 Fee
                                                                                                                                      regular playing cards.
 An electric vehicle (EV) uses one or more electric motors for
 propulsion. Learn more about EVs like the Nissan Leaf, plug-in               NIA                                                     42265      Sylvania       SS 211             10am-3:50pm
 hybrid-electric vehicles like the Toyota Prius and Chevy Volt,      Come Experience the Joy of Movement! A full body, bare feet,     Sat        10/29          Sled               $39
 EV charging stations, and economics of EV ownership.                workout to invigorating music using dance and martial arts to
 48142      Metro Ctr       PMWTC1 132         6:30pm-7:50pm
                                                                     improve flexibility, mobility, agility, balance and strength.         Genealogy: Basics,
 Thurs      10/6            Currington         $29                   48031      Rock Cr        BLDG5 114         5:30pm-6:20pm        Who are YOUR People?
                                                                     Wed        9/28-11/16     Khorasanee        $59                  Build a Family Tree!
                                                                                                                                      Use the internet to create your family tree! Focus on getting
                                                                                                                                      records computerized quickly using leading software. Includes
                                                                                                                                      research tips. Understand census, birth/death records++. Bring
                                                                                                                                      vital records to first class. Action packed fun!
                                                                                                                                      48135      Cascade     TEB 227          1:30pm-3:20pm
                                                                                                                                      Sat        10/8        Wright
                                                                                                                                      and        Cascade     TEB 227          1:30pm-4:20pm
                                                                                                                                      Sat        10/15-10/22 Wright           $45
                                                                                                                                      Activate your MyPCC account at 971-722-4933 prior to class.

Contents and ContaCts
For information call 971-722-6266 or visit

        Creative arts                                                Language & Culture                                                     work & Life Balance
Fine Arts ................................................ 12    Educational Services ............................ 28                   Careers ................................................... 47

Performing Arts..................................... 16          Languages ............................................. 29             Computer Skills ..................................... 48

Photography.......................................... 18         World View .............................................. 34           Continuing Education
                                                                                                                                        and License Renewal ............................ 51
Art of Writing ......................................... 19      travel .................................................. 35
                                                                                                                                        Job Search ............................................. 53

                                                                                                                                        Money Matters........................................ 53

                                                                                                                                        Personal Development .......................... 54

         Home & garden                                              Recreation & wellness                                               Resources .............................................. 54

                                                                                                                                        Transitions.............................................. 55
Food and Wine ....................................... 21          Dance ...................................................... 39
                                                                                                                                        traffic safety .................................. 56
                                                                  Health and Wellness .............................. 40
Green Living........................................... 24
                                                                  Mind-Body Fitness................................. 42
Horticulture ............................................ 24                                                                            Hot Picks ................................................ 10
                                                                  Sports ..................................................... 43
Hobbies and Crafts ................................ 25                                                                                  Registration Information ....58-59
                                                                  Work Out................................................. 45
Home Improvement ............................... 26                                                                                     Locations .....................................60-61
                                                                     Check out our website and blog!
Welding and Metal Work ........................ 27                                                                                      Frequently Asked Questions ................ 62
                                                                                                                                        MyPCC Instructions .............................. 63

           How to Read tHe CLass LIstIngs
            Course Reference Number (CRN)               Region/Campus          Building/room number              Time class is held

            Days classes are held          11111                 Sylvania                    SS 211                     6pm-7:50pm                      Fee cost: fees are typicaly used
                                                                                                                                                        for facility rentals at off-campus
                                           Thurs                 1/15-3/1                    Smith                      $29, $12 Fee                    locations or to cover in-class
                                                                                                                                                        supplies and demonstrations.
                                                                      Start and end dates                 Instructor                Tuition cost
                                                                                                                                                        Combined payment for both
                                           $35 payable to "Smith Industries."                                                                           Tuition and Fees listed above is
                                                                                                                                                        payable to PCC.
                                                 Notes or information about the class including supply lists, days the
                                                 class won't meet, fees payable at the first class and textbooks.


  topics:                                                                                        Creative arts
  PAGE 12
  Fine Arts
  Calligraphy and Lettering
                                                                                                             Welcome to fall term. Fall is always busy and
                                                                                                             classes fill quickly; be sure to register early.
  Garden Art
  Glass Art                                                                                                  We are excited about a new community
  Jewelry Art                                                                                                partnership in which students will learn to draw
  Mosaic Art                                                                                                 while taking in amazing natural beauty. We are
  Painting                                                                                                   offering the Nature Sketching on the Refuge
  Painting with Watercolor                                                                                   (page 13) class at the Tualatin River National
  Painting with Acrylics and Oils                                                                            Wildlife Refuge, located within the floodplain
  Pottery and Ceramics                                                                                       of the Tualatin River basin near Sherwood.
  Unique and Specialty Art
                                                                                                             Ceramic students have a unique opportunity
                                                                                                             to study with special guest artist Chris Baskin
  PAGE 16
                                                                                                             who will demonstrate exquisite ceramics—both
  Performing Arts                                                                                            contemporary and classical—with special
                                                                                                             attention to surface decoration (page 15).

  PAGE 18                                                                                                    Back again—and just in time for the holidays—is
  Photography                                                                                                Russian Style Holiday Egg Painting (page 14),
  Basics                                                                                                     taught by a native to Russia. In addition to the art
  Darkroom                                                                                                   of painting on eggs, students will learn the history
  Digital                                                                                                    and meaning of each beautiful pattern used in egg
                                                                  Name:                                      painting. In case you couldn’t get into the sold out
  Photoshop for Photographers
                                                                  Tsipora Dimant
  Specialty and Artistic                                                                                     Ukulele: Beginning class over the summer, don’t
                                                                  Area of Expertise:                         worry, it is offered again this fall (page 18).
  PAGE 19                                                         Creative Arts
                                                                                                             Our goal is to offer classes that will cover a wide
  Art of Writing                                                  Last Community Education class I took:     range of interests for lifelong learning. If you have
  Writing Fundamentals                                            Yoga                                       an idea for a new class or would like to teach one,
  Fiction Writing and Novels                                                                                 visit and make a suggestion.
                                                                  My favorite Halloween treat:
                                                                  Honeycrisp Apples                          See you in class!
  Editing and Publishing
                                                                  My favorite quote:                         Tsipora Dimant
                                                                  “Do what you can, with what you have,      Creative Arts
                                                                  where you are.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt
                                                                                                             Program Coordinator
                                                                  Contact Information:

                            Fine Arts                                                                        Italic Handwriting and Calligraphy
                                                                                                             Explore and write legible, beautiful, easy-to-learn italic
                            Have a question?                                                                 handwriting. Not only is it soul-satisfying, but others can read
                            Call 971-722-6266 or visit                                                       your handwriting! Class covers calligraphy too! Bring pencil or
                                                                              pen and lined paper.
                                                                                                             47338      SE Center   TABOR 138             12:30pm-2:50pm
                                                                                                             Sat        10/15-10/22 Wong                  $35
Calligraphy and Lettering
Calligraphy: All Levels
Calligraphy has graced the pages of the world’s most elegant                                                     Drawing: So You Think You Can’t Draw
manuscripts since ancient times. Now you can use this art                                                    Anyone can learn to draw! This is an excellent class for
form for your own lettering designs. Features an array of                                                    beginners. Exercises help develop drawing techniques and
strokes, styles, and creative projects. For all ability levels.                                              perception skills in a supportive environment. With pencil,
45491     NE Port         GRNTHS 137          6:30pm-8:30pm                                                  charcoal, brush, pen or ink, create your own drawings in no time!
Tues      10/4-12/13 Cavin                    $99, $12 Fee                                                   42893     SW Port      SOCART          7pm-9pm
No class 11/22. Supply list at first class.                           Drawing: So You Think You Can't Draw   Tues      10/4-11/22 Bailey            $99
                                                                                                             Must pay $30 annual SOA membership fee.
                                                                                                      Creative arts
Drawing: Beginning                                                Cartooning and Comics                                                        Nature Sketching on the Refuge
Learn the basics of drawing using pencil, charcoal and ink.       Learn how to draw your own cartoons or comic book!                   Spend a day learning how to sketch the natural world
Learn shading, gray scales, perspective, anatomy, drawing         Discover the principles of caricature, expression, anatomy,          around us, using pencil, pen and watercolor. We’ll explore
faces, animals and nature drawing. Supply list at first class.    page layout and sequential art. Develop storylines and               plants, birds, small animals and landscapes. Bring a 9"x12"
47269      Sylvania        HT 121             6:30pm-8:20pm       your own cartoon characters. Note: This is not a beginning           spiral sketchbook.
Tues       10/4-11/22      Brown              $89                 drawing class.
                                                                                                                                       48155     Sherwood      TRNWR                10am-4pm
                                                                  47267      Sylvania        HT 322              6:30pm-8:20pm         Sat       10/15         Goodell              $39
Basic Drawing One-Day Workshop                                    Wed        10/5-11/23      Brown               $89                   $15 payable to “Glastonbury Studios.”
If you can print your ABC’s you can learn to draw! Learn the
basics to drawing and design with practical examples and          Draw Like the Modern Masters                                         Portrait Drawing
constructive exercises. Covers basic shapes to perspective.       Explore the 20th century masters of drawing and painting             Learn to draw a pencil portrait from a photograph. Using light
Bring 9"x12" spiral sketchbook. All other supplies included.      choosing from Gaugian, Picasso, Matisse and learn to draw            direction, shading and shadowing will highlight drawings.
48153     Tigard        TIGSRC                10am-4pm            like them.                                                           48171     Willow Cr      WCC 209          12:30pm-2:20pm
Fri       9/30          Goodell               $39, $5 Fee         43590      Metro Ctr       PMWTC1 201          6:30pm-8:50pm         Fri       10/14-12/16 Wild                $89
$15 payable to “Glastonbury Studios.”                             Mon        10/3-11/7       Thomas              $79                   No class 11/11, 11/25. Call 971-722-2921 for supply list.

Drawing for the Timid but Hopeful                                 Drawing Fundamentals                                                 Two-Point Perspective Drawing
Basic drawing class. Materials will include graphite pencils,     For beginners or those who need a refresher. Explore different       A class in drawing a landscape scene or city with large
water-soluble graphite pencils, water-soluble colored pencils,    materials, learn vocabulary and practice new skills. Still life to   buildings, all in perspective to size and distance. Use
colored pencils, ink washes. Bring note taking materials.         drawing portraits.                                                   perspective, light direction, shading and shadowing to
Supply list at class.                                                                                                                  explore simple method.
                                                                  45379      Sylvania        CC SPRUCE       5:30pm-8:20pm
43476      SE Center    TABOR 133             1pm-3:20pm                                                                               48172     Willow Cr      WCC 209          9:30am-11:20am
                                                                  Thurs      9/29-11/17 Guttman              $119
Mon        9/26-11/28 Smith                   $125                                                                                     Fri       10/14-12/16 Wild                $89
                                                                  Visit: for supply list.
Call 971-722-6185 for supply list.                                                                                                     No class 11/11, 11/25. Call 971-722-2921 for supply list.
                                                                  Drawing with Colored Pencil:
Drawing: Beyond the Timid                                         One-Day Workshop                                                     Garden Art
A continuation course of basic drawing for those not ready for    Learn how to use colored pencil by building up layers until you
Advanced. New materials introduced and focusing on “seeing”       reach a brilliant, colorful surface. Learn how to use a variety of      Cast Birdbath Feeder
and not just “looking.” Relationship also paid to the medium      strokes and blending techniques on a variety of grounds.             Create a cast birdbath/feeder in this 1.5 hour workshop. Learn
and subject.                                                      All supplies provided.                                               to embed hardware so your concrete leaf can be suspended
47313      SE Center       TABOR 133          1pm-3:20pm                                                                               above your garden on a pole. Everything you need is included!
                                                                  48132     Tigard        JGOODE                 10am-4pm
Tues       9/27-11/29      Smith              $125                Fri       10/14         Goodell                $39                   45286     Hillsboro      ARTFUL              7pm-8:30pm
                                                                                                                                       Tues      10/11          Mattson             $29
                                                                  $15 payable to “Glastonbury Studios.”
Illustrating Children’s Literature                                                                                                     $16 payable to “The Artful Garden.”
Join this hands-on, step by step class, learning both how         Drawing with Colored Pencils
to create a picture book dummy, and how the publishing                                                                                 Cement Leaf Casting
                                                                  Explore the special qualities of the colored pencil medium.
business works. Find out how art is submitted and how a                                                                                Learn reverse method casting. Topics include cement
                                                                  Beginning to advanced students welcome. Supply list at
picture book is constructed.                                                                                                           applications, shape manipulation, tints, and stains. Create two
                                                                  first class.
                                                                                                                                       leaves in this workshop with Kay Mattson of The Artfull Garden.
44159     SW Port          MORPRK             6:30pm-8:30pm       48127      Willow Cr       WCC 209             6:30pm-8:50pm
Tues      10/4-11/22       Warnick            $85, $10 Fee                                                                             45287     Hillsboro      ARTFUL              7pm-8:30pm
                                                                  Wed        9/28-11/30      Smith               $125                  Tues      10/25          Mattson             $29
Must attend first class.
                                                                                                                                       $16 payable to “The Artful Garden.”
                                                                  Drawing with Pen and Ink:
Botanical Drawing with Pen and Ink:                               One-Day Workshop
One Day Workshop                                                  Learn how to illustrate with pen and ink, using
Learn the basics to botanical drawing, using pen and ink with     watercolor washes, while exploring a variety of pens,
a splash of watercolor. Some drawing experience needed.           methods and techniques. Bring 9"x12"sketchbook. All
Bring 9"x12" spiral sketchbook. All other supplies provided.
                                                                  other supplies provided.
48154     Tigard        JGOODE                10am-4pm
                                                                  43575     Sylvania      HT 121                 10am-3:50pm
Fri       11/18         Goodell               $39
                                                                  Sat       10/1          Goodell                $39
$15 payable to “Glastonbury Studios.”
                                                                  $15 payable to “Glastonbury Studios.”

Botanical Illustration Pencil, Pen and                            Figure Drawing (Life Drawing)
Brushes of Color                                                  Capture the beauty of the body on paper by practicing the
Re-creating life’s wondrous flowers, fruit, vegetables, plants    discipline of drawing from live models. Instructor shares the
and trees in your favorite medium. Draw flowers from Prince       intricate techniques needed. Bring any medium (charcoal,
William’s and Kate Middleton’s wedding. Use pencil, pen and       ink, chalk, pencil, etc.) and 18"x24" acid-free paper to class.
ink, watercolor and colored pencil.
                                                                  44172     SE Center      TABOR 133             10am-12:20pm
45348    N Port      ODDFEL                   9am-11:30am
                                                                  Tues      9/27-11/29 Smith                     $155
Mon-Thur 10/17-10/20 Karlsson                 $59, $15 Fee
                                                                  Must be 18 years or older.

                                                                  Life Drawing: Hands and Feet
    Check out our website and blog!                               Concentrate on the beauty and detail of the hands and feet as
                                                                  the main drawing. Instructor recently returned from Italy and                                         will share stories of the timeless classical Art of these Masters.
                                                                  44281    N Port      ODDFEL                    2pm-4:30pm                  Cast Bird Bath Feeder
                                                                  Mon-Thur 10/17-10/20 Karlsson                  $59, $15 Fee

                                                                 Community Education Classes
                                                To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                      13
                      Creative arts
Glass Art                                                            Jewelry Art                                                         Dynamic Abstract Painting
                                                                                                                                         This class is for students that want to learn how to “think”
                                                                     Jewelry Making Basic                                                abstract, how to create a non representational painting with
Stained Glass: Beginning
                                                                     Learn all the basics of jewelry making from terminology to          a lot of meaning, using mixed media and acrylic lectures and
Learn the basics techniques for creating stained glass art
                                                                     tools and techniques. Includes guidelines, supply and resource      presentation of new techniques will be included in class.
through a series of in-class exercises beginning with process
                                                                     list, followed by more hands-on workshop and review. Also,          48302      Sylvania        HT 324          9:30am-2:20pm
of cutting, shaping and ending with a 6"x6" lead-soldered
                                                                     learn basic wire-work, make findings and wrap bead ends.            Sat        10/1-10/22 Guttman              $99
glass window.
                                                                     44476      NE Port         GRNTHS 34          6pm-9pm               Visit: for supply list.
42895     Tigard         ROSEGG          10am-12:30pm
                                                                     Mon        10/3-10/17      Tait               $49, $12 Fee
Sat       10/22-10/29 McDougal           $39                                                                                                      Painting Mixed Media
$90 payable to “Rose’s Glassworks Art School.”                       Jewelry: Fabrication and Casting                                    An exciting class where students are encouraged to let go
                                                                     Design and create jewelry or small-scale sculpture out of           of inhibitions around self expression and creating art. Using
Fused Glass: Stars and Snowflakes                                    nonferrous metals such as silver, gold or bronze. Class will        mixed media, untraditional techniques to paint, using oil, latex,
No experience necessary for this class where you will create         cover fabrication in the first half of class and casting for        acrylic, wax, found objects and images.
beautiful holiday snowflakes to hang on your tree. All tools and     second half.                                                        47341      SE Center    TABOR 133             6pm-8:45pm
materials provided.
                                                                     48125     Newberg        NJSS             10am-12pm                 Thurs      9/29-11/17 Silver                  $99, $7 Fee
45617     Tigard         ROSEGG          2pm-4pm                     Sat       10/1-12/10 Proctor              $109                      Call 971-722-6185 for supply list.
Sat       12/3           McDougal        $29                         No class 11/26. Materials purchased from “NJSS.”
$75 payable to “Rose’s Glassworks Art School.”                                                                                           Russian Style Holiday Egg Painting
45618     Tigard         ROSEGG          10am-12pm                   Jewelry: Beginning Metalwork I                                      Learn how to decorate eggs in Russian and Ukrainian style
Sat       12/3           McDougal        $29                         Techniques in soldering and fabrication working in silver,          creating a great gift and acquiring a great knowledge about
$75 payable to “Rose’s Glassworks Art School.”                       copper, bronze, and nickel. Design your own functional              history and meaning of each beautiful pattern.
                                                                     wearable art. Pendants, rings and more.                             48173      Willow Cr    WCC 209               6pm-8:20pm
Glass Blowing for Beginners                                          43528      Cascade         MAHB 109           6pm-8:50pm            Tues       10/11-11/8 Boltak                  $59
Learn the exciting art of Italian glass blowing all in Portland’s    Tues       9/27-11/29      Thompson           $149, $35 Fee         Call 971-722-2921 for supply list.
premier glass art studio. Experienced instructors help you to
create beautiful paperweights, cups, bowls, plates and vases.                                                                            Sketching and Painting
                                                                     Jewelry: Beginning Metalwork II
No experience needed. More info call 503-228-0575.                                                                                       Review drawing fundamentals to quickly advance from pencil
                                                                     For students who have previously taken Beginning Metalwork.
                                                                                                                                         sketches to improved paintings. Focus on composition
47975    NW Port        EGLASS                 6pm-9pm               Learn more techniques in soldering and fabrication working in
                                                                                                                                         essentials, then paint in any water-based or dry medium (no
Thurs    9/29-11/17 Frankel                    $49                   silver, copper, bronze, and nickel. Design your own functional
                                                                                                                                         oil solvents). All levels and styles welcome.
$630 payable to “Elements Glass.”                                    wearable art. Pendants, rings and more.
                                                                                                                                         48130      Willow Cr    WCC 209               9:30am-3:50pm
                                                                     43529     Cascade          MAHB 109           6pm-8:50pm            Sat        10/15-10/22 Labadie                $45
         Northwest Beadwork                                          Thurs     9/29-12/8        Thompson           $149, $35 Fee         Call 971-722-2921 for supply list.
Beadwork is historically one of our region’s major art-forms.        No class 11/24.
Learn technique, style and symbolism. Make beaded rosettes                                                                                   Still Life Painting
and panels for jewelry or to sew onto clothing.                      Mosaic Art                                                          Paint with acrylics and explore the power of color, values and
48010      Sylvania        HT 322              6:30pm-8:50pm                                                                             form while developing compositions from colorful and varied
                                                                     Mosaic Art Workshop
Tues       10/4-11/8       Vredevoogd          $89                                                                                       still life. Practice color mixing, working with brushes, palette
                                                                     Learn the ancient art of mosaics and create a project of your
                                                                                                                                         knives and the mediums of acrylic painting.
                                                                     own by using shards of tile, dishes or stained-glass. First
                                                                     lecture class includes guidelines, supply and resource list, tile   45346      Sylvania        SCB 205            6:30pm-9:20pm
                                                                     and glass cutting demo using hand-tools.                            Tues       10/4-11/22      Kitman             $119, $30 Fee

                                                                     45623      SE Port         COWGIR STUDIO      6:30pm-9pm
                                                                     Wed        10/12           Tait                                     Painting with Watercolor
                                                                     and        SE Port         COWGIR STUDIO      11am-5pm
                                                                     Sat        10/22           Tait
                                                                                                                                         Watercolor: Beginning
                                                                                                                                         Learn to use and love this classic, translucent medium. Learn
                                                                     and        SE Port         COWGIR STUDIO      7pm-9pm
                                                                                                                                         basic watercolor painting techniques, color mixing, and
                                                                     Wed        10/26           Tait               $79, $12 Fee
                                                                                                                                         fundamentals of good composition in a supportive, relaxed
                                                                     48166      Willow Cr       WCC 208            6:30pm-9pm            environment. Supply list at class.
                                                                     Wed        11/30           Tait
                                                                                                                                         42927     NE Port          GRNTHS 34          7pm-9pm
                                                                     and        Willow Cr       WCC 209            11am-5pm              Tues      10/4-11/29       Humpage            $79, $12 Fee
                                                                     Sat        12/3            Tait                                     No class 11/22.
                                                                     and        Willow Cr       WCC 209            7pm-9pm
                                                                     Wed        12/7            Tait               $79                   Watercolor: Beginning and Intermediate
                                                                                                                                         A course in classic watercolor; you’ll be given a firm grounding
                                                                     Painting                                                            in materials and techniques. Students will work on subjects of
                                                                                                                                         their choice. Supply list at class.
                                                                     Get Started in Painting
                                                                     Find your painting skill! Begin with drawing basics, then learn     43494     NE Port       HWSC                  9:30am-12pm
                                                                     watercolor, acrylics and mixed media techniques.                    Fri       9/30-12/16 Smith                    $125, $10 Fee
                                                                                                                                         No class 11/11 and 11/25.
                                                                     48175      Lk Oswego       LOADUL             6:30pm-8:30pm
                                                                                                                                         42919      Sylvania        CC PINE            6:30pm-8:50pm
                                                                     Tues       10/4-12/6       Christoff          $109, $25 Fee
                                                                                                                                         Tues       9/27-11/29      Smith              $125
                                                                     Chinese Brush Painting
                                                                     Subjects include: landscapes, birds, fruit, vegetables, animals,
                                                                     bamboo, flowers, etc. Covers use of ink, color and brush as             Check out our website and blog!
                                                                     genres and techniques. Lecture and demonstration included.
                                                                     43471      SE Center    TABOR 133             6pm-7:50pm      
      Still Life Painting                                            Mon        10/3-11/7    Choy                  $79
                                                                     Call 971-722-6185 for supply list.

                                                                    Community Education Classes
14             Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                                                                           Creative arts
Watercolor: Intermediate and Advanced                                 Acrylic Painting 102: One Day Workshop
For those with basic watercolor skills who wish to refine             As a sequel to Acrylic Painting 101, we will explore more color
their personal style, explore new techniques and benefit from         mixing, using mediums and creating texture. Prerequisite:
sharing ideas in a collaborative environment. Bring your              Acrylic Painting 101. Bring three 11"x14" canvas boards,
watercolor supplies to first class.                                   apron, rag, and paper towels. All other supplies provided.
41952     NE Port          GRNTHS 34          7pm-9pm
                                                                      48163     Tigard        JGOODE                 10am-4pm
Thurs     10/6-12/1        Humpage            $79, $12 Fee
                                                                      Sat       10/29         Goodell                $39
No class 11/24.
                                                                      $15 payable to “Glastonbury Studios.”
Classic Watercolor
Watercolor in the “classic” manner doesn’t employ white or            Pottery and Ceramics
black color and no color mixing is done on the palette. Thin
washes are layered over one another for effect. Fourteen color        Ceramics: Beginning
hues. Many techniques covered.                                        With the spin of the potter’s wheel, shape clay into works of
43496      SE Center    TABOR 133             10am-12:20pm            art; all you need to get started is this class! Centering, crafting
Mon        9/26-11/28 Smith                   $125                    cylinders, bowls, vases, mugs, trimming, glazing. Open studio
Call 971-722-6185 for supply list.                                    Weds 1pm-6pm and Sats 9am-1pm.
                                                                      42948       SE Center       TABOR 134          6pm-8:50pm
Watercolor Drawing with Brush
All levels welcome to get in touch with the artist inside with        Tues        9/27-11/29      Harvey             $159, $30 Fee
this fun supportive environment. Emphasis on drawing
techniques using the brush and focusing on composition,               Ceramics: Beginning and Intermediate
color mixing and developing personal style.                           Hand building and wheel throwing learn ancient technique of              name Chris Baskin
40603     SW Port      SOCART             7pm-9pm                     hand-work, slab, coil, pinch, wheel-work, centering, opening,
                                                                      pulling up the wall, altering, glaze work, pouring, dipping, and         Class Ceramics Guest Artist
Mon       10/3-11/21 Bailey               $99
                                                                      spraying. Open studio Weds 1pm-6pm and Sats 9am-1pm.
                                                                                                                                               Workshop: Color, Symbol and Process
Students must pay $30 annual association fee.
                                                                      42913       SE Center       TABOR 134          2:30pm-5:20pm             about Chris operates his own pottery
Painting: Acrylics and Oils                                           Mon         9/26-11/28      Shaw               $159, $30 Fee             business, actively making and teaching
                                                                      42951       SE Center       TABOR 134          6pm-8:50pm                ceramics for the past 16 years. His
Painting: Acrylics and Oils
                                                                      Mon         9/26-11/28      Shaw               $159, $30 Fee             ceramics, shown nationally, use rich
Great opportunity to focus on acrylics and oils. Students of all
                                                                                                                                               colorful surfaces that integrate history
levels, beginners welcome. Focus on encouraging individual
style. Students work on individual projects. Supply list at class.
                                                                                                                                               and idea for utility, meaning and
                                                                      Ceramics: All Levels                                                     reflection. He is fascinated by the
47952     SW Port       NEIGHR                9am-11:50am             Learn and develop techniques on the potter’s wheel as well as            creative process and helping others
Fri       9/30-12/2     Young                 $119, $10 Fee           hand building from demonstrations for beginning to advanced              develop and give visual shape and
No class 11/11 and 11/25.                                             students. Explore surface color and texture techniques.                  character to personal ideas.
                                                                      42929     Cascade        MAHB 108         10am-12:50pm
Acrylics Artists Group
Beginners and experienced painters alike will enjoy working in        Sat       10/1-12/10 Stoll                $159, $30 Fee
                                                                      No class 11/26. Open lab 1-4pm for projects.                          SE Center Studio Hours: Wheel Throwing
a fun, supportive atmosphere. Emphasis on color, composition
                                                                                                                                            This lab is only for students who are currently registered in
and developing personal style. Supply list at class.                  41711     SE Center   TABOR 134      10am-12:50pm
                                                                                                                                            an eight to ten week ceramic class at the SE Center ceramic
41750     SE Center        TABOR 133       12pm-2:20pm                Mon       9/26-11/28 Silber          $159, $30 Fee                    studio. No formal instruction provided. Open studio Weds
Fri       9/30-12/16       Thornburg-Rocha $125                       Open studio Weds 1pm-6pm and Sats 9am-1pm.                            1pm-6pm and Sats 9am-1pm.
No class 11/11, 11/25.                                                42949     SE Center   TABOR 134      6pm-9:20pm                       42915     SE Center      TABOR 134               1pm-4:45pm
43545     Willow Cr        WCC 209         11:30am-1:50pm             Wed       9/28-11/30 Brandt          $185, $35 Fee                    Sat       10/1-12/10 Brandt                      $32, $10 Fee
Thurs     9/29-12/8        Thornburg-Rocha $125                       Open studio Weds 1pm-6pm and Sats 9am-1pm.                            No class 10/22, 10/29, 11/26.
No class 11/24.                                                       42952     SE Center   TABOR 134      10am-12:50pm
                                                                      Tues      9/27-11/29 Silber          $159, $30 Fee                             Ceramics Guest Artist Workshop:
Acrylic Painting 101: One-Day Workshop                                                                                                      Color, Symbol and Process
Here’s a chance to learn the basics to acrylic painting; from         Open studio Weds 1pm-6pm and Sats 9am-1pm.
                                                                                                                                            A workshop held on two consecutive Saturday afternoons
brushes to surfaces for fine art painting. No experience is           42953      SE Center      TABOR 134       10am-12:50pm
                                                                                                                                            that will examine exquisite ceramics both contemporary and
needed. Bring three 11"x14" canvas boards, apron, rag and             Thurs      9/29-12/8      Silber          $159, $30 Fee               historical with attention to surface decoration.
paper towels. All other supplies provided.                            No class 11/24. Open studio Weds 1pm-6pm and Sats 9am-1pm.
                                                                                                                                            October 22: Image lecture and throwing demonstration. This
48152     Tigard        JGOODE                10am-4pm                                                                                      day will have conversation on the creative process and examine
Fri       10/28         Goodell               $39                     Ceramics: Hand Building                                               how personal ideas develop and take visual shape and character.
$25 payable to “Glastonbury Studios.”                                 Explore innovative and traditional approaches to pottery with
                                                                                                                                            October 29: The second afternoon will demonstrate cutting and
                                                                      emphasis on hand building techniques and functional forms.            forming clay after it has stiffened. Topics for discourse will include
Painting with Oils                                                    Use clay to create tableware, lidded containers and sculptural
Student chooses painting subject.                                                                                                           design, tools for play and critique, symbol, narrative and meaning.
                                                                      vessels. studio Weds 1pm-6pm and Sats 9am-1pm.
40681     Hillsboro        HBHSRC             1:30pm-4:30pm                                                                                 48004       SE Center   TABOR 134                1:30pm-4:20pm
                                                                      42914       SE Center       TABOR 134          10am-12:50pm           Sat         10/22-10/29 Baskin                   $45
Wed       10/5-12/14       St Louis           $149
                                                                      Wed         9/28-11/30      Silber             $159, $30 Fee
No class 11/30.
                                                                                                                                            Ceramics Intermediate:
Classical Oil Studio Painting                                         SE Center Studio Hours: Hand Building                                 Throwing and Hand Building
A studio course dedicated to students of all levels. Learn or         This lab is only for students who are currently registered in         This class is for those who have mastered the basics. We will
improve skills by developing technical skills in image making         an eight to ten week ceramic class at the SE Center ceramic           focus on the development of personal style by using one’s
through exploration of traditional oil painting method in still       studio. No formal instruction provided. Open studio Weds              own life experiences as inspiration. If you choose this class
life, landscape and portrait.                                         1pm-6pm and Sats 9am-1pm.                                             start a journal now.
47312      SE Center       TABOR 133       5:30pm-8:20pm              42916     SE Center      TABOR 134             1pm-4:45pm             48014      SE Center      TABOR 134        6pm-9:20pm
Tues       9/27-11/15 Guttman              $119                       Sat       10/1-12/10 Brandt                    $32, $10 Fee           Fri        9/30-12/16 Brandt               $185, $35 Fee
Visit: for supply list.                  No class 10/22, 10/29, 11/26.                                         No class 11/11, 11/25. Open Studio Weds 1-6pm, Sats 9am-1pm.

                                                                     Community Education Classes
                                                To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                                 15
                      Creative arts
Ceramics: Intermediate
Continue your study of clay. You must have the basics
                                                                     Students will learn to make multiples of the same image by
of throwing and hand building to make this class useful.
Emphasis will be on refining forms, sets, larger work, and
                                                                     learning the basic of the printmaking techniques, linocut,
                                                                     silicon intaglio, collograph, clay transfer and experience in
more complex decoration. Open studio Weds 1pm-6pm and                creating one-of-a-kind prints in monoprint.                                                     Have a question?
Sat 9am-1pm.                                                                                                                                                         Call 971-722-6266 or visit
                                                                     45393      SE Center       TABOR 133       5:30pm-8:20pm
42950     SE Center        TABOR 134          6pm-9:20pm             Wed        9/28-11/16 Guttman              $119
Thurs     9/29-12/8        Brandt             $185, $35 Fee          Visit: for supply list.
No class 11/24.                                                                                                                           Acting Beginning
                                                                     Floorcloth Painting                                                  Great class to explore acting. Students gain experience in
Unique and Specialty Art                                             Floorcloths were the first “rugs” and this hands-on painting         character work, movement and improvisation. Students
                                                                     class will teach you the ten steps necessary to make your own        will create a performance piece. Great class for building
Soap Making                                                          small project in class. Many, many instruction sheets to help        confidence!
Learn how to make soap from fats, water and lye. Includes            you make a floorcloth of any size at home.
discussion about using herbs, fragrances, and various kinds                                                                               40513     SE Port         FRAKHS 121         7pm-9pm
                                                                     47315     SE Center     TABOR 133              9am-2:50pm            Wed       10/5-11/30      Schwell            $79, $12 Fee
of fats with demonstration and take-home samples. Great
                                                                     Sat       10/22         Ekholm                 $39                   No class 11/23.
gift ideas!
                                                                     $15 payable to “Everyday Choices.”
41714      SE Center       TABOR 133          9am-11:30am
Sat        10/8            Thorniley          $35, $4 Fee            Henna Body Art Workshop                                              Acting For Radio and Voice
                                                                     Learn the ancient art of Mehndi with a professional henna            Learn vocal and microphone techniques, plus comic timing,
Altered Books and Art Journals                                       artist. Henna is a temporary fun way to adorn your body. Make        while working on short radio plays for informal recording on
Learn to make art a daily part of your life by creating altered      natural henna paste, explore cultural uses, traditional patterns     compact disc.
books and personal art journals. Get instruction, ideas and          and techniques, and create your own.                                 48161      Sylvania       ST 101             6:30pm-8:50pm
inspiration. Great introduction to art or to boost your play with
                                                                     43546     SE Center      TABOR 146             5:30pm-9:20pm         Tues       10/4-11/8      Whelan             $89
art. Supply list at class.
                                                                     Tues      10/11          Shah                  $39
42275      SE Center       TABOR 133       12pm-2:20pm
                                                                     $50 payable to “Silk and Stone.”                                              Readers Theatre
Wed        9/28-11/30      Thornburg-Rocha $125
                                                                                                                                          Develop your voice and characters while acting in short
48165      Willow Cr       WCC 209         10am-12:20pm              Marketing Your Art in 2011                                           ghostly plays to be performed on Halloween.
Mon        9/26-11/28      Thornburg-Rocha $125                      Open to all artists and gallery owners who want to increase
                                                                     their financial wealth in 2011 by using effective marketing          45493      Sylvania    SCB 205               6:30pm-8:40pm
Artists Open Studio                                                  strategy. This eight week class helps build your art career by       Mon        10/3-10/31 Whelan                 $65
Bring your unfinished art work to the class and finish or create     an artist with 40 years of experience. Bring notebook.               For more info:
a brand new one no matter the technique and the style: acrylic,
                                                                     47966       Metro Ctr       PMWTC1 110         6:30pm-8:50pm
oil, collage, drawing or printmaking.
                                                                     Thurs       10/6-11/10      Thomas             $79
47311      SE Center       TABOR 133          6:30pm-9:20pm                                                                               Music
Fri        9/30-11/4       Guttman            $99                             Paint Your Pet
                                                                     No background in art necessary. Bring two, 8"x10" color                  Guitar: Beginning Level I
Bookbinding All Levels                                               printouts on paper from a photo of your pet. All materials
Learn basic binders “bench skills” while making a hard cover                                                                              Learn fundamentals, proper playing position, tuning
                                                                     supplied in class                                                    techniques, right-hand picking patterns plus left-hand exercises
case bound book and a slip case. Materials, agenda and supply
list provided the first night.                                       48015     SE Port        COWGIR STUDIO 6:30pm-8:30pm                 to improve independent finger movement. You’ll be strumming
                                                                     Thurs     10/6-10/20 Stevenson         $45, $12 Fee                  patterns and easy chords in no time. Bring guitar to class.
45492     NE Port          GRNTHS 239         6:30pm-8:30pm
                                                                     $10 payable to “Cowgirl at Heart.”                                   44269      Beaverton      WESTVW N113 6pm-7:30pm
Thurs     10/6-12/15       Cavin              $99, $12 Fee
No class 11/24.                                                                                                                           Tues       9/27-11/29     Jones       $79, $8 Fee
                                                                     Selling Your Art as Notecards
                                                                                                                                          45212      Metro Ctr      PMWTC1 132         7pm-8:50pm
                                                                     Make and sell your art as note cards. Making, marketing,
Building Willow Furniture                                                                                                                 Mon        9/26-11/14     Adams              $79
                                                                     servicing customers, where to sell, what sells and what does
Build your own rustic garden bench, chair, table, fern stand, or                                                                          43536      NW Port        FRNHSE             6pm-7:30pm
                                                                     not, creating a gift card line. Bring samples of your art to first
trellis. All materials supplied, but bring a hammer and a sack                                                                            Mon        9/26-11/28     Jones              $79, $10 Fee
                                                                     class. Create your own 24 card line during the term.
lunch! Call 971-722-6185 after registration to tell us which
project you want to build.                                           43543       Willow Cr      WCC 207          6:30pm-9:20pm
                                                                     Wed         9/28-11/30 Mitchell             $149, $20 Fee            Complete Guitar I
45510    SE Center      TABOR 133             10am-3:50pm                                                                                 All you need to know to prepare for styles from Rock to
                                                                     Field trips 10/11, 10/24, 11/1. Bring camera.
Sat      10/15          Phillips              $49                                                                                         Classical. Includes: tuning, chords, strums, songs, note reading
$125 payable to “Willow Station.”                                                                                                         and soloing, rhythm, TAB, Blues, playing tips and tricks.
                                                                     Travel Sketching Workshop
                                                                     Journey with your sketchbook. Capture street scenes,                 47336     SE Center      TABOR 133        10am-11:50am
Candy Bouquets
                                                                     markets, people and landscapes. Use pencil, watercolor               Thurs     9/29-12/8      Khovy            $109
Learn how to make many types of candy bouquets for
                                                                     pencil, watercolor washes or pen and ink. Bring 9"x12" spiral        No class 11/24. Text: “Contemporary Class Guitar Book I”
gifts or profit by making your own in class. Just in time for
                                                                     sketchbook all other supplies provided.                              44969     SE Port        MTTACS 212       7pm-9pm
Holiday gift-giving.
44193     SE Center     TABOR 133             6pm-8:20pm             43576     Sylvania      CC PINE                10am-3:50pm           Thurs     9/29-12/8      Khovy            $109, $12 Fee
Wed       11/30         Ekholm                $29                    Sat       11/19         Goodell                $39                   No class 11/24. Text: “Contemporary Class Guitar Book I”
$10 payable to “Everyday Choices.”                                   $15 payable to “Glastonbury Studios.”
                                                                                                                                          Complete Guitar II
Collage                                                                                                                                   Continuation of Complete Guitar I with more note reading,
Learn the art of collage and explore the creative possibilities                                                                           fingerpicking, barre chords, tips and tricks that make guitar
in endless techniques in cutting, pasting material on canvas
                                                                                              Like us on Facebook!                        playing fun. Register for the Keyboard and Fretboard Theory
board, gals plate, and paper.                                                                        class for the ultimate understanding of your instrument.
43498      Sylvania        CC PINE         5:30pm-8:20pm                                                                                  47337     SE Port        MTTACS 212       8pm-9pm
Mon        9/26-11/14 Guttman              $119                                                                                           Tues      10/4-12/6      Khovy            $69, $12 Fee
Visit: for supply list.                                                                                      No class 11/22. Text: “Contemporary Class Guitar Book I”

                                                                    Community Education Classes
16             Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                                                                        Creative arts
Beginning Bluegrass Banjo                                            Harmonica                                                        Jazz Singers Workshop: Beginning
Learn to play 5 string banjo, 3 finger style. Basic rolls and        Introduction to the harmonica with no experience or music        Learn essential skills or singing on stage with a microphone
chords, some beginner type tunes.                                    training needed. Learn all the basics to start making music      and an accompanist in a supportive environment. Learn
44284       NE Port       GRNTHS 128          7pm-9pm                right away. Around the campfire or from the stage. Bring         breathing and intonation skills, communicating rhythm, key,
Wed         10/5-10/26 Stahlman               $59, $12 Fee           harmonica.                                                       repertoire selection, overcoming stage fright.
Text: “Getting into Blue Grass”                                      41704      Sylvania    CC PINE               10:30am-4:20pm      47965     Sylvania         CC PINE            6pm-7:50pm
                                                                     Sat        10/22       Whelan                $39                 Thurs     9/29-12/8        Zilka              $209
Discover Your Voice                                                  For more info:                             No class 11/24.
Increase your self confidence by learning techniques, warm ups
and exercises in vocal awareness. A workshop with constructive       Harmonica: For Every Level
                                                                                                                                               Keyboard and Fretboard Theory
feedback toward developing a warm passionate voice.                  For beginners and intermediate students. Learn to play rhythm
                                                                                                                                      Theory for all musicians (and as a supplement to Complete
                                                                     and chords, single note melodies and advanced techniques
44233      Sylvania    CC PINE                10:30am-4:20pm                                                                          Guitar II) to improve musicianship and songwriting by building
                                                                     like “bending” and playing octaves. Bring a C scale harmonica
Sat        11/12       Whelan                 $39                                                                                     an understanding of intervals, scales, chords, modes, and the
                                                                     and small tape recorder.
For more info:                                                                                                  relationship between these elements of music.
                                                                     43539      Metro Ctr      PMWTC1 204         6:45pm-8:40pm
                                                                     Mon        10/3-10/24     Lipkind            $49                 47339     SE Port         MTTACS 212       7pm-8pm
Guitar: Blues Basics and More                                                                                                         Tues      10/4-12/6       Khovy            $69, $12 Fee
Learn twelve bar blues and variations in all keys as well as         Japanese Taiko Drumming                                          No class 11/22. Text: “Edly’s Music Theory Practical People”
scales, licks, lick building, and turnarounds. Focus on              Taiko is a relatively recent, powerful, physical art form. The
flat-picking styles with tunes from famous musicians. If you         essence of Taiko is not just skillful playing of the drum, but       Mandolin: Complete
have access to a computer bring song notes to class.                 also the discipline of mind and body in the spirit of complete   Learn mandolin with professional musician. Learn basic
44968     SE Port        MTTACS 212       6pm-7pm                    respect and unity among others.                                  chords, licks, and picking techniques and play songs by Rod
Tues      10/4-12/6      Khovy            $69, $12 Fee               44964      SE Port        RICHMD GYM         6pm-7:15pm          Stewart and Paul McCartney. Explore different ways to enjoy
No class 11/23. Text: “Contemporary Class Guitar Book I”             Tues       10/4-11/22     Ito                $59, $55 Fee        this great little historic instrument. Bring mandolin to class.
                                                                                                                                      47486      NW Port         FRNHSE             7:30pm-9pm
Guitar: Finger Style I                                               Jazz Singers Workshop: Advanced                                  Mon        9/26-11/14      Jones              $59, $10 Fee
For beginning and intermediate fingerpickers. Features Travis        For those students who have taken a beginner level singing
Picking (alternating bass) used by many legendary folk and           workshop and/or have experience, but would like to move to       Music and Sound Recording
pop guitarists such as Paul Simon, Chet Atkins, and more.            the next level.                                                  Understand sound, how it’s recorded, stored, and manipulated
Bring guitar and be able to play basic first position chords.                                                                         in the course of recording. Improve your recordings! The
                                                                     44165     Sylvania        CC PINE            8pm-9:50pm
44192     SE Port         MTTACS 212       6pm-7pm                   Thurs     9/29-12/8       Zilka              $209                class is geared toward musicians, home recordists, voice over
Thurs     9/29-12/8       Khovy            $69, $12 Fee              No class 11/24.                                                  artists, and those with general curiosity about the process.
No class 11/24. Text: “Art of Contemporary Travis Picking”
                                                                                                                                      44232      Sylvania        CC CEDAR           6:30pm-8:20pm
                                                                                                                                      Wed        10/5-11/9       Pakula             $99
         Guitar: Folk Music
Learn basic chords, strumming and picking patterns to                                                                                 Piano and Keyboarding I
support and advance your skill in playing both contemporary                                                                           Introduction to piano and keyboard technique, including hand
and older style folk guitar. Taught by popular singer and                                                                             position and fingering, basic scales and chords, and learning
guitarist Ann Weiss. Bring a tunes guitar.                                                                                            to play and harmonize simple melodies. Prior experience with
47999      SE Center       TABOR 130          8pm-8:50pm                                                                              piano and/or reading music helpful but not required.
Thurs      11/3-11/17      Weiss              $49
                                                                                                                                      43608      Cascade       MAHB 107             6pm-7:50pm
                                                                                                                                      Wed        9/28-11/30 Thor                    $99
Guitar: Nothing but the Blues                                                                                                         Text: “Beginning Piano for Adults”
Learn rhythm and lead guitar through a study of chords,
scales, riffs, turnarounds, and phrasing. Emphasis on Chicago                                                                         Instant Piano
blues and the three “Kings” of the blues; Albert, BB, and                                                                             Beginner or not, you will learn enough in this one workshop
Freddie King. All are welcome.                                                                                                        to play almost any song on the piano with two hands. Then
41953     SE Port          CLEVHS 109         7pm-8pm                                                                                 perfect your technique at home using a home-study CD
Wed       10/5-12/14       Lamdin             $69, $12 Fee                                                                            designed by the instructor.
No class 11/23.                                                                                                                       42297     Sylvania     CC SPRUCE        6pm-9:20pm
                                                                                                                                      Tues      11/15        Laughlin         $39
Guitar: Theory                                                                                                                        $27 payable to “New School of American Music” for book/CD.
Learn the fundamentals of music theory as applied to the guitar.
Scales, modes, chords, and ear training will be covered. For                                                                          Understanding Your Piano
                                                                       name Lew Jones
guitarist already familiar with the basics of playing the guitar.                                                                     Get acquainted! Piano tech unveils the mystery: how they
42918     SE Port        CLEVHS 109        6pm-7pm                     Classes Guitar: Beginning I and II,                            work or don’t! Learn how to get yours playing and sounding
Wed       10/5-12/14 Lamdin                $69, $12 Fee                Mandolin, Ukulele: Beginning,                                  its best, basic troubleshooting, shopping tips, digital pros and
No class 11/23. Text: “Guitar Theory-Everything You Wanted”            Song Writing with Guitar                                       cons: an overview and Q&A – all in four weeks.
                                                                                                                                      47963      Sylvania        CC PINE            7pm-8:50pm
                                                                       about Lew is a professional guitarist
    Song Writing with Guitar                                                                                                          Wed        10/12-11/2                         $49
                                                                       who has written hundreds of songs,
Bring your guitar and learn how to write a song. All styles or         recorded albums, had airplay on radio
writing songs are open. Learn from a songwriter who has won            and opened for national acts. He teaches                       Singing Women’s Barbershop Chorus
awards in music and art, and acted as a songwriting judge for          different styles of music by guiding and                       Learn to sing like the a cappella women’s barbershop group
The Portland Songwriters Association.                                  enabling students to learn and play                            established as the “Sweet Adelines.” Open to all women who
47487     Rock Cr          BLDG3 230          1pm-2:30pm               songs. Lew loves the opprotunity to help                       like to sing. No previous experience needed.
Sat       10/1-12/10       Jones              $99                      others realize their own musical bliss.                        48131      SW Port         CEDHIL             7pm-9:30pm
No class 11/26.                                                                                                                       Thurs      10/13-11/3      Newman             $35

                                                                    Community Education Classes
                                                 To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                      17
                     Creative arts
Singing for the Vocally Challenged                                 Photography: Basic Lighting                                       Digital
An introduction on how to sing, including breathing, basic         We will work with speedlights, studio flash and other light
techniques, how to hear and stay in pitch, hold a melody, and      modifiers and learn simple ways to make some reflectors and           Digital Photography: Beyond the Basics
learn your range. All levels welcome!                              diffusers. Field trips to work on techniques taught.              Explore the creative possibilities of your digital camera. Delve
43569      SE Center      TABOR 130          7pm-7:50pm                                                                              into composition, camera settings, flash modes. People,
                                                                   48007     SE Port         MTTACS 136         6pm-9pm              nature and night photography, etc. Bring your camera and
Thurs      11/3-11/17     Weiss              $49                   Tues      10/4-11/8       Henley             $99, $12 Fee         manual. Field trip TBA.
                                                                   Bring an SLR camera.
    Ukulele: Beginning                                                                                                               41701     NE Port        HWSC                 6:30pm-9pm
Play the Ukulele with chords and strumming techniques                                                                                Tues      9/27-11/1      Will                 $89, $10 Fee
that will enable you to sing and play songs with this happy        ONLINE CLASS:                                                     Visit
little stringed instrument. Many musicians including Paul          Secrets of Better Photography
McCartney are using the Ukulele today. Bring your Ukulele to       Take great photos of all types: portraiture, landscape, macro,      Photography Digital:
class.                                                             and still life. Learn technology all cameras use; gain helpful    Workflow with Adobe Lightroom
                                                                   info on exposure and lighting. Possession of any working          Learn to organize your files, add keywords, adjust images and
48158      Beaverton      WESTVW N113 7:30pm-9pm
Tues       9/27-11/15     Jones       $59, $8 Fee                  camera is highly recommended.             output for print and the web with this professional and fun
                                                                                                                                     software. Bring your laptop.
                                                                   47444      Online         9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                   47445      Online         10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee         41958     NE Port        HWSC                 6:30pm-9pm
                           Photography                             47446      Online         11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                     Mon       9/26-11/14 Will
                                                                                                                                                                                   $109, $10 Fee

                           Have a question?                        47447      Online         12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
                           Call 971-722-6266 or visit                                                                                         Digital Image Editing Workflow
                                                                                                      Learn an editing workflow to prepare your images for print,
                                                                   Darkroom                                                          web, or electronic display using tools & techniques available in
Basics                                                                                                                               several editing softwares. If you have a laptop with an editing
                                                                   Darkroom Photography:                                             program installed please bring to class
                                                                   Black and White Introduction                                      47950      Newberg         NEC 110            6pm-8:50pm
Getting Started in Manual Photography
                                                                   Hands on class covering photography basics and film               Tues       10/4-11/8       Huffman            $89
Gain control and technique of the manual functions on your
                                                                   developing. Print enlargements and learn to control light to
digital camera: shutter speed, aperture, ISO speed , zooming,
                                                                   your best advantage. Open lab times discussed at class.           Digital Photography: Basic and Beyond
blurring, natural and artificial light; filters and exposure to
create professional quality.                                       45388      SE Center      TABOR 131          9am-11:50am          Get the most out of your digital camera. Class will cover
                                                                   Mon        9/26-10/31     Riches             $145, $20 Fee        technical and general photographic issues, light and color, and
40987      SW Port        WILSON 106         7pm-9pm
                                                                                                                                     focus on applying these techniques and ideas to further your
Wed        10/5-11/9      McLernon           $69, $10 Fee          45389      SE Center      TABOR 131          6pm-8:50pm
                                                                                                                                     photographic skills. Bring your camera and tripod.
                                                                   Wed        9/28-11/2      Riches             $145, $20 Fee
   Photography: Beginning                                                                                                            47951     Newberg     NEC 110                 9am-11:20am
Learn the basics of camera operation, including f-stops,                                                                             Sat       10/15-12/10 Huffman                 $99
                                                                   Darkroom Photography:                                             No class 11/26.
shutter speeds, and lenses, while improving your
compositions and developing your own style. Bring film or          Black and White Continuing
digital camera with owner’s manual to class.                       Increase your darkroom skills and knowledge. Use RC or fiber
                                                                   paper. Work on 35mm black and white prints, including some
40973       Sylvania     SCB 203             7pm-8:50pm
                                                                   toning. Bring your projects to class. Permission of instructor
Tues        9/27-11/8    Regal               $89
                                                                   needed, contact
Field trip 10/15, 1:30pm-4:30pm.
                                                                   48012      SE Center    TABOR 131            9am-11:50am
                                                                   Mon        11/7-11/28 Riches                 $99, $20 Fee
                                                                   Open lab times discussed at class.

                                                                   Darkroom Photography:
                                                                   Black and White Intermediate/Advanced
                                                                   For students who have enrolled in previous darkroom classes.
                                                                   For intermediate/advanced level darkroom students. Use RC or
                                                                   fiber paper. Work on 35mm b/w film. Bring projects to class.
                                                                   Permission of instructor, contact
                                                                   41064     SE Center      TABOR 131        6pm-9:20pm
                                                                   Tues      9/27-12/6      Riches           $185, $30 Fee
                                                                   No class 11/22. Open lab time discussed at class.
                                                                   41184     SE Center      TABOR 131        6pm-9:25pm
                                                                   Thurs     9/29-12/8      Riches           $185, $30 Fee             name Byron Will
                                                                   No class 11/24. Open lab time discussed at class.
                                                                                                                                       Classes Digital Photography
                                                                   Alternative Darkroom: Hand Coloring                                 about Capturing the beauty of nature has
                                                                   Hand coloring with photo oil and pencils. Learn the alternative     been Byron's passion for over 35 years. His
                                                                   art of coloring black and white photographs. Class should be        first view of the Rockies across the plains
                                                                   taken with a black and white printing class. Class includes         of Montana was the spark that drew him to
                                                                   “starter set” of materials.                                         live and explore the Great Northwest. For
                                                                                                                                       Byron, teaching is an exchange of ideas,
                                                                   48011     SE Center      TABOR 131        6pm-8:50pm
                                                                                                                                       sharing beauty, humor, and sharpening our
      Photography: Beginning                                       Wed       11/9-12/7      Riches           $99, $50 Fee
                                                                                                                                       perceptions of the world.
                                                                   No class 11/23. Open lab times discussed in class.

                                                                  Community Education Classes
18             Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                                                                   Creative arts
ONLINE CLASS:                                                    Digital Image Editing Workflow                                    Photography as a Profession
Discover Digital Photography                                     Learn an editing workflow to prepare your images for print,       Day dreaming of a photography career? Enhance your
Covers equipment, software, the digital darkroom,                web, or electronic display using tools and techniques available   knowledgeable of photography’s income avenues. Look
printing, Internet and e-mail use, commercial and personal       in several editing softwares. If you have a laptop with an        at what makes a business successful; creative ability,
applications. For beginners or long-time professionals           editing program installed please bring to class.                  equipment knowledgeable, sales, facilities, computer skills,
                                                                 48164      Willow Cr      WCC 208           6pm-8:20pm            planning and more.
looking for a complement to traditional photography.                                          Wed        10/5-11/9      Huffman           $89                   48168       Willow Cr      WCC 310            6:30pm-9:20pm
                                                                                                                                   Mon         9/26-11/28     Mitchell           $149, $20 Fee
47436      Online         9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                 Specialty and Artistic                                            Field trips TBA.
47437      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee
47438      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee         Indoor Portrait Photography: Introduction                         Travel Photography
                                                                 Work in a studio like setting. Be introduced to studio            Whether you go to the Oregon Coast or Paris, you can learn
47439      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                 lighting, posing, backgrounds and props. Work with models.        how to bring home captivating photos. Class will cover camera
                                                                 Compositions for stunning portraits. Bring your camera.           basics, composition, perspective and light. Two field trips then
Mastering Your Digital Camera                                    Manual camera, hot shoe, film or digital, 100/400 ISO.            edit in class and create slideshows or photo albums.
Operate your 35mm camera with knowledge, confidence and
                                                                 41964     SE Center       SCOTT 201         9am-1:20pm            45213      Central         CLIMB 304          10am-11:50am
creativity. Learn about f-stops, shutter speeds, and lenses
                                                                 Sat       10/1-11/19      Riches            $165, $20 Fee         Wed        10/5-11/9       Regal              $79
while improving your composition via assignments and
                                                                 No class 11/12.
critiques. Camera operation, features, equipment, processing,
                                                                                                                                   Wedding Photography
and more.                                                        Exposure Blending for Greater Detail                              Learn how to photograph a wedding, from start to finish.
48159     Willow Cr      WCC 208            6:30pm-9:20pm        Learn to blend several exposures of the same high contrast        Organize the day, lighting strategies, posing techniques for
Fri       9/30-12/9      Mitchell           $149, $20 Fee        scene together with free trial HDR and Tone Mapping software.     both formal and candid, timing and pacing of events. Must
No class 11/11, 11/25. Field trip 10/22.                         Bring out the details in highlight and shadow areas of            have adjustable camera and ancillary flash.
                                                                 landscape, cityscape, architectural and still life photographs.   44243      Sylvania        CC SPRUCE          7pm-8:50pm
ONLINE CLASS:                                                    48156    Willow Cr      WCC 207             9am-10:50am           Wed        10/12-11/2      Faith              $59
Photographing People with a Digital Camera                       Sat      10/29-11/19 Griffiths              $59, $5 Fee
Photographing people can be fun, exciting - and complicated!     Bring Camera and Tripod to class.
This course will make taking beautiful pictures of adults,                                                                                                     Art of
                                                                 Getting Started in Speedlight
children, and babies simple.
47440      Online         9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee         Flash Photography                                                                             Writing
                                                                 Learn the secrets of speedlight flash techniques both on and                                  Have a question?
47441      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee         off-camera to make dynamic images. Gain familiarity with TTL                                  Call 971-722-6266 or visit
47442      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee         metering, wireless remote triggering systems, multiple flash                        
47443      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee         setups, gels, grids, and other light modifiers.
                                                                 47481     SW Port     WILSON 106            7pm-9pm               Freelance Writing: A Primer
ONLINE CLASS: Photoshop CS5 for the                              Wed       11/16-12/14 McLernon              $49, $12 Fee          This popular, intense class covers all basics of writing
Digital Photographer: Level I                                    No class 11/23.                                                   articles for magazines and newspapers-ideas, structure,
Using hands-on examples, you’ll learn to apply the                                                                                 research, interviews, creativity, assignments, guest speakers,
professional tools and techniques that are most helpful                  Introduction to Making a Remix Video                      submissions, coffee house reading.
                                                                 Corporate culture is all around us: from the clothes we wear to   43563      Sylvania        SCB 102            6pm-8:50pm
to photographers. Even with no editing experience,
                                                                 the images on our television. Course explores the concept of      Fri        9/30            Dart
you’ll be amazed at what you can do with your images!
                                                                 remix culture, from re-messaging media to tell your own story,    and        Sylvania        SCB 102            10am-2:50pm
                                                                 to what it means to be a community media maker.
                                                                                                                                   Sat        10/1            Dart               $49
47392      Online         9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee         48009     Cascade       JH 112            11am-2:50pm
47393      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee         Sun       10/9-11/13 Ecjersib             $119                    Screenwriting: Introduction
47396      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee         Make a 3-5 minute remix video on a topic of your choice.          This course will cover the format and structure of a screenplay,
                                                                                                                                   marketing and outlets of the finished script. Students will write
47397      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                         Panoramic Photography                                     a feature-length screenplay as part of the course.
                                                                 Learn to create panoramas with either film or digital cameras     43696      SW Port         WILSON 102         7pm-8:50pm
Photoshop for Photographers                                      using Photoshop, Elements or free trial stitching software.       Mon        10/3-10/31      Johnson            $69, $12 Fee
                                                                 Proper tripod use for overlapping exposures will be covered.
                                                                 We will even look at swing lens and rotational cameras.
ONLINE CLASS:                                                                                                                      Writing Fundamentals
Photoshop Elements 8.0 for DP: Level I                           48157       Willow Cr     WCC 211           9am-10:50am
Bring out the best in your images! Elements 8.0 provides the     Sat         10/1-10/22 Griffiths            $59, $5 Fee           ONLINE CLASS:
tools you need for quick fixes and detailed enhancement. This    Field Trip 10/15. Bring camera and tripod to class.               Beginning Writer’s Workshop
class will take you from novice to accomplished user. Upgrade                                                                      If you’ve dreamed of writing creatively, this course is a great
students are welcome!
                                                                 Photography Beyond Basics:                                        place to start. Get a taste of the writing life, improve your
                                                                 Fall Color Landscape and City                                     writing skills, and discover new ways to stretch your creative
47385      Online         9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee         Fall landscape colors change from ‘Summer Greens’ to ‘Fall        muscles.
47386      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee         Golds’ - Includes: equipment choice, tripod, heads, filters,      47460      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
47387      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee         light control, composition, flash. Assignments on use color,
                                                                                                                                   47461      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                 contrast, exposure. Term project - final exhibit.
47388      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee                                                                           47463      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                 43544       Willow Cr      WCC 208          6:30pm-9:20pm
                                                                 Thurs       9/29-11/10 Mitchell             $149, $20 Fee         47464      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
Photoshop for Photographers: Basic
                                                                 Field trips 10/9, 10/23, 11/6.
The basic level is for photographers with some Photoshop                                                                           Wordplay: Unlock Your Creativity
experience. Workflow needed to prepare an image for quality      Photography Off the Wall: The Holga Camera                        This one-day workshop is focused on learning to play with
printing. Emphasis on curves, layers, masking and problem        Learn to use the Holga plastic camera. Get back to just you       words, for both writers and non-writers. Through guided
solving. More at                                and light. Fee includes camera, film and misc items. For more     writing exercises and free writes, this is an opportunity to play
44224     SE Center       TABOR 124         10am-12:20pm         information:                                 with the English language and channel creativity.
Sat       10/8-12/10      Hilton            $119, $10 Fee        48013      SE Center      TABOR 131         6pm-8:20pm            45621      Willow Cr       WCC 204            10am-1:50pm
No class 11/26.                                                  Mon        9/26-10/10     Riches            $59, $45 Fee          Sat        10/15           Monson             $39

                                                                Community Education Classes
                                              To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                      19
                      Creative arts
ONLINE CLASS:                                                        Fiction Writing and Novels                                        ONLINE CLASS: Write Your Life Story
Writeriffic: Creativity Training for Writers                                                                                           Writing the story of your life can heal, inspire, and entertain.
Banish writer’s block with tips from a published writer. Liberate    Novel Writing 101                                                 Only you can do it. Move quickly through the process from
your imaginative and inventive ideas on paper. Achieve your          Develop your idea into a compelling storyline and create          idea to complete manuscript, writing like a pro. Your story will
dream of hearing your writer’s voice and writing what’s in your      characters, dialog, and narrative action that moves into acts.    become a treasured gift.
heart and head.                              Learn to write scene to scene and explore best selling genres.    47470      Online          9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee
47452      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee           42285     SE Port          MTTACS 210         7pm-9pm             47471      Online          10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee
47453      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee           Tues      10/4-11/29       Oakley             $79, $12 Fee        47472      Online          11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee
47454      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee           No class 11/22.                                                   47473      Online          12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee
47455      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee           45590      Willow Cr       WCC 211            6pm-7:50pm
                                                                     Thurs      10/6-11/3       Cromwell           $69                 Editing and Publishing
ONLINE CLASS: Writing Essentials
                                                                     ONLINE CLASS: Write Fiction like a Pro                              ONLINE CLASS:
Master the essentials of writing! Hone the skills needed to
communicate clearly on the job, express yourself fluently            Do you have an idea for a novel or short story burning in your    Beginner’s Guide to Getting Published
online, and show off your creative literary talents. Hands-on        mind, but can’t seem to get it on paper? A Hollywood writer       Your success will be determined by the amount of credibility
activities support your new skills.          and author teaches you how professional writers use outlines      publishers attach to you and your work. Properly format
                                                                     to structure any type of story.           manuscripts, write irresistible query letters, and submit your
47465      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee                                                                             work to the publishers who want it.
                                                                     47456      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
47466      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee                                                                   
                                                                     47457      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
47468      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee                                                                             47406      Online          9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47458      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
47469      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee                                                                             47407      Online          10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47459      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                       47408      Online          11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee
Writing Your Authentic Life:
                                                                        Writing Children’s Literature                                  47409      Online          12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee
A Weekend Writing Workshop
We will gather to explore how the stories we tell ourselves          Practical information on writing and publishing children’s
                                                                     literature by a published author. Specific writing techniques,    ONLINE CLASS: Grammar Refresher
create our experience of reality. Sculpt space in your life to
                                                                     how to get started, how to approach publishers. Bring to class    Revive your lost or forgotten knowledge of English
identify your limiting, outdated stories. Create new stories that
                                                                     a favorite children’s book.                                       grammar and gain confidence in your ability to produce
support you! No writing experience necessary.
                                                                                                                                       clean, grammatically correct documents and speeches.
47293      Sylvania        CC SPRUCE          6:30pm-8:50pm          44268      Willow Cr       WCC 211            6:30pm-8:20pm
Fri        10/7            Thompson                                  Tues       10/1-11/8       Monson             $79
                                                                                                                                       47402      Online          9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee
and        Sylvania        CC SPRUCE          10am-3:50pm
Sat        10/8            Thompson           $69                    ONLINE CLASS: Writing for Children                                47403      Online          10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     Join a published children’s author and discover how you           47404      Online          11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee
Writing for Profit for the Internet                                  can touch the hearts of children by creating books for them.      47405      Online          12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee
Make money in electronic publishing. Moving from a paper             Perfect for the beginning or already successful writer!
driven industry to profitable opportunities: writing for eZines,                                           ONLINE CLASS:
websites and online magazines to creating your own eBooks            47448      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee        The Keys to Effective Editing
and products for the Kindle, iPhone and iPad.                        47449      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee        Learn the fundamentals for fiction and nonfiction. Includes
43589      Sylvania        SS 211             6:30pm-8:50pm          47450      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee        recent advances, self-editing tools for writers, the language of
Wed        10/5-10/26      Fast               $69                                                                                      editing, grammar, punctuation, syntax, relationships between
                                                                     47451      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                       editor, author, and publisher.
                                                                                                                                       47398      Online          9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                           ONLINE CLASS:
                                                                     A Writer’s Guide to Descriptive Settings                          47399      Online          10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     It is said that the best writing comes when you write             47400      Online          11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     what you know. Become well-prepared to convert your               47401      Online          12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     everyday observations and experiences into believable
                                                                     characters, memorable settings, and vivid descriptions.
                                                                     47474      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47475      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47476      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47478      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee

                                                                     Write Your Life Story
                                                                     Learn writing techniques that will turn your life story into an
                                                                     interesting and treasured gift for your family and friends. For
                                                                     beginning and continuing students.
                                                                     44209      Sylvania        AM 125             6pm-7:50pm
                                                                     Tues       10/4-11/22      Luff               $79
                                                                     43699      Tigard          TIGSRC             9am-11am
                                                                     Wed        9/28-11/16      Gibson             $79, $5 Fee
                                                                     43701     Tigard           TIGSRC             10am-12pm                 ONLINE CLASS:
      Writing Children's Literature                                  Thurs     9/29-11/17       Gibson             $79, $5 Fee
                                                                                                                                             Beginner’s Guide to Getting Published
                                                                     No class 11/11, 11/25.

                                                                    Community Education Classes
20             Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
   Home & garden                                                                                                                       topics:

                                                                                                                                       PAGE 21
Looking for the expert help you need to                                                                                                Food and Wine
accomplish your home improvement and
gardening projects? Ideas and inspirations                                                                                             David’s Vegetarian Cooking Series Part I
for that perfect holiday gift or project for                                                                                           David’s Vegetarian Cooking Series Part II
those long winter nights? You will find all
                                                                                                                                       You and Julia! French Cooking Series
of this and more in our Home and Garden
offerings for fall term.                                                                                                               Fresh and Healthy
As all you gardeners know, fall is not a                                                                                               Fermentation Science
time of rest. There is a lot to do and our                                                                                             Wine Appreciation
Home Gardening Series will tell you how to
                                                                                                                                       Connoisseur of Oregon Wines Series
winterize your yard, prune those trees and
shrubs, and plant bulbs that will give you a
spring surprise.                                                                                                                       PAGE 24
If a hands-on experience is more to your                                                                                               Green Living
liking, our Connoisseur of Oregon Wine
Series will offer you the exciting once a year
opportunity to participate in the picking                                                                                              PAGE 24
and processing of the fruit from an estate                                                                                             Horticulture
vineyard. You can even learn how a 1976                                                                                                Home Gardening Series with Rod Smith
class planted a vineyard!
We have expanded our quilting offerings this
                                                                                                                                       PAGE 25
fall to meet the needs of both the beginner
and the more advanced quilter. Come learn                                                                                              Hobbies and Crafts
to make a variety of beautiful quilts, the                       Name:
                                                                                                                                       Knitting, Quilting, and Fabric Arts
perfect gift. You can also participate in a                      Laura McCray
                                                                                                                                       Unique Interest
class project to create a quilt for Project                      Area of Expertise:                                                    Wood Crafts
Linus whose mission is to provide security to                    Home and Garden
kids via blankets.
                                                                 Last Community Education class I took:
Whether you are interested in learning how                                                                                             PAGE 26
                                                                 Mandarin Chinese
to grow mushrooms in a bucket, starting a                                                                                              Home Improvement
family-run winery, finding out how to use a                      Favorite Halloween treat:
planisphere, or cook that perfect omelet,                        Apple Cider                                                           Hardwood Floors
join us this fall for a learning adventure.                      My favorite quote:                                                    Home Repair Series
                                                                 “Never mistake motion for action.” ~                                  Upholstery
See you in class!
                                                                 Ernest Hemmingway
Laura McCray
Home and Garden                                                  Contact Information:                                                  PAGE 27
Program Coordinator                                    
                                                                                                                                       Welding and Metal Work

                          Food                                   Chocolate Creations
                                                                 Want to immerse yourself in your favorite “food group?” Make
                                                                                                                                   Foods of Southern France
                                                                                                                                   Create Southern French food with the abandon of a region
                          and Wine                               your own Mexican hot chocolate, chocolate liqueur, chocolate      soaked in sun, surrounded by the sea, and flowing with olive
                                                                                                                                   oil. Bouillabaisse, Moules, Salade Nicoise, Ratatouille are
                                                                 dessert balls, plus additional sweet and savory surprises.
                          Have a question?                                                                                         featured in our one-night feast. Save room for lemon dessert!
                                                                 Perfect for gift-giving, entertaining, or self-indulgence!
                          Call 971-722-6266 or visit                                                                               45568     Beaverton     CEDRPK C13         6pm-8:30pm
                                  45154      Beaverton      CEDRPK C13         6:30pm-9pm           Thurs     11/3          Brauer             $29, $4 Fee
                                                                 Wed        11/16          Darzes             $29, $24 Fee         $20 payable to “Robin Brauer Catering.”
A Night in Tuscany
Thick soups and stews with creative crostini, creamy risottos,   Chocolate: From Nature to Nurture                                         From the Garden to the Table
                                                                                                                                   Make full use of your garden potential and its produce. No
spaghetti bolognese, and mouth-watering desserts will quickly    Join us on a delicious exploration into the world of chocolate.
                                                                                                                                   matter the time of year you can plant and harvest. Come taste
have you speaking Italian. Mangia!                               Uncover its history, health benefits, and more. There will        samples of Portland’s bounty with Jean Johnson, the Measure
                                                                 be many tastings along the way. Make your next piece of           Free Hippie Cook, and leave with seeds to plant.
45567     Beaverton     CEDRPK C13         6pm-8:30pm
                                                                 chocolate more intellectually and gastronomically rewarding!
Thurs     10/27         Brauer             $29, $4 Fee                                                                             48082     Metro Ctr     PMWTC1 132        1pm-3:50pm
$20 payable to “Robin Brauer Catering.”                          45132      Beaverton      CEDRPK C13         6:30pm-9pm           Sat       10/8          Johnson           $29
                                                                 Wed        11/9           Darzes             $29, $24 Fee         $6 payable to “Measure Free Hippie Cook, 76th Ave Press.”
                      Home and garden
         Gluten Free Cooking                                                                                                              Bistro Classics
Join Chef Wes Hannah and “The Blossoming Lotus” staff as                                                                                  Better and simpler than beef stew? Bewitching Boeuf
you learn how to prepare delicious and exciting food without           David’s Vegan                                                      Bourguignon with delightful pearl onions! Follow with a
gluten. This class offers alternatives for those who are gluten        Cooking Series: Part II                                            trussed, roast chicken and contemplate if a come-hither
intolerant or simply interested in changing their diet.                                                                                   chocolate mousse might be just too much!
48081       NE Port         BLOTUS             6pm-8pm                 David’s Vegan Cooking Series Part II                               45564     Beaverton     CEDRPK C13          6pm-8:30pm
Tues        10/25-11/1      Hannah             $29, $40 Fee            Register for this class to enroll in the series at a discount.     Thurs     10/6          Brauer              $29, $4 Fee
                                                                       42276     Willow Cr     WCC 209                10am-4:50pm         $20 payable to “Robin Brauer Catering.”
Vegan 101: The Basics                                                  Sat       11/5          Gabbe
Chef Wes Hannah of “The Blossoming Lotus” explores the                 and       Willow Cr     WCC 209                10am-4:50pm         Fireside Romance
infinite possibilities of vegan and raw alternatives to traditional    Sat       11/19         Gabbe                  $75                 Savor French Onion soup and kiss, but don’t tell your secrets!
world cuisine. Learn how to create tasty baked goods, side             $40 payable to “David Gabbe.”                                      Rich scalloped potatoes and even richer Coquilles St. Jacques
dishes and entrees in this hands-on class.                                                                                                only lead to tarte citron aux amandes, but who’s counting?
48077       NE Port         BLOTUS             6pm-8pm                 Cheese and Milk Vegan Style                                        45565     Beaverton     CEDRPK C13          6pm-8:30pm
Tues        9/27-10/4       Hannah             $29, $40 Fee            Hooked on cheese? Need milk? It’s easy to make delicious and       Thurs     10/13         Brauer              $29, $4 Fee
                                                                       economical hard blocks of cheese and rich-tasting milks using      $20 payable to “Robin Brauer Catering.”
                                                                       only non-dairy wholefood ingredients. No fancy equipment
                                                                       needed - just a blender. Gluten and cholesterol-free, too.         Sleepy Weekends
                                                                       42279     Willow Cr     WCC 209                10am-12:50pm        Take a fast and easy omelet to bed to plot your desirous
David’s Vegan                                                                                                                             thoughts of the evening’s sole meuniere or perhaps, a
                                                                       Sat       11/5          Gabbe                  $29
Cooking Series: Part I                                                 $10 payable to “David Gabbe.”                                      succulent leg of lamb would entice?
Many people feel uncertain how to cook beans and whole
                                                                                                                                          45566     Beaverton     CEDRPK C13          6pm-8:30pm
grains, how to plan vegan menus, what and how much to eat,
                                                                       Vegan Bites with Beans and Grains                                  Thurs     10/20         Brauer              $29, $4 Fee
and where to get protein, calcium, and iron. Not to worry!
                                                                       Beans and whole grains are among the most wholesome                $20 payable to “Robin Brauer Catering.”
David will cover it all in this fun, fact-filled vegan cooking
                                                                       foods around. Combined with other natural ingredients, these
series. All recipes are gluten-free and cholesterol-free.
                                                                       humble staples can provide a world of exciting dishes that are
                                                                       low-fat, gluten-free, and cholesterol-free. Come hungry!
David’s Vegan Cooking Series Part I
                                                                       42278     Willow Cr     WCC 209                2pm-4:50pm
Register for this class to enroll in the series at a discount.
                                                                       Sat       11/5          Gabbe                  $29
41968     Willow Cr     WCC 209                6pm-8:50pm              $10 payable to “David Gabbe.”
Wed       10/5-10/26 Gabbe                     $75
$40 payable to “David Gabbe.”                                          Vegan Adventures with Tempeh
                                                                       Tempeh is one of the most nutritious and digestible foods on
Vegan Adventures with Tofu                                             earth. This fermented soyfood has a chewy texture and rich,
Are you unsure what to do with tofu? Or are you looking for            mushroom flavor that makes it a fine meat substitute. See how
ways to transform it into new dishes? Come learn all about             to prepare savory, gluten and cholesterol-free dishes.
tofu and watch how easy it is to prepare low-fat, gluten-free,
                                                                       45574     Willow Cr     WCC 209                10am-12:50pm
cholesterol-free, vegan meals with tofu. Come hungry!
                                                                       Sat       11/19         Gabbe                  $29
41969     Willow Cr     WCC 209                6pm-8:50pm              $10 payable to “David Gabbe.”
Wed       10/5          Gabbe                  $29
$10 payable to “David Gabbe.”                                          Vegan Cooking with Greens
                                                                       Greens can provide significant protection against cancer and
David’s Vegan Kitchen                                                  osteoporosis. Come see how such greens as calcium-rich
Join us as we explore soy foods, beans and whole grains and            collards, kale, and broccoli can be turned into savory, low-fat,
see how quick and easy it is to prepare a medley of delicious,         gluten-free, and cholesterol-free dishes. Come hungry!
budget-friendly, gluten-free, cholesterol-free dishes – including
                                                                       42277     Willow Cr     WCC 209                2pm-4:50pm
yummy desserts. Bring your appetite!
                                                                       Sat       11/19         Gabbe                  $29
44278     Willow Cr     WCC 209                6pm-8:50pm              $10 payable to “David Gabbe.”
Wed       10/12         Gabbe                  $29
$10 payable to “David Gabbe.”

Gluten-Free: Healthy and Vegan
Many Americans feel better after eliminating gluten. It’s easy to      You and Julia!
bake scrumptious cakes, cookies, and breads---all gluten and           French Cooking Series
dairy-free, and made without refined flours, starches, eggs,           Bring French passion into your life and your cooking through
animal fat, or white sugar. Come hungry!                               the joyful inspiration of Julia Child’s mastered recipes. Savory
44279     Willow Cr     WCC 209                6pm-8:50pm              Boeuf Bourguignon, silky Crème Brûlée, and versatile, but
Wed       10/19         Gabbe                  $29                     tricky omelettes, will tempt you into Coquilles St. Jacques and
$10 payable to “David Gabbe.”                                          seduce you to taste Reine de Saba. Robin Brauer, Portland
                                                                       caterer and cooking teacher, creates dishes in the spirit of
Vegan Thanksgiving                                                     Julia’s joie de vivre with humor and plenty of food to share.
Preparing a Vegan Thanksgiving dinner is easy. A delicious             Bon Appétit!
menu, rich in color, texture, and flavor. All low-fat, gluten-free,
and cholesterol-free. All can be made ahead of time allowing              You and Julia! French Cooking Series
you to set a festive and relaxed table. Come hungry!                   Register for this class to enroll in the series at a discount.
42280     Willow Cr     WCC 209                6pm-8:50pm              45563     Beaverton     CEDRPK C13             6pm-8:30pm
Wed       10/26         Gabbe                  $29                     Thurs     10/6-10/20 Brauer                    $49, $8 Fee
                                                                                                                                                You and Julia! French Cooking Series
$10 payable to “David Gabbe.”                                          $60 payable to “Robin Brauer Catering.”

                                                                      Community Education Classes
22              Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                                                     Home and garden
                                                                      Wine Appreciation
                                                                      Students must be 21 years old or older to participate in
Fresh and Healthy Kitchen                                             classes serving alcohol.
A wonderful opportunity to get new ideas and interact with
Registered Dieticians from OHSU Center for Women’s Health.            Wines of Australia and New Zealand
Bring all your nutrition questions and be ready for a fresh           Take your palate to Australia and New Zealand- the next up
outlook in the kitchen.                                               and coming region. Learn about the varieties, specialties and
                                                                      geography that influence the wine making.
         Is Raw Right for You?
Explore the uncooked, unprocessed world of raw foods.                 40658     SW Port        STROHK              7pm-9pm
Registered dietitians will discuss the basic principles, benefits,    Wed       9/21-10/5      Hansen              $45
and challenges. Learn to incorporate raw food snacks, entrees,        $69 fee payable to “Strohecker’s.”
and desserts in your diet. Taste the RAWvolution!
47221      SW Port         OHSUWC KITCH 6pm-8pm                              Wines of Northern France:
Thurs      10/13           Gutgsell     $29, $5 Fee                   Loire, Alsace, and Champagne
                                                                      Loire is the most diverse region of French wines; reds, whites,
         Winter Veggie Wonderland                                     rosés, and desserts. Champagne is Champagne. And the
Selecting, preparing, and serving winter vegetables can be a          Alsatian region boasts some of the most opulent wines of
daunting task. Registered dietitians will discuss a variety of        the north.
dishes that make eating winter vegetables fun. Surprise your          43582     SW Port        STROHK              7pm-9pm
friends and family with new, tasty and festive dishes.                Wed       10/12-10/26 Hansen                 $45
47262      SW Port         OHSUWC KITCH 6pm-8pm                       $69 fee payable at “Strohecker’s.”
Thurs      10/20           Miller       $29, $5 Fee
                                                                         Wines of Tuscany
         Politics of the Gut                                          Explore the many faces of Tuscany, Chianti, Brunello, Vino
Can food policies give you a belly ache? Politically active           Noble and the super Tuscans.
dietitians discuss how policy affects your everyday choices,
                                                                      47955     SW Port        STROHK              7pm-9pm
mood, and health. Discover new options for making wise food
                                                                      Wed       11/2-11/16 Hansen                  $45
choices and menu items that put a dent in the status quo.
                                                                      $69 fee payable to “Strohecker’s.”
47220      SW Port         OHSUWC KITCH 6pm-8pm
Thurs      11/3            Copen        $29, $5 Fee                                                                                           Wines of Tuscany

Fermentation Science                                                  Connoisseur of
Students must be 21 years old or older to participate in
classes serving alcohol.
                                                                      Oregon Wines Series                                                     A History of Oregon Wine:
                                                                                                                                        Patrick McElligott at Medici
                                                                      Some of the finest minds in Oregon wine will explain the
                                                                                                                                        In over 30 years in the Oregon wine business, Patrick has seen
Hands-On Beer:                                                        nuts and bolts of tasting room etiquette, building a wine
                                                                                                                                        it all. We’ll get a history lesson and info you’ve never heard
The History and Art of Brewing                                        business, geology, vineyard management, decisions involved
                                                                                                                                        before, including how a 1976 PCC class planted Hal Medici’s
Professional Brewmaster, Chris Oslin, takes you on a beer             in winemaking, and much more. Taste the fruits of their
journey through the art, history and practice of all-grain            labors and learn what it takes to make exceptional Oregon
brewing! Includes sample brew and completion award!                   wine. Students must be 21 years old or older to participate in    47232      Newberg        NBMED             10am-12pm
Bring clean 22 oz capped water bottle to capture your                 classes serving alcohol.                                          Sat        10/15          Johnson           $29
finished product!
                                                                               Connoisseur of Oregon Wines Series                            An Actual Winemaking Experience:
48235      Willow Cr       WCC 222            6pm-7:50pm
                                                                      Register for this class to enroll in the series at a discount.    Dean Fisher, ADEA
Thurs      10/6            Oslin
                                                                      Series held at six locations including Resonance, Le Cadeau,      Participate in picking and processing the fruit from Dean and
and        Hillsboro       BREWBR             9am-3pm
                                                                      Medici/Sineann, ADEA, Ayres and Arterberry Maresh.                Ann’s estate vineyard. Come prepared to work and play and
Sat        10/8            Oslin
                                                                                                                                        see firsthand how the process comes together. A favorite in
and        Hillsboro       BREWBR             10am-12pm               47222     Carlton        RESNCE              10am-12pm            past years.
Sat        10/22           Oslin              $69, $10 Fee            Sat       10/1-12/3      Johnson             $139
48236      Willow Cr       WCC 208            6pm-7:50pm              No class 10/29, 11/5, 11/19 and 11/26.                            47234      Gaston         ADEA              10am-12pm
Thurs      11/17           Oslin                                                                                                        Sat        10/22          Johnson           $29
and        Hillsboro       BREWBR             9am-3pm                       Role of Vineyard Management:
Sat        11/19           Oslin                                                                                                              Starting a Family-Run Winery:
                                                                      Kevin Chambers, Resonance                                         Brad McLeroy, Ayres
and        Hillsboro       BREWBR             10am-12pm               We’ll tour the vineyard with a master of vineyard management/
Sat        12/3            Oslin              $69, $10 Fee                                                                              Brad will describe what is involved in running a family
                                                                      viticulture and discuss the difference between a good vineyard    winery where farming, winemaking and marketing are all done
                                                                      and a great one; what factors into the quality equation?          by just a few individuals. “We grow it. We make it. We live it.
Beer Recipe Formulation
                                                                      Outdoor class.                                                    We love it.”
Professional Brewmaster, Chris Oslin, provides an introduction
and explanation of beer styles and how to formulate brewing           47223      Carlton        RESNCE             10am-12pm            47235      Newberg        AYRES             10am-12pm
recipes to replicate these styles.                                    Sat        10/1           Johnson            $29                  Sat        11/12          Johnson           $29
48234      Willow Cr       WCC 208            6pm-7:50pm
Wed        12/7            Oslin              $29                          A Unique Winemaking Philosophy:                                   A Winemaking Dynasty:
                                                                      Tom Mortimer, Le Cadeau                                           Jim Maresh, Arterberry Maresh
                                                                      Visit the estate vineyard where pinot noir is harvested from      A 3rd generation Yamhill County winemaker, Jim will discuss
    Check out our website and blog!                                   4 sections, then each is made into a cuvee by a different         his upbringing in the Oregon wine culture, experiences in
                                                                      winemaker, 2 in Oregon and 2 in California. Learn the benefits    creating his own winery and label, and making his own mark                                             of this method.                                                   in the business.
                                                                      47224      Newberg        CADEAU             10am-12pm            47245      Dundee         ARTMAR            10am-12pm
                                                                      Sat        10/8           Johnson            $29                  Sat        12/3           Johnson           $29

                                                                     Community Education Classes
                                                To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                       23
                      Home and garden
                           Green Living                                                        Horticulture                          Trees, Shrubs and Roses
                                                                                                                                     Find out which trees and shrubs are appropriate for our soil,
                           Have a question?                                                    Have a question?                      climate, different light, and street appeal. Don’t miss the
                           Call 971-722-6266 or visit                                          Call 971-722-6266 or visit            lecture on care of precious roses - a real pride in NW yards.
                                                                       48237      Willow Cr       WCC 222            7pm-8:50pm
                                                                                                                                     Tues       10/4            Smith              $29

Wind Energy:                                                       Ikebana Flower Design
                                                                   Express your artistic creativity by learning classical Japanese   Annuals, Perennials, and Bulbs
This Class Will Blow You Away!
                                                                   flower arranging techniques. With flowers of the season,          Make the most of color throughout the year by learning what
Explore wind energy possibilities for residential applications.
                                                                   create beautiful arrangements that provide a basis for lifetime   plants go where at the right time. Plant bulbs that will give you
Dan Jaynes, wind energy expert, offers this unique intro
                                                                   enjoyment.                                                        a spring surprise.
into the world of turbine siting and procurement, permits,
installation, interconnection and cost benefit analysis.           48231      Willow Cr      WCC 212           10am-11:50am          43585      Willow Cr       WCC 222            7pm-8:50pm
                                                                   Sat        10/8-11/5      Hideko            $69, $25 Fee          Tues       10/25           Smith              $29
45582      Willow Cr       WCC 206            6:30pm-8:20pm
Tues       10/18           Jaynes             $29                  Bring shallow container, pin frog, and garden scissors.
                                                                                                                                     Lawn Care
Earthen Plasters                                                            Mushrooms in a Bucket                                    Learn how to keep your lawn in top form year round,
Bored with plain old painted sheetrock? Put natural texture        Learn how to cultivate mushrooms in a bucket. They can            and discover how to take care of problem areas.
into your walls with the unique, natural, soothing, warm look      be grown with a wide variety of plants using a companion
                                                                                                                                     43586      Willow Cr       WCC 222            7pm-8:50pm
of earthen plaster. It’s much more fun than painting!              planting strategy. Students will learn how to create the right
                                                                                                                                     Tues       11/1            Smith              $29
                                                                   growing conditions (in a bucket) for mushrooms.
48022     SE Center      TABOR 133        12:30pm-4:50pm
Sat       10/1           Howard           $29                      48241       Beaverton       FARMTN             1pm-3pm
                                                                                                                                     Growing Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs
$40 payable to “Earthen Hand Natural Building.”                    Sat         9/24            Weiss              $29, $35 Fee
                                                                                                                                     Get tips on planting successful vegetable and herb gardens
                                                                                                                                     and fruit trees that will yield your favorite crops.
Get Dirty! Create Your Own Earthen Paints                              Organic Backyard Beekeeping
                                                                   Honey bees are a wonderful addition to any garden. Learn the      43587      Willow Cr       WCC 222            7pm-8:50pm
Create durable, beautiful, inexpensive earthen paints to
                                                                   basics of backyard beekeeping using only organic techniques       Tues       11/8            Smith              $29
enhance your home. Earthen paints are non-toxic, easy to
apply, easy to maintain, and are planet friendly. This hands-on    for gentle bees. Topics include equipment, how to acquire
class includes global examples of earthen building methods.        bees, what to do inside the hive. Take an apiary field trip.      Insects and Diseases
                                                                   45476       SE Center    SCOTT 204             6pm-8:50pm         Discover safe and easy ways to rid your garden of insects
45477     SE Center      TABOR 133        9am-11:50am
                                                                   Fri         10/7         Andresen                                 and disease.
Sat       11/5           Howard           $29
$40 payable to “Earthen Hand Natural Building.”                    and         Off Campus Location                2pm-3pm            43588      Willow Cr       WCC 222            7pm-8:50pm
                                                                   Sat         10/8         Andresen              $49                Tues       11/15           Smith              $29
         Introduction to Electric Vehicles
An electric vehicle (EV) uses one or more electric motors for         Traditional Flower Arranging
propulsion. Learn more about EVs like the Nissan Leaf, plug-in     Create professional looking centerpieces, frontal arrangements,
hybrid-electric vehicles like the Toyota Prius and Chevy Volt,     wedding bouquets and corsages. Also, make lovely natural
EV charging stations, and economics of EV ownership.               arrangements from your own backyard. Bring flowers to add to
                                                                   the flowers provided. Supply list given at first class.
48142      Metro Ctr       PMWTC1 132         6:30pm-7:50pm
Thurs      10/6            Currington         $29                  48024       SE Center       TABOR HALL         10am-12:50pm
                                                                   Fri         10/21           Karlsson
                                                                   and         SE Center       TABOR HALL         10am-12:50pm
                                                                   Sat         10/22           Karlsson
                                                                   and         SE Center       TABOR HALL         10am-12:50pm
                                                                   Fri         10/28           Karlsson
                                                                   and         SE Center       TABOR HALL         10am-12:50pm
                                                                   Sat         10/29           Karlsson           $59, $43 Fee

                                                                   Home Gardening Series
                                                                   with Rod Smith
                                                                   Series taught by nursery professional Rod Smith. Acquire
                                                                   gardening knowledge that will produce beautiful results.            name Glen Andresen
                                                                   Home Gardening Series with Rod Smith                                Class Organic Backyard Beekeeping
                                                                   Register for this class to enroll in the series at a discount.
                                                                                                                                       about Glen’s life changed in
                                                                   43583     Willow Cr      WCC 222          7pm-8:50pm                unimagined ways when an old-time
                                                                   Tues      9/27-11/29 Smith                $79                       beekeeper taught him the art, craft
                                                                   No class 10/11, 10/18. $11 payable to “Rod’s Garden.”
                                                                                                                                       and science of keeping bees…and
                                                                                                                                       so began a lifetime fascination with
                                                                   Landscape Design
                                                                                                                                       the wonder and magic of honey bees.
                                                                   Learn how to develop an individualized plan for your
                                                                   yard. Learn about landscape styles and arranging plant
                                                                                                                                       Glen has been keeping bees in his
                                                                   combinations to fit your needs.                                     own backyard since 1992. Last year,
                                                                                                                                       his bees produced more than 3,000
                                                                   43584       Willow Cr       WCC 222            7pm-8:50pm
      Traditional Flower Arranging                                                                                                     pounds of honey.
                                                                   Tues        9/27            Smith              $29

                                                                  Community Education Classes
24             Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                                                Home and garden
Pruning                                                          Garment Sewing Basics                                                      French Braid Quilt: Intermediate
Learn when, what, where, and how to cut plantings for the        Learn fundamentals of garment construction and how to             The French Braid quilt is graceful and elegant and looks harder
best results.                                                    read and work with commercial patterns as you sew a simple        than it is. In this class, you’ll get guidance on selecting colors
44276      Willow Cr      WCC 222           7pm-8:50pm           garment. Fee includes required kit. Sewing machines available     for your own quilt, as well as step by step assistance to build
Tues       11/22          Smith             $29                  for class use.                                                    the “run” of colors in each braid.
                                                                 47954      SW Port       COMTHR              6:45pm-8:45pm        47395     SE Center      TABOR 137      2pm-3:50pm
Winterizing Your Yard                                                                                                              Sat       10/29          Turley
                                                                 Wed        11/30-12/21 Dickson               $59, $35 Fee
Great information on preparing your lawn and garden for the                                                                        and       SE Center      TABOR 137      9am-11:50am
                                                                 Prerequisite: Suddenly You’re Sewing!
cold weather ahead. Your yard will be ready and protected for                                                                      Sat       11/12          Turley|
the winter season.                                                                                                                 and       SE Center      TABOR 137      9am-11:50am
44277      Willow Cr      WCC 222           7pm-8:50pm           Sewing Made Easy                                                  Sat       12/3           Turley         $45
Tues       11/29          Smith             $29                  Build confidence and befriend your machine! Gain skills you’ll    $25 payable to “Needle and Thread Memories.”
                                                                 need to complete sewing projects and make real clothes.
                                                                 Complete an apron, robe, pajamas and more. Bring your                      Holiday Table Runners: Beginning
                                                                 functioning sewing machine. Call 971-722-6185 for supply list.    Table runners, for you or as a gift, can perk up the holiday
                                                                                                                                   season. Learn about the basics of quilting while setting the
                          Hobbies                                48233
                                                                           Beaverton     MONTA2
                                                                           10/4-12/13 Ross
                                                                                                              $135, $10 Fee
                                                                                                                                   scene with the fabrics of your choice. Basic patterns and some
                                                                                                                                   supplies will be provided.
                          and Crafts                             $75 payable to “Peggy Ross Studio.”
                                                                                                                                   48209      Willow Cr       WCC 207            9am-11:50am
                                                                 47391     SE Port       MONTAV               6pm-8:30pm           Sat        10/15           Baynton
                          Have a question?
                                                                 Mon       10/3-12/12 Ross                    $135, $10 Fee        and        Willow Cr       WCC 207            9am-11:50am
                          Call 971-722-6266 or visit
                                                                 $75 payable to “Peggy Ross Studio.”                               Sat        10/29           Baynton            $35, $10 Fee
                                                                                                                                            Project Linus Quilts: Beginning
Sewing                                                                    Sewing: Beyond Beginning                                 Learn quilting techniques and connect with other aspiring
                                                                 Learn more sewing skills and professional detailing as you        quilters while supporting Project Linus’ mission of providing
Sewing Basics                                                    create one simple garment and one home décor project.             security to kids via blankets. Class project - a quilt donated to
Do you own a sewing machine but don’t know how to use it?        Fee includes required kit. Sewing machines are available          Project Linus. You keep the skills and friendships.
Do you want the confidence to sit down at your machine and       for class use.                                                    48210      Willow Cr       WCC 209            9am-11:50am
sew your own clothes? This class is for you! You’ll learn the    47953      SW Port       COMTHR              6:45pm-8:45pm        Sat        9/17-10/1       Chevalier          $49, $10 Fee
basics of sewing, including reading a commercial pattern.        Wed        10/26-11/16 Dickson               $59, $35 Fee
44266      NE Port        HWSC              6pm-8:30pm           Prerequisite: Suddenly You’re Sewing!                                      Quilting: It’s All About the Points
Mon        9/26-11/14     Kennedy           $99, $30 Fee                                                                           Create a sampler as a wall-sized hanging or lap-sized quilt,
                                                                                                                                   making points using the Strip Piecing (or Paper Piecing)
Suddenly You’re Sewing!                                          Knitting, Quilting and Fabric Arts                                method. We’ll take the mystery out of perfect points. It’s a
Start with sewing machine basics, and build skills reading                                                                         great time to think about making a gift for the holidays!
patterns and exploring tools and techniques that make sewing     Knitting: All Levels                                              45315     Cascade      TH 100            9am-11:50am
fun. Make a new project each week. Fee includes required kit.    Designed for all levels. Beginners, bring size eight needles      Sat       10/22        Engstrom
Sewing machines available for class use.                         and light colored worsted wool to learn basic stitches and        and       Cascade      TH 100            9am-11:50am
                                                                                                                                   Sat       11/5         Engstrom
45278      SW Port        COMTHR            6:45pm-8:45pm        complete a project. Experienced students will have assistance
                                                                                                                                   and       Cascade      TH 100            9am-11:50am
Wed        9/28-10/19     Dickson           $59, $45 Fee         with ongoing projects.
                                                                                                                                   Sat       11/19        Engstrom          $69
45279      SW Port     COMTHR               1pm-3pm              44283     Beaverton       WHITFD A6          7pm-9pm              Bring own sewing machine. Call 971-722-5205 for supply list.
Mon        11/21-12/12 Dickson              $59, $45 Fee         Thurs     9/29-12/8       Carlo              $99, $8 Fee
                                                                 No class 11/24.
                                                                                                                                   Unique Interest
                                                                 42943      SE Center      TABOR HALL         6:30pm-8:20pm
                                                                 Mon        9/26-11/28     Carlo              $99                  American Mah Jongg
                                                                                                                                   Bams, Cracks, Dots, Jokers, Flowers, Dragons, Winds! No, it’s
                                                                                                                                   not a new foreign language. Learn an increasingly popular tile
                                                                 Pendleton Wool Rug Crochet
                                                                                                                                   game with an experienced instructor. Become experienced in
                                                                 Create a one-of-a-kind, beautiful, thick and comfy pile rug for
                                                                                                                                   no time so you can play anywhere.
                                                                 any room in the house from our large sampling of Pendleton
                                                                 wool selvages. You won’t believe how fast the time flies!         44292      Tigard          TIGSRC             6:45pm-8:45pm
                                                                                                                                   Tues       10/4-11/8       Honigstock         $59, $5 Fee
                                                                 47389     Milwaukie PWMILL                10am-12pm               48232      Willow Cr       WCC 310            1pm-2:50pm
                                                                 Sat       11/12         Fisher            $29                     Tues       10/4-11/8       Lewis              $59
                                                                 $25 payable to “Pendleton Woolen Mill Store.”
                                                                                                                                   Astronomy: Beginning
                                                                 Quilting for Beginners and Beyond                                 Investigate our solar system and the Milky Way galaxy. Learn
                                                                 If you’ve always dreamt of making a quilt, this class is for      about star and galaxy identification, use of a planisphere, star
                                                                 you. Learn vocabulary, tricks, and techniques for cutting and     magnitudes and eclipse. Includes evening field trip.
                                                                 sewing to create a small quilt top of your own.
                                                                                                                                   44227      Willow Cr       WCC 208            6:30pm-8:30pm
                                                                 44291      King City    KCCLUB               9am-1pm              Tues       11/1-12/6       Deal               $59
                                                                 Sat        10/1         Gard
                                                                 and        King City    KCCLUB               9am-1pm                  Check out our website and blog!
                                                                 Sat        10/15        Gard
                                                                 and        King City    KCCLUB               9am-1pm
   Check out page 48 for more fashion                            Sat        10/29-11/5 Gard                   $79
           design courses!                                       Call 971-722-2921 for supply list.

                                                                Community Education Classes
                                              To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                        25
                     Home and garden
Clock Repair                                                       Wood Crafts                                                      Woodworking for Seniors
For beginners and continuing students. Learn to repair your                                                                         Get back in the shop! Refresh and sharpen your woodworking
old mantle or wall clocks from any era. Bring a screwdriver,       Woodworking: Beginning                                           skills for seniors with past experience. Staff assistance with
pliers and clock. No electric, battery or alarm clocks.            Learn basic woodworking tools and technique, planning and        projects and tool use.
                                                                   safety. Covers project planning, wood preparation, sizing,       45586     SE Port          FRAKHS WDSHP 4pm-6pm
45580      Beaverton      SRIDGE E151       7pm-9pm                shaping and sanding, joining and glue-up. Class assigned         Mon       9/26-12/5        Bree         $100, $25 Fee
Tues       9/27-11/15     Pohlpeter         $79, $8 Fee            projects.
                                                                                                                                    No class 11/21.
                                                                   45588     SE Port        FRAKHS WDSHP 6pm-9pm
        Decorating Outside the Box                                 Wed       9/28-12/14 Bree             $149, $25 Fee              Woodworking for Women: All Levels
Have unfinished home décor projects languishing? Feel              No class 10/19, 11/16, 11/23.                                    Learn basic woodworking tools and techniques, planning and
uninspired? Learn design basics and go on five designer “field                                                                      safety. Covers project planning, wood preparation, sizing,
trips” to gain some hands-on experience, insight and practical
                                                                   Advanced Woodworking 201                                         shaping and sanding, joining and glue-up. Class assigned
                                                                   Great hands-on class! Instructor with decades of professional    projects.
guidance to take your projects from theory to reality.
                                                                   experience will share tricks of the trade to help you complete
48091      Central      CLIMB 303           6pm-7:50pm             your projects. Pre-requisite: Basic Woodworking or instructor    45589     SE Port          FRAKHS WDSHP 6pm-9pm
Tues       9/27         Sandall                                    approval.                                                        Mon       9/26-12/5        Bree         $170, $25 Fee
and        Off Campus Location              6pm-7:50pm                                                                              No class 11/21.
                                                                   47943     SW Port       WILSON SHOP 6pm-9pm
Tues       10/4-11/1    Sandall             $59, $35 Fee           Mon       9/26-12/5     Martin           $149, $25 Fee
                                                                                                                                    Your Own Wood Projects
                                                                   No class 11/21. $75 payable to “Martin Models.”
                                                                                                                                    Build your own project using instructor’s years of woodworking
Radio Controlled Aircraft                                                                                                           expertise. Learn the many steps of woodworking, from design,
Interested in RC flight? Join a group of beginners and seasoned    Basic Woodworking 101
                                                                                                                                    layout and lumber selection through milling and trim to final
pilots explaining this hobby. For beginners: equipment and         Can’t quite get it square? Learn tricks of the trade from
                                                                                                                                    finishing. Learn safe use of all major power tools.
instructors. For seasoned pilots: more than enough opinions        a craftsman with 40+ years woodworking experience.
                                                                   Interactive, hands-on class for refining tool use, safety,       45290     Hillsboro        GLENCO SHOP         6pm-9pm
and new friends. This is electric flying at its best.                                                                               Tues      9/27-11/29       Oswald              $149, $45 Fee
                                                                   materials, turning, carving, furniture, and cabinetmaking.
44145     Rock Cr         BLDG5 GYM         6:30pm-8:20pm                                                                           No class 11/23.
                                                                   45284     SW Port       WILSON SHOP 6pm-9pm
Fri       9/30-12/2       Gullberg          $79                    Wed       9/28-12/7     Martin           $149, $25 Fee
No class 11/11, 11/25.                                             No class 11/23. $75 payable to “Martin Model.”

                                                                   Wood Pattern Making and Foundry 301
Small Engine Repair
Learn about small engines from discussions of the theory of
                                                                   Grab this opportunity to work hands-on beside an experienced                                 Improvement
                                                                   journeyman patternmaker to reproduce one-of-a -kind objects                                  Have a question?
operation, electrical, carburetion, and compression systems.
                                                                   in aluminum or bronze. Includes sand casting and pouring.
Run an engine, disassemble, inspect, reassemble, adjust and                                                                                                     Call 971-722-6266 or visit
                                                                   Pre-requisite: Basic Woodworking or instructor approval.
run it again. Later, bring in your own engines to work on.                                                                                            
                                                                   47945      SW Port        WILSON SHOP 6pm-9pm
45591     SE Port         FRAKHS V1         6pm-9pm
                                                                   Thurs      9/29-12/8      Martin           $149, $25 Fee
Tues      9/27-12/6       Bree              $130, $25 Fee
                                                                   No class 11/24. $75 payable to “Martin Models.”
No class 11/22.
                                                                                                                                    Clutter Free for Good
                                                                                                                                    Come learn an amazing process that helps you get rid of
                                                                                                                                    significant clutter issues in 24-hours or less. You will love this

    My PC Series
                                                                                                                                    class! Class includes reusable workbook.
                                                                                                                                    44210      NW Port         FRNHSE              7pm-9pm
                                                                                                                                    Thurs      9/29            Anderson            $29, $20 Fee

                                                                                                                                    Hardwood Floors
    Portland Community College
    Community Education and                                                                                                         Hardwood Floors: Installation Hardwood floors add beauty and
                                                                                                                                    value to your home. From preparing your sub-floor to nailing
    Microsoft are excited to bring                                                                                                  your hardwood down. Whether it’s oak, maple, cherry, or
                                                                                                                                    bamboo, this class guides you to a perfect floor!
    you a fun series of hands-on                                                                                                    42941      NE Port         PERFRM              6:30pm-9:30pm
    workshops.                                                                                                                      Thurs      11/3            Elbon               $29, $15 Fee

                                                                                                                                    Hardwood Floors: Sand and Finish
    These easy, jargon-free computer                                                                                                Thousands of our students have refinished their floors with

    classes are delivered at a pace                                                                                                 the instruction provided in this class! Most refinish their floors
                                                                                                                                    without prior experience. Hands-on demonstration of the
    you can enjoy.                                                                                                                  sanding machines, etc. Do not wear open-toed shoes.

                                                                                                                                    42940      NE Port         PERFRM              6:30pm-9:30pm
    Grab a friend and sign up today!                                                                                                Thurs      10/6            Elbon               $29, $15 Fee

                                                                                                                                        Check out our website and blog!
                  See page 48 for more details.
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                                                                  Community Education Classes
26            Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                                                 Home and garden
                                                                  Install Vinyl Flooring, Carpet,
                                                                  and Plastic Laminate Counter                                                                 Welding and
Home Repair Series                                                42892
                                                                             Metro Ctr
                                                                                            PMWTC2 112
                                                                                                                                                               Metal Work
Learn how to take care of your home in these hands-on                                                                                                          Have a question?
demos. Optional $8 book fee payable to McDonald & Sons            Roof Repair and Siding                                                                       Call 971-722-6266 or visit
Construction at class.                                            42217      Metro Ctr      PMWTC2 112         11am-12:50pm                          
                                                                  Sat        10/22          McDonald           $29
Home Repair Series
Register for this class to enroll in the series at a discount.                                                                      Introduction to Art Wire Welding
                                                                  Tiling Floors and Walls
                                                                                                                                    Develop the artist’s knowledge and skills with wire feed
40568       Metro Ctr       PMWTC2 112         8:30am-12:50pm     44169      Metro Ctr      PMWTC2 112         8:30am-10:20am
                                                                                                                                    welding (GMAW Gas Metal Arc Welding) while exploring
Sat         10/1-10/29      McDonald           $99                Sat        10/29          McDonald           $29
                                                                                                                                    metal sculpture design and construction. No prior welding
                                                                  Earthquake Options                                                experience required. Safety gear required.
Wall Repair
48085       Metro Ctr       PMWTC2 112         8:30am-10:20am     44171      Metro Ctr      PMWTC2 112         11am-12:50pm         45607     Rock Cr       BLDG2 132         9am-11:50am
Sat         10/1            McDonald           $29                Sat        10/29          McDonald           $29                  Fri       9/30-12/16 Yardley              $149, $25 Fee
                                                                                                                                    No class 11/11,11/25. Mandatory safety orientation 1st class.
Windows and Doors
48089       Metro Ctr       PMWTC2 112         11am-12:50pm
Sat         10/1            McDonald           $29                                                                                  Beginning Welding
                                                                  Upholstery                                                        Basket hangers to wheelbarrows, garden gates to trailer
Electricity I                                                     Bring your favorite old chair, headboard, pillow or other small   hitches. Course includes instruction on the safe use of various
40569       Metro Ctr       PMWTC2 112         8:30am-10:20am     project and learn upholstery techniques that will breathe new     welding techniques, and use of metal working tools.
Sat         10/8            McDonald           $29                life into your decor. An upholstery kit and limited supplies      40981     Hillsboro      GLENCO METAL 6:30pm-9:30pm
                                                                  are available from the instructor. Absolutely no couches or       Tues      9/27-12/6      Filter       $149, $25 Fee
Electricity II                                                    overstuffed chairs allowed - no exceptions. We recommend
40570       Metro Ctr       PMWTC2 112         11am-12:50pm                                                                         No class 11/22. Bring safety glasses.
                                                                  simple projects for beginners. For questions about acceptable
Sat         10/8            McDonald           $29
                                                                  projects, please contact us at 971-722-5205. Must register or
                                                                  drop in advance; note drop dates in footnotes.
                                                                                                                                    Metal Working
Plumbing I                                                                                                                          This course includes instruction in gas and arc welding, sheet
44168       Metro Ctr       PMWTC2 112         8:30am-10:20am                                                                       metal, foundry, and machine shop techniques. Students will
Sat         10/15           McDonald           $29                Upholstery
                                                                                                                                    work on individual projects.
                                                                  Recommend simple projects for beginners. Absolutely no
    Plumbing II                                                   couches or over-stuffed chairs allowed - no exceptions.           40580     SE Port         FRAKHS MSHOP 6:30pm-9:30pm
40572       Metro Ctr       PMWTC2 112         11am-12:50pm                                                                         Wed       9/28-12/7       Mahr         $149, $60 Fee
                                                                  41350     Metro Ctr     PMWTC1 115           6pm-8:50pm
Sat         10/15           McDonald           $29                                                                                  No class 11/23.
                                                                  Tues      9/27-12/6     Smith                $149, $25 Fee
                                                                  No class 11/22. Must reg/drop by 9/20.
                                                                                                                                    Art Welding Sculpture
                                                                  44195     Metro Ctr     PMWTC1 115           6pm-8:50pm           Develop the artist’s knowledge and skills with oxyacetylene
                                                                  Thurs     9/29-12/8     Smith                $149, $25 Fee        welding while exploring metal sculpture design and
                                                                  No class 11/24.Must reg/drop by 9/22.                             construction. No prior welding experience required.
                                                                  44196     Metro Ctr     PMWTC1 115           9:30am-12:20pm       41496    Rock Cr         BLDG2 132           6pm-8:50pm
                                                                  Sat       10/1-12/10 Smith                   $149, $25 Fee        Tues     9/27-11/29 Yardley                  $149, $25 Fee
                                                                  No class 11/26. Must reg/drop by 9/24.                            Mandatory safety orientation at first class.

                                                                  44206     Metro Ctr     PMWTC1 115           6pm-8:50pm           42891    Rock Cr         BLDG2 132           6pm-8:50pm
                                                                  Wed       9/28-12/7     Smith                $149, $25 Fee        Mon      9/26-11/28 Yardley                  $149, $25 Fee
                                                                                                                                    Mandatory safety orientation at first class.
                                                                  No class 11/23. Must reg/drop by 9/21.

      Plumbing II                                                         Beginning Welding

                                                                 Community Education Classes
                                                  To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                  27
    topics:                                                                   Language & Culture
    PAGE 28
    Educational Services                                                                                     Welcome to fall term! Fall is one of the busiest
    Test Preparation                                                                                         terms in Community Education and classes fill
                                                                                                             quickly. We encourage you to register early.
    PAGE 29                                                                                                  Our language classes are doing very well. Italian
    Languages                                                                                                for Travelers has been filling up fast with long wait
                                                                                                             lists so register early to secure your spot. Another
    Survival English
                                                                                                             popular class these days is our Latin class,
    American Sign Language                                                                                   taught by a very talented teacher, Emily Lann.
    Chinese                                                                                                  Spanish, French and German also continue
                                                                                                             to be in demand and Chinese, Japanese and
    French                                                                                                   Arabic are growing in popularity.
    German                                                                                                   We are offering The Chinuk Wawa class again,
    Italian                                                                                                  which gives students an opportunity to connect
    Japanese                                                                                                 to Oregon’s past. The language was used
                                                                                                             as Oregon’s trade language. It is taught by a
    Spanish                                                                                                  federally recognized tribal member.
    Specialty Languages                                                                                      This fall we will also offer Nepali and
                                                                                                             Vietnamese. There have been many requests
    PAGE 34                                                                                                  for these two classes and we are happy to
                                                                    Name:                                    have found instructors who are native to Nepal
    World View                                                      Tsipora Dimant                           and Vietnam to teach them. In addition to the
    Exploring World Religion Series                                                                          language, students will learn about the culture
                                                                    Area of Expertise:
                                                                    Language and Culture                     and traditions of these two countries.
    PAGE 35                                                                                                  For those of you who find the history of Portland
                                                                    Last Community Education class I took:
                                                                                                             intriguing, we are offering the Secrets of the
    Travel                                                          Yoga
                                                                                                             Pearl Tour, which will explore the inside secrets,
    Voluntourism                                                    Favorite Halloween treat:                architectural gems, and fascinating history of
    Cultural Tours                                                  Honeycrisp Apples                        Portland’s hip and fashionable neighborhood.
                                                                                                             The tour will cover 1.5 miles by foot.
    Language Study Abroad                                           My favorite quote:
                                                                    “Do what you can, with what you have,    See you in class!
    Travel Classes                                                  where you are.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt
                                                                                                             Tsipora Dimant
                                                                    Contact Information:                     Language and Culture
                                                                                    Program Coordinator

                           Educational                                                                       Test Preparation
                           Services                                                                          ONLINE CLASS: SAT/ACT Prep 1 Verbal
                                                                                                             Prepare for the reading, English and science sections of the
                           Have a question?                                                                  ACT and the critical reading and writing sections of the SAT.
                           Call 971-722-6266 or visit                                                        Refresh your knowledge of verbal topics, learning techniques
                                                                              to relieve test-taking anxiety.
                                                                                                             47082        Online         9/21-10/28       $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                             47083      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                             47084      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee
ONLINE CLASS:                                                                                                47086      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee
  Speed Reading: Merrill Ream
For anyone struggling to keep up w/ the flood of email, articles,                                            ONLINE CLASS: SAT/ACT Prep 2 Math
reports, books, and other printed matter. Save time by learning                                              Refresh your knowledge of math subjects and learn techniques
to read faster w/ better comprehension from acclaimed expert,                                                to help navigate the tests more quickly. Practice techniques
Dr. Merrill Ream.                                                                    and approaches using similar exam questions, fully explaining
                                                                                                             and interpreting all answers.
46977      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee                                                   47087      Online          9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee
46978      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee                                                   47088      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee
46979      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee                                                   47090      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                        Speed Reading: Merrill Ream
46980      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee                                                   47091      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                Language and Culture
Learn test-taking methods to improve your score and save                                    Languages                           Survival English: Level III
                                                                                                                                Prior English required for this course. Students will progress
time on all GMAT question types. Practice on GMAT tests from                               Have a question?                     to a good foundation of basic English ability. Students finish
previous years: the best way to prepare for any standardized                               Call 971-722-6266 or visit           this class ready to speak in real-world situations.
47422       Online        9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee                                                                       48289      Willow Cr      WCC 211            9am-10:50am
47423       Online        10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee                                                                       Mon        9/26-11/28     Hernandez          $39
47424       Online        11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee       Survival English
47425      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee                                                                        Accent Reduction: Vowels
                                                                                                                                Learn how to pronounce the vowels used in conversational
ONLINE CLASS: GRE Preparation I:                                Survival English: Level I
                                                                                                                                English including: placement, stress, length, hidden vowels
                                                                Introduction to basic English for non-native speakers. No
Verbal for Teens ages 15-19 years                                                                                               (insertions), and reductions. Taught by a professional Accent
Covers reading comprehension, analogies, sentence               English required! Emphasis on using English in actual
                                                                situations. Students will learn quickly in this supportive      Reduction Specialist.
completions, antonyms, and logical and analytical
reasoning questions, time saving techniques for both            environment.                                                    45560      Willow Cr      WCC 202            9am-11:50am
the paper-based and computer-based test. Required text.         43602     Willow Cr       WCC 225            5pm-6:20pm         Sat        11/5           Packard            $29                                         Thurs     9/29-12/8       Gaasland           $39
47426      Online        9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee         No class 11/24.
                                                                                                                                Accent Reduction: Consonants
47427      Online        10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee         43603     Willow Cr       WCC 310            9am-10:50am        Learn to pronounce consonants used in English through
47428      Online        11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee         Sat       10/1-12/10      Hernandez          $39                voicing, placement, and manner; and little-known rules such
47431      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee        No class 11/26.                                                 as how pronunciation changes based on where a consonant
                                                                                                                                occurs in a word.
Quantitative for Teens ages 15-19 years                         Survival English: Level II                                      45561      Willow Cr      WCC 202            9am-11:50am
Get a good math review and new ways to tackle                   Some prior English required for this course. Improve basic      Sat        11/19          Packard            $29
quantitative comparison, discrete quantitative and data         English skills in a supportive environment. Practice speaking
interpretation questions. Learn time-saving techniques for      in real world situations.
                                                                                                                                Accent Reduction: Intonation
the paperbased and computer-based test. Required Text.          43604     Willow Cr       WCC 225            6:30pm-7:50pm                                                                                                         Learn how to speak using the melody or intonation of
                                                                Thurs     9/29-12/8       Gaasland           $39
                                                                                                                                conversational English, including: how to ask questions,
47432       Online         9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee       No class 11/24.
                                                                                                                                correctly use stress and pitch, pause, and make statements.
47433       Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee       45553     Willow Cr       WCC 222            11am-12:50pm
47434       Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee       Sat       10/1-12/10      Hernandez          $39                45562      Willow Cr      WCC 202            9am-11:50am
47435      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee        No class 11/26.                                                 Sat        12/10          Packard            $29

 Your key to the driver’s seat:
 • Includes classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel drive time.
 • Multiple locations like PCC campuses and public high schools.
 • Must be at least 15 years of age and have a valid learner’s permit.

 See page 56 for class schedules
 and details or visit

                                                               Community Education Classes
                                              To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                 29
                      Language and Culture
ONLINE CLASS: Grammar for ESL                                         Chinese                                                         French Conversation
If English is your second language and you’re headed for                                                                              Beginning Term I: Fast Paced
college, this class will be invaluable. Provides an in-depth                                                                          Fast paced for those with previous experience - great if you’ve
analysis of English grammar - structure to prepare for success          Chinese Conversation:
                                                                                                                                      had high school or college study long ago. Begin with basic
in any class taught in English.               Beginning Term I (Mandarin)
                                                                                                                                      present tense and quickly review/learn past and future tenses.
47357      Online          9/21-10/28          $30, $65 Fee           Open the door to the one of the world’s most ancient and
                                                                      intricate languages. This class will teach you the basics of    48184     NE Port         GRNTHS 239       7pm-9pm
47358      Online          10/19-11/25         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                      speaking and listening in a fun, supportive environment.        Tues      10/4-12/13 Boone                 $119, $12 Fee
47359      Online          11/9-12/16          $30, $65 Fee                                                                           No class 11/22. Text: “Ultimate French Beg-Int”
47360      Online          12/14-1/20          $30, $65 Fee           43501     SE Center        TABOR 136          6pm-7:50pm
                                                                      Mon       9/26-11/21       Liu                $99               French Conversation
ONLINE CLASS: Writing for ESL                                         No class 10/10.                                                 Beginning Term II: Fast Paced
Learn to generate, focus, and develop your ideas. By the end
                                                                      43579     SW Port         WILSON 102      6:30pm-8:30pm         Continue the fast paced format with emphasis on all the tenses.
of this course, you will be able to produce writing that is clear,
                                                                      Wed       10/5-11/30 Lu                   $99, $12 Fee          The class is also appropriate for the intermediate level students.
logical, cohesive, and free of grammatical and punctuation
errors.                                       No class 11/23. Text: “Easy Express Chinese I”                  48185     NE Port         GRNTHS 239       7pm-9pm
47361      Online          9/21-10/28          $30, $65 Fee           47967     SW Port          LINCHS 115         6pm-7:50pm        Wed       10/5-12/14 Boone                 $119, $12 Fee
                                                                      Wed       10/5-12/14       Chansamphan        $99, $12 Fee      No class 11/23. Text: “Ultimate French Beg-Int”
47362      Online          10/19-11/25         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                      No class 11/23.
47363      Online          11/9-12/16          $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                      Beyond French II
47364      Online          12/14-1/20          $30, $65 Fee                                                                           This is the ideal class for people who want to develop their
                                                                      Chinese Conversation:
                                                                                                                                      existing conversational skills beyond French I/II. It is still an
Citizenship Education                                                 Beginning Term II (Mandarin)                                    Intermediate class. A good refresher course for returning
This course will help adult immigrants in becoming U.S.               Expand your expression in practical situations with this        students.
Citizens. Learn enough procedural information, content, and           continuing Mandarin Chinese class. Designed to offer more
                                                                                                                                      44123       SW Port      MORPRK                 9am-11am
English to complete the Naturalization Process and help you           grammar, pronunciation, and conversation. Boost your
                                                                                                                                      Wed         9/28-11/30 Cariou                   $119, $10 Fee
pass the Citizenship exam.                                            vocabulary and speak basic phrases with confidence!
                                                                                                                                      Text: “Ultimate French Beg-Int”
48326      Willow Cr       WCC 205             6pm-7:50pm
                                                                      47976     SW Port          LINCHS 115         8pm-9:50pm
Tues       9/27-11/28      Nava                $89                                                                                    French Conversation: Intermediate
                                                                      Wed       10/5-12/14       Chansamphan        $99
                                                                      No class 11/23.                                                 A continuing class for students who have taken French I and
American Sign Language                                                                                                                French II or equivalent classes. Build vocabulary and grammar
                                                                                                                                      skills, speak and listen with more confidence. The passe
American Sign Language: Beginning Term I                                                                                              compose is introduced. Conducted only in French.
For those who are deaf or want to communicate with deaf               French
                                                                                                                                      45183       SW Port      MORPRK                 6pm-8pm
people. Manual communication alphabet and everyday
                                                                                                                                      Mon         9/26-11/28 Cariou                   $119, $10 Fee
phrases to assist in basic conversation.                              French Conversation: Beginning Term I                           Text: “Ultimate French Beg-Int”
43478     SE Port         MTTACS 209       6pm-7:50pm                 “Oui”, you can speak French! This beginning class is perfect
Thurs     9/29-12/8       Martin           $119, $22 Fee              for those with no prior French experience, but who are          French Verbs and Conversation
No class 11/24. Text: “A Basic Course in ASL”                         interested in learning what has been called “the world’s most   Great class for students, who wish to expand their knowledge
47316     SW Port         LINCHS 108       6:30pm-8:30pm              beautiful language.”                                            of verbs through class exercises and conversation. Emphasis
Wed       10/5-12/14 Weaver                $119, $12 Fee                                                                              on the future, past, subjunctive modes. Some irregular and
No class 11/23. Text: “A Basic Course in ASL”                         44307       Lk Oswego LOJRHI 7                6:30pm-8:30pm
                                                                                                                                      reflexive verbs will also be introduced if time allows.
                                                                      Mon         10/3-12/5    Machtelinckx         $119, $10 Fee
43507      Willow Cr      WCC 224              6:30pm-8:20pm                                                                          44124     SW Port         MORPRK         10am-12pm
                                                                      Text: “Ultimate French Beg-Int”
Mon        9/26-11/28 Weaver                   $119                                                                                   Sat       10/1-12/10 Cariou              $119, $10 Fee
Text: “A Basic Course in ASL”                                         43553     SW Port         LINCHS 145      6pm-8pm
                                                                                                                                      No class 11/26. Text: “French Verb Workbook”
                                                                      Wed       10/12-12/14 Cariou              $119, $12 Fee
American Sign Language:                                               No Class 11/23. Text: “Ultimate French Beg-Int”
Beginning Term II/III                                                 43554       SW Port      MORPRK               9am-11am
A continuation class for students who have taken Term I               Mon         9/26-11/28 Cariou                 $119, $10 Fee
previously or have prior knowledge of ASL.                            Text: “Ultimate French Beg-Int”
43477     SE Port         MTTACS 209       6pm-7:50pm
                                                                      48279      Willow Cr     WCC 225              6:30pm-8:20pm
Tues      10/4-11/29 Martin                $99, $22 Fee
                                                                      Tues       9/27-11/29 Harestad                $119
No class 11/22. Text: “A Basic Course in ASL”
                                                                      Text: “French in 10 Minutes a Day”
48287      Willow Cr      WCC 211              6:30pm-8:20pm
Tues       9/27-11/29 Weaver                   $119
Text: “A Basic Course in ASL”                                         French Conversation: Beginning Term II
                                                                      Expand your expression in practical situations with this
                                                                      continuing French class. Designed to offer more grammar,
                                                                      pronunciation and conversation. Boost your vocabulary and
                                                                      speak basic phrases with confidence!
                                                                      48292       Lk Oswego LOJRHI 5                6:30pm-8:30pm
                                                                      Tues        10/4-12/6    Machtelinckx         $119, $10 Fee
                                                                      Text: “Ultimate French Beg-Int”
                                                                      43552     SW Port         MORPRK           6pm-8pm
                                                                      Thurs     9/29-12/8       Cariou           $119, $10 Fee
                                                                      No class 11/24. Text: “Ultimate French Beg-Int”                                   Check out the
                                                                      48280     Willow Cr       WCC 205          6:30pm-8:20pm                 Travel section (pages 35–38)
                                                                      Thurs     9/29-12/8       Harestad         $119                       for travel, community service and
      Chinese Conversation:                                           No class 11/24. Text: “Ultimate French Beg-Int”                         language class opportunities!
      Beginning Term 1

                                                                     Community Education Classes
30             Find your class location on page 60–61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                                    Language and Culture
Keeping Up In French                                                Italian                                                         Italian for Travelers
Don’t let your French language skills slip! Class entirely in                                                                       Planning a trip to Italy? This class is the perfect choice for
French, with a focus on current events, literature, reading                                                                         travelers looking to learn basic expressions and comfortably
books, review and exercises of the proper use of some tenses.       Italian Conversation: Beginning Term I                          move around the country. Language, culture and other travel
                                                                    From the culture that brings us great food, wine, fashion and   tips provided to enhance any bon voyage!
48293      Lk Oswego       LOJRHI 7           6:30pm-8:30pm         art, comes this expressively rich language. Consider bringing
Wed        10/5-12/7       Machtelinckx       $119, $10 Fee         a friend and easily pick up fundamental conversation skills     44900      SE Port         CLEVHS 233      6:30pm-8:30pm
                                                                    together!                                                       Tues       9/27-11/15 Finley               $99, $12 Fee
French for Travelers                                                                                                                Text: “Learn Italian the Fast and Fun Way”
                                                                    48188     Central          CLIMB 304          10am-11:50am
Planning a trip to France? This class is the perfect choice for                                                                     47334        SW Port      MORPRK             12pm-2pm
                                                                    Sat       10/1-12/10 Boyer                    $119
travelers looking to learn basic expressions and comfortably                                                                        Wed          9/28-11/30 Schmidt              $119, $10 Fee
                                                                    No class 11/26. Text: “Italian: A Self Teaching Guide”
move around the country. Language, culture and other travel                                                                         Text: “Italian the Easy Way”
                                                                    48189     Central          CLIMB 303          7pm-8:50pm
tips provided to enhance any bon voyage!
                                                                    Wed       10/5-12/14 Boyer                    $119              ”Leggiamo” (Let’s Read)
44899     SE Port         MTTACS 202       6:30pm-8:30pm            No class 11/23. Text: “Italian: A Self Teaching Guide”
Mon       10/3-12/12 Murer                 $119, $12 Fee                                                                            Bring your lunch to this weekly book club and improve your
                                                                    43548     Lk Oswego       LOSRHI 100        6:30pm-8:30pm       conversation and vocabulary skills by reading and discussing
No class 11/21. Text: “Rick Steves Phrase Book/Dictionary”
                                                                    Thurs     9/29-12/8       Heineck           $119, $10 Fee       short stories and fables. Email the instructor before the first
43551     SW Port        MORPRK             9am-11am                No class 11/24.                                                 class for reading assignment,
Fri       9/30-12/16 Cariou                 $119, $10 Fee
                                                                    48187     NE Port          GRNTHS 239         7pm-9pm           48160      Central        CLIMB 301          12pm-12:50pm
No class 11/11, 11/25. Text: “Lonely Planet Phrasebook”
                                                                    Mon       9/26-12/5        Ketcheson          $119, $12 Fee     Wed        9/28-11/16     Heineck            $59
                                                                    No class 11/21. Text: “Italian: A Self Teaching Guide”
Beginning Conversational French                                     48281     Willow Cr       WCC 211           6:30pm-8:20pm       Japanese
Learn common words and phrases for use in a wide variety of         Wed       9/28-12/7       Heineck           $119
travel settings and situations. Audio and phonetic spellings aid    No class 11/23.
                                                                                                                                    Japanese Conversation: Beginning Term I
pronunciation. Includes cultural tips to increase your comfort                                                                      Experience the adventure of learning a language completely
in a foreign setting.                       ONLINE CLASS: Instant Italian                                   different than your own! Quickly learn the basics of speaking
47365      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee          Learn to speak basic Italian in a wide variety of settings      Japanese in this fun and supportive environment.
47366      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee          and situations; it promises to enrich your experiences while
                                                                                                                                    43504      SE Center      TABOR 146          6pm-7:50pm
                                                                    traveling in Italy. Includes phonetic spellings, audio, and
47367      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee                                                                          Wed        9/28-11/16     Fuse               $99, $3 Fee
                                                                    cultural notes.
47368      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee                                                                          48282      Willow Cr     WCC 211             7pm-8:50pm
                                                                    47369      Online         9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee        Mon        9/26-11/28 Barrett                $119
German                                                              47370      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee        Text: “Japanese for Busy People”
                                                                    47371      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee
German Conversation: Beginning Term I                                                                                               Japanese Conversation: Beginning Term II
                                                                    47372      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee
Discover the joy of learning German! This class for beginners                                                                       Expand your expression in practical situations with this
offers the basics of listening and speaking in this powerful                                                                        continuing Japanese class. Designed to offer more grammar,
language, so similar to your own. Learn in a fun, supportive        Italian Conversation: Beginning Term II                         pronunciation, and conversation. Boost your vocabulary and
environment.                                                        Expand your expression in practical situations with this        speak basic phrases with confidence!
45558      Willow Cr       WCC 225            6pm-7:20pm            continuing Italian class. Designed to offer more grammar,
                                                                                                                                    43509      Willow Cr     WCC 224             7pm-8:50pm
Mon        9/26-11/28      Sorenson           $99, $20 Fee          pronunciation and conversation. Boost your vocabulary and
                                                                                                                                    Wed        9/28-11/16 Barrett                $99
                                                                    speak basic phrases with confidence!
                                                                                                                                    Text: “Japanese for Busy People”
German Continuing                                                   48190     Central          CLIMB 304          12:30pm-2:20pm
For students who have at completed basic German, this class         Sat       10/1-12/10 Boyer                    $119
will concentrate on improving conversation, while focusing          No class 11/26. Text: “Italian: A Self Teaching Guide”
on continuing language skills through workbook activities,          48193        Central        CLIMB 305       6:30pm-8:20pm
reading and small writing assignments.                              Tues         9/27-11/29 Boyer               $119
45554      Willow Cr       WCC 225            7:30pm-8:50pm         Text: “Italian: A Self Teaching Guide”
Mon        9/26-11/28      Sorenson           $99, $20 Fee
                                                                    Italian Conversation: Intermediate/ Level III
Keeping Up In German                                                This continuing class offers a third level of basic Italian
Take this great class for continually building and maintaining      conversation and understanding. Increase your vocabulary
your German. Great for students with three or more terms of         and confidence with ease; lay the groundwork for future
German. Focus on speaking and reading skills. A great way to        fluency.
keep up your skills!
                                                                    48186     Central         CLIMB 305         6:30pm-8:20pm
45185      SW Port        WILSON 226       7pm-9pm
                                                                    Thurs     9/29-12/8       Boyer             $119
Mon        10/3-12/12 Hellweg              $119, $17 Fee
                                                                    No class 11/24.
No class 11/21. Text: “Schaums Outlines of German Grammar”

                                                                       Italian: Keeping Up Your Skills
                                                                    Don’t let your Italian language skills slip! Take this great
                                                                    class for continually building and maintaining your Italian.
             Have a question?                                       Designed for students with three or more terms of Italian or
                                                                    equivalent experience. A perfect opportunity to practice!
                      Go online to                                  48196      Central        CLIMB 305         6:30pm-8:20pm                                           Mon        9/26-11/28     Boyer             $119
      or call 971-722-6266                                          43547     SW Port       MORPRK              2pm-4pm
                                                                    Wed       9/28-11/30 Schmidt                $119, $12 Fee
                                                                    Text: “Nuova Gramatica Communicativa”                                 Italian: Keeping Up Your Skills

                                                                   Community Education Classes
                                                To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                    31
                     Language and Culture
Spanish                                                          Spanish Conversation: Beginning Term II                     Spanish Conversation
                                                                 Expand your expression in practical situations with this    Beginning Term II: Fast Paced
Spanish Conversation: Beginning Term I                           continuing Spanish class. Designed to offer more grammar,   Continue the fast paced format. Great if you had high school
Spanish is one of the fastest growing languages in the U.S.,     pronunciation and conversation. Boost your vocabulary and   or college study long ago. Fast review of past and future, then
and it’s also one of the easiest to learn! Get the basics of     speak basic phrases with confidence!                        work in progressive, present perfect and pluperfect.
speaking Spanish in this fun, interactive class.                 45521      Beaverton    WHITFD A6         6:30pm-9:30pm     48220     N Port        RCROSS             5:30pm-7pm
45559      Beaverton    BEAVHS 153          6:30pm-8:30pm        Mon        10/3-12/5    Rainey            $119, $8 Fee      Mon       9/26-12/5     Torres             $99, $10 Fee
Wed        10/5-12/7    Sotelo              $119, $8 Fee         Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I                                No class 10/31. $6 payable to “Trilma Translations.”
Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I                                     48217     NE Port       GRNTHS 233         6:30pm-8:30pm
48291      Beaverton    WHITFD A6           6:30pm-8:30pm        Wed       10/5-12/14 Torres                $119, $12 Fee
Tues       10/4-12/6    Rainey              $119, $8 Fee         No class 11/23. $6 payable to “Trilma Translation”
                                                                                                                             Spanish Conversation: Intermediate
                                                                                                                             For intermediate students who have taken three terms or
Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I                                     48218     NE Port         HWSC            10am-12pm         equivalent Spanish experience. Build vocabulary, fluid speech.
48284      Lk Oswego LOJRHI 7             6:30pm-8:30pm          Wed       9/28-11/30 Torres               $119, $10 Fee     Safe environment for mistakes. This class is great for those
Tues       10/4-12/6     Bensel           $119, $10 Fee          $6 payable to “Trilma Translations.”                        who want to speak and listen.
Text: “Learn Spanish the Fast and Fun Way”                       48025     SE Center      TABOR 137        12pm-1:50pm
48216      Metro Ctr    PMWTC1 132          6:30pm-8:20pm                                                                    45527      Beaverton    WHITFD A6            6:30pm-8:30pm
                                                                 Sat       10/1-12/10 Busetto              $119
Tues       9/27-11/29 McGrath               $119                                                                             Wed        10/5-12/7    Rainey               $119, $8 Fee
                                                                 No class 11/26. Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I
Text: “Spanish Now! Level I”                                                                                                 Text: “Spanish Now!” Level II
                                                                 48026      SE Center    TABOR 136         6pm-7:50pm
48214     N Port        RCROSS             7pm-9pm               Wed        9/28-11/30 Zelkind             $119              48228     Cascade        TEB 224           10am-11:50am
Mon       9/26-12/5     Torres             $119, $10 Fee         Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I                                Fri       9/30-12/16 Torres                $119
No class 10/31. $6 payable to “Trilma Translations.”                                                                         No class 11/11, 11/25. $6 payable to “Trilma Translations.”
                                                                 45332     SW Port        MORPRK           1:30pm-3:30pm
48213     NE Port         HWSC              10am-12pm            Thurs     9/29-12/8      Busetto          $119, $10 Fee     48229     NE Port       GRNTHS 233         6:30pm-8:30pm
Mon       9/26-11/28 Torres                 $119, $10 Fee        No class 11/25. Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I                Thurs     10/6-12/15 Torres                $119, $12 Fee
$6 payable to “Trilma Translations.”                             48219     Sylvania       ST 226           12pm-1:50pm       No class 11/24. $6 payable to “Trilma Translations.”
43503      SE Center    SCOTT 102           6pm-7:50pm           Sat       10/1-12/10 Rainey               $119              48230     NE Port       HWSC               10am-12pm
Mon        9/26-11/28 Zelkind               $119                 No class 11/26. Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I                Thurs     9/29-12/8     Torres             $119, $10 Fee
Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I                                     48286     Tigard          CHURCH          1pm-3pm           No class 11/24. $6 payable to “Trilma Translations.”
43555     SE Center      TABOR 111        10am-11:50am           Tues      9/27-11/29 Torres               $119, $5 Fee      43556     Rock Cr        BLDG2 125         9am-11am
Sat       10/1-12/10 Busetto              $119                   $6 payable to “Trilma Transalatons.”                        Fri       9/30-12/16 Diaz del Cast         $119
No class 11/26. Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I                                                                                 No class 11/11, 11/25. Text: “Nivel Elemental”
48027     SE Center      TABOR 137        6:30pm-8:20pm
                                                                                                                             43559      SW Port      NEIGHR               10am-12pm
Fri       9/30-12/16 Gonzalez-Agui $119
                                                                                                                             Mon        9/26-11/28 Busetto                $119, $10 Fee
No class 11/11, 11/25. Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I
                                                                                                                             Text: “Spanish Now!” Level II
43560     SE Port        CLEVHS 132       6:30pm-8:30pm
                                                                                                                             45524     Tigard          TIGSRC             10am-12pm
Thurs     10/6-12/8      Castellanos      $109, $12 Fee
                                                                                                                             Tues      9/27-11/29 Torres                  $119, $5 Fee
No class 11/24. Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I
                                                                                                                             $6 payable to “Trilma Translations.”
43510      SW Port      NEIGHR              9am-11am
Tues       9/27-11/29 Busetto               $119, $10 Fee
Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I                                                                                                    Spanish Grammar: Intermediate
44160     SW Port        LINCHS 145       6:30pm-8:30pm                                                                      Structured grammar; begin with review of object pronouns,
Mon       10/3-12/12 Burrola              $119, $12 Fee                                                                      preterit, imperfect tenses, commands and conditional; then
No class 11/21. Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I                                                                                 move to progressive and perfect tenses. Improve Spanish
                                                                                                                             comprehension and build vocabulary.
47956     SW Port        MORPRK           11:30am-1:30pm
Thurs     9/29-12/8      Busetto          $119, $10 Fee                                                                      48283     Lk Oswego LOJRHI TBA              6:30pm-8:30pm
No class 11/24. Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I                                                                                 Thurs     10/6-12/8       Bensel            $119, $10 Fee
                                                                                                                             No class 11/24. Text: “Practical Spanish Grammar”
48215     Sylvania       ST 226           10am-11:50am
Sat       10/1-12/10 Rainey               $119
No class 11/26. Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I                                                                                 Spanish Immersion Weekend: Beginning
43534     Tigard          CHURCH            1pm-3pm                                                                          Ready to practice what you’ve learned? Gain confidence while
Mon       9/26-11/28 Torres                 $119, $5 Fee                                                                     practicing skills that you have been learning throughout the
$6 payable to “Trilma Translations.”                                                                                         term. The weekend will be conducted mainly in Spanish and
48285     Tualatin       TUALPL           6:30pm-8:30pm                                                                      will include games, stories, skits and other fun activities
Thurs     9/29-12/8      Rainey           $119, $10 Fee                                                                      48221     NE Port         HWSC               7pm-9pm
No class 11/24. Text: “Spanish Now!” Level I                                                                                 Fri       11/18           Torres
43535      Willow Cr     WCC 312           10am-11:50am                                                                      and       NE Port         HWSC               12:30pm-5:30pm
Fri        9/30-12/16 Bensel               $119                                                                              Sat       11/19           Torres
No class 11/11, 11/25 Text: “Learn Spanish Fast and Fun Way”                                                                 and       NE Port         HWSC               2pm-5pm
                                                                                                                             Sun       11/20           Torres             $69, $10 Fee
Spanish Conversation                                                                                                         $6 payable to “Trilma Translations.”
Beginning Term I: Fast Paced
                                                                                                                             48225     NE Port         HWSC               7pm-9pm
Fast paced for those with previous experience - great if
                                                                                                                             Fri       12/2            Torres
you have high school or college study long ago. Begin with
basic present tense and quickly review/learn past and future.                                                                and       NE Port         HWSC               12:30pm-5:30pm
Homework too.                                                                                                                Sat       12/3            Torres
                                                                                                                             and       NE Port         HWSC               2pm-5pm
45517      Beaverton      WESTVW N114 6:30pm-8:30pm
                                                                                                                             Sun       12/4            Torres             $69, $10 Fee
Mon        10/3-12/5      Bensel      $119, $8 Fee                     Spanish Grammar: Intermediate
                                                                                                                             $6 payable to “Trilma Translations.”
Text: “Practical Spanish Grammar”

                                                                Community Education Classes
32            Find your class location on page 60–61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                                  Language and Culture
Spanish for Travelers                                             ONLINE CLASS: Speed Spanish I                                           Chinuk Wawa
Planning a trip to Latin America or Spain? This is the perfect    Designed for anyone who wants to learn Spanish                      An opportunity to connect to Oregon’s past! Take this class
choice for travelers looking to learn basic expressions and       pronto! Learn 6 easy recipes for gluing words together              and learn Chinuk Wawa; Oregon’s indigenous trade language.
comfortably moving around the country. Language, culture          to form sentences. In no time, you’ll be able to go into            Become a part of Oregon’s history and keep this language
and other travel tips provided to enhance your experience.        any Spanish speaking situation converse in Spanish.                 from extinction. Taught by federally recognized tribal member.
48212      Central       CLIMB 304        6:30pm-8:20pm 
                                                                                                                                      48176      Metro Ctr      PMWTC1 110         6:30pm-8:20pm
Wed        9/28-11/16 Castellanos         $99                     47373      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee          Mon        9/26-11/28     Bernando           $119
Text: “Learn Spanish the Fast and Fun Way”                        47374      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                  47375      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee          Farsi Conversation
Spanish Immersion Weekend: Intermediate
Provides those with a grasp of present and some past              47376      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee          A complete beginner’s course taught by a native speaker. Build
tense, conversation practice for more fluency with minimum                                                                            basic conversation and comprehension. Learn about Persian
attention to grammar. Approximates times in a Spanish             ONLINE CLASS: Speed Spanish II                                      food, customs in addition to learning everyday expressions.
speaking land through games, role-play and other activities.      Gain comfort in Spanish-speaking situations by learning even        48183      Sylvania       SCB 104            6:30pm-8:20pm
                                                                  more clever new recipes you can put to immediate use. When          Tues       9/27-11/15     Behbehani          $99
48226     NE Port         HWSC               7pm-9pm
                                                                  you’ve completed both this course and its predecessor, you’ll       Text: “Learning Farsi”
Fri       10/7            Torres
                                                                  be well on your way to fluency.
and       NE Port         HWSC               12:30pm-5:30pm
Sat       10/8            Torres                                  47377      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee          Korean Conversation: Beginning Term I
and       NE Port         HWSC               2pm-5pm              47378      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee          Learn the basics for speaking, listening and reading Korean.
Sun       10/9            Torres             $69, $10 Fee                                                                             Instructor is a native speaker.
$6 payable to “Trilma Translations.”                              47379      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                      48201      Sylvania       SCB 204            6:30pm-8:20pm
48227     NE Port         HWSC               7pm-9pm              47380      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee          Tues       9/27-11/29     You                $119, $6 Fee
Fri       10/21           Torres
and       NE Port         HWSC               12:30pm-5:30pm       ONLINE CLASS: Speed Spanish III
                                                                  Master your ability to speak, understand, and read Spanish          Latin: Beginning Term I
Sat       10/22           Torres
                                                                  with this final course in our unique three-part series. Learn the   Introduction to Latin, the basis of all romance languages. Latin
and       NE Port         HWSC               2pm-5pm
                                                                  final six recipes that will serve as templates to help you create   is an excellent basis for vocabulary development-scientific,
Sun       10/23           Torres             $69, $10 Fee
                                                                  any Spanish                        medical, English.
$6 payable to “Trilma Translations.”
                                                                  47381      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee          48202     Sylvania       SCB 205             6:30pm-8:20pm
Spanish Conversation: Advanced                                                                                                        Wed       9/28-11/16 Lann                    $99
                                                                  47382      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee          Text: “Wheelock’s Latin”
For students working beyond the intermediate level; class
will be entirely in Spanish. Two or more years of Spanish         47383      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
experience or equivalent experience (like living in Spanish-      47384      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
speaking country).
48211     NE Port       GRNTHS 233         6:30pm-8:20pm          Specialty Languages
Tues      10/4-12/13 Torres                $119, $12 Fee
No class 11/22. $6 payable to “Trilma Translation.”               Arabic Conversation: Beginning Term I
                                                                  Learn to read, write, and converse in Arabic. This beautiful
Spanish Grammar: Advanced                                         language is spoken in more than 22 countries.
Work in advanced grammar and learn the subjunctive and
                                                                  48167       Central       CLIMB 304         6:30pm-8:20pm
idioms. A fun and interactive class.
                                                                  Mon         9/26-11/28 Boutros              $119
48288      Beaverton    WESTVW N114 6:30pm-8:30pm                 Text: “Ultimate Arabic: Beginner-Intermdiate”
Wed        10/5-12/7    Bensel      $119, $8 Fee                  48170      Sylvania       ST 227           10am-11:50am
Text: "Advanced Spanish Grammar"                                  Sat        10/1-11/19 Toumi                $99
                                                                  Text: Ultimate Arabic. Beginner-Intermediate

                                                                  Arabic Conversation: Beginning Term II
                                                                  Learn more about Arabic. This class will focus on grammar
                                                                  and conversation so you can speak it effectively and with
                                                                  48169     Central         CLIMB 304      6:30pm-8:20pm
                                                                  Thurs     9/29-12/8       Boutros        $119
                                                                  No class 11/24. Text: “Easy Arabic Grammar”
                                                                                                                                        name Eric Michael Bernando
                                                                    Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian:                                         Class Chinuk Wawa
                                                                  Beginning Term I
                                                                  A complete beginner’s course taught by native speaker. Master         about Eric is a member of the
                                                                  the languages of the people of the former Yugoslav lands.             Wałala Band of Chinuk Indians of the
                                                                  Considered one of the easiest European languages for English          Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.
                                                                  speakers to pronounce.
                                                                                                                                        He graduated from the University of
                                                                  48224     SE Port          CLEVHS 233         6:30pm-8:30pm           Oregon with a Masters in Education
                                                                  Wed       10/5-11/30       Biberic            $99, $12 Fee            in August 2009. He currently teaches
                                                                  No class 11/23.
                                                                                                                                        Chinuk Wawa language at the
                                                                            Check out our website and blog!                             Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde’s
                                                                                                                                        Portland Embassy, and through the
      Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian:
      Beginning Term 1
                                                                                                         Fort Vancouver national historic site.

                                                                 Community Education Classes
                                               To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                      33
                      Language and Culture
         Nepali: Introduction
Plan to visit Nepal in future? Learn basic vocabulary for travelers
                                                                                                   World View                            Explore Islam
                                                                                                                                         Learn Muhammad’s extraordinary experiences in a cave above
and trekkers along with short phrases to converse with native                                      Have a question?                      Mecca that gave birth to a religious culture that spread from
speakers and get orientation on culture of Nepalese people.                                        Call 971-722-6266 or visit            China to Spain. A study of the history and teachings of Islam,
48203        Sylvania        SCB 105           6pm-7:50pm                                                 can help explain present day events.
Wed          9/28-11/30 Shakya                 $99
No class 10/26, 11/2.                                                                                                                    48181      Sylvania       ST 225            7:15pm-9:10pm
                                                                                                                                         Thurs      10/27          Gray              $29
Polish: Beginning Term I                                               Art History of Italy
Taught by a native speaker, learn basic vocabulary, grammar,           This course will examine and explore the major works of
and have chance to speak Polish. Also, learn about the Polish          some of Italy’s most famous painters, sculptors, architects,      Explore Buddhism
culture.                                                               and artists. Explore life and works of Giotto, Cimabue,           Investigate the tradition of Siddhartha Gautama, the Dalai
48204       Sylvania      ST 225             6pm-7:20pm                Quattrocento, Cinquecento, Leonardo Da Vinci and more.            Lama, Zen Meditation and the Japanese martial arts.
Tues        9/27-11/29 Dajnowska             $99                       48174       Sylvania        SS 104             7pm-8:50pm         48178      Sylvania       ST 225            7:15pm-9:10pm
Text: “First Year Polish”                                              Mon         9/26-10/31      Finley             $69                Thurs      10/6           Gray              $29
Polish: Beginning Term II
A continuation for those who took Term I or have prior                 Art of the European and American Masters
knowledge of Polish. Learn to improve your communication               Examine and explore the major works of the Portland Art
skills. Add some grammar and begin to write simple text.               Museum’s modern and contemporary artists: Monet, van
48205       Sylvania      ST 225            7:30pm-8:50pm              Gogh, Duchamp, Picasso and others along with the Clement
Tues        9/27-11/29 Dajnowska            $99                        Greenberg Collection in the Jubitz Center for Modern and
Text: “First Year Polish”                                              Contemporary Art.
Portuguese Conversation: Beginning Term I                              42934     SW Port         ARTMSM          12pm-2pm
This beginning class is perfect for those with no prior Brazilian      Sun       9/25-10/23 Whalen               $69
Portuguese experience, but who are interested in learning this         $10 fee payable to “Portland Art Museum” for pass.
most fascinating language!
48206      Sylvania       SCB 204             6:30pm-8:20pm            Secrets of the Pearl Tour
Thurs      9/29-12/8      Rodrigues           $119
                                                                       Explore the inside secrets, architectural gems, and fascinating
No class 11/24. Text: “Portugues Basico para Estrangeiros”
                                                                       history of Portland’s “hip and fashionable” neighborhood. Join
Portuguese Conversation: Beginning Term II                             this 1.5 mile walk and be the envy of your friends when you
A continuation for those who have taken Term I or have prior           tell them how the Pearl really got its name.
knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese. Build on your conversation          45330     Downtown        DC            12pm-2pm
skills of this beautiful language!
                                                                       Sat       9/24            Schargel      $29
48207        Sylvania        SS 111        6:30pm-8:20pm               Class to meet outside at PCC Downtown Center.
Mon          9/26-11/28 Rodrigues          $119
Text: “Portugues Basico para Estrangeiros”
                                                                       Exploring World Religions Series
    Russian Conversation: Beginning Term I
Discover this old language within the context of the rich Russian      Exploring World Religions Series
culture. For those who have never had any Russian. Topics
                                                                       Register for this class to enroll in the series at a discount.
include language, culture, alphabet, numbers, and travel.
48208       Central        CLIMB 302          6pm-7:50pm               48177       Sylvania        ST 225             7:15pm-9:10pm
Thurs       9/29-12/8      Bogdanovich W $119, $6 Fee                  Thurs       9/29-10/27      Gray               $69
No class 11/24.
                                                                       Explore Hinduism
Swedish Conversation: Beginning Term I                                 Hinduism emerged as a religious tradition 4,000 years ago on
A beginning level conversational class taught by a native
                                                                       the Indian sub-continent and has given birth to the classical
speaker. Gain basic knowledge of Swedish through
                                                                       concept of reincarnation, karma, yoga and nirvana.
conversation, reading and writing. Text: to be purchased
in class.                                                              48180       Sylvania        ST 225             7:15pm-9:10pm
43578     SW Port          LINCHS 108          6:30pm-8:30pm           Thurs       9/29            Gray               $29
Mon       10/3-12/12       Rohdin-Bibby        $119, $12 Fee
No class 11/21.                                                        Explore Judaism
                                                                       Abraham and Sarah, the Exodus, the Ten Commandments,
Tagalog (Filipino) Conversation:
                                                                       the Promised Land and Mount Zion are all part of the story
Beginning Level I                                                      that provided an ethical and religious background for much of
Experience something completely different! Gain the basics
                                                                       Western society today.
of Tagalog, the language of the Philippines, through listening
and speaking. Includes insight into the culture. Taught by a           48182       Sylvania        ST 225             7:15pm-9:10pm
native speaker.                                                        Thurs       10/13           Gray               $29                      Russian Conversation:
47335     SW Port     LINCHS 115               6:30pm-8:30pm                                                                                   Beginning Term I
Mon       10/3-111/28 Loanzon                  $99, $12 Fee            Explore Christianity
No class 11/21.                                                        Christianity grew out of Judaism and developed into a tradition
                                                                       of its own. Discover the spirituality of the Christian East and       Check out our website and blog!
Vietnamese: Introduction
Learn to speak and write Vietnamese. Master pronunciation,             the history of the Christian West. Take the above series at a
build vocabulary and understand the Vietnamese culture.                                                                            
48222      SE Center       SCOTT 102           6pm-7:50pm              48179       Sylvania        ST 225             7:15pm-9:10pm
Wed        9/28-11/16      Luong               $99                     Thurs       10/20           Gray               $29

                                                                      Community Education Classes
34             Find your class location on page 60–61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit

Through PCC Community Education Travel
you’ll find wonderful opportunities to experience
                                                                                                                        Discover the power of voluntourism! You can make a real
the beauty and history of the world in which we                                                                         difference while exploring the world with a real sense of
live. PCC Community Education takes pride in                                                                            adventure. Whether it is helping to save leatherback sea turtles
offering the highest quality educational travel                                                                         in Costa Rica, building a school in Belize, a community service
experiences. Participants and trip leaders alike                                                                        project in Thailand, experience a vacation with a purpose.
have consistently observed that something in            Name:                                                           Don’t miss a life changing opportunity to realize your role as
the PCC Community Education culture seems                                                                               a global citizen. PCC offers programs designed for adults who
to assure good company. You won’t find any
                                                        Gary Palmer                                                     are committed to giving back when they travel, to contribute
strangers on a PCC trip.                                                                                                rather than take. Make a positive difference while you see the
                                                        Areas of Expertise:                                             world, enriching yourself in the process! A portion of the fees
So, if you want to learn about a specific
                                                        Travel, Motorcycle Rider Training                               paid to some of these organizations may be tax deductible.
culture, study a language while living with a
                                                                                                                        Consult your personal tax advisor on all issues concerning tax
local family, or use your skills to participate in
community service projects, we offer the perfect
                                                        Contact information:                                            deductibility of expenses associated with these trips.

opportunity. Come travel the world with us. Go
Global with PCC Community Education.                                                                                    Sea Turtle Project
Gary Palmer
                                                                                                                        in Baja California, Mexico
                                                                                                                        November 1–7, 2011. Join sea turtle expert Brad Nahill as
Travel Program Manager
                                                                                                                        a volunteer for the Grupo Tortuguero sea turtle monitoring
                                                                                                                        project in Baja California, Mexico. Travel to the beautiful
                                                                                                                        seaside town of La Paz, known for its many white sand
                                                                                                                        beaches, perfect for relaxing and snorkeling in the incredible
                                                                                                                        translucent waters of the Sea of Cortes. Continue on through
                                                                                                                        the jagged Sierra de la Giganta mountains to Puerto San
                                                                                                                        Carlos to receive an orientation from local conservationists
                                                                                                                        and head out in pangas across Magdalena Bay to secluded
                                                      GO GLOBAL WITH PCC!                                               Playa Conchalito, base camp for the monitoring efforts. Here
                                                      PCC Community Education offers exciting opportunities             you will work with the fishermen turned conservationists to
                                                      to learn about the world through first-hand experiences.          tend nets and search and capture sea turtles. Before returning
                                                      Global experience is no longer a luxury. It’s a pre-requisite     to La Paz, visit Isla Magdalena and hike to the many sea lion
                                                      for effective understanding of the world in which we live and     rookeries and explore the fascinating areas of the unique
                                                      there is no substitute for first-hand encounters. We offer        ecosystems within Magdalena Bay.
                                                      educational travel programs designed for adults who want          $1,969 (approximate) includes room and board, local
                                                      more than a tourist vacation. You will have the opportunity to    transportation, and more. Does not include airfare, airport
                                                      meet with local experts, attend lectures and field experiences,   taxes and personal expenses.
                                                      and engage in people-to-people visits that promote cultural
                                                      understanding. Here is your opportunity to experience the         Sea Turtle Project in Baja: Free Info Session
                                                                                                                        47909      Central        CLIMB 305          9am-9:50am
                                                      world through travel. Prices are approximate and based on
                                                                                                                        Sat        9/17           Nahill
                                                      double occupancy. For more detailed information on our
                                                      trips, please attend our free information sessions.
                                                      Pre-registration is encouraged and can be done online             Build a School in Belize
                                                      at                                         December 31, 2011 - January 7, 2012. Join with PCC
                                                                                                                        volunteers to build a simple elementary school or similar
                                                                                                                        project in rural Belize. The people are amazing, the country
                                                      Travel Fair 2011-2012                                             is beautiful, and the need is great! Participants will work
                                                      Join PCC trip leaders and our travel operators at our annual      alongside villagers in all phases of construction, from walls to
                                                      Travel Fair for a morning of information sessions detailing all   painting. Come celebrate our 7th year of involvement, become
                                                      the travel opportunities we will present in the coming year. If   part of the community! No experience necessary. Belize is an
                                                      you want to learn about a specific culture, study a language      English speaking country.
                                                      while living with a local host family, or use your skills to
                                                                                                                        $1,534 (approximate) includes full room and board, local
                                                      participate in community service projects, PCC/CED Travel         transportation, and more. Does not include airfare, airport
                                                      offers the perfect opportunity. Come travel the world with us!    taxes and personal expenses.

                                                         Travel Fair 2011-2012: Free Info Session
                                                                                                                        Build a School in Belize: Free Info Session
                                                      47897      Central        CLIMB 104          8am-2pm
    Travel Fair                                                                                                         47910      Central        CLIMB 304          10:30am-11:50am
                                                      Sat        9/17           Palmer
                                                                                                                        Sat        9/17           Leu

                                                     Community Education Classes
                                     To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                     35

Environmental Protection                                                Cultural Tours
in Thailand                                                             Travel with us and experience the stunning natural beauty,
February 11–19, 2012. Join with PCC volunteers to work in               great historical sites, and architectural wonders of the world.
Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. The people are amazing, the              PCC offers educational travel tours designed for adults who
country is beautiful, and the need is great! Participants will
                                                                        want more than a sightseeing vacation. Each trip is a learning
work alongside villagers in all aspects of community outreach
                                                                        experience that truly engages the traveler. Each travel package
and environmental protection. Come explore this incredible
country and see the amazing sites of Thailand. No experience            includes lectures to provide insights and information regarding
necessary.                                                              the trip’s unique destination and of course free time to pursue
                                                                        the experiences that matter most to you. Our guides are local
$1,534 (approximate) includes full room and board, local
                                                                        and give you a thorough and fascinating inside look at each
transportation, and more. Does not include airfare, airport
taxes, and personal expenses.                                           destination while giving you personal insights into their culture
                                                                        and way of life.
Environmental Protection in Thailand: Free
Info Session
47911       Central         CLIMB 304           12pm-12:50pm            Culinary Vietnam
Sat         9/17            Palmer                                      December 27, 2011 - January 8, 2012. Eat your way from
                                                                        Saigon to Hanoi. Forget the hotel breakfasts-we’ll have a
                                                                        different local dish every morning with a Vietnamese coffee,
Sea Turtle Service Project                                              sugarcane drink or something else that presents itself. Try hot
in Costa Rica                                                           tofu with ginger, tapioca and coconut sauce, colored sticky
April 28 - May 6, 2012. Join sea turtle expert Brad Nahill for a        rice with sesame and sweet sauces, coconut ice cream in a
volunteer service trip to protect endangered giant leatherback          coconut, and all kinds of Pho. We won’t only eat; we’ll learn
sea turtles in Costa Rica. Spend nights patrolling a nesting            to cook several regional dishes in each part of the country
beach and working with local researchers to collect data and            we visit and learn about the cultures, people and histories
protect the nests while interacting with members of the small           of Vietnam. We will explore busy Saigon, the Mekong Delta,
community of Gandoca along the Caribbean coast. Visit one of
                                                                        the Cu Chu Tunnels, markets and even have dinner with a
the country’s nicest beaches, a remote indigenous community, a
                                                                        Vietnamese family in their home. We will have our hair and
butterfly farm, and an iguana conservation project. No Spanish
or science background necessary. Brad Nahill is Director of SEE         feet massaged, too. A 4-day Cambodia extension is available.
Turtles, a locally-based turtle conservation project.                   $1,922 (approximate) includes in-country transportation,
$1,739 includes accommodations, meals as outlined, in-                  accommodations, meals, guides, cooking classes, entrance
country transportation, guides, and more. Does not include              fees, and more. Does not include airfare, airport taxes, and
airfare, airport taxes, and personal expenses.                          personal expenses.

Sea Turtle Servic e Project in Costa Rica:                              Culinary Vietnam: Free Info Session
Free Info Session                                                       47916   Central            CLIMB 303          10:30am-
47912       Central         CLIMB 305           10am-10:50am            11:50am Sat                9/17               Brier
Sat         9/17            Nahill                                                                                                                Archaeology of Hawaii
47913       Central         CLIMB 301           7pm-8:20pm
Wed         11/16           Nahill
                                                                        Art Making Workshop in Mali, Africa
47914       Central         CLIMB 301           10am-11:20am
                                                                        January 6–15, 2012. Mali is a country rich in culture               Archaeology of Hawaii:
                                                                        and history. Their art forms have evolved uninterrupted
Sat         12/17           Nahill                                                                                                          Oahu/Big Island
                                                                        for centuries. Join us to work with local traditional and
                                                                                                                                            February 20–25, 2012. The real history of Hawaii awaits.
                                                                        contemporary artists in a neighborhood setting on the               Walk the King’s trail and watch for ancient petroglyphs and
     Social Development                                                 outskirts of Bamako. No art experience necessary! Experience        migrating humpback whales, then cool off with a relaxing
                                                                        making traditional and contemporary mudcloth (Bogolanfini),
in the favelas of Brazil                                                with Baba Wagué Diakité and Groupe Bogolan Kasobané.
                                                                                                                                            afternoon snorkel. Visit a research and restoration project,
June 17–24, 2012. Join with PCC volunteers to work with                                                                                     where native plant and bird species and archaeological sites
communities in Salvador, Brazil. Come spend time in this                Groupe Kasobané is an internationally acclaimed group of            are now being studied. Walk the battle field where the fate of
festive city, and experience the wonder of life in Brazil.              mudcloth artists that were educated at the Institute National       Hawaii’s religion was settled and where stone coffins still give
We are working with partners on many projects including                 des Arts in Bamako. They will discuss traditional symbols and       mute testimony to the pain of this clash. Experience a 600 year
construction, education and environmental conservation.                 their meanings and work with participants on individual and         old village where Kahunas still come to train. Learn the true
Come join us in Salvador over the winter and see the                    group cloths. An optional excursion to the village of Soni Tieni    history of Hawaii based on recent archaeological findings, and
intricacies of life in the cultural capital of Brazil! No experience    for hands-on demonstrations in other art forms and a mask           then hear the version the tourists are told. Dr. Alison Stenger
necessary. Brazil is a Portuguese speaking country.                     dance ceremony is available.                                        of the Institute for Archaeological Studies will be the trip
                                                                                                                                            leader. Each trip is custom designed for your special interests.
$1,534 (approximate) includes full room and board, local                $1,122 (approximate) includes modest accommodations,
transportation, and more. Does not include airfare, airport             meals, workshop instruction and local transportation. Does not      $2,072 (approximate) includes round trip airfare from
taxes, and personal expenses.                                           include airfare, airport taxes, visa fees and personal expenses.    Portland, transfers, shared rental car, park fees and more.

       Social Development                                               Art Making Workshops in Mali:                                          Archaeology of Hawaii - Oahu/Big Island:
in favelas of Brazil: Free Info Session                                 Free Info Session                                                   Free Info Session
47915       Central         CLIMB 304           1pm-1:50pm              47917      Central         CLIMB 304          9am-10:20am           47918      Central        CLIMB 303          9am-10:20am
Sat         9/17            Palmer                                      Sat        9/17            Palmer                                   Sat        9/17           Stenger

                                                                       Community Education Classes
36              Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit

                                                                       Paris for Mothers, Daughters,                                         Off the Beaten Path
                                                                     Sisters and Friends                                                in Rome, Italy
                                                                                                                                        June 21 - July 4, 2012. Join faculty from IPFW in the Eternal
                                                                     March 24–31, 2012. Create wonderful memories that will last
                                                                                                                                        City. Walk the footsteps of Emperors, explore pagan temples,
                                                                     a lifetime on this Mother, Daughter, Sisters and Friends spring
                                                                                                                                        Renaissance Palaces, and wander the vast spaces of Saint
                                                                     break trip to Paris. Visit museums, cruise the Seine, stroll       Peters Basilica, the Tivoli Gardens, the Coliseum and much
                                                                     the avenues, enjoy the cafes and shops, and experience the         more. In the Vatican City you will visit the masterpieces of
                                                                     ambience of this most fascinating city. An extension to the        Michelangelo and the Italian Renaissance. In the evenings
                                                                     South of France is available.                                      you can relax to the sound of Baroque fountains as you sip
                                                                     $3,021 (approximate) includes airfare from Portland, hotel         cappuccino in a piazza. Our hosts are the Benedictine nuns of
                                                                     with daily breakfast, museum visits, and more.                     the Camaldolese Convent on the Aventine Hill. Rooms are in
                                                                                                                                        the beautiful Saint Scolastica Center and meals are prepared
      Guatemala and Honduras                                                                                                            in the Center’s kitchen featuring fruits and vegetables from
                                                                        Paris for Mothers, Daughters, Sisters:
                                                                     Free Info Session                                                  the convent garden. This trip is in partnership with Indiana
                                                                     47922      Central         CLIMB 302         9am-10:20am           University/Purdue University Fort Wayne.
         Guatemala and Honduras                                      Sat        9/17            Horner                                  $4,217 (approximate) includes airfare from PDX, in-country
February 20–29, 2012. This is the perfect year to explore the                                                                           public transportation, accommodations, most meals, entrance
rich history and culture of the ancient Mayan civilizations          47923      Central         CLIMB 305         10am-11:20am
                                                                                                                                        fees, and more.
in Guatemala and Honduras. Start your visit with a tour of           Sat        12/3            Horner
Guatemala City and a drive through the highlands to Antigua,                                                                                   Off the Beaten Path in Rome, Italy:
an UNESCO World Heritage site, to view some of the finest
                                                                              Greek Odyssey                                             Free Info Session
examples of Spanish colonial architecture and local artisans
                                                                     May 25–June 3, 2012. History and mythology come to life            47928      Central       CLIMB 301          9am-9:50am
creating the beautiful colorful weavings Guatemala is famous
                                                                     in Greece. Visit all the well known remnants of the Minoan,        Sat        9/17          Palmer
for. No trip is complete without a visit to the tropical forests
                                                                     Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Ottoman empires on a cruise
filled with Toucans and Spider Monkeys and the ancient Mayan
                                                                     to the islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, and Rhodes with
site at Tikal. Walk through Tikal’s great plaza to see the Temple
                                                                     a visit to Kusadasi and the ancient site of Ephesus in Turkey.
of the Grand Jaguar, the Plaza of the Seven Temples and El
                                                                     Finish your journey with a daytrip to Delphi and in Athens visit
Mundo Perdido. Then off to Honduras and the Copan ruins, the
Athens of the Mayan world. These magnificent ruins are known         the Parthenon, Acropolis Museum and a stroll through the
for their detailed carvings and remarkably preserved stelae.         Plaka, Athen’s oldest neighborhood.

$4,017 (approximate) includes airfare from PDX,                      $4,517 (approximate) includes airfare from Portland,
accommodations, most meals, guides, entrance fees, and               accommodations, most meals, guides, entrance fees, and
more. Does not include airport taxes and personal expenses.          more. Does not include airport taxes and surcharges, port fees
                                                                     and personal expenses.
         Guatemala and Honduras:
Free Info Session                                                             Greek Odyssey: Free Info Session
47919      Central         CLIMB 301         11am-11:50am            47924      Central         CLIMB 301         10am-10:50am
Sat        9/17            Palmer                                    Sat        9/17            Palmer

    Morocco Sahara Odyssey                                           The History, Beauty,
March 14–29, 2012. Exotic Morocco enthralls even the most
experienced adventurer. Tradition infuses its labyrinthine           and Relaxation That is Turkey
medinas, overflowing with centuries-old customs and the              June 16 - 25, 2012. This is not just an ordinary tour!
colorful bounty of the earth. Village oases seem to rise from        Experience the hospitality of the Turkish people. Interact with
the desert, mirage-like. And the mighty Sahara, a timeless           the locals in the towns, tour an underground city where the
sea of sand, stretches to infinity. The Romans found this land       Turks fled from their invaders, sail and snorkel on a typical
enticing enough to build the once-bustling city of Volubilis         sailing boat for three nights and four days. Explore the             name Nancy Horner
here. In the intimacy of our small group, we’ll meet the             beautiful city of Istanbul and shop in the grand Bazaar; tour
Moroccan people, experience their traditions, and taste the          the Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, and the Hagia Sophia.           trips Morocco Sahara Odyssey;
secrets of their flavorful cuisine. We’ll discover the beauty        Travel to the historic sites of Ephesus, Cappadocia, and the         Paris for Mothers, Daughters, Sisters
of mosques and sample regional specialties during a home-            underwater village of the blue waters of the Mediterranean.          and Friends
hosted lunch. And to get a true feel for the mighty Sahara that      Don’t miss the beauty and the kindness of the people of this
                                                                                                                                          about Nancy combined her life-long
has so decisively shaped this culture, we’ll camp amidst its         amazing country that is so rich in history.
                                                                                                                                          love of international travel with her desire
dunes for two unforgettable nights and even explore by camel.
                                                                     $2,172 (approximate) includes accommodations, local                  to share that knowledge and passion
$3,667 (approximate) includes airfare from Portland,                 transportation, most meals, guides, and more. Does not include       with the PCC community. She creates
accommodations, most meals, guides, entrance fees, and more.         international airfare, airport taxes and personal expenses.          affordable, educational group trips which
   Morocco Sahara Odyssey:                                                                                                                broaden horizons, deepen relationships,
                                                                     History, Beauty of Turkey: Free Info Session                         and promote understanding with
Free Info Session
                                                                     47925      Central         CLIMB 305         11am-12:20pm            people throughout the world. A former
47920      Central         CLIMB 302         10:30am-11:50am
                                                                     Sat        9/17            Johnson                                   elementary school principal, she's been
Sat        9/17            Horner
                                                                                                                                          organizing travel that changes people's
47921      Central         CLIMB 305         9am-9:50am              47926      Central         CLIMB 303         6pm-6:50pm
                                                                                                                                          lives since 1998.
Sat        12/3            Palmer                                    Thurs      11/3            Johnson

                                                                    Community Education Classes
                                               To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                       37

     The West Highland Way,                                           The Plains of Africa                                                Bread, Wine and Language
Scotland                                                              November TBA, 2012. Spend an unforgettable 15 days                  in Tuscany
July 1 - 11, 2012. Discover the beauty of Scotland while you          exploring the scenic vistas and magnificent wildlife of Kenya.      Experience la dolce vita in beautiful Tuscany. Pick the dates
                                                                      Search for lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhinoceros          that are right for you. This is an ongoing program. Attend
hike through woods, over streams, around and up hills on the
                                                                      on numerous game drives. Enjoy a traditional bush dinner
West Highland Way better known as “The Way.” You will cover                                                                               Italian language classes in the morning and learn about Tuscan
                                                                      complete with Masai entertainment. Visit the Kigio Wildlife
98 miles from Glasgow to Ft. William, hiking an average of 12                                                                             wines and food in the afternoons. Travel to local farms and
                                                                      Conservancy and the Rothschild Giraffe Sanctuary. Spend two
miles a day. However on this tour you have options! A van that                                                                            cellars, learn the history of Italian wine and how it is produced,
                                                                      nights in a luxurious tented camp, with all the amenities of a
gives you the opportunity to ride when you want to rest your                                                                              and participate in hands on cooking classes that will show
                                                                      five star resort. Enjoy a stay at the world-famous tree lodge,
feet! A driver with van will be shadowing the hike, carrying          the Ark, for once-in-a-lifetime game viewing!                       you how to make delicious Tuscan dishes. All this in an
your extra gear to the evening’s destination. Lodging will be in                                                                          environment that showcases some of the most spectacular art
                                                                      $6,121 (approximate) includes airfare from Portland,                in the world! Pick the dates that are right for you. The school
a quaint Scottish B&B or Guest House. After the first day hike
                                                                      accommodations, meals, guides, entrance fees, and more.
you will arrive in Drymen ready to relax with a pint or glass                                                                             can accommodate all levels of language ability, from beginners
                                                                      Does not include visas, checked baggage charges, air taxes,
of the local drink and settle in for dinner. The last night in Ft.                                                                        to advanced. Prices vary according to length of stay and type
                                                                      fees, and surcharges.
Williams we will celebrate with a well deserved dinner party.                                                                             of accommodation selected.
The trip is a photographer’s heaven. This trip could just be the         The Plains of Africa: Free Info Session
beginning of a wonderful extended journey through Scotland.           47934      Central         CLIMB 306          9am-10:20am           Bread, Wine and Language:
$2,122 (approximate) includes accommodations, most meals,             Sat        9/17            Palmer                                   Free Info Session
guide, entrance fees, and more. Does not include airfare, taxes                                                                           47938      Central         CLIMB 303          12pm-12:50pm
and personal expenses.                                                Language Study Abroad                                               Sat        9/17            Palmer
                                                                      Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced speaker,
       The West Highland Way, Scotland:                               cultural immersion is the fastest and most rewarding way            Travel Classes
Free Info Session                                                     to learn a language. Every new phrase learned can be put to
47929      Central         CLIMB 305          12:30pm-1:50pm          instant use. Our partner schools have been carefully selected       Teach English Abroad
Sat        9/17            Johnson                                    and are assured to be well established institutes, staffed by       and Make a Living Doing It
                                                                      highly qualified teachers, in culturally rich locations. Each       Some teaching jobs pay $50k/year; others make you pay
47931      Central         CLIMB 303          7pm-7:50pm
                                                                      program offers a variety of cultural activities to enhance your     a deposit. Learn where to look and how to choose wisely.
Thurs      11/3            Johnson
                                                                      language study. In order to assure your placement with a            Emphasis will be on Asia but other locations will be covered.
                                                                      homestay, we request you register at least four weeks prior to
    American Spirit                                                   your desired start date.
                                                                                                                                          Details will be given to improve your search. Bring your
Family Discovery
July 21 - 28, 2012. Get ready for the history, adventure, culture
and the American spirit that spreads throughout the eastern
                                                                      Study Spanish in Mexico                                             Teach English Abroad
                                                                      Travel to Guanajuato, a charming colonial city north of Mexico      and Make a Living Doing It
United States on this trip especially designed for families who
                                                                      City near San Miguel de Allende to study Spanish and live with      47939      Central         CLIMB 302          6pm-8:30pm
want to travel. From Philadelphia to the Amish Country with           a Mexican family, sharing meals, conversation and culture.
stops in Gettysburg, Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon                                                                                  Wed        10/5            Brier              $29
                                                                      The program is ongoing and classes start every Monday -
and of course the nation’s capital Washington, D.C. Every stop        choose your own dates! The school can accommodate all
on this family tour captures the story of a nation built from         levels of language ability, from beginners to advanced. Prices
                                                                                                                                          Sellwood Shuffle Walk About
dreams, ambition and opportunity.                                                                                                         Eat, drink and learn your way through “the Wood.” View
                                                                      vary according to length of stay and type of accommodation
                                                                                                                                          Portland’s only handcrafted temple-home, funeral parlor-
Family rates available. Includes round trip air from Portland,        selected.
                                                                                                                                          turned nightclub, Share It Corner, Antique Row, and some of
accommodations, 11 meals, guides, entrance fees and more.
                                                                      Study Spanish in Mexico: Free Info Session                          our most scenic views. Learn the history of the neighborhood,
                                                                      College credit available through PSU’s Graduate School of           the Sellwood Shuffle and sample a few of the local culinary
       American Spirit Family Discovery:                              Education.                                                          delights including homemade yogurt. Who knows, we might
Free Info Session                                                                                                                         even get a chance to visit with a few Woodians who are doing
                                                                      47936      Central         CLIMB 301          1pm-1:50pm
47932      Central         CLIMB 306          10:30am-11:50am                                                                             some very interesting things.
                                                                      Sat        9/17            Palmer
Sat        9/17            Palmer
                                                                                                                                          Sellwood Shuffle Walk About
                                                                      Study Italian in Italy                                              47940      SE Port       SELLCC        9am-12pm
                                                                      Travel to beautiful Tuscany to study Italian and immerse
                                                                                                                                          Sat        10/8          Brier         $29
                                                                      yourself in the art and culture that is unique to Italy. Attend a
                                                                      language school in the culturally rich city of Florence or the      Classes to meet outside Sellwood Community Center.
                                                                      charming Tuscan towns of Cortona and Lucca. The experience          47941      SE Port       SELLCC        9am-12pm
                                                                      will be unforgettable. Participants will enjoy comfortable          Sat        10/15         Brier         $29
                                                                      accommodations with local hosts or dormitory/apartment              Classes to meet outside Sellwood Community Center.
                                                                      style lodgings to maximize local interaction. Pick the dates
                                                                      that are right for you! The school can accommodate all levels
                                                                      of language ability, from beginners to advanced. Prices vary
                                                                      according to length of stay and type of accommodation
                                                                                                                                                       Have a question?
                                                                                                                                                                Go online to
                                                                      Study Italian in Italy: Free Info Session
                                                                      College credit available through PSU’s Graduate School of      
                                                                      Education.                                                                 or call 971-722-6266
      The Plains of Africa                                            47937      Central         CLIMB 301          12pm-12:50pm
                                                                      Sat        9/17            Palmer

                                                                     Community Education Classes
38             Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
  Recreation & wellness                                                                                                                      topics:

                                                                                                                                                         PAGE 39
Fall is upon us!
Try something new, before the chill of Winter                                                                                                            PAGE 40
keeps you indoors. Ever wanted to climb
outside on a real rock face? Sign up for Climb
                                                                                                                                Health and Wellness
Broughton Bluff (page 43). Together with our                                                                                   Naturopathic Medicine:
community partner, The Vault Climbing Gym,                                                                              Naturally Healthy Living Series
local climbers will guide you up the bluff! Or,                                                                  Meditation and Relaxation Techniques
if indoor climbing is more to your liking, check                                                                              Wellness and Prevention
out our Bouldering and Rope Climbing classes
                                                                                                                      Herbalism and Natural Products
on page 44.
                                                                                                                  Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Parenting
If gliding across the water in a kayak sounds
like fun, try our Fall Color Tours on Scappoose
Bay (page 44). Enjoy the Fall colors along                                                                                                               PAGE 42
peaceful, Scappoose Bay, in this three hour,
                                                                                                                                  Mind-Body Fitness
guided course. A short drive from Portland,
Scappoose is nestled along the Willamette                                                                                                 Qigong and Tai Chi
River—so, check it out!                                                                                                                                Yoga
Want a full body workout? Sign up for NIA                      Ann Van Orman
(page 45). Move to invigorating music—using                                                                                                              PAGE 43
dance and martial arts, and improve your                       Last Community Education class I took:
flexibility, mobility, agility, balance and strength.
                                                               Stand Up Paddling
Who knows, this could turn in to your favorite                                                                          Climbing, Hiking & NW Outdoors
exercise regimen!                                              My favorite Halloween treat:                                                       Golf
Whatever you choose to do this Fall, never                     Seeing what Linda wears that day!                                                  Water Sports
stop learning.
                                                                                                                                                         PAGE 45
                                                               My favorite quote:
See you in class!                                              “Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.”                                             Work Out
                                                               ~ Indira Ghandi                                              Cardio and Strength Training
Ann Van Orman
                                                               Contact Information:                                      Exercise and Fitness for Seniors
Recreation and Wellness
Program Coordinator                                                                             Better Bones and Balance

                          Dance                                                                          Ballet Barre Meets Floor Barre
                                                                                                         A unique hybrid of basic ballet barre and floor exercises.
                          Have a question?                                                               This class of fluid, graceful movements combined with deep
                          Call 971-722-6266 or visit                                                     stretches and strength building positions help with balance,
                                                                                                         breathing and a more invigorating you!
                                                                                                         43581      Lk Oswego ABDA                     5:15pm-6:10pm
                                                                                                         Thurs      9/29-11/17 Goldthwaite             $29
Afro-Contemporary Dance: Beginning                                                                       $75 payable to “ABDA.” Cash and checks only.
Join this total body work out and learn Afro-contemporary
dance too! Open to all levels of dancers. Class includes                                                 Ballet for Absolute Beginners!
                                                                                                         Have you always wanted to learn ballet? Join this class and
drummer. No black-soled shoes.
                                                                                                         learn the basics of ballet technique! No experience necessary.
48111     SE Center      TABOR 102         11:30am-12:20pm                                               Please wear ballet slippers, comfortable athletic dance wear
Sat       10/1-11/19     Malary            $115                                                          and bring a water bottle.
                                                                                                         48301       N Port          NWDPS            7:30pm-8:45pm
            Argentine Tango                                                                              Wed         9/28-11/30 Labay                 $130
Learn the basics of authentic Argentine Tango - an elegant,
sensuous dance that is again becoming the passion of dancers
worldwide. Come alone or sign up with a partner! No black-
                                                                                                             Check out our website and blog!
soled shoes.
41699     Sylvania    HT 101               3pm-4:50pm
                                                                   Argentine Tango
Sat       10/15-11/19 McBride              $59
                     Recreation and wellness
Ballet: Beginning
Discover ballet placement and principles of movement and
                                                                        Break Dancing
                                                                    Learn the foundation and essential dance steps of this Hip
                                                                                                                                                                  Health and
alignment, in this comprehensive barre and center practice
class. Participants should have basic knowledge of ballet,
                                                                    Hop style of dance, b-boying, and b-girling. Top Rock, foot                                   Wellness
                                                                    work, freezes, and power moves will be taught. All dancer’s
positions, steps and terms.                                                                                                                                       Have a question?
                                                                    welcome. No black-soled shoes.
48268       N Port         UPCC             6pm-7pm                                                                                                               Call 971-722-6266 or visit
Thurs       9/29-11/17 Downs                $65, $20 Fee            48257      NE Port         HERITB 004         5:30pm-7pm                            
                                                                    Tues       9/27-11/15      Banner             $65, $20 Fee
48298       N Port         NWDPS            5:45pm-7:15pm
Mon         9/26-11/28 Campbell             $130                                                                                      Naturopathic Medicine:
48267       Sylvania       HT 101           7pm-7:50pm              Contemporary Fusion
Fri         9/30-12/2      Downs            $65                     Mix contemporary dance styles with jazz, ballet, and world
                                                                                                                                      Naturally Healthy Living Series
                                                                    dance influences. Emphasis on proper body alignment,              Led by a naturopathic doctor. Learn how to enhance your health
No class 11/11, 11/25.
                                                                    strength and flexibility, rhythmic musical phrasing, and self-    by using natural methods, plus hands-on herbal medicine
Ballroom Dance Level I: American Dances                             expression. A fun combination of global music and movement.       making! Gain a greater understanding of whole body health.
Learn Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing, and Polka. Fundamentals of social
                                                                    48299      N Port          NWDPS              6:30pm-8pm
dancing are taught, including popular steps of today. This is a
                                                                    Thurs      9/29-11/17      Hunt               $105
                                                                                                                                      Naturopathic Medicine:
great class for anyone! No black-soled shoes.                                                                                         Naturally Healthy Living Series
40582      SE Center      TABOR 102          7pm-8:20pm                                                                               Register for this class to enroll in the series at a discount.
Wed        9/28-11/16     Roe                $79                    Hip Hop
                                                                                                                                      42920     SW Port           LINCHS 146         7pm-8:50pm
                                                                    If you love to dance and work your body, this class is for you!
                                                                                                                                      Tues      9/27-11/8         Swanson            $79, $12 Fee
Ballroom Dance Level III:                                           This class energizes you with modern street moves to hip-hop
                                                                                                                                      No class 10/18.
Intermediate/Advanced                                               beats - all while burning calories in a fun aerobic workout. No
This class includes variations in a variety of popular Ballroom     black-soled shoes.
                                                                                                                                      Naturopathic Medicine and Nutrition
Dances. Prerequisite Ballroom I and II or permission of the         48314      N Port          NWDPS              12:30pm-2pm         Review specific diet foods, herbs and vitamins to keep you
instructor. No black-soled shoes.                                   Sun        10/2-11/20      Devine             $105                healthy and feeling great. Also, understand food intolerances
41710      SE Center      TABOR 102          7:30pm-8:50pm          48304      NE Port         HERITB 004         7pm-8pm             and diets to improve weight management.
Tues       9/27-11/15     Roe                $79                    Tues       9/27-11/15      Narong             $65, $15 Fee
                                                                                                                                      45629       SW Port         LINCHS 146         7pm-8:50pm
                                                                    42936      SE Center       TABOR 102          6:30pm-7:20pm       Tues        9/27            Swanson            $29, $5 Fee
Ballroom Dance:
                                                                    Thurs      9/29-11/17      Narong             $65
A Crash Course for Weddings and Parties
Be ready for your next big dance event! Learn some of the           41703      Sylvania        HT 08              8pm-9:20pm          Colds, Flus and Respiratory Ailments
most popular dances: Fox Trot, Waltz, Swing and Cha Cha.            Wed        9/28-11/16      Maddox             $79                 Use of herbs, nutritional supplements, dietary changes and
Price is per person. No black-soled shoes.                                                                                            breathing exercises to improve respiratory ailments.
41709     Hillsboro       HAWTHO             6:45pm-7:45pm          Jazz Start Up: For Beginners                                      44234       SW Port         LINCHS 146         7pm-8:50pm
Fri       10/7-11/18      Haugland           $49, $10 Fee           Increase your strength, stamina, flexibility, fitness and self-   Tues        10/4            Swanson            $29, $5 Fee
No class 11/11.                                                     expression while learning jazz dance technique in a creative
47271     SE Center       TABOR 102          6pm-7:20pm             and encouraging environment. Wear fitness/dance apparel and       Herbs for Health and Healing
Fri       9/30-11/4       Bronson            $59                    bring a water bottle. Socks or bare feet ok.                      Comprehensive view of herbs and how they are used to
48262     Sylvania        HT 101             6pm-6:50pm                                                                               treat common ailments. Improve vitality and overall health
                                                                    48311      N Port          NWDPS              7:15pm-8:30pm       through herbs.
Sat       10/1-11/5       Bronson            $49                    Mon        9/26-11/14      Ching              $105
                                                                                                                                      42922       SW Port         LINCHS 146         7pm-8:50pm
Belly Dance: Beginning I                                                                                                              Tues        10/11           Swanson            $29, $5 Fee
Learn the basics of Belly Dance while having fun in a               Latin Dance: Salsa
supportive atmosphere. Increase core strength and gain              Start your motor! Sizzling hot Latin dancing! Learn the basics    Naturopathic First Aid
flexibility. For women all ages and sizes. No black-soled shoes.    of Salsa and Merengue and join in the fun of dancing to the       Learn how to build a naturopathic first aid kit for headaches,
48297      NE Port        HERITB 004         7pm-8:30pm             Salsa bands. No black-soled shoes. Dance shoes okay. Price is     stomach aches, cuts and abrasions, burns, strains and sprains.
Wed        9/28-11/16     Zoller             $79, $20 Fee           per person, bring a partner.                                      Great for traveling too!
41971      Rock Cr        BLDG2 259          10:30am-11:50am        40977     Hillsboro        HAWTHO             7:45pm-9:15pm       45630       SW Port         LINCHS 146         7pm-8:50pm
Sat        10/1-12/3      Schenkel           $79                    Fri       10/7-11/18       Haugland           $59, $10 Fee        Tues        10/25           Swanson            $29, $5 Fee
44304      Rock Cr        BLDG5 114          6:30pm-8pm             No class 11/11.
Wed        9/28-11/30     Schenkel           $79                                                                                      Homeopathy for Health and Healing
44138      SE Center      TABOR 102          7pm-8:20pm             Pole Dancing for Beginners                                        Introduction to homeopathy, philosophy, common remedies
Mon        9/26-11/14     Zoller             $79                    Develop fluidity, flexibility, and strength in this fun, aerial   and how they are used to treat common ailments, and improve
                                                                    acrobatic, core workout! Learn spins, inversions, floor work,     overall health.
                                                                    climbing as well as a beginner routine.                           42921       SW Port         LINCHS 146         7pm-8:50pm
                                                                    45308    SE Port        ECLYSI                12pm-2pm            Tues        11/1            Swanson            $29, $5 Fee
                                                                    Tues     9/27-11/15 Gee                       $29
                                                                    $199 payable to “Ecdysiast.”                                      Herbal Medicine Making
                                                                                                                                      Hands-on session teaches “how-to” techniques and recipes
                                                                                                                                      to make your own herbal remedies. Great way to use your
                                                                    Swing: East and West Coast                                        knowledge of herbs and naturopathic medicine. Fun!
                                                                    Learn the basic patterns for both East Coast and West Coast
                                                                                                                                      42923       SW Port         LINCHS 146         7pm-8:50pm
                                                                    Swing. We will teach a variety of patterns throughout the term.
                                                                                                                                      Tues        11/8            Swanson            $29, $5 Fee
                                                                    Partners not necessary! No black-soled shoes.
                                                                    44910      SE Center       TABOR 102          7:30pm-8:50pm
                                                                    Fri        9/30-11/4       Bronson            $59                           Check out our website and blog!
                                                                    48263      Sylvania        HT 101             8pm-8:50pm
      Break Dancing                                                 Thurs      9/29-11/3       Bronson            $49           

                                                                   Community Education Classes
40             Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                   Recreation and wellness
Meditation and Relaxation                                                Meditation:                                                    Weight Loss Through Hypnosis
                                                                                                                                        Certified Hypnotherapist teaches techniques you need to
Techniques                                                         Introduction to Buddhist Meditation
                                                                   When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides and             permanently change your behavior with food to successfully
Massage for Couples                                                our mind becomes still, a deep happiness and contentment             lose weight. If diets haven’t worked for you in the past,
Give and receive a massage from your partner. Explore a            naturally arises from within. In this class you will learn how to    hypnotherapy may be the solution. Bring a blanket and pillow.
number of massage strokes, as well as how and when to use          have a daily meditation practice.                                    41954      NW Port        FRNHSE             9am-2pm
each of them. Leave with more confidence, and feel closer to       45596     SW Port       MKBC            10am-4pm                     Sat        10/8           Parrott            $35, $5 Fee
your partner. Wear comfortable clothes. Price is per person.       Sat       11/5          Rocklin         $19                          44298      Sylvania       SS 211             9am-1:50pm
45540      Central        CLIMB 301        9am-12:50pm             $16 payable to “Mahasiddha Buddhist Center”                          Sat        10/22          Parrott            $35
Sat        10/1           Johnson          $39
Bring pillow, blanket, and optional massage oil.                            Meditation: Introduction to Buddhism                        Herbalism and Natural Products
44319      SE Center      SCOTT 200        9am-12:50pm             Buddha’s teachings contain special methods to develop
Sat        11/19          Johnson          $39                     and increase our good qualities such as loving kindness,                     Thai Herbs
Bring pillow, blanket, and optional massage oil.                   compassion and wisdom. Each class includes two guided                Explore Thai medicine and find out what herbs can do for
                                                                   meditations and a talk.                                              you! Create a hot herbal compress, make a liniment balm, and
Meditation Demystified: A Retreat in the City                      45269     SW Port       MKBC             7pm-8:30pm                  plaster.
Practice several methods with experienced teachers and time        Tues      9/27-10/11 Rocklin             $19                         48272      Sylvania       HT 323             9am-12:50pm
for questions. Learn the benefits of meditation, posture, how      $8 payable to “Mahasiddha Buddhist Center.”                          Sat        10/8           Moore              $35, $20 Fee
to work with distractions and avoid discouraging pitfalls.
Develop a meditation practice to fit your life.                          Meditation:                                                       Medicinal Herbalism
43540     NW Port      FRNHSE           1pm-4pm                    Living Lightly-The Practice of Emptiness                             An overview of western botanical medicines, its uses and
Sat       11/12        Newmark          $35, $5 Fee                As our awareness of truth improves, we will learn to live in the     practices. Students will learn the basics of how to make teas,
$3 payable to “Diamond Way Buddhist Center USA.”                   present, free from grasping at the past or worrying about the        tinctures, and how to work oils. Students will take samples
                                                                   future. Classes include two guided meditations and a talk.           home.
     Meditation:                                                                                                                        48275     Central         CLIMB 301          10am-3:50pm
                                                                   45267     SW Port       MKBC             7pm-8:30pm
Ancient Wisdom for Our Busy World                                  Tues      11/29-12/13 Rocklin            $19                         Sat       10/15           Powell             $45
Recently, our knowledge of modern technology has increased         $8 payable to “Mahasiddha Buddhist Center.”                          $15 payable to “Misfit Enterprises.”
considerably, and we have witnessed remarkable material
progress, but there has not been an increase in human                    Meditation:                                                    Herbal Beauty, Body and Bath
happiness. Learn the methods Buddha taught to find                                                                                      Make your own natural body care products such as face
                                                                   Creating the Life that You Want
Happiness within.                                                                                                                       splash, body lotion, bath salts and other delectable items.
                                                                   The law of karma explains why each individual has a unique
45597     SW Port       MKBC             10:30am-12pm              mental disposition, a unique physical appearance, and unique         Great gift ideas! Students will take samples home. Great gift
Sun       11/27-12/18 Rocklin            $19                       experiences. Classes include two guided meditations and a talk.      ideas! Recommended prerequisite: Medicinal Herbalism.
$5 payable to “Mahasiddha Buddhist Center.”                                                                                             48274     Central         CLIMB 306          10am-3:50pm
                                                                   45598     SW Port       MKBC             10:30am-12pm
                                                                   Sun       10/30-11/20 Rocklin            $19                         Sat       10/29           Powell             $45
Meditation: Calm Mind, Centered Mind                                                                                                    $15 payable to “Misfit Enterprises.”
Feeling distracted in the age of short attention span? Practice    $5 payable to “Mahasiddha Buddhist Center.”
ancient meditation methods from the Buddha that enable us to
keep our minds in one place even in the age of IM and Twitter.     Return to Balance
                                                                   Learn how to bring your whole self back into balance! Use
44064     NW Port      FRNHSE           1pm-4pm                    the body’s energy system, meditation, mindfulness, and your
Sat       10/22        Newmark          $35, $5 Fee                spiritual self to achieve and keep balance. Explore relaxation,
$3 payable to “Diamond Way Buddhist Center USA.”                   self-care strategies, living in the moment and more.
        Meditation: Dealing with Anger                             48312      Sylvania        CC SPRUCE           3:30pm-6:20pm
Anger is our most painful and destructive emotion. By learning     Thurs      12/8            Zimmerman           $29
to be mindful of the internal causes of anger we can gradually
reduce the angry thoughts that harm ourselves and others.                Your Brain on Music, Dance,
Each class includes two guided meditations and a talk.             Puzzles, Words and Art
                                                                   Neuroplasticity is the lifelong ability of the brain to reorganize
45268     SW Port       MKBC            7pm-8:30pm
                                                                   neural paths based on new experiences. Have fun trying out a
Tues      10/18-11/15 Rocklin           $19
                                                                   few of the most enjoyable ways of re-tuning your brain, based
$16 payable to “Mahasiddha Buddhist Center.”
                                                                   on current brain research from around the world.
       Meditation:                                                 48313      Sylvania        CC SPRUCE           3pm-5:50pm
Inspiring Solutions for Difficult Times                            Thurs      12/15           Zimmerman           $29
Things come at us from all directions, problems pile up, and
there are moments when we may feel like we just can’t cope.        Wellness and Prevention
Learn the methods Buddha gave to transform adversity.
Classes include two guided meditations and a talk.                 ONLINE CLASS: Medical Terminology:
47467     SW Port       MKBC             10:30am-12pm              A Word Association Approach
Sun       10/2-10/23 Rocklin             $19                       Gain an understanding of what your doctor is trying to tell
$5 payable to “Mahasiddha Buddhist Center.”                        you! For the patient; explains medical terminology according
                                                                   to each body system. Multiple graphics, study tips and
                                                                   unusual facts make this a fun course.
                      Like us on Facebook!               
                                                                   47418      Online          9/21-10/28          $30, $65 Fee
                                                                   47419      Online          10/19-11/25         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                   47420      Online          11/9-12/16          $30, $65 Fee                Medicinal Herbalism
                                                                   47421      Online          12/14-1/20          $30, $65 Fee

                                                                  Community Education Classes
                                              To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                         41
                      Recreation and wellness
Pregnancy, Childbirth
and Parenting
                                                                                               Mind-Body                                   Tai Chi: Continuing
                                                                                                                                       New postures with further integration of mind and body
                                                                                               Fitness                                 harmony, balance, relaxation, and coordination. Increased
   Early Pregnancy                                                                             Have a question?                        emphasis on circular movement, softness and smoothness to
This childbirth prep class focuses on issues important in early                                                                        develop meditative awareness.
                                                                                               Call 971-722-6266 or visit
pregnancy: your changing body, coping with side effects, help                                           48261      NE Port        HERITB 004         8pm-9pm
in choosing your provider, where to give birth and much more.                                                                          Mon        9/26-11/28     Bernunzio          $75, $20 Fee
48309      Central         CLIMB 302         7pm-8:50pm             Core Balance = Yoga + Pilates + Ballet                             47273     SE Center       TABOR 102          9am-9:50am
Tues       9/27            Suarez            $25                    This class combines elements of yoga and pilates and stretch       Sat       10/1-12/10      Bernunzio          $75
Bring a partner, price per person.                                  components using the ballet barre. Develop core strength,          No class 11/26.
                                                                    ease and openness in joints and a flexible, well-balanced body.
Childbirth Preparation                                              All dancers and fitness enthusiasts welcome.                       Tai Chi Quan Chen
Explore all aspects of labor and birth, comfort measures,                                                                              Students will be introduced to the 56 moves of Chen style
                                                                    48305      N Port         NWDPS              8:45am-9:45am
pain management and skills for the support person. Home or                                                                             Tai Chi.
                                                                    Tues       9/27-11/15     Parson             $79
hospital, exploring your options will help you achieve the birth
                                                                    48306      N Port         NWDPS              8:45am-9:45am         48295      Sylvania       HT 101             10:30am-11:50am
you desire.
                                                                    Sat        10/1-11/19     Parson             $79                   Sat        10/1-11/26     Zhang              $75
48308      Central         CLIMB 302         7pm-8:50pm
Tues       10/4-11/8       Suarez            $35
                                                                    Rebalance                                                          Tai Chi Quan: Combined Form
Bring a partner, price per person.                                                                                                     For students who have had basic training in Tai Chi. This class
                                                                    Learn exercises on the stability ball and foam roller to release
                                                                    tension in the body, place body in alignment and train proper      will teach the 42 gesture combined style Tai Chi Quan form.
The New Family                                                      usage of the muscles restoring balance. No shoes. Equipment        45600      Tigard         TIGSRC             3pm-4pm
The transition from “couple” to “family” can be both wonderful
                                                                    provided.                                                          Tues       9/27-11/22     Zhang              $59, $5 Fee
AND challenging! Learn how to develop that special bond with
your newborn while continuing to nurture your relationship.         42917     Lk Oswego ABDA                5:15pm-6:10pm
                                                                    Tues      9/27-11/15 Goldthwaite        $29                        Tai Chi Quan: Short Form
48310      Central         CLIMB 302         7pm-8:50pm                                                                                Learn the proper way of exercising Tai Chi to find balance and
                                                                    $75 payable to “ABDA.” Cash and checks only.
Tues       11/15           Suarez            $25                                                                                       harmony in mind and body. Learn twenty-four gesture Yang
Bring a partner, price per person.                                                                                                     style Tai Chi Quan form.
                                                                    Self Defense: Martial Arts Techniques
                                                                    This class will cover the psychology of self-defense, techniques   48296      Sylvania       HT 101             9am-10:20am
                                                                    of blocking, striking, base disruption, grappling, ground          Sat        10/1-11/26     Zhang              $75
                                                                    fighting, and defense against common weapons. Draws from
                                                                    various arts including Ju-Jitsu, Karate and Kung Fu.
                                                                    48260      Sylvania       HT GYM             5:30pm-6:20pm
                                                                    Tues       9/27-11/15     Bersaas            $65

                                                                    Qigong and Tai Chi
                                                                    Qigong a Chinese healing art, utilizes gentle body movements,
                                                                    posture, breath, and visualization to help the practitioner
                                                                    cultivate good health and physical/energetic awareness.
                                                                    Helpful for stress reduction, relaxation, and improve balance.
                                                                    44908     SE Center       SCOTT 102          10am-10:50am
                                                                    Sat       10/1-12/10      Bernunzio          $75
                                                                    No class 11/26.
                                                                    45310     SE Port       ONEHRT            11am-12pm
                                                                    Thurs     9/29-12/8     Kruse             $29
                                                                    No class 11/24. $99 payable to “One with Heart.”

                                                                        Tai Chi: Beginning
                                                                    A gentle approach to exercise emphasizing mind/body
                                                                    harmony, relaxation, centering, and coordination. Traditional
                                                                    style helps develop effortless vitality and awareness through
                                                                    meditative movement.                                                 name Paul Bernunzio
                                                                    44089     Lk Oswego       LOADUL OAK         6pm-7pm                 Classes Tai Chi, Beginning and
                                                                    Tues      9/27-11/29      Hummel             $75, $10 Fee            Continuing; Qigong (Chi Gung)
                                                                    No class 11/23.
                                                                                                                                         about Paul has been studying,
                                                                    48259      NE Port        HERITB 004         7pm-8pm
                                                                    Mon        9/26-11/28     Bernunzio          $75, $20 Fee            practicing, and teaching Tai Chi and
                                                                                                                                         Qigong since 1984, with different
                                                                    47272     SE Center       TABOR 102          8am-8:50am
                                                                                                                                         traditional teachers from China. He
                                                                    Sat       10/1-12/10      Bernunzio          $75
                                                                    No class 11/26.
                                                                                                                                         enjoys sharing the benefits and
                                                                                                                                         creative learning process of these
                                                                    45601     Tualatin        TUALPL             1:45pm-2:45pm
                                                                                                                                         practices in order to help develop
                                                                    Wed       10/5-12/14      Hummel             $69, $10 Fee
                                                                                                                                         greater harmony, balance, and health
                                                                    No class 10/26, 11/23.
                                                                                                                                         of mind and body for people of all
                                                                    45604      Willow Cr      WCC 201            12pm-12:50pm
      Early Pregnancy                                                                                                                    ages and circumstances.
                                                                    Wed        9/28-11/30     Burghardt          $75

                                                                   Community Education Classes
42             Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                       Recreation and wellness
Tai Chi Wu Style: Beginning
Learn a gentle exercise that can improve balance, enhance
                                                                               Thai Yoga for Couples
                                                                       Explore Thai medicine and find out what herbs can do for
concentration, and reduce stress, as well as strengthen                you! Create a hot herbal compress, make a liniment balm, and                               Have a question?
muscles and joints - a moving meditation. This Wu style long           plaster.                                                                                   Call 971-722-6266 or visit
form is an excellent practice for mind-body coordination.
                                                                       48273      Sylvania       HT 08              7pm-8:20pm                          
44985       NW Port         FRNHSE              9:30am-10:20am
                                                                       Fri        10/7-10/21     Moore              $35
Wed         9/28-11/16      Harris              $59, $10 Fee

Tai Chi Wu Style: Continuing                                           Yoga: Gentle                                                   Chi Running
For students who have taken beginning Wu style, to continue            For beginners who want a slower paced class or those new       Learn this form of running that combines mind/body
learning tai chi principles and to develop depth in their practice.    to a regular exercise program. Basic yoga postures with        awareness, core strength, and peripheral muscle relaxation
42287       NW Port         FRNHSE              8:30am-9:20am          modifications to suit student’s needs. Great for people with   of yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi with cardio-aerobic benefits of
Wed         9/28-11/16      Harris              $59, $10 Fee           limitations due to chronic conditions or injury.               walking! Improve your biomechanics to reduce injury and pain.
                                                                       48248     Beaverton     HSYOGA               7:15pm-8:30pm     45357      NW Port         FRNHSE             12pm-4pm
         Tai Chi for Health                                            Wed       9/28-11/30 Ellis                   $29               Sat        10/1            Diffely            $99, $5 Fee
Tai chi movements emphasize mind-body coordination
                                                                       $75 payable to “Heart Song Yoga.”
through relaxation and mindful movement. This gentle
exercise can improve balance, enhance concentration, and               43600     Tualatin        POHL               9:30am-10:45am    Chi Walking
reduce stress, as well as strengthen muscles and joints-a              Fri       9/30-12/2       Walsh              $69, $5 Fee       Learn this form of walking that combines mind/body
moving meditation.                                                     No class 11/11, 11/25.                                         awareness, core strength, and peripheral muscle relaxation
48249     NW Port           SNTSHA              4pm-5pm                                                                               of yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi with cardio-aerobic benefits of
Mon       9/26-11/21        Harris              $59, $15 Fee                                                                          walking! Improve your biomechanics to reduce injury and pain.
No class 11/7.                                                                                                                        45361      NW Port         FRNHSE             12pm-4pm
                                                                                                                                      Sat        10/8            Diffely            $99, $5 Fee
Tai Chi in Warm Water
A gentle approach to exercise emphasizing mind/body
harmony, relaxation, centering, and coordination - all in a                                                                           Soccer: Beginning
warm water pool! Traditional style helps develop effortless                                                                           Learn basic soccer skills, taught by a professional soccer
vitality and awareness through meditative movement.                                                                                   player and coach. Class will include basic soccer moves,
                                                                                                                                      handling of ball on the ground and in the air and learning to
47394       Forest Gr       FGAQUA              8:15am-9am
                                                                                                                                      keep your shots straight.
Wed         9/28-11/2       Burghardt           $45, $25 Fee
                                                                                                                                      42268      Sylvania        HT SOCCER          6pm-7:50pm
                                                                                                                                      Mon        9/26-11/14      Santos Rivas       $79
Please bring a yoga mat to all yoga classes.
                                                                                                                                      Soccer: Intermediate
Yoga: Level I                                                                                                                         For those who love soccer, have basic skills and would like to
Develop flexibility, strength, peace of mind, and reduce stress                                                                       add some new skills including: dribbling, headers, free-kicks/
in this strong fundamental introduction! Poses are fun, safe
                                                                                                                                      passes, formations, offensive and defensive play, and rules of
and easy-to-follow, and give you a sense of focused calm.
                                                                                                                                      the game.
Bring yoga mat.
                                                                                                                                      48294      Sylvania        HT SOCCER          6pm-7:50pm
43599     Beaverton     HSYOGA                  4:30pm-5:45pm
Sun       10/2-12/4     Ellis                   $29                                                                                   Wed        9/28-11/16      Santos Rivas       $79
$75 payable to “Heart Song Yoga.”
47480     Downtown      DC                      12pm-1pm                                                                              Swim Conditioning
Mon/Fri 9/26-12/5       Stemler                 $125                                                                                  Develop technical knowledge and skills for effective and
No class 11/11, and 11/25.                                                                                                            efficient swimming for competition, open water, triathlon or
48269       NE Port         HERITB 002          7pm-8pm                                                                               peak fitness. Students will learn all competitive strokes, turns,
Tues        9/27-11/15      Downs               $65, $15 Fee                                                                          starts, open water strategy and training methodology.
48271     NE Port           HERITB 004          7pm-8:30pm                                                                            44085      Sylvania        HT POOL            10am-11:20am
Thurs     9/29-12/8         McElfresh           $89, $20 Fee                                                                          Sat        10/1-11/19      Schuldt            $65, $15 Fee
No class 11/24.
45595       NW Port         FRNHSE              7pm-8:30pm
Wed         9/28-11/30      McElfresh           $89, $10 Fee
                                                                                                                                      Climbing, Hiking and NW Outdoors
44913       SE Center       TABOR 102           6pm-7:20pm
Tues        9/27-11/29      Peterson            $89
                                                                                                                                               Climb Broughton Bluff
                                                                                                                                      Want to climb outside on a real rock face? Nestled in
44914     SE Center         TABOR 102           5:30pm-6:20pm
                                                                                                                                      Lewis and Clark State Park at the lip of the Gorge, sits this
Thurs     9/29-12/8         Toliver             $79
                                                                                                                                      spectacular 160' wall system! Learn body position, footwork,
No class 11/24.
                                                                                                                                      knots, safety checks, and commands. Bring climbing shoes.
44915     SE Center         TABOR 102           10am-11:20am
Sat       10/1-12/10        Peterson            $89                                                                                   47993     Troutdale      LCPARK LOT           9am-5pm
No class 11/26.                                                                                                                       Sat       10/1           Crump                $29, $76 Fee
                                                                                                                                      More information call 503-396-5605.
45538       Sylvania        HT 08               10:15am-11:10am
Sat         10/1-11/19      Walsh               $69
48270     Sylvania          HT 101              6pm-6:50pm                                                                                         Get Outside-Get Active
Fri       9/30-12/2         Downs               $65                                                                                   Always wanted to try hiking, biking, paddling, xc skiing and
No class 11/11, 11/25.                                                                                                                or snowshoeing, but don’t have the gear? Find out about the
43598       Tigard          FOWLER LIB          6:15pm-7:30pm                                                                         plethora of outdoor activities and groups that you can join,
Thurs       9/29-11/17      Walsh               $69, $14 Fee                                                                          right now, to try something new!
44305       Tigard          FOWLER LIB          6:15pm-7:30pm                Get Outside-Get Active                                   44237      SW Port         LINCHS 116         7pm-8:30pm
Mon         9/26-11/14      Walsh               $69, $14 Fee                                                                          Mon        12/5            Barker             $29, $5 Fee

                                                                      Community Education Classes
                                                  To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                     43
                      Recreation and wellness
Intro to Bouldering and Climbing Strength                            Tennis                                                              Kayak Lesson on Calm Water
Bouldering is climbing’s fastest growing sport. Learn the                                                                                A brief kayak lesson will prepare beginners for this beautiful
history, techniques, gear, safety and ethics. It is a fun, social                                                                        tour. Kayaks with large cockpits are ideal for beginners. For
and challenging way to build core strength and get in shape.         Tennis: Beginning Level I                                           more information contact Ken Barker, 503-524-9192.
First class includes shoe rental, then bring your own.               Take up tennis - a fun physical workout and an easy social
                                                                     and networking outlet! This intro class includes grip, strokes,     44236     Troutdale    ROOSTR                 8:30am-1pm
42898     SW Port         CBGYM          7pm-9pm                     scoring rules, and tennis etiquette. Bring racket and two           Sat       10/8         Barker                 $29, $30 Fee
Mon       9/26-10/31 Slayton             $29                         unopened cans of tennis balls to first class.                       Must reg/drop by 10/2.
$80 payable to “Circuit Bouldering Gym.”
                                                                     40578      Rock Cr        BLDG5 GYM          10:30am-11:50am        Learn to Paddle an Outrigger Canoe!
                                                                     Sat        10/1-11/19     Slack              $89                    Discover paddling techniques that you can use in outrigger
                                                                     Class held indoors.                                                 canoeing, dragon boating, and kayaking, and enjoy some
Golf                                                                                                                                     whole body exercise at the same time! Paddle on the
Taking up the game of golf is a great way to connect with            40579      Rock Cr        BLDG5 GYM          9am-10:20am
                                                                     Sat        10/1-11/19     Slack              $89                    Multnomah Channel or Willamette River. First night is in a
friends and business associates while also enjoying the green,
                                                                     Class held indoors.                                                 class room.
Northwest outdoors. With classes, you’ll learn the basic proper
techniques and get out on the green in no time.                      40980     SW Port         GABRIE COURT 6pm-7:20pm                   48276      Central         CLIMB 303          7pm-8:50pm
                                                                     Tues      9/27-10/18 Ficken            $39, $10 Fee                 Thurs      9/29            Rother
                                                                     Tennis courts are outside, uncovered.                               and        NW Port      MULTYH                9am-10:50am
    Golf at Lake Oswego Golf Course
Taught by a local pro! First three classes meet on the range.                                                                            Sat        10/1-10/15 Rother                  $45
Bucket of balls $6.75; last class on course $14. Bring your                                                                              9/29 in classroom only.
                                                                     Tennis: Beginning Level II
own clubs, or rent.                                                  This class is designed to step up your game and increase your       Rowing and Skulling: Levels I and II
40874       Lk Oswego       LOGOLF             12pm-1:30pm           enjoyment of playing tennis. You will improve your strokes,         Introduction to rowing for those with little or no prior rowing
Sun         10/2-10/23      Huffmaster         $49                   strategy and skills. Bring your own racket and two unopened         experience. Begin by learning rowing terminology and the
                                                                     cans of yellow tennis balls to first class.                         basics of the stroke on the rowing machine, and then progress
40875       Lk Oswego       LOGOLF             2pm-3:30pm
                                                                     40979     SW Port         GABRIE COURT 7:30pm-9pm                   to the water.
Sun         10/2-10/23      Huffmaster         $49
                                                                     Tues      9/27-10/18 Ficken            $39, $10 Fee                 48247     Lk Oswego LOWSC            6:30pm-8pm
                                                                     Tennis courts are outside, uncovered.                               Tue/Thur 9/27-11/3     Bramsen       $29
Golf McKay Creek: Coed
                                                                                                                                         $135 to “Lake Oswego Community Rowing.”
Learn fundamental skills in all aspects of the great game of
golf, such as driving, iron play, pitching, chipping and putting.    Water Sports                                                        Sailing Beginning
Driving area covered/lighted.                                        In water sports classes, advanced registration is necessary to      Learn to sail Oregon’s waterways. Learn all the basic skills
                                                                     ensure equipment availability. Students must drop at least one      and safety. Hands-on class in the boat. Dates and times TBA
40884     Hillsboro       MCKAYC               6pm-7pm
                                                                     week prior to first class to obtain a refund. All equipment costs   at orientation session.
Wed       9/28-10/26 Wilcox                    $29
                                                                     and instruction are included in class prices. Outdoor classes
$50 range fee to “Fit Pro Golf.”                                                                                                         43609    Cascade         TH 122            9am-10:50am
                                                                     meet rain or shine.
                                                                                                                                         Sat      10/1            Dickens           $29
Golf at McKay Creek: Beginning Women’s                                                                                                   $270 payable to “Portland Sailing Center.”
Learn fundamental skills in all aspects of the great game of
                                                                     Essential Kayaking: Coed
                                                                     Learn basic strokes, boat control, and the fundamental
golf, such as driving, iron play, pitching, chipping and putting.
                                                                     elements of kayaking. This class will help you feel
Driving area covered/lighted.
                                                                     comfortable paddling a kayak, and give you a sound
48030     Hillsboro      MCKAYC                7pm-8pm               foundation as you continue to develop paddling skills. All
Wed       9/28-10/26 Wilcox                    $29                   equipment provided!
$50 payable to “Fit Pro Golf.”                                       47342     SW Port      PDXKYK                10am-2pm
                                                                     Sat       10/1         Brown                 $59
Golf at the Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club                          Must reg/drop by 9/27.
A five-week class covering all aspects of the game of golf.
Classes cover the fundamentals of the full swing, chipping and
putting, greenside and bunker play, rules and etiquette, and         Essential Kayaking: Women only
course strategy. Equipment supplied, if needed.                      Learn basic strokes, boat control, and the fundamental
                                                                     elements of kayaking. This class will help you feel
43568     Beaverton     REGOLF              4pm-5pm                  comfortable paddling a kayak, and give you a sound
Thurs     9/29-10/27 Rogers                 $29                      foundation as you continue to develop paddling skills. All
$70 payable to “The Reserve.” Golf attire required.                  equipment provided!
44235     Beaverton     REGOLF              4pm-5pm                  47343     SW Port      PDXKYK                10am-2pm
Fri       9/30-10/28 Rogers                 $29                      Sun       10/9         Brown                 $59
$70 payable to “The Reserve.” Golf attire required.                  Must reg/drop by 10/1.
                                                                     47344     SW Port      PDXKYK                10am-2pm
                                                                     Sat       10/15        Brown                 $59
                                                                     Must reg/drop by 10/7.

              Have a question?                                                Fall Color Tours on Scappoose Bay
                       Go online to                                  Enjoy the colors of the turning leaves along peaceful
                                                                     Scappoose Bay. This three hour guided tour offers a perfect                                           chance for photography, bird watching and just becoming
       or call 971-722-6266                                          “one with the water”. All equipment provided.
                                                                     44230     Scappoose SCABMP                   9am-1pm
                                                                     Sat       10/1         Gibons                $25, $21 Fee
                                                                     Must reg/drop by 9/27.                                                    Golf at Lake Oswego Golf Course

                                                                    Community Education Classes
44             Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                   Recreation and wellness
                          Work Out                                Stability Ball Exercise
                                                                  Use the stability ball to increase balance, strength and
                          Have a question?                        flexibility. A fun and rewarding tool to increase your fitness
                          Call 971-722-6266 or visit              level. Stability Ball Required. Persons under 5'2" need 55cm,
                                   5'3"-6'2" need 65cm, over 6'2" need 75cm.
                                                                  43597     Downtown          DC                 12:15pm-1:15pm
Cardio and Strength Training                                      Thurs     9/29-12/8         Frieze             $75
                                                                  No class 11/24.
Boxing Fitness Training                                           44980       Downtown        DC                 12:15pm-1:15pm
Learn the basics - stance, footwork and punches, and how          Tues        9/27-11/29      Frieze             $75
to use your whole body with every punch creating incredible
power, speed and coordination. Join this fast paced upper-
body workout!
                                                                      Strength Training for Women
                                                                  The best way to lose fat. Build muscle mass and strength.
48070     SE Port        ONEHRT           12pm-1pm                Proper techniques for weight lifting and uses. How to
Sun       10/2-12/4      Kruse            $29
                                                                  determine safe amounts of weight for each person.
$99 payable to “One with Heart.” $49 gloves/wraps.
                                                                  42932    SE Center          TABOR 101          5:30pm-6:50pm
   Cardio Boot Camp                                               Tue/Thur 9/27-11/17         Larson             $149
Want to tone up and get fit but do not know how to start? Get
a personalized exercise plan for your body shape, learn how       Zumba!                                                                name Christian Larson
to stay motivated, and set some fitness goals. Includes cardio    Ditch the workout and join the party! Burn calories while doing
and strength fitness to help you feel your best!                  aerobics to Latin and international music. We’ll move to the          Classes Cardio Boot Camp,
44229      SE Center      TABOR 101         12pm-12:50pm          beats of Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggeaton, Belly Dance,             Strength Training for Women
Mon        9/26-11/28     Larson            $75                   Flamenco and more.
                                                                                                                                        about For the past six years
                                                                  48254     Lk Oswego ABDA                   6:15pm-7:15pm              Christian has been in the fitness
Cardio Kickbox
                                                                  Thurs     9/29-12/8     Trujano            $29                        industry and teaching classes at PCC.
Gain personal power and learn basic kickboxing skills
                                                                  No class 11/24. $64 payable to “Savvy Fitness.” Cash/Check.           He shares his commitment to fitness
including breath, footwork and striking techniques to improve
strength and fitness. Increase your awareness and safety,         48255     Lk Oswego ABDA                  6:15pm-7:15pm               with his students, enabling them to be
building strength from the inside out. $49 gloves/wraps.          Tues      9/27-11/29 Trujano              $29                         successful in their fitness goals and
48106     SE Port       ONEHRT            6pm-7pm                 $64 payable to “Savvy Fitness.” Cash/Check.                           enhancing their lives.
Tue/Thur 9/27-12/6      Kruse             $29                     45594     Rock Cr           BLDG5 114          12pm-12:50pm
No class 11/24. $179 payable to “One with Heart.”                 Fri       9/30-12/2         Marin-Valderr      $75
                                                                  No class 11/11, 11/25.
Deep Water Aerobics                                                                                                                   Zumba Gold
                                                                  47430   Rock Cr             BLDG2 259          7am-7:50am
Alternative high intensity workout in water using buoyancy                                                                            Burn calories, while having tons of fun! This class is a lower-
                                                                  Mon/Wed 9/26-11/16          Hansen             $119                 intensity, easy to follow Zumba class for active older adults.
equipment. Focus on cardiovascular conditioning, strength
building, and overall toning with special attention to the        48251       Rock Cr         BLDG2 259          12pm-12:50pm
                                                                                                                                      47274      SE Center       TABOR 102          1pm-1:50pm
abdominal area.                                                   Sat         10/1-11/19      Marin-Valderr      $75                  Wed        9/28-11/30      Neck               $85
43506     Sylvania        HT POOL           6pm-6:50pm            44919       SE Center       TABOR 102          12pm-12:50pm         48252      Willow Cr       WCC 201            12pm-12:50pm
Tue/Thur 9/27-12/6        Spickler          $149                  Wed         9/28-11/30      Neck               $85                  Mon        9/26-11/14      Songster           $75
No class 11/24.
45270     Sylvania        HT POOL           7pm-7:50pm                                                                                Better Bones and Balance
Tue/Thur 9/27-12/6        Spickler          $149
                                                                  Exercise and Fitness for Seniors                                    Classes designed specifically to increase bone mass, improve
                                                                  Adults 62 and older receive 50% off tuition.                        balance and reduce osteoporosis risk. Men and women of all
No class 11/24.
                                                                                                                                      fitness levels welcome. The Better Bones and Balance program
        NIA                                                       Early Morning Fitness                                               was pioneered by the research of Christine Snow, PhD.,
Come Experience the Joy of Movement! A full body, bare feet,      Join this class for early risers! Includes warm up activities,      former director of the Oregon State University Bone Research
workout to invigorating music using dance and martial arts to     stretching, flexibility, walking and strength training with light   Lab in Corvallis. This long range research project yielded
improve flexibility, mobility, agility, balance and strength.     hand weights. Anyone with physical limitations given special        critical information and strategies that actually increase bone
                                                                  attention.                                                          mass in later life, with a specific exercise plan. Wear athletic
48031      Rock Cr        BLDG5 114         5:30pm-6:20pm
                                                                                                                                      shoes and bring water.
Wed        9/28-11/16     Khorasanee        $59                   48265     Sylvania          HT GYM             8am-8:50am
                                                                  M/W/F     9/26-12/7         Davies             $99
Hula Hooping for Fitness                                                                                                              Better Bones and Balance
                                                                  No class 11/11, 11/25.
Get in shape and have fun using heavier adult sized hula                                                                              Reap the benefits OSU bone research studies have shown.
                                                                  48266     Sylvania          HT GYM             7am-7:50am           This exercise significantly slows the rate of bone loss in adults
hoops! Learn tricks and moves to tone your waist, arms, back,
                                                                  M/W/F     9/26-12/7         Davies             $99                  of all ages and increases mass. Improve balance, flexibility,
and buns. No previous experience necessary. Hoops provided.
                                                                  No class 11/11, 11/25.                                              coordination and increase muscle tone.
Optional hula hoops available for purchase at class.
48307      NE Port        HERITB 004        8pm-9:30pm                                                                                45599     Lk Oswego        ACAD               1pm-2pm
                                                                  Gentle Cardio Workout                                               Tue/Thur 9/27-12/6         Hummel             $129, $10 Fee
Tues       9/27-11/1      Qaddoumi          $65, $15 Fee
                                                                  Fun dance workout! No impact, good warm-up, and lots of             No class 11/24.
                                                                  stretching. Especially designed for seniors.                        48250     Lk Oswego        ACAD               2:30pm-3:30pm
    Check out our website and blog!                               42945       SE Center       TABOR 102          9am-9:50am           Tue/Thur 9/27-12/6         Hummel             $129, $10 Fee
                                                                  Mon         9/26-11/28      Faris              $75                  No class 11/24.                                         42946     SE Center
                                                                  Wed/Fri 9/28-12/9
                                                                                              TABOR 102
                                                                                                                                      48300     NE Port
                                                                                                                                      Tue/Thur 9/27-12/6
                                                                                                                                                                 HERITB 004
                                                                                                                                                                                    $129, $25 Fee
                                                                  No class 11/11, 11/25.                                              No class 11/24.

                                                                 Community Education Classes
                                              To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                         45
topics:                                                        work & Life Balance
Free Lunch and Lecture Series                                                    The days of buying new school clothes
                                                                                 might be past, but we never lose that
                                                                                 feeling that the start of the school year
                                                                                 brings. It just seems the time to take a
Start Your Own Business
Discover a New Career                                                            class! You can trade in any lingering test
                                                                                 anxiety for the pure joy of learning with
PAGE 48                                                                          Community Education.
Computer Skills
A+ Certification Prep                                                            This fall we have some very exciting new
Computer Fundamentals                                                            additions to our Work and Life Balance
Databases                                                                        offerings! Check out Powerful Public
Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design                                            Speaking on page 54, taught by our own
Presentation and Projects                                                        Tonya Booker! Sarai St. Julien returns to
                                                                                 Community Education with Adventures
Spreadsheets and Accounting
Web Page Development
                                                                                 in Dreamtime (pg. 54). Looking for a little
Web Page Graphics and Enhancements                                               help navigating the ups and downs of
Word Processing                                                                  parenthood? Join Renee Caballero for
                                                                                 some fresh ideas (pg. 54). And due to
PAGE 51                                                                          popular demand, two classes have longer
                                        Dawn Davis
Continuing Education                                                             formats: So You Want to Start Your Own
and License Renewal                     Last Community Education class I took:
                                        Yoga at the Downtown Center              Business and Draping for Apparel. Watch
PCC Institute of Fundraising
and Grant Writing with WVDO             My favorite Halloween treat:             for the ‘New’ label to see all of our recent
Solar, Thermal and Electric Systems     Popcorn balls                            additions.
Installer Series                        My favorite quote:                       See you in class!
Continuing Education for                “Being involved in the well-being and
Insurance and Tax Professionals         advancement of ones own community is     Dawn Davis
Electrical License Renewal              a most natural thing to do.”             Work and Life Balance
                                        ~ Clarence Clemmons
                                                                                 Program Coordinator
                                        Contact information:
Job Search                    
Career Planning Series

Money Matters
Managing Your Money                                                              Free Lunch and Learn
Investing                                                                        Lecture Series
                                                                                          Free Lunch and Learn Lecture Series
PAGE 54                                                                          Bring your lunch and join us every Thursday from 12–1pm,
Personal Development                                                             September 29th-November 3rd, in the US Bank Room of the
                                                                                 Multnomah County Central Library downtown. The lectures are
                                                                                 free. Register for this class to enroll in the series.
Resources                                                                        40606      SW Port        MLTLIB             12pm-1pm
Grant Writing                                                                    Thurs      9/29-11/3
Professional Skills                                                                       Face-to-Face:
                                                                                 The Original “Social Networking”
PAGE 55                                                                          Grow your business successfully and enhance your
Transitions                                                                      interactions by building better relationships. Discover the real
Life by Design NW                                                                value of networking through the art of conversation with coach
                                                                                 Hannes Geiger.
PAGE 56                                   Face-to-Face: The Original
                                          "Social Networking"                    41070      SW Port        MLTLIB             12pm-1pm
Traffic Safety                                                                   Thurs      9/29           Geiger
Driver Education
Motorcycle Rider Classes
                                                                    work and Life Balance
         Glee-mail: Writing Emails That Sing!
Put humor into your messages without jeopardizing your
                                                                                                Careers                                     Sell Your Stuff on eBay
                                                                                                                                        Discover how to open a seller account, do research and create
career. Bonus: includes real-life samples, presented by                                         Have a question?                        listings, improve your listings with effective photography and
Gabriel Boehmer, a Fortune 500 communications consultant                                        Call 971-722-6266 or visit              descriptions, price your items, open and use a PayPal account,
and local author.                                                                                        monitor your listings and complete transactions.
                                                                                                                                        48199     Willow Cr      WCC 204              6pm-7:50pm
41071      SW Port         MLTLIB             12pm-1pm
                                                                                                                                        Thurs     11/10          Veltkamp             $29
Thurs      10/6            Boehmer
                                                                                                                                        $35 optional book. Bring item to list.
                                                                     Start Your Own Business
     What Do You Want To Be                                                                                                             Break into Import/Export
When You Grow Up?                                                           So You Want to                                              Learn how to spot import/export opportunities, identify potential
It’s never too late to start again. Whether you’re looking                                                                              products and arrange for shipping and customs clearances.
                                                                     Start Your Own Business
for a new challenge or a new purpose, speaker Jennifer                                                                                  Also learn how to find sources of assistance, obtain a letter of
                                                                     You have the idea, but how does that become a reality? Before
Anderson will show you tools that help you find the                                                                                     credit, and expand your line into new markets.
                                                                     you invest in a small business, learn from an experienced pro
perfect career position for this time of your life.                  if your passion translates into a marketable opportunity, and if   48198     Willow Cr        WCC 204            8pm-9:50pm
                                                                     so, how to get started.                                            Thurs     11/10            Veltkamp           $29
41187      SW Port         MLTLIB             12pm-1pm                                                                                  $35 optional book.
Thurs      10/13           Anderson                                  45518      Sylvania       SCB 205            7pm-8:50pm
                                                                     Thurs      10/6-11/10     Blass              $65, $5 Fee                    eBay: The Basics of Selling!
     Conflict Ain’t So Bad:                                                                                                             Do you desire additional part-time income, a serious business
A New Way of Looking at Discord                                                                                                         or simply want to get rid of stuff? Learn to set up a seller
Examine any part of your life and you will find conflict. This
                                                                     25 Hot Home-Based Businesses                                       account, create successful listings, upload pictures and accept
presentation will help you develop a more constructive outlook       to Start for Under $1,000                                          payments. Includes Tips, Tricks and the Traps.
on this phenomenon. Speaker Chris Sheesley                           Want to be your own boss, but not sure what kind of business
                                                                                                                                        47226      Central         CLIMB 301          6pm-8:50pm
                                                                     to start? Explore 25 profitable home-based businesses. Start
43513      SW Port         MLTLIB             12pm-1pm                                                                                  Tues       11/1            Boyd               $49
                                                                     up requirements, market niches, action plan provided.
Thurs      10/20           Sheesley                                                                                                     Lecture class.
                                                                     41500     Central         CLIMB 301          6pm-7:50pm
         Three Keys to Difficult Conversations                       Tues      11/8            Veltkamp           $29                   ONLINE CLASS:
We often try to avoid difficult conversations out of fear they’ll    $35 optional book.                                                 Start Your Own Arts and Crafts Business
turn into a conflict, we’ll be misunderstood or the issue won’t                                                                         Discover how to create a niche in your chosen craft, price your
be resolved. Join Berry Kruijning to learn the 3 keys to starting                                                                       work effectively, find the best craft shows, and market your
                                                                     Make Money Using Blogs and                                         product to a worldwide Internet customer base. Taught by a
and having these difficult conversations.
                                                                     Social Networking Tools                                            professional artist.
43515      SW Port         MLTLIB             12pm-1pm               New ways of communicating and networking also offer                46959      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
Thurs      10/27           Kruijning                                 new ways to profit. For little or no money you can find new
                                                                                                                                        46961      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     customers for your existing business, freelance opportunities,
         Stress Less this Holiday Season                             and ways to start a new venture!                                   46962      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
Author and life-coach, Sarai St. Julien, helps you cope with                                                                            46964      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
holidays and crazy days, year-round. Experience a quick and          41961     Central         CLIMB 301          8pm-9:50pm
simple relaxation technique you can do anywhere, anytime you         Tues      11/8            Veltkamp           $29                   ONLINE CLASS:
need a “time-out.”                                                   $35 optional book.                                                 Start Your Own Small Business
43514      SW Port         MLTLIB             12pm-1pm                                                                                  Learn everything you need to know including start-up
Thurs      11/3            St Julien                                    Sidelines for Retirees!                                         options, proven marketing techniques, financing options,
                                                                                                                                        and more. You’ll discover the secrets that separate the
                                                                     Retired doesn’t mean you need to live on a fixed income!
                                                                                                                                        successful entrepreneurs from the struggling ones!
                                                                     Discover a variety of part-time businesses and freelance gigs
                                                                     that are well suited to those over 50. They can be fun, started
                                                                     with little investment and fit easily into any lifestyle.          46965      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                        46966      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     42899     Sylvania        SS 121             6pm-7:50pm
                                                                                                                                        46969      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     Wed       11/9            Veltkamp           $29
                                                                     $35 optional book.                                                 46970      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee

                                                                     Turn Your Crafts into Cash
                                                                     More than a hobby, crafts are a $6.2 billion industry. Why not
                                                                     get your share? Discover dozens of tips on how to prepare
                                                                     your crafts for selling, set prices, find the best outlets and
                                                                     expand your market or product line.

                                                                     45528     Sylvania        SS 121             8pm-9:50pm
                                                                     Wed       11/9            Veltkamp           $29
                                                                     $35 optional book.

                                                                                  Have a question?
                                                                                           Go online to
                                                                           or call 971-722-6266
      Sidelines for Retirees!                                                                                                                 Sell Your Stuff on Ebay

                                                                    Community Education Classes
                                                To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                         47
                      work and Life Balance
Discover a New Career                                                                           Computer                              My PC: Getting Started with Windows 7
                                                                                                                                      Get hands-on with this unique, fun approach to the new
Become a Life Coach
Explore basic coaching skills that you can apply to every
                                                                                                Skills                                Windows 7! Learn how to get around, adapt your desktop to
                                                                                                                                      fit your style and needs, work with files and file folders, use
area of your life. Learn how to relate better with family and                                   Have a question?
                                                                                                                                      desktop tools and gadgets and get a sneak peek at fun features.
co-workers, help others achieve their goals, and live the life of                               Call 971-722-6266 or visit
                                                                                                       45615      Willow Cr       WCC 214            1pm-2:50pm
your dreams.
                                                                                                                                      Wed        11/30-12/7      Buesseler          $49
45186     SW Port       LINCHS 146      7pm-9pm
Thurs     10/6-10/13 Anderson           $35, $12 Fee                 A+ Certification Prep                                            PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting
$15 payable to “Generous Success, Inc.”                              Prep II and Prep III available at        In jargon-free language, learn what you need to know to
                                                                                                                                      maintain your computer. Aimed at senior-adults, it covers
Introduction to Voice Overs                                          ONLINE CLASS: A+ Certification Prep I                            troubleshooting problems, installing drivers, updates,
Fun, interactive class to get started in professional voice          Hardware: Prepare for the CompTIA A+ 2009 exam and begin         optimization, anti-spyware and anti-virus protection and
acting. Receive a professional voice evaluation. This class          a rewarding career in the fast-growing PC repair field (course   much more!
is taught by a professional voice actor from the voice acting        1 of 3).
                                                                                                                                      45614      Willow Cr       WCC 214            1pm-2:50pm
training company: Voices For All.
                                                                     47000      Online         9/21-10/28        $30, $79 Fee         Wed        11/2-11/23      Buesseler          $89, $15 Fee
48124      Central         CLIMB 303          6pm-7:50pm                                                                              Text included.
                                                                     47001      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $79 Fee
Thurs      10/13                              $29, $29 Fee
                                                                     47002      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $79 Fee
                                                                                                                                      Fundamentals of Word: Level I
                                                                     47003      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $79 Fee         Come learn the basics of navigating Microsoft Word. We’ll
Fashion Design
Fashion Design classes are offered for those who wish to                                                                              have you creating documents, entering text, revising,
                                                                                                                                      formatting, saving, retrieving and printing with ease. You’ll
advance their skills and/or build opportunity in the Fashion         Computer Fundamentals                                            walk away feeling confident enough to tackle almost any
Design area. Take classes individually or in combination to
earn a Fashion Design Completion Award. Email nermina.                                                                                document!
                                                                               Computer Fundamentals: Level I for award requirements.                             Get trained in all the basics like computer terminology,         48122      Central         CLIMB 205          9am-10:50am
                                                                     managing files and how to use the mouse. Perfect for             Tues       10/4-10/25      Williams           $89, $15 Fee
Apparel Construction: Beginning Sewing                               beginners and those with no prior computer experience.           Text included.
Intro to sewing using domestic and industrial machines.              Taught by a patient instructor using easy to understand terms.   45612      Willow Cr       WCC 214            1pm-2:50pm
Become familiar with sewing methods and developing skills                                                                             Tue/Thur 10/4-10/13        Smith              $89, $15 Fee
                                                                     45531      Central        CLIMB 207         10am-11:50am
for constructing garments that apply to industry needs as well                                                                        Text included.
                                                                     Sat        9/24-10/15     Williams          $89, $5 Fee
as couture clothing. Basic sewing knowledge req.
                                                                     47905    Newberg          NEC 110           1pm-2:50pm           Fundamentals of Excel: Level I
42289      Central        CLIMB 306           6pm-8:50pm
                                                                     Tue/Thur 11/1-11/10       Gonzalez          $89, $5 Fee          Acquire the essential skills needed to create and edit simple
Tues       10/4-12/6      Christensen         $195, $8 Fee
Text: “A Guide to Fashion Sewing”                                    45299      SE Center   TABOR 118            6pm-7:50pm           spreadsheets. Walk away with the ability to enter values and
                                                                     Wed/Fri    10/19-10/28 Williams             $89, $5 Fee          formulas, format your work and use multiple tabs for creating
  Patternmaking for Fashion Design:                                  45608      Willow Cr      WCC 214           9am-10:50am          more than one spreadsheet in a document.
Beginning                                                            Wed/Fri    9/28-10/7      Williams          $89, $5 Fee          45304      SE Center       TABOR 118          9am-10:50am
Through demonstrations and expert guidance you will learn                                                                             Tues       11/1-11/22      Williams           $89, $15 Fee
techniques and develop skills creating patterns from a basic                   Computer Fundamentals: Level II                        Text included.
pattern block also known as a sloper. Some sewing experience         Develop the “practical skills” necessary to enjoy and operate
                                                                                                                                      45611      Willow Cr WCC 214                  1pm-2:50pm
required. Supply list on MyPCC.                                      your computer with confidence! Learn a variety of tasks such
                                                                                                                                      Tue/Thur 10/18-10/27 Smith                    $89, $15 Fee
45511     Central         CLIMB 306        6pm-8:50pm                as writing a letter, printing and personalizing the computer
                                                                                                                                      Text included.
Wed       9/28-12/7       Celentano        $195, $8 Fee              settings to make it easier and more fun to use.
No class 11/23. Text: “Patternmaking for Fashion Design”             45532      Central     CLIMB 207            10am-11:50am         Fundamentals of Excel: Level II
                                                                     Sat        10/22-11/12 Williams             $89, $5 Fee          Learn to do more with Excel! Create formulas and use
         Draping for Apparel                                         47906     Newberg    NEC 110                1pm-2:50pm           functions to manage and analyze financial or other info.
Learn how to develop a pattern using draping techniques.             Tue/Thur 11/15-11/29 Gonzalez               $89, $5 Fee          Add Charts, ClipArt and pictures to make your data more
Combine draping with basic flat pattern manipulations to create      No class 11/24.                                                  eye-catching and clear. Learn tricks to save time and be
a sloper and other garment designs. Prereqs: Patternmaking I,                                                                         more productive.
                                                                     45301     SE Center       TABOR 118         6pm-7:50pm
Apparel Construction: Beginning. Supply list on MyPCC.
                                                                     Wed/Fri 11/2-11/16        Williams          $89, $5 Fee          48138    Willow Cr         WCC 214            1pm-2:50pm
48119     Central          CLIMB 306          6pm-8:50pm             No class 11/11.                                                  Tue/Thur 11/1-11/10        Smith              $89, $3 Fee
Thurs     9/29-12/8        Davis              $195, $8 Fee
                                                                     45609      Willow Cr   WCC 214              9am-10:50am          Fundamentals of PowerPoint: Level I
No class 11/24.
                                                                     Wed/Fri    10/12-10/21 Williams             $89, $5 Fee          When you see “PowerPoints,” do you think they’re amazing
                                                                                                                                      but too technical for you? Whether presenting for business
                                                                               Computer Fundamentals: Level III
                                                                                                                                      or creating a slide show to highlight a family milestone, you’ll
                                                                     Learn to play music and video on your computer and how to
                                                                                                                                      learn to use this great tool, and have fun in the process!
                                                                     customize your system. Practice creating and saving folders
                                                                     so you’ll never lose a file again. We even cover basic system    45534      Willow Cr       WCC 214            10am-11:50am
                                                                     maintenance and what to do if your computer gets a virus.        Sat        10/8-10/29      Gasper             $89, $20 Fee
                                                                                                                                      Text included.
                                                                     45533     Central     CLIMB 207             10am-11:50am
                                                                     Sat       11/19-12/17 Williams              $89, $5 Fee          Designing Web Pages: The Basics
                                                                     No class 11/26.                                                  Learn how to create and upload a website to the Internet. Walk
                                                                     47907    Newberg          NEC 110           1pm-2:50pm           through basic HTML and XHTML, getting comfortable with
                                                                     Tue/Thur 12/1-12/13       Gonzalez          $89, $5 Fee          the language. By the end you will format text, add images and
      LOVE FASHION?                                                  45302
                                                                                SE Center
                                                                                               TABOR 118
                                                                                                                 $89, $5 Fee
                                                                                                                                      tables, insert hyperlinks and build a navigation bar.
                                                                                                                                      48120      Cascade         TEB 215            6pm-8:50pm
         Check out this page for more                                45610      Willow Cr      WCC 214           9am-10:50am          Fri        9/30-10/28      Podany             $115, $22 Fee
           fashion design courses!                                   Wed/Fri    10/26-11/4     Williams          $89, $5 Fee          Text included.

                                                                    Community Education Classes
48             Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                                  work and Life Balance
Designing Web Pages: Dreamweaver Level I                           Databases                                                          Presentations and Projects
Expand on the principles of Web Design. Learn site
management tools, layering and how to include features             ONLINE CLASS: MS Access 2007: Level I                              ONLINE CLASS:
such as animation. Develop an understanding of how to              Manage, store, analyze, and display important business,
                                                                                                                                      MS PowerPoint 2007: Level I
improve site efficiency by the end of class. Basic computer        personal, or scientific data. Increase productivity, reduce data
                                                                                                                                      Learn to create impressive slide presentations filled with
skills required.                                                   entry errors, conduct extensive searches, produce striking,
                                                                                                                                      formatted text, images, video, audio, animation, charts, and
                                                                   professionally formatted reports.
45529     Central         CLIMB 206           9am-11:50am                                                                             links to the Web.
                                                                   47114      Online         9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
Sat       11/5-12/10 Podany                   $115, $22 Fee                                                                           47137      Online         9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee
No class 11/26. Text included.                                     47115      Online         10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                      47139      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee
                                                                   47116      Online         11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                      47140      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee
     Computer Fundamentals:                                        47117      Online         12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
Working with Digital Pictures                                                                                                         47141      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee
Do you have a digital camera but don’t know what to do             ONLINE CLASS: Crystal Reports 10: Level I
after you’ve taken the picture? In this hands-on,                  Make the points you want to make by converting raw database        ONLINE CLASS: MS Project 2010: Level I
project-based class, learn how to remove redeye, cleanup           or accounting information into impressive and meaningful           Discover how to effectively plan, implement, and control
and enhance pictures, create slide shows, and so much              reports.                                   projects. Organize details, sequence tasks, produce a baseline,
more. Workbook included.                                           47017      Online         9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee          assign resources and costs, track progress, identify and
                                                                                                                                      analyze variances, create schedules.
48141     Willow Cr     WCC 209            9:30am-12:20pm          47018      Online         10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
Mon-Fri 9/19-9/23       Rasmussen          $59                     47019      Online         11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
Must bring your PC laptop on 9/16 to load software trial.                                                                             47246      Online         9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                   47020      Online         12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                      47248      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee
Social Networking 101                                              Desktop Publishing                                                 47249      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee
Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, you’ve heard of them, but how
                                                                   and Graphic Design                                                 47250      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee
do you use them to your best advantage? Learn to create a
profile, useful tips and tricks for this increasingly important
                                                                   ONLINE CLASS: Illustrator CS4: Level I
tool for communicating with friends, family, and coworkers.        Practice while you learn the fundamentals of Illustrator with
45537      Lk Oswego       LOADUL CLC         6:30pm-8:30pm        useful design projects. Master drawing tools, image-editing
Thurs      10/13           Ellwood            $29, $10 Fee         features. Reinforce your skills and learn secrets of good
                                                                   graphic design.
Skype 101                                                          47100      Online         9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
Have you heard of this great free resource but don’t know how      47101      Online         10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
to get started? Or have you downloaded Skype but are having
                                                                   47102      Online         11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
trouble completing a successful conversation? Learn from an
expert how to make it work for you and those you call.             47103      Online         12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee

45536      Lk Oswego       LOADUL CLC         6:30pm-8:30pm        ONLINE CLASS: InDesign CS5: Level I
Thurs      10/20           Ellwood            $29, $10 Fee         Get hands-on desktop publishing training and learn to use this
                                                                   popular page layout software to design and create professional
Blogs and Wikis 101                                                quality letterhead, business cards, brochures, PDF files that
These useful web tools provide ways to interact, share ideas,      play movies, and more.
and collaborate with friends, family, colleagues or others with    47104      Online         9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
shared interests, from home, at work or in a classroom. Learn
                                                                   47105      Online         10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
how to sign-up, sign-in, participate and/or post!
                                                                   47106      Online         11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
48197      Lk Oswego       LOADUL CLC         6:30pm-8:30pm
                                                                   47107      Online         12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
Thurs      10/27           Ellwood            $29, $10 Fee
                                                                   ONLINE CLASS: Photoshop CS5: Level I
     Genealogy: Basics,                                            Whether you’re a photographer, graphic artist, or just want
Who are YOUR People? Build a Family Tree!                          to alter old photos, this project-oriented course has detailed,
Use the internet to create your family tree! Focus on getting      step-by-step instructions to edit images, process photos, and
records computerized quickly using leading software. Includes      create original graphics.
research tips. Understand census, birth/death records and          47287      Online         9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
more. Bring vital records to first class. Action packed fun!
                                                                   47288      Online         10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
48135      Cascade     TEB 227          1:30pm-3:20pm
                                                                   47289      Online         11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
Sat        10/8        Wright
and        Cascade     TEB 227          1:30pm-4:20pm              47290      Online         12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
Sat        10/15-10/22 Wright           $45
Activate your MyPCC account at 971-722-4933 prior to class.

     Genealogy: Beyond Basics,                                                             VISIT
Grow your Family Tree!
Focus on getting detailed and hard-to-find information.
Photos, restorations, tips and tricks. Making gifts, connecting       for a complete listing of available
to relatives, troubleshooting. To be taken after Basics or                 classes, including earlier
instructor approval. Build a GEDCOM. Grow your tree!
48136      Cascade         C. TBA             1:30pm-3:20pm
                                                                               versions such as
Sat        11/5            Wright                                       Office 2003 and Adobe CS3.
and        Cascade         C. TBA             1:30pm-4:20pm                                                                                 Patternmaking for Fashion Design:
Sat        11/12-11/19     Wright             $45                                                                                           Beginning

                                                                  Community Education Classes
                                                 To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                    49
                      work and Life Balance
Programming                                                          Spreadsheets and Accounting                                       ONLINE CLASS: Dreamweaver CS5: Level I
                                                                                                                                       Learn to use Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 to design, create, and
ONLINE CLASS: C# Programming: Level I                                ONLINE CLASS: MS Excel 2007: Level I                              maintain user-friendly Web sites full of professional-quality
                                                                     Discover dozens of shortcuts and tricks for setting up fully      Web pages.
Learn the fundamentals of programming with a hot new
                                                                     formatted worksheets quickly and efficiently. Learn the secrets   47092       Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
language incorporating the best features of VB, C++, Java.
                                                                     behind writing powerful formulas, using functions, creating
Build impressive and professional-looking applications                                                                                 47093       Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     custom charts, and much more.
on your schedule and on your very own computer.                                                                                        47094       Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee                                              47122      Online         9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                       47095       Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47123      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee
47009      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
47010      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47127      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee          Web Page Graphics and
47011      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47128      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee          Enhancements
47012      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee           ONLINE CLASS: MS Excel 2007: Level II                             ONLINE CLASS:
                                                                     Discover how this powerful program can boost your
ONLINE CLASS: Java Programming: Level I                              productivity. Learn to master charting, PivotTables, and
                                                                                                                                       Achieving Top Search Engine Positions
Start with the basics of program design and go on to                                                                                   With nearly 90% of web traffic coming from search engines,
                                                                     filtering techniques. Create macros, understand VLOOKUP,
write your own programs integrating input and output,                INDEX and MATCH, and other time-saving functions.                 increasing your SE ranking is critical. Learn proven, step-by-
calculations, decision making and loops. Learn with                                                   step strategies to achieve the highest possible position with
easy-to-understand examples and skill-building exercises.                                                                              the major search engines.
                                                                     47129      Online         9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee                                                                                                                47301       Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47133      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                       47302       Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
47108      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee           47134      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                       47303       Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
47111      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee           47135      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                       47304       Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
47112      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
47113      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     ONLINE CLASS: MS Excel 2010: Level I
                                                                     In Excel 2010 discover shortcuts and tricks for setting up        ONLINE CLASS: PHP/ MySQL: Level I
                                                                     formatted worksheets quickly and efficiently. Learn the secrets   Build dynamic, data-driven Web sites using two of the
ONLINE CLASS: Perl Programming: Level I                              behind formulas, functions, sorting, analyzing data, creating     most popular open source technologies available. Master
Learn Perl, a powerful and easy-to-use scripting language that       custom charts, and much more.             essential programming concepts by designing and building
can be used on almost any type of computer to solve most                                                                               a full-featured Web site powered by PHP and MySQL.
every programming problem. Capable and as fast as C, C++,            47118      Online         9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee
and Java, Perl is easier to learn.           47119      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                       47291       Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47120      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee
47283      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee                                                                             47292       Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47121      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee
47284      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee                                                                             47294       Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
47285      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee           ONLINE CLASS: QuickBooks 2010: Level I                            47295       Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
47286      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee           Set up a chart of accounts in QuickBooks 2010; create and
                                                                     print invoices, receipts, and statements; track payables,         ONLINE CLASS: CSS and XHTML: Level I
ONLINE CLASS: SQL: Level I                                           receivables and inventory; create estimates and generate          Learn how to create state-of-the-art websites using modern
Learn to read and write Structured Query Language                    reports.                                  CSS and XHTML techniques. Take your existing HTML
(SQL) statements to manipulate relational data.                      47296      Online         9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee          skills to the next level and start building sites like the pros.                                                                                                      
                                                                     47297      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                       47021       Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
47318      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee           47298      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                       47022       Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
47319      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee           47300      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                       47023       Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
47321      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     Web Page Development                                              47024       Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
47322      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     ONLINE CLASS: Creating Web Pages                                  ONLINE CLASS: Flash CS5: Level I
ONLINE CLASS: SQL: Level II                                          Develop webpage content, structure and layout. Build links
                                                                                                                                       Discover how to create animations, build online applications,
Expand your knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL),            between pages and to cyberspace. Add color, graphics, tables,
                                                                                                                                       manage photos, integrate video, and upload your very own
the industry standard database programming language.                 hot buttons, and animation. Secure top search engine listings
                                                                                                                                       Flash presentations to a website.                                              and learn web-marketing tips.
                                                                                                                                       47096       Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47349      Online         9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee
47324      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee                                                                             47097       Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47350      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee
47325      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee                                                                             47098       Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47351      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee
47326      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee                                                                             47099       Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47352      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee
47327      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                           ONLINE CLASS:                                               ONLINE CLASS:
ONLINE CLASS: Visual Basic 2008: Level I                             Creating WordPress Web Sites                                      Web 2.0: Blogs, Wikis, and Podcasts
Learn to write your own sophisticated applications utilizing the     WordPress is one of the world’s most popular Web                  Create, manage and promote your own blog, wiki, audio or
most widely used programming language and development                design tools because it’s free, easy to use and produces          video podcast using free online tools. Whether you want to
tool for creating windows applications; all with little more than    professional results. Create your own combination blog            use Web 2.0 tools for personal, business, or educational
a few clicks of your mouse.                  and Website without having to learn any special coding!           projects, this is the course for you!
47328      Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47353      Online         9/21-10/28        $30, $65 Fee          47332       Online          9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
47329      Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47354      Online         10/19-11/25       $30, $65 Fee          47346       Online          10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
47330      Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47355      Online         11/9-12/16        $30, $65 Fee          47347       Online          11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
47331      Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     47356      Online         12/14-1/20        $30, $65 Fee          47348       Online          12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee

                                                                    Community Education Classes
50             Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                         work and Life Balance
Word Processing                                                                       Continuing                             CEU 9771 Volunteer Management, .80 Cr.
                                                                                                                             Learn the essential elements of Volunteer Management to
ONLINE CLASS: MS Word 2007: Level I                                                   Education                              create a program that works in nonprofit organizations of
Learn how to create and modify documents in Word 2007,
the most popular word-processing program available.
                                                                                      and License                            all types. Course will cover the application and placement
                                                                                                                             process, management and retention, risk management,                                                               Renewal                                review, and recognition of volunteers. Includes opportunities
                                                                                                                             to work in groups and develop a plan for the organization of
47251     Online        9/21-10/28      $30, $65 Fee                                  Have a question?                       your choice.
47252     Online        10/19-11/25     $30, $65 Fee                                  Call 971-722-6266 or visit             44247      Central        CLIMB 301          6:30pm-8:20pm
47254     Online        11/9-12/16      $30, $65 Fee                                          Thurs      11/3-12/1      Payne              $125, $10 Fee
47255     Online        12/14-1/20      $30, $65 Fee
                                                              CEU 911K Mediation Training, 3.20 Cr.                          CEU 912K
ONLINE CLASS: MS Word 2010: Level I                       Covers the foundational skills of mediation in order to expand     Successful Fundraising Events, .40 Cr.
Learn how to create and modify documents in Word 2010,    current/future knowledge to successfully mediate disputes.         What you need to know to create and hold a successful
the most popular word-processing program available.       Receive certificate of completion.                                 fundraising event. Dinners, galas, golf tournaments, auctions                                   43616     N Port         RCROSS                6:30pm-9:30pm       and more. How to develop a strategy, set timelines, realistic
47275     Online        9/21-10/28      $30, $65 Fee      Thurs     10/6           Dimant                                    financial expectations, staffing, use of professionals and
                                                          and       N Port         RCROSS                8:30am-4:30pm       volunteers.
47276     Online        10/19-11/25     $30, $65 Fee
                                                          Sat/Sun 10/8-10/9        Dimant                                    44248      Central        CLIMB 301          6:30pm-8:20pm
47277     Online        11/9-12/16      $30, $65 Fee      and       N Port         RCROSS                8:30am-4:30pm       Mon        11/7-11/14     Petersen           $75, $10 Fee
47278     Online        12/14-1/20      $30, $65 Fee      Sat/Sun 10/22-10/23 Dimant                     $450, $40 Fee
                                                          Must drop by 10/4 to receive a refund.                             CEU 908W Fundraising Basics, .80 Cr.
                                                                                                                             Discover how foundation and corporate relations, annual
                                                          CEU 901Y Advanced Mediation,                                       funds, volunteer management, event planning and grant
                                                          1.60 TO 3.20 Cr.                                                   writing come together. Learn how to create a stable and
                                                          Emphasis on difficult situations and how to conduct                sustainable non profit organization. Great for Board members,
                                                          mediations with more than two people. Focus will be on             volunteers, people interested in changing professions or those
                                                          techniques for balancing power, reframing, hostility towards       working in the fundraising field to enhance their skills.
                                                          the mediator, and dealing with unexpected events.
                                                                                                                             44249      Central        CLIMB 301          6:30pm-8:20pm
                                                          45557     N Port        RCROSS                 8:30am-4:30pm       Thurs      10/6-10/27     Erekson Varga      $125, $10 Fee
                                                          Sat/Sun 11/12-11/13 Dimant                     $255, $30 Fee
                                                          Must drop by 11/10 to receive a refund.                              Solar, Thermal and Electric
                                                                                                                             Systems Installer Series
                                                          PCC Institute of Fundraising                                       Learn system sizing, orientation, configuration, load analysis,
                                                          and Grant Writing with WVDO                                        installation and service from basics to the completed project.
                                                          Build the skills to successfully write grants and raise funds      Tour existing systems, work on real projects, build solar
                                                          for worthy projects and organizations. Courses are taught          collectors. This series is approved for 20 hours by the State
                                                          by professionals with real experience, and will give you           Renewable Energy Apprenticeship Committee.
                                                          a comprehensive look at all aspects of the funding field.
                                                          Geared for those working at nonprofits, those who aspire             CEU 913 Solar, Thermal and Electric
                                                          to do so, and volunteers who support nonprofits in raising         Systems Installer Series, 2.40 Cr.
                                                          support. Completion awards will be given to participants           Learn system sizing, orientation, configuration, load analysis,
                                                          who complete all five PCC courses and attend five Willamette       installation and service from basics to the completed project.
  name John Patterson                                     Valley Development Officers (WVDO) educational program             Tour existing systems, work on real projects, build solar
  Classes Solar Thermal and                               events. Details on WVDO’s schedule are listed at                   collectors.
                                                 Participants who earn an award of
  Electrical Systems Installer Series                                                                                        44287    NE Port        MR SUN               9am-12pm
                                                          completion will be recognized at a WVDO event and receive
                                                                                                                             Sat      10/1-11/19 Patterson                $75
  about John has been a solar                             a complimentary year-long membership in the organization.
                                                          Email with questions.                              $300 payable to “Mr. Sun Solar” at first class.
  contractor for 30 years, and has
  installed over 2000 solar systems. He
  invented a solar water heating system                   CEU 908V Grant Writing Introduction, .80 Cr.
                                                          Step by step plan to take you from concept, to research, to
  that uses a PV module to run the
                                                          a viable letter of inquiry. Techniques for clear and concise
  pump. John has had several articles
                                                          writing, presentation and use of appropriate agency. Grant
  published in Home Power and Solar                       writing that is reality based, not mystic. First course in Grant
  Pro magazines, and he is also the                       Writing Series.
  author of an entertaining book that
                                                          42827     Central          CLIMB 301           6:30pm-8:20pm
  shows people how to reduce their
                                                          Wed       9/21-10/19       Horton              $125, $10 Fee
  carbon footprint.
                                                          No class 10/5.
                                                          48253    Newberg           NEC 110             1pm-2:50pm
                                                          Tue/Thur 10/4-10/13        Novak               $125, $10 Fee

            Have a question?                              CEU 9705 Grant Writing Advanced, .60 Cr.
                                                          Gain the key skill of learning how to match your project with
                    Go online to                          the appropriate funder. Learn to use the Foundation Data Base                                 Book and work in a computer lab to explore online sources.
                                                          Second course in Grant Writing Series.
      or call 971-722-6266
                                                          42828      Central         CLIMB 301           6:30pm-8:20pm             CEU 911K Mediation Training
                                                          Wed        10/26-11/9      Horton              $95, $10 Fee

                                                         Community Education Classes
                                           To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                  51
                      work and Life Balance
  CEU 9131 Principles of                                            Continuing Education for
Solar Energy Systems, .30 Cr.                                       Insurance and Tax Professionals
Practical solar applications for the Northwest; collection,         The following courses are designed as continuing education
storage, distribution and conservation of solar energy.             for CPAs, PAs, Insurance Producers, Tax Consultants and Tax
Suncharts, introduction to solar hot water and pool heating,        Preparers. Full-day workshops equal eight hours of continuing
anatomy of a solar                                                  education; half-day workshops equal three or four hours.
                                                                    Check class listing for insurance and tax continuing education
                                                                    approval. CPA and PAs should check with their boards for
44285     NE Port        MR SUN               9am-12pm              job relevancy. Insurance approvals are designated for Oregon
Sat       10/1           Patterson            $29                   licenses. For Washington state approval call 971-722-2917.
$45 payable to “Mr. Sun Solar.”                                     Insurance Producers are reminded that they are responsible
                                                                    for taking courses that pertain to their professional needs.
    CEU 9132 Solar Hot Water I, .30 Cr.
Solar hot water, active vs passive systems, open loop vs            CEU 983F Annuities:
closed loop, a close look at the most popular solar water           Basics/Recent Concerns (Life), .40 Cr.
heaters, tour of working systems.                                   Approved continuing education for life insurance licenses and
44286     NE Port        MR SUN               9am-12pm              tax professionals.
Sat       10/8           Patterson            $29                   48134      Central         CLIMB 301          8am-11:50am
$45 payable to “Mr. Sun Solar.”                                     Tues       10/11           Patterson          $49

    CEU 9134 Solar Electric Controls I, .30 Cr.                       CEU 9252                                                            name Doug Moy
Electrical controls in solar thermal and solar electric systems.    Federal Taxation of Life Insurance, .80 Cr.
AC and DC solar pumps, valves, snap switches, variable              Course addresses estate, gift and income tax rules affecting
                                                                                                                                          Classes Continuing Education for
resistance sensors.                                                 life insurance in the gross estate and the estate of the
                                                                                                                                          Insurance and Tax Professionals
48242     NE Port        MR SUN               9am-12pm              non-insured; includes tax planning strategies to prevent life
Sat       10/15          Patterson            $29                   insurance proceeds from being subject to these taxes.
                                                                                                                                          about Education and writing are
$45 payable to “Mr. Sun Solar.”                                                                                                           Doug’s passions, and he has been
                                                                    48128      Central         CLIMB 301          8am-4:50pm              honored with national awards for both.
                                                                    Thurs      9/29            Moy                $85, $12 Fee            Published in numerous professional
    CEU 9136 Solar Electric Controls II, .30 Cr.
Direct drive solar electric motors, pumps, fans, irrigation,                                                                              journals, he has also authored several
                                                                      CEU 921X                                                            estate planning books for John Wiley
tracking systems, 12 volt DC appliances, ultra energy efficient
                                                                    Combat Abusive Trusts (Life), .80 Cr.                                 and Aspen Publishers. He and his
lighting and appliances.                                            Learn how to: identify abusive trust tax shelters; advise             wife, Sharon, are raising their teenage
44288     NE Port        MR SUN               9am-12pm              taxpayers against using them; extricate tax payers from them;         grandson who is a student at Lake
Sat       10/22          Patterson            $29                   and learn why abusive trust tax shelters fail to operate as           Oswego High School.
$45 payable to “Mr. Sun Solar.”                                     represented.
                                                                    48123      Central         CLIMB 301          8am-4:50pm
    CEU 9139 Solar Electric Systems I, .30 Cr.                      Sat        12/10           Moy                $85, $12 Fee          Electrical License Renewal
Photovoltaic (PV) system design. Matching PV to load,                                                                                   Let PCC help keep your electrical training current and advance
fuel switching, the relation between PV, efficiency, and                CEU 900 Distributing Estates, .80 Cr.                           your career! Our classes offer the latest training in the
conservation. Making PV practical and affordable.                   Course addresses inter-relationship of the gross estate,            electrical profession. Each course meets the requirements of
44289     NE Port        MR SUN               9am-12pm              adjusted gross estate and taxable estate with the probate           the Oregon State Electrical Board for continuing education
Sat       10/29          Patterson            $29                   and non-probate estates, together with strategies to provide        for license renewal. These classes can also be used to meet
$45 payable to “Mr. Sun Solar.”                                     efficient management of estate assets.                              the Washington State requirements through the WA/OR
                                                                    48126      Central         CLIMB 301          8am-4:50pm            reciprocity agreement. A Course Completion Award for eight
    CEU 913A Solar Electric Systems II, .30 Cr.                     Sat        11/19           Moy                $85, $12 Fee          hours of continuing education will be issued by the instructor
Battery based photovoltaic systems, inverters, generators,                                                                              at the end of each Saturday workshop to students who have
                                                                                                                                        proof of registration. Attendance rosters for all classes will be
pole-mount vs. roof mount, the National Electric Code                   CEU 935U Trust Funding, .40 Cr.
governing off-grid photovoltaic systems, disconnects and                                                                                sent to the state for certification purposes. Please note that
                                                                    Class discussion will include the process of funding a
grounding.                                                          revocable living trust with myriad kinds of property interests      the electrician’s license renewal fee is not included in the cost
                                                                    relative to the required documentation.                             of the class. A 2011 National Electric Code Book is required;
48243     NE Port        MR SUN               9am-12pm                                                                                  copies are available for purchase at the PCC Bookstore at the
Sat       11/5           Patterson            $29                   45550      Central         CLIMB 301          1pm-4:50pm            Cascade Campus and Southeast Center.
$45 payable to “Mr. Sun Solar.”                                     Sat        10/29           Moy                $49, $6 Fee
                                                                                                                                        CEU 921Z
    CEU 913B Grid-tied Photovoltaic, .30 Cr.                        CEU 9049 Life Insurance and Annuities -                             National Electrical Code Changes, .80 Cr.
Grid-tied photovoltaic systems, net metering, Green tags, tax       Ethics and the Agent, .40 Cr.                                       Designed to provide Oregon state licensed electricians the
credit and utility incentives, cost and payback. Article 690 of     Approved CEU for three hours of ethics and one hour of              current National Electrical Code changes approved by the
the National Electric Code.                                         technical life insurance and annuities. This course satisfies the   Oregon Building Codes Department of Commerce Electrical
48244     NE Port        MR SUN               9am-12pm              ethics requirement for life/health licensing.                       Division. (Code related)
Sat       11/12          Patterson            $29                   44365      Central         CLIMB 301          8am-11:50am           43570      SE Center       SCOTT 203          8am-4:50pm
$45 payable to “Mr. Sun Solar.”                                     Tues       10/4            Patterson          $49                   Sat        10/8            Faulkner           $85
                                                                                                                                        48100      SE Center       TABOR 145          8am-4:50pm
  CEU 913C                                                            CEU 9242
                                                                                                                                        Sat        11/19           Faulkner           $85
Advanced Photovoltaic Systems II, .30 Cr.                           Retirement Benefits in Trust, .40 Cr.
                                                                    Class explores the requirements to name a trustee beneficiary       48101      SE Center       TABOR 145          8am-4:50pm
Energy priorities; which solar technology first and why; wind
                                                                    of qualified retirement plan benefits; documentation required       Sat        12/3            Faulkner           $85
and hybrid systems, integrated photovoltaic roofing, industry
trends, a look at the future.                                       for distributions commencing before or after the employee’s         48102      SE Center       TABOR 145          8am-4:50pm
                                                                    death; and the many trust estate disposition options available.     Sat        10/15           Kempa              $85
48245     NE Port        MR SUN               9am-12pm
Sat       11/19          Patterson            $29                   45548      Central         CLIMB 301          8am-11:50am           48103      Willow Cr       WCC 103            8am-4:50pm
$45 payable to “Mr. Sun Solar.”                                     Sat        10/29           Moy                $49, $6 Fee           Sat        12/10           Kempa              $85

                                                                   Community Education Classes
52             Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                                   work and Life Balance
                            Job Search                                                         Money                                      ONLINE CLASS:
                                                                                                                                          Stocks, Bonds, Investing, Oh My!
                            Have a question?                                                   Matters                                    The earlier you begin planning for your future, the easier it
                            Call 971-722-6266 or visit                                                                                    will be for you to retire. Manage your personal finances, make
                                                                                               Have a question?                           wise investment decisions, and prepare adequately for your
                                                                                               Call 971-722-6266 or visit                 future.
                                                                                                                                          46995      Online         9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
What Do You Want to Be
                                                                                                                                          46996      Online         10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
When You Grow Up?                                                   Home Buying 101 in the New Economy
It’s never too late to start again. Whether you’re looking for a                                                                          46997      Online         11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                    In today’s market, the time has never been better to buy a
new challenge or a new purpose, instructor Jennifer Anderson                                                                              46998      Online         12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                    home! Explore house hunting, MLS, legal documents, FAQs,
will show you tools that can help you find the perfect career
                                                                    inspection, title insurance, in the new economy.
position for this time of your life.
                                                                    41966      Central         CLIMB 302           6pm-8:20pm             Retirement
44300     SW Port       LINCHS 146      7pm-9pm
                                                                    Wed        10/12           Axness              $29
Thurs     10/27         Anderson        $29, $5 Fee                                                                                       Complete Financial Management
$15 payable to “Generous Success, Inc.”                                                                                                   for Midlife and Beyond
                                                                    Managing Your Money                                                   Comprehensive class designed to help you take control of your
                                                                                                                                          finances and make more informed decisions. Lively discussions
                                                                    Divorce and Finance in 2011                                           on retirement planning including investments, taxes, retirement
                                                                    Divorce is very difficult. Don’t let the emotional toll affect your   plan distributions, insurance and estate planning.
Career Planning Series                                              ability to reach an equitable settlement. A financial and legal       44299    Beaverton     SRIDGE E151      6:30pm-9:30pm
This series of four workshops is geared for those who are           team will help you clarify your financial needs, develop realistic    Tues     10/11-10/25 Woods              $45, $8 Fee
currently job hunting, or just interested in finding out what is    expectations and avoid costly mistakes.                               $35 workbook fee payable to “Resource.”
out there!                                                          45414      Rock Cr         BLDG7 104           9am-12:50pm            44170    Sylvania      SS 111           6:30pm-9:20pm
                                                                    Sat        11/5            Russell             $29                    Thurs    10/6-10/20 Woods               $45
Career Planning Series
                                                                                                                                          $35 workbook fee payable to “Resource.”
Register for this class to enroll in the series at a discount!
                                                                    ONLINE CLASS:
43516     SW Port       LINCHS 117      7pm-9pm                                                                                                    Key Steps to a Successful Retirement
                                                                      Keys to Successful Money Management
Tues      10/4-10/25 Anderson           $69, $12 Fee                                                                                      This course will be most beneficial for those who have less
                                                                    Just about anyone can build wealth. All it takes is organization,
$15 payable to “Generous Success, Inc.”                                                                                                   than 15 years until retirement. You will learn a simple 5 step
                                                                    discipline, and a firm knowledge of how to proceed. Obtain the
                                                                    knowledge and skills to amass a sizable nest egg and live the         process that can be implemented immediately to help you
Who Do You Think You Are?                                           life of your dreams.                          plan, prepare for, and enjoy your retirement.
Looking for direction in your career? Begin to discover your
                                                                    46990      Online          9/21-10/28          $30, $65 Fee           47903      Newberg        NEC 115            6:30pm-7:20pm
ideal work by finding and exploring the patterns in your
                                                                                                                                          Wed        10/5-11/9      Cornick            $39
interests, skills, values and natural gifts.                        46992      Online          10/19-11/25         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                          44301      SE Port        CLEVHS 106         6:30pm-7:30pm
43517     SW Port       LINCHS 117             7pm-9pm              46993      Online          11/9-12/16          $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                          Wed        10/5-11/9      Kaiser             $39, $12 Fee
Tues      10/4          Anderson               $29, $5 Fee          46994      Online          12/14-1/20          $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                          48104      SW Port        MORPRK             6:30pm-7:30pm
$5 payable to “Generous Success, Inc.”
                                                                                                                                          Wed        10/5-11/9      Schmidt            $39, $10 Fee
Finding a Job in Portland                                           Investing
Learn the research skills that will allow you to find your best
employer. You will get an overview of area resources as well as     Investing for Beginners with NAIC
Internet research tips and a look at the largest employers and      Analyze stocks like an expert using the National Association
most promising small companies in Portland.                         of Investment Club’s methodology. Learn to form sound
43518     SW Port       LINCHS 117             7pm-9pm              judgments, compare the values, and make wise, strategic
Tues      10/11         Anderson               $29, $5 Fee          portfolio choices.
$5 payable to “Generous Success, Inc.”                              44303     Willow Cr    WCC 204                 9am-3:50pm
                                                                    Sat       10/22-10/29 Baldwin                  $59
Throw Away Your Resume                                              $30 payable to “NAIC.”
Learn how to make yourself stand out from the rest. Develop a
strategy for reaching the companies you want to work for and        Financial Workshop:
the person who can hire you.                                        Your Source for Financial Education
43520     SW Port       LINCHS 117             7pm-9pm              Learn key features of bonds, stocks and mutual funds, steps
Tues      10/25         Anderson               $29, $5 Fee          you can take to prepare for retirement, reducing taxable
$5 payable to “Generous Success, Inc.”                              income and how insurance can protect against unexpected
                                                                    life events.
Out Interview the Interviewer                                       48137      Sylvania        SS 111              6:30pm-8:20pm
Learn the skills you need to keep cool, calm and collected          Tues       10/4-10/25      Brenden             $45
during even the toughest interview. Practice the “hardball”
questions, and prepare for any interview, including panels.
                                                                    Socially Responsible Investing:
43519     SW Port       LINCHS 117        7pm-9pm                   Walking the Talk
Tues      11/1          Anderson          $29, $5 Fee               What if you could use your money in a way that made a
$5 payable to “Generous Success, Inc.” No class 10/18.              difference in the world? Your financial goals and personal values
                                                                    CAN work together. Explore Sustainability as an integrated
          Check out our website and blog!
                                                                    principle of environmental, social and governance processes.                                           47230      Sylvania        TCB 217             6:30pm-8:20pm                Keys to Successful Money Management
                                                                    Wed        11/2-11/9       Shorr               $29

                                                                   Community Education Classes
                                                  To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                        53
                     work and Life Balance
Medicare 101                                                       Intuition Matters                                                     Tools for Taming Your Inner Critic
Understanding Medicare can be daunting at any age. Come            Learn how to “hear” your intuition and tap in to this powerful
                                                                                                                                     Change your relationship with your inner critic by learning
learn the ABC’s and Part D of Medicare. Let highly trained         tool and ally that can enhance your decision making, goal
                                                                                                                                     tools for moving through the paralysis of fear and self
volunteers help you know what to look for, how to find help -      setting and overall quality of your daily experiences. See and
                                                                                                                                     judgment into action. Support the life you want in the arenas
and how to cover costs beyond what is paid for by Medicare.        develop your intuitive talents.
                                                                                                                                     of work/vocation, family, creativity, wellness and more.
43470      Willow Cr   WCC 208               6pm-8:50pm            48194      SE Port       CLEVHS 106         6:30pm-8:30pm
                                                                                                                                     48140     Central     CLIMB 304              7pm-8:50pm
Tues       10/18-10/25 Majowicz              $35                   Mon        10/10-10/24 Schley               $35, $12 Fee
                                                                   Bring a pending decision to discuss in class.                     Tues      10/11-11/15 Harmon                 $59
                                                                                                                                     No class 10/25.
Retirement Planning Today™
                                                                           Powerful Public Speaking
Blend financial education with life planning to build wealth,
align money with your values, and achieve your retirement
                                                                   Become a dynamic speaker. Learn and practice techniques           Techniques and Tools
                                                                   that will improve your public speaking confidence and
and legacy planning goals. Presenter: Attorney, Financial and
Certified Senior Consultant.                                                                                                               Building Blocks
                                                                   48133      Cascade        TH 100             9:30am-11:20am       of Successful Parenting
47314     Rock Cr       BLDG7 104         9am-11:50am
                                                                   Sat        10/1-10/8      Booker             $35                  Learn key components for parenting children ages 3-10 by
Sat       10/8-10/15 Dwight               $35
$25 payable to “Complete Financial Group.”                                                                                           using play to build relationships, using praise to encourage
48195     Tigard        TIGSRC            6:30pm-9:30pm
                                                                   Tarot Card Reading                                                positive behavior, setting clear limits that promote compliance
                                                                   Discover simple keys to unlock the secrets of the Tarot. Learn    and coaching kids to solve problems respectfully.
Tues      10/4-10/11 Dwight               $35, $5 Fee
                                                                   to quickly read the visual symbols. For hands-on participation,
$25 payable to “Complete Financial Group.”                                                                                           47228      Sylvania       SS 211             6:30pm-8:20pm
                                                                   bring any 78-card Tarot deck (such as Rider-Waite) or deck of
43505     Willow Cr     WCC 222           6:30pm-9:20pm                                                                              Mon        10/17          Caballero          $29
                                                                   regular playing cards.
Thurs     10/13-10/20 Dwight              $35
$25 payable to “Complete Financial Group.”                         42265      Sylvania       SS 211             10am-3:50pm
                                                                   Sat        10/29          Sled               $39

                           Personal                                    Tools for Getting Unstuck
                                                                   Feeling stuck is an experience common to all of us. It stifles                               Have a question?
                           Development                             creativity, brings up judgment, anxiety, and wastes time. Come
                                                                   to this highly interactive workshop and learn valuable tools to
                                                                                                                                                                Call 971-722-6266 or visit
                           Have a question?                        help you. Taught by life coach and facilitator.
                           Call 971-722-6266 or visit              48129      Central        CLIMB 303          1pm-4:50pm
                                    Sat        10/15          Harmon             $35
                                                                                                                                     Turn Conflict Into Conversation
                                                                                                                                     It only takes one skilled person to turn an argument around
                                                                                                                                     into a positive exchange. Increase awareness of your conflict
        Adventures in Dreamtime                                                                                                      behavior and discover your conflict triggers. Learn new skills
Join Sarai St. Julien, author of “DreamLines.” Learn what
                                                                                                                                     to change any conflict to a constructive conversation.
dreams mean; how to experience lucid, psychic and flying
dreams; use herbs and crystals to shape your dreams, and                                                                             48139     Sylvania      SS 122               6:30pm-8:20pm
much more!                                                                                                                           Wed       10/5-10/26 Kruijning               $45, $35 Fee
                                                                                                                                     Includes online assessment tool.
48192     SE Center     SCOTT 205            6pm-8:50pm
Fri       10/28         St Julien
and       SE Center     SCOTT 205            10am-2:20pm                                                                             Grant Writing
Sat       10/29         St Julien            $45
30 minute lunch break on Saturday.
                                                                                                                                     ONLINE CLASS: A to Z Grant Writing
                                                                                                                                     Research and develop relationships with potential donors;
Fundamentals of NLP
                                                                                                                                     organize a grant writing campaign and monitor all funding
(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
                                                                                                                                     sources, requests and donations; prepare complete
Do you ever wonder how some people so readily achieve
success? NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the study                                                                             proposal packages, and dissolve crisis management.
of excellence, identifying the processes that produce amazing                                                              
results, then re-programming your mind to replicate the                                                                              46953      Online         9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
successes.                                                                                                                           46955      Online         10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
45523     Central     CLIMB 302              9am-11:50am                                                                             46957      Online         11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
Sat       10/15-11/12 Mandel                 $59
                                                                     name Tasha Harmon, CPCC
No class 10/29.                                                                                                                      46958      Online         12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     Classes Tools for Getting Unstuck;
                                                                     Tools for Taming Your Inner Critic
                                                                                                                                     ONLINE CLASS:
Interpersonal Mindfulness                                            about Tasha helps people and                                    Writing Effective Grant Proposals
Understand and ease causes of interpersonal stress, modify
                                                                     organizations get unstuck. She is a                             Over $200 billion annually is available for worthy causes.
limiting habits and practice skillful iterations. Interpersonal
mindfulness is based on insight dialogue and fundamentals of
                                                                     certified, professional co-active coach,                        Avoid the mistakes that get applications for wonderful projects
mindful meditation. CEU credit available upon request.               and has been teaching workshops for                             tossed into the wastebasket! Learn to write professional
                                                                     over ten years. Her work invites the                            proposals that actually succeed.
42906     Central         CLIMB 306          7pm-8:50pm              wisdom of the whole person, including
Mon       10/3-11/21      Schweitzer                                                                                                 46949      Online         9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     the body, to lead the process of
and       Central         CLIMB 301          10am-3:50pm                                                                             46950      Online         10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     discovering what each of us needs
Sat       11/5            Schweitzer         $119                                                                                    46951      Online         11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                     to thrive.
No class 10/24.
                                                                                                                                     46952      Online         12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee

                                                                  Community Education Classes
54             Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                                work and Life Balance
Professional Skills                                              ONLINE CLASS:
                                                                 Computer Skills for the Workplace
Time Management for Today's World                                Learn the fundamental computer competencies you need to                                     Have a question?
Are you overwhelmed with job and/or family demands in an         survive and prosper in today’s fast-changing workplace. You’ll                              Call 971-722-6266 or visit
increasingly stressful world? Through interactive exercises,     learn how to implement the powers of modern office software                       
identify priorities as well as time-wasters. Walk away with a    to work faster and more efficiently.
personalized plan to make the most of your valuable time.
45519     Central       CLIMB 305      6:30pm-8:20pm             46945      Online         9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee                Motherhood and Life’s Balancing Act
Wed       10/12-10/19 Buratti          $35                       46946      Online         10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee        Have you lost the focus on your own dreams and aspirations?
$15 payable to “Right Now Communications.”                                                                                        Discover the benefits of living a balanced life: be healthy
                                                                 46947      Online         11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                  physically and mentally, experience new adventures, explore
ONLINE CLASS: Accounting Fundamentals                            46948      Online         12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee        your creative side, give back and find your true passions.
Gain a marketable new skill by learning the basics of
double-entry bookkeeping, financial reporting, and more.         Create a Website                                                 48200     Sylvania        ST 235             9am-10:20am                                          for Fun, Profit and Business!                                    Sat       10/1-11/12      Umscheid           $49
                                                                 Create your own site using a proven, step-by-step roadmap.       No class 10/15.
46929      Online         9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee        Discover easy-to-use design tools to build a basic site in 60
46931      Online         10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee        minutes - with no programming! Key tips and traps of website     Life by Design NW
46932      Online         11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee        design, how to get ranked by Google and get traffic fast!        Life by Design NW: We’re changing the way people think about
46933      Online         12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee        44973      Central        CLIMB 303          9am-2:50pm          life after 50. How? By empowering people to discover their
                                                                 Sat        10/29          Boyd               $97                 passion and purpose as they give back and live their encore.
  ONLINE CLASS:                                                  Lecture class.                                                   We provide volunteer opportunities, classes, workshops,
Business and Marketing Writing                                                                                                    peer-led discussion groups and more. For our calendar of
This fun, introductory course will teach you to write            ONLINE CLASS:                                                    events and class information, visit, call
or identify copy that achieves business and marketing            Creating a Successful Business Plan                              971-722-6650 or attend one of our Welcome Social Hours
goals. Improve your work, knowledge, company’s image,            Turn your business ideas into a solid plan for financing and     (see web site for schedule).
and chances of getting hired, promoted or applauded!             long-term success. Increase your chances of obtaining                                          financing, and of keeping your business strategically focused.   Discover, Engage, Design Future
                                                                                                 Looking for what’s next, seeking a new direction or wanting
46941      Online         9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee                                                                         inspiration? Join our six-week class to transform dreams to
46942      Online         10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee        46936      Online         9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                  reality: discover talents, design your vision and engage your
                                                                 46937      Online         10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee        next steps. For details, visit
46943      Online         11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                 46938      Online         11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee
46944      Online         12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee                                                                         43511      Central        CLIMB 305          9:30am-11:50am
                                                                 46940      Online         12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee
                                                                                                                                  Sat        10/1-11/5      Hoeh               $125
                                                                                                                                             Rock Cr
                senIoR studIes                                   ONLINE CLASS:                                                    47898
                                                                                                                                                         BLDG2 120
                                                                                                                                             10/12-11/16 Hoeh
                                                                 Fundamentals of Technical Writing
                     InstItute                                   Learn technical writing conventions, desktop publishing,         48191     Sylvania        SS 112             6:30pm-8:50pm
                                                                 formatting techniques, etc. Translate complex info into easily   Thurs     10/27-12/8      Hoeh               $125
                                                                 understood language; marry the art of publishing with the        No class 11/24.
   "We learn from each other and we never stop                   science of technology.
                                                                                                                                  Engage! Community Involvement
   learning" describes the unique program that                   47005      Online         9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee
   is Senior Studies Institute. Established 20                                                                                    with an Impact
                                                                 47006      Online         10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee        Make lasting and transformative change in your life and
   years ago, SSI has grown from a handful at
   one location to close to 300 members at six                   47007      Online         11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee        community. Learn how intentional volunteering and targeted
   sites and offers more than 40 classes and 60                  47008      Online         12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee        community engagement can make a difference for you and
   Current Events sessions each term.                                                                                             others. For details, visit
                                                                 ONLINE CLASS:                                                    48117      Central        CLIMB 301          6:30pm-8:20pm
   SSI provides a program for older adults to                    Project Management Fundamentals                                  Mon        10/3-10/24     Shimada            $95
   connect with others and expand their horizons                 If you’re organized, perceptive, detail-oriented, and an
   and presents a means by which they can                        excellent communicator, you just might have what it takes to     Engage! Connect Passion and Purpose
   engage in group discussions, exchange ideas                   succeed in the fast-growing field of project management. For     with a Paycheck
   and share knowledge.                                          the novice or experienced.               Transform your dreams into a livelihood! Explore the
                                                                                                                                  challenges and opportunities for sector switching, encore
   Programs for this exciting Fall term include                  46971      Online         9/21-10/28         $30, $65 Fee        work, and new ventures. Join peers to turn your ideas and
   WWII secrets, Gemology, Portland Opera                        46973      Online         10/19-11/25        $30, $65 Fee        goals into action. For more details, visit
   Preview, Oregon Writers, Zoroastrianism,                      46974      Online         11/9-12/16         $30, $65 Fee        48118      Central     CLIMB 303             6:30pm-8:20pm
   Numeracy and a fall concert. The locations
                                                                 46975      Online         12/14-1/20         $30, $65 Fee        Tues       10/18-11/15 Shimada               $110
   and exact times can be found on the website

   In addition you can learn about technological
   "gadgets", experience Belly Dancing, discuss
   the Big Bang, and journey to Cuba. SSI also
   offers six weekly Current Event Sessions, the
   weekly Play Reading and Poetry Fun.

   For more information go to the website to find a schedule, information
   on classes, site locations and a membership
   form or call Tony at 503-228-2488.                                  Business and Marketing Writing

                                                                Community Education Classes
                                               To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                  55
                     work and Life Balance
                                                            traffic safety

                                                                     Driver Education Glencoe High School: Teen
                                                                     Teen ODOT approved course held at Glencoe High School. For
                                                                     teens 15-17 that are not licensed.
                                                                     44083     Hillsboro     GLENCO 135           4:30pm-6:30pm
                                                                     Tue/Thur 9/13-11/8                           $275, $5 Fee
                                                                     ODTI at 503-225-0770 to register.

Driver Education                                                        Driver Education PCC: Adult
PCC provides students 15 years of age and older with the             For teens who do not qualify for the above program, licensed
best possible driving instruction, both in the classroom and         teens, licensed or unlicensed adults 18yrs and older.
behind-the-wheel. The non-credit, ODOT approved course will
                                                                     45294     SE Center     TABOR 139/140 9am-12pm
prepare students to successfully pass the licensing test and
                                                                     Sat       9/17-12/10 Kuzmaak             $485, $5 Fee
be responsible drivers for the rest of their lives. The ODOT
                                                                     No class 10/1, 11/26. PCC at 971-722-6265 to register.
approved course includes classroom hours, plus 6 hours
behind-the-wheel and 6-12 hours of in-car observation. The           45291     Sylvania      HT 223           9am-12pm
behind-the-wheel instruction is scheduled outside of the             Sat       9/17-12/10 Wittfoth            $485, $5 Fee
classroom times and might extend past the last day of class.         No class 10/1, 11/26. PCC at 971-722-6265 to register.
Attendance at ALL sessions is mandatory. Missed sessions             45292     Sylvania      HT 223           1pm-4pm
must be made-up at an additional cost. There is a mandatory          Sat       9/17-12/10 Enyart              $485, $5 Fee
parent/teen orientation for all Driver Education classes, which
                                                                     No class 10/1, 11/26. PCC at 971-722-6265 to register.
                                                                                                                                        name Joel Crawford
is held at the first class session. You must bring your Oregon
Instruction Permit AND a photocopy of your permit to the first       45295     Willow Cr     WCC 103/104          9am-12pm              Class Basic Motorcycle Rider Training
class. Students should have a minimum of 10 hours of driving         Sat       9/10-11/19                         $485                  about Joel has been instructing Basic
experience before beginning the class. For more information          ODTI at 503-225-0770 to register.                                  Rider Training (BRT) since 2004, and
call 971-722-6265 or visit                                                                                           riding motorcycles since childhood.
To register call the phone number listed below the specific          Preparation for the                                                He recognizes motorcycle riding
class for which you wish to register. Must provide permit            Oregon Instruction Permit Test                                     as a legitimate form of alternative
number and expiration date. Online registration is not available.    A thorough review of the Oregon Driver Manual, study guides        transportation, like bicycles, due to their
                                                                     and practice tests to prepare you to take the Oregon Instruction   fuel economy and fun factor. Training
                                                                     Permit written test. Must be 14 years of age or older.             novice motorcyclists offers an excellent
Driver Education PCC: Teen                                           48079     Central       CLIMB 301            4:30pm-6:30pm         opportunity for Joel to share his passion
Teen ODOT approved courses held at Portland Community                Mon/Thur 9/12-9/22      Wittfoth             $55, $5 Fee           for bikes and commitment to safe riding
College. For teens 15-17 that are not licensed.                      PCC at 971-722-4933 to register.                                   with the Portland community.
44084     SE Center     TABOR 139/140 9am-12pm
Sat       9/17-12/10 Kuzmaak             $275, $5 Fee
No class 10/1, 11/26. PCC at 971-722-6265 to register.
42984     Sylvania      HT 223           9am-12pm
Sat       9/17-12/10 Wittfoth            $275, $5 Fee
No class 10/1, 11/26. PCC at 971-722-6265 to register.
45293     Sylvania      HT 223           1pm-4pm
Sat       9/17-12/10 Enyart              $275, $5 Fee
No class 10/1, 11/26. PCC at 971-722-6265 to register.
42983     Willow Cr     WCC 103/104          9am-12pm
Sat       9/10-11/19                         $275
ODTI at 503-225-0770 to register.

Driver Education PPS: Teen
Teen ODOT approved courses held at Portland Public Schools.
For teens 15-17 that are not licensed.
42973     NE Port       GRNTHS 232           4pm-6:30pm
Tue/Thur 9/22-11/8      Thompson             $275, $5 Fee
PCC at 971-722-6265 to register.
43537     SE Port       CLEVHS LIBR          4:30pm-6:30pm
Mon/Wed 9/12-11/7                            $275
ODTI at 503-225-0770 to register.
42974     SW Port       WILSON LIBR          4:30pm-6:30pm
Tue/Thur 9/13-11/8                           $275
ODTI at 503-225-0770 to register.
48381     SW Port       LINCHS 169           4pm-6:30pm
Mon/Wed 9/19-11/2       Watts                $275, $5 Fee
PCC at 971-722-6265 to register.
                                                                           Driver Education PCC: Adult

                                                                    Community Education Classes
56             Find your class location on page 60-61. For credit classes that you can apply to college degrees, visit
                                                                   work and Life Balance
                                                                                                                                             traffic safety

Motorcycle Rider Classes                                            Enrollment Eligibility:                                              Intermediate Motorcycle Rider Training (IRT)
                                                                         •	If	you	are	under	21,	the	State	of	Oregon	requires	you	to	     Riders returning to motorcycling or those with some
PCC motorcycle courses are offered in cooperation with Team
                                                                           take and successfully pass the BRT in order to obtain         experience on their own motorcycles are encouraged to enroll
Oregon, a nationally recognized leader in motorcycle rider
                                                                           your endorsement.                                             in this eight-hour course. This one-day training program
safety and skills training. Team Oregon offers something for
                                                                                                                                         builds fundamental street riding skills and strategies. Students
riders of every level, ability and experience that will help you         •	Students	must	possess	either	a	valid	Driver's	License	or	
                                                                                                                                         can ride their own motorcycles or use one of Team Oregon’s
ride safer, smarter and more skillfully.                                   Instruction Permit for operation of a motor vehicle and
                                                                                                                                         training bikes. In order to receive your course completion card,
To Register: For class schedules or to register for a class                the ability to sustain moderate physical activity.
                                                                                                                                         you must attend all classroom and range sessions and pass
please visit the Team Oregon website                 •	Out-of-state	licenses	or	permits	are	accepted	by	             a skills test. DMV will waive skills testing for IRT graduates
For detailed information, please phone Team Oregon at                      TEAM OREGON                                                   seeking their motorcycle endorsement. IRT graduates will be
1-800-545-9944, extension 0.                                                                                                             required to take the knowledge test at DMV in order to obtain
Cancellation/Drop Policy: To receive a refund, students must            Basic Motorcycle Rider Training (BRT)                            their endorsement. Taking the knowledge test at DMV is not
formally drop their class at least EIGHT DAYS prior to the class    The BRT is a great beginning class for new riders. It is a           required prior to attending the IRT.
start date. To drop a class go to the Team Oregon website at        15-hour course which includes six hours of classroom or call 1-800-545-9944, extension 0.            instruction and nine hours of on-cycle riding experience.            Experienced Rider Skills Practice (RSP)
                                                                    (Motorcycles and helmets are provided.” It begins with the           The RSP is a half day practice session designed for riders with
All motorcycle riders are required to have a valid motorcycle
                                                                    basics, such as turning, shifting and braking, then moves on to      at least 3,000 miles of current, on-street riding experience.
endoresment on their license in the state of Oregon. The
                                                                    more advanced street riding skills and emergency maneuvers.          This course is for students looking to sharpen their cornering,
2009 Oregon Legislature passed a law that requires all new
                                                                    In order to receive your course completion card, you must            braking and emergency maneuvering skills under the helpful
motorcycle riders to complete an approved motorcycle safety
                                                                    attend all classroom and range sessions and pass a knowledge         eye of a professional rider training coach. Whether you are
training course to get their endorsement. The requirement is
                                                                    and a skills test. If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian   new to motorcycling or have been riding for years, Rider Skills
phased in based on age.
                                                                    must sign the required waiver form before the class.                 Practice will take your skills to the next level. Spend just one
     January 1, 2011       All New Riders 30 and under                                                                                   day with a professional riding coach and get more out of your
     January 1, 2012       All New Riders 40 and under                                                                                   riding! Completion cards are awarded.
                                                                               Find Traffic Safety online!
     January 1, 2013       All New Riders 50 and under
     January 1, 2014       All New Riders 60 and under               
     January 1, 2015       All New Riders of Any Age

 Your key to the driver’s seat:
 • Includes classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel drive time.
 • Multiple locations like PCC campuses and public high schools.
 • Must be at least 15 years of age and have a valid learner’s permit.

 See the opposite page for class
 schedules or visit

                                                                   Community Education Classes
                                                To register: Go to, use form on page 58 or call 971-722-6266.                                                                         57
                                                           Registration Form for non-credit
                                                           and Ceu classes (please use black ink)
Phone: 971-722-8888                Fax: 971-722-4988               Mail: Portland Community College, P.O. Box 19210 Portland, OR 97280-0210

Part a: student Information                                                                                                           What is your main reason for attending
Today’s date:                                                                                                                         Portland Community College? (select one)
Status:  New PCC Student                   Currently Enrolled at PCC                Previously attended PCC                         Take classes for high school credit RH
                                                                                                                                       Improve writing, reading, or math skills RI
Social Security or ID number:                                                                                                          Learn skills to get a job or keep a job RJ
PCC will request Social Security Numbers (SSN) at the time of application. The SSN will not be used as the student ID number           Explore a new career area RN
but will be provided to entities requiring SSNs, including, but not limited to, the federal government for financial aid and the       Earn credit towards a bachelor’s (4-year) degree RT
Tax Relief Act (1997) reporting, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the Oregon Community College Unified                    Learn English RL
Reporting System (OCCURS). Your SSN may be used in connection with developing, validating or administering predictive                  Take a ABE/GED class RA
tests and assessments; improving instruction; internal identification of students; collection of student debts, automated              Complete a certificate or career technical program at PCC RC
verification functions, including enrollment. Students who choose not to provide their SSN will be ineligible for financial aid,
and deferred payment and other financial arrangements. If you provide your SSN to PCC, you will consent to allow PCC to use
                                                                                                                                       Take courses for personal interest RP
the number in the manner described.
                                                                                                                                       Explore educational opportunities at PCC RE
                                                                                                                                       Undecided RD
Name:                                                                                                                                 What courses are you mainly interested
                     Last                                        First                                     MI
                                                                                                                                      in taking (Select only ONE item in this section)
Other Names Used:                                                                                                                      Personal interest
                                                                                                                                       Professional Interest
Mailing Address:                                                                                                                       Continuing Education (CEU)
                                                                                                                                       English as a Second Language (ESL)
                                                                                                                                       Adult Basic Education (ABE)
                                         City                                State                               Zip
                                                                                                                                       General Equivalency Degree (GED)
Telephone Number:                                                                                                                     Are you an Oregon resident?
                                         Day                                 Evening
                                                                                                                                       Yes  No
Birth Date:                                     Gender:  Female  Male
                   Month / Day / Year

High School / GED:
                             Name of School /Institution                               City                               State                      Year Graduated / Year Obtained

E-Mail Address:
PCC is committed to affirmative action goals and would appreciate your response to the following:
Do you consider yourself to be Hispanic/Latino?  Yes  No
Select one or more of the following racial categories to describe yourself:
 American Indian or Alaska Native          Asian           Black or African American       Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander                                                       White
Citizen Type:  U.S. Citizen       Resident Alien/Refugee/Immigrant          Other, Enter Type
Are you a veteran of the US military?  Yes                      No

Part B: Course Requests for Fax or Mail Registration (Also complete Part A, above).
                    5-Digit CRN                                                                                        Course Title

Part C: How to Pay
                                                                                                                       Your schedule and account balance are available
You have 4 options!
                                                                                                                       electronically through
Option 1 View and pay your bill online 24-7 via MyPCC ( After login,
          select the PCC-Pay link on your homepage or under "College Business".
                                                                                                                   You will be contacted if your class is filled or cancelled.
          Login help for MyPCC is available online or by calling 971-722-8200.
                                                                                                                   If you have not received a letter or call telling you your classes
Option 2 To pay by phone, call 971-722-4234.                                                                       were not available, please go to class. Or you may verify your
Option 3 Pay in person at any campus business office.                                                              enrollment on the web at
Option 4 Mail registration form and payment to the address listed above.                                           My enrollment with Portland Community College will signify
Payment is due the first Friday of the term. After that date, payment is due when                                  my consent to and acceptance of all policies and procedures
your registration is processed. For payment due dates visit                                   governing my enrollment, including financial liability. If I fail
                                                                                                                   to remit payment when due, I will promise to pay to PCC all
                                                                                                                   reasonable costs for collection, including collection agency fees.
Signature                                                                                          Date
                                                                                                                                                                                      99626-008 07/09
RegIsteR today!
It’s easy to sign up. Choose from 4 options.

      Online at                                                                          Call
                                                                                     971-722-6266                        Walk in to                           Mail or fax the
                                                                                     and choose                          any PCC
   using the steps                          form provided
                                                                                      option “2”                     Registration Office
   provided below

     How to RegIsteR onLIne FoR CoMMunIty eduCatIon CLasses
                            New Students                                                 Continuing/Returning Students

        1   Choose the class you want from this schedule                         1   Choose the class you want from this schedule
            and note the 5-digit CRN number.                                         and note the 5-digit CRN number.

        2   Go to                                                 2   Go to
        3   Click on “Create Your Account”
                                                                                 3   Log into “MyPCC”
        4   After creating your account,                                             (If you have forgotten your password, need login help
            follow the instructions for logging into “MyPCC”                         or are a first time user, click the appropriate link.)

        5   In MyPCC, follow the “Steps to Register for Class”                   4   In MyPCC, follow the “Steps to Register for Class”

Portland Community College is an Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity Institution
If you have a disability that requires any special material, service, or assistance, please contact Disability Services, 971-722-4341, TTY 971-722-4072,
at least 72 hours prior to the first class so that we may arrange appropriate accommodations.

             sPeCIaL InstRuCtIons FoR onLIne LeaRnIng CouRses

                                                         How to sign up and begin
                         Courses                         For Career Field Training Courses, please call 971-722-5303 or email
        OurCoursesComeToYou.Com                          For six-week Personal Enrichment and Professional Skill Enhancement classes:
                                                         1 Use the registration form in this booklet, or MyPCC,
                                                           to sign up and pay for your course.
                                                         2 Complete the required online enrollment as late as 12 days after
 What you’ll need
                                                           the start date at: OurCoursesComeToYou.Com
 You’ll need a computer with Internet access,
                                                         	 •	Click	on:	“sign-up	process,”	then	Follow the instructions under step 3:
 email address, and MS Internet Explorer or
                                                           Complete the online enrollment.
 Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox or Mac’s
 Safari web browser. Any additional software             3   Access your classroom on or after the start date at: OurCoursesComeToYou.Com
 requirements are listed at the webpage under            	   •	Click	on:	“Your	Online	Enrollment	&	Classroom,”	then	
 the course descriptions.                                	   •	Click	on	“Classroom”	at	the	top	of	the	page.
                                                         	   •	Log	in	with	your	username	and	the	password	you	created	during	enrollment.

LoCatIons                                                                             LoCatIon ContaCt InFoRMatIon

                                                                                      Daphne Robinson    971-722-2921



                                                                                      Nermina Radaslic   971-722-5205




                                                                                      Linda Timmins      971-722-7308

find directions and campus maps online at


                                                                 a Tim

                                                                                                                                                     a Tim
                                                                                      Neely Wiek         971-722-6265


                                                                ly W


                                                                y Jo

                                                                                                                                                    y Jo
                                                                                                                                                    ly W

                                                                                      Pam Wright         971-722-2917




                                                                                      Mary Jo Mazzella   971-722-5303


                      Beaverton High School,                                                             Academy Ballet & Dance Arts,
 Beaverton   BEAVHS   1300 SW 2nd St., 97005                •                     Lk Oswego   ABDA                                              •
                                                                                                         311 B Ave., 97034

                      Cedar Park Middle School,                                                          Academy of Dance Lake Oswego,
 Beaverton   CEDRPK   11100 SW Parkway St., 97225           •                     Lk Oswego   ACAD       16250 SW Bryant Rd., 97035             •
                                                                                                         Lake Oswego Adult Community
 Beaverton   FARMTN
                      Farmington Gardens,
                                                            •                     Lk Oswego   LOADUL     Center, 505 G Ave., 97034              •
                      21815 SW Farmington Rd., 97007

                      Heart Song Yoga,                                                                   Lake Oswego Muncipical Golf Course
 Beaverton   HSYOGA                                         •                     Lk Oswego   LOGOLF     17525 SW Stafford Rd., 97034           •
                      3841 SW Hall Blvd., 97005
                                                                                                         Lake Oswego Junior High School,
 Beaverton   MONTA2
                      Montavilla Sewing Center II,
                                                            •                     Lk Oswego   LOJRHI     2500 Country Club Rd., 97034           •
                      4955 SW Western Ave., 97005
                                                                                                         Lake Oswego High School,
 Beaverton   REGOLF
                      Reserve Vineyard and Golf Club,
                                                                    •             Lk Oswego   LOSRHI     2501 Country Club Rd., 97034           •
                      4805 SW 229th, 97007
                                                                                                         Charlie Brown Water Sports Center
 Beaverton   SRIDGE
                      Southridge High School,
                                                            •                     Lk Oswego   LOWSC      350 Oswego Pointe Dr., 97034           •
                      9625 SW 125th Ave., 97008
                                                                                                         PCC Portland Metropolitan
                      Westview High School,
 Beaverton   WESTVW                                         •                     Metro Ctr   PMWTC      Workforce Training Center,                 •
                      4200 NW 185th Ave., 97229                                                          5600 NE 42 Ave., 97218
                      Whitford Middle School,                                                            Pendleton Wollen Mill Store,
 Beaverton   WHITFD   7935 SW Scholls Ferry Rd., 97008      •                     Milwaukie   PWMILL     8500 SE McLoughlin Blvd., 97222                    •

                      Capital Center,                                                                    Northwest Dance Project Studio,
 Capital     WCWTC                                          •                     N Port      NWDPS      833 N Shaver St., 97227                    •
                      18624 NW Walker Rd., 97006
                                                                                                         Oddfellows Educational Center,
 Carlton     RESNCE
                      Resonance Vineyard,
                                                                    •             N Port      ODDFEL     4830 N Lombard St., 97203                  •
                      12000 NW Foothills Rd., 97111
                                                                                                         American Red Cross, Oregon Trail,
 Cascade     CA
                      PCC Cascade Campus,
                                                                •                 N Port      RCROSS     3131 N Vancouver Ave., 97227               •
                      705 N Killingsworth St., 97217
                                                                                                         University Park Community Center,
             CAGYM    Cascade Gym                               •                 N Port      UPCC       9009 N Foss Ave., 97217                    •
             JH       Jackson Hall                              •                 NE Port     BLOTUS
                                                                                                         The Blossoming Lotus Cafe,
                                                                                                         1713 NE 15th Ave., 97212
             MAHB     Moriarty Arts and Humanities Bld.         •                                        Grant High School,
                                                                                  NE Port     GRNTHS     2245 NE 36th Ave., 97212                   •
             SC       Student Center                            •                                        Heritage Building,
                                                                                  NE Port     HERITB     3934 NE MLK Blvd., 97227                   •
             SSB      Student Services Building                 •
                                                                                                         Hollywood Senior Center,
                                                                                  NE Port     HWSC       1820 NE 40th Ave., 97212                   •
             TEB      Technology Education Building             •
                                                                                                         Mr. Sun Solar,
             TH       Terrell Hall                              •                 NE Port     MR SUN     6125 NE Portland Hwy., 97218                           •
                      PCC CLIMB Center (formerly CPWTC),                                                 Performa Floor LLC,
 Central     CLIMB    1626 SE Water Ave., 97214                 •                 NE Port     PERFRM     4910 NE 122nd Ave., 97230                  •

                      PCC Downtown Center,                                                               PCC Newberg Education Center,
 Downtown    DC       722 SW 2nd Ave., 97204                        •             Newberg     NEC        135 Werth Blvd., 97132                         •

                      Arterberry Maresh,                                                                 Ayres Vineyard,
 Dundee      ARTMAT                                                 •             Newberg     AYRES      17971 NE Lewis Rogers Ln., 97132               •
                      18365 NE Fairview Dr., 97115
                                                                                                         Le Cadeau Vineyard,
 Forest Gr   FGAQUA
                      Forest Grove Aquatic Center,
                                                                    •             Newberg     CADEAU     34350 NE Kramien Rd., 97132                    •
                      2300 Sunset Dr., 97116
                                                                                                         Medici Vinyards,
 Gaston      ADEA
                      ADEA Wine Company,
                                                                    •             Newberg     NBMED      28005 NE Bell Rd., 97132                       •
                      26421 Highway 47., 97119
                                                                                                         Newberg Jewelry Studio Supply,
                      The Artfull Garden,                                         Newberg     NJSS                                                      •
 Hillsboro   ARTFUL   222 E Main St., 97123                         •                                    2401 E Hancock St., Ste A2, 97132
                                                                                                         Elements Glass,
                      Brew Brother,                                               NW Port     EGLASS     1979 NW Vaughn St., 97209                      •
 Hillsboro   BREWBR   2020 NW Aloclek Dr., Ste 104, 97124           •
                                                                                                         Friendly House Inc.,
                                                                                  NW Port     FRNHSE     1737 NW 26th Ave., 97209                       •
                      Glencoe High School,
 Hillsboro   GLENCO   2700 NW Glencoe Rd., 97124                    •
                                                                                                         Multnomah Yacht Harbor,
                                                                                  NW Port     MULTYH     12900 NW Marina Way, 97231                     •
                      Hawthorn Farms Athletic Club,
 Hillsboro   HAWTHO   4800 NE Belknap Ct., 97124                    •
                                                                                  NW Port     SNTSHA     4876 NW Bethany Blvd., Ste L4, 97229           •
                      Hillsboro Community Senior Center,
 Hillsboro   HBHSRC   750 SE 8th Ave., 97123                        •
                                                                                  Online                                           •
                      McKay Creek Golf Course,                                                           PCC Rock Creek Campus,
 Hillsboro   MCKAYC   1416 NW Jackson, 97124                        •             Rock Cr     BLDG                                                      •
                                                                                                         17705 NW Springville Rd., 97229
                      King City Clubhouse,                                                               Scappoose Bay Marine Park,
 King City   KCCLUB   15245 SW 116th Ave.,                  •                     Scappoose   SCABMP     57420 Old Portland Rd., 97053                  •
                                                                                     LoCatIon ContaCt InFoRMatIon



                                                                                     Daphne Robinson    971-722-2921


                                                                                     Nermina Radaslic   971-722-5205





                                                                                     Linda Timmins      971-722-7308


find directions and campus maps online at

                                                                a Tim

                                                                                                                                                      a Tim

                                                                                     Neely Wiek         971-722-6265


                                                               y Jo
                                                               ly W


                                                                                                                                                     ly W

                                                                                                                                                     y Jo
                                                                                                                                                     hne                                                                Pam Wright         971-722-2917







                                                                                     Mary Jo Mazzella   971-722-5303

                      PCC SE Center,                                                                    Neighborhood House,
 SE Center            2305 SE 82nd Ave., 97216                         •           SW Port     NEIGHR   7688 SW Capitol Hwy,                             •
                                                                                                        Multnomah Art Center Bldg., 97219
             SCOTT    Mt. Scott Hall                                   •
                                                                                                        OHSU Center for Women's Health,
             TABOR    Mt. Tabor Hall                                   •           SW Port     OHSUWC   Kohler Pavilion, Kitchen, 7th Floor,         •
                      Cleveland High School,                                                            808 SW Campus Dr. 97239
 SE Port     CLEVHS   3400 SE 26th Ave., 97202                         •                                Portland Kayak Company,
                                                                                   SW Port     PDXKYK   6600 SW Macadam Ave., 97239                      •
                      Cowgirl at Heart,
 SE Port     COWGIR   8550 SE McLoughlin Blvd., 97222                  •                                Oregon Society of Artists,
                                                                                   SW Port     SOCART   2185 SW Park Pl., 97205                          •
                      Ecclysiast Dance Studio,
 SE Port     ECLYSI   326 SE Madison St., 97214                        •                                 Strohecker’s Inc.,
                                                                                   SW Port     STROHK    2855 SW Patton Rd., 97201                   •
                      Franklin High School,
 SE Port     FRAKHS   5405 SE Woodward St., 97202                      •                                Tryon Creek State Park,
                                                                                   SW Port     TRYON    11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd., 97219                •
                      Montavilla Sewing Center,
 SE Port     MONTAV   8326 SE Stark St., 97216                         •                                Wilson High School,
                                                                                   SW Port     WILSON   1151 SW Vermont St., 97219                       •
                      Mt Tabor Community School,
 SE Port     MTTACS   5800 SE Ash St., 97215                           •                                PCC Sylvania Campus
                                                                                   Sylvania    SY       12000 SW 49th Ave., 97219                    •
                      One With Heart,
 SE Port     ONEHRT   4231 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 97215                   •                       CC       Amo De Bernardis College Center              •
                      Richmond Elementary School,                                              HT       Health Technology                            •
 SE Port     RICHMD   2276 SE 41st St., 97214                          •
                                                                                               SCB      South Classroom Building                     •
                      Sellwood Community Center,
 SE Port     SELLCC   1436 SE Spokane St., 97202                       •                       SS       Social Science                               •
                      Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge,                                          ST       Science Technology                           •
 Sherwood    TRNWR    16956 SW Meinecke Rd., 97140         •
                                                                                               TCB      Technology Classroom Building                •
                      The Vault,
 St Helens   VAULT    200 S 1st St., 97051                     •                   Tigard      CHURCH
                                                                                                        Tigard Christian Church,
                                                                                                        13405 SW Hall Blvd., 97223
                      Amrita, 0110 SW Bancroft, 97201
 SW Port     ARMISW   Corner of SW Bancroft & SW Corbett       •                   Tigard      FOWLER
                                                                                                         Fowler Middle School,
                                                                                                         10865 SW Walnut St., 97223
                      Portland Art Museum,
 SW Port     ARTMSM   1119 SW Park Ave., 97205                     •               Tigard      JGOODE
                                                                                                        Glastonbury Studio,
                                                                                                        14077 SW Glastonbury Ln., 97224
                      Circuit Bouldering Gym,
 SW Port     CBGYM    6050 SW Macadam Ave., 97239                  •               Tigard      ROSEGG
                                                                                                        Rose’s Glassworks & Gifts,
                                                                                                        10105 SW Hall Blvd., 97223
                      Cedar Hills United Church,                                                        Tigard Senior Center,
 SW Port     CEDHIL   11695 SW Park Way, 97224             •                       Tigard      TIGSRC                                            •
                                                                                                        8815 SW O’Mara St., 97223
                      A Common Thread, 15230 SW                                                         Lewis & Clark State Park, Parking Lot,
 SW Port     COMTHR   Sequoia Pkwy. Ste. 100, 97224            •                   Troutdale   LCPARK                                                    •
                                                                                                        I-84 E, Exit 18, Left on Jordan, 97062
                      Gabriel Park,                                                                     Rooster Rock State Park,
 SW Port     GABRIE   6820 SW 45th Ave., 97219                 •                   Troutdale   ROOSTR                                                    •
                                                                                                        I-84 E, Exit 25, East of Troutdale
                      Lincoln High School,                                                              Juanita Pohl Center,
 SW Port     LINCHS   1600 SW Salmon St., 97205                    •               Tualatin    POHL     8513 SW Tualatin Rd., 97062              •
                      Mahasiddha Kadampa Buddhist,                                                      Tualatin Public Library,
 SW Port     MKBC     3635 SW Hood Ave., 97239                 •                   Tualatin    TUALPL                                            •
                                                                                                        18878 SW Martinazzi, 97062
                      Multnomah County Library,                                                         PCC Willow Creek Center,
 SW Port     MLTLIB   801 SW 10th Ave., 97205                      •               Willow Cr   WCC      241 SW Edgeway Dr., 97006                •
                      Whitmarsh Building,                                                               Willakenzie Estate,
 SW Port     MORPRK   803 SW Morrison St., 97205                   •               Yamhill     YAMWIL   19142 NE Laughlin Rd., 97148                     •


                                       TRAVEL                          Travel with PCC Community Education.

                                   FAiR                                SATURDAY • SEPTEMBER 17 • 8AM–1PM
                                                                       PCC CLIMB CENTER
                                                                       1626 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR 97214

                                   2011                                See pages 35-38 for a complete list of upcoming trips.

FRequentLy asked questIons
                                                                                       Will I receive a registration
  What is the Refund/Drop Policy?                                                      confirmation or bill?
  If you want to drop a class, you must do so online at your MyPCC account
                                                                                       Confirmation of class registration is assumed once you register. You
  or	file	an	add/drop	form	with	the	Registration	Office.	Drop	deadlines	vary	
                                                                                       will not be sent written confirmation. Access to your class schedule
  for Community Education classes. 100% of charges associated with a
                                                                                       and bill is available online using MyPCC. PCC does not bill daily, so
  class will be removed if you formally drop by the deadlines listed below.
                                                                                       you may or may not receive a bill before class begins. If you registered
                                                                                       online, be sure to monitor your MyPCC email account for your PCC
                                                                                       e-bill notification.
  Non-attendance does not relieve you of your obligation to pay. Please note
  that if you register for a class and do not attend or stop attending and fail        Is there an age minimum for people taking
  to personally drop within the refund period, you will be responsible for all         Community Education classes?
  tuition and fees. Accounts are subject to late fees if bills are not paid on time.   Unless otherwise noted, Community Education classes are geared
  For complete registration policies and information please refer to the               toward an adult audience; however, in some classes younger students
  PCC web site at                               are permitted. Please note the following guidelines for Community
                                                                                       Education students younger than age 18.
     Length of Class               Refund Period                                       Students 16 and 17 years old
     Less than 2 weeks             Prior to the first day class meets.                 •	 Students	16	and	17	years	old	are	permitted	to	enroll	in	Community		
     2-7 wk. classes               By the end of the first day of classes.                Education classes geared toward adults except for classes with
                                   (For night and weekend classes,                        older age minimums. A release form is required for physical activity
                                                                                          classes and for classes involving power tools. Release forms will
                                   through the next business day.)
                                                                                          need to be completed and submitted by the first day of the class.
     8-10 wk. classes              Six calendar days after the start of class.
                                                                                       Students 13-15 years old
     11-12 wk. classes             By the second Friday of the term.
                                                                                       •	 Steps	for	students	13-15	years	old	to	register	for	Community		
     Motorcycle classes            Eight days before the first class.
                                                                                          Education classes geared toward adults:
     Driver Education classes      Before the second class.
                                                                                       	   1.	 Please	call	the	Community	Education	Office	at	971-722-6266
     Online	classes	               Six	calendar	days	after	the	start	of	class.         	   	   and	choose	option”0”	to	be	connected	to	the	appropriate		
                                                                                               Program Coordinator of the class to discuss your request.
                                                                                           2.   Submit the following information to the Program Coordinator at
I have a question and would like to speak                                                       least 1 week prior to the first class meeting:
with someone. Who can I call?
                                                                                                a.   A student letter stating reason for requesting exception
We want to hear from you and are happy to answer any
questions you might have. Give our office a call at 971-722-6266,                               b.   A letter of recommendation from an educator or tutor
Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.                                                               which addresses preparedness for an adult learning
How late can I register?
You can register online through MyPCC or in person as late as the first day of                  c.   A release form, with parent’s or legal guardian’s signature
class, but by waiting you run the risk of the class either being filled or being                d.   Completed Non-credit Registration Form
cancelled and not knowing about the cancellation.
                                                                                           3.   The Program Coordinator will respond in writing to inform you if
Is there a waitlist for classes that are full?                                                  you have been registered for the class or not.
PCC has an automatic waitlist system for most classes. If the class is full                Note: Some classes require the parent /guardian of students
and you put your name on the waitlist, you will receive a waitlist number. If
                                                                                           younger than age 16 to be present. This requirement will be
a space opens up in the class, you will be automatically registered for the
                                                                                           specified by the Program Coordinator. The parent/guardian will also
class. You will receive electronic confirmation that you have been placed in
                                                                                           need to register and pay for such classes.
the	class	ONLY	via	your	MyPCC	account.	If	you	are	moved	into	the	class,	
you are officially registered and responsible for paying for the class.                Students under 13

What if I have to miss a class?                                              •	 Students	younger	than	age	13	will	not	be	permitted	in	classes	that		
Missing a class once in awhile is okay. We know students who take our           are designed for adults.
classes have very busy schedules and vibrant lives! Because our classes Youth classes
are non-credit, instructors generally do not take attendance. Please keep
in mind that you will not be automatically dropped from the course if you •	 Community	Education	may	develop	and	offer	classes	for	younger		
miss the first class. You will need to file an add/drop form to avoid paying    age ranges. Age ranges will be noted in the class description.
for the class. (See refund policy above.) It is not necessary to contact
your instructor if you plan to be absent from class.                         How do I know which language class is the
                                                                                       right level for me?
How do I pay for my class?
                                                                                       If you are unsure of the appropriate level, first register for the class
If you prefer to use a credit or bank card, you can do so by calling 971-722-
4234 or online at You can also mail your payment in                you think best fits your skills level and attend the first class to assess
the	form	of	a	check	to:	PCC-Business	Office,	PO	Box	19000,	Portland,	OR,	              your comfort level. If you need to change levels you can do so by
97280-990. You are responsible to ensure that your account is paid in full even        following the add/drop procedure. Feel free to contact us if you need
if you do not receive a bill.                                                          more assistance.

Do I have a PCC email account?
Yes. Every student at PCC has a MyPCC account that includes an email
address. To log on, go to Contact the PCC help
desk at 971-722-8200 to find out your user name and password.
                                                                                FOR COMMUNITY EDUCATION STUDENTS
Is there a discount for seniors?
                                                                                Did you know that PCC has a one-stop, online resource for all
If you are 62 years of age or over when classes begin, you are eligible for
                                                                                of your communication needs? With our MyPCC system you can
receive	a	50%	tuition	discount	on	credit	and	non-credit	classes.	The	tuition	
                                                                                add and drop classes, pay your bill, send and receive email, obtain
discount does not apply to lab and class fees, and out-of-state or CEU
                                                                                class supply lists, receive homework from instructors, and more!
tuition. Be sure to indicate your eligibility when you register. Visit www.	for	more	information.	Seniors	also	receive	a	50%	          If you have taken any type of PCC class, you have an existing
discount on monthly and term parking passes.                                    MyPCC account. Never accessed the system before?
                                                                                Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way:
What is the parking policy?
                                                                                1. Go to
All vehicles parked on a PCC Campus or PCC Center between
7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Monday through Friday must display a current PCC             2. At the secure login prompt, enter your user name and password.
parking permit on their car rear view mirror or a daily pass on their car       	 Click	on	either	the	“Login	Help”	or	“First	Time	User”	link	to	obtain
dashboard. Disabled spaces also require PCC parking permits. The only              your user name or to retrieve your password.
exceptions are the timed visitor and designated motorcycle parking areas.
Permits are not required for off-campus facilities or Willow Creek.             How to add or drop a class:
To obtain a permit at anytime other than when you register, you must            1.	 Once	logged	into	MyPCC,	from	the	homepage	click	
show proof of enrollment. Permits are available at the PCC business             	 on	the	“Registration	Services”	link	or	"Register	for	classes"	under	
offices. Daily parking passes are available from the yellow vending             	 "Steps	to	Register	for	Class".
machines at each campus/center parking lot. Call 971-722-4703 or go to          2.	 Click	on	the	“Add	or	Drop	Classes”	link. for more information.                                       3. Select the appropriate term and submit.

How can I get a copy of this                                                    4.	 To	add	a	class,	enter	the	5-digit	CRNS	into	the	boxes	under	the
                                                                                	 “Add	Classes	Worksheet”	header	and	press	“submit	changes”	     .
PCC Community Education schedule?
                                                                                    You are now registered for the classes you selected.
Students who have taken a class within the last year will
automatically receive in the mail a PCC Communities magazine                    5.	 To	drop	a	class,	locate	the	class	under	the	“Current	Schedule”	
that contains the Community Education schedule. If you did not                  	 header,	click	the	drop	down	menu	labeled	“Action,”	and	select	
receive one or would like to order a copy for a friend, go online to            	 “Drop	Pending	Approval.”	If	you	drop	within	the	refund	period, and click on ‘Get a Printed Schedule’ or call us              you are eligible for a full refund of tuition and fee charges.
at 971-722-6266. It’s free!
                                                                                How to pay for a class:
For more information please visit:                                              1. After signing up for a class online, you will receive an electronic
                                                                                   bill at your MyPCC email account.
                                                                                2. Login to MyPCC.
                                                                                3.	 Click	the	“PCC-Pay”	link.	This	link	may	be	found	on	your	MyPCC	
                                                                                	 homepage	under	"Steps	to	Register	for	Class"
                                                                                		 or	in	the	"College	Business"	tab	if	you	have	one.
       Give the gift of learning this fall!                                     4.	 A	new	window	will	open	in	your	browser	called	“Quick	Pay.”
                                                                                5.	 In	the	blue	box	in	the	top	left	corner,	click	the	“Make	a	Payment”	link.
                                                                                6. Enter the payment amount and method of payment, and press the
                                                                                   continue button to complete the transaction.
    These gift certificates make a great gift and can be used
    for any credit or non-credit PCC class.                                     7.	 Older	adult	discount:	Those	over	the	age	of	62	qualify	for	a	50%	
                                                                                    reduction in tuition on CED classes. This discount takes 24 hours
    More than 1,000 courses to choose from, including credits                       to be posted.
    that transfer to just about any university.
    Sold	in	$10,	$25,	and	$100	amounts	in	an	attractive	                        How to use course tools:
    presentation folder.                                                        1. Login to MyPCC and from the homepage; click on the yellow
    A great gift idea for parents, grandparents,                                	 “My	Courses”	tab.
    family friends, aunts and uncles.                                           2. Select the desired term from the drop-down menu next
   Order by                                                                     	 to	“Course	Scheduled	for.”
   Order by
   calling                                                                      3. Active courses will appear under the
   calling                                                                      	 “Courses	I’m	Attending”	header.
   971-722-4234.                                                                4.	 Select	the	course	title	link	to	access	your	“Course	Homepage.”
                                                                                5.	 At	the	“Course	Homepage”	you	may	email	your	instructor,	
                                                                                    read announcements, share files, email other class members,
                                                                                    view a course supply list, and so on.

PCC Programs
Degree programs and credit classes
PCC is also your one-stop resource for the following credit programs. Go to to learn more.
Transfer Degrees                                                   Diesel Service Technology
Associate of Arts, Oregon Transfer                                 Early Education and Family Studies
Associate of Science                                               Electronic Engineering Technology*
Associate of Science, Oregon Transfer, Business                    Emergency Management
                                                                   Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic*
Other Degrees and Areas of Study
                                                                   Emergency Telecommunicator/911 Dispatcher*
Oregon Transfer Module
                                                                   Facilities Maintenance Technology
General Studies
                                                                   Fire Protection Technology*
High School Completion
                                                                   Fitness Technology*
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
                                                                   Geographic Information Systems
Adult Education (ABE and GED classes) (Non-credit)
                                                                   Graphic Design
Career and Technical Education Degrees and Certificates
Alcohol and Drug Counselor*                                        Health Information Management*

Apprenticeship                                                     Interior Design

Architectural Design and Drafting                                  Landscape Technology

Auto Collision Repair Technology                                   Machine Manufacturing Technology

Automotive Service Technology                                      Management and Supervisory Development

Aviation Maintenance Technology                                    Mechanical Engineering Technology*
Aviation Science Technology                                        Medical Assisting*
Bioscience Technology*                                             Medical Imaging*
Building Construction Technology                                   Medical Laboratory Technology*
Business Administration                                            Microelectronic Technology*
   Accounting                                                      Multimedia
   Management                                                      Nursing*
   Marketing                                                       Occupational Skills Training
Civil Engineering Technology*                                      Ophthalmic Medical Technology*
Computer Applications and Office Systems                           Paraeducator
Computer Information Systems                                       Paralegal*
Criminal Justice                                                   Professional Music
Dealer Service Technology*                                         Radiography*
Dental Assisting*                                                  Sign Language Interpretation*
Dental Hygiene*                                                    Veterinary Technology*
Dental Laboratory Technology*                                      Welding Technology
                                                                   *Program has special enrollment requirements.

Phone numbers to switch for all of PCC
  All telephone numbers for Portland Community College’s           digits will remain the same. So, if an employee had
  campuses and centers will change, as of this summer.             (503) 977-5555, the new number will be (971) 722-5555.
  For now, both the old numbers and new numbers                    On an alphanumeric keypad, 722 can be
  are operational.                                                 spelled out as “PCC.”
  PCC’s area code will switch from 503 to 971 and the prefix       The old phone numbers will be forwarded to the new
  for all campuses and centers will change to 722. The last four   numbers until October 1, 2011.

 64          PCC CommunitiesFall 2011