Dealing with difficult people

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					   Management Course Outline:

      Dealing With Difficult People

Course Title:        Dealing With Difficult People

                     Dealing with difficult people

                     The first rule:
Overview:            There is no such thing as a difficult person, there are just people we
                     need to learn how to deal with…

                     The second rule:
                     Reread the first rule

                      • Consider the causes of difficult behaviour
                      • Recognise different behaviour types and how to deal with them
                      • Consider the effect of their behaviour on others
Course Content:       • Learn techniques to deal with difficult or angry people
                      • Practice a 6-step approach to deal with difficult behaviour
                      • Deliver feedback assertively

Methods Used:        Trainer Led, group activities,

Venue:               Essential Learning Training Suites

Course Duration:     Full day

Certificate:         Essential Learning Certificate of Attendance

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