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CasCia Hall
V o l u m e    2 2 ,   I s s u e           1 0                                                                                            j u n e     2 0 0 9

 Top Honors Bestowed at Commencement 2009

                             Photo by John LaFortune                                   Photo by John LaFortune                                         Photo by John LaFortune

 X The Valedictorian Medal for academic                X The Cascia Medal for overall excellence                 X The Salutatorian Awards for the second
 excellence (highest GPA) was bestowed on              in academics, activities, and citizenship was             highest GPAs were bestowed on Will
 Bridget Dornblaser.                                   given to Sam Clancy.                                      Bryant and Katie Birnie.

   INSIDE         THIS      ISSUE
 Headmaster’s Letter                         2
 Villanova President Visits CH               3
 Changes in Personnel                        3
 Annual Appeal Update                        4
 Caritas Circle Recognition                  4
 Rose Paper Reflections                      5
 Graduation Honors                           7
 Class of 2009 College Choices               9
 Underclassmen Awards                       10
 Legacies Recognized                        10
 Nationally Certified Faculty               11
 Shadid First in EWI Contest                11
 News from the PAC                          12                                        Photo by John LaFortune
                                                                                                                                                       Photo by John LaFortune

 CPFA President’s Letter                    13
 Alumni News                                14
                                                       X Middle School Director Miss Maureen                     X The Scholar Medal is given to students
 In Memory                                  16
                                                       Clements was recognized for her 12-year                   who earn gold and/or silver medals in
 Honorary Degree for Fr. Spielmann          17         service to Cascia Hall. Miss Clements has                 three or more academic areas. L to R:
 Class of 1959 Honored at Graduation        18         accepted the position of Principal for the                Scholar Medals were awarded to Maddie
 8th grade Recognition                      19         School of St. Mary (K - 8) in the Diocese                 Kinzie, Bridget Dornblaser, Katie Birnie,
 Cascia Briefs                              20         of Tulsa, beginning June 15. “We thank                    and Szilvia B. Kiss. Szilvia, a second
                                                       her for her service and wish her well in her              year international student from Austria,
 Commando Sports News                       21
                                                       new ministry,” said Headmaster Fr. Bernie                 received a special award: “International
 STUCO Sponsors Blood Drive                 24         Scianna.                                                  Student Academic Excellence

                                                                                                                                               JUNE 2009                 1
                 LETTER FROM THE

                                             present in our school even amidst        Concern yourself not with what you
                                             the changes in policies, programs        did and failed in, but with what is
    Dear Cascia Community,                   and personnel. our community and         still possible to do…
                                             especially our students have been
                                                                                      As I complete my twelfth year

    W      e have come to the end of our
           83rd academic year and have
                         graduated our
                                             great ambassadors for Cascia Hall.
                                             The service they have provided to
                                             the Tulsa Community through our
                                                                                      as headmaster, I give thanks for
                                                                                      the wonderful members of our
                                                                                      faculty, staff and administration.
                         81st class from     Caritas Program and the generosity
                                                                                      I particularly want to recognize
                         Cascia Hall. It     exhibited in the many and varied
                                                                                      Miss Maureen Clements who has
                         has been a very     drives for the poor and needy has
                                                                                      served for the past twelve years as
                         positive year       been exemplary. It is my great hope
                                                                                      our middle school Director and
                         amidst changes      that our graduates will continue
                                                                                      who is leaving us to become the
                         in leadership,      to take this spirit of service out to
                                                                                      Principal of the school of st mary.
                         policies, and       transform minds and hearts around
                                                                                      miss Clements was the first woman
                         programs. The       the world!
                                                                                      administrator at Cascia Hall and
                         Class of 2009       As I told the graduates at the           the first woman Principal in the
                         has been a great    Commencement services, no mat-           Augustinian school Association in
                         ambassador of       ter if they received any of these        the united states. We thank her for
    Cascia Hall, and I would like to rec-    wonderful recognitions or special        her service and wish her well in her
    ognize some of their many achieve-       medals, they all received the pres-      new ministry.
    ments and accomplishments.               tigious Cascia Hall Diploma. Also
                                                                                      may our Patroness, st. Rita of
    Academically, out of a class of 94       receiving an Honorary Cascia Hall
                                                                                      Cascia, continue to bless and guide
    students, 25 were recognized as          Diploma was Fr. Henry Spielmann,
                                                                                      us as we strive for excellence in all
    oklahoma Academic scholars,              O.S.A., for his selfless dedication to
                                                                                      areas of our lives! may God Bless
    three were named national merit          Cascia Hall over the past 70 years
                                                                                      our Graduates and may they know
    Finalists and six were Commended.        (see related picture on page 17).
                                                                                      that they always have a home to
    In Athletics, there were five ossAA      We are proud to welcome all of
                                                                                      come back to at Cascia Hall!
    state Championships (Cheerleading,       these new members into the ranks
    Football, Boys’ Basketball, Boys’ Golf   of Cascia Hall Alumni! Returning         Have a safe and restful summer!
    and Boys’ Tennis). There was also        to celebrate their 50th Reunion was
                                                                                      sincerely in Christ and st. Augustine,
    an Academic state Championship           the Cascia Hall Class of 1959. They
    in Wrestling. In addition, there         received Cascia Hall medals and
    were four Runners up (Volleyball,        were impressed with the progress of
    national Cheerleading, Girls’ Tennis     their Alma mater.
    and Boys’ soccer). Ten students                                                   Rev. Bernard C. scianna, osA, PhD
                                             It is my hope that wherever our
    received the honor of All-state in                                                Headmaster
                                             Cascia Hall Alumni go, they will
    Athletics and seven of our athletes      take the lessons learned and the
    will go on to compete at the college     values of Veritas, unitas and Caritas
    level. over the past four years this     with them to transform the world!        V The President of Villanova, Fr. Peter
    class has been part of fifteen state     And so I leave you with a closing        Donahue, O.S.A., recently visited Cascia
    Championships in seven sports—                                                    Hall with other representatives from
                                             quote that I shared at Graduation        Villanova to discuss a ten-year strategic
    this is truly an amazing accomplish-     from Blessed Pope john XXIII:            plan with Headmaster Fr. Bernie
    ment! We have also witnessed great                                                Scianna who is on the Villanova Board of
                                             Consult not your fears, but your         Trustees. L to R Front Row: Cascia Hall
    results in visual and performing
                                                                                      Chaplain Bro. Jack Hibbard, Villanova
    arts!                                    hopes and your dreams…                   representatives Ken Valosky, Mike O’Neill,
                                                                                      and Fr. Peter Donahue, and Fr. Bernie.
    Besides all of these achievements,       Think not about your frustrations,       Back Row: Members of the Cascia Hall
    there has been a wonderful spirit        but about your unfulfilled poten-        Augustinian Community Fr. Roland
                                                                                      Follmann, Fr. John Gaffney, Fr. Ted Tack,
                                             tial…                                    and Fr. Bill Perez.

Changes in Personnel at Cascia--Thank You and Welcome

T    here are several changes in per-   Mr. Roger Carter will move from                  Mr. Thomas Perrault will move
     sonnel for the coming year. We     Athletic Director to serve as Dean of            from Assistant Athletic Director to
thank those who have given service      students.                                        Athletic Director.
to Cascia Hall in the past and are                                                       Mrs. Roxy Vincent will be the new
                                        Mrs. Candy Coonfield who has
now moving on to other endeavors,                                                        middle school science Teacher.
                                        been our musical accompanist for
and we welcome those who will join
                                        many years will now be teaching                  Mrs. Patricia Wilson will be the
us in the fall.
                                        upper school music.                              Administrative Assistant in the
Those leaving Cascia Hall are the                                                        Dean’s office.
                                        Mr. Frank Duncan will return to
following: Mrs. Jackie Churchill,
Miss Maureen Clements, Mrs. Cip
                                        Cascia Hall to teach upper school                Mrs. Ann Zenthoefer will step
Frizzell, Mrs. Pat Herndon, Mrs.        science.                                         down from teaching but will remain
Gail Langston, Mr. Tony Leach,                                                           at Cascia Hall to work with the
                                        Mr. Shawn Gammill will move
Mrs. Li Li, Mrs. Marian Malarkey,                                                        Advancement office to promote the
Mrs. Nancy Mulcahy, and Mr. Jon         from Dean of students to Assistant
                                        Principal of Cascia Hall 6-12 and                Arts at Cascia Hall.
                                        middle school Director.
Those who are taking on new roles
or joining the Cascia Community         Mrs. Margie Murphy will be the
thus far are:                           new middle school Art Teacher.

                SUMMER OFFICE HOURS                                                      President Visits
      May 26 - August 7, 2009 • 7:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.                                   Cascia Hall
  These offices will be open: Headmaster, School Directors,
  Business Office, Admissions, School Advancement, and
  Receptionists. The College Counseling Office will be open
                                                                                         T    he Rev. Peter M. Donohue,
                                                                                              O.S.A., President of Villanova
                                                                                         along with Vice-President of
  through June 22 or by appointment after that. The school                               Finances, Ken Valosky, and Vice-
  will be closed July 3.                                                                 President of Advancement, Mike
                                                                                         O’Neill, visited Headmaster Fr.
                                                                                         Bernie scianna who was recently
                                                                                         elected to the Board of Trustees of
                                                                                         Villanova to discuss the ten-year
                                                                                         strategic plan of the university. Fr.
                                                                                         Donohue has his doctorate in the-
                                                                                         atre so he was very interested in
                                                                                         seeing our Performing Arts Center.
                                                                                         It was great timing in that there was
                                                                                         a tryout for the Tulsa opera as he
                                                                                         arrived. He was quite impressed
                                                                                         not only with the PAC but with
                                                                                         our programs here and the entire
                                                                                         Cascia Campus as well as Tulsa.
                                                                                         The three guests enjoyed lunch at
                                                                                         the Cascia Hall monastery with the
                                                                                         Augustinians, most of whom are
                                                                                         Villanova Graduates!
                                                               Photo by John LaFortune

                                                                                                                   JUNE 2009     3
    An Appeal for the Appeal!                                      by Mrs. Carol McMahon         Caritas Circle –
                                                                                                 save the Date!
    T    he 2008-09 Headmaster’s Annual
         Appeal (HAA) is in the home-
    stretch! Thank you to everyone who
                                                 75%, while our alumni giving rate
                                                 is only 7%. If you haven’t made a
                                                 HAA gift yet, please consider mak-
                                                                                                 by Mrs. Carol McMahon

    has already made a contribution to           ing an investment in the Catholic,
    the HAA. Approximately $418,000              Augustinan education Cascia pro-
    has been raised towards our goal of          vides. make a masterCard or VIsA
    $450,000. Call me a cock-eyed opti-          gift online at
    mist, but I know we can reach 100%           (click on Headmaster’s Annual
    of our financial goal!                       Appeal). Questions? Contact mrs.
                                                 Carol mcmahon at (918) 746-2639
    In fact, in order to cover our 2008-         or
    09 operating costs, the HAA must
    receive an additional $32,000 in             Your generosity will surely pay divi-
    gifts by june 30. our overall cur-           dends now and for the rest of our
    rent parent participation rate is            students’ lives.

                                                                                                 The second annual recognition
                                                                                                 event for members of the Caritas
                                                                                                 Circle is planned for August 23,
                                                                                                 2009. Invitations will be mailed
                                                                                                 later this summer, but plan now to
                                                                                                 attend this meaningful prayer ser-
                                                                                                 vice and reception.

                                                                                                 last year, Fr. Bernie scianna and the
                                                                                                 school’s Advisory Board of Directors
                                                                                                 established this giving group for
                                                                                                 donors who make annual gifts of
                                                                                                 $2,500 or more to the school for the
                                                                                                 Headmaster’s Annual Appeal, for
                                                                                                 capital projects, and/or gifts to The
                                                                                                 Cascia Hall Foundation for endow-

                                                                                                 It’s not too late to join this donor
                                                                                                 group and be recognized in August!
      This newsletter is published each month,   X CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF                      For more information contact mrs.
                                                 2014! For the first time in Cascia’s history,
      September through June. Submissions        one hundred percent of the families in          Carol mcmahon in the office of
      are due the 15th of each month prior to    an individual class made a contribution         Advancement at (918) 746-2639 or
      publication to:                            to the Headmaster’s Annual Appeal. To
                                                 celebrate this milestone, Fr. Bernie and
            Carol Bradley                        the Augustinians hosted a fantastic family      current students, as well as future
            Cascia Hall                          cookout for the Class of 2014 on May 18.        generations, will be the beneficiaries
            2520 S. Yorktown Ave.
            Tulsa, OK 74114-2803.                L to R: Many thanks to Robin Cargile and        of your generous support.
                                                 Shae Hedrick, Seventh Grade Parent
            email:       Captains, for their leadership in the
                                                 Headmaster’s Annual Appeal fund raising
                                                                                                 Caritas Circle – Giving with com-
            Phone: (918) 746-2604
            Fax: (918) 746-2640
                                                 drive.                                          passion for the students of Cascia
                                                                                                 Hall – now, and forever!

                                           Rose Paper Reflections
                                           “After doing this Caritas Project, I       the logic behind the changes now.
                                           would have to say that I’m a small         I had some very positive experi-
T    he following are excerpts from the
     Rose Paper reflections on Christian
service performed by Cascia Hall stu-
                                           drop in a big pool. meaning, me
                                           doing a little community service isn’t
                                                                                      ences this year, especially during the
                                                                                      mission Trip. We should treat people
                                           going to change the world, but it’s        with dignity because they deserve
dents in grades 8-12 from october to
                                           nice to know I did contribute to the       it, not because we personally know
April 2008-09.
                                           filling of the pool. After you’re fin-     them. loving means caring about one
For the Rose Paper, students are           ished, you step back, wipe the sweat       another and having compassion with
asked to answer five questions after       off your face, and admire a job well       those who are in need. And that’s
praying about their service and how it     done. That is one of the best feelings     what the Caritas Project should be all
affected their community and them-         in the world.”                             about – loving each other and extend-
selves. As st. Augustine said, “Find                                                  ing that love.”
                                           “my only understanding of the term
out how much God has given you
                                           “Caritas” previous to the service proj-    “I just wanted to extend my thanks
and from it take what you need; the
                                           ect was that it was the latin word         to everyone involved in changing
remainder is needed by others.” This
                                           for charity. I thought it was a core       Cascia’s old service project into the
goes also for our God-given talents
                                           value because the Cascia community         Caritas Project. I know at first those
and gifts.
                                           supported various charities by giving      involved may have received a lot of
some of the reflections and obser-         money. I soon figured out that I was       heat because many people are hesitant
vations were critical of the abrupt        wrong. Caritas is a group of people        to accept change, but all I can say is
change and the limitations placed on       gathering to serve others that need        that I hope and feel it was worth it.
each class. some felt forced to do         our help through our time, talent and      Thank you for providing all of us the
Christian service, while others felt       our treasure.”                             opportunity and guidance to better
it was a more honest way of doing                                                     our community and better our lives.”
                                           “everyone was in harmony with each
service. The Caritas Project is a way
                                           other, and I can’t speak for the home-     “The phrase Truth, unity and love is
to serve in a dedicated and continued
                                           less people, but I can say that if I was   a phrase that I have heard since I was
way. one comment was that there
                                           homeless, and I was in this room           a ninth grader at Cascia Hall. It had
should be a minimum number of
                                           with the song ‘Waiting on the World        never been more than a fun slogan
times one should serve.
                                           to Change’ playing on the sound            or a patch on a blazer until recently.
The Caritas Project has partnered with     system…well it just seemed like            Through the Caritas Project I have
three additional agencies (bringing        everyone was moving to this uplift-        learned the true importance of these
the total to eight agencies) and stu-      ing music. everyone was in harmony         three words. overall, the Caritas
dents in any grade can serve at any or     with each other. The ability of the        Project has helped me tremendously
all of the eight; this should give the     surroundings to melt away all differ-      and I hope it will be around in the
program a wider scope. Two of the          ences, struggles, and hard times was       future so that students can experience
agencies are for ages 16 and over, and     like nothing I had seen before.”           the true art of Charity.”
therefore some students will still be
                                           “I don’t think that I made a huge dif-     “I discovered that I have many more
limited to six partnering agencies.
                                           ference in the community. I feel that      flaws then I originally thought I had
The Caritas Project still includes ser-    I did touch the lives of a few little      through the Caritas Project. As I have
vice to Cascia Hall and the student’s      kids. I enjoyed working with the           already said, I was very selfish and
own place of worship. All Christian        little kids because it made them feel      uncaring of others. Then I realized
service is logged and considered for       special for just a little bit.”            how little I care about other people. I
character development and growth                                                      do not help my parents out at home
                                           “Initially, I was skeptical about this
of spirit. overall, the Caritas Project                                               very much. I don’t really help my
                                           new service hour system, and I still
was accepted and to paraphrase st.                                                    friends study. There are many ways
                                           think that it is hard to go to the
Augustine, “We moved forward, we
                                           assigned Caritas places, but I can see
made progress.”                                                                       Rose Reflection Papers continued on page 6.

                                                                                                                       JUNE 2009    5
Rose Reflection Papers continued from page 5..   Caritas Project. The values of Truth,
                                                 unity, and especially love, all became
I should be of more help to the com-             evident to me during my experience.       Augustinian 2009
munity, and I need to get on it.”
“so we, the young adults, all know
                                                 As a class we came together and as a
                                                 community we worked together and
that you all know that we were not               helped each other out. The Caritas
                                                                                           several Augustinians, currently or
happy about you changing the com-                Project was an excellent opportunity      previously associated with Cascia
munity service hours. But after figur-           and a growing experience.”                Hall, are celebrating anniversaries
ing out what we had to do, and actu-             “It (serving the poor) is something I     this year.
ally going to the places and helping             am not willing to give up, now that
others and really meeting new people,                                                      Fr. Henry V. Spielmann, O.S.A.
                                                 I’ve found it. It is me giving some-
it was not so bad……overall, it was a                                                       70 Years of Priesthood -
                                                 thing back; my small attempt to even
good year.”                                                                                5/30/39. Fr. spielmann lives in
                                                 the balance between us.”                  retirement at montereau, 6800
“These projects helped me get closer             “If it wasn’t for this project, I never   south Granite Avenue, Tulsa, oK
to Cascia Hall’s Truth, unity and                would have volunteered with the           74136-7039.
Charity. I felt unity when I worked              people I did, and through this we
with other students making sand-                                                           Fr. Michael Schweifler, O.S.A.
                                                 became unified because we really got
wiches and cleaning up the kitchen.                                                        25 Years of Priesthood -
                                                 to talk and get to know each other on
Without teamwork and unity, it                                                             5/11/84. Fr. schweifler is sta-
                                                 a deeper level than just at school.”      tioned at st. jude Parish, 241
would have been impossible to do the
                                                 “When I was told by my mom that           West 2nd Avenue, new lenox, Il
things that we did.”
                                                 I was going to work at st. joseph’s       60451-1724.
“I learned that I love kids! I think I           Residence, I honestly did not know
might become a teacher because I love                                                      Fr. John H. Gaffney, O.S.A.
                                                 what to think. I was not excited,
to teach kids and play with them. It                                                       70 Years, First Profession of
                                                 not willing to work, and not will-
also brought a new perspective to my                                                       Vows - 9/10/39. Fr. Gaffney
                                                 ing to care for the men that live         lives in retirement at Cascia Hall
life. I feel I should be more thankful           there. As my family and I began to        monastery.
for all of what the lord has blessed             prepare a meal for seven residents
me with and not think of what I don’t            and one nurse, I felt like I needed to    Bro. John M. Hibbard, O.S.A.
have.”                                           participate in some way so I cooked       25 Years, First Profession
“We had an honor system of actually              up some brownies. When we had             of Vows - 8/25/84. Bro. jack
doing the hours. since there wasn’t              served the men and sat down at the        Hibbard is currently serving as
a set amount of what we had to do, it            same tables with them, I realized that    school Chaplain at Cascia Hall in
                                                 even with their disability, they too      Tulsa.
would have been easier for people just
to not do them. I think that not only            were human beings that deserved to
                                                 be treated as such. I thought of Fr.      Congratulations and thank you
did this bring me to a better under-                                                       for your service to the Church
standing of being trustworthy, but               Damien of molokai as I sat with the
                                                                                           and Cascia Hall.
also of being responsible in getting             men, and I suddenly felt a connection
my hours done.”                                  to them.”

“I have learned that I have to help                                                                                  W L to R: Headmaster
those in need. I enjoy helping and I                                                                                 Fr. Bernie Scianna
                                                                                                                     congratulates Malorie
feel happy and whole and important.                                                                                  Piland and Szilvia B.Kiss
I feel that God had touched me and                                                                                   who were this year’s
                                                                                                                     recipients of the Sr.
told me that this is what I need to do
                                                                                                                     Mary Murrihy, S.S.J.
more often. I learned that the chil-                                                                                 Community Service
dren appreciate it and enjoy having us                                                                               Award given each year
                                                                                                                     at graduation. The
there to help.”                                                                                                      award was named for Sr.
                                                                                                                     Mary, who has taught at
“I feel thankful to Cascia Hall for                                                                                  Cascia Hall since 1976,
pushing me in the direction of the                                                                                   because of her lifelong
                                                                                                                     dedication to serving the
                                                                                                                     needs of others.
                                                                                           Photo by John LaFortune

                                                                                                                                JUNE 2009        6
                NEWS FROM THE

                                                   Academic Department medals
                                                                    THE SCHOLAR MEDAL

                                                                         Szilvia B.Kiss

     Commencement                              Gold medal in english, mathematics, science, social studies, Theology

        Awards                                                         Katherine M. Birnie
                                             Gold medal in english, Foreign language, mathematics, science, Theology

      Sister Mary Murrihy, S.S.J.                                     Bridget A. Dornblaser
      Community Service Award                  Gold medal in english, Foreign language, mathematics, social studies,
                                                              Theology and silver medal in science

                                                                        Madeline M. Kinzie
               Szilvia B.Kiss
                                                          silver medal in english, mathematics, Theology
               Malorie Piland

    The Community service Award is                         ____________________________________
    given for the number and quality of
    hours provided during high school                             DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS
    years to the school, local community
    and parish church.                                               GolD meDAl               sIlVeR meDAl

                                            enGlIsH                  janie e. Anderson        elizabeth B. Austin
      Huntington Wolcott Rhodes                                      Roland Z. Brown          margaret e. Basse
           Memorial Award                                                                     stephen e. neal
                                                                                              Alexandra e. Pratt
                                                                                              Drew B. Weaver

             Robert K. Bell IV              FIne & PeRFoRmInG        Kathleen P. Brennan      Caitlyn m. Dykstra
                                            ARTs                     Ricci T. Poormon
    The Hunt Rhodes Award is given
    to a student who has earned the         FoReIGn lAnGuAGe         D. William Bryant III    elizabeth B. Austin
    respect of his/her peers by overcom-                             Grady C. Rosser          Roland Z. Brown
    ing great obstacles in the quest for                                                      michael G. michalopulos
                                                                                              Andrew P. Parks

                                            mATHemATICs                                       malorie l. Piland
      Aaron Halford Spirit Award
                                            sCIenCe                                           samuel P. Clancy
                                                                                              Daniel W. Husband
             E. Paige Wheeler
                                            soCIAl sTuDIes           Hunter m. siex           Byron B. Dale
    This award is given to a student
    athlete who, like Aaron, exemplified    THeoloGY                 D. William Bryant III    samuel P. Clancy
    outstanding traits beyond the athlet-                                                     Drew B. Weaver
    ic arena such as honesty, leadership,
    loyalty, friendliness, kindness, car-   ATHleTICs                samuel P. Clancy         molly F. Anderson
    ing, dedication, spirituality, coach-                            Casey j. easley          D. William Bryant III
    ability and humility.                                                                     Pete R. Testa

 speaker medals            legacies Recognized at Graduation

                           s   ixteen graduates from the Class of 2009 and their families were recognized at
                               Commencement for being a part of the Augustinian Tradition of Education
                           for generations. These students have parents and/or grandparents who also
   Kathleen P. Brennan     attended Cascia Hall or another Augustinian school. many also have siblings who
                           are Cascia Hall alumni.
   D. William Bryant III           Robert K. Bell III ‘83                     Michael L. Henry ‘78
                                   Robert K. Bell IV ‘09                       Gary M. Henry ‘09
   Bridget A. Dornblaser          Charles T. Blue, Sr. ‘70                   J. Michael McBride ‘78
                                  Charles T. Blue, Jr. ‘05                    Emily A. McBride ‘00
                                   Elizabeth F. Blue ‘08                     William M. McBride ‘09
                                   Frederick C. Blue ‘09
                                                                             Ted Leslie Osgood ‘76
                                  Charles E. Brown ‘40 †                     Chad Leslie Osgood ‘01
underclassmen                      Roland Z. Brown ‘09                      Matthew Scott Osgood ‘03
                                                                             Kara Ellen Osgood ‘09
General excellence                 Aaron C. Choquette
                                 Andrew C. Choquette ‘09                     Richard B. Pringle ‘42
Awards                                                                      R. Braden Pringle, Jr. ‘70
                                   John G. Clancy ‘39 †                     David W. Bryant III ‘09
                                   Samuel P. Clancy ‘09                       Claire E. Pringle ‘09
      Class of 2010
      Luke Bryant                  Daniel M. Bisett ‘55                        J. Stephen Swab ‘74
   Bernadette Clement             Lauren D. Colpitts ‘09                         John C. Swab ‘04
    Michael Croisant                                                              Callan C. Swab
     Lillie Haddican              Paul V. McGivern ‘49                         Michael C. Swab ‘09
                                 Andrew P. Curthoys ‘06
       Tyler Jones
                                Alexander J. Curthoys ‘09                   William K. Warren, Jr. ‘52
   Madeline McMahon                                                         John-Kelly C. Warren ‘83
      Olivia Shadid                Joseph F. Mueller ‘47                     Andrew N. Warren ‘01
    Sarah Southmayd               J. Fred Mueller, Jr. ‘82                     Dana E. Warren ‘02
     Hope Tennery                   Laura M. Lemon ‘04                       Brittlyn K. Warren ‘09
                                    Karl B. Graham ‘06
                                  Andrew J. Graham ‘09                         Kevin A. Wheeler ‘74
      Class of 2011
                                                                              Phillip B. Wheeler ‘06
     Isabella Cazacu                                                       Elizabeth Paige Wheeler ‘09
     Larkin McCann
    Anne Pennington
      Nigel Saurino
   Brittany Schmucker
       John Whelan
   Margaret Winchester

      Class of 2012
     Vincent Barone
     Elizabeth Bryant
          Sara Fee
   Ganesh Krishnamurthi
      Jennifer Milsten
      Caytlin Nichols
       Allison Russell
                                                                                                Photo by John LaFortune

                                                                                                 JUNE 2009                8
                              Congratulations Graduates
janie elaine Anderson *            Casey jane easley *             malorie lou Piland *
   magna Cum laude                    magna Cum laude                 magna Cum laude
molly Frances Anderson *           Andrew martin Field             Paul Price Pinkerton II *
   magna Cum laude                 Brooke mary lynn Fielder *      Ricci Taylor Poormon *
elizabeth Brown Austin *              Cum laude                       magna Cum laude
   magna Cum laude                 Caroline Ann Foutch *           Alexandra elizabeth Pratt *
szilvia B.Kiss *                      magna Cum laude                 magna Cum laude
   summa Cum laude                 natalie sami Framjee *          Claire elizabeth Pringle
james Yrineo Veliz Barnes *           magna Cum laude              Dane Arden Reisenbigler
Anne lindsey Bass *                Colin Haines Gordon *           Caroline Alexandra Rodolf *
   magna Cum laude                    Cum laude                    Grady Cline Rosser *
margaret elizabeth Basse *         Andrew joseph Graham *             magna Cum laude
   Cum laude                          Cum laude                    jeffrey David Rothman *
Robert Kiwanis Bell IV             Philip Austin Hanna *           john Hammill Rowland
Cole Bradfield Biby *                 magna Cum laude              William George samples *
   Cum laude                       mark Russell Harber *              Cum laude
Katherine marie Birnie *              magna Cum laude              sophie leake sevenoaks *
   summa Cum laude                 William Andrew Pine Harlan         Cum laude
Connor mark Blankenship *          mary elizabeth Hegenbart *      Hunter marano siex *
   magna Cum laude                    Cum laude                       Cum laude
Frederick Crocker Blue *           Gary michael Henry *            Connor Patrick sinko *
   Cum laude                          Cum laude                       magna Cum laude
mary Catherine Bones *             Daniel Grant Higgins *          margaret Phyllis sokolosky *
Brittany leigh Boone *                Cum laude                       magna Cum laude
   Cum laude                       Daniel William Husband *        Timothy matthew spoerl
lee stidham Brandon *                 magna Cum laude              sarah lou stuart
   Cum laude                       lisa nichole Kantowski *        michael Carney swab *
Kathleen Pamela Brennan *             Cum laude                       Cum laude
   magna Cum laude                 nancy elizabeth Keary *         Pete Ryan Testa *
Roland Zhongjie Brown *               Cum laude                       Cum laude
   summa Cum laude                 madeline marie Kinzie *         sydney Paige Thibodeaux *
David William Bryant III *            summa Cum laude                 magna Cum laude
   summa Cum laude                 Ransom Royal lalonde *          Kyle spencer Tolbert
Charles Paul Budzyn *                 Cum laude                    Katherine Paige Torrico *
Christopher Thomas Cary            jessica Renee leonard *            magna Cum laude
scott Fulton Chevaillier *         jenna Danell ling *             Katie marie Turner *
Andrew Connor Choquette               magna Cum laude                 Cum laude
samuel Paul Clancy *               Caitlin sarah mannix *          nicholas Wesley Vinyard *
   summa Cum laude                    Cum laude                       Cum laude
Christine Ann Clement *            natalie joyce marra *           Brittlyn Kelly Warren *
   magna Cum laude                    magna Cum laude                 magna Cum laude
lauren Danielle Colpitts *         William michael mcBride *       Drew Brady Weaver *
   magna Cum laude                    Cum laude                       summa Cum laude
Donald Carnegie Coman *            matthew logan mcKee *           elizabeth Paige Wheeler
Alexander joseph Curthoys *           Cum laude                    marcus jeremiah Whelan
   Cum laude                       michael George michalopulos *   lisa mae Wilkerson *
Byron Blackstock Dale *               magna Cum laude              eleanor Ruth Williams *
   magna Cum laude                 matthew steven miller *            magna Cum laude
Anne Field Daniel *                   magna Cum laude              emily Ann Wilson *
Bridget Anne Dornblaser *          stephen edward neal *              Cum laude
   summa Cum laude                    magna Cum laude              Zane michael Zarecki *
morgan marie Driscoll *            Kara ellen osgood *                Cum laude
   Cum laude                          magna Cum laude
matthew Gerard Drotar              Andrew Peyton Parks *           *national Honor society
Caitlin mcmahon Dykstra *             magna Cum laude
   magna Cum laude

                                                                                                  JUNE 2009   9
                               Class of 2009 College Choices
       janie Anderson       ou                                   lisa Kantowski         ou
       molly Anderson       mercer university                    nancy Keary            ou
       elizabeth Austin     osu                                  maddie Kinzie          ou
       szilvia B.Kiss       smith College                        Ransom lalonde         uT - san Antonio
       jamie Barnes         osu                                  jessica leonard        Tu
       Anne Bass            university of Georgia                jenna ling             Purdue university
       margo Basse          ou                                   Caitlin mannix         ou
       Bobby Bell IV        osu/north oklahoma College           natalie marra          Tu
       Cole Biby            ou                                   Will mcBride           Tu
       Katie Birnie         Tu                                   matt mcKee             Tu
       Connor Blankenship   Ku                                   michael michalopulos   ou
       Fritz Blue           southern methodist university        matt miller            united states naval Academy
       Kathy Bones          osu                                  steve neal             nsu - Tahlequah
       Brittany Boone       ou                                   Kara osgood            Auburn university
       lee Brandon          ou                                   Andrew Parks           us merchant marine Academy
       Katie Brennan        northwestern university              malorie Piland         osu
       Roland Brown         st. olaf College                     Price Pinkerton        Columbia university
       Will Bryant III      ou                                   Ricci Poormon          George Washington
       Charles Budzyn       Tu                                   Alex Pratt             osu
       Chris Cary           Tu                                   Claire Pringle         osu
       scott Chevaillier    Tu                                   Dane Reisenbigler      osu
       Andrew Choquette     merrimack College                    Caroline Rodolf        university of Arizona
       sam Clancy           ou                                   Grady Rosser           university of miami
       Christine Clement    DePauw university                    jeff Rothman           TCC
       lauren Colpitts      osu                                  john Rowland           osu
       Don Coman            osu                                  Will samples           ou
       Alex Curthoys        syracuse university                  sophie sevenoaks       uT-Austin
       Byron Dale           ou                                   Hunter siex            ou
       Annie Daniel         TCu                                  Connor sinko           osu
       Bridget Dornblaser   univ. of n. Carolina - Chapel Hill   meg sokolosky          osu
       morgan Driscoll      ou                                   Tim spoerl             Benedictine College
       matt Drotar          Coastal Carolina university          sarah lou stuart       Ku
       Caitlin Dykstra      loyola Chicago                       mick swab              Ku
       Casey easley         notre Dame                           Pete Testa             university of Arkansas
       Andrew Field         ou                                   sydney Thibodeaux      Ku
       Brooke Fielder       osu                                  Kyle Tolbert           Westminster College mo
       Caroline Foutch      uT-Austin                            Katherine Torrico      ou
       nat Framjee          ou                                   Katie Turner           Washburn university
       Colin Gordon         osu                                  nick Vinyard           Tu
       Andrew Graham        Co school of mines                   Brittlyn Warren        univ. of n. Carolina - Chapel Hill
       Philip Hanna         Washington university                Drew Weaver            Williams College mA
       mark Harber          Vanderbilt                           Paige Wheeler          osu
       Andrew Harlan        osu                                  marcus Whelan          osu/north oklahoma College
       molly Hegenbart      ou                                   lisa Wilkerson         university of Arkansas
       Gary Henry           Creighton university                 eleanor Williams       university of Denver
       Grant Higgins        TCu                                  emily Wilson           ou
       Danny Husband        Dartmouth                            Zane Zarecki           loyola Chicago

     Cavener and Hubble nationally Certified                                                              shadid First
                                                                                                          Place in eWI
                                                               Gov. Roy e. Barnes, chair of the nBPTs.
                                                               national Board Certified Teachers are      Contest
                                                               making a positive difference nation-
                                                               wide in increasing student achievement
                                                               and improving the performance of our
                                                               nation’s schools.
                                                               national Board Certification not only
                                                               identifies accomplished teachers, but it
                                                               also is a profound professional develop-
                                                               ment experience for all candidates who
                                                               go through the process. national Board
                                                               Certification continues to be reported
                                                               by candidates to be the most important
                                     Photo by John LaFortune
                                                               and valuable professional development
                                                               of their careers.
                                                               Candidates are required to submit four
     X L to R: Mrs. Joan Hubble and Mrs. Lee                   portfolio entries. Three are classroom
     Ann Cavener have earned National Board
                                                               based, where video recordings and
     Certification, the highest credential in the
     teaching profession.                                      examples of student work serve as sup-     X Junior Olivia Shadid received the top
                                                               porting documentation. A fourth entry      award in the EWI Scholarship Contest. She
                                                                                                          is pictured here with her EWI mentor Mrs.
                                                               relates to accomplishments outside of
                                                                                                          Roberta Montgomery.

     T  wo Cascia Hall faculty members have
        earned national Board Certification:
     Mrs. Joan Hubble, Director of library
                                                               the classroom – with families, the com-
                                                               munity or colleagues, and how each
                                                               impacts student learning.
                                                                                                          junior Olivia Shadid took First
     media services, and mrs. Lee Ann                          Candidates must demonstrate content        Place in the executive Women
     Cavener who teaches english in the                        knowledge in response to six assess-       International scholarship Program,
     upper school.                                             ment tests developed for the specific
                                                               certification area.
                                                                                                          Chapter level. shadid was awarded
     national Board Certified Teachers                                                                    $5,000 and earned the right to com-
     (nBCT) are dedicated professionals who                    joan Hubble received her national          pete for up to $10,000 in scholar-
                                                               Board Certification in november 2005
     are transforming the teaching profes-                                                                ship money at the Corporate level.
     sion.                                                     in the area of library and Instructional
                                                               media K-12. Hubble’s areas of              olivia was mentored by Roberta
     national Board Certification is the high-                 assessment include: Instructional          Montgomery. mrs. montgomery
     est credential in the teaching profes-                    Collaboration, Fostering an
     sion. A voluntary process established                     Appreciation of literature, Integration
                                                                                                          is a member of eWI and the
     by the national Board for Professional                    of Instructional Technologies, and         mother of two Cascia grads,
     Teaching standards (nBPTs), certifica-                    Contributions to student learning.         Renee Montgomery ‘05 and
     tion is achieved through a rigorous,                      other areas include: organizational        Travis Montgomery ‘07. “mrs.
     performance-based assessment that                         management, ethical and legal Tenets,      montgomery was very helpful and
     typically takes more than a year (up to                   Technologies, Collection Development,      welcoming throughout the whole
     three years) to complete and measures                     Information literacy, and Knowledge of
     what accomplished teachers should                         literature.
                                                                                                          application process,” said olivia. “I
     know and be able to do. This process                                                                 am so thankful that eWI has given
     requires teachers to demonstrate how                      lee Ann Cavener received this presti-      me this opportunity to bring my
                                                               gious status in november 2003 in the
     their activities, both inside and the out-                                                           dreams to fruition and attain my
     side of the classroom, improved student                   area of language Arts. Cavener’s areas
                                                               include: Analysis of student Growth        goals,” she said.
                                                               in Reading and Writing, Instructional      An awards banquet was held in
     “Teachers who earn national Board                         Analysis - whole class discussion,
     Certification represent the gold stan-                    Instructional Analysis – small groups,
                                                                                                          may at which the top five Tulsa
     dard in teaching and are among the                        and Documented Accomplishments:            contestants were awarded a total
     most effective teachers in our nation’s                   Contributions to student learning.         of $15,000. The eWI scholarship
     classrooms today,” said former Georgia                                                               Contest is open to high school

           NEWS FROM THE

                                    name That                                     “let’s Talk Girl Talk”
                                    Chair! by Mrs. Carol McMahon                  summer Camp

summer Camps                        Y    ou are invited to make a lasting
                                         gift to Cascia’s Performing Arts
                                    Center by “purchasing” a seat in the
                                                                                  This summer camp for Middle
                                                                                  School girls will be a week
                                                                                  of self-discovery and building
Performing Arts Camp                Helmerich Theatre. Although this              friendships through art, games,
         Monday - Friday            chair will not literally be your seat for     activities, and group discussion.
      July 20 - July 31, 2009       events, you will have the satisfaction
                                    of knowing you will be remembered             For girls from all schools who
       9:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.
                                    for your “role” in Cascia’s continuing        will be entering the 6th, 7th,
          Performance               quest to follow st. Augustine’s admo-         and 8th grades.
    Friday, July 31, 1:00 p.m.      nition to “always make progress.”
                                                                                          June 8 - 12, 2009
                                    You have probably noticed that
                                                                                         10 am - 12:30 pm
Open to students from all schools                                                     Cascia Hall Middle School
     entering grades 3 - 8.         many of the PAC theatre seats have
                                    a 3.5” by 1” brushed metal plaque                   St. Augustine Room
                                    permanently affixed to the back                              $75
 Costume Design 101                 of the chair seat. Don’t be left                       Sponsored by
         Monday - Friday            out! Great seats are still available!
                                                                                       Carol Klenda, M.S., LPC
        July 20 - 31, 2009          The cost to name a balcony seat is
      10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.        $250 while seats on the main level            More information and an appli-
                                    are priced at $500 and $1,000.                cation form is available on the
Open to students from all schools   Purchase a seat and be a star!                website at
    entering grades 9 - 12.
                                    For more information, contact Carol           Questions: Contact Cascia
                                    mcmahon in the Advancement                    Hall Counselor Carol Klenda,
                                    office at (918) 746-2639 or cmcma-   or 746-
 For camp flyers and registration
 forms go to                           2600, ext. 2138.

                                                                                W Junior Lauren Ferrell won the Youth
                                                                                Art Gallery competition for Mayfest 2009
                                                                                and was awarded $500. Lauren is the first
                                                                                Cascia student to take first place in this

                                                                                Lauren received “The Mark of Excellence
                                                                                Award” for outstanding creativity,
                                                                                imagination and uniqueness. Receiving
                                                                                Honorable Mention in the contest were
                                                                                Kathy Bones, Emily Hartsell, and Sarah

                                                                                The Youth Art Gallery proudly displayed
                                                                                art from talented Tulsa county students
                                                                                during Mayfest in the Tulsa PAC
                                                                                LaFortune Studio.

                                                                                Celebrating Cascia’s accomplishments are
                                                                                L to R: Tory Kamp, Kathy Bones, Upper
                                                                                School art teacher, Miss Esther Sartain,
                                                                                and Lauren Ferrell.

                                                                                                               JUNE 2009     12
CPFA                                                                                   Planned Giving
       CAsCIA HAll PARenT FACulTY AssoCIATIon                                          Information on
       Dear Cascia Community,

       I t is difficult to believe that the 2008-2009 school year has come to an
         end!!! I would like to commend our Cascia families for the true sense of      D     o you have questions about
                                                                                             estate planning? Planned giv-
                                                                                       ing? Cascia Hall’s 1926 Guild? each
       Community which was illustrated by the willingness to volunteer in the CPFA
       programs, events, and fundraisers this year. Thank you for your continued       month on our website at www.cascia-
       support in the success of all that Cascia Hall represents…Truth, unity and, we feature new articles and
       love. These Augustinian values are exemplified through the actions of our       interactive features that cover such
       families, students, and the entire staff of Cascia Hall!                        topics. We hope it will be a useful
                                                                                       resource for you.
       In addition to our devoted parents, we owe special thanks to the Cascia
       faculty and staff members who have supported our efforts throughout this        new This month...
       entire year. our special thanks to Marion Heatherman, Connie Leos,              Use Your IRA to Help Others
       Sara Pilgrim, Pat Lochrie, Denise Mason, Amy Lambert, Bonnie Leighty,
                                                                                       If you are 70½ or older, we hope
       Bruce Denny and Rick Kamp for their continued support…and we are
                                                                                       you’ll take advantage of this gift that
       especially grateful for the guidance, leadership, and direction from Heather
                                                                                       lets you witness the benefits of your
       Duncan, Karen Tennery, Carol Bradley, Maureen Clements, Steve
       Mayfield, and most of all, Father Bernie! Thank you for making a major
       contribution to the success of our school!                                      Giving In Tough Times Can
                                                                                       Provide More for Your Heirs and
       The success of this year’s fundraising is primarily due to the combined
                                                                                       Cut Taxes
       efforts of our two fundraisers, Christmas Walk and Celebrate Cascia.
                                                                                       Americans today are anxious about
       Together, these two fundraisers have allowed CPFA to continue all of
                                                                                       their money. Their stock values are
       our programs for the families of Cascia and most importantly, make a
                                                                                       falling and their 401(k) plans are so
       significant contribution to the school! The financial results of this year’s
                                                                                       low that it’s hard to open the quar-
       Celebrate Cascia were absolutely fabulous!!! The net proceeds will approxi-
                                                                                       terly statements. You might think
       mate an impressive $160,000, thanks to the leadership of Co-Chairs,
                                                                                       it is the wrong time to think about
       Christy Carter and Heather Duncan and Patron Chairs, Steve and
                                                                                       charitable giving—but is it?
       Annabelle Miller, and Greg and Carol Owens. And special thanks once
       again to Jennifer Anthony for agreeing to Chair our Cascia Christmas            Tips for Discussing Estate
       Walk. The proceeds from Celebrate Cascia will be combined with the              Planning With Your Spouse
       money raised from Christmas Walk ($30,000) to fund this year’s CPFA             engaging in a meaningful conversa-
       committees, with the remainder being allocated to the school. These funds       tion with your spouse about estate
       will be earmarked for Financial Aid and Phase II Campus enhancements.           planning can help you and the
       Thank you again to all who donated their time and efforts to make this all      people and causes you care about
       possible!!!                                                                     benefit most.
       once again, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all Cascia Hall     When and How to Update Your
       families!!! It has been both a blessing and a privilege to serve as President   Will
       of CPFA. All of you had a hand in this year’s overall success. It has been a    Your will, like many items, can
       true joy both working with, as well as getting acquainted with, many fami-      become outdated. Here’s how to
       lies, faculty and staff who are passionate about the Cascia Hall Community!     ensure that your plans meet your
       Thank you again for your continued support of CPFA and Cascia Hall.             current life circumstances and goals.
       Have a wonderful summer, and I look forward to seeing you again next
                                                                                       For more information about the
                                                                                       1926 Guild – Cascia Hall’s legacy
       sincerely,                                                                      Association – please contact Heather
       Donna F. Wood, CPFA President 2008-2009                                         Duncan in the office of school
                                                                                       Advancement at 918.746.2614.

                         ALUMNI NEWS
Dear Cascia Hall Alumni:                 students for the 2008-09 school
                                         year! This scholarship program         Alumni notes
T    he 2008 – 2009 school year
     was a great one for the Cascia
                  Hall Alumni
                                         benefits DIReCTlY FRom YouR
                                         CHAA Dues. To those of you
                                         who joined CHAA, I would like
                                                                                W.K. Warren, Jr. ‘52 and his
                                                                                wife, Suzanne, are owners of horse,
                  Association            to thank you for your support.         Charitable Man, which won the Grade
                  (CHAA.) The            To those of you who didn’t join,       II Peter Pan stakes by three lengths at
                  CHAA serves the        get online right now, go to www.       Belmont Park on May 9. Charitable Man
                                                                                will try to become the first horse since
                  school primarily and join         1992 to win the Peter Pan and Belmont
                  in three capacities:   the association for 2009 – 2010.       Stakes double, which is on June 6.
                  first, we encourage
                                         Alumni also helped Cascia pay its
                  the association of                                            Jeff Davis ’70 and John Davis ’81
                                         operating costs by participating in    were presented with the Business
all Cascia Hall graduates; second,
                                         the Headmaster’s Annual Appeal.        Excellence Award, the “Spirit of
we promote the development of
                                         This year the CHAA set a goal of       Achievement,” during the 19th annual
Cascia Hall by encouraging alumni                                               Business Excellence Dinner and Silent
                                         14% participation, but we fell well
participation in school sponsored                                               Auction, May 7 at the Renaissance
                                         short of that participation goal by
events; and third, we provide                                                   Hotel. This award recognizes people
                                         coming in at 7%. As of may 30th,
financial assistance to Cascia Hall                                             who have demonstrated entrepreneur-
                                         the Headmaster’s Annual Appeal         ial spirit and successes in business and
students who are the children or
                                         was $32,000 away from its finan-       contributed to the quality of life in the
grandchildren of alumni.
                                         cial goal. While we are extremely      community.
The CHAA had strong mem-                 grateful to our participating
bership participation, renewed           alumni, if we had come through         Gustavo Ventura ’81 retired from
                                                                                the navy on November 1, 2008 as a
friendships by playing in the            on our 14% participation goal,
                                                                                Commander. He currently resides in
7th Annual Athletic Department           Cascia Hall would be at 100% of        Washington, DC.
Golf Tournament, held a fun              the financial goal of $450,000.
homecoming cookout, got in                                                      Mark Lauinger ’83 was named chief
                                         I want to thank the Augustinians       operating officer of Reliant. Mark’s wife,
the Christmas spirit by attend-
                                         for their dedication to Cascia Hall.   Allison, is associate director of custom-
ing Christmas Walk, helped host
                                         Their commitment to education          er analytics at AT&T. The family resides
a fantastic Christmas reception,
                                         through the core values of Truth,      in Tulsa. Mark was recently elected to
travelled to exciting destinations                                              the Cascia Hall Board of Directors.
                                         unity and love has made an
at Celebrate Cascia, invited the
                                         impact on my life and I’m sure it
Class of 2009 to join the alumni                                                David Van Tuyl ’84 and his wife,
                                         makes an impact on all graduates,      Yuslainy, welcomed their daughter,
association and welcomed the
                                         students, parents and friends of       Solance Isabel Van Tuyl Ramirez on
Class of 1959 back to campus to
                                         Cascia Hall.                           February 16th. The family resides in
be recognized at graduation and
                                                                                Atlanta, Georgia.
to celebrate their 50th Anniversary      I want to encourage each and
Reunion (see picture on page 18.)        every one of you to get involved       William “Skip” Eller ’89 has accept-
                                         at Cascia. Do more then send           ed a position with Cherokee Nation
most importantly, the CHAA                                                      Enterprises as a Leadership Training
                                         a check . . . . attend a sporting
funded the Rex e. Walker Annual                                                 and Development Specialist. He cur-
                                         event, play, musical, art show,
scholarship which provides finan-                                               rently resides in Tulsa.
                                         or debate competition. I make
cial assistance to children and
                                         this promise to you: if you get        Cary Dunkin Baker ’91 was featured
grandchildren of Cascia alumni.
                                         involved with Cascia Hall you will     in a Tulsa World article titled “Firms
Thanks to the generosity of our
                                         find it a very rewarding experi-       find professionals part-time work.”
membership, the CHAA was                                                        Carey’s business, Part-Time Pros,
able to give Cascia Hall $30,000                                                places professionals in part-time jobs.
of the $400,000 in financial aid         IV mcnamara ’96                        About a year ago, she and her husband,
awarded to deserving Cascia              President, 2009-10                     Brett, started the company.
                                         Cascia Hall Alumni Association

                                                                                                             JUNE 2009       14
     Steve Gooch ’95 has recently written         Andrew Grimm ’98 accepted the                neer in the Wireline Division. He will
     an original script, In the Weeds, which      position of Landman with Mid-Con             reside in Bergin, Norway after training
     is one of five scripts featured this sea-    Energy Corporation last July.                in France, the Congo, and Scotland.
     son at the Civic Theatre of Greater
     Lafayette’s Staged Reading Series. Steve     Peter McAdams ’98 and his wife,              Walter H. Helmerich III ’05
     and his wife, Karen, reside in Lafayette,    Tiffany, welcomed their second child,        (Honorary Diploma) was awarded
     Indiana.                                     Adeline Taylor, on April 11th. The fam-      an honorary degree at the University
                                                  ily resides in Jenks.                        of Oklahoma’s 2009 Commencement
     Thomas Biolchini ’96 was named                                                            Ceremony on May 15th at the Gaylord
     associate with the firm, Stuart,             Carly Miller ’00 graduated from the          Family – Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.
     Biolchini, & Turner. Tom’s emphasis          University of Oklahoma College of
     is in the areas of mergers and acquisi-      Medicine in Oklahoma City on May             Katy Viuf ’05 was listed as the #1
     tions, business planning and formation,      31st. In July, she will begin her resi-      women’s collegiate pole vaulter in the
     financial business transactions, commer-     dency in General Surgery at Vanderbilt       United States and #2 in the world, as
     cial litigation and employment law.          University Medical Center in Nashville,      of April 2009.
     IV McNamara ’96 and his wife,                                                             Libby Blue ’08 completed her fresh-
     Olivia, welcomed their first child, Anna     Stephanie Price Brown ’02 and                man year at the University of San
     Louise, on April 16th. IV was recently       Adam Edward Brown were mar-                  Diego this May. She is in the School
     elected the CHAA President. The fam-         ried September 6, 2008 at St. Patrick        of Business Honors Program, a USD
     ily resides in Tulsa.                        Cathedral in Fort Worth, TX. A recep-        Presidential Scholar, and a member
                                                  tion followed at the Ashton Depot            of The National Honor Society of
     James Phoenix II ‘96 was recognized          with a honeymoon to Belize. Stephanie        Collegiate Scholars. She joined Kappa
     in the May Oklahoma Magazine as one          is a family and child therapist at Cook      Kappa Gamma sorority.
     of the best physicians in the state.         Children’s Medical Center and Adam is
     Oklahoma Magazine presented 125 phy-         a senior auditor/certified public accoun-
     sicians in 43 specialties that are identi-   tant with Ernst & Young. They reside in
     fied by their peers as being the best        Fort Worth, TX.
     in Oklahoma. James is a pathologist at
     St. John Medical Center in Tulsa. Dr.        Tori McKee ’02 is spending the sum-
                                                                                               History of Cascia
     Phoenix is married to Sara Bingman           mer as a professor in a study abroad
     Phoenix ‘05.                                 program. Tori will be teaching in
                                                  Greece and throughout Italy. Tori just
     Chris Zenthoefer ’96 is one of the           completed the first year of her Ph.D.
     five-person committee that runs Tulsa        program at the University of Texas and
     Tough, an annual cycling event that          will return there in the fall. She resides
     was held May 29-31. He is also an avid       in the Denton/Dallas area.
     cyclist who competes as part of Team
     Tulsa Tough. The top priority of Tulsa       Ashley Butterworth ’04 gradu-
     Tough is to promote fitness and a            ated from Oklahoma State University
     healthy lifestyle while also showcasing      with Honors in Industrial Engineering.
     the city of Tulsa and its landmarks and      In January, she began working with
     businesses.                                  Conoco Phillips in Bartlesville.

     Andrew Millspaugh ’97 and his wife,          Dewey Bartlett III ’05 is a senior
     Laura, welcomed their first child, Claire    at the University of Oklahoma major-
     Elizabeth, on April 20th. Laura is a         ing in Petroleum Engineering. He was
     science teacher at Cascia. The family        recently elected as OU student body          Headmaster, Fr. Bernie Scianna, O.S.A.,
                                                                                               Ph.D. has published A Community of Faith
     resides in Tulsa.                            Vice President.                              which is a history of Cascia Hall. The book
                                                                                               traces the school from its inception to the
     Eric Taylor ’97 is a project manager         Chip Blue ’05 completed his senior           Cascia Hall of today. Fr. Bernie relates
     at Siemens IT Solutions and Services         year this May as President of Sigma Chi      its turbulent times as well as its positive
     in Bangkok, Thailand. He is currently        Fraternity. He graduated Magna Cum           impact on several generations of students
                                                                                               and the community it serves.
     heading an e-learning application proj-      Laude from Vanderbilt University’s
     ect serving more than 12,000 SAP soft-       School of Engineering with a Bachelor        “This book is an alumnus ‘must read.’
     ware users in 18 countries throughout        of Science degree. He accepted a posi-       It’s an heirloom,” said former Oklahoma
     Asia, Australia and Africa.                  tion with Schlumberger, LTD, a global        Governor Frank Keating ‘62. Copies are
                                                  oilfield and information services com-       available on the website or at the CH
                                                                                               Bookstore for $25 (soft cover) or $35 (hard
                                                  pany, as an international mobile engi-       cover). All proceeds will benefit the Cascia
                                                                                               Hall Foundation.

Frederick Bashaw ’55 passed           marie Peitz and mitchell Kenneth        He was buried may 7 at Calvary
away April 19, 2009 at his home       Peitz; three great-grandchildren; and   Cemetery.
in Tulsa. He is survived by his       her former daughter-in-law, Carla
wife of 48 years, marie Kathleen      Peitz of neodesha. mass of Christian    John Burch Mayo ‘36 passed away
Bashaw; and children, Kelly           Funeral was held April 20 at st.        may 29, 2009. He was the son
Bashaw, susie Cummins and hus-        Ignatius Catholic Church.               of the mayo Hotel’s founder and
band, larry, marc Bashaw and                                                  himself the retired executive Vice
wife, Irina, Phil Bashaw and wife,    Carl Patrick Senger, Sr ’63 passed      President and manager of the hotel.
Paige, and elizabeth Bashaw and       away on April 28, 2009. He is           He is survived by his sister, margery
husband Kevin; grandchildren,         survived by his wife of 41 years,       Feagin Bird, two sons, john Daniel
evan and jonathon manering,           sarah; daughters Karen senger           mayo II and Peter mayo, and three
Anastasia, stephanie and Anthony      and husband, scott, Katherine           grandchildren.
Bashaw, Austin and emily              stufflebeam and husband, Kevin;
Bashaw, Kairine Brown, Whitney        sons, Patrick senger and wife,          May these souls and the souls of all
and emily Reeder, and brothers        sarah, David senger and fiancé,         the faithfully departed through the
Robert and jeff Bashaw.               jordan; grandchildren, Regan,           mercy of God rest in peace. Amen
                                      emilie, Barrett, jake, Carter, evan,
William Eugene “Bill” Bowen           Allie and Rylie, and a host of fam-
passed away April 17, 2009.           ily members. service was held on
Bill and his long-time friend,        may 1 at Fitzgerald southwood           memorial Day
ed mondor, were co-owners of
Brownie’s Hamburger stand in
                                      Colonial Chapel and he was buried
                                      at memorial Park Cemetery.
Tulsa. A memorial service was
                                                                              on may 23, one of our deceased
held April 21 in st. Rita’s Chapel    Dr. Warren F. Streck passed away
                                                                              alumni, John David Benien ’60, was
under the direction of Fitzgerald’s   April 22, 2009 in Tulsa. He is sur-
                                                                              featured in a Tulsa World edito-
Ivy Funeral Home. He is survived      vived by his wife, Dell; his sons,
                                                                              rial by Dave sittler. sittler recalled
by his brother Darrel Bowen of        Frank streck, Ron streck ’72 and
                                                                              john’s standout football career at
Tulsa; and three sisters, Darlene     wife, jody; his daughter, Teresa
                                                                              Cascia Hall and at the university
snyder of union, oH, stella           Delarzelere and husband, Troy;
                                                                              of oklahoma. “just like his play-
Bowen of sand springs, and            his grandchildren, marilyn Wagner
                                                                              ing days at Cascia Hall and ou, he
eleanor Taylor of Hydro, oK.          and husband, jeremy, jared martin,
                                                                              became an officer the Army knew
                                      julianne, justin and Reagan streck,
Mary Patricia “Pat” Eversole                                                  it could depend on when Benien
                                      Beckman and Kendra Delarzelere;
Peitz passed away on April 16,                                                was sent to the Central Highlands of
                                      his great-grandchildren, elijah and
2009 at her home in neodesha,                                                 Vietnam with the Army’s 2nd Corps
                                      luke Wagner; and brother, james
Ks. she is survived by two                                                    as a military adviser. Captain john
                                      streck. Funeral service was held
daughters, letitia “Tish” stuart,                                             David Benien died on February 13,
                                      April 27 at moore’s southlawn
who served Cascia as Director of                                              1969, when his unit was caught
Development for nearly 12 years,                                              in an ambush in Da lat, south
and her husband, john, of Tulsa,      Arthur I. Taubman, DDS, MSD             Vietnam.” The entire editorial can
and Armella “mella” Glenn and         passed away on may 2, 2009. He          be found at
her husband, Dr. steve, of Tulsa;     is survived by his wife, Patricia;
one son, Theodore “Ted” Peitz ’73     children Kevin ’86 and Angela           We would like to thank all of our
of neodesha; six grandchildren,       Taubman, michael ’88 and michelle       Cascia Hall alums who have served
Patricia e. Holland, mary Holland     Taubman, Aimee, stuart ’92 and his      or who are currently serving our
suliburk, jonathan I. stuart ’04,     wife, Carol; grandchildren jordan,      country. We continue to remember
samuel s. stuart ’06, sophie          Kyle ’14, Chloe, michael, and Brock.    you and your family in our prayers.

                                                                                                         JUNE 2009     16
     Fr. Bernie Presides at Burial of jim Ritchie ’54

                                                                                               o     n may 12, 2009, Fr. Bernie
                                                                                                     was honored to preside at the
                                                                                               burial of Brigadier General James
                                                                                               F. Ritchie, Cascia Class of 1954 at
                                                                                               Arlington national Cemetery. This
                                                                                               funeral was complete with full mili-
                                                                                               tary honors including the military
                                                                                               band, canon and gun salutes, taps
                                                                                               and bagpipe.
                                                                                               After the funeral liturgy in the
                                                                                               Chapel on Fort myers Base the
                                                                                               funeral procession to the grave
                                                                                               side included the flag-draped cof-
                                                                                               fin atop a horse drawn caisson and
                                                                                               an unmanned horse with the boots
                                                                                               backwards in the stirrups. It was
                                                                                               a bright and sunny spring morning
                                                                                               when we honored a person who has
     X Last month, Headmaster Fr. Bernie Scianna presided at the burial of Brigadier General   served his family, his alma mater
     James F. Ritchie ‘54 at Arlington National Cemetary.                                      and his country well.
                                                                                               jim was the speaker at the
                                                                                               Graduation Ceremonies in 2004
         Attention Alumni in New York City Area                                                when he and his classmates
                                                                                               returned for their 50th Anniversary.
        Please save the date. Headmaster, Fr. Bernie Scianna,
                                                                                               He thanked Cascia Hall for being
        will be in New York on July 20th and would like to have
                                                                                               such an important part of his life
         a social gathering of Cascia alums. An invitation will
                                                                                               and particularly mentioned Fr.
         be sent out soon. Questions? Contact Maria Norvell:
                                                                                               Henry V. Speilmann, O.S.A. who
        or 918.746.2641
                                                                                               he said had as much influence on
                                                                                               him as his own father.
                                                                                               May his soul and the souls of all
                                                                                               the faithfully departed through the
                                                                                               mercy of God rest in peace. Amen

                                                                                               W L to R: Fr. Bernie Scianna, Doug
                                                                                               DeJarnette ‘96, IV McNamara ‘96, and
                                                                                               Fr. Bill Perez ‘52 presented Fr. Henry
                                                                                               Spielmann, O.S.A. (sitting) with an
                                                                                               honorary degree from Cascia Hall and
                                                                                               a plaque from the Cascia Hall Alumni
                                                                                               Association which recognizes him as a
                                                                                               Cascia Hall alumnus. Fr. Spielmann served
                                                                                               as a faculty member and administrator
                                                                                               of Cascia Hall for more than 35 years
                                                                                               before retiring in 1975; he now resides at
                                                                                               Montereau in Warren Woods, Tulsa.

     SAVE THE DATES                            Class of 1959 Honored at 2009
                ******                         Commencement Ceremonies
      October 2, 2009
     CH Tennis Gazebo
      5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
       8TH ANNUAL
     October 3, 2009
      Bailey Ranch
       Golf Course
   More details to follow.
         ___________________                                                                                           Photo by John LaFortune

   Contact Heather Duncan,                      X Cascia welcomed back members of the Class of 1959, and honored them on their 50th
                                               Anniversary at Commencement. Attending the reunion were L to R Front Row: Patrick
       or 918-746-2614.                        Dorman, John Gaberino, George Harrington, and Tom Word. Back Row: Martin Keating, Joe
                                               Kelly, Charles Michelson, Steve Olsen, and Jerry Ennis.

                                               Congratulations to the 32 young men who graduated from Cascia Hall in
                                               1959. They are listed below. nine were able to attend 2009 Commencement
                                               Ceremonies where they were presented with 50th Anniversary Reunion medals
                                               by john Tidwell ‘96.

                                                       Robert C. Atcheson †                             Joseph Kelly
                                                        Thomas K. Coerver                            Stephen M. Kunath
                                                     John Patrick Costello, Jr.                    James Edward Low †
                                                          Jon C. Crowdus                             Michael L. Lanigan
                                                         Louis A. Davidson                            Robert E. Lawless
                                                      Richard E. Dirickson, Jr.                      Michael D. McAfee
                                                          Patrick Dorman                            Charles J. Michelson
                                                         Jerry David Ennis                            Martin E. Murphy
                                                          Franklin J. Falco                          Hans P. Norberg †
                                                       John A. Gaberino, Jr.                          Stephen J. Olsen
                                                       George F. Harrington                         Stephen L. Quentin
X Nicholas Bartel is the son of Joanna Jaris             Scott J. Harrison                            Edward H. Sacco
Bartel ‘95 and Nicholas Bartel. This picture           William W. Hollecker                         Robert N. Simmons
was taken in March 2009 when Nicholas                      Kenneth Holt                        James Thomas Wilson Wheary
was four months old. For a Cascia bib,
                                                         Maurice Ingram †                             Thomas N. Word
send your birth announcements to Maria
Norvell at                       Martin Keating                            James M. Zyskowski

                                                                                                                         JUNE 2009               18
                     NEWS FROM THE

     8th Graders
     e   ighth Grade Recognition
         Ceremonies were held on may
     6 in st. Rita of Cascia Chapel to
     honor the accomplishments of all 74
     eighth grade students who will begin
     high school in the fall. each student
     received a certificate of recognition,
                                                                                                                             Photo by John LaFortune
     and some special awards were given.
     A reception followed for students,
     families, and faculty. see related pho-   X Middle School Director, Miss Maureen Clements, and Headmaster, Fr. Bernie Scianna,
     tos on pages 19 and 20                    congratulate Warren White and Olivia Walseth who received Student of the Year awards at
                                               8th Grade Recognition.

                                                                                                                             Photo by John LaFortune

               Congratulations 8th Graders
       Parker A’neal                noah Harris               Will Payne
       madeleine Auffenberg         maddie Hawkins            Philipp Piplits
       elizabeth Bisett             jacob Haydock             Riley Price
       Wess Bowman                  mia Hogan-Davis           jaime Rahilly
       james Butler                 nicolle Hoose             Bynum Russell
       Turner Chesbro               Colton Horton-Chavez      Aaron schmidt
       Reynolds Chew                sarah johnson             emily shadid
       Anna Cohen                   jennifer jones            max short
       Isabella Crowley             Abby jordan               Alex soderfelt
       luke Daffern                 lauren Keithley           Camille sokolosky               X At Eighth Grade Recognition
       Paul Davis                   Dominic Kenneally         Kristen spence                  ceremonies in May, Social Studies teacher,
       Taylor Davis                 lauren latchem            Tate swab                       Mr. Terry Hogan, presented the 2009
                                                                                              William D. Wolthius Scholarship to Max
       Ben Dougherty                josie lehman              Cameron Taylor                  Short. The scholarship was established in
       Connor Doyle                 Cooper loposer            Angelo Trinidad                 memory of Mr. Wolthius, a high ranking
       Kyle Driscoll                mclean mabrey             melissa Veltri                  military official stationed in the Hague. The
                                                                                              proceeds are given each year to a Cascia
       Payton Dunning               matthew marra             Anthony Vitali                  Hall 8th grader who has demonstrated the
       Katie edwards                ernie mcKee               olivia Walseth                  love of studying geography and culture that
                                                                                              Mr. Wolthius possessed.
       Karl Fetsch                  michelle mcnamara         sam Ward
       Caleb Flaherty               Abrm mcQuarters           margaux Wheeler
       Victoria Ford                Damon meadows             Chris Whelan                    V Every year at Eighth Grade Recognition
       mason Fuller                 Alex mears                Warren White                    ceremonies, Middle School Art Teacher,
                                                                                              Mrs. Gail Langston (right), recognizes the
       max Fuller                   jaclyn mills              Caleb Williams                  students she has taught for three years
       Haley Fussell                Cami neal                 Ted Woolman                     who demonstrate exceptional artistic
                                                                                              talent. This year the awards were given
       Katie Girouard               Ryan nigh
                                                                                              to L to R: Jacob Haydock, Nicolle Hoose,
       erin Green                   jenna norman                                              Jennifer Jones, and Ryan Nigh.

8th Grade                                                                                     the 15th year that Cascia has par-
                                                                                              ticipated in this student exchange
Celebrations                                                                                  with a school in Berlin. Cascia
                                                                                              students will spend three weeks in
                                                                                              Germany this summer to complete
                                          ALL STATE TEAMS
m      any special events were held
       during the month of may to
recognize the graduating 8th graders
                                          Congratulations Spring Sports All-
                                          State Players in Soccer: Bridget
                                                                                              the exchange. Many thanks to all
                                                                                              who helped facilitate the exchange,
                                          Dornblaser, Casey Easley, Price                     especially German teacher Mr.
and to celebrate their accomplish-        Pinkerton, and Drew Weaver.                         Kevin Weaver.
ments. The class went to six Flags
over Texas, and also visited the fed-     Congratulations Spring Sports All-                  HOST AN INTERNATIONAL
eral and local government offices and     State Players in Tennis: Andrew                     STUDENT
courtrooms in downtown Tulsa. For         Field and Kyle Tolbert.                             If you would be interested in
their final middle school service proj-                                                       hosting an international student
ect, the eighth graders worked with       Congratulations Charlie Saxon                       who will be attending Cascia Hall
the preschool children at Crosstown       (golf) and Drew Weaver (soccer)                     next school year, please contact
learning Center.                          who were named “Athletes of the                     the Office of Admissions at 746-
                                          Week” by the Tulsa World on May                     2604. Students come with health
eighth graders were officially            13.                                                 insurance and their own spending
welcomed to the upper school                                                                  money. Host families are asked to
during senior Commissioning ser-          TULSA ROWING CLUB                                   provide food, shelter, transporta-
vices in st. Rita Chapel in may. In       Anne Pennington rows with the                       tion, and family support for either
February, the school hosted mother/       Tulsa Rowing Club Juniors. She was                  one quarter, semester, or year.
Daughter and Father/son luncheons         on the crew of the women’s junior
for 8th grade students and their par-     novice four which took top honors                   DONATE USED UNIFORMS
ents at which time safe Team mem-         in the Central District Regional                    Please donate your outgrown or no
bers from the upper school shared         championship regatta held recently                  longer needed uniform items to the
insights on how to prepare for high       in Austin, Texas.                                   Office of Admissions to be passed
school academically, socially, and                                                            on to students in need. Thank you.
personally.                               GERMAN INVASION
                                          Fifteen German students attended                    POET SPEAKS AT TU
Congratulations Class of 2013 and         classes at Cascia Hall from March                   Upper School English teacher, Mrs.
best wishes to all.                       26 until April 16. This visit marks                 Catherine Sims, and her student,
                                                                                              Sarah Southmayd, were invited
                                                                                              to and attended the Presidential
                                                                                              Lecture Series held at TU in April.
                                                                                              The featured speaker was Billy
                                                                                              Collins, one of Americas’s most cel-
                                                                                              ebrated literary figures.

                                                                                              SUMMER SPORTS CAMPS
                                                                                              Summer camps are being offered in
                                                                                              baseball, basketball, football, tennis
                                                                                              cheerleading, wrestling, volleyball,
                                                                                              and soccer. Go to www.casciahall.
                                                                                              org for camp flyers and registra-
                                                                                              tion forms or pick up the informa-
                                                                                              tion from the school receptionist.
                                                                                              Questions: Call Athletic Director
                                                                                              Mr. Thomas Perrault, 746-2600,
                                                                                              ext. 2105.
                                                                    Photo by John LaFortune

                                                                                                                         JUNE 2009     20
     Boys’ Tennis earns eighth straight state Title by Noble Sokolosky

                                                                                  T   heir team banner declares “A Decade of Dominance.”
                                                                                      our men demonstrated that they can “walk the talk”
                                                                                  by claiming a record-setting eighth straight team champion-
                                                                                  The team was lead by its two seniors, Andrew Field, a
                                                                                  three-time individual champion, and Kyle Tolbert, who
                                                                                  claimed individual gold twice. The pair teamed up to win
                                                                                  the tough no. 1 doubles crown and both were selected as
                                                                                  all-staters. junior Chase Tomlins made it three straight
                                                                                  individual golds by walking through the no. 1 singles
                                                                                  division. sophomore Connor Sokolosky made it two
                                                                                  titles in a row and welcomed classmate Corey Allen
                                                                                  into Cascia’s storied tradition as they claimed the no. 2
     X The Boys’ Tennis Team brought home the eighth straight state               doubles crown. sophomore Will Edwards announced his
     championship title in spring competition. Team members are L to
                                                                                  arrival to the big stage by winning second in no. 2 singles
     R: Corey Allen, Chase Tomlins, Will Edwards, Andrew Field, Kyle
     Tolbert, Nick Wood, Connor Sokolosky, Wade Hawkins, and Head                 by taking out Heritage Hall in a thrilling three set, double
     Coach Jon Parker.                                                            tie-breaker match of the tournament to put a virtual vapor
                                                                                  lock on the team title.
                                                                                  At Cascia, tradition never graduates; it dominates. “It’s all
                                                                                  business.” That’s what senior Kyle Tolbert declared as the
     Girls’ Tennis state Runnerup                                                 Commandos set out to defend their record-setting seven
                                                                                  straight undisputed championships. Kyle wore argyll-
                                                                                  socks to emphasize the “business” approach he wanted
                                                                                  the team to take. After the team posted a 96-5 game
                                                                                  record to advance everybody to the semi’s, Kyle issued a
                                                                                  pair of the business-appropriate argylls to every member
                                                                                  of the team at the traditional Friday night steak-n-lobster
                                                                                  feast. It’s hard to imagine a goofier look than argyll socks
                                                                                  on the tennis court. But, when you are cruising to your
                                                                                  eighth straight championship and dominating opponents
                                                                                  like never before, it comes across as pretty darned tight.
                                                                                  Coach Jon Parker understands the business of coaching
                                                                                  tennis. In his four years at Cascia, he has made history
                                                                                  by winning all four years, coaching the champion of 14
                                                          Photo by Sharon Grimm
                                                                                  of the 16 divisions, sweeping the team championship in
                                                                                  unprecedented back-to-back years, and coaching six all-
     X The Girls’ Tennis Team took second place at state competition              staters. our three new individual championships give
     this spring. Team members are L to R: Head Coach Cip Frizzell,
     Adele Beasley, Samantha Fuller, Michelle Mesmer, Bernie Clement,             Cascia Hall more than any other school. Anywhere. In
     Taylor Shrewder, Sarah Palik, Coach Cindy Wheeler, and Coach                 any class. That’s serious business.
     Diane Wood. Congratulations girls! Congratulations to Mrs. Cip
     Frizzell who was named Metro “Coach of the Year” for Girls’ Tennis
     by the Tulsa World.

Boys’ Golf Takes state Championship                                                      by Corbin Wallace, Class of 2010

T    he 2009 Cascia Hall golf sea-
     son started out with one goal in
mind, and that was to FInIsH every-
                                        that the goal was to win a state
                                        Championship, but it was also to
                                        sweep the playoff tournaments,
                                                                                             round by growing their lead to 27
                                                                                             strokes. The third and final round
                                                                                             started with a small rain delay, but
thing that we as a team had control     and to take each tournament one                      that couldn’t stop the Commandos
over. Before the season started, the    at a time. The Regional Qualifier                    from their goal. After another good
team decided that they were going       was a strong showing by all of the                   opening nine, the Commandos
to finish the season the right way,     Commando golfers, which was                          were on their way to their first state
because the 2008 season ended by        led by Charlie saxon who place                       Golf Championship since 2005.
winning two of the three playoff        T2nd, Michael Varner and Gabe                        even though the team tournament
tournaments and then seeing another     Rogers placed T4th, and Corbin                       seemed to be over, the individual
team win the state Championship.        Wallace placed 6th. After winning                    tournament was still very tight.
                                        the Regional Qualifier it was off to                 There were three Commandos who
The season started off slowly for the   Regionals, which the Commandos                       were within six strokes of the lead
team, which returned only three         won by a large margin. Charlie                       going into the final round (Charlie
of five players from the 2008 third     saxon won the Regional, michael                      saxon, michael Varner, and Corbin
place team. As the season wore on       Varner was fourth, and Corbin                        Wallace). The individual race
and we got closer to the playoffs,      Wallace took sixth place, with a                     came down to the final hole where
all of the players’ games started to    very strong showing by Gabe Rogers                   Charlie saxon made a seven-foot
take shape. The edmond north            and Timmy Curthoys.                                  birdie putt to win the individual
Invitational was a turning point for                                                         championship by one shot over Kyle
the season because we saw that we       The next weekend was the state                       lewis of Bethel.
could compete with some of the          Championship. In the first round,
largest schools in the state, and we    we made a very big statement that                    When the tournament was over
saw Charlie Saxon shoot seven           the Cascia Hall Commandos were                       and all of the strokes had been tal-
under par and tie for first place       there to play, because we shot a                     lied, the Commandos won the state
before losing in a close playoff. The   combined one over through the                        Championship by 41 strokes, and
team saw they could compete with        first nine holes and then a score                    three players cracked the top 10.
anyone who teed it up against them.     of 303 after the first round, which                  Charlie saxon won the title, Corbin
                                        put the Commandos up by 10                           Wallace was 6th, michael Varner
Before the playoffs started, Coach      shots. The Commandos decided to                      was 9th, Gabe Rogers got a top 15,
Brian Rahilly reminded the team         start closing the door in the second                 and fellow freshmen Cale McDowell
                                                                                             had a great showing in his first state
                                                                                             Championship. The 2009 golf sea-
                                                                                             son was a great season where the
                                                                                             Commando’s set their goal, and
                                                                                             they went out and Golfed to FInIsH
                                                                                             what they started.

                                                                                             W The Commando Boys’ Golf Team
                                                                                             brought home the Regional and State
                                                                                             Championship trophies in May. Team
                                                                                             members are L to R Kneeling: Head
                                                                                             Coach Brian Rahilly, Corbin Wallace, Tim
                                                                                             Curthoys, and Headmaster Fr. Bernie
                                                                                             Scianna. Standing: Jake Hinch, Daniel
                                                                                             Auffenberg, Cale McDowell, Michael
                                                                                             Varner, Charlie Saxon, John DeSelms, and
                                                                                             Gabe Rogers.

                                                                 Photo by Sharon Grimm

                                                                                                                            JUNE 2009   22
     soccer Team
     2009 Runnerup
     V The three-time State Champion Boys’
     Soccer Team earned the 2009 District
     Champ, Regional Champ, Area Champ
     and the State Runnerup titles.

     Team members are: Freshmen Vincent
     Barone, and Erik Testa; Sophomores
     Joseph Barnes, Chris Butler, Alex Field,
     Nathan Irvin, Duke Kang, Nic Lopez,
     Mitch Mitchell, Joseph Nigh, Nigel Saurino,                                                                             Photo by Sharon Grimm

     James Self, Gus Tezenas, Jesus Torres,
     and Conner Turner; Juniors Matt Boyle,
     Randall Horton-Chavez, Curt Houston, AZ
     Moyer, Gang Seo, Andrew Stone, and Kyle
     Trinidad; Seniors Roland Brown, Scott
     Chevallier, Don Coman, Byron Dale, Price
     Pinkerton, John Roland, Pete Testa, and
     Drew Weaver.
                                                   Athletic Program in state’s Top
     Head Coach Drew Lockhart is assisted by
     Mr. Kevin Malarkey. Congratulations team
                                                   Five by Fr. Bernie Scianna, O.S.A., Ph.D.
     on an outstanding season!

                                                   Congratulations to outgoing Athletic Director, Mr. Roger Carter and
                                                   his predecessor, Mr. Shawn Gammill, who over the past ten years have
                                                   been the administrators who have helped Cascia earn 37 ossAA state
                                                   Championships out of the 52 that we have earned since joining the asso-
     spring sports                                 ciation in 1976. This is an absolutely amazing record! Cascia Hall is rec-
     Finish strong                                 ognized as the best Athletic Program in 3A and in the top five in the state
                                                   regardless of classification. As you can see by the table below, we have
                                                   earned state Titles in 12 different sports, seven girls’ sports and five boys’
     Cascia athletics finished the year            sports. We have also been runners up in several sports during these years.
     with an outstanding spring. listed            Congratulations to these two fine Athletic Directors, all of our Coaches and
     below are the achievements of the             most especially our student Athletes! Way to Go Commandos!
     2009 season.
                                                   since joining the ossAA in 1976, Cascia Hall has earned 52 state
     •	 Boys’	Tennis	–	8th straight tennis         Championships in 12 different sports:
        state Championship
     •	 Boys’	Golf	–	State	Champions               Basketball (Boys)     2009
     •	 Boys’	Track	–	Individual	state	            Basketball (Girls)    1999
        placers in 200,400, and 800                Cheerleading          2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008
     •	 Boys’	Soccer	–	State	Runner-up             Football              1989, 1999, 2007, 2008
     •	 Baseball	–	District	Champions              Golf (Boys)           1993, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009
     •	 Girls’	Tennis	–	State	Runner-up            Golf (Girls)          1993, 1995, 1997, 2002
     •	 Girls’	Soccer	–	District	Champions         soccer (Boys)         2006, 2007, 2008
     •	 Girls’	Golf	–	Qualified	3	individu-        soccer (Girls)        2006, 2007
        als for state Tournament                   Tennis (Boys)         1982, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1989, 2002, 2003, 2004,
                                                                         2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
     Congratulations to all the coaches            Tennis (Girls)        1990, 2002, 2004, 2005
     and student athletes.                         Track (Girls)         1993, 1994
                                                   Volleyball            1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

CH Blood Drive A success                                     by Jenny Weaver, Class of 2010

Blood Drives are not for the faint of heart. This past may
Cascia held a blood drive, the first in almost two years.
The turnout was better than expected, and we were only
a couple of donors short of our goal this year.
From the beginning, the Red Cross was prepared. They
provided absolutely everything needed plus the charisma
necessary when taking blood from a patient. This year
that charisma was needed because of the large number
of first-time donors. Cascia’s juniors and seniors came
in large numbers, each with an arm ready to be stuck.
unfortunately, there were a couple of students who didn’t
have the veins for the job, but we thank you for your
efforts. The first-timers never shied away from the great
                                                                                                                         Photo by Andrew Harlan
sacrifice they were to give.
For every one person who donates, three lives are saved.         X L to R: Seniors Jamie Barnes and Gary Henry took their turns
                                                                 serving at the registration desk at the Cascia Hall Blood Drive.
Thank you to all who came out and supported their
school and the Red Cross--your participation is much             Y Senior Brooke Fielder was one of many upper classmen, faculty
appreciated. A special thank you to the Red Cross for all        and staff who supported the Cascia Hall Blood Drive in May by
                                                                 donating a pint.
their work at the blood drive and all their work to help
save lives across our country.

Editor’s Note: The blood drive was sponsored by the
Cascia Hall Student Council (STUCO). The Student
Council sponsor is Mr. John Santee. Jenny Weaver is the
Student Council President for the 2009-10 academic year.
Other officers will be: Corbin Wallace, Vice President;
Taylor Tate, Secretary; Anne Pennington, Treasurer; M.K.
Minor, Senior Class President.
                                                                                                                          Photo by Andrew Harlan

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