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                        DEPARTMENT OF MISSOURI
                          GENERAL ORDERS NO. 3
Series 11 - 12                                                                           September 2011
                       (To be read or distributed at a regular Post meeting and filed)

1.     The next meeting of the Council of Administration will be held at the Capitol Plaza Hotel
in Jefferson City on Saturday, October 8, 2011, beginning at 8:00 a.m. All members of the
Council, as well as Committees and Chairpersons, should make every effort to attend and be
prepared to report in accordance with the agenda, which will be provided prior to the meeting.
Room reservations must be made through the hotel by calling 1-800-338-8088, no later than
September 23, 2011. A flat rate of $83.00 (plus tax) has been given to the VFW. Please be
sure to tell the reservationist that you are with the Missouri VFW State Homecoming group to
receive this rate. A testimonial banquet will be held Saturday evening in honor of the State
Commander and State President. A registration form for the banquet is attached.

2.    The National Commander-In-Chief’s Homecoming is scheduled for September 15 - 18,
2011, at the Boston Marriott Quincy Hotel in Quincy, MA. The Registration fee is $185.00
per/person and the room rate is $129.00. Those wishing to attend should contact Department
Headquarters for information on registration and events.

3.     The 2011 Big 10 Conference will be hosted by the Department of South Dakota, October
21 – 23, 2011, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Those wishing to attend should contact
Department Headquarters for information on registration and events. Room rate is $99.00 per
night. The cut-off date for early reservations is September 29, 2011.

4.    The annual trip to the National Home for Children will be 21-23 October. The
Department of Missouri will be hosting the Halloween Party for the children. We are asking
every post to provide a tentative headcount to the National Home Chairman so she can
reserve a block of hotel rooms. The cost to participate is $175 per person. Typically, posts
have paid for the cost of their commander and guest to go on the trip. We’re asking that you
would continue this tradition. This is one of the most important and enduring programs
supported by the VFW. Deadline to sign-up is 1 October. For further information, contact
Nancy Cowan at 314-323-4481, or e-mail: A registration form is

5.     All Posts are reminded that Annual Incorporation Reports to the Secretary of State were
due in August. If you have not filed your report, please do so immediately. If no report is filed,
your Incorporation will lapse in November.
General Orders #3, Series 11-12
Olin Parks, Commander
Page - 2
6.     All posts are required to file a Federal Income Tax return. NO EXCEPTIONS! Posts
may obtain forms 990EZ, 990 and/or 990N from any IRS Office, or online at
Posts with a year end of 30 June must file with the IRS prior to 15 November 2011. If your
gross income (from all sources) is less than $25,000.00 per year, you will file the form 990N
online from now on. Go online to the IRS site, and follow the
three (3) steps to sign up and file.

7.       Posts that have alcohol consumed on their premises (sold or given away), the following
section of the National By-Laws and Manual of Procedure apply! Any Post not in compliance is
subject to suspension.
         Sec. 709 - Control of Units - “Any Post owning and/or operating, directly or by reason of
a holding company or other entity substantially controlled by the Post or its members, a
canteen, clubroom or other facility available to members or guests must maintain general
liability insurance, including, if necessary or appropriate, liquor liability insurance. Such
insurance must be of a type and amount sufficient to protect the Post and must name, as
additional insured’s, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and the Department in
which such Post is located.”
8.     Posts are reminded of Missouri Law regarding Workman’s Compensation Insurance
requirements: There are three (3) statutory requirements under Missouri Statute 287.128 and
287.380, and 287.127. All Posts having employees need to become familiar with these

     287.128 RSMo is regarding an employer’s requirement to maintain workers’
compensation insurance if they have 5 or more employees (part-time or otherwise).

       287.380 RSMo is regarding an employer’s requirement to file a First Report of Injury,
upon learning that an employee was injured, and that the injury required treatment beyond first
aid. The employer must file the report within 5 days to the insurer, and the insurer has 25 more
days to file the report with the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

      287.127.1 RSMo is regarding posting of the workers’ compensation laws & benefits
information poster in a conspicuous location. (The first offense is a misdemeanor, the
second offense is a felony.)
9.     Posts are reminded that pursuant to sec. 709 of the National By-Laws, no post shall
purchase, sell or otherwise transfer title or any interest in any real estate unless written notice is
given to each member of said unit ten (10) days prior to such regular or special meeting at
which the proposal is to be considered and then only by two-thirds(2/3) vote of approval of
those members present and voting. In addition, at least thirty (30) days prior to such
meeting, notice shall be provided to the Department Commander who shall review any
sale, purchase, transfer or encumbrance. Failure to comply with these provisions shall
nullify said transaction.

10.    All inspection reports should be mailed directly to the Department Inspector, Paul
Frampton. His address is: 105 Southview Dr., Branson MO 65616. If a Deputy Inspector wishes
to claim mileage for travel in connection with the inspections, he must submit his voucher to the
Department Inspector for approval.
General Orders #3, Series 11-12
Olin Parks, Commander
Page - 3
11.   Reminder to Posts and Districts: The Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen Scholarship
program needs your continued support. If your Post or Ladies Auxiliary would be interested in
(co)sponsoring a scholarship, please forward $500.00 to Department Headquarters prior to
September 30, 2011. Payments will be accepted in full amount or monthly installments.
Scholarships will be paid out over a five year period to district winners. Scholarship sponsor's
name(s) will be listed in the banquet program each year.

12.    National POW/MIA Observance Day is September 16, 2011. Your Post should make
every effort to hold a ceremony in recognition of our POW/MIA’s.

13.    All Posts are encouraged to have some form of program on September 29 to celebrate
the founding of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

14.  Anyone requesting a Department Officer to attend a function must submit a written
request to Department Headquarters at least 30 days prior to the date of the function.

15.     The following District meetings are announced for the month of September.

 DIST      POST #       LOCATION           DATE           TIME        REPRESENTATIVE
  12         2184     Mehlville          09-12-11      7:00 PM        None

16.     The following Leadership Academy’s have been scheduled:

 DIST      POST #       LOCATION           DATE           TIME        REPRESENTATIVE
   9         3987     Sullivan           09-25-11      9:00 AM        As Available
  17        11041     Palmyra            09-11-11      9:00 AM        As Available

Note: Past Department Commanders are invited to participate in the Instruction. If available, call
Olin Parks for details.

Please note: All Department Officers will be attending the National Convention in San Antonio,
Texas, August 27 – September 1, 2011.

Official:                                                                  By Order Of:
Jessie L. Jones                                                            Olin Parks
Department Adjutant                                                        Commander

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