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									           Men Can Overcome Their Own Passive Aggression

          Find more information about how to stop passive aggression in its tracks at:
                                 Passive Aggressive System

Creative Conflict Resolutions is offering an unprecedented solution for troubled families,
starting today with the release of their new guide for helping men stop passive aggression: the
“Six-Step System to Stop Your Passive Aggression and Save Your Marriage!”

In a recent interview with Neil Warner, co-owner of Creative Conflict Resolutions, Warner
explained both his hopes and reservations about the new system, which addresses men directly
about where the behavior comes from, the damage it can do, and how it can be stopped.

“We’re overjoyed to announce that this system is finally ready,” says Warner. “It’s been nearly
three years in the making now.” A month ago, he released the first step of the six-step system for
free - the Passive Aggressive Test. According to Warner, they’ve had explosive success with it;
hundreds of visitors are taking it, simply because it’s “one of the only objective resources out
there for men to test themselves.” However, Warner says he’s also concerned about getting the
wives’ support for this system.

“Sometimes, women on our Passive Aggressive Husband blog tell us that they don’t think it’s
worth it to stay with a PA man. They are worn out, hopeless and depressed because of the
impact of their husband’s behavior on their marriage.” Warner has been vocal on his blogs lately
about how women should receive more encouragement to stay, so they can focus on changing
the apparently hopeless situation using new approaches. Warner points out that passive
aggression is largely misunderstood by those who tell women that leaving is the only solution.
“The Passive Aggressive Test is free and open to anyone because we want men to feel that they
have an objective resource to go to. It’s been very popular, but we know there are other families
out there still suffering. All wives need to do at this point is to tell their husbands where to go for
more direct help. The rest of it falls into place without the wives needing to do anything.”

Creative Conflict Resolutions is encouraging women married to passive aggressive men to look
past the “dump him and move on” option. “Unless he is physically or mentally abusive, there is
no reason to think that the marriage can’t revert back to normal after that passive aggression is
gone,” says Warner.

During the interview, Warner shared some comments he made to his clients In a recent letter.
He made a list of benefits women can gain from helping their husbands heal, including avoiding
divorce, regaining a good father for their children, and avoiding the emotional damage of leaving
an unresolved marriage behind.
The relationship experts at Creative Conflict Resolutions are glad to announce that the entire
six-step system is now available through their website. Warner is still encouraging men to take
the Passive Aggressive Test first (even if they’ve been diagnosed with passive aggression by
someone else already).

Wives can help their husbands get started by sharing the Passive Aggressive Test with him.

For those who’ve taken the test and are ready to start healing, the entire “Six-Step System to
Stop Passive Aggression” is ready at Passive Aggressive System.

Warner’s partner, Conflict Coach Nora Femenia, is also offering to answer any client’s questions
about whether the system is right for them. Femenia and Warner can both be contacted at
Passive Aggressive Test.

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