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									                                                                        Job Posting
                                                                   2532 N 4th St #506
                                                                  Flagstaff, AZ 86004
                                                                  Fax: 928-774-5809

                                 Date           :       May 12, 2011
                                 Position       :       PT or Relief Behavioral Health Worker
                                 Department :           Women’s Shelter
                                 Salary         :       $11.00 per hour
                                                       (additional .50 per hour for hours worked between 10pm and 6am)
                                 Funds          :       SUBJECT TO FUNDS AVAILABILITY


        This position is responsible for providing daily monitoring and care of residents in NFHC’s Women’s Shelter, in
        compliance with Behavioral Health Licensure and NFHC Policies and Procedures.
    Provide information and education to clients
    Provide care to clients as indicated in client’s service plan
    Assist clients to follow program rules and requirements
    Intervene in crisis situations related to client care and safety
    Provide or assist with educational programs or group activities for shelter clients
    Assist clients in their interaction with other agencies
    Make appropriate referrals to other agencies according to client needs
    Maintain accurate records and documents
    Provide house management as assigned (cleaning, organizing, sorting donations, etc.)
    Conduct daily and nightly room checks of all client spaces
    Provide back-up for Executive Assistant by responding to visitors and residents
    Complete frequent, planned safety checks of shelter and HALO House public areas
    Attend and participate in all mandatory trainings
    Attend and participate in all required staff meetings
    Attend and participate in clinical supervision with Program Manager
    Attend and participate in monthly supervision with Program Manager
    Ability and willingness to provide First Aid or CPR to clients or staff members if necessary
    Other duties as may be assigned in each shelter program
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES - A Behavioral Health Worker must possess the skills and knowledge
   necessary to:
       Protect client rights;
       Provide treatment that promotes client dignity, independence, individuality, strengths, privacy and choice;
       Recognize obvious symptoms of a mental disorder, personality disorder, or substance abuse;
       Provide the behavioral health services that NFHC is authorized to provide;
       Meet the unique needs of the client populations served by NFHC: adults and children who are victims of
        domestic violence
       Protect and maintain the confidentiality of client records and information
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       Recognize and respect cultural differences;
       Recognize, prevent and respond to a situation in which a client:
        o     May be a danger to self or a danger to others
        o     Behaves in an aggressive or destructive manner
        o     May be experiencing a crisis situation, or
        o     May be experiencing a medical emergency
       Read and implement a client’s treatment plan;
       Assist client in accessing community services and resources;
       Record and document client information;
       Demonstrate ethical behavior, such as by respecting staff member and client boundaries and recognizing
        the inappropriateness of receiving gratuities from a client;
       Identify types of medications commonly prescribed for mental disorders, personality disorders, and
        substance abuse and the common side effects and adverse reactions of the medications;
       Recognize and respond to a fire, disaster, hazard, and medical emergency;
       Provide activities and behavioral health services as identified in this Job Description, as well as NFHC’s
        policies and procedures; and
       Ability to understand, follow and implement verbal and written instructions
       Must be at least 21 years of age
       Associate’s Degree in a field related to Behavioral Health
       At least TWO years Full-Time Behavioral Health work experience
       Any equivalent combination of experience, training or education approved by human resources
       Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in a field related to Behavioral Health
       At least ONE year Full-Time Behavioral Health work experience
       Any equivalent combination of experience, training or education approved by human resources
       Valid Arizona Driver’s License
       Proof of Auto Insurance
       Successful annual TB Test
       First Aid
       Adult, Child and Infant CPR
       Physical Exam
       Fingerprint Clearance Card
       Any other certification or acknowledgment as may be required by the agency or BHL
       Position requires periods of desk time, as well as periods of mobility
       Position requires the ability to keep pace with clients (Children ages birth to 18, and/or adults)
       Position may require lifting/carrying up to 50 lbs
       Position may require kneeling, reaching, and stooping
       Position requires fluent and effective communication skills with diverse age groups and population

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