LETTER OF EMINENCE
                   Please refer INSTRUCTIONS on the following page.

SCHOOL:                                      START DATE:

Instructor’s Name:                           Social Security #:

PLEASE LIST THE COURSE BEING TAUGHT: If on a letter of eminence, an
instructor cannot teach more than two class periods.


Number of Class Periods Being Taught:              One         Two

                        EMINENCE QUALIFICATIONS
Is this instructor USOE Certified and Endorsed?               YES      NO
IF YES, you do not need to go further.
IF NO, please list the credentials and training that       GO TO NEXT STEP.
makes this instructor eminently qualified for teaching     SEE INSTRUCTIONS AT
this class.                                                LEFT.




_________________________________                        ___________________________
Principal Signature                                      Date

rm Eminence Form                                                         6/9/2009
                         EMINENCE TEACHER INSTRUCTIONS

Criteria for Eminence:
   1. Teacher is allowed to teach up to two (2) classes and no more than two classes
   2. Teacher must have full charge of the classroom
   3. Teacher must teach during regular school hours (not prior to or after school hours)
   4. Teacher must be eminently qualified in area they are teaching
   5. The Letter of Eminence must be renewed and form completed every year.

Principal Responsibility:
   1. Principal must complete Alpine School District Letter of Eminence Form
   2. Principal submits Letter of Eminence form to Human Resources Dept. (currently to be
       submitted to Rhonda Mortensen)
   3. Principal may submit at any time.

Teacher Responsibility:
   1. Teacher will go on-line to www.utah.gov/teachers and follow the prompts
   2. At the completion of this on-line process, the teacher will be prompted to download a
      “live scan form” and print it out.
   3. The teacher will bring this live scan form to the Human Resources Department, along
      with a picture ID, a social security card, and $10 in cash or a check for fingerprinting.
   4. The teacher will also need to come into the Human Resource Department to either
      complete payroll paperwork (bring social security card, drivers license and a voided
      check for direct deposit) or update payroll paperwork. Even if the teacher has been
      teaching on eminence in the past, payroll paperwork must be updated.

At this point, the Eminence process is complete. It is not until this time that the teacher can
be entered into the Alpine School District payroll system and the Utah State CACTUS
system. After all of this has been completed, the T&A Secretary will be able to enter the
teacher into the payroll system, and the teacher will be able to receive a paycheck.

rm Eminence Form                                                                    6/9/2009

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