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  iLearn With the Mighty Jungle: Animals! HD – New Life Science Educational
                            Apps for Kids 3 to 7

                                                  Learning tons of interesting facts about
                                                  animals is what you will discover with this
                                                  newly released life science game app for
                                                  pre-schoolers. iLearn with Mighty Jungle is
                                                  a fun educational app that will let you and
                                                  your kids discover animal facts such as
                                                  animal physical appearance, size, living
                                                  environment, eating and sleeping habits, etc.
                                                  while having tons of fun!

                                                   Learning about animals has always been one
                                                   of kids’ favourite subjects. Learning about
animals is fun but also a great way to expand kids knowledge and encourage them to learn more
about important Life Sciences subjects.

iLearn With the Mighty Jungle has been developed by Tribal Nova, an online educational
games services for kids.

Tribal Nava develops and markets fun educational games. Tribal Nova games are accessible via
PBS KIDS PLAY! and CBC WONDERWORLD, 2 award winning online learning program
offering top educational games designed to stimulate and encourage kids learning and curiosity
via fun and interactive games.

iLearn with Mighty Jungle is Tribal Nova first adaptation to mobile technology via the iPad
and offers pre-schoolers a way to learn all about animal.

Mighty Jungle animals are hiding in the jungle and kids have to help Babu the Meerkat look for
his friends, by matching the clues to the animals they have met on their way. It is an educational
game (not flashcards!) Kids need to listen and find the clues by a process of elimination.

For example, Babu will ask you to find hid friend Bruce with a series of questions. Your kids will
then need to answer by tapping on the right animal, the ones that has fins, claws, fur …
depending on Babu’s questions.

Babu will ask several questions that leads to find his friends and each time there are several
animal pictures to choose from. Look and listen carefully, and kids will have find finding the
right animal.

This game app offers three levels with increasing difficulty in complexity, details and subject
covered. In addition, each level contains a mechanism that adjusts the difficulty based on the
child’s success rate. These elements combined enable the game to meet children’s developmental
needs regardless if they are 3 or 7 years old.

iLearn with the Mighty Jungle is based on National Standards and has been developed with the
help of educators and child psychologists. Each difficulty level corresponds to what your child is
supposed to learn at a certain age: 3/4, 4/5 and 5/6 years old.

iLearn with Might Jungle offers high quality visuals to stimulate and engage pre-schoolers.

In addition to the educational benefit, kids will be happy to recognize and play with the cheerful
animals from the Mighty Jungle TV show, broadcast on PBS Sprout and CBC in North
America and Disney Channel in South America and Asia.

Try it out – it is now. Regular price: $2.99

iLearn With the Mighty Jungle: Animals! HD is now available for download via the iTunes Apps
Store – iPad App.

Have great time learning all about animals.

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