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					Lecture Overheads for developmental psychology, ps 241, Boston University
Professor Catherine L Harris, 2004

Must Adolescence be a period of storm and stress?

Biological Perspective
– The hormonal changes accompanying puberty cause emotional distress


Environmental-Learning Perspective
– New social demands lead to emotional conflict, turbulence, rebellion -- but society can minimize these

More views...

– The combined biological and social changes are jointly so powerful that puberty is truly a new stage

Cultural-context: There are multiple shapers of the turbulence of puberty
In industrialized societies, there is a large gap between onset of physical maturity and the attainment of adult status  Early physical maturation (age 11-12 rather than 16-17)  Years of training/education required for technological society

Additional Stressors



Wide variability in rate of physical maturation New cognitive abilities -- introspection and self-analysis Mixed-message from adult societies (parents eager for teens to behave responsibly; but withhold adult privileges)