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					An overview of the student journey

                and UCAS process
Y12 Spring Term
‘Options at 18’ is introduced in Tutorial

   Higher Education
   Gap Year
   Employment with training
   Employment
Y12 March/April
 Focus on Higher Education in Tutorials

 Students carry out research on courses and HE
Y12 Summer Term
 During AS Study Leave subject teachers write the
 UCAS reference comment for each of their students

 In the 3 weeks after AS Study Leave students begin
 drafting their Personal Statements with the help of
 their Personal Tutors during tutorials

 Students are encouraged to attend HEI Open Days and
 carry out further research about course choices
August – after AS results
 Curriculum teachers amend their UCAS reference
 comment and predicted grade in the light of the AS

 Predicted grades become very important at this stage –
 students will need to know what they can realistically
 be expected to achieve so that their HEI choices are
 sensible ones
Y13 Autumn Term
 Personal Tutors work with their tutees on Personal
  Statements and Application

 Local HEIs visit college with their Applications Roadshow

 Deadline for Oxbridge/Medicine/Dentistry/Vet Science is
  15th October with an internal deadline of 30th September

 Deadline for other applications is 15th January with an
  internal deadline of 30th November
UCAS – University & Colleges Admissions
The only way to apply to Higher Education unless you
are applying for:
Art & Design Foundation Diploma (direct application)
Drama/Dance/Acting courses available in
specialist schools/colleges (direct application)
CUKAS – music and performance conservatoires
The process at CNC…
…comes in 2 parts

 The Application - completed by the student with
 assistance from their Personal Tutor

 The Reference – completed by the Personal Tutor and
 checked by Senior Tutors, Careers Team and Principal
The Application -
 This is completed online on UCAS Apply
 Students apply ‘through college’ for which they will
  need the current buzzword
 There are very strict guidelines to follow but there is
  plenty of guidance on the website
 Applications have to be submitted as a hard copy in
  College by the internal deadlines already mentioned
 Applicants choose up to 5 universities/courses (unless
  there are restrictions e.g. med/dent/vet)
 They are listed alphabetically, all on one application
  which can be sent to UCAS between mid September
  and 15th October/15th January
 UCAS passes the application form on to each
  university – they all consider it simultaneously and
  ‘invisibly’ i.e. they don’t know which other HEIs are
  also considering the applicant
 It costs £22 for the whole application, or £11 if a student
  decides only to apply to one university/course
What needs to be included?
 Personal details
 Qualifications - details of exams taken – GCSE and AS. This
    must include everything except U grades! It can also
    include music & drama qualifications
   Details of qualifications to be taken – A2, AS, CoPE
   Choice of universities and courses
   Details of employment
   Personal Statement
   Declaration
   Payment – online preferably
   Reference collated and written by the Personal Tutor from
    subject teachers’ comments on behalf of the Principal
Y13 Spring Term
 Some Art & Design courses have a deadline of 24th
 March with an internal deadline of 5th March

 Tutorial sessions cover Replying to Offers and Student

 UCAS Extra becomes available for students who are
 not holding any offers from their 5 choices – this is an
 early ‘Clearing’
Y13 Spring/Summer Term
 Applicants re-visit their HE choices to enable
 informed decisions

 They reply to their offers – Firm and Insurance - they
 will be given a deadline for this

 If they have no offers or have declined them all, they
 become eligible for ‘Extra’
Y13 August Results Day!
 The majority of students take up their Firm choice

 Others take up their Insurance offer

 Others secure a place through Clearing which operates
 until 20th September
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