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					                           Cardinal Dougherty High School Newsletter
                      Update for Parents, Guardians and Students
                                    June/July 2008

President’s Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Congratulations and God’s blessing upon the Cardinal Dougherty High School Class of 2008, their families
and friends. We thank the graduates and their families for the many sacrifices they made to arrive at this
joyous event. They now join the thousands of proud alumni from Cardinal Dougherty High School.

This Spring has offered us many events which highlight the wonderful traditions associated with Cardinal
Dougherty. The reunions provide us the opportunity to gather and remember the good times associated
with a Cardinal Dougherty education. As we know, in a Philadelphia crowd, there is usually a Dougherty
grad or someone married to a Dougherty grad. In school, our proms, award assemblies and fine arts
events create today’s memories which will be talked about in future reunions. I offer my congratulations
to the many students who participated in our spring sports and spring fine arts events. In particular I
want to acknowledge those who achieved All Catholic honors and all those seniors who have contributed
to our excellent programs.

I would like to highlight two particular moments from this Spring. The first was the burial of Michael
Crescenz ’66. The support and love shown Michael’s family by the Dougherty community was mentioned
often by Joe Crescenz ’74. The second moment was Mrs. Mary McDonald, our Assistant Principal for
Student Services and Head Girls Basketball coach, being awarded by Neumann College The 2008
Leadership in Catholic Youth Sports Award for secondary school coaches in Diocese of Wilmington,
Camden, Allentown and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. These moments and many more like them
throughout the year give concrete witness to the strong Catholic Identity of the Cardinal Dougherty

Finally, I am happy to announce, Mr. John Givnish ’73 will be our new Advisory Board Chair. We are
excited about the energy, network, and love of Dougherty John brings to our board. John replaces Mr.
David Manning ’62 who served as Chair for the last two years. David is looking forward to spending more
time with his family and helping us in the area of finances. David is a very generous person, always
giving of his time, talent and treasure. On behalf of the entire Dougherty community I express my thanks
to David.

As I have mentioned before, our parents are the best marketers we have in your neighborhood. Please
encourage your neighbors to consider Cardinal Dougherty for their sons and daughters.

If there are any comments, suggestions, or ideas you have for Cardinal Dougherty, please do not hesitate
to call me.

God bless you,
Reverend Carl F. Janicki, President
215-276-2300 ext. 213

     Cardinal Dougherty High School * 6301 N. Second Street * Philadelphia, PA 19120 *
                                              Principal’s Message

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends:

On April 15, 2008 the school conducted assemblies for the Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior classes. The Senior
class had theirs on April 18, 2008. Each class had their own Assembly but all classes heard the same message.

The topic of the Assembly was “Internet Safety for Teens” and there was a 45 minute overview of various topics.

 The topics covered/discussed were:
                             a) On-line predators
                             b) Exposure to inappropriate material
                             c) Revealing too much about yourself
                                     (name, age, school, etc.)
                             d) Spyware, spam and scams
                                     (check legitimacy of websites)
                             e) Cyber bulling
                             f) Respecting other peoples privacy on-line
                             g) IM (instant messaging)
                             h) On-line gaming
                             i) File sharing (legal aspects of files)
                             j) Social networking (ex: “My Space”)
                             k) Web cams
                             l) Blogging
                             m) Cell phones; text messages; filming
As parents, you should be aware of how your children are using all of the above aspects of technology. Remind your
children of the real-life consequences of what they post; who they are talking to; what pictures of them are on the
internet; what information they have posted about themselves (example: age, phone number, address, etc.).

Perhaps you could use this “newsletter” to engage your child in a conversation about privacy, posting, chat-rooms
and other topics. It’s very important for your child to trust you should they come across material that impacts them
or makes them worry.

         For further information I refer you to:
                  1) Net Smartz (1-800-843-5678) or
                  2) Cyber Tipline at
                  3) ICAC (Internet Crime Against Children) at

Congratulations to all our Graduates and their families.

Thomas F. Rooney, Jr., Ed.D.

            ACADEMIC AFFAIRS OFFICE                              well as meeting with the seniors to answer any questions they
Mrs. Marie Rogai, Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs       may have as we approach graduation. Feel free to contact me
                                                                 with any questions you may have. Thankyou!
The admissions process is well under way for the 2008-09         . School Report Clarifications
school year. If you know anyone who is still undecided about                    Cardinal Dougherty High School
where to go to high school, or someone looking to transfer,      School year tuition for secondary
please encourage them to visit Cardinal Dougherty. We will       students in secondary students in
be accepting applications throughout the summer months.          2007-08:                               $4620.00
                                                                 Mandatory school fees:                 $ 430.00
Diocesan Scholars
This year, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has 136 Diocesan      How many students enrolled in
Scholars. Of that number, 85% of the students received their     Advanced Placement courses:                    140
first choice and 14% received their second choice. This
program is intended to provide the experience of college-level   How many Advanced Placement courses
courses on a college campus.                                     Did the school offer in the 2007-08 year:        9
We are pleased to announce that 9 of our own Cardinal
Dougherty High School students have been selected to             What Advanced Placement courses are
participate for the 2008-09 year.                                Offered in the 2007-08 year:
                                                                               English Language and Composition
Attention all students and parents                                             English Literature and Composition
   Rosters will be mailed in late August; provided tuition                              European History
is up to date.                                                                        United States History
   Summer Assignments will be available on the website                             United States Government
                                                                                          Calculus (AB)
( and mailed in the latter
part of June.
                                                                              Spanish Language and Composition
   All PIAA/health assessment forms are due by August
1, 2008. Note: if you wish to play a sport this
information must be received prior to doing so.
                                                                                       Finance Office
   All students must purchase and read the One Book,                                  Mrs. Diane Costello
One School selection: The 5 People You Meet in
Heaven, by Mitch Albom.                                          First let me start off by thanking all the families who have
                                                                 made their payments on time. As a reminder to all the parents
          OFFICE OF STUDENT SERVICES                             of underclassmen, the Registration Fee for the 2008-2009 was
Mrs. Mary McDonald, Asst. Principal Student Services             due at the time of the course selection. The fee is $140.00. All
                                                                 financial obligations must be paid before the end of the school
All uniforms must be purchased from Flynn and O’Hara             year in order for your son or daughter to return in September
stores. Information is on the webpage under Student              2008. Also, report cards and rosters will be held if there are
Services Please note: girls           any outstanding balances due on tuition or fees.
are no longer be allowed to wear pants.
Shoes can be purchased from Phil’s Shoes or DiGillios.           It is Archdiocesan policy that all Archdiocesan
                                                                 high schools continue to collect their fees and first tuition
                                                                 payments in July. Payments are to be made either by mail to
Thank you for cooperating with all the policies.                 the school or in person in the Finance Office from 8:00 am to
The handbook rules and regulations are in the                    1:00 pm, starting June 16, 2008.
back of the School Calendar or our website
                                                                 As a reminder, Cardinal Dougherty offers two convenient
                                                                 payment plans. Namely:
                                                                         Electronic Deductions—Automatic monthly
                                                                          deductions over 10 months (July
           OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS                             through April)
     Mrs. Diana Graeber, Asst. Principal Student Affairs                 Credit Card Payments—Automatic charge
                                                                                  to your credit card over 10 months
I can hardly believe we are coming to the end of the school              (July through April)
year! I encourage everyone to review the May calendar for all
the upcoming, important events. By the time you receive this     Coupon books should be received in time for the July
newsletter, our seniors will have enjoyed a memorable night at   payment.
the prom and our juniors will be preparing for their Ring
Mass. We are busy looking ahead to graduation and the end of     I wish everybody a blessed and enjoyable summer.
the school year. Senior parents, I will be sending home a list
of important dates and reminders for the rest of the year as
                     Guidance Office                               Joseph Boateng:
                    Mr. John Fitzsimmons                                   University of the Sciences,
                                                                           Minnesota State University,
Congratulations to three of our juniors who were selected to               Penn State-Abington,
Attend the Pennsylvania Governors School of Excellence                     Neumann College (Presidential
.This a prestigious program and a rare honor for a school to               Scholarship $28,000.00),
have three students selected from a pool of thousands                      Temple University
statewide The students are Chin Pham for Health Science            David P. Boginsky:
Kevin Pires for International studies and Nam Tran for                     Widener University
technology.                                                                (Presidential Scholarship $52,000.00),
                                                                           Cabrini College
COLLEGE LETTERS OF ACCEPTANCE                                              (Cabrini College Achievement Scholarship
The following is a list of students who have turned in their               $64,000.00),
College Acceptance, Scholarships, and                                      Immaculata University
the Amount. As of now the Scholarship Amount                                (University Scholarship $46,000.00),
is over $9.8million dollars. Congratulations to the students and           Temple University
their families whose hard work throughout your years at                    (Temple Scholar Award $4,000.00),
Cardinal Dougherty is being rewarded.                                      Drexel University (Dean’s Scholar
Alyssa M. Addams:                                                          $58,000.00)
         Drexel University (Financial Aid Package                  Sharonda D. Bosier:
         $37,600.00),                                                      Philadelphia University,
         Bloomsburg University,                                            Bloomsburg University,
         Morgan State University                                           Temple University
Arilein R. Almonte:                                                        (Financial Aid Package $11,496.00),
         The University of the Arts                                        Shippensburg University
Courtney Armstead:                                                 Samanthe Bosket:
         University of Pittsburgh - Bradford (Panther                      Central Pennsylvania College (Financial Aid
         Scholarship $16,000.00),                                          Package $26,216.00)
         Indiana University of Pennsylvania,                       Terry Bowens:
         Penn State- Harrisburg                                            Albright College
Crystal Armstead:                                                  Leah N. Boyd:
         Delaware Valley College                                           Bloomsburg University,
         (Faculty Scholarship $48,000.00),                                 Gwynedd-Mercy College,
         Penn State-Main,                                                  Shippensburg University,
         University of Pittsburg                                           University of Scranton
Vinh Au:                                                           Jennifer L. Boyle:
         LaSalle University                                                 Penn State-Main
         (Founders Scholarship $68,000.00),                                (Financial Aid Package $41,124.00),
         St. Joseph’s University (Presidential                             Temple University
         Scholarship $60,000.00),                                          (Temple Scholar Award $4,000.00),
         Drexel University,                                                LaSalle University
         Cornell University,                                               (Founders Scholarship $60,000.00)
         University of Pennsylvania                                Victoria Bradley:
Symone Baker:                                                              Penn State –Berks
         Penn State-Altoona                                        Shantaya Brinson:
Steven Barton:                                                             St. John’s University,
         Penn State-Main                                                   University of Pittsburgh,
Brittany J. Becker:                                                        Arcadia University,
         Albright College,                                                 University of Maryland,
         Penn State                                                        Marymount Manhattan
Jose Benabe:                                                               (Financial Aid Package $44,000.00)
         Community College of Philadelphia                         Artie Bullock:
Matthew W. Bercaw:                                                         Bloomsburg,
         Penn State-Abington                                               Temple University
Kevin A. Bermudez:                                                 Traci D, Bynum:
         Temple University                                                 Bennet College for Woman
Freda Boateng:                                                     Min Jae Byun:
         Minnesota State University (Financial Aid                         Penn State-Main,
         Package $20,328.00),                                              University of Massachusetts,
         Temple University (Financial Aid Package                          University of Buffalo
         $41,320.00)                                               Donovan Campbell:
                                                                           Penn State-Abington
Luzette K. Candelario:                                     Victoria A. Coleman:
         Cabrini College                                           St. John’s University,
         (Achievement Grant $52,000.00),                           University of Pittsburgh-Bradford
         Delaware Valley College                                   (Room Grant $ 16,000.00),
         (Trustees Scholarship $42,000.00)                         Lock Haven University,
Thuy T. Cao:                                                       UNC Charlotte
         Berkeley College,                                 Katresa J. Collins:
         Albright College                                          Neumann College
Leigh A. Capella:                                                  (Neumann College Presidential Scholarship
         LaSalle University                                        $28,000.00),
         (Founders Scholarship $68,000.00),                        Temple University
         Drexel University                                 Maurice D. Cottman:
         (A. J. Drexel Scholarship $58,000.00),                    Robert Morris College
         University of Scranton                                    (Colonial Grant,Resident Student Grant, Loans
         (Dean’s Scholarship $56,000.00),                          $28,000.00),
         Temple University                                         Arcadia University
         (Temple Scholar Award $20,000.00)                         (University Achievement Award $26,000.00),
David M. Carson:                                                   Elizabethtown College,
         Arcadia University                                        St. John’s University
          (Achievement Award $26,000.00)                           (Total Financial Package $108,984.00),
Brittany A. Casler:                                                St. Joseph’s University
         Chestnut Hill College                                      (Total Financial Package $58,124.00),
         (CHC Leadership/Grant $62,924),                           Temple University
         Neumann College                                   Sarah Coughlan:
         (Neumann College Achievement Grant $18,000.00),           Mount Aloysius College
         East Stroudsburg University                               (Heritage Award $16,000.00 Additional Scholarship
         (Financial Package $18,920.00),                           $48,000.00),
         LaSalle University                                        University of Scranton,
         (Financial Package $106,000.00)                           Seton Hall
Jessica Chandler:                                          Alisha W. Curry:
         Cabrini College                                           Morgan State University,
         (Achievement Grant $18,000.00)                            University of Maryland-Eastern Shore
Jessica R. Charles:                                        Deanna M. Davis:
         Penn State-Main,                                          Temple University
         Temple University,                                        (Temple Grant $35,560.00),
         West Chester University,                                  LaSalle University
         St. Joseph’s University                                   (Founders Scholarship $94,000.00),
         (United Scholars Award $16,000.00, University             Immaculata University
         Scholarship $36,000.00),                                  (University Grant $40,000.00),
         University of Delaware,                                   Jefferson College of Health Sciences
         University of Pittsburgh                                  (JCHS Scholarship $12,000.00)
         (Room Grant $8,000.00)                            Edward F. Davis III:
Eileen Cheung:                                                     University of Scranton,
         Temple University,                                        Cabrini College
         Chestnut Hill College                                     (Cabrini college Achievement Scholarship
         (Student Leadership Award $30,000.00),                    $56,000.00),
         Philadelphia University                                   Immaculata University
         (Faculty Grant $20,000.00),                               (Immaculata University Grant $40,000.00),
         Philadelphia University of Science                        Misrecordia University
         (Merit Award and Grant Money $44,000.00)                  (Presidential Scholarship, Partners in Business
Diamond Clark:                                                     Award $16,000.00),
         Neumann College                                           Widener University
          (Neumann College Achievement Grant $18,000.00)           (Presidential Scholarship $48,000.00),
Gerard M. Clark:                                                   Gwynedd-Mercy College
         LaSalle University,                                       (Mother Mary Bernard Scholarship $28,000.00),
         Manor College                                             LaSalle University
Kelli Clarkson:                                                    (Founders Scholarship $60,000.00)
         Shippensburg University,                          Melanie Davis:
         Millersville University,                                  Bloomsburg University,
         Delaware State University,                                Neumann College
         Kutztown University                                       (Achievement Grant $22,000.00)
Shaina Davis:                                              Janay Eleazer:
         Bennet College for Woman                                   Seton Hill University
Thomas A, Dempsey:                                                  (Financial Aid Package $89,240.00),
         Cabrini College                                            Seton Hall University,
         (Cabrini College Achievement Scholarship                   Gwynedd-Mercy College
         $56,000.00),                                               (Activities Grant $20,000.00),
         DeSales University                                         Bloomsburg University,
         (DeSales Scholarship $16,000.00),                          Temple University
         St. Joseph’s University,                          Sheena P. Elveus:
         LaSalle University,                                        University of Pittsburgh,
         Gwynedd-Mercy College                                      University of Scranton
         (Mother Mary Bernard Scholarship $28,000.00),              (Arrupe Scholarship $52,000.00),
         Immaculata University                                      Drexel University
         (Full Financial Aid $84,724.00)                            (A.J. Drexel Scholar $70,000.00),
Kimberly C. Desir:                                                  Trinity College
         Immaculata University                                      (Full Scholarship $200,000.00),
         (Total Financial Aid $80,924.00),                          University of Pennsylvania
         Bloomsburg University,                            April M. Ferron:
         Cabrini University                                         Temple University
         (Cabrini College Achievement Grant $44,000.00),   Arielle Ferry:
         Temple University                                          University of Scranton
         (Full Financial Aid Package $19,312.00),                   (Loyola Scholarship $40,000.00),
         St. John’s University                                      West Chester University,
         (Total Financial Aid $99,000.00)                           Loyola-Maryland,
David Diep:                                                         LaSalle University
         DeVry University                                           (Founders Scholarship $68,000.00),
         (Community Scholar Award $8,000.00)                        St. Joseph’s University
Alakiir Diing:                                                       (Presidential Scholarship $ 46,000.00),
         Indiana University of Pennsylvania,                        Chestnut Hill College
         Chestnut Hill College                                      (Chestnut Hill College Scholarship $56,000.00)
         (Financial Aid Package $76,924.00)                Tosha N. Fleming:
Keith S. Dockery:                                                   East Stroudsburg University,
         Lock Haven University                                      Neumann College
         (Financial Aid Package $34,520.00),                        (Presidential Scholarship $32,000.00),
         Delaware State University                                  Temple University
Shawn C. Doherty:                                          Diana Fisher:
         Swarthmore College                                         University of Miami
Thomas J. Dormer:                                          Samiyah Francois:
         Keystone College                                           Millersville University,
         (Financial Aid Package $41,336.00),                        Penn State-Abington
         Kutztown University,                              Julian Galette:
         LaSalle University                                         Ursinus College,
         (Founders Scholarship $53,200.00)                          Chestnut Hill College,
Edward Droughn IV:                                                  Temple University,
         Cheyney University                                         Hofstra University,
Victoria Drummond:                                                  Elizabethtown College
         Bloomsburg University,                            Joseph M. Gallagher:
         Cabrini College                                            Albright College,
         (Achievement Grant $16,000.00),                            Cabrini College
         Indiana University of Pennsylvania,                         (Achievement Grant $44,000.00)
         West Chester University,                          Jesus Godoy:
         Penn State-Schuylkill                                      Temple University
Mark E. Dunyan:                                                     (Temple Grant $29,740.00),
         Holy Family University                                     Penn State-Main
         (Dean’s Award $28,000.00)                         Dominique Gormley:
Melissa M. Ebo:                                                     Rosemont College
         Seton Hill University                                       (City School Award, Holy Child Scholarship
Briana L. Griffin:                                            Terence M. Kane:
        Indiana University of PA,                                     Drexel University
        St. Joseph’s University                                       (Dean’s Scholar $38,000.00),
        (University Scholarship $36,000.00, United Scholars           Temple University,
        Award $16,000.00),                                            Olivet Nazarene University
        Temple University,                                            (OLU Grant $24,000.00),
        University of Delaware,                                       Penn State-Abington
        West Chester University                                       (Abby Sutherland Scholarship $4,000.00),
Kevin J. Hartman:                                                     Chestnut Hill College
        Penn State University                                         (CHC Scholarship $36,000.00)
        (Dean’s Scholarship $12,000.00),                      Erin M. Kelleher:
        Temple University                                             Immaculata University
        (Temple Scholar Award $20,000.00),                            (Immaculata University Scholarship $48,000.00),
        Drexel University                                             Elizabethtown College
        (A.J. Drexel Scholarship $70,000.00)                          (Presidential Scholarship $60,000.00),
Melissa M. Herrera:                                                   St. Joseph’s University
        Lock Haven University,                                        (Presidential Scholarship $50,000.00),
Bryan Hopkins:                                                        University of Scranton
        Penn State-Abington,                                          (Loyola Scholarship $40,000.00),
        St. Joseph’s University                                       Albright College
        (United Scholars Award/ICC $130,840.00)                       (Albright College National Honor Society Award
Rachel M. Hopkins:                                                    $96,000.00),
        Misrecordia University                                        St. John’s University
         (Presidential Scholarship, Partners in Education             (Annual Merit Scholarship $40,000.00),
        $30,000.00),                                                  Ursinus College
        Bloomsburg University,                                        (Ursinus Scholarship $72,000.00),
        University of Scranton,                                       LaSalle University
        Cabrini College                                               (Founders Scholarship $68,000.00),
        (Cabrini College Achievement Scholarship                      Temple University
        $60,000.00)                                                   (Scholar Award $20,000.00),
Jamal M. Ishmael:                                                     Widener University
        Albright College                                              (Presidential Scholarship $56,000.00)
        (Service and Leadership $28,000.00)                   Sean P. Kidd:
Ernst Jean-Jacques:                                                   Widener College
        Holy Family University                                Charles S, Langley:
Dominick Jean-Thomas:                                                 Arcadia University,
        Arcadia University                                            Drexel University,
        (University Achievement Award $46,000.00),                    Penn State-Brandywine,
        Temple University                                             Ursinus College
Diamond P. Johnson:                                                   (Achievement Award $40,000.00, Ronald McDonald
        Morgan State University,                                      $1,000.00),
        Delaware State University,                            William J. Lawrence:
        University of Maryland Eastern Shore                          Temple University,
Michael Johnson:                                                      Gwynedd-Mercy College
        Temple University,                                            (Mother Mary Bernard Scholarship, Catholic School
        LaSalle University                                            Award $48,000.00),
        (Founders Scholarship $48,000.00)                             LaSalle University
Danielle M. Jones:                                                    (Founders Scholarship $60,000.00),
        Lock Haven University,                                        West Chester University,
        Indiana University of PA                                      East Stroudsburg University,
Siddeeqah S, Jones:                                                   Community College of Philadelphia
        Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising         Megan Leahy:
Robert W, Kaminski:                                                   Neumann College
        Cabrini College                                               (Presidential Scholarship $32,000.00),
        (Achievement Grant $40,000.00)                                Holy Family College,
                                                                      Arcadia University
                                                              Jumoke Lediju:
Christina Lennon:                                       Tahisha Martelly:
        Albright College                                        Long Island University,
        (National Honor Society Award, Provost Award            Shippensburg University,
        $54,000.00),                                            Montgomery County Community College,
        Chestnut Hill College                                   Gwynedd-Mercy College
        (Chestnut Hill Scholarship $52,000.00),         Michael Martin:
        University of Dayton                                    Misrecordia
        (Dean’s Merit Scholarship $42,000.00),                  (Presidential Scholarship, McAuley Award
        West Chester University,                                $50,000.00),
        East Stroudsburg University,                            Cabrini College
        LaSalle University                                      (College Achievement Grant $64,000.00),
        (Founders Scholarship $60,000.00),                      Alvernia College
        University of Scranton                                   (Presidential Scholarship $48,000.00),
         (Loyola Scholarship $40,000.00),                       University of Scranton
        Temple University                                       (Loyola Scholarship and Grants $98,112.00),
        (Temple Scholar Award $4,000.00, Outstanding            Gwynedd-Mercy College
        Achievement Scholarship $10,000.00, Emergency           (McAuley Scholarship $32,000.00)
        Aid $8,000.00)                                  Brandon Miller:
Wellington Liu:                                                 Chestnut Hill College
        Loyola Chicago,                                          (Financial Aid Package $42,000.00)
        University of Minnesota,                        Christopher Mitchell:
        Drexel University                                       Drexel University,
        (Dean’s Scholarship $62,000.00),                        Penn State-Main
        University of Delaware                                  (Full Scholarship $87,125.00)
Katarina Lovinfosse:                                    Laura Mitchell:
        Holy Family University,                                 Manor College
        Montgomery County Community                     Tanisha Monte:
        College                                                 Lock Haven University,
Shannon Lutz:                                                   Indiana University of PA,
        Ursinus College,                                        Bloomsburg University
        Elizabethtown College                           Jenetta Mungro:
        (Presidential Scholarship $60,000.00),                  Indiana University of PA,
        University of Scranton                                  Millersville University,
        (Dean’s Scholarship $52,000.00),                        West Chester University,
        Temple University                                       Morgan State University
        ( Temple Scholar Award $20,000.00),             Justin Nagy:
        Arcadia University                                      Penn State-Abington
         (Distinguished Scholarship $66,000.00),        Jeffrey Negron:
        LaSalle University                                      Temple University,
        (Founders Scholarship $68,000.00),                      Winston Salem State University
        University of Dayton                            James Neugebauer:
        (Deans Merit Scholarship $42,000.00)                    Ursinus College,
Bernard Lynch:                                                  Cabrini College
        Coppin State University,                                (Cabrini College Achievement Scholarship
        Tuskegee University,                                    $64,000.00),
        Elizabeth City State University,                        University of Scranton
        Hampton University                                       (Loyola Scholarship $40,000.00),
Aziza Mansour:                                                  Arcadia University
        Penn State-Abington,                                    (Distinguished Scholar Program $62,000.00),
        Temple University                                       LaSalle University
Kelly Ann Margerum:                                             (Founders Scholarship $68,000.00),
        Arcadia University                                      Penn State-Main,
         (Distinguished Scholar Award $60,000.00),              Elizabethtown College
        Penn State-University Park,                             (Provost Scholarship $50,000.00)
        University of Scranton,                         Benjamin Ngo:
        Gwynedd-Mercy College                                   Oklahoma City Community College
        (Mother Mary Bernard Scholarship $28,000.00)    Anthony Nguyen:
        Temple University                                       Penn State-Abington
         (Temple Scholar Award $4,000.00)               Daniel Nguyen:
Desiree Marrero:                                                LaSalle University,
        LaSalle University                                      Penn State-Main,
        (Full Financial Aid $108,000.00)                        Temple University
Duc Nguyen:                                         Anthony Scott:
        St. John’s University                                Penn State-Abington,
        (Academic Achievement $48,000.00),                   Manor College
        Holy Cross,                                 Kareem Scott:
        Villanova University                                 Coppin State University,
        (Financial Aid Package $163,800.00)                  University of Maryland-Eastern Shore,
Jennifer Nguyen:                                             Lincoln University,
        Ursinus College                                      West Chester University,
Nancy Nguyen:                                                Morgan State University,
        Penn State-Abington,                                 Bowie State University
        Neumann College                             Arielle Simmons:
         (Presidential Scholarship $26,000.00)               Millersville University,
Ashley Pettway:                                              Bloomsburg University,
        Penn State-Schuylkill                                Kutztown University
        (Chancellors Award $11,000.00),             Antonio Simon:
Doreen Pierre Louis:                                         West Chester University
        Bloomsburg University,                      Cassandra Smith:
        Long Island University                               Delaware State University
         (Provost’s Excellence Award $16,000.00),   Devon Smith:
        Adelphia University,                                 Millersville University
        Penn State-Main                             Danielle Solomon:
        (Financial Aid Package $33,324.00),                  York College
        Gwynedd-Mercy College                                (Financial Aid Package $17,400.00),
         (Activities Grant $20,000.00),                      Neumann College
        Hofstra University                                   (Achievement Grant $18,000.00),
         (Financial Aid Package $28,924.00)                  Hood College
Najah Prescott:                                              (Achievement Scholarship/Grant $65,200.00),
        St. Francis University                               East Stroudsburg University
        (Women’s Basketball $130,000.00)            Stephanie Stephens:
Shane Pullins:                                               Indiana University of Pennsylvania
        Penn State-University Park                  Kansas Strachan:
Alfredo Ramos:                                               Indiana University of Pennsylvania,
        Villanova                                            Virginia State University
        (Financial Aid Package $132.724.00)         Erica Strauss:
Christian Ramos:                                             Chestnut Hill College
        Community College of Philadelphia                    (Student Leadership Award $26,000.00),
         (Robert S. King Scholarship $5,000.00)              LaSalle University
Malvin Reyes:                                                (Founders Scholarship $48,000.00)
        Valley Forge Military College,              Stefon Studivant:
        Delaware State University,                           Lincoln University
        University of Akron                         Leigh Ann Sulzbach:
Alexis Rios:                                                 Chestnut Hill College
        Penn State-Abington,                                 (Chestnut Hill Scholarship $56,000.00),
        Temple University,                                   Temple University
        LaSalle University                                   LaSalle University
        (Founders Scholarship $48,000.00)                    (Founders Scholarship $60,000.00),
Javier Rivera:                                               St. Joseph’s University
        Holy Family University,                               (Full Financial Package $60,800.00),
        LaSalle University                                   Arcadia University
        (Founders Scholarship $60,000.00)                    (Distinguished Scholars $60,000.00)
Sean Rocher:                                        Jasmine Teagues:
        Penn State-Abington,                                 Penn State-Schuylkill
        LaSalle University                          Jennifer Terciano:
        (Founders Scholarship $48,000.00)                    Temple University
Jaleesa Rozier:                                              (University Scholarship $4,000.00)
        Spellman College                            Tanisha Thurmond-Parker:
Harvey Schmidt:                                              Community College of Philadelphia
        Neumann College,                            Allona Tindle:
        Bloomsburg University,                               Temple University
        Hampton University                          Tina Marie Torres:
                                                             Bucks County Community College
Maris Toth:                                                  Natasha Wilson:
        LaSalle University                                           Bloomsburg University,
        (Founders Scholarship $68,000.00),                           Penn State-Harrisburg
        Arcadia University                                           (Trustee Grants $59,924.00),
        (Distinguished Scholars Award $64,000.00),                   Millersville University (Grants $40,124.00)
        Gwynedd-Mercy College                                Olivia Wright-Cady:
         (Mother Mary Bernard Scholarship, Catholic School           The Art Institute of Philadelphia
        $40,000.00),                                         Wrenton Wright:
        Chestnut Hill College                                        Johnson and Wales,
        (Chestnut Hill Scholarship $56,000.00),                      Cheyney University,
        Temple University                                            Shippensburg University,
        (Temple Scholar Award $10,000.00),                           East Stroudsburg University
        Holy Family University                               John Wynder:
        (Presidential Merit $48,000.00)                              Albright College,
Raymond Tran:                                                        Millersville University
        Temple University                                    Sabrina Yelverton:
        (Scholarship Package $60,720.00),                            King’s College
        University of Pennsylvania                                   (DePrizio Award + Full Financial Package
        (Full Scholarship $205,000.00),                              $46,460.00)
        Villanova University
        (Scholarship Package $134,004.00),                   At the time of this posting the total for Scholarships, Grants,
        St. Joseph’s University                              Awards, etc is: $8,838,824.00. *EDITORS NOTE – The total
        (Scholarship Package $104,124.00),                   for Scholarships, Grants, and Awards exceeded $12 Million.
        University of Miami
         (Scholarship Package $80,724.00),                                  Congratulations Class of 2008!
        Drexel University                                                           Well done!
        (Dean’s Scholar $50,000.00)
Cecelia Vo:                                                  The Guidance office would like to be a partner with yourself
        LaSalle University                                   and your child throughout their years at Cardinal Dougherty.
        (Founders Scholarship $48,000.00)                    Please feel free to contact us at school if we may be of help
Julia Walsh:                                                 (215-276-2300 ext. 242). For a list of counselors and
        University of Scranton                               resources please go to guidance at
        (Dean’s Scholarship $56,000.00),                     Our services are varied—both educational and personal
        LaSalle University
        (Christian Brothers $130,000.00),                                          Internet Safety Tip
        Mount St, Mary’s University                          3 Questions for Parents
        (Trustee Scholarship $60,000.00),                    On Thursday, March 27th, the Cardinal Dougherty Faculty
        St. Joseph’s University                              participated in the NetSmart Internet Safety Presentation. A
        (Presidential Scholarship $60,000.00),               similar program will be presented to students and offered to
        Catholic University                                  parents. A basic Internet safety tip for parents is to ask these
        (CUA Scholarship $101,600.00),                       questions:
        University of Pennsylvania
        (Full Financial Aid Package $166,080.00)                 1.   What sites will you visit? (Set rules for the type of
Dominique West:                                                       websites your child may visit.)
        St Vincent College,                                      2.   Who will you talk to? (Set rules for chat rooms,
        Pace University                                               instant messaging, e-mail, and web cam use.)
Marquis West:                                                    3.   How long will you be online? (Encourage children
        Indiana University of Pennsylvania,                           to have interests other than Internet use.)
        Widener University,
        Penn State—Abington
                                                             Keep the computer in a common room. This is one of the most
Quinten White:
                                                             important Internet safety messages. Supervision by parents
        Temple University
                                                             and guardians can be an effective method of protecting
        (Football Scholarship $96,000.00)
                                                             children online. Often parents/guardians are more concerned
Lauren Wible:
                                                             with monitoring television viewing that with allowing
        St, Joseph’s University
                                                             unsupervised access to the Internet. Putting the computer in
Curtis Wiggins:
        University Of Pittsburgh                             a common room will only be effective if you also actively
                                                             supervise your child or teen while they are online. Cardinal
        (Room Grant $8,000.00),
                                                             Dougherty continues to cooperate with the Office for Catholic
        Penn State,
                                                             Education in providing a safe learning environment for your
        Lincoln University
                                                             son and daughter.
  Four Students represent Cardinal Dougherty at                    required to take courses. The program runs from June 30,
             mass with Pope Benedict XVI                           2008 to July 18, 2008. For more information please contact
Seniors, Sarah Coughlan, Sean Doherty, Julian Gazlette, Erin       Mr. John Fitzsimmons at 215-276-2300 Ext. 242 to e-mail him
Kelleher along with faculty member Drew Zagursky; and              at
former faculty member John Cardinal Foley. Our own Father
Janicki concelebrated the mass. Former student, Mike Speziale          Soccer Camp Registration Now Underway!
’01 served the Mass. What an honor for all!                        If you are a boy or girl entering 5th through
                   Volunteers Needed:                              8th grade and would like to play soccer this
We are in need of assistance with some small renovation            summer, join our Soccer Camp!
projects, secretarial support, and student affairs projects.
If you can help please let Father Carl Janicki know, 215-              •    FOR: Any boy or girl entering 5th through 8th grade
276-2300 ext. 213 or                                                   •    WEEK OF: July 28, 2008 - August 1, 2008
e-mail him at:
                                                                       •    TIME: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
                                                                       •    COST: $75 per camper ; $25 down payment due July
                    SAT PREP COURSE
                                                                            7th (Family discount rate: 2 children = $125; sibling
Dear Parent or Guardian,
                                                                            of current CD student- $60 per camper)
As the new school year approaches, your son or daughter will
                                                                       •    LOCATION: Cardinal Dougherty High School
be preparing to take the SAT. We want to make sure you and
your child have acce4ss to as many quality resources as                •    FACILITATED BY: Larry Teal ’94 Teacher, CDHS
possible during that time frame—resources that will assist                  - Boys Varsity Soccer Coach CDHS
your student as he/she prepares for this very important test.               Theresa Martin ’00 Teacher, CDHS - Girls Varsity
                                                                            Soccer Coach, CDHS
One of the best resources we have is to offer the Revolution
Prep SAT course. This course offers high quality SAT                        Campers will be placed into groups based on
preparation, a 200 point score improvement guarantee, and                              gender/age/ability*
online resources. Revolution Prep also offers unlimited
scholarships to families with financial need, so everyone has         *Group divisions are dependent on sufficient number of
access to this excellent program. We are committed to helping                                campers
all students, regardless of their ability to pay for a course—an
ideal that we share.                                                         *Please bring a ball, shin guards and spikes
Revolution Prep is offering early and late summer classes on
                                                                   Campers will receive a t-shirt & evaluation at end of week
Cardinal Dougherty’s campus. The early summer class
begins on Wednesday, June 25, 2008, and the late4 summer
class begins on Thursday, July 10, 2008. The cost of the           Campers must bring their lunch. Please download the Liability
course is $499.00. A Hybrid course is also available, which        / Medical Release Form and return the completed form to the
includes the group class plus four hours of private tutoring and   attention of Cardinal Dougherty Soccer Camp
a higher guaranteed score improvement. If you are interested
in enrolling, please call 1-877-REV-PREP or go online to           For more information contact: Larry Teal (215) 681-                                             8389: Theresa Martin (215) 840-6531: CD main
                                                                   office (215)276-2300
Again, financial assistance is available; if you would like to
take advantage of this option, please call Revolution Prep for
financial aid information. In addition, Revolution Prep is
happy to answer any questions you may have about the course,
the SAT exam, or the college admissions process in general.                             Cardinal Dougherty
Feel free to call them at 1-877-REV-PREP (1-877-738-7737).                                 Alumni News
You may also call Patricia Maloney at 1-301-353-8029, or
email her at: Patricia for more                            CARDS “Soar at the Shore”
information.                                                                    Saturday July 12, 2008 at
                                                                           Keenan’s Irish Pub, North Wildwood, NJ
                   Volunteers Needed:                                            Come join in on the fun.
We are in need of assistance with some small renovation
projects, secretarial support, and student affairs projects.                     BUY A BRICK PROGRAM
If you can help please let Father Carl Janicki know, 215-                   What a great way to mark your time here. For
276-2300 ext. 213 or                                                           more information visit our webpage:
e-mail him at:                                    
                                                                                       They make a great gift
Students who are entering grades 6th through 9th can gain a
head start on their high school studies. Any student who
finished 8th grade with a final failure on their report card are
                 WE NEED YOUR HELP!                                through the Emergency Aid of Pennsylvania Foundation. Both
Please don’t forget to send us your used paper,                    Christina and Julia were previous recipients of the
newspapers, advertisements, junk mail, etc, (NO PHONE              Foundation's "Founders Award" making them eligible for a
BOOKS), so we can recycle them and make some money                 scholarship through The Emergency Aid. Upon becoming a
for our school. Thank you for all you do to help us.               senior in high school, each past recipient of the Founders
                                                                   award receives an invitation to apply for a scholarship.
    Neumann College Honors Cardinal Dougherty                      Applicants are carefully reviewed by members of the
                             Coach                                 Foundation's Scholarship Committee and award decisions are
Cardinal Dougherty's own Mrs. Mary                                 based on the following criteria:
McDonald a finalist for Leadership Award
Cardinal Dougherty High School community beams with pride              •    Academic success through high school
for Mary McDonald, Assistant Principal for Student Services,           •    Continued volunteer service
because she has been selected as a finalist for the 2008               •    Recommendations from sponsors, school
Leadership in Catholic Youth Sports Awards offered by                       administrators, counselors and/or teachers
Neumann College. Mary has coached the girls’ varsity                   •    Interview between applicant and the Scholarship
basketball team at CD for ten years, where she has routinely                Committee
led the team to the playoffs and, in 2003, to the Philadelphia         •    Availability of scholarships
Catholic League semi-finals. In the past, she
has coached girls’ CYO teams at St. Cecilia and St. William
                                                                             Students Ready for Business World!
parishes, and she has also coached teams for the Department
                                                                               CD Students earn MOS Certification
of Recreation. All in all, Mary has coached for twenty-six
                                                                   Cardinal Dougherty High School's Advanced Technology
years. She has loved her interaction with students and was
                                                                   Application Class has produced its sixth group of senior
"happy to use basketball to open doors for female athletes."
                                                                   students to be certified by a software vendor. David Carson,
Indeed, a number of her protégés have won sports scholarships
                                                                   Priscilla Lumbo, Michael Schultz, and Victor Torres have
to colleges and have graduated successfully. "It has been
                                                                   passed the Microsoft Word XP MOS examination. Office
rewarding to watch the players succeed in college – and in
                                                                   Specialist Certification provides both the job applicants and
life!" she commented. "While in school," Mary added,” the
                                                                   the employers the advantage of proven productivity in a
girls played cohesively on the court, shared a unique team
                                                                   competitive market for
spirit, and supported one another off the court." This talented
                                                                   jobs and for advancement.
sports leader was a young athlete herself when she played
basketball for Shanahan High School and St. Joseph
University.                                                        To earn the MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Certificate for
                                                                   Microsoft Office, the student must successfully pass one or
                                                                   more exams. Office Specialist examinations provide a valid
One of the nominating letters was written by Miss Theresa
                                                                   and reliable measure of a student's technical proficiency and
Martin, a former student and basketball player at CD who had
                                                                   expertise. These professional examinations serve as an
previously also played for Mary at St. Cecilia. Theresa
                                                                   evaluation of one's overall comprehension of Microsoft Office
admires the skill with which Mary taught the "fundamentals of
                                                                   applications, the student's ability to use these programs'
the game: dribbling, passing, shooting, defense, and off-the-
                                                                   advanced features and to integrate the Office applications with
ball movement on offense. Practices were intense and
                                                                   other software applications. Office specialist examinations are
expectations were high." She values gratefully, the lessons
                                                                   developed and validated by industry experts and are available
Mary taught the team about "fundamental Christian values: to
                                                                   in eighteen languages and are administered in one hundred
be respectful at all times, to model good sportsmanship, to
work hard, and to be thankful for all that we have been given."
We also, "prayed as a team, before every game." This young
teacher praises Mary McDonald as ‘one of the most                  For further information please contact Mr. Patrick Keenan, at
exceptional Christian role models I have encountered in my
life. She gives herself generously to every group of which she
is a part, and carries herself with respect and offers a genuine
smile." Theresa believes she had learned much from Mary, all                    Our Lady of Confidence Newsbytes
of which has helped her become a better person, as well as a       Our Lady of Confidence students joined with the Junior Class
better teacher and coach. Mary will receive her award at a         of Cardinal Dougherty to receive their School Rings on May
ceremony on May 20th at Neumann College. Mary, all who             8th. Joseph Rynkiewicz, John Capella, Douglas Petersen, Scott
know you are proud of you!                                         Lucas, John Rohrman, Jason Lasrose, Marisol Santiago, Louis
                                                                   Kramer, and Robert Heim-Moody will participate in the Ring
               Area Students Honored by                            Mass and be presented with their rings by Sister Judith
  the Emergency Aid of Pennsylvania Foundation                     Moeller, IHM, Principal of Our Lady of Confidence. Our
Dougherty Seniors, Christina Lennon and Julia Walsh                Lady of Confidence students also joined the Senior Class of
among scholarship recipients.                                      Cardinal Dougherty High School for the Baccalaureate Mass
On Monday, April 21 at the Down Town Club in Center City,          at the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul on Monday evening
Seniors Christina Lennon and Julia Walsh were among                June 2, 2008. OLC students, Jay Costello, Catherine
Philadelphia area students who were awarded scholarships           Schreiber, Lauren Quinn, Christopher Feltwell, Stephen
                                                                   McGarry, Aaron Jones, Louis Kramer, Robert Heim-Moody,
and Robert Phy, they celebrated their graduation ceremony in          the life of the school have been closely identified…” (these
the Cardinal Dougherty Chapel on Tuesday, June 3rd. The               words could be said even today)
students joined the Cardinal Dougherty graduates as they
process and went to the Chapel for their ceremony with family         So with the blessing of His Holiness, Pope John XXIII the
and friends.                                                          doors of Cardinal Dougherty High School opened for the first
                                                                      time on September 5, 1956. 2,500 students from 48 Parishes
The First Annual Terry Cushman Best Friends Ball                      reported for classes. The cornerstone was laid on October 25,
On Friday night, April 18th, the Best Friends Club hosted the         1956 and on October 28, 1956; Cardinal Dougherty High
first annual Terry Cushman Best Friends Ball at Cardinal              School was dedicated by Archbishop O’Hara. Cardinal
Dougherty in the McKee Gym. The Best Friends Club                     Dougherty was one of twelve Catholic high schools in
members who attended Our Lady of Confidence looked                    Philadelphia. The first Principal was Monsignor Adolph L.
forward to dressing up and spending the evening with their            Baum, but, because of bad health he was replaced by Father
friends from Cardinal Dougherty. Highlights of the evening            George T. Concannon. The Administration was double
included dinner and dancing to the tunes of D. J. Mr. Dave            because of the girl/boy split of the school. The boys had all
Beck (a teacher at CD). The club officers, Maris Toth,                male teachers while the girls had all female teachers. The boys
Christina Lennon, Leigh Capella, Mike Martin and Rachael              wore shirt, tie, sports jackets, and dress pants, the girls had a
Hopkins worked hard to make the evening a success. Fun was            uniform, (jumper and blouse, with a “peter pan” collar). The
had by all!                                                           gym uniform for the boys was a white T-shirt and green
                                                                      shorts, while the girls had a green dress, with white collar and
Congratulations:                                                      bloomers.
Aaron Jones (class of 2008, [he worked in the
Main Office and Student Services Office]) and his Canaan              Subjects Offered: Spanish, World History, Religion, General
Baptist Church Bowling Teammates (Devron, Allen, and                  Science, French, German, Physical Education, Book-keeping,
George) on a job well done. On Saturday, March 8, 2008 they           Business Arithmetic, Algebra, Plane Geometry, Latin,
came in first place in the Semi-finals against the Baltimore          English, French, Physics, U. S. History, Biology, Typing,
Rentlands. The finals will be held in the summer. We wish             Russian, National Problems, Modern European History,
them all good luck!                                                   Mechanical Drawing, Art, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry,
Jay Jay Costello from OLC/CD3 is thrilled to be employed              Library Science, Home Economics, Family Living, Music,
by Holy Family University. Jay Jay says he is so happy                Stenography, Office Practice, and Secretarial
because “it pays money”, he will be around the college
students, and he will be able to walk to work. Jay Jay will be        Extracurricular Activities: Student Council,
working in the cafeteria. Good luck in your new position.             (Boys were given lapel pins and girls wore sashes with the
Robert Heim-Moody earned the Eagle Scout Award. Robert                pins of their office on them) The Forensic League, The
will be honored at a ceremony on April 6th at St. Martin of           Prelate, The Eminence, Drama, Concert/Marching Band,
Tours Church.                                                         Orchestra, Glee Club, Camera, Color Guard, Prom
Jesse Rose an OLC/CD graduate, (you may remember he won               Committees, Art Club, Biology Club, Chemistry Club,
a Silver medal in the 400 meter Freestyle, a Bronze in the 200        Debating, Camera Club, French Club, German Club,
meter Freestyle and came in 8th place in the 800 meter                Missions, Physics Club, Radio-TV Club, Russian Club,
Freestyle) was honored with a Special Achievement Award               Spanish Club Stage Crew, Store, Sports, Orchestra and Band.
from the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association on January
28, 2008. Jesse was honored with the best Philadelphia                It was Cardinal Dougherty’s second year, first for some of our
athletes; Eagles’ Jon Runyon, the Phillies’ Jimmy Rollins and         teams, of Catholic League competition. The sports we had
the Flyers’ Daniel Briere. Jesse was the first Philadelphia           back then were: Football, Boy’s Basketball, Boy’s Soccer,
Special Olympic Athlete to ever receive this award!                   Boy’s Cross-Country (won the Catholic League
“We hope this is a new beginning!”                                    Championship), Boy’s Indoor and Outdoor Track (we had a
                                                                      Catholic League High Jump Champ), Boy’s Golf, Boy’s
Classroom Updates from OLC                                            Tennis, Boy’s Swimming, Boy’s Bowling,
On February 8, 2008 a Commerce Bank Representative spoke              Baseball (came in second place), Boy’s Horseback Riding (not
to the Consumer Economics class. She discussed topics that            a competitive sport), Girl’s Basketball, Girl’s Bowling, Girl’s
the class has been studying such as saving and checking               Volley Ball, Girl’s Horseback Riding, Girl’s Tennis,
accounts, deposits, withdrawals and credit cards.                     Cheerleading (both boys and girls [not on the same team of
                                                                      course]) and the Girl’s Drill Team.
                      Take a Walk Down
                         Memory Lane                                  The Senior Prom was held at The Bellevue-Stratford Hotel,
                        The year was 1959                             the Junior Prom was held at Cardinal Dougherty in the boy’s
The first edition of The Eminence was released.                       gym. We played host to Fourth Annual All-Catholic Boys’
It included the story of “The First Co-Institutional High             High School Concert. “Meet Me in St. Louis” was the play.
School in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia” Fr. Concannon              And just in case you didn’t know, in 1959 Cardinal Dougherty
wrote in the yearbook “This Yearbook is not a book of a year,         High School was the largest high school in the world!
but the story of the birth and the infant growth of a school. It is
also your story. It relates the history of your entrance into the
life of the school, your growth in it…and with it. Your life and
U. S. News:                                                        Room at the Top
Alaska (Jan. 3) and Hawaii (Aug. 21) become the 49th and           Miss America: Mary Ann Mobley (MS)
50th states.
President: Dwight D. Eisenhower
Vice President: Richard M. Nixon
Population: 177,829,628
Life expectancy: 69.9 years
Homicide Rate (per 100,000): 4.6
US GDP (1998 dollars): $507.2 billion
Federal spending: $92.10 billion
Federal debt: $287.5 billion
Consumer Price Index: 29.1
Unemployment: 6.8%
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.04

World News:
Cuban President Batista resigns and flees (Jan. 1). Fidel Castro
assumes power (Feb. 16).
Tibet's Dalai Lama escapes to India (Mar. 31).
Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev tours the United States,
meeting with Eisenhower at Camp David.
Britain recognizes the independence of Cyprus.

World Series
LA Dodgers d. Chicago White Sox (4-2)
NBA Championship
Boston d. Minneapolis Lakers (4-0)
Stanley Cup
Montreal d. Toronto (4-1)
Women: Maria Bueno d. D. Hard (6-4 6-3)
Men: Alex Olmedo d. R. Laver (6-4 6-3 6-4)

Kentucky Derby Champion
Tomy Lee
NCAA Basketball Championship
California d. West Virginia (71-70)
NCAA Football Champions
Syracuse (11-0-0)

Academy Award: Best Picture: Gigi, Arthur Freed, producer
The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
sponsors the first Grammy Award ceremony for music
recorded in 1958.
Frank Sinatra wins his first Grammy Award -- Best Album for
Come Dance with Me.
Grammys awarded in 1959:
Record of the Year: “Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu” (Volare),
Domenico Modugno
Album of the Year: The Music From Peter Gunn, Henry
Song of the Year: : “Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu” (Volare),
Domenico Modugno, songwriter

Some of the movies out in 1959 were:
Some Like It Hot,
North by Northwest,
Anatomy of a Murder,

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