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									                                 CURRICULUM VITAE

                                    Ellen M. Nimmons

                                       February 2010

                              GENERAL INFORMATION

ADDRESS:                       The School of Communication Science and Disorders
                               College of Communication and Information
                               127 Honors Way
                               The Florida State University
                               Tallahassee, Florida 32306-1200
                               (850) 644-8994; FAX (850) 644-8994

EMAIL ADDRESS:                 enimmons@fsu.edu

WEBSITE:                 http://www.commdisorders.cci.fsu.edu/Faculty/Ellen-Nimmons

Professional Preparation
January, 1984 – March, 1985 M.C.D., Auburn University, Auburn, AL. Major: Speech-
                            Language Pathology.

Sept, 1982 – Dec, 1983         B.A., Auburn University at Montgomery, Montgomery, AL.
                               Major: Speech-Language Pathology.

Sept, 1979 – May, 1982         Undergraduate, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL.
                               Major: Speech-Language Pathology

Professional Credentials
1994          Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Florida State Examining Board,
              (#SA 3201)
1989          Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Georgia State Examining Board,
              (# 1556)
1986          Certificate of Clinical Competence, American Speech Language Hearing

Professional Experience
August 2005 - Present          Associate In Communication Disorders, Clinical
                               Instructor/Supervisor, Department of Communication
                               Science and Disorders, Florida State University. Responsible
                               for the instruction and supervision of 3 student teams
                               including: ACE Team – SPA 5505 Section 1, Adult
                               Diagnostic Team – SPA 5528L, and TMH Adult Daycare
                               Team – SPA 5505 Section 6. Additional responsibilities for
                               the instruction and oversight of graduate students in their
                               part time community practicum placements in settings such
                               as outpatient clinics, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and
                           preschools (SPA 5505 Section 2). Interface with community
                           supervisors and lead seminars that provide students the
                           opportunity to pose questions, problem solve, and transfer
                           between research findings and practice.

July 2004 – August 2005    Program Manager, Inpatient Rehab Unit., Archbold Medical
                           Center, Thomasville, GA. Responsible for the 24 hour, 7
                           day a week operation of a 20 bed inpatient rehabilitation
                           unit including nursing, physical, occupational, and speech
                           therapy services.
                           Operational responsibilities include supervision of 30
                           employees, fiscal management (operating and capital
                           budget), clinical management, and departmental
                           compliance with Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance
                           Provided diagnostic and therapeutic speech, language,
                           cognitive, and swallowing services to adolescents and
                           adults as part of the Inpatient Rehab team.

October 1994 – July 2004   Chief Speech-Language Pathologist, Archbold Medical
                           Center, Thomasville, GA. Senior SLP for Archbold
                           System and Senior Therapist for the Inpatient Rehab
                           Unit. Clinically responsible for providing speech,
                           language, cognitive, and swallowing services to
                           patients on the IPR unit. Administratively responsible
                           for interviewing, hiring, and planning SLP coverage
                           for the Archbold system and developing and
                           monitoring Performance Improvement programs.

Sept 1991 – August 1994    Clinical Instructor/Supervisor, Department of Special
                           Education, Valdosta State University. Taught courses in the
                           graduate and undergraduate speech-language pathology
                           training program including Advanced Language Disorders,
                           Articulation Disorders, Introduction to Speech-Language
                           Pathology and Phonetics. Clinic supervisor of
                           undergraduate and graduate students in the university
                           clinic, school settings, and hospital settings. Clinic
                           scheduler of 60 practicum students with over 100 speech
                           clients in the university clinic. Faculty advisor for the local
                           chapter of the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing

Nov 1989 – June 1991       Chief Speech-Language Pathologist, J. D. Archbold
                           Memorial Hospital, Thomasville, GA. Administratively
                           responsible for capital and operational budgeting, quality
                           assurance procedures, policy and procedure development,
                           marketing. Supervised staff of speech-language
                           pathologists. Developed, organized, and administered

                             speech language services to Acute Care, Outpatient, Home
                             Health, and 60 bed affiliate hospital (Grady General).
                             Provided diagnostic and therapeutic speech and language
                             services to children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of
                             communicative disorders. Performed Videofluoroscopic
                             Swallow Studies in conjunction with Radiology

May 1989 – October 1989      Speech-Language Pathologist. Sun Coast Center for
                             Rehabilitation. Gulfport, MS. As part of an
                             interdisciplinary team, provided speech and language
                             services to Acute Care, Inpatient Rehab and Outpatients.
                             Worked extensively with disorders of aphasia, voice,
                             dysarthria, dysphagia, apraxia, language and articulation
                             treated in both pediatric and adult populations. Performed
                             Videofluoroscopic Swallow Studies in conjunction with
                             Radiology and Dietary.

March 1988 – April 1989      Speech-Language Pathologist. St. Elizabeth's Hospital.
                               Belleville, IL. Provided diagnostic and therapeutic speech and
                              language services as part of an interdisciplinary rehabilitative team
                              in Acute Inpatient Rehab and Outpatient settings.

Sept 1986 – March 1987       Speech/Audiology Services Corp. St. Louis, MO
                             Contracted to provide diagnostic evaluation and
                             therapeutic remediation, in a home health setting, of
                             various forms of communicative disabilities for preschool
                             children in the St. Louis Headstart Program and for
                             preschool and school-aged children (i.e. hearing impaired,
                             cleft palate) with Missouri Crippled Children Services

Five awards for Continuing Education (ACE), received from ASHA, August 1991 –
August 2003

Professional Memberships
American Speech-Language Hearing Association
Georgia Speech and Hearing Association (GSHA)
Florida Speech and Hearing Association (FLASHA)

Supervision of Clinical Practice
SPA 5941      Beginning Speech-Language Pathology Practicum – L.L. Schendel Speech
              and Hearing Clinic. Adult patients with speech, language, cognitive and
              swallowing disorders
SPA5505       Advanced Clinical Practicum - L. L. Schendel Speech and Hearing Clinic,
              Tallahasse Memorial Adult Daycare Center. Adult patients with speech,

              language, cognitive, and swallowing disorders
SPA5528L      Adult Diagnostics – L.L. Schendel Speech and Hearing Clinic, Archbold
              Memorial Hospital. Adult patients with speech, language, cognitive, and
              swallowing disorders.

National Presentation
Nimmons, E., Jackson, C., Kahn, J., Coston J., Marturana E., Scott L., Katz D.,
      Kashinath, S. (2009, November) Multi-Generational Communication Camp: An
      Innovative Summer Clinical Training Program. Presented at the 2009 ASHA
      Convention, New Orleans, LA.

Woods, J., Jackson, C., McClung, J., Kahn J., Katz, D., Nimmons. E., & Snowden,
    S. (2006, November) Infusing Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Education. Presented
    at the 2006 ASHA Convention, Miami, FL.

State Presentation
Deason, J., Nimmons, E., Jackson, C. (2008, May) EBP: Perceptions of Students in
       Communication Disorders. Presented at the 2008 FLASHA Convention,
       Orlando, FL.

                              Florida State University
Department of Communication Disorders
Chair, Scholarship and Awards Committee, Fall 2005-Spring 2007
Member, Scholarship and Awards Committee, Fall 2005-Spring 2009
Member, Clinic Policy Committee, Fall 2005-Present
Chair, Reimbursement Committee, Fall 2007-Present
Member, Reimbursement Committee, Fall 2006-Present
Member, Faculty Evaluation Committee, Fall 2008-Spring 2008
Member, Appeals Committee, Fall 2007-Spring 2008
Member, Curriculum Committee, Fall 2008-Spring 2009
Member, Admissions Committee, Fall 2008-Present
TMH Adult Daycare
Archbold Memorial Hospital
Florida Disabled Outdoors Association (FDOA)

                                  The Community
Girl Scout Troop Leader, Girl Scout Council of the Florida Panhandle, Tallahassee,
Florida, 2002-Present
Volunteer, Florida Disabled Outdoors Sportsability Expo and Sports Day, Apr 2007-


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