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Riverside CA Drug Rehab Center, Whiteside
 Manor – Economical Rehab Programs In
           Southern California
                                   Residential treatments for men and women are separated and provide facilities to patients in Whiteside
                                   Manor. In addition to that, the center also offers support and a comprehensive structure for those
                                   people who are looking for ways to treat drug addiction and alcoholism. Basically, the program offered
                                   by Riverside CA Drug Rehab Center, Whiteside Manor would last for 90 days, but the length of stay of every
                                   patient is individualized and flexible. The counseling and clinical staff of the center is dedicated in providing
                                   reliable services for all of the time; they are also aimed at providing the best results one can ever get from a
                                   reputable rehabilitation center.

                                   An Economical Residential Treatment Center

                                   Whiteside Manor regularly meets and lectures patients in groups so that the patients can get the most intensive
                                   drug and alcohol rehabilitation. In the lecture and meeting, the management also impart treatment planning that is
                                   considered as goal-oriented, provides one on one counseling, educational lectures, group therapy and even
                                   relapse prevention groups. Specific components are also designed for individual clients who are applied in a case
                                   to case basis.

                                   A twelve-step meeting is also attended by clients in the community, which is essential in their recovery.
                                   With trustworthy and reliable staff and personnel, clients at Riverside CA Drug Rehab Center, Whiteside Manor
                                   are given the opportunity to build a concrete foundation that will help them become fully recovered and
                                   responsible in giving out skills that will enhance their lives. The truth is that the staff of the rehabilitation clinic
                                   works with all clients as a team. Here, the clients are taught with the right and proper tools that will help them
                                   make themselves as self-sufficient individuals and as valuable and contributing members of the society where
                                   they belong to.

                                   The twelve-step recovery program which is usually one of the primary treatments of Riverside CA Drug Rehab
                                   Center, Whiteside Manor also includes the following therapeutic procedures:

                                        Thorough assessments and evaluations to individualized treatment plans
                                        One on one counseling
                                        Team or group counseling
                                        Gender specification groups, process groups, and topic groups that are in tended to develop skills and life
                                        Physical fitness, nutrition, health related groups, a good emphasis on peer support, self support, and skills
                                        The introduction of Twelve-Step recovery principals and the need to be exposed in the recovery community
                                        The completion of the Twelve-Step Recovery program
                                        Evaluation and treatments/medications supervision
                                        Family Counseling, and
                                        Weekly recreational activities

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