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Experience the Impeccable Hospitality in Edmonton – Coliseum Inn


Looking for comfortable & affordable lodging with high class facilities & services near Rexall Place in Edmonton? Read more for the best solution for you..

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									                                           Experience the
                                       Impeccable Hospitality in
                                       Edmonton – Coliseum Inn

The Coliseum Inn ranks among the best hotels in Edmonton. Recently
renovated, it is located near Wayne Getzky Drive and just across the
street from Rexall Place and Northlands Park with quick access to the
city’s largest events.

A great location

In Edmonton, there is a huge choice in hotel accommodation with
each one offering a location that is particularly close to a major point
of interest. The choice of hotel usually depends on which areas the
visitor wants to access quickly. Some major landmarks in the city are
Rexall Place, the University Area, Whyte Avenue, the south side,
downtown and the International airport. The Coliseum Inn in
Edmonton enjoys close proximity to almost all the major venues in
the city. There are several restaurants and cafes offering fine dining
in the area, besides plenty of shopping venues. Hotel guests can
choose from a range of activities such as skiing, horseback riding, ice
skating and golfing.

High quality facilities and service

Just two miles from the city center and within walking distance from
the LRT station, the Coliseum Inn is a concrete and brick structure
and soundproofed to provide guests a tranquil ambience. The hotel
has a full dining room, a lounge, a night club, Kamikaze gym and a
sports bar. The courteous staff has a reputation for taking good care
of the hotel’s guests.

As one of the most comfortable hotels in Edmonton, the Coliseum
Inn is also considered an affordable lodging choice. The guest rooms
include private baths, air conditioning, satellite television, and work
desks, hair dryers, ironing sets, refrigerators, voicemail facility and
data ports. It offers its guests genuine hospitality, in addition to
elegantly appointed rooms and all the modern amenities guests take
for granted in a top class hotel such as high speed internet access, a
choice of king, queen or double beds and the perfect location.

Continuous monitoring customer satisfaction

The Coliseum Inn’s owners take care to ensure that their guests
regard it as one of the best hotels in Edmonton by monitoring quality
on an on-going basis. They also keep track of competition in the area
and work diligently to offer their guests the most competitive deals.
Guests can make their reservation via a secure system with their
credit cards, assured that their privacy is taken care of.

With a commitment to maintaining high standards of customer
service, Coliseum Inn, Edmonton encourages its guests to post
testimonials and reviews about their hotel and its service to help
them fine tune their facilities.

For more details & online booking call us at 780.471.1231 or visit at

Address: 11845 Wayne Gretzky Drive Southbound
Edmonton, Alberta T5B 4R4

Email ID:

Toll Free No: 1-877-471-1231

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