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					                                                        THE ENERGY JOURNAL

                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS (VOLUME 1 1980 to Current)

Table of Contents for The Energy Journal, including special issues, are listed below in the following format:

For articles, short papers, notes or comments: Title, by Authors, Vol (Issue) Year, Pages

For book reviews: Title of Book (Author or Editor), by name of reviewer, Vol (Issue), Year, Pages


VOLUME 1, 1980

Vol 1, Issue 1

America's Energy Choices, by Sam H. Schurr, 1(1) 1980, 1-9

Energy Crisis and Macroeconomic Policy, by William D. Nordhaus, 1(1) 1980, 11-20

Energy Policy: An Economist's Confessions, by James R. Schlesinger, 1(1) 1980, 21-29

Residential Electricity Revisited, by Hendrik S. Houthakker, 1(1) 1980, 29-43

The Clumsy Cartel, by M.A. Adelman, 1(1) 1980, 43-53

The World Oil Market: An Exporter's View, by Alirio A. Parra, 1(1) 1980, 55-61

The U.S. Outlook for Supplemental Gas, by Arlon R. Tussing, 1(1) 1980, 63-75

Coal Policy and Energy Economics, by Richard L. Gordon, 1(1) 1980, 77-86

Coal Liquefaction, by George R. Hill, 1(1) 1980, 87-104

Comments on Coal Liquefaction (G.R. Hill) by L.E Swabb. Jr., 1(1) 1980, 105-106

Business Energy Economics, by John R. Benemann, 1(1) 1980, 107-131

Vol 1, Issue 2

Appropriate Government Policy Toward Commercialization of New Energy Supply Technologies, by Richard
Schmalensee, 1(2) 1980, 1-40

Energy Prices and the U.S. Economy in 1979-1981, by Knut Anton Mork and Robert E. Hall, 1(2) 1980, 41-53

Simulation of World Oil Market Shocks: A Markov Analysis of OPEC and Consumer Behavior, by Richard F.
Kosobud and Houston H. Stokes, 1(2) 1980, 55-84

Residential Substitution of Off-peak for Peak Electricity Usage under Time-of-Use Pricing, by Douglas W. Caves and
Laurits R. Christensen, 1(2) 1980, 85-142

Vol 1, Issue 3

An Integrated Framework for Energy Pricing in Developing Countries, by Mohan Munasinghe, 1(3) 1980, 1-30
Energy Prices, Inflation, and Recession, 1974-1975, by Robert E. Hall and Knut Anton Mork, 1(3) 1980, 31-63

Crude Oil Resource Appraisal in the United States, by Noel D. Uri, 1(3) 1980, 65-74

Petroleum Policy and Mexican Domestic Politics: Left Opposition, Regional Dissidence, and Official Apostasy, by
Edward J. Williams, 1(3) 1980, 75-96

Economic Effects of Increased Penetration of Solar Energy, by Edward A. Hudson, 1(3) 1980, 97-111

The Real Price of Imported Oil, by Joy Dunkerley and John E. Jankowski, 1(3) 1980 113-118

Vol 1, Issue 4

Energy Price Increases and Macroeconomic Policy, by Robert S. Pindyck, 1(4) 1980, 1-20

Economic Implication of Mandated Efficiency for Household Appliances, by J. Daniel Khazzoom, 1(4) 1980, 21-39

An Assessment of the Effects of the Windfall Profits Tax on Crude Oil Supply, by Philip K. Verleger, 1(4) 1980, 41-58

World Oil Price Increases: Sources and Solutions, by Albert L. Danielsen, 1(4) 1980, 59-74

The Treatment of Intermediate Materials in the Estimation of the Demand for Energy: The Case of U.S. Manufacturing,
by Richard G. Anderson, 1(4) 1980, 75-94

Energy Efficiency Versus Human Lives (note) by Irwin M. Stelzer, 1(4) 1980, 95-97

Efficient Use of Energy Resources (William Nordhaus), book review by Joseph A. Hasson, 1(4) 1980, 98-100

Volume 1 Index, 1(4) 1980, 101-104


VOLUME 2, 1981

Vol 2, Issue 1

Methods for Measuring the Oil Import Reduction Premium and the Oil Stockpile Premium, by James L. Plummer, 2(1)
1981, 1-18

The Benefits of an Alaskan Natural Gas Pipeline, by Douglas B. Fried and William F. Hederman Jr., 2(1) 1981, 19-36

Risks and Psychic Costs of Alternative Energy Sources for Generating Electricity, by Miller B. Spangler, 2(1) 1981,

Energy Analysis and the Energy Theory of Value, by Frank J. Alessio, 2(1) 1981, 61-74

Joint Energy and Economic Optimization, by Donald I. Hertzmark, 2(1) 1981, 75-88

Load Management: Rationing versus Peak Load Pricing (note), by Sanford V. Berg, 2(1) 1981, 89-98

The Alcohol Fuels Option in the Third World (note), by William Ramsay, 2(1) 1981, 99-103

The Economics of Power System Reliability and Planning: Theory and Case Study (Mohan Munasinghe), book review
by A.N. Halter, 2(1) 1981, 105-106

Vol 2, Issue 2
Regional Growth and Energy Determinants, by T.R. Lakshmanan, 2(2) 1981, 1-24

Policy Implications of Energy Vulnerability, by James L. Plummer, 2(2) 1981, 25-36

Aggregate Elasticity of Energy Demand, by EMF 4 Working Group, 2(2) 1981, 37-75

An Analysis of the Supply of Oil by Ali M. Reza, 2(2) 1981, 77-94

Sources of Deep Coal Mine Productivity Change, 1952-1975, by Joe G. Baker, 2(2) 1981, 95-106

Interfuel Substitution--Upper bound Estimates, by Brian Sullivan and Donna Siemon, 2(2) 1981, 107-118

Multimarket, Multitechnology, Multiattribute Technological Forecasting (note) by Barry G. Silverman, 2(2) 1981, 119-

Energy, Entropy, and Economic Analysis: Some New Directions (note), by David A. Huettner, 2(2) 1981, 123-130

Three Mile Island (Daniel Martin) book review by Clark W. Bullard, 2(2) 1981, 131-133

Coal: Bridge to the Future (Caroll Wilson) book review by Richard Newcomb, 2(2) 1981, 133-135

Energy Policy Modeling: United States and Canadian Experiences (W.T. Ziemba, S.L. Schwartz, and E. Koenigsberg,
eds),book review by Ralph Samuelson 2(2) 1981, 135-136

Vol. 2, Issue 3

Balancing Energy Supply and Demand: A Fifty-Year Global Perspective, by Paul S. Basile, 2(3) 1981, 1-15

A Critique of the IIASA Energy Models, by Dennis Meadows, 2(3) 1981, 17-28

Comment on "Balancing Energy Supply and Demand" by John Foster, 2(3) 1981, 29-32

Air Quality Implications of a Nuclear Moratorium: An Alternative Analysis, by Anthony Bopp, Verne Loose, Charles
Kolstad, and Robert Pendley, 2(3) 1981, 33-48

An Analysis of Department of Energy Residential Appliance Efficiency Standards, by Raymond S. Hartman, 2(3) 1981,

Information and Bidding Behavior by Major Oil Companies for Outer Continental Shelf Leases: Is the Joint Bidding
Ban Justified?, by Steven W. Millsaps and Mack Ott, 2(3) 1981, 71-90

Industrial and Commercial Demand for Electricity by Time-of-Day: A California Case Study, by Dennis J. Aigner and
Chinbang Chung, 2(3) 1981, 91-110

Stability of Appalachian Coal Shipments under Policy Variation, by Chin Wei Yang and Walter C. Labys, 2(3) 1981,

The Impact of President Reagan's Sudden Decontrol of Petroleum Prices on Petroleum Consumption (note), by Ali M.
Reza, 2(3) 1981, 129-133

The Dilemma of Economic Versus Statistical Models of Energy and Some Results of Forecasting Monthly Peak
Electricity Demand Using a Transfer Function Model (note), by J. Daniel Khazzoom, 2(3) 1981, 134-137

The U.N. Conference on New and Renewable Sources of Energy: Response to the Challenge of the Global Energy
Transition (note), by Morris Miller, 2(3) 1981, 138-141
Energy and Security (David A. Deese and Joseph S. Nye, eds) book review by Robert Springburg, 2(3) 1981, 142-144

Environmental Benefits and Costs of Solar Energy (Michael D. Yokell) book review by Fred H. Abel, 2(3) 1981, 145-

On the Economics of Solar Energy (Stephen L. Feldman and Robert M Wirtshafter) book review by Roger W. Taylor,
2(3) 1981, 147-148

Energy Policy and Public Administration (Gregory A. Daneke and George K. Lagassa, eds) book review by Jick
Myers, 2(3) 1981, 149-150

Issues in Public-Utility Pricing and Regulation (Michael A. Crew, ed.) book review by Harlan D. Platt, 2(3) 1981, 151-

Taxation of Mineral Resources (Robert F. Conrad and R. Bryce Hool) book review by Stephen L. McDonald, 2(3)
1981, 152-153

Vol 2, Issue 4

Oil and Energy Demand in Developing Countries in 1980, by Charles Wolf, Jr., Daniel A. Relles, and Jaime Navarro,
2(4) 1981, 1-24

Expansio ad Absurdum, by Amory Lovins, 2(4) 1981, 25-34

Energy in a Finite World--Expansio ad Absurdum? A Rebuttal, by Wolf Hafele, 2(4) 1981, 35-42

Natural Gas Curtailment Policy: Where Do We Go from Here?, by George R. Hall, 2(4) 1981, 43-61

Supplemental Sources of Natural Gas, by Alvin Kaufman and Susan J. Bodilly, 2(4) 1981, 63-83

Price Elasticity for Gasoline Revisited (note) by Rolando F. Pelaez, 2(4) 1981, 85-89

Energy in a Finite World: Report by the Energy Systems Program Group of IIASA, (Wolf Häfele, program leader,
written by Jeanne Anderer, with Alan McDonald, and N. Nakicenovic), book review by Herman Franssen, 2(4) 1981,

An Alternative Road to the Post-Petroleum Era (James W. Howe and James J. Tarrant) book review by Joy Dunkerley,
2(4) 1981, 99-101

United States Metallurgical Coal Industry (J.E. Spearman) book review by Michael Rieber, 2(4) 1981, 101-102

Letter to the Editor: Comment on "An Analysis of the Supply of Oil," by M.A. Adelman 2(4) 1981, 103

Letter to the Editor: Comment on "Critique of IIASA Energy Models," by Paul S. Basile, 2(4) 1981, 103-106

Volume 2 Index, 2(4) 1981, 107-109


VOLUME 3, 1982

Vol 3, Issue 1

Reducing the Economic Impacts of Oil Supply Interruption: An International Perspective, by Henry S. Rowen and John
P. Weyant, 3(1) 1982, 1-34
Changes in Regional Economic Capacity Due to Projected Energy Price Changes, by D. J. Bjornstad, 3(1) 1982, 35-58

Short-Run Residential Demand for Natural Gas, by Roberta Barnes, Robert Gillingham, and Robert Hagemann, 3(1)
1982, 59-72

Determinants of Energy Use in Institutional Buildings: A Minnesota Example, by Eric Hirst, 3(1) 1982, 73-84

Will President Reagan's Energy Policy Lead Households to Conserve? (note), by Eric S. Brown, 3(1) 1982, 85-89

What Role Can Utilities Play in Energy Conservation Programs? (note), by Irvin M. Stelzer, 3(1) 1982, 90-95

OPEC and the Rest of the World Trade Equilibrium--A Clarifying Note, by Gideon Fishelson, 3(1) 1982, 95-102

Economic Implications of Mandated Efficiency Standards for Household Appliances: An Extension (note), by Michael
Einhorn, 3(1) 1982, 103-109

Comment on "Economic Implications of Mandated Efficiency Standards for Household Appliances," by Stanley M.
Besen and Leland L. Johnson, 3(1) 1982, 110-116

Response to Besen and Johnson's Comment on "Economic Implications of Mandated Efficiency Standards for
Household Appliances," by J. Daniel Khazzoom, 3(1) 1982, 117-124

Risk Analysis of Alternative Energy Sources, by Daniel R. Kazmer, 3(1) 1982, 125-128

Reply to "Risk Analysis of Alternative Energy Sources," by Miller B. Spangler, 3(1) 1982, 129-137

Wood Energy Bibliography, 3(1) 1982, 135-137

Bidding and Oil Leases (James B. Ramsey), book review by Marshall Rose, 3(1) 1982, 138-140

Nuclear Safety Research in the OECD Area: The Responses to the Three Mile Island Accident (Committee on the
Safety of Nuclear Installations of the OECD), book review by Eli B. Roth, 3(1) 1982, 140-142

Oil and Gas in Comecon Countries (Daniel Park), book review by Robert E. Ebel, 3(1) 1982, 142-144

Letter to the Editor: Comment on "An Assessment of the Effects of the Windfall Profits Tax on Crude Oil Supply" by J.
L. Johnston, 3(1) 1982, 145-147

Vol 3. Issue 2

Coping with Supply Insecurity, by M.A. Adelman 3(2) 1982, 1-17

Taxation of Oil and Gas Revenues of Four Countries: Canada, by John F. Helliwell, 3(2) 1982, 20-31

Taxation of Oil and Gas Revenues of Four Countries: The United States, by Philip K. Verleger, Jr., 3(2) 1982, 33-38

Taxation of Oil and Gas Revenues of Four Countries: The United Kingdom, by John Mitchell, 3(2) 1982, 39-50

Taxation of Oil and Gas Revenues of Four Countries: Norway, by Thomas R. Stauifer, 3(2) 1982, 51-54

Taxation of Oil and Gas Revenues of Four Countries: British and American Tax Treatment of U.K. North Sea Oil
Fields, by John S. Moose, 3(2) 1982, 55-63

Nuclear Power for Developing Countries: Attainable Within This Century?, by Eli B. Roth, 3(2) 1982, 65-77
Estimation of Energy Demand: The Developing Countries, by Joy Dunkerley, 3(2) 1982, 79-99

The Potential Role of Natural Gas in a Major Oil Crisis, by Benjamin Schlesinger, Nelson E. Hay, and Jacquelyn S.
Mitchell, 3(2) 1982, 101-118

Public Utility Commission Regulations: Performance, Determinants, and Energy Policy Impacts, by Peter Navarro, 3(2)
1982, 119-139

Oil and Ideology in the United States Senate, by Joseph P. Kalt, 3(2) 1982, 141-166

Financing Solar Repowering and the Quantification of External Benefits, by Jules H. Kamin and J. Clair Ellis, 3(2)
1982, 167-184

Response of Industrial and Commercial Customers to Time-of-Use Rates (note), by James J. Brzycki and Arlyn C.
Frederick, 3(2) 1982, 185-186

Water and Energy in Colorado's Future: The Impacts of Energy Development on Water Use in 1985 and 2000
(Colorado Energy Institute) book review by Margot W. Garcia, 3(2) 1982, 187-188

Oil, Debt and Development: OPEC in the Third World (Paul Hallwood and Stuart Sinclair) book review by James L.
Paddock, 3(2) 1982, 188-190

Energy in America: Fifteen Views (Intro by Simon Ramo, conference chairman) book review by James W. McKie, 3(2)
1982, 190-191

An Economic Analysis of World Energy Problems (Richard L. Gordon) book review by Paul Davidson, 3(2) 1982, 191-

Vol 3, Issue 3

Energy Efficiency and Productive Efficiency: Some Thoughts Based on American Experience, by Sam H. Schurr, 3(3)
1982, 3-14

European Reliance on Soviet Gas Export: The Yamburg-Urengoi Natural Gas Project, by Boyce I. Greer and Jeremy L.
Russell, 3(3) 1982, 15-37

Domestic Energy: A Forgotten Factor in Simple Energy-Economy Models, by Stephen C. Peck and John L. Solow, 3(3)
1982, 39-52

Sources of Productivity Decline in U.S. Coal Mining, 1972-1977, by William J. Kruvant, Carlisle E. Moody, Jr., and
Patrick L. Valentine, 3(3) 1982, 53-70

Electricity Demand in Primary Aluminum Smelting, by Knut Anton Mork, 3(3) 1982, 71-94

Costs and Benefits of Residential Time-of-Use Metering, by David Huettner, Jack Kasulis, and Neil Dikeman, 3(3)
1982, 95-112

Testing the Joint Billing Effect Hypothesis, by Dennis M. Keane and Dennis J. Aigner, 3(3) 1982, 113-128

Solar Alternative: An Economic Perspective (A.L. Walton and E.H. Warren, Jr.) book review by Gerry L. Suchanek,
3(3) 1982, 129-131

Vol 3, Issue 4, Special Issue on Natural Gas Deregulation
Part I Conceptual Framework (section heading)

Gordian Knot of Natural Gas Prices, by Henry D. Jacoby and Arthur W. Wright, 3(4) 1982, 1-25

Part II Problems with the NGPA (section heading)

The Need to Deregulate the Natural Gas Policy Act, by Catherine Good Abbott, 3(4) 1982, 27-43

And What If We Don't?, by Robert C. Means, 3(4) 1982, 45-51

Lessons from the Origin of the Natural Gas Policy Act, By William F. Demarest, Jr., 3(4) 1982, 53-61

Part III How Industry Sees the Future (section heading)

The Tenneco Perspective, by Joe B. Foster, 3(4) 1982, 63-68

Transmission and Distribution Company Views, by Benjamin Schlesinger, 3(4) 1982, 69-80

Part IV The Economics of Gas Supply (section heading)

The Effects of Decontrol Policy Options, by Steven E. Muzzo, 3(4) 1982, 81-102

Part V Policy Trends: The Future Is Now (section heading)

The Decline and Fall of Regulation, by Arlon R. Tussing and Connie C. Barlow 3(4) 1982, 103-122

Letter to the Editor: (no heading) Comment on Davidson's review of An Economic Analysis of World Energy Prices
(R.L. Gordon) by M.A. Adelman 3(4) 1982, 123

Cambridge Meeting Poll, (4th Annual International Meeting of the IAEE), 3(4) 1982, 124-125

Referee Acknowledgments, 3(4) 1982, 126-128

Volume 3 Index, 3(4) 1982, 129-131


VOLUME 4, 1983

Vol 4, Issue 1

The Simple Economics of Industrial Cogeneration, by Paul L. Joskow and Donald R. Jones, 4(1) 1983, 1-22

Natural Gas Availability and the Residential Demand for Energy, by Gail R. Blattenberger, Lester D. Taylor, and
Robert K. Rennhack, 4(1) 1983, 23-45

The Economics of Gas Utilization in a Gas-Rich, Oil-Poor Country: The Case of Bangladesh, by Gunter Schramm, 4(1)
1983, 47-64

The Future of OPEC: Price Level and Cartel Stability, by George Daly, James M. Griffin, and Henry B. Steele, 4(1)
1983, 65-77

The United States Role in the International Thermal Coal Market, by D. Alec Sargent, 4(1) 1983, 79-96
The Supply, Demand and Average Price of Natural Gas under Free-Market Conditions, by Jack W. Wilkinson, 4(1)
1983, 99-123

Nuclear Power: Epilogue or Prologue? by Harold R. Denton, 4(1) 1983, 125-141

The Natural Gas Industry in Transition, by George H. Lawrence and Michael I. German, 4(1) 1983, 143-148

Utility Diversification, by Alfred E. Kahn, 4(1) 1983, 149-164

Costs and Benefits of Residential Time-of-Use Metering, Comment by J. Stephen Henderson, 4(1) 1983, 161-165

Costs and Benefits of Residential Time-of-Use Metering, Reply by Neil Dikeman and David A. Huettner, 4(1) 1983,

Letter to the Editor (no heading), Reply to M.A. Adelman's comment on An Economic Analysis of World Energy Prices
(R.L. Gordon) by Paul Davidson, 4(1) 1983, 170-171

Vol 4, Issue 2

Whatever Happened to the Energy Crisis?, by Hendrik S. Houthakker, 4(2) 1983, 1-8

Still Time to Choose...Ten Years Later, by S. David Freeman, 4(2) 1983, 9-14

The Valuation of Nuclear Power in the Post-Three Mile Island Era, by Martin B. Zimmerman, 4(2) 1983, 15-30

World Oil Prices and Economic Growth in the 1980s, by Henry D. Jacoby and James L. Paddock, 4(2) 1983, 31-48

The Demand for Electricity Services and the Quality of Supply, by Romesh Dias-Bandaranaike and Mohan
Munasinghe, 4(2) 1983, 49-72

Optimal System Planning with Fuel Shortages and Emissions Constraints, by Michael Einhorn, 4(2) 1983, 73-90

Evaluating Alternative Energy Policies: An Example Comparing Transportation Energy Investments, by James K.
Binkley, Wallace E. Tyner, and Marie E. Matthews, 4(2) 1983, 91-104

Energy-Output Coefficients: Complex Realities Behind Simple Ratios, by G. Campbell Watkins and E.R. Berndt, 4(2)
1983, 105-120

The Role of Renewables in Hawaii's Energy Future, by Jayant Sathaye and Henry Ruderman, 4(2) 1983, 121-134

Net Effects of Government Intervention in Energy Markets, by Paul F. Dickens III, David L. McNicol, Frederic H.
Murphy, and Julie H. Zalkind, 4(2) 1983, 135-150

A Comparison of Original Cost and Trended Original Cost Ratemaking Methods (note), by Robert E. Anderson and
David E. Mead, 4(2) 1983, 151-158

Disequilibrium Processes in the Market for Electricity: The Case of Municipal Ownership (note), by Don M. Shakow,
4(2) 1983, 159-154

The Differential Impact of Gas Shortages and Fuel Prices Increases on Demand: The Case of the Hotel Industry in New
York State (note), by Avner Arbel and S. Abraham Ravid, 4(2) 1983, 165-171

Two Measures of Aggregate Energy Production Elasticities (note) by Nguyn V. Hong, 4(2) 1983, 172-177

Energy Vulnerability (James Plummer, ed.), book review by R. Glenn Hubbard, 4(2) 1983, 178-186
Oil Markets in Turmoil: An Economic Analysis (Philip K. Verleger, Jr.), book review by R. Glenn Hubbard, 4(2) 1983,

Crude Oil Prices as Determined by Market Fundamentals and OPEC (Paul W. MacAvoy), book review by R. Glenn
Hubbard, 4(2) 1983, 178-186

The Coming Boom (Herman Kahn), book review by Helmut J. Frank, 4(2) 1983, 186-187

Vol 4. Issue 3

The International Energy Investment Dilemma, by Paul Tempest, 4(3) 1983, 1-10

The Impact of the Oil Price Decline on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, by Jan Vanous, 4(3) 1983, 11-19

Global Energy and CO2 to the Year 2050, by Jae Edmonds and John Reilly, 4(3) 1983, 21-47

Oil Stockpiling: Help Thy Neighbor, by William W. Hogan, 4(3) 1983, 49-72

Energy Demand Elasticities in Industrialized Countries: A Survey, by George Kouris, 4(3) 1983, 73-94

European Reliance on Soviet Gas Exports (note) by Ferdinand E. Banks, 4(3) 1983, 95-96

Saudi Arabia: Rush to Development (Ragaei El Mallakh), book review by Donald A. Wells, 4(3) 1983, 97-98

Vol 4, Issue 4

Optimal Oil Producer Behavior Considering Macrofeedbacks, by Harry D. Saunders, 4(4) 1983, 1-27

Comment on "Optimal Oil, Producer Behavior Considering Macrofeed-backs" by Knut Anton Mork, 4(4) 1983, 29-31

Reply to Comment on "Optimal Oil Producer Behavior Considering Macrofeedbacks, by Harry D. Saunders, 4(4) 1983,

The Rate of Return Earned by Lessees Under Cash Bonus Bidding for OCS Oil and Gas Leases, by Walter Mead,
Asbjorn Moseidjord, and Philip E. Sorensen, 4(4) 1983, 37-52

Oil and Gas Supply Modeling Under Uncertainty: Putting DOE Midterm Forecasts in Perspective, by Carl M. Harris,
4(4) 1983, 53-65

Nationalizing Oil in the 1970s, by Dean Goodermote and Richard B. Mancke, 4(4) 1983, 67-80

Individual Purchase Criteria for Energy-Related Durables: The Misuse of Life Cycle Cost (note), by Harry Chernof,
4(4) 1983, 81-86

The Real Cost of Oil Revisited (note), by Michael J. Coda and John E. Jankowsky, Jr., 4(4) 1983, 87-90

Comment on International Energy Agency's World Energy Outlook, by David M. Kline and John P. Weyant, 4(4) 1983,

Referee Acknowledgments, 4(4) 1983, 95-96

Volume 4 Index, 4(4) 1983, 97-99


Electric Utility Capacity Expansion: Its Implications for Customers and Shareholders, by Stephen Peck, (Special
Electricity Issue) 1983, 1-12

A Technology Choice Model for Electricity Supply Disruption, by Ralph J. Keeney, (Special Electricity Issue) 1983,

Household Welfare Loss Due to Electricity Supply Disruption, by Arun Sanghvi, (Special Electricity Issue) 1983, 33-

The Cost of Residential Electric Power Outages, by Robert W. Gilmer and Richard S. Mack, (Special Electricity Issue)
1983, 55-74

An Integrated Approach to Electricity Demand Forecasting, by Harlan Platt, (Special Electricity Issue) 1983, 75-92

Power Factors and Efficient Pricing and Production of Reactive Power, by Sanford V. Berg, (Special Electricity Issue)
1983, 93-102

An Analysis of Commercial and Industrial Customer Response to Time-of-Use Rates, by Joseph G. Hirschberg and
Dennis J. Aigner, (Special Electricity Issue) 1983, 103-126

The Economics of Electricity Demand Changes, by J. Stephen Henderson, (Special Electricity Issue) 1983, 127-140

Distributed Lags and the Demand for Electricity, by Ronald J. Sutherland, (Special Electricity Issue) 1983, 141-152

Asymmetry in the Residential Demand for Electricity, by Thomas H. Stevens and Trevor Young, (Special Electricity
Issue) 1983, 153-162


VOLUME 5, 1984

Vol 5, Issue 1

Risk-Bearing and the Choice of Contract Forms for Oil Exploration and Development, by Charles Blitzer, Donald R.
Lessard, and James L. Paddock, 5(1) 1984, 1-28

Energy Prices and Capital Obsolescence: Evidence from the Oil Embargo Period, by Joel C. Gibbons, 5(1) 1984, 29-43

International Energy Workshop: A Summary of the 1983 Poll Responses, by Alan S. Manne and Leo Schrattenholzer,
5(1) 1984, 45-64

Competing Energy Uses for Wood Wastes in British Columbia, by Micheal Margolick, Ardo H. Hansson, and John F.
Helliwell, 5(1) 1984, 65-84

Investment in Geothermal Direct Heat Applications, by William F. Hederman Jr., and Laura C. Gordon, 5(1) 1984, 85-

Effectiveness of Building Energy Performance Standards to Curtail Household Energy Demand: A Theoretical
Analysis, by Vijay K. Mathur, 5(1) 1984, 99-114

Petroleum Price Elasticity, Income Effects, and OPEC's Pricing Policy, by F. Gerard Adams and Jaime Marquez, 5(1)
1984, 115-128

U.S. Gasoline Demand: What Next?, by Badi H. Baltagi and James M. Griffin, 5(1) 1984, 129-140
Fuel Efficiency Incentives for Cars: Oil Import Vulnerability Reduction, by Paul P. Craig, 5(1) 1984, 141-148

Energy Conservation in the United Kingdom: A Major Industrial Opportunity, by Jane Carter, 5(1) 1984, 149-158

A Comparison of the Costs and the Results in the Onshore and Offshore Search for Oil and Gas (note), by Jon A.
Rasmussen and Michael J. Piette, 5(1) 1984, 159-164

Public Willingness to Invest in Household Weatherization, by Marvin E. Olsen and Christopher Cluett (note), 5(1)
1984, 165-168

Sense and Nonsense About World Oil (note), by Morris A. Adelman, 5(1) 1984, 169-172

Reply to Sense and Nonsense About World Oil, by Melvin A. Conant, 5(1) 1984, 171-172

FEA Efficiency Standards and Energy Usage: Resolving Khazzoom Versus Besen and Johnson, by Michael Einhorn,
5(1) 1984, 173-176

Two-Part Tariffs and the "Spiral of Impossibility" in the Market for Electricity, by John T. Wenders, 5(1) 1984, 177-

Profit and the Pursuit of Energy: Markets and Regulation (Jonathan D. Aronson and Peter F. Cowhey, eds.), book
review by James L. Paddock, 5(1) 1984, 181-182.

Decentralizing Electricity Production (H. J. Brown and T. R. Strumolo, eds.), book review by James L. Plummer, 5(1)
1984, 182-184.

The Future of Oil: World Oil Resources and Use (Peter R. Odell and Kenneth E. Rosing, eds.), book review by E. D.
Attanasi, 5(1) 1984, 184-186.

Letter to the Editor: The Quest for Research of Research, by John J. Schanz, Jr. 5(1) 1984, 187-188

Vol 5, Issue 2

Energy Prices, Capital Formulation, and Potential GNP, by David W. Burgess, 5(2) 1984, 1-27

The Price of Oil and Conflict in OPEC, by Ali M. Reza, 5(2) 1984, 29-33

An Energy Demand and Generalized Fuel Choice Model for the Primary Metals Industry, by LuAnn M. Duffus and
Wen S. Chern, 5(2) 1984, 35-52

Summer Time and Electricity Conservation: The Israeli Case, by Haim Shore, 5(2) 1984, 53-70

Deregulating the Generation of Electricity Through the Creation of Spot Markets for Bulk Power, by Roger E. Bohn,
Bennett W. Golub, Richard D. Tabors, and Fred C. Schweppe, 5(2) 1984, 71-92

Fair Value Versus Original Cost Rate Base Valuation During Inflation, by Walter J. Primeaux, Jr., Edward L. Bubnys,
and Robert H. Rasche, 5(2) 1984, 93-108

Capital-Energy Substitution in the Long Run, by Joel Gibbons, 5(2) 1984, 109-118

Residential Electricity Demand Modeling in the Australian Capital Territory: Preliminary Results, by W.A. Donnelly,
5(2) 1984, 119-131

Cogeneration in the People's Republic of China, by Qu Yu, 5(2) 1984, 133-137
Are Federal Energy Tax Credits Effective? A Western United States Survey, by Edwin H. Carpenter and S. Theodore
Chester, Jr., 5(2) 1984, 139-149

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VOLUME 6 1985

Vol 6, Issue 1

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Oil Prices are Still Too High, by Arlon R. Tussing, 6(1) 1985, 9-12

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LeBlanc, 6(1) 1985, 117-135

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Loose, 6(1) 1985, 157-168

Vol 6, Issue 2

Energy in Transition: A View from 1960, by Hans H. Landsberg, 6(2) 1985, 1-18

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Keung Woo, 6(2) 1985, 89-99

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Vol 6, Issue 3

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Clean Coal/Dirty Air (Bruce A. Ackerman and William T. Hassler), book review by Michael Haar, 6(3) 1985, 166-167

Vol 6, Issue 4

Change and Continuity, by P.H. Frankel, 6(4) 1985, 1-5

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(Special Tax Issue) 1985, 291-307

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1985, 331-351


VOLUME 7 1986

Vol 7, Issue 1

Future World Oil Prices and Production Levels: An Economic Analysis, by Robert A. Marshalla and Dale M. Nesbitt,
7(1) 1986, 1-22

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and Kjell Roland, 7(1) 1986, 23-34

Energy-Economy Interactions in Developing Countries, by Charles R. Blitzer, 7(1) 1986, 35-50

Evaluating Energy Options for Israel: A Case Study, by Nissan Levin, Asher Tishler, and Jacob Zahavi, 7(1) 1986, 51-

Gasoline Demand Survey, by Carol A. Dahl, 7(1) 1986, 67-82

The Cost of OCS Bid Rejection, by Paul R. Kobrin, 7(1) 1986, 83-97

Will Mandatory Conservation Promote Energy Efficiency in the Selection of Household Appliance Stocks?, by Jeffrey
A. Dubin, 7(1) 1986, 99-118

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Household Discount Rates Revisited, by Raymond S. Hartman and Michael J. Doane, 7(1) 1986, 139-148

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Mountain and Cheng Hsiao, 7(1) 1986, 149-168

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The Dimming of America: The Real Costs of Electric Utility Regulatory Failure (Peter Navarro), book review by
Richard L. Gordon 7(1) 1986, 173-174.
Vol 7, Issue 2

The Diminishing Role of Regulation in the Natural Gas Industry, by Charles G. Stalon, 7(2) 1986, 1-12

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Dale M. Nesbitt, and Robert L. Phillips, 7(2) 1986, 13-35

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7(2) 1986, 37-50

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G.Campbell Watkins, 7(2) 1986, 69-79

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Moulik, 7(2) 1986, 107-120

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and Peter M. Schwarz, 7(2) 1986, 135-151

Estimating Hourly Electric Load with Generalized Least Square Procedures, by Chi-Keung Woo, Philip Hanser, and
Nate Toyama, 7(2) 1986, 153-170

Changes in Oil Demand in Oil-Importing Developing Countries: The Case of the Philippines, by Jayant Sathaye and
Stephen Meyers, 7(2) 1986, 171-179

Long-Term Versus Short-Term Costs of Electricity Supply Interruptions: A Cautionary Note, by Peter Lewin and Steve
G. Parsons, 7(2) 1986, 181-186

The Economics of Energy Self-Sufficiency (Eileen Marshall and Colin Robinson), book review by Richard L. Gordon
7(2) 1986, 187-188

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Gordon, 7(2) 1986, 189-190

Oil Price Effects and OPEC's Pricing Policy: An Optimal Control Approach (Jaime Marquez), book review by John P.
Weyant, 7(2) 1986, 190-192

Vol 7, Issue 3

The Great Transition: Energy and Economic Change, by Dale W. Jorgenson, 7(3) 1986, 1-14
A North American Gas Trade Model (GTM), by Mark A. Beltramo, Alan S. Manne, and John P. Weyant, 7(3) 1986,

Price Discrimination Limits in Relation to the Death Spiral, by J. Stephen Henderson, 7(3) 1986, 33-50

The Failure of Solar Tax Incentives: A Dynamic Analysis, by G. Thomas Sav, 7(3) 1986, 51-66

An Integrated Analysis of U.S. Oil Security Policies, by Frederic H. Murphy, Michael A. Toman, and Howard J. Weiss,
7(3) 1986, 67-82

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1986, 168-171

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The OPEC Natural Gas Dilemma (Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani and Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani), book review by
Richard L. Gordon, 7(3) 1986, 168-171

Vol 7, Issue 4

Upon Acceptance of the IAEE's 5th Annual Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Profession and Literature of
Energy Economics, by John H. Lichtblau, 7(4) 1986, 1-6

The Competitive Floor to World Oil Prices, by M.A. Adelman, 7(4) 1986, 9-31

The Competitive Floor to World Oil Prices: A Comment, by Jack W. Wilkinson, 7(4) 1986, 32-33

The Competitive Floor to World Oil Prices: A Comment, by Tony Scanlan, 7(4) 1986, 34-35

Falling Oil Prices: Where is the Floor?, by James M. Griffin and Clifton T. Jones, 7(4) 1986, 37-50

The Economic Impact of Coal-Fired Versus Nuclear Power Plants: An Application of a General Equilibrium Model, by
Klaus Conrad and Iris Henseler-Unger, 7(4) 1986, 51-63

Cost Share, Own, and Cross-Price Elasticity in U.S. Manufacturing with Disaggregated Energy Inputs, by Mahmood
Moghimzadeh and Kern O. Kymn, 7(4) 1986, 65-80

Residential Gas Cooling: A Life-Cycle Approach, by Richard L. Itteilag and Christina A. Swanson, 7(4) 1986, 81-88

Long-Run Adjustment to Alternative Levels of Reliability in Electricity Supply, by Robert W. Gilmer and Richard S.
Mack, 7(4) 1986, 89-94

The Economics of Strategic Choice: U.S. Uranium Enrichment in the World Market, by David L. Bodde, Mollie V.
Quasebarth, and John B. Thomasian, 7(4) 1986, 95-107

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1986, 109-110

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L. Gordon, 7(4), 1986, 116-117

Referee Acknowledgments, 7(4) 1986, 119-121

Volume 7 Index, 7(4) 1986, 123-127


VOLUME 8 1987

Vol. 8, Issue 1

Cuban Oil Reexports: Significance and Prospects, by Jorge F. Perez-Lopez, 8(1) 1987, 1-16

Productivity Growth and Technical Change in the Generation of Electricity, by Paul L. Joskow, 8(1) 1987, 17-38

Implementing Efficient Petroleum Product Pricing Programs in Developing Countries, by Edward N. Krapels, 8(1)
1987, 39-52

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8(1) 1987, 53-67

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Dennerlein, 8(1) 1987, 69-86

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Vol 8, Issue 2

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Vol 8, Issue 3

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Vol 8, Issue 4

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On Marginal Cost Pricing When Consumers Can Also Produce, by S. Abraham Ravid, 8(4) 1987, 17-22

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Volume 8 Index, 8(4) 1987, 99-104


VOLUME 9 1988

Vol 9, Issue 1

Energy Economics in Developing Countries: Analytical Framework and Problems of Application, by Mohan
Munasinghe, 9(1) 1988, 1-17

Defending the Price of Oil, by Edith Penrose, 9(1) 1988, 19-25

Germany (Nuclear Energy After Chernobyl: Views from Four Countries), by Ulf Hansen, 9(1) 1988, 27-30

France (Nuclear Energy After Chernobyl: Views from Four Countries), by Christine Chapuis, 9(1) 1988, 31-34

United States (Nuclear Energy After Chernobyl: Views from Four Countries), by Thomas J. Connolly, 9(1) 1988, 35-39

Finland (Nuclear Energy After Chernobyl: Views from Four Countries), by Arto Lepisto, 9(1) 1988, 41-42

Water, Wind and Soil: Hidden Keys to the Water Planet Earth and to Economic Macroprocesses, by Gonzague Pillet,
9(1) 1988, 43-52

Energy Planning in Taiwan: An Alternative Approach Using a Multi- objective Programming and Input-Output Model,
by George J.Y. Hsu, Ping Sun Leung, and Chauncey T.K. Ching, 9(1) 1988, 53-72

The Effect of Load Management upon Transmission and Distribution Costs: A Case Study, by Michael A. Einhorn,
9(1) 1988, 73-87

The Residential Demand for Electricity in the TVA Power Service Area: Appliance Consumption from 1979 to 1986,
by Gary L. Jackson, 9(1) 1988, 89-93

Optimal Off-Peak Incremental Sales Rate Design in Electricity Pricing, by Chi-Keung Woo and Dewey Q. Seeto, 9(1)
1988, 95-102

Inefficiency of Avoided Cost Pricing of Cogenerated Power, by Chi-Keung Woo, 9(1) 1988, 103-113
Pricing Policies of an Oil Cartel with Expectation of Substitute Producers, by Majid Ahmadian, 9(1) 1988, 115-120

Economics of the Mineral Industries (William A. Vogely, ed.), book review by M. A. Adelman, 9(1) 1988, 121-122.

Energy, Planning and Urban Form (Susan Owens), book review by Peter R. Odell, 9(1) 1988, 122-124

Rural Electrification for Development—Policy Analysis and Applications (Mohan Munasinghe), book review by Mark
Allen Bernstein, 9(1) 1988, 124-125

The Politics of Oil in Indonesia: Foreign Company-Host Government Relations (Khong, Cho Oon), book review by
Carol Dahl, 9(1) 1988, 125-126

Consumer Durable Choice and the Demand for Electricity (Jeffrey A. Dubin), book review by Timothy J. Considine,
9(1) 1988, 126-128

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Considine, 9(1) 1988, 128-129

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Lang Weaver), book review by Richard L. Gordon, 9(1) 1988, 129-130

Drawing the Line on Natural Gas Regulation: The Harvard Study on the Future of Natural Gas (Joseph P. Kalt and
Frank C. Schuller, eds.), book review by Paul R. Carpenter, 9(1) 1988, 130-132

OPEC's Investments and the International Financial System (Richard P. Mattione), book review by John F. Mugno,
9(1) 1988, 132-133

Vol 9, Issue 2

Spinning Wheels: A Review Article (Special Feature: What Price Security? Three Views of the DOE Report), by T.
Randall Curlee and Arthur Wright, 9(2) 1988, 3-16

A Critical Analysis of the DOE Report (Special Feature: What Price Security? Three Views of the DOE Report), by S.
Fred Singer, 9(2) 1988, 17-29

Should GNP Impacts Preclude Oil Tariffs? (Special Feature: What Price Security? Three Views of the DOE Report),
by Hilliard G. Huntington, 9(2) 1988, 31-44

Energy Implications of the Advances in Superconductivity Technology, by Bruce C. Netschert, 9(2) 1988, 45-56

Improving Long-Term Investment Decisions under Uncertainty: Applications for the Swedish Energy Sector, by Per
Anders Bergendahl, Lars Brigelius, and Peter Rosen, 9(2) 1988, 57-73

Regional Economic and Energy Prospects in the Developing Countries: Application of the PREDESS Model, by
Bertrand Lepinoy, 9(2) 1988, 75-92

The Adjustment of U.S. Oil Demand to the Price Increases of the 1970s, by Dermot Gately and Peter Rappoport, 9(2)
1988, 93-107

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Ong, Suzanne Holt, Lisa A. Skumatz, and Richard S. Barnes, 9(2) 1988, 137-151
Energy Saving from the Adoption of More Efficient Appliances: Another View, by Amory B. Lovins, 9(2) 1988,

Energy Saving from the Adoption of More Efficient Appliances: A Follow-up, by John Henly, Henry Ruderman, and
Mark D. Levine, 9(2) 1988, 163-170

Government and North Sea Oil (Danny Hann), book review by Richard L. Gordon, 9(2) 1988, 171-172.

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World Coal: Economics, Policies and Prospects (Richard T. Gordon), book review by Michael Rieber, 9(2) 1988, 176-

Vol. 9, Issue 3

Reality Says No (Special Feature: Is an Oil Tariff Justified? An American Debate), by Arlon R. Tussing and Samuel A.
Van Vactor, 9(3) 1988, 1-5

The Numbers Say Yes (Special Feature: Is an Oil Tariff Justified? An American Debate), by Harry G. Broadman and
William W. Hogan, 9(3) 1988, 7-29

The Numbers Say No (Special Feature: Is an Oil Tariff Justified? An American Debate), by Dale M. Nesbitt and
Thomas Y. Choi, 9(3) 1988, 31-59

The World Oil Market: An Examination Using Small-Scale Models, by David Jay Green, 9(3) 1988, 61-77

Choice of Technology and Long-Run Technical Change in Energy-Intensive Industries, by Finn R. Forsund and
Lennart Hjalmarsson, 9(3) 1988, 79-97

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and Jacques Percebois, 9(3) 1988, 99-111

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A Welfare Measure of a New Type of Energy Assistance Program, by Kenneth W. Costello, 9(3) 1988, 129-142

Renewable Energy and Long-Term Energy Planning (note), by Helene Connor-Lajambe, 9(3) 1988, 143-151

Gas Utility Supply Planning: Risk Management and Regulatory Oversight (note), by Thomas P. Lyon and Benjamin
Schlesinger, 9(3) 1988, 153-160

The Business of the Japanese State: Energy Markets in Comparative and Historical Perspective (Richard J. Samuels)
book review by Martha Caldwell Harris, 9(3) 1988, 161-162

Soviet Oil and Security Interests in the Barents Sea (Helge Ole Bergesen, Arild Moe, and Willy Østreng) book review
by Michail B. Korchemkin, 9(3) 1988, 162-163

The Coal of El Cerrejón, Dependent Bargaining and Columbian Policy Making (Harvey F. Kline) book review by
Richard L. Gordon, 9(3) 1988, 163-164

Vol 9, Issue 4
Comparative Energy Policy: The Economics of Nuclear Power in Japan and the United States, by Peter Navarro, 9(4)
1988, 1-16

The Economics of International Oil Sharing, by George Horwich and David Leo Weimer, 9(4) 1988, 17-33

Integrated Energy Planning in India: A Modeling Approach, by R.K. Pachauri and Leena Srivastava, 9(4) 1988, 35-48

On the Economics of Improved Oil Recovery: The Optimal Recovery from Oil and Gas Reservoirs, by Arild N. Nystad,
9(4) 1988, 49-61

Taking Off: The U.S. Demand for Air Travel and Jet Fuel, by Dermot Gately, 9(4) 1988, 63-91

Background and Summary of Energy Provisions (Special Feature: U.S.-Canadian Trade Agreement), by R.A. Reinstein,
9(4) 1988, 95-97

An American Perspective (Special Feature: U.S.-Canadian Trade Agreement), by Philip K. Verleger, Jr., 9(4) 1988,

Two Canadian Perspectives (Special Feature: U.S.-Canadian Trade Agreement), by Leonard Waverman, 9(4) 1988,

On Aspects of Oil and Gas Trade (Special Feature: U.S.-Canadian Trade Agreement), by Andre Plourde, 9(4) 1988,

Electricity and Gas: The U.S. West (Special Feature: The U.S.-Canadian Trade Agreement), by Arlon R. Tussing, 9(4)
1988, 111-118

Electricity and Gas: The U.S. East (Special Feature: The U.S.-Canadian Trade Agreement), by Henry Lee, 9(4) 1988,

Canadian Electricity (Special Feature: U.S.-Canadian Trade Agreement), by Jean-Thomas Bernard, 9(4) 1988, 127-134

The Use of NYMEX Options to Forecast Crude Oil Prices, by James A. Overdahl and H. Lee Matthews, 9(4) 1988,

Referee Acknowledgments, 9(4) 1988, 149-152

Volume 9 Index, 9(4) 1988, 153-157



Guest Editor's Introduction, by Mohan Munasinghe, Chi-Keung Woo, and Hung-po Chao, (Special Electricity
Reliability Issue) 1988, i-iv

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(Special Electricity Reliability Issue) 1988, 1-18

The Importance of Including Uncertainties in Economic Generation of Reliability Planning, by William P. Poland
(Special Electricity Reliability Issue) 1988, 19-32

Risk and Cost of Failure in the French Electricity System, by Lucien Gouni and Phillippe Torrion, (Special Electricity
Reliability Issue) 1988, 33-38
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(Special Electricity Reliability Issue) 1988, 43-76

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(Special Southeast Asia Pricing Issue) 1988, v-vi

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Pricing Issue) 1988, 15-44

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1988, 71-106

Asian Petroleum Pricing Policies Revisited, by Corazon M. Siddayao, (Special Southeast Asia Pricing Issue) 1988,


VOLUME 10 1989

Vol 10, Issue 1

It's Time to Think About Energy Policy Again, by Richard Gephardt, 10(1) 1989, i-iii.

Energy and Growth: Beyond the Myths and Myopia, by R.K. Pachauri, 10(1) 1989, 1-20
Energy Economists in the 21st Century, by Pierre Desprairies, 10(1) 1989, 21-28

Energy - The Challenges and Opportunities Before the Developing Countries, by Prem Shankar Jha, 10(1) 1989, 29-34

An Analysis of the U.S. Department of Energy's Civilian R&D Budget, by Ronald J. Sutherland, 10(1) 1989, 35-54

Is American Energy Politics Ideological?, by Eric M. Uslaner, 10(1) 1989, 55-76

The Demand for Natural Gas: A Survey of Price and Income Elasticities, by Mohammed Al-Sahlawi, 10(1) 1989,

Pareto Dominance Through Self-Selecting Tariffs: The Case of TOU Electricity Rates for Agricultural Customers, by
Kenneth E. Train and Nate Toyama, 10(1) 1989, 91-110

The Incidence of Welfare Losses Due to Appliance Efficiency Standards, by Mark F. Morss, 10(1) 1989, 111-118

Long-Term Contracts for Crude Oil Imports into Costa Rica: A General Equilibrium Analysis, by Christian
Dufournaud, Carlos Ruiz Guiterrez, Lodewijz Berlage and Peter P. Rogers, 10(1) 1989, 119-126

Energy End-Use Structure in an Urban Society: The Case of Singapore, by B. W. Ang. 10(1) 1989, 127-138

Electricity Exports and Hydro-Quebec's 1986-2000 Development Plan, by Danny Belanger and Jean-Thomas Bernard,
10(1) 1989, 139-148

The Effect of Energy Aggregation on Energy Elasticities: Some Evidence from U.S. Manufacturing Data, by Sang V.
Nguyen and Stephen H. Andrews, 10(1) 1989, 149-156

Energy Savings from More Efficient Appliances: A Rejoinder, by J. Daniel Khazzoom, 10(1) 1989, 157-166

Noisy Data and Uncertain Coefficients: A Comment, by John H. Herbert, 10(1) 1989, 167-170

Noisy Data and Uncertain Coefficients: A Reply, by Soroosh Soroooshian, Lov Kher, and F. P. Sioshansi, 10(1) 1989,

The Economics of Strategic Choice: U.S. Uranium Enrichment in the World Market: A Comment by George F. Combs,
J., 10(1) 1989, 175-178

Energy Economics, Theory and Policy (Robert L. Pirog and Stephen C. Stamos, Jr.), book review by Joel Darmstadter,
10(1) 1989, 179-180

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Forecasting Natural Gas Demand in a Changing World (Adam Rose and David Kolk), book review by William A.
Donnelly, 10(1) 1989, 182-185

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10(1) 1989, 182-185

Responding to International Oil Crises (George Horwich and David Leo Weimer, eds.), book review by Robert
Weiner, 10(1) 1989, 186-188

Soviet Oil Exports (Margaret Chadwick, David Long, and Machiko Nissanke), book review by Robert W. Campbell,
10(1) 1989, 189-190
Vol 10, Issue 2

Principles of Petroleum - Then and Now, by Paul J. Frankel, 10(2) 1989, 1-6

OPEC's Energy Policy, by Fadhil J. Al-Chalabi, 10(2) 1989, 7-14

Mideast Governments and the Oil Price Prospect, by M.A. Adelman, 10(2) 1989, 15-24

Oil Products in Latin America; The Politics of Energy Pricing, by Thomas Sterner, 10(2) 1989, 25-46

An Econometric Analysis of Energy Financing, by John B. Geurard Jr., and Stephen G. Buell, 10(2) 1989, 47-68

The Response of Large Firms to Different Schemes of Time-of-Use Pricing When the Production Function is
Quadratic, by Asher Tishler, 10(2) 1989, 69-90

The NERC Fan in Retrospect and Lessons for the Future, by Charles R. Nelson, Stephen C. Peck, and Robert G. Uhler,
10(2) 1989, 91-108

The Timing of Oil and Gas Leasing on the Outer Continental Shelf, by Marshall Rose and Donald Rosenthal, 10(2)
1989, 109-132

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Gasoline, Diesel and Motorfuel Demand in Taiwan, by Christopher Garbacz, 10(2) 1989, 153-164

Optimal Structure of the Nigerian Energy Supply Mix, by Anthony Adegbulugbe, Felix Dayo, and Thomas Gurtler,
10(2) 1989, 165-176

Reserves and Reserve Production Ratios in Imperfect Markets (note), by Keith C. Brown, 10(2) 1989, 177-186

Competitive Speculative Storage and the Cost of Refinery Product Supply (note), by Mark Newton Lowry, 10(2) 1989,

The Politics of Oil in Ecuador (John D. Martz) book review by Franklin Tugwell, 10(2) 1989, 195-196

Interfuel Substitution in the UK Industrial and Service Sector Steam Raising Market (Jim Skea) book review by
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Vol 10, Issue 3

Output and Energy: An International Analysis, by John Moroney, 10(3) 1989, 1-18

End-Use R&D: Technology Development Strategy for an Integrated Market, by Clark W. Gellings and Jerome P.
Harper, 10(3) 1989, 19-34

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Marjorie A. Platt, 10(3) 1989, 35-50
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Anticipating Air Conditioning's Impact on the World's Electricity Producers, by Clinton J. Andrews, 10(3) 1989,

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Investment Choices in Industry (Constance E. Helfat), book review by James L. Paddock, 10(3) 1989, 199-201

Energy Pricing in India: Perspective, Issues and Options (Hiren Sarkar and Gopal K. Kadekodi), book review by Knut
Anton Mork, 10(3) 1989, 201-202

Vol 10, Issue 4

Guest Editorial: Energy Realities for the Third Millenium, by Harrison H. Schmitt, 10(4) 1989, i-iv.

A New Modeling Framework for Medium-Term Energy Economy Analysis in Europe, by Pantelis Capros, Pavlos
Karadeloglou, Gregory Mentzas, and Pierre Valette, 10(4) 1989, 1-27

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1989, 101-116

Competitive Bidding in Electricity Markets: A Survey, by Richard P. Rozek, 10(4) 1989, 117-138

Technological Innovation and a Changing Energy Mix - A Parametric and Flexible Approach to Modeling Ontario
Manufacturing, by Dean C. Mountain, Bill P. Stipdonk, and Cathy J. Warren, 10(4) 1989, 139-158

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Harry D. Saunders, 10(4) 1989, 175-188

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Huntington, and James L. Sweeney, 10(4) 1989, 189-198

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10(4) 1989, 199-200

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1989, 200-202.

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1989, 200-202.

Regulation and Markets (Daniel F. Spulber), book review by Mark Isaac, 10(4) 1989, 203-204

Referee Acknowledgments, 10(4) 1989, 205-208

1988 Special Issues Index, 10(4) 1989 209-211

Volume 10 Index, 10(4) 1989, 213-219


VOLUME 11 1990

Vol 11, Issue 1

Oil Tomorrow: Supply Conditions in the Coming Decade (IAEE presidential address), by Alirio A. Parra, 11(1) 1990,

Energy Supply in the 1990s and Beyond (luncheon address), by Subroto, Secretary General, OPEC, 11(1) 1990, 7-16

Excerpts from the Remarks of Andres Perez, President of the Republic of Venezuela, 11(1) 1990, 17-18

Solving the Energy Problems in Developing Countries (IAEE award address), by Jose Goldemberg, 11(1) 1990, 19-24

Excerpts from the Remarks by Celestino Armas, Minister of Energy and Mines of Venezuela, 11(1) 1990, 25-26

The Target Capacity-Utilization Model of OPEC and the Dynamics of the World Oil Market, by Stephen G. Powell,
11(1) 1990, 27-63

Cost Effectiveness of Future Fuel Economy Improvements, by Carmen Difiglio, K.G. Duleep, and David L. Greene,
11(1) 1990, 65-86

On the Economics of Cogeneration: Pricing and Efficiency in Government Owned Utilities, by Jae-Cheol Kim and
Byong-Hun Ahn, 11(1) 1990, 87-99

Integration of Short and Medium/Long Term Planning in the Indian Power Sector, by Kapil Thukral, S. Ramesh, and
Bindu Kaul, 11(1) 1990, 101-118
Forecasting the Demand for Electricity in Saudi Arabia, by Mohammed A. Al-Sahlawi, 11(1) 1990, 119-125

A Structural Decomposition Analysis of Changes in Energy Demand in Taiwan: 1971-1984, by Chia-Yon Chen and
Adam Rose, 11(1) 1990, 127-146

Do Volatile Oil Prices and Consumer Adjustment Costs Justify an Additional Petroleum Tax? (note), by Franz Wirl,
11(1) 1990, 147-150

Flexibility Benefits of Demand Side Programs in Electric Utility Planning (note), by Eric Hirst, 11(1) 1990, 151-165

Estimating the International GNP Energy Relation: A Further Note, by J.R. Moroney, Terry G. Seaks, and Donna P.
Vines, 11(1) 1990, 167-174

Vol 11, Issue 2

North American Natural Gas Markets: Summary of an Energy Modeling Forum Study, by Hillard G. Huntington and
Glen E. Schuler, Jr., 11(2) 1990, 1-21

Natural Gas Policy: The Unresolved Issues, by Thomas P. Lyon, 11(2) 1990, 23-49

CO2 Emission Limits: An Economic Cost Analysis for the USA, by Alan S. Manne and Richard G. Richels, 11(2) 1990,

Comments on Manne and Richels: "CO2 Emission Limits: An Economic Analysis for the USA," by William W. Hogan,
11(2) 1990, 75-85

Cost-Effective Control Strategies for Energy-Related Transboundary Air Pollution in Western Europe, by Heinz
Welsch, 11(2) 1990, 87-103

The Efficient Design of Contracts to Purchase Cogenerated Power, by Edward C. Hall and John E. Parsons, 11(2)
1990, 105-116

Impact of Nuclear Power on the Systematic Risk and Market Value of Electric Utility Common Stock, by Russell J.
Fuller, George W. Hinman, and Thomas C. Lowinger, 11(2) 1990, 117-133

Regional Impacts of Petroleum Price Regulation: The Case of Texas, 1973-1983, by Clifton T. Jones and Dale S.
Bremmer, 11(2) 1990, 135-154

Energy Efficiency and Capital Embodied Technical Change: The Case of Mexican Cement Manufacturing, by Thomas
Sterner, 11(2) 1990, 155-167

Petro Markets: Probing the Economics of Continental Energy (G. Campbell Watkins, ed), book review by John J.
Schanz, Jr., 11(2) 1990, 169-170

Generating Failure: Public Power Policy in the Northwest (David Shapiro), book review by Robert L. Bradley, Jr.,
11(2) 1990 170-172

The Market for Energy (D. Helm, J. Kay, and D. Thompson, eds.), book review by Peter R. Odell, 11(2) 1990, 172-174

Spot Pricing Electricity (Fred C. Schweppe, Michael C. Caraminis, Richard D. Tabors, and Roger E. Bohn), book
review by David S. Sibley, 11(2) 1990, 174-175

Empirical Modelling of Canadian Petroleum Exploration Activity (Catherine M. Desbarats), book review by G.
Campbell Watkins, 11(2) 1990 175-176
Vol 11, Issue 3

Structure and Organization of the Natural Gas Industry: Differences Between the United States and the Federal
Republic of Germany and Implications for the Carrier Status of Pipelines, by David J. Teece, 11(3) 1990, 1-36

Cafe or Price?: An analysis of the Effects of Federal Fuel Economy Regulations and Gasoline Price on New Car MPG,
1978-1989, by David L. Greene, 11(3) 1990, 37-58

The U.S. Demand for Highway Travel and Motor Fuel, by Dermot Gately, 11(3) 1990, 59-73

An Empirical Test of An Electric Utility Under An Allowable Rate of Return, by George, J.Y. Hsu and Tser-Yieth
Chen, 11(3) 1990, 75- 90

Analyzing Oil Production in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Egypt, by Nazli Choucri, Christopher Heye, and
Michael Lynch, 11(3) 1990, 91-116

OPEC Behavior Under Falling Prices: Implications for Cartel Stability, by Clifton T. Jones, 11(3) 1990, 117-130

Future World Oil Prices and Production Levels: A Comment, by Franz Wirl, 11(3) 1990, 131-134

Electricity Privitisation (Thomas G. Weyman-Jones), book review by James G. Hewlett, 11(3) 1990, 135-136

Vol 11, Issue 4

The 1990 Oil Shock is Like Others, by M.A. Adelman, 11(4) 1990, 1-13

Understanding the 1990 Oil Crisis, by Philip J. Verleger, Jr., 11(4) 1990, 15-33

Low Cost Strategies for Coping with CO2 Emission Limits, by Robert H. Williams, 11(4) 1990, 35-59

Comment on Williams, by Lester B. Lave, 11(4) 1990, 61-63

Comment on Williams, by Alfred M. Perry, 11(4) 1990, 65-67

The Costs of Reducing U.S. CO2 Emissions- -- Further Sensitivity Analyses, by Alan S. Manne and Richard G. Richels,
11(4) 1990, 69-78

Integrating Direct Metering and Conditional Demand Analysis for Estimating End-Use Loads, by Robert Bartels and
Denzil G. Fiebig, 11(4) 1990, 79-97

Customer Responsiveness to Real-Time Pricing of Electricity, by Jay Zarnikau, 11(4) 1990, 99-116

Energy Analysis and Policy: Selected Works (Mohan Munasinghe), book review by Andre Plourde, 11(4) 1990, 117-

Demand, Pricing and the Refining Industry: A Case Study of the European Oil Products Market (Robert Bacon, M.
Chadwich, J. Dargay, D. Long, and R. Mabro), book review by Timothy J. Considine, 11(4) 1990, 119-121

Energy Price Shocks and Macroeconomic Performance (Douglas R. Bohi), book review by Richard L. Gordon, 11(4)
1990, 121-122

Technology and Transformation in the American Electric Utility Industry (R.F. Hirsch), book review by William
Vogely, 11(4) 1990, 123
Energy Aftermath (Thomas H. Lee, Ben C. Ball, Jr., and Richard D. Tabors), book review by Adam Rose, 11(4) 1990,

Volume 11 Index, 11(4) 1990, 127-130


VOLUME 12 1991

Vol 12, Issue 1, Special Issue on Global Warming

Foreword, by Leonard Waverman and Helmut Frank, 12(1) 1991, i-iv

Part I Introduction and Overview (section heading)

Introduction: Facts and Uncertainties, by Loren C. Cox, 12(1) 1991, 1-7

Formulating Greenhouse Policies in a Sea of Uncertainty, by Lester B. Lave, 12(1) 1991, 9-21

Part II Economic Analysis and Modelling Techniques (section heading)

Economic Activity and the Greenhouse Effect, by Yoshiki Ogawa, 12(1) 1991, 23-35

The Cost of Slowing Climate Change: A Survey, by William D. Nordhaus, 12(1) 1991, 37-65

Productivity Trends and the Cost of Reducing CO2 Emissions, by William W. Hogan, and Dale W. Jorgenson, 12(1)
1991, 67-85

Global CO2 Emission Reductions--The Impacts of Rising Energy Costs, by Alan S. Manne and Richard G. Richels,
12(1) 1991, 87-107

Cutting CO2 Emissions: The Effects of Alternative Policy Approaches, by John Whalley and Randall Wigle, 12(1)
1991, 109-124

Part III Regional Perspectives (section heading)

EPA's Scenarios for Future Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Global Warming, by Daniel Lashof, 12(1) 1991, 125-146

The Greenhouse Effect: A View from Europe, by David Pearce, and Edward Barbier, 12(1) 1991, 147-160

CO2 Emissions from Major Developing Countries: Better Understanding the Role of Energy in the Long Term, by
Jayant Sathaye and Andrea Ketoff, 12(1) 1991, 161-196

Vol 12, Issue 2

Editor's Introduction, by Leonard Waverman, 12(2) 1991, i

The Gulf Crisis: Oil Fundamentals, Market Perceptions and Political Realities, by Ahman Zaki Yamani, 12(2) 1991, 1-

Inherent Difficulties in Producer-Consumer Cooperation, by James R. Schlesinger, 12(2) 1991, 9-15

Forecasting Ultimate Oil Recovery and Its Rate of Production: Incorporating Economic Forces in the Models of M.
King Hubbert, by Cutler, J. Cleveland, and Robert Kaufmann, 12(2) 1991, 17-46
Economics of Electricity Self-Generation by Industrial Firms, by Kenneth Rose and John F. McDonald, 12(2) 1991, 47-

The "Most Value" Test: Economic Evaluation of Electricity and Demand-Side-Management Considering Customer
Value, by Benjamin F. Hobbs, 12(2) 1991, 67-91

Efficient International Agreements for Reducing Emissions of CO2, by Michael Hoel, 12(2) 1991, 93-107

The Cost of Switching Electricity Generation from Coal to Nuclear Fuel, by Maria R. Virdis, and Michael Rieber, 12(2)
1991, 109-134

The Cost of Australian Carbon Dioxide Abatement, by Robert E. Marks, Peter L. Swan, Peter McLennan, Richard
Schodde, Peter B. Dixon, and David T. Johnson, 12(2) 1991, 135-152

Capacity Rationing and Fixed Cost Collection (note), by Chi-Keung Woo, 12(2) 1991, 153-164

Recent Modeling Approaches in Energy Economics (Olse Bjerkholt, and Vislie Bjerkholt), book review by Charles L.
Kolstad, 12(2) 1991, 165-167

Vol 12, Issue 3

Political and Economic Changes in the USSR: Energy Implications, by Alexander A. Arbatov, 12(3) 1991, 1-5

Environmental Issues in the Future Development of the USSR Energy System, by V.M. Yudin, and O.K. Makarov,
12(3) 1991, 7-13

Market Barriers to Energy Efficiency Investments, by Ronald J. Sutherland, 12(3) 1991, 15-34

Horizontal Oil and Gas Wells: The Engineering and Economic Nexus, by John Lohrenz, 12(3) 1991, 35-53

A Risk Analysis of Oil Development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, by Stephen G. Powell, 12(3) 1991, 55-76

Predicting the Discoveries and Finding Costs of Natural Gas: The Example of the Scotian Shelf, by M. Power, and J.D.
Fuller, 12(3) 1991, 77-93

Is the World Oil Market One Great Pool?, by Robert Weiner, 12(3) 1991, 95-107

The Value of Commodity Purchase Contracts with Limited Price Risk, by Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg, and Thomas J.
Teisberg, 12(3) 1991, 109-135

Complementarity Substitution Relationships in the Demand for Time-of-Use Differentiated Inputs Under Time-of-Use
Pricing, by Asher Tishler, 12(3) 1991, 137-148

Petroleum Economics (Jean Masseron), book review by Richard L. Gordon, 12(3) 1991, 149-151

Fuelling Growth: The Energy Revolution and Economic Prosperity in Postwar Japan (Laura E. Hein), book review by
Richard L. Gordon, 12(3) 1991, 151-153

Electricity and the American Economy (Sam H. Schurr, et al.), book review by Lee Schipper, 12(3) 1991, 153-155

Vol. 12, Issue 4

Optimizing Tax Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gases without Curtailing Growth, by Roger E. Brinner, Michael G.
Shelby, Joyce M. Yanchar, and Alex Cristofaro, 12(4) 1991, 1-14
Manufacturing Energy Use in Eight OECD Countries: Trends Through 1988, by Richard B. Howarth, and Lee
Schipper, 12(4) 1991, 15-40

Testing for Barriers to Energy Conservation--An Application of a Vintage Model, by Alan Ingham, James Maw, and
Alistair Ulph, 12(4) 1991, 41-64

The Welfare Impact of Rising Block Pricing: Electricity in Columbia, by Rodney Maddock, and Elkin Castano, 12(4)
1991, 65-77

Onsite Backup Generation and Interruption Insurance for Electricity Distribution, by Joseph A. Doucet, and Shmuel S.
Oren, 12(4) 1991, 79-93

The Trade-Off Between Economic and Environmental Objectives in Japan's Power Sector, by Hisashi Amagai, and
PingSun Leung, 12(4) 1991, 95-104

The Impact of an Oil Market Disruption on the Price of Oil: A Sensitivity Analysis, by William L. Helkie, 12(4) 1991,

Testing Alternative Hypotheses of Oil Producer Behavior, by Carol Dahl, and Mine Yucel, 12(4) 1991, 117-138

Limits on the Economic Effectiveness of a Carbon Tax (note), by Robert Kaufmann, 12(4) 1991, 139-144

The Petroleum Markets: A Framework for Reliable Projections (The Petroleum Finance Company Ltd.), book review
by M.A Adelman 12(4) 1991, 145-147

"The Cost of Australian Carbon Dioxide Abatement" by Robert Marks et al. (Corrigendum), 12(4) 1991, 149-150

Volume 12 Index, 12(4) 1991, 151-154



Preface, by Martin J. Pasqualetti and Geoffrey S. Rothwell, editors, (Special Issue: Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991,

Economics and Policy (section heading)

The Place of Economics in Decommissioning Policy by Martin J. Pasqualetti (Special Issue: Nuclear
Decommissioning) 1991, 3-11

Decommissioning Costs and British Nuclear Policy by Gordon MacKerron (Special Issue: Nuclear Decommissioning)
1991, 13-28

Utilities and Decommissioning Costs: The Meeting of Technology and Society by Kenneth P. Ballard, M. Carl Everett
and Willard C. Everett (Special Issue: Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991, 29-44

Regulatory Responsibilities in the U.S. (section heading)

Federal Regulation of Decommissioning Economics by Robert Wood (Special Issue: Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991,

State Regulation of Decommissioning Economics by Peter M. Strauss and James Kelsey (Special Issue: Nuclear
Decommissioning) 1991, 55-72
Divided Authority: Federal vs. State Policy Roles in Decommissioning Economics by Scott M. DuBoff and Daniel F.
Stenger (Special Issue: Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991, 73-86

Learning from Experience (section heading)

The Cost of Decommissioning U.S. Reactors: Estimates and Experience by Gene R. Heinze Fry (Special Issue: Nuclear
Decommissioning) 1991, 87-104

Applying Construction Lessons to Decommissioning Estimates by Robin Cantor (Special Issue: Nuclear
Decommissioning) 1991, 105-118

Greenfield Decommissioning at Shippingport: Cost Management and Experience by William Murphie (Special Issue:
Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991, 119-134

Alternative Approaches to Decommissioning Estimates (section heading)

Estimating the Costs for Japan's JPDR Project by Satoshi Yanagihara and Mitsugu Tanaka (Special Issue: Nuclear
Decommissioning) 1991, 135-148

Generic Approaches to Estimating U.S. Decommissioning Costs by Richard I. Smith (Special Issue: Nuclear
Decommissioning) 1991, 149-156

A Private Contractor's Approach to Decommissioning Costs by Thomas LaGuardia (Special Issue: Nuclear
Decommissioning) 1991, 157-172

Decommissioning Plans and Costing in Germany by Ulrich Loschhorn and Herbert Hollmann (Special Issue: Nuclear
Decommissioning) 1991, 173-180

Strategy, Planning and Costing for Decommissioning in Canada by Nihal Jayawardene and Peter D. Stevens-Guille
(Special Issue: Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991, 181-190

Trust Fund Management and Investment (section heading)

Managing Qualified Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Funds Under Uncertainty by Howard Hiller (Special Issue:
Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991, 191-204

Historical Lessons for Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Fund Investment by M. Didi Weinblatt, Salvatore D'Elia and
Theresa A. Havell (Special Issue: Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991, 205-216

Investment Strategies for Externalized Nuclear Decommissioning Trusts by Thomas R. Tuschen (Special Issue: Nuclear
Decommissioning) 1991, 217-232

Remaining Uncertainties (section heading)

Confronting Uncertainty: Contingency Planning for Decommissioning Trusts by Bruce Biewald and Stephen Bernow
(Special Issue: Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991, 233-246

Decommissioning and Nuclear Waste Policy: Comprehensive or Separable? by Duane Chapman (Special Issue:
Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991, 247-254

A Cost/Benefit Perspective of Extended Unit Service as a Decommissioning Alternative by James G. Hewlett (Special
Issue: Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991, 255-272

The Projected Influence of Extended Unit Service, by M.E. Lapides (Special Issue: Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991,
Financial Implications of Early Decommissioning by James G. Hewlett (Special Issue: Nuclear Decommissioning)
1991, 279-294

Applying the Experience (section heading)

The Expanding Decommissioning Focus: A Comparison of Coal and Nuclear Costs by Daniel H. Williams (Special
Issue: Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991, 295-304

The Optimal Time to Decommission Commercial Nuclear Reactors by Geoffrey S. Rothwell (Special Issue: Nuclear
Decommissioning) 1991, 305-314

Afterword: The Beginnings of Public Interest, anonymous, (Special Issue: Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991, 315

Editorial Advisory Committee and List of Contributors (Special Issue: Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991, 317-324

Index (Special Issue: Nuclear Decommissioning) 1991, 325-331


VOLUME 13 1992

Vol 13, Issue 1

The Hotelling Principle: Autoban or Cul de Sac? (IAEE Presidential address), by G. Campbell Watkins, 13(1) 1992, 1-

Comparing the Effects of Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Global Warming, by Richard S. Eckaus, 13(1) 1992, 25-35

Climate Control Efficiency, by G.D. Ferrier and J.G. Hirschberg, 13(1) 1992, 37-54

CETA: A Model for Carbon Emissions Trajectory Assessment, by Stephen Peck and Thomas J. Teisberg, 13(1) 1992,

What Use the IEA Emergency Stockpiles?: A Price Based Model of Oil Stock Management, by Bright E. Okogu, 13(1)
1992, 79-96

Rent Taxes on Norwegian Hydropower Generation, by Eirik S. Amundsen, Christian Anderson, and Jan Gaute
Sannarnes, 13(1) 1992, 97-116

Vehicle Use and Fuel Economy: How Big is the Rebount Effect?, by David L. Greene, 13(1) 1992, 117-143

Energy and Economic Interaction in Thailand, by John C. Sheerin, 13(1) 1992, 145-156

Is the World Oil Market `One Great Pool?' -- Comment, by M.A. Adelman, 13(1) 1992, 157-158

Crisis Amid Plenty: The Politics of Soviet Energy under Brezhnev and Gorbachev (Than Gustafson), book review by
Arthur W. Wright, 13(1) 1992, 159-160

American Hegemony and World Oil (Simon Bromley), book review by Melvin A. Conant, 13(1) 1992, 161-162

Fundamentals of Petroleum Trading (Hossein Razavi and Fereidun Fesharaki), book review by David H. Knapp, 13(1)
1992, 162-163
Vol 13, Issue 2

OPEC and the Price of Oil, by Robert Mabro, 13(2) 1992, 1-17

Project Evaluation: A Practical Asset Pricing Method, by Henry Jacoby and David G. Laughton, 13(2) 1992, 19-47

Should Carbon Taxes by Additional to Other Transport Fuel Taxes?, by David M. Newbery, 13(2) 1992, 49-60

A Short-Run Model of Petroleum Production Supply, by Timothy Considine, 13(2) 1992, 61-91

Risk Premiums and Efficiency in the Market for Crude Oil Futures, by Richard Deaves and Itzhak Krinsky, 13(2) 1992,

Unit Root Behavior in Energy Futures Prices, by Apostolos Serletis, 13(2) 1992, 119-128

Woodfuel Use and Sustainable Development in Haiti, by Richard H. Hosier and Mark A. Bernstein, 13(2) 1992, 129-

Vol 13, Issue 3, Special Issue on European Energy Markets

Editor's Preface, by Leonard Waverman, Landis Gabel, Jean Masseron and Alexander Kemp, 13(3) 1992, v

Foreword "European Energy: A Promise of Liberalization?", by Richard L. Gordon and Dieter Schmitt, 13(3) 1992, vi-

Part I Hydrocarbons (section heading)

Impacts of the Gulf War and Changes in Eastern Europe, by Jean Masseron, 13(3) 1992, 1-16

Development Risks and Petroleum Fiscal Systems: A Comparative Study of the UK, Norway, Denmark and the
Netherlands, by Alexander G. Kemp, 13(3) 1992, 17-39

Prospects for Natural Gas in Western Europe, by Peter Odell, 13(3) 1992, 41-59

Part II Electricity and Coal (section heading)

Common Carriage and the Pricing of Electricity Transmission, by Chris Doyle and Maria Maher, 13(3) 1992, 63-94

Developing Futures Markets for Electricity in Europe, by Eirik S. Amundsen and Balbir Singh, 13(3) 1992, 95-112

The Power Equipment Industry in Transition, by Augusto Ninni, 13(3) 1992, 113-140

The German Coal Markets after 1992, by Ullrich Heilemann and Bernhard Hillebrand, 13(3) 1992, 141-156

Part III Environment (section heading)

Analysis of Unilateral CO2 Control in the European Community and OECD, by John Pezzey, 13(3) 1992, 159-171

Input-Output Analysis and Pollutant Emissions in France, by J.M. Breiul, 13(3) 1992, 173-184

Trade Liberalization, Transportation, and the Environment, by Landis Gabel and Hendrik Roller, 13(3) 1992, 185-206

Energy Policy in the European Community: Conflicts Between the Objectives of the Unified Single Market, Supply
Security and a Clean Environment, by John Surrey, 13(4) 1992, 207-231
Part IV Central and Eastern Europe (section heading)

Energy Issues in Central and Eastern Europe: Considerations for International Financial Institutions, by Joerg-Uwe
Richter, 13(3) 1992, 235-280

Lubbers Plan: Soviet Energy as a Standpoint for Improving Economic Reforms in the USSR, by Andrei Konoplyanik,
13(3) 1992, 281-294

Energy Demand: Evidence and Expectations (David Hawdon, ed.), book review by Carol Dahl, 13(3) 1992, 295-296.

Optimal Regulation: The Economic Theory of Natural Monopoly (Kenneth E. Train), book review by Ali M. Reza,
13(3) 1992, 297-299.

Vol 13, Issue 4

Energy Intervention After Desert Storm: Some Unfinished Tasks, by Richard L. Gordon, 13(4) 1992, 1-15

Cuba's Transition to Market-Based Energy Prices, by Jorge F. Perez-Lopez, 13(4) 1992, 17-40

What Does a Negawatt Really Cost?: Evidence from Utility Conservation Programs, by Paul L. Joskow and Donald B.
Marron, 13(4) 1992, 41-74

Price and Cost Impacts of Utility DSM Programs, by Eric Hirst, 13(4) 1992, 75-90

Fiscalité Petroliere et Risque, by Victor Rodriguez-Padilla, 13(4) 1992, 91-113

Multiple Energy Supply Risks, Optimal Reserves, and Optimal Domestic Production Capacities, by Peter Zweifel and
Matteo Ferrari, 13(4) 1992, 115-129

Special Feature: Issues in Energy Demand (section heading)

The Khazzoom-Brookes Postulate and Neoclassical Growth, by Harry D. Saunders, 13(4) 1992, 130-147

Energy Demand with the Flexible Double-Logarithmic Functional Form, by Gehuang David Nan, and Donald A.
Murry, 13(4) 1992, 149-159

Application of the Divisia Index to the Decomposition of Changes in Industrial Energy Consumption, by X.Q. Liu,
B.W. Ang, and H.L. Ong, 13(4) 1992, 161-177

Imperfect Price-Reversibility of U.S. Gasoline Demand: Asymmetric Responses to Price Increases and Declines, by
Dermot Gately, 13(4) 1992, 179-207

Estimating Disaggregated Price Elasticities in Industrial Energy Demand, by Mahmoud A.T. Elkhafif, 13(4) 1992, 209-

Models of the Oil Market, Vol. 44 of the Series Fundamentals of Pure and Applied Economics edited by C. Henry,
(Jacques Cremer and Djavad Saleihi-Isfahani), book review by Clifton C. Jones, 13(4) 1992, 219-220

Energy Policies and the Greenhouse Effect, Volume One: Policy Appraisal (Michael Grubb), and Volume Two:
Country Studies and Technical Options (Michael Grubb, P. Brackley, A. Mathur. S. Rayner, J Russell, and A. Tanabe),
book review by Hillard G. Huntington, 13(4) 1992, 220-224

Referee Acknowledgments, 13(4) 1992, 225-227
Volume 13 Index, 13(4) 1992, 229-232


VOLUME 14 1993

Vol 14, Issue 1, David Wood Memorial Issue

Editor's Preface, by Leonard Waverman, 14(1) 1993, vii

Modelling World Oil Supply, by Morris A. Adelman, 14(1) 1993, 1-32

Measuring the Energy Efficiency and Productivity Gains of Embodied Technical Change, by Ernst Berndt, Charles
Kolstad and Jong-Kun Lee, 14(1) 1993, 33-56

Growth and Welfare Losses from Carbon Emissions Restrictions: A General Equilibrium Analysis of Egypt, by Charles
Blitzer, Richard Eckaus, Supriya Lahiri, and Alexander Meeraus, 14(1) 1993, 57-82

An Analysis of the Macro-Economic Costs of Various CO2 Emission Control Policies in Japan, by Noriyuki Goto and
Takamitsu Sawa, 14(1) 1993, 83-110

Methodological Advances in Energy Modelling: 1970-1990, by James Griffin, 14(1) 1993, 111-124

OECD Oil Demand Dynamics: Trends and Asymmetries, by William Hogan, 14(1) 1993, 125-158

The Economic Impact of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, by Dale Jorgenson and Peter Wilcoxen, 14(1) 1993,

Statistical Issues in the Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources, by Gordon Kaufman, 14(1) 1993, 183-216

Energy and Capital: Further Explorations of E-K Interactions and Economic Performance, by Catherine Morrison,
14(1) 1993, 217-244

Comparing Greenhouse Gases for Policy Purposes, by Richard Schmalensee, 14(1) 1993, 245-256

Adjustment Costs and Returns to Scale: Some Theoretical and Empirical Aspects, by G. Campbell Watkins, 14(1)
1993, 257-280

Publications by David O. Wood (list of article titles), 14(1) 1993, 281-284

Vol.14, Issue 2

Petroleum Property Valuation: A Binomial Lattice Implementation of Option Pricing Theory, by Eric Pickles and
James Smith, 14(2) 1993, 1-26

Structure and Intensity of Energy Use: Trends in Five OECD Nations, by Richard Howarth, Lee Schipper and Bo
Andersson, 14(2) 1993, 27-45

Impact of Energy Prices on Technology Choice in the U.S. Steel Industry, by Gale Boyd and Steven Karlson, 14(2)
1993, 47-56

A Micro-Economic Analysis of Industrial Demand for Energy in New South Wales, by Alan Woodland, 14(2) 1993,
Global CO2 Agreements: A Cost Effective Approach, by Snorre Kverndokk, 14(2) 1993, 91-112

Oil Shocks and the Demand for Electricity, by Edward Kokkelenberg and Timothy Mount, 14(2) 1993, 113-139

How Big is the Electricity Conservation Potential in Industry?, by Mark Jaccard, John Nyboer and Alan Fogwill, 14(2)
1993, 139-156

A Stochastic Model for the Measurement of Electricity Outage Costs, by Abraham Grosfeld-Nir and Asher Tishler,
14(2) 1993, 157-174

Priority Pricing of Interruptible Electric Service with an Early Notification Option, by Todd Strauss and Shmuel Oren,
14(2) 1993, 175-196

Dynamic International Oil Markets: Oil Market Developments and Structure 1860-1990 (Coby van der Linde, ed.),
book review by Helmut Frank, 14(2) 1993, 197-198

Energy Efficiency and Human Activity: Past Trends, Future Prospects (Lee Schipper, Stephen Meyers, R. Howarth,
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Vol 14, Issue 3, Special Issue
North American Energy Markets After Free Trade

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Vol 14, Issue 4

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Vany and David W. Walls, 14(4) 1993, 1-20

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Raphael E. Branch, 14(4) 1993, 111-122

Appliance Standards and the Welfare of Poor Families, by Steven Stoft, 14(4) 1993, 123-128

Special Feature: Asymmetric Price Responses (section heading)

Are There Useful Lessons from the 1990-91 Oil Price Shock?, by John Tatom, 14(4) 1993, 129-150

Oil Prices and Economic Activity: Is the Relationship Symmetric?, by Javier F. Mory, 14(4) 1993, 151-162

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Walker and Franz Wirl, 14(4) 1993, 183-205


VOLUME 15 1994

Vol 15, Issue 1

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OPEC and the Price of Oil in 1993, by Francisco R. Parra, 15(1) 1994, 17-30

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15(1) 1994, 77-93

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15(1) 1994, 95-120

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Waldman, 15(1) 1994, 129-141

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15(1) 1994, 157-178

Coordination of Non-utility Generation through Priority Purchase Contracts, by Joseph A. Doucet, 15(1) 1994, 179-191

Referee Acknowledgments, 15(1) 1994, 193-195

Volume 14 Index, 15(1) 1994, 197-201

Vol 15, Issue 2

Oil Price Forecasting in the 1980s: What Went Wrong?, by Hillard G. Huntington, 15(2) 1994, 1-22

Environmentally Responsible Energy Pricing, by Kip Viscusi, Wesley Magat, Alan Carlin and Mark Dreyfus, 15(2)
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Doroodian and Prapassorn Udomvaech, 15(2) 1994, 135-156

Special Feature: Greenhouse Gas Emissions (section heading)

The Social Costs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: An Expected Value Approach, by Samuel Fankhauser, 15(2) 1994,

Emission Trading with Shares and Coupons: A Laboratory Experiment, by Andrew Muller and Stuart Mestelman, 15(2)
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Gordon, 15(2) 1994, 238-239

Vol 15, Issue 3

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Stephen L. McDonald, 15(3) 1994, 1-18

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book review by A. Enis Kocagil, 15(3) 1994, 192-194

Vol 15, Issue 4

Toward an Optimal Oil and Gas Leasing System, by Walter J. Mead, 15(4) 1994, 1-18

Macroeconomic Responses to Oil Price Increases and Decreases in Seven OECD Countries, by Knut Anton Mork,
Øystein Olsen and Hans Mysen, 15(4) 1994, 19-36

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1994, 141-166

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Referee Acknowledgments, 15(4) 1994, 235-239

Volume 15 Index, 15(4) 1994, 240-244



Preface, by G. Campbell Watkins (Special Issue: The Changing World Petroleum Market) 1994, vii-ix

Part 1 Introduction and Overview (section heading)

Editor's Introduction, by Helmut J. Frank, (Special Issue: The Changing World Petroleum Market) 1994, 1-2

World Oil Market: Past and Future by M.A. Adelman (Special Issue: The Changing World Petroleum Market) 1994, 3-

Part II Demand (section heading)

Business Cycles and the Oil Market by Knut Anton Mork (Special Issue: The Changing World Petroleum Market),
1994, 15-38

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Part III Supply (section heading)
World Oil Resources, Reserves and Production by Peter Odell (Special Issue: The Changing World Petroleum Market)
1994, 89-114

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World Petroleum Market) 1994, 115-132

Unravelling a Riddle: The Outlook for Russian Oil by Campbell Watkins (Special Issue: The Changing World
Petroleum Market) 1994, 133-156

Oil Production Outside OPEC and the Former Soviet Union: Model Applied to the US and UK by John V. Mitchell
(Special Issue: The Changing World Petroleum Market) 1994, 157-176

Part IV Refining (section heading)

The Refining Industry in the North Atlantic by Keith Hamm (Special Issue: The Changing World Petroleum Market)
1994, 179-191

The Refining in the Far East: Its Potential and Constraints by Hoesung Lee and Dennis Eklof (Special Issue: The
Changing World Petroleum Market) 1994, 193-216

Part V Natural Gas (section heading)

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Petroleum Market) 1994, 219-236

Gas Supplies for the World Market by James T. Jensen (Special Issue: The Changing World Petroleum Market) 1994,

Part VI Industry Structure (section heading)

Oil Industry Structure and Evolving Markets by Joe C. Roeber (Special Issue: The Changing World Petroleum Market)
1994, 253-276

Part VII Financial Requirements (section heading)

The Role of Futures and Other Energy-Linked Financial Instruments by Matt Rogers and John Elting Treat (Special
Issue: The Changing World Petroleum Market) 1994, 279-288

Part VIII Policy Issues (section heading)

International Petroleum Taxation in the 1990s by Alexander G. Kemp (Special Issue: The Changing World Petroleum
Market) 1994, 291-309

LDC Cooperation in World Oil Conservation Policies by Stephen Brown and Hillard G. Huntington (Special Issue: The
Changing World Petroleum Market) 1994, 310-328

Oil Imports and National Security: Is There Still a Link? by John H. Lichtblau (Special Issue: The Changing World
Petroleum Market) 1994, 329-346

Part IX Conclusions (section heading)

What Does It All Mean?, by Edward W. Erickson (Special Issue: The Changing World Petroleum Market) 1994, 349-

About the Authors, (Special Issue: The Changing World Petroleum Market) 1994, 357-362
Abbreviations and Conversion Factors , (Special Issue: The Changing World Petroleum Market) 1994, 363-365


VOLUME 16 1995

Vol 16, Issue 1

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16(1) 1995, 85-112

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Vol 16, Issue 2

On the Renewal of Concern for the Security of Oil Supply, by Chantale LaCasse and Andre Plourde, 16(2) 1995, 1-24

On the Cost of Lost Production from Russian Oil Fields, by James L. Smith, 16(2) 1995, 25-58

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Vol 16, Issue 3

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Power Markets and Market Power, by David M. Newbery, 16(3) 1995, 39-66

Regrets or No Regrets--That is the Question: Is Conservation a Costless CO2 Mitigation Strategy?, by Adam Rose and
Shih-Mo Lin, 16(3) 1995, 67-88

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Vol 16, Issue 4

From the Editor, (announcement) by Leonard Waverman, 16(4) 1995, v

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Referee Acknowledgments, 16(4) 1995, 143-147

Table of Contents Volume 16, 16(4) 1995, 148-149

Volume 16 Index, 16(4) 1995, 150-153

VOLUME 17 1996

Vol 17, Issue 1

Prize awarded for Outstanding Paper in The Energy Journal (1994 award announcement), 17(1) 1996, v

Decomposition of SO2, NOx and CO2 Emissions from Energy Use of Major Economic Sectors in Taiwan, by Sue J. Lin,
and Tzu C. Chang, 17(1) 1996, 1-17

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17(1) 1996, 53-77

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1996, 79-90

Preserving Natural Environments on Coal Lands at Minimum Cost, by William D. Watson, 17(1) 1996, 91-127

Vol 17, Issue 2

The Development of a UK Natural Gas Spot Market, by Joe Roeber, 17(2) 1996, 1-15

Price Convergence in North American Natural Gas Markets, by Martin King and Milan Cuc, 17(2) 1996, 17-42

Is OPEC a Cartel?: Evidence from Cointegration and Causality Tests, by S. Gurcan Gulen, 17(2) 1996, 43-57

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17(2) 1996, 59-77

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Sarkar, 17(2) 1996, 103-126

Vol 17, Issue 3

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Utilities, by Ernst Berndt, Roy Epstein and Michael Doane, 17(3) 1996, 1-21

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Belden, 17(3) 1996, 23-39

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Explaining the Variation in Elasticity Estimates of Gasoline Demand in the United States: A Meta-Analysis, by Molly
Espey, 17(3) 1996, 49-60
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The Genie out of the Bottle: World Oil since 1970 (Morris A. Adelman) book review by Joe Roeber, 17(3) 1996, 111-

Vol 17, Issue 4

From the Editors, (announcement) by Leonard Waverman and Adonis Yatchew, eds, 17(4) 1996, v

Call for papers (Special Issue, Distributed Resources: Toward a New Paradigm of the Electricity Business), by Yves
Smeers and Adonis Yatchew, eds, 17(4) 1996, vi

Economic and Regulatory Factors Affecting the Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants, by James G. Hewlett, 17(4)
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by Andre Plourde, 17(4) 1996, 165-167

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Volume 17 Index, 17(4) 1996, 172-174

VOLUME 18 1997

Vol 18, Issue 1

From the Editor, (announcement), by Adonis Yatchew, 18(1) 1997, iv

What is the Value of Scientific Knowledge? An Application to Global Warming Using the PRICE Model, by William
D. Nordhaus and David Popp, 18(1) 1997, 1-45

Is There an East-West Split in North American Natural Gas Markets?, by Apostolos Serletis, 18(1) 1997, 47-61

Economic Inefficiency of Passive Transmission Rights in Congested Electricity Systems with Competitive Generation,
by Shmuel S. Oren, 18(1) 1997, 63-83

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18(1) 1997, 85-110

Implementation of Priority Insurance in Power Exchange Markets, by Robert Wilson, 18(1) 1997, 111-123

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review by Martin King, 18(1) 1997, 125-128

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1997, 128-129

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Gas and Oil in Northeast Asia: Policies, Projects and Prospects (Keun-Wook Paik), book review by Marius Messer,
18(1) 1997, 132-134

A New Order for Gas in Europe? (Michael Stoppard), book review by Edward Symonds, 18(1) 1997, 134-136

Referee Acknowledgments, 18(1) 1997, 137-141

Vol 18, Issue 2

Fairness Measures and Importance Weights for Allocating Quotas to OPEC Member Countries, by Ahmad Saleh
Alsalem, Subhash C. Sharma and Marvin D. Troutt, 18(2) 1997, 1-22

Pollution Control and Energy Conservation: Complements or Antagonists? A Study of Gasoline Taxes and Automobile
Fuel Economy Standards, by Molly Espey, 18(2) 1997, 23-38

The Cost of Power Outages in the Business and Public Sectors in Israel: Revealed Preference vs. Subjective Valuation,
by Michael Beenstock, Ephraim Goldin and Yoel Haitovsky, 18(2) 1997, 39-62

Buying Time: Franchising Hazardous and Nuclear Waste Cleanup, by Douglas R. Hale, 18(2) 1997, 63-88

Natural Gas in the U.S.: How Far Can Technology Stretch the Resource Base?, by Cutler Cleveland and Robert
Kaufmann, 18(2) 1997, 89-108

Regionalization in the World Crude Oil Market, by S. Gücan Gülen, 18(2) 1997, 109-126

Vol 18, Issue 3

Fundamental U.S. Tax Reform and Energy Markets, by Dale W. Jorgenson and Peter J. Wilcoxen, 18(3) 1997, 1-30
CO2 Emissions Limits: Economic Adjustments and the Distribution of Burdens, by Henry Jacoby, Richard Eckaus,
Denny Ellerman, Ronald Prinn, David Reiner, and Zili Yang, 18(3) 1997, 31-58

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1997, 75-102

Impact of Pay-at-the-Pump on Safety Through Enhanced Vehicle Fuel Efficiency, by J. Daniel Khazzoom 18(3) 1997,

The Market and Economics of Large Oil Tankers, (Oliver Golomer), book review by Edward Symonds, 18(3) 1997,

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book review by Corazon Morales Siddayao, 18(3) 1997, 136-139

A Shock to the System: Restructuring America's Electricity Industry (Timothy J. Brennan et al.), book review by Frank
Felder, 18(3) 1997, 140-141

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18(3) 1997, 142-145

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M.A. Adelman, 18(3) 1997, 148-150

Vol 18, Issue 4

Computable Equilibrium Models and the Restructuring of the European Electricity and Gas Markets, by Yves Smeers,
18(4) 1997, 1-31

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1997, 143-145

Volume 18 Index, 18(4) 1997, 146-148


Introduction, by Yves Smeers and Adonis Yatchew (Special Issue Distributed Resources) 1998, vii-xii

What's in the Cards for Distributed Resources?, by Johannes P. Pfeifenberger, Philip Q Hanser and Paul Ammann,
(Special Issue Distributed Resources) 1998, 1-16

Distributed Electricity Generation in Competitive Energy Markets: A Case Study in Australia, by Deepak Sharma and
Robert Bartels, (Special Issue Distributed Resources) 1998, 17-39

Defining Distributed Resource Planning, by Jonathan Lesser and Charles Feinstein, (Special Issue Distributed
Resources) 1998, 41-62

Using Distributed Resources to Manage Risks Caused by Demand Uncertainty, by Thomas E. Hoff (Special Issue
Distributed Resources) 1998, 63-83

Capacity Planning Under Uncertainty: Developing Local Area Strategies for Integrating Distributed Resources, by
Charles Feinstein, Peter Morris and Stephen Chapel (Special Issue Distributed Resources) 1998, 85-110

Control and Operation in a Competitive Market: Distributed Generation in a Restructured Industry, by Judith Cardell
and Richard Tabors, (Special Issue Distributed Resources) 1998, 111- 135

Integrated Local T&D Planning Using Customer Outage Costs, by Greg Ball, Debra Lloyd-Zannetti, Brian Horii, Dan
Birch, Robert Ricks, and Holly Lively, (Special Issue Distributed Resources) 1998, 137-160

Winners and Losers in a Competitive Electricity Industry: An Empirical Analysis, by Robert Ethier and Timothy
Mount, (Special Issue Distributed Resources) 1998, 161-186

Regulatory Policy Regarding Distributed Generation by Utilities: The Impact of Restructuring, by Jay Morse (Special
Issue Distributed Resources) 1998, 187-210

About the Authors, (Special Issue Distributed Resources) 1998, 211-215


VOLUME 19 1998

Vol 19, Issue 1 Special Issue
The Potential for Use of Modern Asset Pricing Methods for Upstream Petroleum Project Evaluation

Editor's Preface, by G. Campbell Watkins, 19(1) 1998, iv

The Potential Use of Modern Asset Pricing Methods for Upstream Petroleum Project Evaluation: Introductory Remarks
, by David G. Laughton, ed., 19(1) 1998, 1-11

Implications of Output Price Risk and Operating Leverage for the Evaluation of Petroleum Development Projects, by
Gordon Salahor, 19(1) 1998, 13-45

On the Use of Modern Asset Pricing for Comparing Alternative Royalty Systems for Petroleum Development Projects,
by Paul Bradley, 19(1) 1998, 47-81

The Management of Flexibility in the Upstream Petroleum Industry, by David G. Laughton, 19(1) 1998, 83-114

Alternative Models of Uncertain Commodity Prices for Use with Modern Asset Pricing Methods, by Malcolm Baker,
Scott Mayfield, and John Parsons, 19(1) 1998, 115-148
The Potential Use of Modern Asset Pricing Methods for Upstream Petroleum Project Evaluation: Concluding Remarks,
by David G. Laughton, 19(1) 1998, 149-153

Renewable Energy Strategies for Europe (Vol. II): Electricity Systems and Primary Electricity Sources (Michael Grubb
with Roberto Vigotti), book review by K. Gopalakrishman Nair, 19(1) 1998, 155-156

International Comparisons of Electricity Regulation, (edited by Richard J. Gilbert and Edward P. Kahn), book review
by Frank Felder, 19(1) 1998, 156-157

Power Structure: Ownership, Integration, and Competition in the U.S. Electricity Industry, (John E. Kwoka, Jr.), book
review by Herbert G. Thompson, Jr. 19(1) 1998, 158-161

Vol 19, Issue 2
The Lennart Lundberg International Symposium

Preface by G. Campbell Watkins , editor,19(2) 1998, v

Introduction, Global Power Generation in the 21st Century: The Critical Choices, by Marian Radetzki, guest editor,
19(2) 1998, 1-5

The Role of Electricity in Industrial Development, by Nathan Rosenberg, 19(2) 1998, 7-24

Electricity Sectors in Transition, by Paul L. Joskow, 19(2) 1998, 25-52

Discussion Paul Joskow's Paper "Electricity Sectors in Transition," by Francois Ailleret, 19(2) 1998, 53-55

Discussion of Paul Joskow's Paper "Electricity Sectors in Transition," by David Jefferies, 19(2) 1998, 57-62

Technological Options for Power Generation, by Ulf Hansen, 19(2) 1998, 63-87

Discussion of Ulf Hansen's Paper "Technological Options for Power Generation," by Jan H. Blom, 19(2) 1998, 89-92

Global Demand Growth of Power Generation, Input Choices and Supply Security, 19(2) 1998, by Kenichi Matsui 93-

Discussion of Kenichi Matsui's Paper "Global Demand Growth of Power Generation, Input Choices and Supply
Security," by Tor Ragnar Gerholm 19(2) 1998, 109-113

The Environmental Challenges of Power Generation, by Thomas C. Schelling, 19(2) 1998, 115-124

Discussion of Thomas Schelling's Paper "The Environmental Challenges of Power Generation," by Dominique Finon,
19(2) 1998, 125-128

Note on The Seemingly Indefinite Extension of Power Plant Lives, A Panel Contribution, by Denny Ellerman 19(2)
1998, 129-132

Note on Information Technology and Efficiency of Deregulated Electricity Markets, A Panel Contribution, by Bo
Källstrand, 19(2) 1998, 133-134

Other Papers (section heading)

Alternatives to the Strait of Hormuz, by Dagobert Brito and Eytan Sheshinski, 19(2) 1998, 135-147

Chaos in Natural Gas Futures?, by Victor Chwee, 19(2) 1998, 149-164
Weather and Pollution Abatement Costs, by Jonathan E. Leightner and C.A. Knox Lovell, 19(2) 1998, 165-189

Customer Retention in a Competitive Power Market: Analysis of a `Double-Bounded Plus Follow-Ups' Questionaire,
by Yongxin Cai, Iraj Deilami and Kenneth Train, 19(2) 1998, 191-215

The Bias in Price Elasticity Estimates Under Separability Between Electricity and Labor in Studies of Time-of-Use
Electricity Rates: An Application to Israel, by Asher Tishler, 19(2) 1998, 217-236

The New Geopolitics of Energy (John V. Mitchell, Peter Beck, and Michael Grubb), book review by Michael C. Lynch,
19(2) 1998, 237-238

The Seas Unite: Maritime Cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region (edited by Sam Bateman and Stephen Bates), book
review by Edward Symonds, 19(2) 1998, 238-239

Vol 19, Issue 3

Increased Competition on the Supply Side of the Western European Natural Gas Market, by Rolf Golombek, Eystein
Gjelsvik and Knut Einar Rosendahl, 19(3) 1998, 1-18

Modeling Electricity Pricing in a Deregulated Generation Industry: The Potential for Oligopoly Pricing in a Poolco, by
Aleksandr Rudkevich, Max Duckworth and Richard Rosen, 19(3) 1998, 19-48

Simulating the Operation of Markets for Bulk-Power Ancillary Services, by Eirc Hirst and Brendan Kirby, 19(3) 1998,

The "Regulatory Compact" and Implicit Contracts: Should Stranded Costs be Recoverable?, by James Boyd, 19(3)
1998, 69-83

Prices that Clear the Air: Energy Use and Pollution in Chile and Indonesia, by Gunnar S. Eskeland, Emmanuel Jimenez
and Lili Liu, 19(3) 1998, 85-106

Reducing the Impacts of Energy Price Volatility Through Dynamic Portfolio Selection, by H. Brett Humphreys and
Katherine T. McClain, 19(3) 1998, 107-131

Electric Utility Restructuring: A Guide to the Competitive Era, (Peter Fox-Penner), book review by Frank Felder, 19(3)
1998, 133-134

Referee Acknowledgments, 19(3) 1998, 135-142

Vol 19, Issue 4

A Thousand Years of Energy Use in the United Kingdom, by Roger Fouquet and Peter J.G. Pearson, 19(4) 1998, 1-41

Short Term Energy Forecasting with Neural Networks, by Stuart McMenamin and Frank Monforte, 19(4) 1998, 43-62

At What Cost do We Reduce Pollution? Shadow Prices of SO2 Emissions, by John R. Swinton, 19(4) 1998, 63-83

The Relationship Between Energy Intensity and Income Levels: Forecasting Long Term Energy Demand in Asian
Emerging Countries, by Rossana Galli, 19(4) 1998, 85-105

Crude Oil Prices and U.S. Economic Performance: Where Does the Asymmetry Reside?, by Hillard G. Huntington,
19(4) 1998, 107-132

Simple Analytics of Valuing Producing Petroleum Reserves, by Graham A. Davis and Robert D. Cairns, 19(4) 1998,
Bless the Pure and the Humble: Texas Lawyers and Oil Regulation, 1919-1936 (Nicholas G. Malavis) book review by
Stephen L. McDonald, 19(4) 1998, 143-144

The Economics and Politics of the United States Oil Industry, 1920-1990: Profits, Populism, and Petroleum (Steve
Isser), book review by Edward Porter, 19(4) 1998, 145-149

Exploration, Development, and Production: Texas Oil and Gas, 1970-1995 (John R. Moroney) book review by
Douglas R. Bohi; and Michael C. Lynch, 19(4) 1998, 150-153

Energy Exporters and Climate Change (Peter Kassler and Matthew Paterson), book review by Scott Farrow, 19(4)
1998, 153-154

Tax or Technology? The Revival of UK North Sea Oil Production (Steve Martin) book review by Edward Symonds,
19(4) 1998, 155-156

Volume 19 Index, 19(4) 1998, 157-160


VOLUME 20 1999

Vol 20. Issue 1

Prizes Awarded for Outstanding Papers in The Energy Journal, (1995/96 award announcement), 20(1) 1999, v

Note from the Editor, by Campbell Watkins, 20(1) 1999, vi

Financial Transmission Rights Meet Cournot: How TCCs Curb Market Power, by Steven Stoft, 20(1) 1999, 1-23

Barriers to Energy-Efficiency in Electricity Generation in India, by Madhu Khanna and David Zilberman, 20(1) 1999,

The Political Economy of Motor Fuel Taxation, by Rajeev K. Goel and Michael A. Nelson, 20(1) 1999, 43-60

The Marginal Costs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, by Richard S.J. Tol, 20(1) 1999, 61-82

The North American Natural Gas Liquids Markets are Chaotic, by Apostolos Serletis and Periklis Gogas, 20(1) 1999,

An Integrated Model of Oil Production, by John R. Moroney and M. Douglas Berg, 20(1) 1999, 105-124

Regionalization in the World Crude Oil Market: Further Evidence, by S. Gürcan Gülen, 20(1) 1999, 125-139

The Next Restructuring: Environmental Regulation, by A. Denny Ellerman, 20(1) 1999, 141-147

The Swedish Nuclear Dilemma: Energy and the Environment (William D. Nordhaus), book review by Marian
Radetzki, 20(1) 1999, 149-150

The Oil Price Crisis of 1998, (Robert Mabro), book review by Edward Symonds, 20(1) 1999, 151-152

Vol 20, Issue 2

The Long-Run Evolution of Energy Prices, by Robert S. Pindyck, 20(2) 1999, 1-28
Economic Development and the Structure of the Demand for Commercial Energy, by Ruth Judson, Richard
Schmalensee and Thomas Stoker, 20(2) 1999, 29-58

Emissions of SO2, NOx and CO2 in Transition Economies: Emission Inventories and Divisia Index Analysis, by Laurent
Viguier, 20(2) 1999, 59-88

Some New Ethanol Technology: Cost Competition and Adoption Effects in the Petroleum Market, by Paul Gallagher
and Donald Johnson, 20(2) 1999, 89-120

Exploring Energy Technology Substitution for Reducing Atmospheric Carbon Emissions, by Karl E. Knapp, 20(2)
1999, 121-144

Demand for Ground Transportation Fuel and Pricing Policy in Asian Tigers: A Comparative Study of Korea and
Taiwan, by Sara Banaszak, Ujjayant Chakravorty and PingSun Leung, 20(2) 1999, 145-166

Vol 20, Issue 3

Fuel Economy Rebound Effect for U.S. Household Vehicles, by David L. Greene, James Kahn and Robert Gibson,
20(3) 1999, 1-31

Productivity Trends in India's Energy Intensive Industries, by Joyashree Roy, Jayant Sathaye, Alan Sanstad, Puran
Mongia, and Katja Schumacher, 20(3) 1999, 32-62

Why has the Energy-Output Ratio Fallen in China?, by Richard Garbaccio, Mun S. Ho and Dale W. Jorgenson, 20(3)
1999, 63-92

Energy Intensity and Carbon Emission Responses to Technological Change and Adoption: The U.S. Outlook, by Andy
S. Kydes, 20(3) 1999, 93-122

Vehicle Choice in an Aging Population: Some Insights from a Stated Preference Survey for California, by Chris
Kavalec, 20(3) 1999, 123-138

A Note: Will Tomorrow's Energy Efficiency Indices Prove Useful in Economic Studies?, by Jay Zarnikau, 20(3) 1999,

Decomposition of Aggregate CO2 Emissions in the OECD: 1960-1995, (note) by J. W. Sun, 20(3) 1999, 147-155

Elements of the Swiss Market for Electricity (Massimo Filippini), book review by Patrik Söderholm, 20(3) 1999, 157-

Deregulation of Electric Utilities (edited by Georges Zaccour), book review by Frank Felder, 20(3) 1999, 160-161

The Economic Appraisal of Natural Gas Projects (Willem J.H. Van Groenendaal), book review by Graham A. Davis
20(3) 1999, 161-163

Energy and the Making of Modern California (James C. Williams), book review by Roger Dunstan, 20(3) 1999, 163-

Energy Policy in the European Union (Janne Haaland Matlary), book review by Peter R. Odell, 20(3) 1999, 165-167

Global Energy Perspectives (edited by Nebojsa Nakicenovic, Arnulf Grubler and Alan McDonald), book review by
Hillard Huntington, 20(3) 1999, 167-169

Energy Modeling Beyond Economics and Technology, (edited by Bernard Giovannini and Andrea Baranzini), book
review by Carol A. Dahl, 20(3) 1999, 169-171
Vol 20, Issue 4

Prizes Awarded for Outstanding Paper in The Energy Journal, (1997 award announcement), 20(4) 1999, iv

The Spanish Gasoline Market: From Ceiling Regulation to Open Market Pricing, by Ignacio Contín, Aad Correljé, and
Emilio Huerta, 20(4) 1999, 1-14

The Economics of Energy Market Transformation Programs, by Richard Duke and Daniel M. Kammen, 20(4) 1999,

Market Power in Electricity Markets: Beyond Concentration Measures, by Severin Borenstein, James Bushnell, and
Christopher Knittel, 20(4) 1999, 65

The Efficiency of Multi-Unit Electricity Auctions, by Wedad Elmaghraby and Shmuel S. Oren, 20(4) 1999, 89-116

Coal Subsidies and Global Carbon Emissions, by Miles Light, 20(4) 1999, 117-148

Petroleum Economics: Issues and Strategies of Oil and Natural Gas Production (Rögnvaldur Hannesson), by John
Moroney, 20(4) 1999, 149-150

Designing Competitive Electricity Markets (edited by Hung-Po Chao and Hillard Huntington), book review by Andrew
N. Kleit, 20(4) 1999, 151-153

Managing the Oil Wealth: OPEC's Windfalls and Pitfalls (Jahangir Amuzegar), book review by Richard Gordon, 20(4)
1999, 154-155

Referee Acknowledgments, 20(4) 1999, 156-164

Volume 20 Index, 20(4) 1999, 165-168



Preface, by G. Campbell Watkins, (Special Issue: Costs of the Kyoto Protocol) 1999, vi

Introduction and Overview, by John P. Weyant and Jennifer N. Hill, (Special Issue: Costs of the Kyoto Protocol) 1999,

The Kyoto Protocol: A Cost-Effective Strategy for Meeting Environmental Objectives?, by Alan S. Manne and Richard
Richels (Special Issue: The Costs of the Kyoto Protocol) 1999, 1-24

The Economics of the Kyoto Protocol, by Christopher N. MacCracken, James A. Edmonds, Son H. Kim, and Ronald
D. Sands (Special Issue: The Costs of the Kyoto Protocol) 1999, 25-72

Adjustment Time, Capital Malleability and Policy Cost, by Henry D. Jacoby and Ian Sue Wing, (Special Issue: Costs of
the Kyoto Protocol) 1999, 73-92

Requiem for Kyoto: An Economic Analysis of the Kyoto Protocol, by William D. Nordhaus and Joseph G. Boyer
(Special Issue: Costs of the Kyoto Protocol) 1999, 93-130

Kyoto, Efficiency, and Cost-Effectiveness: Applications of FUND, (Special Issue: Costs of the Kyoto Protocol) 1999,
by Richard S.J. Tol 131-156
Analysis of Carbon Emission Stabilization Targets and Adaptation by Integrated Assessment Model, by Atsushi
Kurosawa, Hiroshi Yagita, Zhou Weisheng, Koji Tokimatsu, and Yukio Yanagisawa (Special Issue: Costs of the Kyoto
Protocol) 1999, 157-176

Clubs, Ceilings and CDM: Macroeconomics of Compliance with the Kyoto Protocol, by Johannes Bollen, Arjen
Gielen, and Hans Timmer (Special Issue: Costs of the Kyoto Protocol) 1999, 177-206

Analysis of Post-Kyoto Scenarios: The Asian-Pacific Integrated Model, by Mikiko Kainuma, Yuzuru Matsuoka,
Tsuneyuki Morita (Special Issue: Costs of the Kyoto Protocol) 1999, 207-220

Effects of Restrictions on International Permit Trading: The MS-MRT Model, by Paul M. Bernstein, W. David
Montgomery, Thomas F. Rutherford and Gui-Fang Yang (Special Issue: Costs of the Kyoto Protocol) 1999, 221-256

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Polidano, Hom Pant and Brian S. Fisher (Special Issue: Costs of the Kyoto Protocol) 1999, 257-286

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Peter Wilcoxen (Special Issue: Costs of the Kyoto Protocol) 1999, 287-334

The Economic Implications of Reducing Carbon Emissions: A Cross-Country Quantitative Investigation using the
Oxford Global Macroeconomic and Energy Model, by Adrian Cooper, Scott Livermore, Vanessa Rossi, Alan Wilson
and John Walker (Special Issue: Costs of the Kyoto Protocol) 1999, 335-366

CO2 Emissions Control Agreements: Incentives for Regional Participation, by Stephen C. Peck and Thomas J. Teisberg
(Special Issue: Costs of the Kyoto Protocol) 1999, 367-390

About the Authors, (Special Issue: The Costs of the Kyoto Protocol) 1999, 391-398


VOLUME 21 2000

Vol 21, Issue 1

Explaining Cointegration Analysis: Part 1, by David F. Hendry and Katarina Juselius, 21(1) 2000, 1-42

Technology Diffusion in Energy-Economy Models: The Case of Danish Vintage Models, by Henrik Klinge Jacobsen,
21(1) 2000, 43-71

Household Response to Incentive Payments for Load Shifting: A Japanese Time-of-Day Electricity Pricing Experiment,
by Isamu Matsukawa, Hiroshi Asano and Hitoshi Kakimoto, 21(1) 2000, 73-86

Lessons from Utility Conservation Programs, by Franz Wirl, 21(1) 2000, 87-108

Technology and the Exploratory Success Rate in the U.S. Offshore, by Kevin F. Forbes and Ernest M. Zampelli, 21(1)
2000, 109-120

A Note on Saudi Arabian Price Discrimination, by Ronald Soligo and Amy Myers Jaffe, 21(1) 2000, 121-133

Coal or Nuclear in New Power Stations: The Political Economy of an Undesirable but Necessary Choice, by Marian
Radetzki, 21(1) 2000, 135-147

Competition and Liberalization in European Gas Markets: A Diversity of Models (Jonathan Stern), book review by
Edward Symonds, 21(1) 2000, 149-150
Gas to Europe: The Strategies of Four Major Suppliers edited (Robert Mabro and Ian Wybrew-Bond), book review by
Edward Symonds, 21(1) 2000, 151-153

Vol 21, Issue 2

Energy Economists and Economic Liberalism, by Colin Robinson, 21(2) 2000, 1-22

Where Did the Money Go? The Cost and Performance of the Largest Commercial Sector DSM Programs, by Joseph
Eto, Suzie Kito, Leslie Shown, and Richard Sonnenblick, 21(2) 2000, 23-50

Residential End-Use Electricity Demand: Results from a Designed Experiment, by Robert Bartels and Denzil G. Fiebig,
21(2) 2000, 51-82

Cost Structures for Fossil Fuel-Fired Electric Power Generation, by Timothy J. Considine, 21(2) 2000, 83-104

Extracting Common Oil: Cooperation or Competition?, by Rögnvaldur Hannesson, 21(2) 2000, 105-120

The Target Revenue Model and the World Oil Market: Empirical Evidence from 1971 to 1994, by A.F. Alhajji and
David Huettner, 21(2) 2000, 121-140

A Note on Vertical Integration and Stock Ratings of Oil Companies in the U.S., by Kenneth Edwards, John D. Jackson
and Henry L. Thompson, 21(2) 2000, 145-150

Vol 21, Issue 3

Model-Based Comparisons of Pool and Bilateral Markets for Electricity, by John Bower and Derek W. Bunn, 21(3)
2000, 1-29

OPEC and World Crude Oil Markets from 1973 to 1994: Cartel, Oligopoly or Competitive?, by A. F. Alhajji and David
Huettner, 21(3) 2000, 31-60

The Risk of Early Retirement of U.S. Nuclear Power Plants under Electricity Deregulation and CO2 Emission
Reductions, by Geoffrey S. Rothwell, 21(3) 2000, 61-87

"No Cost" Efforts to Reduce Carbon Emissions in the U.S.: An Economic Perspective, by Ronald J. Sutherland, 21(3)
2000, 89-112

The Potential Market for Photovoltaics and Other Distributed Resources in Rural Electric Cooperatives, (note), by
Thomas E. Hoff and Matthew Cheney, 21(3) 2000, 113-127

World Petroleum at the Crossroads (Paul Tempest), book review by Edward Symonds, 21(3) 2000, 129-130

Referee Acknowledgments, 21(3) 2000, 131-135

Coal or Nuclear in New Power Stations: The Political Economy of an Undesirable but Necessary Choice (M. Radetzki),
Errata, 21(3) 2000, 136

Vol 21, Issue 4

Customers' Choice Among Retail Energy Suppliers: The Willingness-to-Pay for Service Attributes, by Andrew A.
Goett, Kathleen Hudson, Kenneth E. Train, 21(4) 2000, 1-28

Supplementarity: An Invitation to Monopsony?, by A. Denny Ellerman and Ian Sue Wing, 21(4) 2000, 29-59

Regulation of an Electric Power Transmission Company, by Thomas-Olivier Léautier, 21(4) 2000, 61-92
Developing Countries' Greenhouse Emissions: Uncertainty and Implications for Participation in the Kyoto Protocol, by
Randall Lutter, 21(4) 2000, 93-120

Power Loss: The Origins of Deregulation and Restructuring in the American Electric Utility System (Richard F. Hirsh),
book review by Andrew N. Kleit, 21(4) 2000, 121-122

Index to Volume 21, 21(4) 2000, 123-125


VOLUME 22, 2001

Vol 22, Issue 1

Regulatory Remedies to the Common Pool: The Limits to Oil Field Unitization, by Gary D. Libecap and James L.
Smith, 22(1) 2001, 1-26

Oil Production in the Lower 48 States: Economic, Geological, and Institutional Determinants, by Robert K. Kaufmann
and Cutler J. Cleveland, 22(1) 2001, 27-50

Zonal Pricing in a Deregulated Electricity Market, by Mette Bjørndal and Kurt Jørnsten, 22(1) 2001, 51-74

Explaining Cointegration Analysis: Part II, by David F. Hendry and Katarina Juselius, 22(1) 2001, 75-120

Vol 22, Issue 2

Are Regional Oil Markets Growing Closer Together? An Arbitrage Cost Approach, by Andrew N. Kleit, 22(2) 2001, 1-

The Impact of Agency Costs on Regulator Compensation and the Size of Electric Utility Commissions, by Franklin G.
Mixon, Jr., 22(2) 2001, 17-34

International Comparisons of Sectoral Carbon Dioxide Emissions Using a Cross-Country Decomposition Technique, by
Lee Schipper, Scott G. Murtishaw and Fridtjof Unander, 22(2) 2001, 35-75

Economic Development and End-Use Energy Demand, by Kenneth B. Medlock III and Ronald Soligo, 22(2) 2001, 77-

The Determinants of Sulfur Emissions from Oil Consumption in Swedish Manufacturing Industry, 1976-1995, by
Henrik Hammer and Åsa Löfgren, 22(2) 2001, 107-126

Energy Economics: A Modern Introduction, (Ferdinand E. Banks), book review by Richard L. Gordon), 22(2) 2001,

Vol 22, Issue 3

The Dynamics of Commodity Spot and Futures Markets: A Primer, by Robert S. Pindyck, 22(3) 2001, 1-29

Adelman's Rule and the Petroleum Firm, by Robert D. Cairns and Graham A. Davis, 22(3) 2001, 31-54

An Analysis of Market Power Mitigation Strategies in Colorado's Electricity Industry, by David M. Quick and Janis M.
Carey, 22(3) 2001, 55-77
Uncertainties in Responding to Climate Change: On The Economic Value of Technology Policies for Reducing Costs
and Creating Options, by Demetrios Papathanasiou and Dennis Anderson, 22(3) 2001, 79-114

Self-Sufficient Energy Supply for Isolated Communities: Wind-Diesel Systems in the Canary Islands, by José Antonio
Carta and Jaime González, 22(3) 2001, 115-145

The Kyoto Protocol, Emissions Trading and the CDM: An Analysis from Developing Countries Perspective, by Jyoti P.
Painuly, 22(3) 2001, 147-169

Vol 22, Issue 4

How Plausible is the Consensus Projection of Oil Below $25 and Persian Gulf Oil Capacity and Output Doubling by
2020?, by Dermot Gately, 22(4) 2001, 1-27

Analyzing California's Power Crisis, by Ahmad Faruqui, Hung-po Chao, Vic Niemeyer, Jeremy Platt and Karl
Stahlkopf, 22(4) 2001, 29-52

The Kyoto Protocol: Regional and Sectoral Contributions to the Carbon Leakage, by Sergey V. Paltsev, 22(4) 2001,

Lifting the Alaskan Oil Export Ban: An Intervention Analysis, by Charles Bausell Jr, Frank Rusco and W. David Walls,
22(4) 2001, 81-94

Economic Indicators of Market Transformation: Energy Efficient Lighting and EPA's Green Lights, by Marvin J.
Horowitz, 22(4) 2001, 95-122

Pricing in Competitive Electricity Markets, (edited by Ahmad Faruqui and Kelly Eakin), book review by Frank Felder,
22(4) 2001, 123-125

The Coming Oil Crisis, (Colin J. Campbell), book review by Michael C. Lynch, 22(4) 2001, 125-126

Privatization, Restructuring, and Regulation of Network Utilities (David M. Newbery), book review by Andrew N.
Kleit, 22(4) 2001, 127-128

The Caspian Region at a Crossroad: Challenges of a New Frontier of Energy and Development, (edited by Hooshang
Amirahmadi), book review by Gürcan Gülen, 22(4) 2001, 128-130

The Policy Process in a Petro-State: An Analysis of PDVSA's (Petróleos de Venezuela SA's) Internationalisation
Strategy, (César E. Baena), book review by Luis Sosa, 22(4) 2001, 131-133

The Green Myth - Economic Growth and the Quality of the Environment, (Marian Radetzki), book review by Carol
Dahl, 22(4) 2001, 133-135

Referee Acknowledgments, 22(4) 2001, 137-144

Index to Volume 22, 22(4) 2001, 145-147


VOLUME 23, 2002

Vol 23, Issue 1

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policy in the United States: Identifying Winners and Losers in an Expanded Permit Trading
System, by Adam Z. Rose and Gbadebo Oladosu, 23(1) 2002, 1-18
The Asymmetric Effects of Changes in Price and Income on Energy and Oil Demand, by Dermot Gately and Hillard G.
Huntington, 23(1) 2002, 19-56

The Discovery Decline Phenomenon: Microeconometric Evidence from the U.K. Continental Shelf, by Andrew
Pickering, 23(1) 2002, 57-72

Early Emission Reduction Programs: An Application to CO2 Policy, by Ian W.H. Parry and Michael A. Toman, 23(1)
2002, 73-96

Le Tarif Vert Retrouvé: The Marginal Cost Concept and the Pricing of Electricity in Britain and France, 1945-1970, by
Martin Chick, 23(1) 2002, 97-116

Costs of Atmospheric Fluidized-Bed Combustors for Electric Power Generation, by Frederick C. Scherr and Jack A.
Fuller, 23(1) 2002, 117-132

Oil and Gas in Central Asia and Northwest China (James P. Dorian), book review by Thomas Dawson and Jennifer
Considine, 23(1) 2002, 133-135

The Politics of Oil-Producer Cooperation (Dag Harald Claes), book review by Dermot Gately, 23(1) 2002, 136-138

The Natural Gas Market: Sixty Years of Regulation and Deregulation (Paul W. MacAvoy), book review by Paul R.
Carpenter, 23(1) 2002, 139-140

Vol 23, Issue 2

Designing a Tradable Permit System to Control SO2 Emissions in China: Principles and Practice, by A. Denny
Ellerman, 23(2) 2002, 1-26

Interfuel Substitution within Industrial Companies - An Analysis Based on Panel Data at Company Level, by Thomas
Bue Bjørner and Henrik Holm Jensen, 23(2) 2002, 27-50

Climate Politics from Kyoto to Bonn: From Little to Nothing? by Christoph Böhringer, 23(2) 2002, 51-71

Will Cross-Ownership Re-Establish Market Power in the Nordic Power Market? by Eirik S. Amundsen and Lars
Bergman, 23(2) 2002, 73-95

The Curious Role of "Learning" in Climate Policy: Should We Wait for More Data? by Mort Webster, 23(2) 2002, 97-

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23(2) 2002, 121-122

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VOLUME 24, 2003

Vol 24, Issue 1

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Vol 24, Issue 2

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Vol 24, Issue 3

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Vol 24, Issue 4


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VOLUME 25, 2004

Vol 25. Issue 1

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On Borrowed Time? Assessing the Threat of Mineral Depletion (by John E. Tilton), book review by Colin Robinson,
25(1) 2004, 111-113

Vol 25. Issue 2

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Vol 25 Issue 3

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VOLUME 26, 2005

Vol 26, Issue 1

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Vol 26, Issue2

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and Craig T. Shulman, 26(2), 2005, 1-22

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Vol 26, Issue 3

Why Tax Energy? Towards a More Rational Policy, by David M. Newbery, 26(3), 2005, 1-40

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Uncertainty, by Steffen Kallbekken and Hege Westskog, 26(3), 2005, 41-60

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Vol 26, Issue 4

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VOLUME 27, 2006

Vol 27, Issue 1

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A Real Options Approach to Evaluating New Nuclear Power Plants, by Geoffrey Rothwell, 27(1) 2006, 37-54

Does Oil Price Uncertainty Affect Energy Use? by Gerard H. Kuper and Daan P. van Soest, 27(1) 2006, 55-78

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Vol 27, Issue 2
Emissions Trading, CDM, JI, and More – The Climate Strategy on the EU, by Gernot Klepper and Sonja Peterson,
27(2) 2006, 1-26

The UK Market for Natural Gas, Oil and Electricity – Are The Prices Decoupled? by Frank Asche, Petter
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27(2) 2006, 55-72

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27(2) 2006, 87-112

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Vol 27, Issue 3

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Vol 27, Issue 4

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VOLUME 28, 2007

Vol 28, Issue 1

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VOLUME 29, 2008

Vol 29, Issue 1

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Vol 29, Issue 3

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Factors Affecting an Economy’s Tolerance and Delay of Response to the Impact of a Positive Oil Price Shock, by
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(Campbell Watkins Special Issue) 2008, 135-158

VOLUME 30, 2009

Vol 30, Issue 1

Oil Price Shocks and Real GDP Growth: Testing for Non-linearity, by Rebeca Jiménez-Rodríguez, 30(1) 2009, 1-24

It Never Rains but it Pours: Modeling the Persistence of Spikes in Electricity Prices, by Timothy Christensen, Stan
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Vol 30, Issue 2

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by Carlo Andrea Bollino, 30(2) 2009, 81-96

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Vol 30, Issue 3

Natural Gas Pricing in Countries of the Middle East and North Africa, by Hossein Razavi 30(3) 2009, 1-22
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Utilities by William Yu, Tooraj Jamasb, Michael Pollitt. 30(4) 2009, 1-48

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