THE JIM ROSE CIRCUS List of Stunts by heapsofluvv


									                        THE JIM ROSE CIRCUS

                           List of Stunts

* Eat razor blades and thread then cough them back tied to thread
* human cannonball
* letting scorpion walk on face and inside mouth
* smashing a plate placed on groin with sledge hammer attached to ears
* vacuum dry pack (person is put in plastic bag, air is sucked out
with vacuum cleaner)
* human blockhead with spoon (up the nose) and power drill (drill up
the nose)
* blow fire from womanhood and light cigarette from fire
* escape from straitjacket (and more difficult, contorting back into
* swallow gold fish then regurgitate them back into tank alive
* tube act (7 feet of tubing into stomach via the nose, tube is
attached to clear pump, liquid etc are pumped in stomach and then
pulled back out). This stunt made #4 on BBC special "Most Shocking
Moments" on British TV
* snapping mouse trap on tongue
* lifting car battery with pierced nipples
* swallow Rubik's cube and regurgitate it solved
* contortions / hoola hoop with world's fattest contortionist - 450
lbs of elasticity
* put face in broken glass with person standing on top of head
* human dart board
* balancing a running lawn mower on upper lip while audience members
throw heads of lettuce at it,
turning the stage into salad
* bend a steel rebar with stomach
* put hand in raccoon trap
* blowing up hot water bag until it explodes
* insert condom in mouth and out of nose and vice versa
* coat hanger swallowing
* smash testicles with sledge hammer
* swing a stool attached to earlobes
* meat head (sticking a large hook thru the nose, comes out the mouth
to lift heavy weight)
* swallowing ribbon and pulling it out of stomach thru small incision
* being beat over the head with frying pan
* lifting weights with hooks in eyelids
* fleshy curtains (fat man pulls props from folds of fat, ie:
electric drill, raccoon trap, hammers, frying pans, etc)
* levitation
* smash hands with cans of soup
* stapling money to forehead and other part of the body

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