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									                                    The Medallion
Notre Dame Academy                                 1073 Main Street Hingham, MA 02043                                             March 2009

   The Inauguration of Barack Obama
                                            Hailey Chalhoub ‘09

January 17, 2009. I waved good-bye to my father at Logan Airport as I embarked
on a new adventure. I was traveling by myself to our nation’s capital to witness
one of the most momentous occasions in America’s history: the Presidential
Inauguration of Barack Obama.
                                                                                       January 20, 2009; 5:00 AM. Despite the sleep deprivation from the night before,
Two years ago I attended the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine, an           I awoke to realize that I would be witnessing a historic event in nearly twelve
organization that is affiliated with several other leadership conferences, namely      hours and the fact that I received less than five hours of sleep didn’t matter that
the Presidential Youth Inaugural Conference (PYIC). This past spring PYIC              much. I quickly dressed and ate breakfast as I anxiously waited to see Obama
invited me, as well as the other students who attended one of the conferences, to      be sworn in as America’s 44th president. The group, all 7,500 students, filed
experience a four-day trip that included keynote speakers, leadership activities,      into the Smithsonian Museum next to the Mall, avoiding the cold before the
sightseeing and, of course, Obama’s inauguration. At first, I was a little hesitant    inauguration. Thankfully, I had made some adventurous friends and, at 9:30 AM,
to attend the conference, due to my lack of interest in politics. However, as the      we ventured out onto the National Mall to mark our viewing territory. Nearly one
2008 elections fired up, and with the remarkable victory of Obama, I was ecstatic      thousand meters away from the Capitol, we were content; we were surrounded
that I had agreed to go on the trip.                                                   by jumbo screens and the area around wasn’t too crowded. However, when we
At the conference, I was one of 7,500 high school students, 3,500 middle-school        noticed that a gate had been opened, my friends and I immediately jumped at the
students and 4,000 college students from all over the country. As one of the           opportunity to get closer. We pushed our way through the crowds of people
faculty advisors put it, “this was going to be big.” Eager to meet people to share     and inched our way closer to the Capitol building until we found a spot at the
my excitement with, I wasted no time making friends before I even left the             Ulysses S. Grant Memorial, just about three hundred meters away.
airport. Later, as I settled into the hotel and was assigned to a small group, I met   As I eagerly awaited the swearing-in ceremony, I couldn’t help but notice the
more students from Indiana, Chicago, California, Pennsylvania, Florida and even        indescribable energy that penetrated the atmosphere. It was clear that everyone
Puerto Rico and Germany!                                                               around me was freezing; however, it was even clearer that they didn’t mind.
That first night, all 7,500 high school students loaded up into nearly 200 buses       Millions of Americans had gathered together on the Mall and it was evident that
and headed to the University of Maryland to listen to the first keynote speaker:       they were all there for the same reasons: to support our newly elected president
journalist Lisa Ling. Lisa has worked for Channel One News and has reported            and to witness history. Despite their differences of race, gender, religion and
from across the globe. She spoke to us about traveling with an open mind and           political party, everyone appeared to be united in those few hours. People
not relying on the media to convey everything that is going on in the world. Lisa      chimed in with the cheers of “Yes We Can” and embraced one another as if to
tries to find the stories that remain untold and tell them.                            say, “Yes We Did.”

On the second day, after an early wake up call, the group went back to the             When Obama was being sworn in and again when he was giving his inaugural
University of Maryland to hear two more keynote speakers: General Colin                speech, the cheers ceased and a universal silence swept across the atmosphere.
Powell and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell             President Obama’s words resonated throughout Washington D.C., throughout
surprised me with his down-to-earth personality. He appeared to be very                America and throughout the world. He spoke with such confidence as he
humble and modest about his numerous accomplishments. He discussed his                 conveyed his hope, determination, promise and diplomacy. In that moment,
hope for our generation and he conveyed a general message about leadership             it was clear that this was not only a victory for Obama, but a victory for all
in society. Colin Powell was very interesting; however, I was more excited to          Americans as well.
hear Desmond Tutu. Tutu is the most adorable preacher who is also a notable            After watching some of the parade from warmth of Nationals Ball Park, we
human rights activist. He spoke out against apartheid and was a good friend to         returned to the hotel and got ready for a ball at the National Air and Space
Gandhi. He, like Powell, believed that today’s younger generation has the power        Museum. This was not one of Obama’s Inaugural Balls and he did not make an
to change the world and, quoting his friend Gandhi, he expressed his wish for          appearance; however, Chris Daughtry performed and the night was filled with
us to “be the change [we] wish to see in the world.” Following the speakers, we        music, dancing and millions of photo opportunities. The night soon ended and
made our way to the National Mall for the Opening Inaugural Celebration. The           it had sunk in that it was finally time to say good-bye to the friends that I had
celebration was a concert held at the Lincoln Memorial. Although we didn’t get         become so close to in such a short amount of time.
close enough to see the performers, big jumbotron screens lined the Mall so we
could still see and hear artists like Beyonce, Shakira, Stevie Wonder, Usher and       I am still overwhelmed by this experience. With Obama’s inauguration, as well
Bruce Springsteen.                                                                     as the inspirational keynote speakers, this trip has given me a sense of hope for
                                                                                       America’s future. I am so glad that my parents convinced me to go last spring
On the third day, Monday, we woke up early again to hear Former Vice President         because it was truly the experience of a life time. I am extremely thankful for this
Al Gore speak about his accomplishments, his hopes for the future and his              opportunity and I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren about it!
concerns about the environment. Following his speech we went to the Newseum,
a museum dedicated to the progression of journalism through American history.
This museum was fascinating, with a wing that featured Pulitzer Prize winning
photos, a September 11th memorial and part of the Berlin Wall.

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                      Love Your SMART Board                                              Assembly with Brooke Kanal: Body Image?
                                    Colleen Sharry ‘09                                                       Kerry McCabe ’12 and Olivia Adkins ‘12
Thanks to a generous donor who donated $23,000 to Notre Dame Academy’s              Last month, everyone gathered in the auditorium for an assembly on body image.
technological development, SMART Boards, the cutting edge in classroom              The speaker was Brooke Kanal, a fashion stylist who works with the world’s top
computer technology, have been successfully installed in all of the classrooms      models. Her presentation focused on the illusion of fashion ads and how it’s her
at NDA. Teachers are being trained, students are getting used to writing their      job to “sell the product” by making it look the best that it possibly can in the ad.
math homework on the touch-screens and classes need to make the occasional          Brooke showed us the various tools that she uses during a shoot and some of the
call down to the IBM lab where the ever-helpful computer technicians are always     ways that she uses them to make the clothes appear to fit the models better.
around to lend a hand. The frustration that always comes along with learning to
use new technology (much like grandparents learning to use the internet, or as      While the assembly was interesting and gave everyone a different perspective
my Nana still calls it, “the internets”) is apparent. Sometimes we look longingly   when it comes to magazine ads, it did not have much to do with body image. All
at the chalk boards, thinking of the uncomplicated days of the past.                of Brooke’s tools are just used to make the baggy clothes fit the extremely thin,
                                                                                    perfect-looking models. She did not talk about the pressure that the models in
However, if we work together to embrace this new technology, these overhead         these kinds of ads put on girls. In other words, Brooke didn’t focus on how the
projectors on steroids have the potential to change the way the classrooms          bodies of the people in these ads are unrealistic and often unhealthy. Instead, the
at NDA operate, bringing the academy firmly into the 21st century. Give your        main focus of her presentation was about her job as a fashion stylist and what
teachers a hand and help each other work out the kinks in this new technology       she does in a shoot. This assembly was interesting, as an insight into the fashion
and it will positively impact your time in the classroom. No more screeching        industry, but Brooke’s presentation did not resolve any issues of body image.
chalkboards, rickety overhead projectors or grimy white boards. We can look
forward to a future of neatly colored powerpoint presentations and computer
demonstrations. Let’s embrace the SMART Boards and integrate into the
changing and adapting technological world around us.
                                                                                        10 Things to Do Before We’re Swept Away By
                                   Mrs. Perry
                                                                                                                       Molly Gorman ‘11
                           Raleigh Norris ’11 and Katy Litka ‘11
                                                                                    1. Hit the slopes with your friends or family! Try snowboarding, skiing, or stay
                                                                                    toasty with a hot chocolate fireside in the lodge. Pat’s Peak, a local ski resort, is
Q. What made you want to be a physical education teacher?                           roughly an hour away from Boston and tickets for a full day and night of fun are
A. I enjoyed athletics and wanted to share the love.                                only $44! Hurry up, the season closes March 22nd!
                                                                                    2. Spend a day or a night in Boston to enjoy the lights, the beauty of the city in
                                                                                    the winter and the whimsical shops, restaurants and street performers at Faneuil
Q. If you weren’t a physical education teacher, what would you be?                  Hall.
A. A lawyer.                                                                        3. Get a group of friends together, lace up those skates, grab a stick and head to
                                                                                    a local pond for some classic winter fun: pond hockey. Just make sure the pond
                                                                                    is completely frozen or you’ll be on thin ice!
Q. Any pet peeves?
                                                                                    4. Build a snowman, or if you’re feeling ambitious build a snow fort. It will melt
A. People who don’t wear their sneakers and indecisive drivers.                     in a few days, but the memories made when building it will last a lifetime.
                                                                                    5. Get your neighborhood or friends together and have a snowball fight!
Q. What’s your biggest fear?                                                        6. When the forecast predicts snow during a school week, take a page out of
A. Running out of time in life.                                                     your elementary school years and put a wooden spoon under your pillow, wear
                                                                                    your pajamas inside out and wish for a snow day. Who knows, it just might
Q. Where did you find the Mountain Prayer?
                                                                                    7. Reassess your New Year’s Resolutions. Have you kept them? If not, make
A. A book of prayers. It was suggested by an old NDA teacher, Ms. Cassani.          them smaller and more realistic, or get a jumpstart on them. With spring just
                                                                                    around the corner, it may be just the incentive you need to take a step in the right
                                                                                    direction and work towards your resolutions for 2009.
Q. What’s your biggest accomplishment to date?
                                                                                    8. Try tea instead of hot chocolate or coffee. Most teas are calorie-free and packed
A. My 5 children.                                                                   with antioxidants that give your immune system and energy level a boost, like
                                                                                    Starbuck’s revitalizing Tazo teas in black, green, or herbal.

Q. How long have you taught at NDA?                                                 9. De-stress by trying yoga. “Open Doors Yoga” has studios in Weymouth,
                                                                                    Hanover, Canton, Easton, Westwood, North Attleboro, East Bridgewater and
A. 10 years.                                                                        Braintree. For first timers, Beginner Power Yoga is recommended, which is in
                                                                                    a 75-80 degree temperature controlled room and focuses on yoga basics, form,
                                                                                    alignment and flexibility. Classes are cheap compared to the benefits of yoga. It
Q. Is there anything interesting fact that most people don’t know about you that    is only $8 per class and it costs $1 to rent a yoga mat. So, grab a friend and get
you would like to add?                                                              ready to say goodbye to stress!
A. I love popcorn a lot.                                                            10. Most people consider Christmas to be the highlight of winter, but with
                                                                                    all the commotion and last minute shopping sometimes it is hard to enjoy the
                                                                                    holiday and all the heartwarming movies and books that are written about it.
                      Mrs. Perry’s Favorites                                        It’s better late than never to watch your favorite Christmas movie or read a
          Sport: Field Hockey                                                       special Christmas book, and it will renew your Christmas spirit of giving and
                                                                                    togetherness that you may have forgotten between the swarm of papers and
          Music: Music from the 70s; The                                            tests. The Christmas Jar by Jason F. Wright is a great choice. You could carry
          Temptations; Diana Ross                                                   on the legacy by having your family start a Christmas Jar! A Christmas jar is
                                                                                    a container that you put your loose or spare change in at the end of every day
          Book: Accidental Tourist by Anne Taylor                                   starting at the beginning of a new year and you donate the money you have saved
                                                                                    to a charity or organization of your choice. You’ll be surprised how much of a
          Stretch: Downward Dog                                                     difference spare change can make!
          Movie: Dead Poet’s Society
                                                       Around the Globe
       Timothy Geithner: Confused or Corrupt?                                                                   First Family Fashion
                                                                                                                         Gabrielle Ferro ‘11
                                Courtney Dagher ‘09
                                                                                       Barack Obama wasn’t just inaugurated into the presidency on January 20, 2009,
Incredibly, the Obama administration was accused of corruption before the
                                                                                       he, along with his family, was inaugurated into the spotlight of the fashion world.
President-elect was actually inaugurated. Information concerning Barack
                                                                                       On Inauguration Day, his wife and daughters were in the center and brightest
Obama’s selection for the position of Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner,
                                                                                       part of the spotlight.
riled already skeptical Obama critics. Geithner, well known in Washington
after serving three previous presidents, is currently under investigation for          Many in the fashion industry have dubbed Michelle Obama an American fashion
failing to pay more than $34,000 in taxes. Although Geithner and the Obama             icon. Her lemon grass dress with a matching coat worn on inauguration day,
administration are quick to point out that it was a bookkeeping mistake, a             gave the fashion industry something to talk about. Her day dress was designed
simple oversight that several honest Americans make every year, many people            by Isabel Toledo of New York. Toledo chose the color of the dress because the
are left questioning Geithner’s suitability for the position if he cannot even         optimism and sunshine that it expressed. Mrs. Obama wore a gold-embossed
successfully pay his own taxes. Unfortunately, with the precarious condition           coat and green Jimmy Choo pumps.
of both the domestic and international economy, citizens are less likely to
                                                                                       Malia and Sasha Obama received awws and coos over their wool J. Crew coats.
overlook past transgressions of the man appointed to head up the Treasury. To
                                                                                       The coats, a part of J. Crew’s Crewcuts line, were designed especially for the girls.
further complicate the matter, Geithner’s response to the entire situation has
                                                                                       The company wanted the girls to be dressed in clothes worthy of their father’s
been anything but corrupt. Instead of denying his mistakes, he has willingly
                                                                                       inauguration, not everyday garments their classmates might be wearing. Malia
acknowledged and corrected his past oversights, paying $48,268 in back taxes
                                                                                       wore a periwinkle blue coat with a black scarf and gloves to match. Younger
and other tax liabilities. The Obama administration and various government
                                                                                       sister Sasha, was in a soft, red-orange color, guava coat with an orange scarf and
officials staunchly support Geithner, stating that he alone is the man needed
                                                                                       gloves. A satin ribbon adorned each of the coats to match Malia’s and Sasha’s
to revitalize the economy. The Finance Committee had to decide whether or
not to confirm Obama’s nomination, just as the American people had to judge
Geithner’s character for themselves. Americans did not have to wait long to hear       Critics will peel the First Family’s fashion apart for the next four years. If they
about Geithner’s fate. He was confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury. Americans        keep up their wardrobes, it seems fashion critics will have nothing bad to say.
will not have to wait long before judging his competence as a bureaucrat.              And with having people design their clothes and dress them, the odds of looking
                                                                                       good are in the First Family’s favor.

                  Help Our Haitian Neighbors                                                       Oscars Red Carpet Fashion Update
                                 Hailey Chalhoub ‘09                                                                     Molly Gorman ‘11

Today, Haiti is ranked by the United Nations Human Development Index as                For actors and actresses across the globe, every year of hard-work and dedication
number 146 out of 177 countries. For many years, Haiti has been recognized as          to their crafts all leads up to one night, the moment of truth that could make
the least developed country in the Americas and it has been noted to be among          their careers or land them on the worst-dressed lists in entertainment magazines
the most corrupt countries in the world. There is a lack of adequate resources         across the nation: the Oscars. The fashion of the 81st annual Academy Awards
and technology and the civilians are suffering from malnourishment and extreme         or Oscars definitely stole the show this year. From a sea of breathtaking red
poverty.                                                                               dresses to a plethora of more neutral champagne-colored frocks, viewers were
                                                                                       on the edges of their seats as they anticipated what creations their favorite
Aside from poverty and underdevelopment, this small nation of eight million            actresses would be wearing. Some celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, emulated
people suffers from numerous issues that violate basic human rights. Each day          Audrey Hepburn’s look circa “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and opted for classic black
there is a countless number of reported (and unreported) cases of abuse against        numbers with simple accessories, makeup and hair. On the other hand, Miley
women and children. Although rape is illegal, it is still prevalent in Haiti and the   Cyrus sported a Zuhair Murad champagne colored dress with tiers of beaded lace
perpetrators do not face any prosecution. Children suffer from physical abuse,         and chiffon, which was a bit over the top yet age-appropriate and fun. Amanda
malnourishment and lack of an education. It is estimated that nearly 3,000             Seyfried who starred in the smash-hit movie musical “Mamma Mia” was a style
Haitian children are trafficked per year into the Dominican Republic.                  queen on the red carpet in a bright red Valentino gown embellished with a bow.
How come these issues remain unheard of in America, only 600 miles away from           Perhaps the best-dressed celebrity of the night was Natalie Portman who wore a
Haiti?                                                                                 beautiful bubble-gum pink strapless gown by Rodarte that sparkled with subtle
                                                                                       beading and a ruched bodice. Her natural make-up, elegant up-do and simple
On Tuesday, January 27th, I was privileged enough to attend a forum on Haiti
                                                                                       diamond earrings and bracelet completed her flawless look. The striking and
at the JFK Library in Boston. With a few students from B.C. High, I was one of
                                                                                       chic gowns donned on the red carpet most likely awakened thoughts about the
1,200 people that came to see a panel that consisted of co-founder of Partiners
                                                                                       much anticipated and quickly approaching junior and senior proms in the spring.
in Health Dr. Paul Farmer, actor and activist Matt Damon, Haitian-American
                                                                                       Finding the perfect dress is priceless, but the search for one is not always a walk
state representative Linda Forry and Brian Concannon, director of the Institute
                                                                                       in the park. However, the perfect dress is only a click away if your dream dress
for Justice and Democracy in Haiti. Amy Goodman, the host of Democracy Now!
                                                                                       happens to be any one of the gowns worn by the fashionistas on the Academy
moderated the forum and began the discussion with a powerful statement: “Go
                                                                                       Awards red carpet this year!, a dress website based off a store in
where there is silence and say something.”
                                                                                       New York City, has an entire category on its online store devoted to Hollywood
The panel discussed the pressing issues that are facing Haiti today and they           recreations and gowns inspired by Oscars fashion. The designers of the dresses
expressed their wishes for action to be taken to eradicate the poverty, end the        include Faviana and Jovani, and the prices are fairly affordable ranging from $178
unjust cruelty and help the Haitian citizens. I admire Paul Farmer for the work        to $860, although most dresses are priced around $220. The fabulous fashions
he has done with Partners in Health, establishing hospitals in Haiti. He appeared      of the Academy Awards were a vibrant display of style and sophistication, while
to be down to earth and very compassionate; after the discussion, he was even          the bright colors and new trends were a glamorous harbinger of spring.
willing to stick around for an extra thirty minutes to answer questions and take
pictures. Matt Damon was also an admirable figure at the forum; unaware of the
work he has done in Haiti, I was initially unsure of what to expect. However, he
is very passionate about helping rebuild Haiti and he “wishes it wasn’t up to the
actors to spread awareness, but the politicians aren’t doing anything.”
This year, Haiti has become the main focus of NDAid. We are hoping to
educate NDA on the hardships that our neighbors are enduring. Although the
cancellation of Jamnesty deterred NDAid from spreading awareness about Haiti,
we will be hosting the Cookie Campaign in March. On March 17th and 18th, be
sure to indulge in homemade baked goods and bracelets throughout the day. In
our efforts to help alleviate the suffering in Haiti, all proceeds from the Cookie
Campaign will be going directly to Partners in Health.
                                                              Tournament Time

                                                                                                                          NDA Hockey
                                                                                           The NDA ice hockey team had never seen the semifinals of the MIAA Division 2
                                                                                           tournament. That is, until this year. In its sixth year of existence, the Cougars
                                                                                           made it further than any previous team had gone before.
                                                                                           After posting a 10-8-2 record during the regular season, the Cougars entered the
                                                                                           tournament as the number 12 seed and were matched up against the number 5
                                                                                           seed Milton in the opening game. The history was not lost on the Cougars, who
       Photo Credit:                                                                       were knocked out of the state tournament last season by the Milton squad that
                                                                                           went on to become the Division 2 runner-up. The Cougars got the revenge they
         Caroline                                                                          were seeking and pulled away with a 3-1 win, avenging both last year’s loss and
                                                                                           a regular season 5-1 loss to Milton the week before.
       Forsburg ‘10                                                                        Fresh off the upset of Milton, the Cougars looked to face their biggest rival,
                                                                                           the Fontbonne Academy Ducks, in the next round of the tournament. After a
                                                                                           scoreless first period, Fontbonne netted two goals in the second that sealed the
                                                                                           victory for the number 4 seed. Despite a strong effort, the Cougars fell to the
                                                                                           Ducks, losing by a score of 2-0. Goalie Jackie Zais ’09 finished the night with 30
                                                                                           saves, making several superb stops for NDA.
                                                                                           The Cougars were led all season by the prolific offensive numbers of forward
                                                                                           Emily LaRosa ’09, who finished her NDA career with 40 goals and 59 assists for
                                                                                           a total of 99 career points. Her 40 goals earn her the top spot among NDA’s all
                                                                                           time leading scorers.

                                                                                                                         Player Profile
                                                                                            Name: Margaret Riordan

                                                                                            Sports: volleyball, basketball
                                                                                            and track and field

                                                                                            middle blocker (volleyball),
                                                                                            center (basketball),
                                                                                            javelin (track and field)

                              NDA Basketball
                                                                                            Pre-game snack: peanut butter covered banana
The Notre Dame Academy basketball team entered the Division 2 South State
Tournament as the number 7 seed, after a strong regular season that saw the
Cougars losing just five games while winning fifteen.                                       Goal: to play Division 3 basketball and to be a nurse
NDA had home court advantage against the number 10 team, Hopkinton, in
the first round of the tournament. NDA cruised to 62-46 victory despite the
aggression of the Hopkinton squad. The Cougars limited their opponents to just              Rituals/superstitions: shaving my legs before games (she
four first quarter points, thanks to the powerful defense of Margaret Riordan ’09           swears by it) and listening to “Krazy” by Pitbull
and co-captain Jessica Aruda ’09. who had several key steals. Co-captain Kelsey
Reilly ’09 led the quick NDA offense, with Nellie Kennedy ’09 hitting multiple
three-point shots. Samantha Whitham ’09 also contributed offensively, sinking               Hobbies: High School Musical
baskets with impressive accuracy. Down by 30 at the half, Hopkinton regained
some of its strength on offense, narrowing the Cougars lead to 16. That was as
close as the visitors would get however and NDA earned a spot in the next round             Inspirational quote: “Adversity causes some men to break and
of the tournament.                                                                          others to break records” - Anonymous
In the second round, NDA was matched up against a tough Oliver Ames team.
Oliver Ames, the number 2 seed, lost only one game in the regular season. NDA
started off on the right foot, leading 16-6 after the first quarter. Thanks to excellent    Shout-outs: to my crazy seniors on bball
performances from each of NDA’s starters and a final second three-pointer by                To my little twins
Nellie Kennedy, NDA came away with a 58-55 win, advancing to the final four of
the tournament.                                                                             To Paddy
In their next game, the Cougars were matched up with another team with only                 To my Narnia creatures
one loss, the number 3 seed Medfield. NDA pulled off a 59-45 win in order to                To my Chinese cousin
advance to the finals.
                                                                                            To my favorite teachers Mr. Kreckie and Mrs. Beldotti
NDA will play Walpole, the number 9 seed, in the final. Walpole beat the 4th seed
Whitman-Hanson in order to move on to the final.                                            To my favorite physics partner
Come support the Cougars as they vie for the championship on Saturday, March                To my lovely homeroom
7th at UMass Boston at 2 pm.
                      From the Editor’s Desk                                                                      NDA Voices:
                                  Kara Dunford ‘09
                                                                                                         Inauguration Thoughts
“In the years 2001, 2002 and 2003, I experimented with a banned substance that
eventually triggered a positive test.”                                                  “I think the spirit that Obama’s
Alex Rodriquez recently admitted to steroid use in a press conference in which          election and inauguration
he started the process of gaining back trust from his teammates, the Yankee             have inspired is just remarkable
management and, perhaps most importantly, the fans of Major League Baseball.            in that we are here in the NDA
                                                                                        auditorium, miles away from
Steroid use has certainly brought a dark cloud over baseball in the past few years.     the inauguration, but we’re
Dozens of Major League players have admitted to the use of banned substances,           cheering and clapping like
in an effort to come clean and continue on their quest for a prolific MLB career.       we’re right there. I think that’s
“The Steroid Era” will be characterized by asterisk next to record numbers, lost        something that the country
chances at a spot in Cooperstown and a loss of trust from the dedicated fans            needs right now. I’m looking
rooting for the home town team.                                                         forward to what he’ll do as
In an age where technological advances are discovered by the minute and                 president.”
personal information about a myriad of celebrities, athletes and other public           Sarah Shaugnessy ’09
figures is readily accessible with just one click, MLB players cannot hide from the
public’s prying eyes. Although much of the information about these athletes is
unnecessary, fans of baseball have the right to know about activity that affects a         “I’m really pumped to get his new guy into office. We
player’s athletic performance, particularly if this activity is something as serious       love Obama. He’s very intelligent and it’s nice to
as steroid use.                                                                            have a change. I’m expecting that feeling of unity
                                                                                           from the inaugural address. We need to come
When athletes put pen to paper and sign their name on a contract with a
                                                                                           together as a country and I think that’s what he’ll
professional team, they are signing up for a life in the public eye. Professional
                                                                                           bring. I’m hoping everyone can come together and
athletes are role models. There is no escaping that fact. Young athletes will
                                                                                           celebrate today.” Mayah Braun ’09
always look up to their professional counterparts. Kids will play wiffle ball in
their backyards, emulating their favorite pros, pretending for one day that they
are in front of a roaring crowd all wearing jerseys with their number who are                                 “I think we still have a long way
rooting for their success.                                                                                    to go. We can’t stop here. We
                                                                                                              haven’t reached the peak. We
Professional athletes’ steroid use negatively impacts young athletes. This fact
                                                                                                              still need to build and we still
has been said before, but it will continue to be said again until the numbers prove
                                                                                                              need to work hard to form a
otherwise. According to a University of Michigan survey, 54% more high school
seniors took steroids in 2003 than in 1996. Student athletes are putting their                                better, more accepting nation. I
health at risk in an effort to achieve fleeting success. Athletes who use steroids                            don’t think the struggle is over.
subject themselves to dozens of health issues, ranging from muscle pain to liver                              But I think this is an important
cancer.                                                                                                       step.” Jackie Zais ’09
The statistics provoke several questions. When will it stop? When will athletes,
both professional and amateur, realize that the risks do not outweigh the benefits?        “Today, the inauguration of Barack Obama, is the most
Why are athletes allowed to still play professional baseball after admitting they          important day in our generation’s history. This is going
took steroids for three years?                                                             to be sweeping in a new era of equality. I think this
Apologetic press conferences do not make up for steroid use. MLB players should            inauguration will blur racial lines in our country. It’s a
be examples of perseverance, dedication and hard work. Young athletes should               very important day.” Joanna LeRoy ’09
not look to the pros as an example of how taking the easy way out amounts to
million dollar contracts, corporate sponsorships and hundreds of fans.
                                                                                         “America has been very fortunate
Major League Baseball needs to keep young athletes in mind when determining              throughout our history to have
its policies on steroid use. The kids playing wiffle ball in the backyard need           the right leadership at the
athletes to look up to who can demonstrate how dedication and effort can                 right time. This is one of those
translate into Major League success.                                                     incredible moments. We needed
   What do you think of the A-Rod’s admission of steroid use?                            leadership unlike we’ve had in
   What about Michael Phelps’ photo scandal? What do you                                 many years. I’m just glad that I’m
   think the punishment for steroid use should be? Send your                             alive to see this happen.”
   thoughts to                                    Ms. Hoy

                                                                                                               “Wow.” Devon Gasbarro ’10

                      The                            Truth
                                                                                                “Right now I just have a tremendous sense
                                  Molly Gorman ‘11                                              of optimism. It’s really inspiring. It makes our
Notre Dame Academy strives to instill faith, character and scholarship in their                 generation want to become politically involved
hardworking students. However, it is exceedingly difficult to strengthen your                   and have a strong sense of connection. I see a
                                                                                                lot of hope for the future, for bridges to be built
faith, be in high spirits, show off your radiant character and focus intently on
                                                                                                between generations, between religions, between
your academics when your sneaker or flat clad feet are soaked and shivering.                    political parties. I have a lot of hope for our future.
Why do many students suffer from this daily? Undoubtedly, it is a result of                     I’m really looking forward to what will come in the
braving the elements during their commutes to school in inept footwear. Sure,                   next four and hopefully eight years.”
one could change shoes when they arrive at school, but with the recent thievery                 Maggie Holland ’09
it is not the safest idea to leave Uggs, a hot commodity and comfy footwear staple
during the winter months, in the locker room. Therefore, I think the easiest
and best idea would be to cut out the middleman of switching shoes pre-class.
Uggs should be acceptable footwear at NDA during the snowy, icy, inclement             Has President Obama lived up to the expectations? Share your
winter. Not only are Uggs modest in appearance, but also they are practical            views on his first two months in office. What has he done right?
for the conditions outside. Additionally, the company Ugg Australia has been           What could he have done differently? What are you looking for
raising money through auctions for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital since         him to do before the State of the Union in January? Send your
2005. This demonstrates good character and faith in a future with cures. In            thoughts to
short, Uggs are the best way to keep your feet dry and toasty throughout the day
and simultaneously support a philanthropic organization. As NDA students, we
all want to improve the world one step at a time and we can do that in one way
by wearing Uggs.
                                                        Coffee House
                                  Fall 2
                               Celeste Chen ‘10
He likes planting things in circles. In the summer, his children become
a tangled mesh of sunflower, blue-bright colors. They always smell
delicious, his crop-flower-circles, his rosy rings of vine-work. He plants
them in the damp, heaving earth and he watches as she sheds and blooms
for him (explodes). Alizarin splatters and violet streaks –they’re his
favorite, the color of his (mother) earth’s bruises. Crimson-lipped tulips
and those flowers that are pink-morphed-yellow pray in the afternoon
sun in their Stonehenge circles.
He is always in the center, worshipped.
He eats them in the fall (The Fall). He’s always hungry.
They lose their leaves in the autumn as the wind undresses them, leaving
their buds naked and colors fading. The petals unfold and crinkle down
(up) and their heads are dark purple-scarlet without their crowns.
This is what he loves most. This is why he plants them (his children).
When the sun kisses his October roses and his dying plants, he sees their
bodies, like stark xanthe nerve endings, bare and painful, shooting out
of the dirt ground. They intertwine and fold like puzzle-bodies, fitting                   Celeste Chen ‘10
together and poking, tearing, threading themselves into each other.
The spiders come out and weave them together with their spindles and he
can’t help but to breathe in.
And out.
(and oh!)                                                                                               Rock Concert
His religious children, his hedonistic flowers –he is never full.                                         Cat Speranzini ‘11
                                                                                             The beat starts out slow,
                                                                                             and the chorus hammers out fast.
                                                                                             The words are full of sorrow,
                Love                                                                         and angst that is sure to last
                                                                                             until the ending beat echoes,
           Maggie Powers ‘12
                                                                                             and they all collapse to the floor.
Floats through the air
                                                                                             Joy is evident on their flushed faces,
Like a slow summer breeze
                                                                                             as the three minutes of perfection end.
Everyone feels it
                                                                                             They scream a bellowing ‘encore, encore’
Enjoys the love they have
                                                                                             and they will soon hear more, more, more.
Or wishes for the love they don’t

                                                                    Kara Dunford ‘09

                                                                                            The Medallion
                                                                                          Issue 6, March 2009
                                                                              Editor-in-chief - Kara Dunford ‘09
                                                                              Editors - Colleen Sharry ‘09
                                                                                        Molly Burke ‘09
                                                                                        Kristen Kennedy ‘10
                                                                              Advisor - Mrs. Pepe

                          Maggie Powers ‘12                          

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