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									 What is WV Team
                                                               W V T ea m Au t ism

WV Team Autism is a
collaborative of West
Virginians from across the
state who meets quarterly
to work together to share
information, provide
support, bridge gaps in
services and implement
progressive services with
positive outcomes.

    Mission statement:
The mission of West
Virginia Team autism is to
build and maintain a
statewide collaborative
network to fully and                                            WV Autism
appropriately support West
Virginians with autism                                          Endorsement
spectrum disorders and
their families.

  Philosophy Statement:
                               WV Team Autism
As a network, we will strive
to ensure services for West
Virginians with autism
spectrum disorders and
their families are seamless,
research-based and of
quality.                              wvteamautism/
Bethany College                        Marshall University
Contact Information:
Dr. Keely Camden                       Contact Information:                    Adding an
Phone: 304.829.7178                    Dr. Jennifer McFarland
                                       Phone: 304.939.1818                   Endorsement in
SPED 212 Autism I
Characteristics and Instruction        CISP 527/427 Intro to Autism
                                       Grad/Undergrad; Fall Term;        Individuals who hold a valid West
Grad/Undergrad; Fall Term;                                               Virginia professional teaching
Face-to-face                           Online
                                                                         certificate endorsed for either Behavior
                                       CISP 662 Instructional            Disorders or Multi-Categorical Special
SPED 312 Autism II                                                       Education may receive an additional
Teaching Internship and Advanced       Characteristics for Autism
                                       Grad ONLY; Spring Term; Online:   endorsement in Autism by completing
Research                                                                 six semester hours of coursework
Grad/Undergrad; Spring Term;           PREREQUISITE: CISP 527/427)
                                                                         specific to autism from a regionally
Face-to-face                                                             accredited institution of higher
PREREQUISITE SPED 212                  CISP 664 Autism Practicum
                                                                         education. Upon completing the six
                                       Grad ONLY; Both Terms; Online;
                                                                         hours, the individual must apply to the
Summer Autism Program                  PREREQUISITE: CISP 527/427 and
                                                                         West Virginia Department of Education
SPED 616                               CISP 662)
                                                                         (WVDE) in order for the endorsement
Grad ONLY; Face-to face                                                  to be added to their valid West Virginia
                                       Summer: CISP 527/427
                                                                         professional teaching certificate.
SPED 618                               (1st Term)                        Please direct all inquiries to the
Grad ONLY; Face-to-face                                                  WVDE’s Office of Professional
                                                                         Preparation by phone at
        Fairmont State                     West Virginia                 1.800.982.2378 or by email at
          University                        University

Contact Information:                   Contact Information:
Dr. Gwendolyn Jones                    Cathy Keramidas
Phone: 304.367.4667                    Phone: 304.293.4384
                                                                              WV Team Autism
Courses:                               Courses:
SPED 6330 Introduction to Autism;      SPED 650 Learning
Grad ONLY; Fall Term; Online           Characteristics
                                       Grad ONLY; Online
SPED 6331 Methods and Strategies for
Autism                                 SPED 652 Educational
Grad ONLY; Spring Term; Online         Interventions
                                       Grad ONLY; Online

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