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Global Headhunting and Recruitment specialists by yaofenjin


									Global Headhunting and Recruitment specialists
M a n a g e m e n t Co n su l t i n g , Re si l i e n cy & Ri s k
Our Principal areas of specialization...
Over the last few years ASG has broadened its focus to satisfy client's demands in their growth
recruitment fields...

Management Consultancy

Andersen Steinberg maintains relationships with thousands of candidates in the Management Consultancy arena. These include Partners, Directors,

Principals and Senior Managers with years of experience from the Big 4, the Strategy firms and other leading Consultancies/Service Providers. These look

to us as “trusted advisors” on their careers and the state of the Management Consultancy job market and use us to make discreet approaches to employers

of interest. Due to our discretion, we are able to successfully handle even very sensitive transitions, acting as a candidate’s advocate to ensure a

successful move.

Functional areas in which we look after roles for our clients include: Business Risk, Strategy and Operations, IT Strategy, Transactions Advisory and others.

Industries include Financial Services, Public Sector (including Higher Education and Public Health), Healthcare/Life Sciences, Oil/Gas, Manufacturing and

others. Although we have a very good track record in filling Permanent roles, we have also been very successful in sourcing and placing contractors for

short/medium term project work. Recent examples include providing “hard to find” bid-winning candidates at very short notice for a Big 4 firm in the Middle


Resilience and Technology Risk

Over the last decade, Andersen Steinberg has established a strong capability around Business Continuity (BC) and the wider Risk and Resilience area.

We know the majority of Global Heads of BC in the industry and have helped several to build large Business Continuity teams from scratch.

We also have strong relationships in the related Information Security arena and have handled searches for roles from Chief Information Security Officer

(CISO) down to Consulting Security Architects and IT Auditors.


The turbulence of the last couple of years has spurred many of our clients to develop stronger Risk Management capabilities. We have been particularly

successful in helping Consultancy clients build practices around Enterprise Risk Management, Credit Risk and Operational Risk. We have strong

relationships with the Chief Risk Officers (CRO’s) and Heads of Operational Risk at many of the world’s leading corporations.

Corporate Executive Search

Carrying out a successful search for the right senior person can be a major challenge with a high risk for the client company. We bring to the table excellent

relationships with many of the leading Senior Executives at major corporations worldwide, particularly in the Financial Services industry. We also take time

to fully understand what our clients are looking for and advising them on trends in the marketplace. We are also able to leverage our considerable network

of trusted contacts to get an objective view of a candidate’s reputation. These advantages have allowed us to successfully and discreetly fulfill even very

sensitive appointments.

Niche recruitment

We have a dedicated team of researchers who have been very successful in searches outside of our specialist areas. They specialize in searching for

“hard to find” candidates which may prove to be a challenge to a traditional search firm. If the search that you are contemplating is outside our core

capabilities, please contact us to discuss how our research team may be able to help you.
We also Provide Contractors...
At Andersen Steinberg we are committed to excellence in our Executive search
process, and we bring that same expertise to our contract search initiative by
providing quality contractors for niche engagements within a limited timeframe...


Since 2001, Andersen Steinberg has been supplying key contractors at a range of clients, including three of the global top ten

banks. Our team has also handled a number of successful short time-frame, high-intensity searches to provide “bid winning”

candidates for several leading consulting firms, including some of the “Big 4”, which has allowed them to win major consulting

deals at various Government departments and one of the world’s leading Universities, as well as other work in the Private

and Public Sector.

“        Andersen Steinberg have exceeded my expectations every step of the way.
         They have an excellent understanding of the underlying business issues we
         and our clients face. As a result, they have successfully and consistently
         found excellent candidates. Their expertise means that they require only a
         high level requirements specification. This has saved us a considerable
         amount of time. They are responsive and have been able to cope with very
         specialized requests in lightning speed. A joy to work with - I look forward to
         each interaction

         Kirk-Dale McDowall-Rose - Director Advisory, KPMG Middle East South Asia

Our Commitment

Our dedicated contractor service team has a proven track record of success in meeting our client’s requirements and works

very closely with our Executive Search team allowing them to pool knowledge and contacts. This structure allows us to

assure our clients that all assigned projects we accept will be managed with great care by our team of seasoned recruiters.

In addition to this, our market knowledge in the contractor environment allows us to advise and give key direction to our

clients based on what is happening in your region, in your sector, right now. We are certain that with our dedication, and our

history of premium service, Andersen Steinberg can meet your needs in your contract search.

                                              For any queries, please contact:

                                              Hope Chaiwann
                                              Leader, Contracting Practice
                                              +1 (917-617-8631)
“                                                                  See what our clients ar
                                                                   ANDERSEN STEINBERG HAS AN EXTENSIVE LIST OF REC
                                                                   RECRUITMENT PROJECTS WE HAVE COMPLETED FOR CLIE
                                                                   SOME HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MANY TESTIMONIALS WE HAV
                                                                   EXTENSIVE PROJECTS FOR THE CLIENTS MENTIONED AND O

                                                                   "Andersen Steinberg have exceeded my expectations every step of the way. T
                                                                   underlying business issues we and our clients face. As a result, they have suc
                                                                   candidates. Their expertise means that they require only a high level requirem
                                                                   considerable amount of time. They are responsive and have been able to cope
                                                                   speed. A joy to work with - I look forward to each interaction."
                                                                   Kirk-Dale McDowall-Rose - Director Advisory, KPMG Middle East South Asia

                                                                   “ASG have their
                                                                     finger on the pulse”
    Andersen Steinberg has always treated me with the highest
    levels of professionalism and respect. They are honest brokers
    and provided me with accurate and clear information about my                I haven't come across another organisation quite like
    client. They went the extra step of ensuring that I was well                ASG that has their finger on the pulse of what's currently
    situated and have always been receptive and responsive to my                happening in the business continuity profession and who
    requests. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a                    is making it happen.”
    well-run and effective recruitment agency."                                 Steve Mellish - Head of BCM at Sainsbury

    Former Deputy CIO at a leading US University

    Andersen Steinberg have built up an excellent reputation with
    detailed knowledge of the Business Continuity Management
                                                                                Andersen truly deserves the reputation they have built up
                                                                                as market leaders in this extremely specialist field. It is
                                                                                not easy to recommend people as a good fit for roles
    marketplace. Uniquely, when you identify your requirements to               within this area but Andersen know the network so well
    them, they understand what you are talking about and will have              after many years operating in the resilience industry and
    a very good idea of where to find a selection of ideal                      have built up relationships that leverage moves. The
    candidates”                                                                 candidates they recommend are high caliber and they
    John Kersley - formerly EMEA Head of BCM at IBM                             work hard to make sure they are the best options I can

                                                                                Ian Ross FBCI, Current Role - VP, European Head of BC
    Having worked with ASG for many years now, I have found it                  at a card payment system.

    very easy to recommend them to fellow BCM professionals as
    the natural choice for high quality candidates. Their key
    differentiator is that they take the time to know and understand            Many agencies claim an extensive network, knowledge
    your business to ensure their candidates will fit your                      and understanding of Business Continuity, but the reality
    organisation!"                                                              can often be somewhat different. I regard ASG as leaders
    John Phillips - BCM Head of Operations EMEA & India, UBS                    in their field. They take time to really understand what

                                                                                both companies' and individuals' needs, goals,
                                                                                capabilities and aspirations are – that way, effective
    Andersen Steinberg have contributed effectively to KPMG                     results can be achieved, quickly."
    building our market leading capability."                                    Tim Chadwick - Head of Risk & Governance, Aon;
    Malcolm Marshall, Partner at KPMG, UK                                       formerly Global Head of Continuity Management, RSA
re saying...
                                                                                           ASG are excellent to deal with in every respect and I
                                                                                           have the utmost confidence in recommending them

OFTEN OVER SEVERAL YEARS                                                                   without reservation to any prospective recruiter. They
                                                                                           know nearly everyone in the industry personally (not
They have an excellent understanding of the
                                                                                           just a name in a database), which allows them to cherry
 cessfully and consistently found excellent
                                                                                           pick the right person for the role. They don’t just know
ments specification. This has saved us a
                                                                                           the people, they know the business of Business
 e with very specialized requests in lightning
                                                                                           Continuity Management."

                                                                                           Andrew McCracken - Director EMEA BCM; formerly
                                                                                           Global Head BCM Barclays Wealth Management, E&Y,

                                                                                           KPMG, UBS, BP

            Andersen Steinberg understand their clients’ needs excellently and using
            their extensive contacts match to professional and knowledgeable               I have been most impressed with ASG in their effective
            Business Continuity professionals”                                             understanding and delivery of my professional
            Ben Peet - Standard Chartered Bank UK & Europe Business Continuity             requirements. Their extensive resource networking and
            Manager                                                                        up to date knowledge of the market trends is reflected in

                                                                                           their efficient delivery of service. I have no hesitation in
                                                                                           recommending ASG as recruitment agency for Business
            Having worked with ASG for many years now, I have found it very easy to        Continuity specialists”
            recommend them to fellow BCM professionals as the natural choice for
            high quality candidates. Their key differentiator is that they take the time   Pamela White -
            to know and understand your business to ensure their candidates will fit       former Regional Head EMEA JP Morgan Chase

            your organisation!"
            John Phillips - BCM Head of Operations EMEA & India, UBS

                                                                                           ASG listen to our specific requirements and apply their
                                                                                           vast industry knowledge to select high calibre
            Andersen Steinberg had the drive and ability to help me close on my new        candidates from their people portfolio that always meet
            job. It was their experience and understanding that was able to match my       and exceed my expectations. I have no hesitation in
            capabilities with my employer’s requirements. It was a perfect fit.”           recommending their services to my colleagues in the
            Tim Coats - Senior Manager big 4 consultancy, formally EMC                     Business Continuity industry.”

        “   Working with ASG now for many years I have found that there is no other
                                                                                           Paul Watts -
                                                                                           Head of IT Security & Business Continuity - iPSL-UNISYS

            company that compares with them. All of the ASG guys have extensive
            knowledge and experience of the industry and know what’s required to
            satisfy the customer requirement."                                             ASG was recommended to us as the firm of choice to
            Mark Dignum - current Global Data Centre Manager at Global Bank;               assist in our recruiting of a leading BCM professional in
            formerly Global Head of IT Disaster Recovery for Barclays                      a senior European role. Their rapid assimilation of the

                                                                                           brief, and the quality of the people they presented to us,
                                                                                           fully justify their reputation within the Business Continuity
            I have been most impressed with ASG in their effective understanding           industry."
            and delivery of my professional requirements. Their extensive resource
            networking and up to date knowledge of the market trends is reflected in       Director Central Services (London), Société Générale
            their efficient delivery of service. I have no hesitation in recommending      Group, after placing EMEA head
            ASG as recruitment agency for Business Continuity specialists”
            Pamela White - former Regional Head EMEA JP Morgan Chase

                                                                                           for more references please see:
Delivering the right results...
                            Case studies:

Case Study - Strategy Firm Practice Building

A well known Strategy Consulting Firm was planning to aggressively grow its practice in Greater China and came to Andersen

Steinberg for our help in identifying possible ‘rainmaker’ candidates with strong experience in the region. Our team targeted some of

the most successful Partners and Principals in the region and discreetly set up a series of exploratory conversations with our client.

Our client was very happy with the calibre of candidates provided, eventually choosing to hire several of them. We assisted our client

throughout the recruitment and salary negotiation process, leading to both a successful onboarding and an excellent start to our

client’s strategic growth initiative.

Case Study - Global Head of Business Continuity

Andersen Steinberg was recommended to a leading multinational media corporation to help them fill their vacancy for a Global Head

of Business Continuity. Within hours a target list was drawn up and the selection process had started. After several discussions and

interviews with potential candidates to ensure the best fit possible, the client was presented with a shortlist of three of the industry’s

leading Heads of Business Continuity, leaving the client spoilt for choice. After extensive interviews, the client made an offer to one of

the candidates and Andersen Steinberg worked closely with both parties to bring the hire to a successful conclusion. .

Case Study - Against the clock: Finding a “Hard to find” Bid Winning contractor

One of our Big Consulting clients needed to prepare an IT Strategy consulting proposal for a leading multi $bn University in the Middle

East. The bid process was highly competitive bid and included several market leading consultancies. In our discussions with the

client, we identified a key factor that could differentiate their proposal: having a highly experienced University CIO join the team as a

subject matter expert. Finding the right person would be a challenge due to the very short time frame, the travel requirement and the

specific experience that the person would need to bring to the table. Our research team initiated a high intensity search and reached

out to numerous leaders in Higher Education IT globally. Within a couple of days, they had produced a very strong shortlist of

candidates that met all of our client’s requirements and came highly recommended by colleagues in Academia. The candidate proved

to be the key “bid winning” factor, opening up a multi $m consultancy contract for our client.

Case Study - Fast Turn Around

Andersen Steinberg were contacted by a company who knew that Andersen Steinberg were the market leading specialists in the risk

management arean. The Client required an experienced risk Project Leader who could deliver consultancy projects for its clients as

well as develop a consulting team and practice. While in conversation with the Client, an Andersen Steinberg Director mentioned a

Candidate who had recently relocated to the region the Client was based in. The Candidate had years of experience managing a

Business Continuity Practice for a leading Consultancy and was immediately available. The Client was extremely interested, and within

a week two interviews had taken place and the Candidate had been hired. Due to the location of the Client, highly experienced local

candidates were in the minority, but due to the advice given regarding the availability of candidates the Client was delighted to recruit

an excellent candidate within a very short time period from Andersen Steinberg.
A history of effectiveness...

Andersen Steinberg work with many of the world's leading corporations across all
industries. Our major markets are:

• Investment Banking and Financial Services
• Consultancy and Outsourcing

Our current clients include the majority of the Fortune 20 corporations in the US, including the top four financial organisations. In the
UK we work closely with the majority of the FTSE top 10. Many of the leading Financial Services groups and consultancies in Asia
Pacific and the Middle East also look to us when recruiting specialist area staff.

A message from our CEO...
Michael Broughton, Founder and CEO of the Andersen Steinberg Group

                                                                Andersen Steinberg was formed in 2001 with the aim of
                                                                providing a more tailored, personal service to specialist
                                                                areas than the typical established recruitment
                                                                consultancies. Our unique approach proved to be very
                                                                successful, especially in the niche market that we
                                                                initially focused on: Business Continuity and Resilience.
                                                                As word spread, we found that we were often the first
                                                                choice for Global Consultancies and Financial Service
                                                                groups looking to recruit at a senior level. At the same
                                                                time, demand for our services grew globally and we
                                                                were soon seeing remarkable growth in the US, Middle
                                                                Eastern and Asia Pacific markets.

                                                                Our clients now look to us to leverage our extensive
                                                                contacts and relationships to help them recruit the best
                                                                people in a wide variety of fields including: CIO
                                                                Advisory, Enterprise Risk Management, Information
                                                                Security, Identity Management and, of course, Business
                                                                Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Crisis and Emergency
                                                                Management. Our clients recognise that we are not a
                                                                standard recruitment consultancy, but instead view us
                                                                as trusted advisors and friends. We constantly strive to
                                                                live up to their expectations so that we can continue to
                                                                provide what many have told us is the best service in
                                                                the specialist areas we deal with.

Principal Global Offices

Registered Office UK

Andersen Steinberg Group
Level 33, 25 Canada Square,
Docklands, London E14 5LB

Call our EMEA/AsiaPac team on:

Tel: +   44 (0)203 287 4574

US Office

Andersen Steinberg Group
110 Wall Street, 11th floor,
New York, 10005-3817

Call our US team on:

Tel: +1   646-520-0838


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