Interview Question - Tell Me a Problem You Once Had on the Job and How You Solved It? by zeeshanlatif49


									Interview Question - Tell Me a Problem You Once Had on the Job and How You
Solved It?

With so much competition these days in the job market, it is not easy to
land a good job. Interviews are becoming tougher and tougher every day as
interviewers try very hard to weed out candidates in order to select the best
and the most qualified for the position.

This weed out process is done by asking candidates tough interview
questions during the interview. A popular interview question often asked by
almost every interviewer, which every candidate should be prepared for is;

"Tell me a problem you once had on the job and how you solved it?
"The technique to use and answer this interview question is broken down
below into 4 steps which can be abbreviated as S.P.A.R to remember easily.
Take a look at the example below how this technique is put into use and how
easily this question can be answered."

      The Situation

"I worked in a manufacturing plant and was in charged for all the machines
that were making parts for printers. Three of these machines were shutting
down a few times every day."

      The Problem

"The downtime of these machines which can last to an hour or so was
causing the company to lose money as daily production was not met. After a
few troubleshooting steps, I found out that there was a defective part
creating an electric short causing the machines to shut off."
      The Action

"I called the manufacturer for the replacement parts and stated the urgency.
The parts arrived the same day via courier and were replaced that very

      The Result.

"After the machines were fixed there were no shut downs or delays and the
daily production for printer parts exceeded target every day. The revenue
was increased by 20% during the same quarter, all due to the efficiencies of
these machines."

In conclusion, the problems you experienced in your job can come in
different flavours but the technique to answer any type of this interview
question stays the same. It is also quite simple to follow as in the above
example. Good luck.

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