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                             C ongregation Olam Tikvah
                               ongregation      Tikvah
                         3800 Glenbrook Road Fairfax, Virginia 22031
                                       (703) 425-1880

9 Sivan 5769                                  Issue 6
                                  Volume 45 ✡ I                                         June 1, 2009

          Congregational Brunch and Meeting
                           Sunday, June 14, 9:30am
      The meeting agenda includes an update on the building project; a review of the budget,
                      and election of directors and Financial Secretary.

                     Please make every effort to attend to ensure a quorum.

                      Celebrate the start of summer at the
                       Kabbalat Shabbat Service

                          Friday, June 19, 6:15pm

                                                                     See COME TO THE PICNIC! p. 13

                           Please drive under 25 MPH on Glenbrook Road.
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                                WHAT’S INSIDE
                                                                                                organizational, programmatic, financial and other topics. They stay
                                                                                Ed              attend long meetings, dealing at times with complicated religious,
                                                                                B’shalom,            But that is not what prompts this note. These people often
as well.                                                                                        of talents and professional training represented in these Board
Board level reflects how we function in other organizational aspects                            vance that are included under OT’s big tent. We have a broad array
operate here at OT: I believe the manner in which we operate at the                             have members representing the various levels of halachic obser-
active in some phase of OT programmatic life. Get to see how we                                 years and people who are newcomers to this area of leadership; we
     I also invite those of you who have not yet served to become                               this Board is multigenerational; we have people who have served for
always nice.                                                                                         The Board composition reflects our shul. In no particular order,
encounter him or her. An attaboy from a member of the body politic is                           officio capacity or as the legal counsel to the Board.
     I invite you to pat a Board member on the back next time you                               Rachelle Palley and Michael Toobin also attend, either in an ex
standards.                                                                                      Debra Weber and Brittanie Werbel. Rabbis Kalender and Shalva and
the fact that our Board of Directors is enormous by most textbook                               Rubino, Maurine Simon, Miriam Smolen, Jerry Strauss, Ilan Sussan,
occasionally be vigorous, votes are not rancorous. And this, despite                            Kristol, Howard Nachman, Michelle Pearlstein, Mark Roth, Richard
and that the members work well together Although debate can                                     Andrea Gross, Stacie Kaplan, Brenda Klemow, Marc Kremer, Susan
grapples with any challenge presented to it,                                                    Friedman, Ken Goldwasser, Rochelle Goldberg, Bruce Gordon,
these instances. But know that this Board         Photo by Susan Coren                          Bryan Dallas, David Doniger, Beth Felsen, Barbara Finkel, Lisa
prepared to accept responsibility for any of                                                    Billinson, Ken Cohn, Philip Blumenthal, Fred Cooper, Susan Coren,
less than optimal. As President, I am                                                           here: Clare Bachner, Bill Behrmann, Harold Belkowitz, George
that point, that over time may prove to be                                                      the OT Directory and elsewhere, indulge me as I set out their names
judgments, based on the facts available at                                                      individuals to serve as our directors. Although they are identified in
     Inevitably, the Board will make some                                                             I believe the synagogue has attracted a tremendous group of
deliberations.                                                                                  meeting it really struck me that this article is overdue.
night, bring a remarkable energy to our                                                         body in any of my previous missives to you, but after last night’s
member noted in Good and Welfare last                                                           monthly meeting last night. I have not written about this august
to move the discussion along, and as one                                                             It is May 1, and OT’s Board of Directors completed another
tuned-in, contribute, tolerate me when I try                                                                                                        President
                                                                                                                                                    By EDWARD WEISS,
                                        The OT Board of Directors
                                                  Phone, (703) 280-1303; E-mail,
                                                         Want to talk to the President?
                                                             PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
Page 2                                                                                                                                                 June 2009
Page 3                                                                                                                        June 2009

                                           FROM THE RABBI’S STUD Y

                                     Summer Blockbuster
                                                                        style. Introducing: Rabbi Shalva’s
     Ah, yes…summer has arrived!
                                                                        Summer Sampler. For five consecutive
     And there is nothing better than going to the biggest multiplex
                                                                        Wednesdays in June and July, we are
in town, armed with popcorn and soda, and spending hour after
                                                                        going to explore Torah texts that dazzle
hour enjoying the summer movie blockbusters. The bigger, the
                                                                        the mind and shock the senses. Hold on
louder, the more CGI effects, the better.
                                                                        to your seats as the Talmud transports
     Right around the time that the summer movie schedule starts
                                                                        you to a land of fantasy and imagination!
to beckon us to the ticket kiosks, I’ve noticed that many syna-
                                                                        Make sure to bring your IDs for admission
gogues appear to go into hibernation. Classes end. Social events
                                                                        to a sultry poetry slam by medieval
are few and far between. The Torah itself seems to reflect this lapse
                                                                        Spain’s lovesick Jewish poets! You think         Photo by Susan Coren
in activity, as our cycle of weekly Torah readings arrive at Moshe’s
                                                                        Madonna’s got the skinny on kabbalah?
sublime yet strange, rambling and languid speech to the Israelites
                                                                        Wait until you sample the existential reveries of Tzfat’s heady
(AKA, the Book of Devarim). This lack of shul activity, paired with
Devarim’s lack of narrative, contributes to the unfortunate impres-
                                                                             There will be plenty of time this summer to hit the movies.
sion that, if you want summer excitement, you better stick with the
                                                                        Hey, maybe I’ll even see you there. But keep your Wednesday
                                                                        nights open and stop by Olam Tikvah. This is one blockbuster
     Rather than bow to my fellow tribesmen over in Tinseltown,
                                                                        you won’t want to miss!
however, I have decided to create my own summer blockbuster, OT-

                                                                                                   R I T UA L
 Have you ever wanted to try studying a page of Talmud?
 Ever wondered what the Kabbalah is really about?                                           Coverings
 Interested in reading steamy love poetry written by the                By JERROLD MARKOWITZ,
 great medieval Spanish rabbis?                                         Ritual Committee
                                                                             To commemorate the unique festival of Purim, children and
 If so, this course is for you…                                         adults are encouraged to cover themselves with masks or costumes
                                                                        that they ordinarily would not wear, especially to a synagogue
          Rabbi Shalva’s Summer Sampler                                 service. Throughout the year, however, we experience other cover-
  Wednesday evenings, June 24-July 22, 7:30-9:15pm                      ings, perhaps more often than we realize. From a certain point of view,
                                                                        a covering serves as a boundary between secular and sacred
 Each week will be devoted to a different type of rabbinic              perspectives. One example is the hardback covers of the Siddur,
 text, from Talmudic debates to modern poetic reveries. The             Machzor and Chumash; they protect the sacred prayers and psalms
                                                                        inside until we open them to study, pray or remind ourselves of the
 schedule will be as follows:
                                                                        Divine commandments. Head coverings are another example.
                                                                             For instance, Julian Ungar-Sargon, an instructor in neurology at
                            June 24                                     the Harvard Medical School, once remarked that wearing a yarmulka
   Once Upon a Time: Legends of the Babylonian Talmud                   in public among non-Jews can a reflect an “unusual phobia.”
                             July 1                                     According to Ungar-Sargon, wearing a yarmulka, not a beret, hat or
       Sex and Death: Medieval Rabbinic Love Poetry                     cap in public can uncover a person’s identity. A Jewish person
                             July 8                                     wearing a yarmulka in public crosses “the threshold from [an]
   Aristotle at Full Throttle: The Philosophy of Maimonides             acquired comfortable private observance of Judaism into a disquiet-
                            July 15                                     ing, uncomfortable public expression of a tradition that you may not
    Whoa…That’s Deep: Kabbalist and Hasidic Writings                    necessarily want each and everyone out there in the world (die welt)
                                                                        to be privy to.”
                            July 22
                                                                             On the other hand, in a well-publicized 1986 Supreme Court
   I’m as Free as a Bird Now: The Writings of Rav Kook                  case, S. Simcha Goldman, an Orthodox Jew, ordained rabbi and
                                                                                                                       See COVERINGS, p. 18
                    No RSVP needed.
            Come to whichever sessions you can.                                                    The Contemporary
                                                                                               Congregation Olam Tikvah
                                                                                                 3800 Glenbrook Road
                                                                                               Fairfax, Virginia 22031-3199
June 2009                                                                                                                                              Page 4

                                                           SISTERHOOD NEWS
                                             Sisterhood Voice Mail, (703) 425–1880 x243
                     For individual members’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses, please use the OT Directory.

CALENDAR                                                                             WE ARE ON A ROLL
Tuesday, June 2          7:00pm                     Sisterhood Book Club             By JOANNE STRYER
Date TBA                                    Sisterhood Transition Meeting                 Thank you to the OT members and Gesher families who send in
                                                                                     their coupons to be sent to the bases overseas. So far we have sent
MISHNAH TEXT STUDY CLASS                                                             more than 100 pounds of manufacturers’ coupons to Grafenwoehr
                                                                                     and Ramstein bases. The service families really appreciate our
     Join Rabbi Kalender at 9:15am Wednesdays, June 3, 10, 17 & 24,                  efforts.
for an hour of Mishnah study.                                                             Please continue to leave your coupons (preferably clipped and
     Enjoy exploring the foundations of Jewish ethics, ritual and                    current) in the box in the synagogue lobby.
theology. Everyone is welcome. Your desire to learn and share ideas is
the only prerequisite.
                                                                                    MITZVAH CORPS
SHOP ALL SUMMER!                                                                    By DIANE FERTMAN
JOANNE STRYER,                                                                           Mitzvah Corps provides Shabbat meals for OT members when a
Judaica Shop Manager                                                                new baby arrives, someone is ill or an immediate family member
     The Judaica Shop will be open during the summer. We are your                   passes away. This classic meal includes chicken, kugel, vegetables
one-stop Judaica Shop for ritual items, wedding gifts, baby gifts,                  and a challah.
children’s games, jewelry and more. Call Joanne Stryer, (703) 323-9032,                  You can support Mitzvah Corps with a donation, or you can
to set up an appointment.                                                           join a dedicated team responsible for preparing and distributing the
     Thank you to all who supported us during the year. Our profits                 meals. Please contact Diane Fertman or the OT office to request a
have been turned over to Sisterhood to be used for the benefit of Olam              meal for yourself or someone else, or if you would like to help.
Tikvah. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see
in the shop, please contact me.                                                     COMMUNITY SERVICES COMMITTEE
     Speaking of thank you’s: a special todah rabbah to the many
people who help run the shop: Sondra Mann, Lael Lubing, Leslie                      By JUDITH HALPERN
Varkonyi, Madeleine Rich, Brenda Klemow, Joan Hahn, Harriet                              Sisterhood’s Community Services Committee met at the Fairfax
Friedman, Zee Loevner and Lisa Shankman. It would not be possible                   Nursing Center on April 15 at 4:00pm to help set up and serve the
to have the Judaica Shop without their dedication and support.                      Center’s Seder for the Jewish residents and their families. It was a
                                                                                    small seder this year, but with Rabbi Aft officiating, David Berkenbilt
                                                                                    on the accordion and volunteers Mona Poyta, Bobby Dizenfeld and
WITH LOVE AND BEST DISHES                                                           Judith Halpern serving, clearing and providing energetic support for
                        Brush away the winter doldrums! Try some of                 the singing, a rousing good time was had by all. Sisterhood’s
                   the best recipes of your OT friends by purchasing a              Community Service Committee provides volunteers for the Center’s
                    copy of Sisterhood’s cookbook, With Love and Best               Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, Purim and Pesach Celebrations. If you
                    Dishes. Copies are available in the synagogue                   would like to help with future activities ,contact Judith Halpern at
                     office or the Judaica Shop, or from Rochelle         
                          The price has been reduced to $10 a copy.
                      You won’t find a better bargain.

              For All Your Special Occasions at Olam Tikvah
 Oneg or Kiddush following your
 Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Naming or Aufruf

             For information, call Leona Shoon, (703) 425-1880
Page 5                                                                                                                                 June 2009

              SISTERHOOD NEWS                                                                          CLUB
                                                                                                 MEN’S CL UB
                                                                                   Men’s Club Voice Mail (703) 425–1880 x245

              Jerusalem Elects Activist                                   THE PRESIDENT’S MONTHLY MEMO
                   Continues Green Tradition
By CAROL ANN COHEN                                                                  Men in Motion: Social Action
     Mix a little green with the blue and the white and you will see
Israel in the twenty-first century.
     Concern for the land and the environment is as ancient as the             April revealed more of the serious side of Men’s Club, as we
Torah, which taught about the laws of the Shmita and Jubilee years        supported the distribution of food in the B’nai B’rith Levy Lodge’s
long before agriculture schools explained why fields should lie fallow    Help Our People Everywhere (H.O.P.E.) program. H.O.P.E. annually
every few years.                                                          brings boxes of Pesach food and other groceries to community
     Through two thousand years of exile, Jews around the world put       members in need.
coins in blue and white boxes to purchase acreage in the homeland              Men’s Club member Eric Rothberg joined forces with Clare
and replace the forests that flourished in the times of King David and    Bachner and Allen Lebowitz to organize and stage the annual Sukkot
King Solomon.                                                             in Spring program. Men’s Club joined other OT members, as well as
     Conservationists throughout Israel and beyond remember the           Jews from other area synagogues, to renovate a Fairfax group home
gift of “a goodly land” and support the Society for the Protection of     for developmentally disabled men. The crew weeded and mulched the
Nature in Israel, the Jewish National Fund and other organizations        large, overgrown yard. While one group painted the interior of the
that balance Israel’s economic growth, defense and appreciation of        home, the group outside stained the large deck a stunning red color.
the land.                                                                      Afternoon shift worker Ilan Sussan commented, “It was reward-
     Environmentalists are more than gadflies, reminding government       ing to see the looks on the faces of the men [when they observed]
leaders of Israel’s natural beauty and resources. Some are those          how their home improved.”
government leaders. Naomi Tsur, a newly elected deputy mayor of                Men’s Club members and families included Reuben Ambaruch
Jerusalem, will direct planning, environment and preservation during      and his wife, Sylvia, Gary Shankman and son, Jacob, Elliott Dubin and
her five-year term in the Israeli capital’s new administration.           his wife, Lynne, Paul Shaman, Ed Diener, Jeff Freilich and me. Every-
     She brings valuable experience to her position. Tsur is the urban    one worked hard to produce the great results in unseasonably warm
branches director of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel   weather (the thermometer hit 92 degrees on this late April day).
(SPNI) and a founder of Sustainable Jerusalem. Sustainable Jerusa-                             One particular worker stood out as a force of
lem is a coalition of 75 environmental groups that work together to                       nature. Gary Shankman seemed impervious to the heat.
identify key issues and speak as one voice.                                               He was a perpetual motion machine
     In 1998, she worked with SPNI’s Jerusalem members, profes-                            all morning. I watched him in
sional architects and planners and the Forum for the Future of                             amazement; he had one speed: GO.
Jerusalem to establish the Sustainable Jerusalem Coalition, sup-                            Here are photos of Gary, before
ported by the Green Environmental Fund. A variety of foundations                            (left) and after (right) his extreme
underwrite the fund to help preserve and protect Israel’s environ-                       makeover.
ment and the health of Israel’s citizens.                                      Alan Chickinsky does it again. Men’s Club
     Sustainable Jerusalem’s projects include wildlife and wildflower     Executive Chef Alan Chickinsky laid out an
sanctuaries, education programs, a cistern restoration project, green     incredible spread for the workers. He loaded his         Gary Shankman
housing, city gardening and composting. (For more information             white catering van with breakfast and lunch for the
about Sustainable Jerusalem, visit        Sukkot in Spring crew. It was impressive to see the
     With an eye on land use and water shortages, Deputy Mayor            two stoves, coffee and tea service, juices, water, and soda all stocked
Tsur opposes destruction of the city’s outlying forests. She promises     all day, under the shade of the two tents he set up. Breakfast included
open city council discussions of green issues, establishing an            lox, bagels, fruit, cookies and pastries. Lunch included a vegetarian
environmental lobby. She will continue Sustainable Jerusalem’s work       and a meat chili, hot dogs, knockwurst, fruit, potato chips, and
of building the Green Map of Jerusalem and mapping the city’s trees.      cookies and cakes. Despite the extreme heat, the workers were able to
The 58-year-old grandmother of four came to Israel from England in        stay hydrated, due to Alan’s largesse. Yasher koach, Alan!
1966. She plans to continue her environmental activism from inside             I also enjoyed the day because I had a chance to get to know
the municipal government.                                                 others in our community better. I particularly enjoyed the ruach with
                                                                          Aron Sterling, Eric Rothberg, Joel Fischer, Paul Shaman and Jacob
                                                                          and Gary Shankman. Unfortunately, Joel threw his knee out during
          2009 Entertainment Books .                                      the work. It seems the gravitational pull of my large frame made him
There’s only a handful left, now going at $10 a copy.                     slip at an unnatural angle. Mea culpa, Joel.
        Pick one up at the OT Judaica Shop
                or in the OT office.
June 2009                                                                                                                  Page 6

                                                          MEN’S CL UB


                             Yom HaShoah Observance
                              Draws Tears and Praise
     FAIRFAX—April 21. Olam Tikvah Men’s Club’s first annual          made the doors to the ovens? It’s hard to look at a BMW on the
Yom HaShoah Ceremony drew more than 60 mourners to com-               road in the same way anymore.
memorate the Six Million lost in the Holocaust in a brief, powerful        Jerome Massey was not part of the formal program. He took
service before a special minyan led by Rabbi Kalender.                the floor to deliver some provoking comments. He challenged the
     Men’s Club President Bruce Gordon lit a Federation of Jewish     assertion that the German people were unaware of the carnage. He
Men’s Club Yellow candle and read a meditation encouraging us         was there also as a young soldier. The smell from the ovens was
to remember the victims and to honor them by strengthening our        so profound that is was impossible for anyone to deny what
Jewish lives. Paul Forbes recounted his experience as a young         happened.
soldier in Austria, just after the killing stopped. He shared an           Rabbi Kalender’s minyan was particularly sensitive. What is
uncanny meeting with distant relatives in Austria who had             the right thing to say? We don’t know; but we must remember the
survived the horror. He asserted that we need to do better, as        Shoah. The entire room stood for a special Kaddish where,
holocausts have continued in Kosovo and Darfur.                       between each verse, the group chanted the name of each death
     Jordan Feltcorn presented a powerful report that he prepared     camp.
for school. He shared his own family’s experience in fleeing the           The Olam Tikvah Men’s Club is committed to this annual
Holocaust and surviving. Did you know Bavarian Motor Works            observance. Expect another box containing a yellow candle late
                                                                      next March. Commented Congregant Bryan Dallas commented,
                    Men’s Club Schedule                               “Yasher koach to Men’s Club for its Yom HaShoah efforts. The
                 Friday, June 12, 8:00pm                              yellow candle and the meditation gave me a
             Men’s Club Friday Night Shabbat                          framework to explain to my children about the
                and Installation of Officers                          Holocaust [in a way] that they could under-
                   Wednesday, June 17                                 stand.”
   First meeting of 2009-2010 Board, at Al Citron’s home
              Wednesday-Sunday, July 1-5
 International Federation of Jewish Men’s Club Convention.                  Men’s Club mailed FJMC Yellow Candles to
                OT Men’s Club will be there.                                                   the entire congregation.

                                              AROUND OL AM TIKV AH

                                         Congratulations, 2009 Graduates!
Name                               Graduating From                              Attending
Jeremy Dubin                      Michigan State University                     Internship: Carolina Veterinary Specialists
                                  College of Veterinary Medicine                Hospital of Greensboro, North Carolina
Max Hochberg                       Woodson High School                           Louisiana State University
Michael Kremer                     Thomas Jefferson High School
                                   of Science and Technology                    University of Virginia
Hannah McBride                     University of Virginia                       Masters Program Accounting & Finance
                                                                                at University of Virginia
Isaac McBride                     Woodson High School                           University of Virginia
Alan Safferson                    Robinson Secondary School                     University of Virginia
Helen Taubman                     Northern Virginia Community College,
                                  Associate Degree Early Childhood Education
Joel Taubman                      Woodson High School                        University of Virginia
David Umansky                     Chantilly High School                      Virginia Tech
Page 7                                                                                                                                 June 2009

                                                AROUND OL AM TIKV AH
                                              (703) 425–1880 x105;

                                                         Director’s Chair
Synagogue Administrator
                                                                                                        Safety on Shabbat
                                     Israel Quest                                      We are blessed with many families attending Shabbat ser-
                             Israel Quest is a Jewish teen-identity               vices. With the continuing construction outside and in the
                        project of the Partnership for Jewish Life and            absence of a playground, however, we are left with limited space
                        Learning, in collaboration with the United                for “kids to be kids” after services. Quite naturally, the Sanctuary,
                        Jewish Endowment Fund, The Jewish Federa-                 social halls and outside spaces have become their “playground.”
                        tion of Greater Washington and over 75 local                   We ask that you know where your children are and what they
                        synagogues and regional youth organizations.              are doing. We are concerned that without adult supervision, there
                        Olam Tikvah has been a participant in Israel              is a potential for accidents and broken equipment.
                        Quest from its inception in 1994. The project is
                        based on the guiding principle that continuing                     Help Support the Daily Minyan
                        Jewish education, linked with a formative Israel                Now that summer is almost here and activities and school
experience, will forge a strong Jewish identity in the hearts and minds            are slowing down, we really need your help in maintaining our
of our youth. In order to achieve this goal, Israel Quest provides                 daily minyan. Family members ages 13 and above are encour-
teens in grades 9-12 with subsidies for Israel.                                    aged to attend. Make it an evening outing, and stop for ice
     Over the years, the project has enabled many of our teens to                  cream on your way home.
travel to Israel. Our congregation also established the Israel Quest               Service schedule:
Fund in order to ensure that we have the necessary funds to help                   Evenings: 8:00pm, Sunday-Thursday,
with the subsidies. A teen on a qualifying trip will receive $1500 from
                                                                                   Mornings: 9:00am Sunday & 7:00am Wednesday
Israel Quest and a minimum of $500 from Olam Tikvah. This subsidy
will help pay for at least 1/3 of a trip to Israel.
     This summer, Limor Steinberg will be participating in USY’s Israel                                          Reminder
Adventure, and Lisa Gross will be traveling to Israel with Camp                       The office is open for regular business hours during the
Ramah. We look forward to hearing about their adventures and                       summer. Please keep us informed of your life-cycle events and
experiences when they return. If you would like more information                   when you need our help in sickness. Wishing you a great
about Israel Quest, please contact me.                                             summer.

            Personalized candelabra
  can be rented for candle lighting at your
                                                                                                         The Editor thanks
         b’nai mitzvah celebration.
                                                                                               Betsy MacCarthy for reading galleys,
         Contact Lisa Shankman, (703) 207-9756,                                                  Andrea Gross and Susan Coren
         or the Office, (703) 425-1880, for details.                                              for prepublication consultation,
                                                                                              and Debbie Weber for assistant editing.
                 Proceeds benefit Sisterhood.
                   Thanks for your support.

June 2009                                                                                                                            Page 8

                                               AROUND OL AM TIKV AH

                               Contrasting Communities
Membership Chair                                                         more.
                          The Washington Post recently ran an article          The minyanim movement can only help strengthen congrega-
                     about the rise of traditional minyanim in the DC    tions such as Olam Tikvah, as it strengthens the practice of Judaism.
                     area and throughout the country. According to       Each group comes together because of our Judaism, not in spite of
                     the article, while such minyanim tend to skew       it, and all the participants share a desire to be a part of the special
                     either Orthodox or Conservative, they do not        Jewish community they have created. Just as I enjoyed the Adas
                     maintain formal ties with either movement. They     minyan, so do minyanim participants enjoy Olam Tikvah. We have
                     are usually lay-led and egalitarian, and they       much in common, and together we will grow stronger.
                     promote a strong sense of community, with a
focus on meaningful social interactions. Participants are often
observant and knowledgeable, with a strong Jewish background:                         Welcome
                                                                                    New Members!
many attended Day Schools and Jewish camps and participated in
Jewish youth groups and Hillel. The article reminded me of my
positive experiences attending the Saturday morning minyan at Adas
                                                                         By DEBBIE WEBER and KITTY TIMMES
Israel 10+ years ago, and I began thinking about the relationship
between these minyanim and Olam Tikvah.                                       Gary Greenbaum grew up Woodcliff Lake, NJ, and graduated
     Minyanim provide a wonderful way for Jews (often in their 20s       from the University of Pennsylvania and George Washington
and 30s) not only to be involved in a Jewish setting, but also to        University School of Law. He moved permanently to Northern
participate actively. The Adas minyan had a three-month waiting list     Virginia in 1998. Currently, he is a self-employed attorney. Following
to give the weekly d’var Torah. While this might be partly because       certain rock bands and administrating on Wikipedia are activities
we Washingtonians like to hear ourselves speak, it was also because      Gary enjoys in his spare time. Gary met Rabbi Kalender some time
these Jews have something to say. In addition, there is a high level     ago, when he was saying Kaddish for his father. After a period of
of observance at minyanim. Members often—but not always—keep             non-affiliation, he decided to join OT. Look for Gary at services and
kosher and are shomer Shabbat. Separate seating for men and              minyan. An experienced Torah and Haftarah reader, he looks forward
women is not uncommon, although women often participate fully            to participating in OT ritual life.
and lead services. Minyanim reject the idea that they need to forgo           Laura and Daniel Strouse moved to
religion in order to successfully recruit young Jews. Members are        Vienna, Virginia in the summer of 2008, and
specifically looking for a Jewish environment, not just a social         they are glad to have found Olam Tikvah.
environment.                                                             Daniel grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs,
     Olam Tikvah shares many of the strengths of the minyan              and attended The George Washington
movement. Like many minyanim, we are firmly rooted in Jewish             University, where he met Laura, a Greens-
tradition. Our services are conducted largely in Hebrew, and the         boro, North Carolina native. After graduation,
many members who take turns davening and reading Torah use a             they moved to Pittsburgh, where Daniel
variety of accessible tunes and melodies. The congregation is            attended the University of Pittsburgh School
encouraged to read, chant or sing along with the leader. There is also   of Law and Laura received a Master’s in Social Work. After three
a strong sense of community here at Olam Tikvah. We support one          years in Pittsburgh, Laura and Daniel are happy to be back in the
another during illness or loss, and we celebrate our b’nai mitzvah,      Washington, DC area, and they look forward to becoming active
aufrufs, and birthdays and anniversaries together on Shabbat             members in the Olam Tikvah and NoVa Jewish communities. Daniel is
morning as well. Olam Tikvah also has the vibrancy that many             an attorney and Laura is a researcher for the Insurance Institute for
minyan adherents cite; a visitor to our building feels our love of       Highway Safety.
Judaism in the play of our preschool students and in the wealth of
adult education, as well as in our t’filah (prayer).
     OT also enjoys the best of the Conservative movement. Rabbi
Kalender and Rabbi Shalva share their knowledge and love of                     Further information for this column is available
Judaism with congregants, young and old, in a warm, welcoming and               only in the print edition.
accessible manner. With both rabbinic and parental support, our
Religious School and Preschool do a great job educating our
children. Our Sisterhood and Men’s Club are strong auxiliary arms,
incorporating innovative and interesting programming with steadfast
support of the synagogue. Our committees focus on social action,
ritual, adult education, the beautification of our building, and much
Page 9                                                                                                                         June 2009

                                                AROUND OL AM TIKV AH
                                                 Project Reports
By CLARE VOGEL BACHNER,                                                                        Sukkot in Spring
Chair, Social Action Committee
                                                                                 On Sunday, April 26, in the sweltering heat, Olam Tikvah
                       Books for Israel                                     participated in our fifth annual Sukkot in Spring. We were assigned
                                                                            to a home for developmentally disabled men in Fairfax. House
     Bev Sleph has coordinated this program with a teacher in Israel,
                                                                            Captain Allen Lebowitz worked with RPJ Housing to assess what
Amanda Caplan. We provided copies of the book she chose, The Boy
                                                                            was needed and what we could do to make the house more livable
in Striped Pajamas, for her 8th grade English class at De Shalit Junior
                                                                            for the residents. Volunteer Coordinator Eric Rothberg informed
H.S. in Rehovot. This is the first time that students in a class had the
                                                                            Allen about the skills of the 36 participating congregants, and they
opportunity to all read the same book at the same time. Amanda made
                                                                            assigned people to paint rooms in the home and the patio, weed and
a cover for each book and labeled it as a gift from Congregation Olam
                                                                            mulch the lawn, and cut back and bag the extensive foliage. Allen
Tikvah. These books are passed from class to class and school to
                                                                            and Eric worked hard throughout the day to make sure the project
school, so that many hundreds of students will have the opportunity
                                                                            ran smoothly!
to read them.
                                                                                 Our day began at 7:30am, with Eric leading the minyan service.
     Amanda wrote “My classroom door is always open to anyone
                                                                            Even though the temperature registered in the 90s, we were well
from Olam Tikvah who finds themselves in Israel and wants to meet
                                                                            cared for by Al Chickinsky’s wonderful food! After minyan, he
these kids face to face. We’d love to see you! Thanks you so much
                                                                            treated us to bagels, lox, muffins, coffee, juices and fresh fruit.
for everything you guys do for us”.
                                                                            Throughout the day, he supplied us with cold drinks and snacks
     Bev received a package of thank you notes from the first class to
                                                                            and then made us a delicious lunch of hot dogs and fresh, home-
read the book.
                                                                            made vegetarian and beef chilis. Sukkot in Spring would not be the
     Following are excerpts from some of the letters:
                                                                            same without Al!
Dear Olam Tikvah
When I first got the book, I didn’t find it interesting at first. Though
we weren’t supposed to end the book until our teacher tells us to, I
found myself one rainy Saturday, sitting on my bed and reading till I
got to the end of the book! The book is great and I learned a lot from
reading it. I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to read
this book, its kind of you.                                          Hava
The book is written in a wonderful way, even though its not based on
a real story. It makes you think in a different angle how stuff went
down and what were the results in the end.                          Lior
Thank you for sending us these lovely books. I really like reading
books for a lot of reasons, one is that I like to imangine. Imangine
places, and sharacters, and all. I hope you’ll continue with this project
and we all, me and friends from class thank you for it!            Hada
When I got this book I felt strange because its about the Holocaust
which is mentioned once a year in Israel This book made me think
about what happened in our history, not just as a single day cer-                                                        Photos by Clare Bachner
emony. Thank you.                                                 Adi            The following congregants participated in Sukkot in Spring:
                                                                                 Reuben and Sylvia Ambaruch, Herb and Clare Bachner, Al
I want to thank you. For me the Boy in Striped Pajamas was an
                                                                            Chickinsky, Ed Diener, Elliott and Lynne Dubin, Jeff and Pat
opportunity to show myself that I can and will be able to read the
                                                                            Freilich, Jay Fort, Joel Fisher, Bruce Gordon, Allen Lebowitz, Herb
book and I finished it by myself!                              Gehasy
                                                                            Myers, Sharon Rehbock, Eric Rothberg, Paul Shaman, Aron Sterling
While reading it, I felt an endless number of emotions going through        and Ilan Sussan
every part of my body. The story is about the Holocaust and since I’m            Many parents worked alongside their teenagers. What a
Jewish and living in Israel, and knew this subject well, I was touched      wonderful way to impart the importance of tikkun olam:
by it and read it with one breath!                                Coral     Madeline and Elliott Eggan, Jim and Shana Finkel, Julia, Melissa,
                                                                            Ben and Jon Margulies, Ellen, Josh and Shoshana Oppenheim,
                                                                            Gary and Jacob Shankman and Sandy and Rachel Tiemann.
                                                                                                                  See PROJECT H.O.P.E., p . 10
June 2009                                                                                                                       Page 10

                                                AROUND OL AM TIKV AH
OT Preschool President
      This month we celebrate our “Stepping Up,” as the children         back on those days and her preschool teachers
 participate in a fun ceremony recognizing their advancement. The        with fondness and gratitude.
 young children “step up” to the next level, and our graduates                My children are also growing. This month
 celebrate their departure from OTPS as they take the next step and      marks not only my final note as OTPS President,
 move on to kindergarten.                                                but also the end of my tenure as an OTPS parent.
      I look back with a sense of amazement. I recall the children who   Each of my daughters matured at OTPS—from
 spoke only a few words at the beginning of the year and who now         toddler to elementary-school student. I know
 can’t stop chatting. Others, who didn’t know their letters, now tell    that our participation in OTPS and the OT
 me the sounds each one makes and pick out words that start with         community will provide a strong foundation for
 each letter. It’s hard to believe the amount of growth that takes       them. I wish new OTPS President, Stephanie Sussan, and all the
 place in just a short nine months. I encourage all of you to treasure   parents at OTPS the same joy and pride that I have experienced
 your time with our youngest community members, and I challenge          over the past years. I thank everyone for making OTPS a loving
 each of you to take a minute to see our traditions through the          environment and look forward to seeing our community continue to
 wonder of their eyes.                                                   thrive in the years to come
      Their growth would not be possible without our wonderful
 teachers. They care so much about each of our children and build        TOT SHABBAT
 memories that last a lifetime. One of my daughters had as her
 kindergarten teacher an OTPS alum who, decades later, still looked       Year-Round Calendar
FOOD FOR PESACH, Continued from page 9                                   By MORAH NECHAMA RETTING and MORAH ELIZABETH WEINER,
                 Project H.O.P.E.
                                                                              Our wonderful preschoolers sing Siddur songs every Shabbat
           (Help Our People Everywhere)                                  morning. One of their favorite songs in the children’s Siddur is
     On April 13 approximately 120 people, comprising 30 families in     “Shomer, Shomer, Shabbat, V’koreh Oneg Shabbat.” Their lively
Northern Virginia, received Pesach food packages that included           service downstairs, supplemented with fun and engaging Shabbat
matzo, kosher chicken, fresh eggs, wine, grape juice, gefilte fish,      songs, stories, and dancing, exposes them to the sights and sounds
candles and other necessary Seder items, as well as additional food      of Shabbat, getting them involved and making Shabbat a special
for use during the entire Pesach week. The packages, valued at           day for them.
approximately $150 each, were purchased through financial contribu-           Morah Elizabeth and Morah Nechama are proud of our children
tions from individuals within the Jewish community. The project was      for coming and joyfully participating in the children services with
organized and carried out entirely by volunteers, who obtained           Siddur and Parashat hashavua (weekly Torah stories). When it is
contributions, gathered names from Jewish Social Services, local         time to join the adults upstairs for Adon Olam on the bimah, they
synagogues and agencies on aging, contacted potential recipients         are never too tired, and they eagerly participate.
and purchased, sorted and delivered the food.                                TOT SHABBAT continues throughout summer 2009
                                The program, coordinated by the          every Saturday morning, with babysitting services starting at
                            Uriah P. Levy Lodge of B’nai Brith, has
                                                                         10:30am and children’s services at 11:00am.
                            been ongoing for more than 30 years.
                                Olam Tikvah participatants included
                            Bernice Kaufman and Arnie & Arlyne
                            Meyers—all longtime OT and B’nai B’rith
                            members—Bruce Gordon, Melinda &
                            Mark Roth, Stacie Gould, Michael and
                            Adam Toobin, Cheryl Bloom, Jill Borak
                            and Ken and Zachary Goldwasser.
                            Michael Toobin wrote of his and Adam’s
                            experience, “The project went well and
  Bruce Gordon sorts food.
                            was easy…. We will definitely do it again
 Photo by Bernice Kaufman next year.”
Page 11                                                                                                                      June 2009

                                            AROUND OL AM TIKV AH
B’NAI MITZVAH                                                          OT CHORALE
Saturday, June 13                   Parashah Be’halot’cha                                      Summertime
Rebecca Elyse Benson,                                                  By CAROL BOYD LEON,
                    daughter of Melissa & Scott, is a seventh
                                                                            Some choirs disband in the summer. The Olam Tikvah Chorale,
                    grader at Thoreau Middle School. Rebecca has
                                                                       however, has too much fun to take the entire summer off.
                    grown up at Olam Tikvah, where she was
                                                                            Moreover, since many of our members express themselves
                    named and attended both Preschool and
                                                                       Jewishly through music, it makes sense to continue doing something
                    Religious School. An avid reader, she enjoys
                                                                       we find so essential to our spiritual well-being, even though the
                    playing soccer. Rebecca especially likes
                                                                       weather is hot!
                    spending time with friends, some of whom will
                                                                            So we spend a few summer evenings in the summer singing
                    participate in the service. She looks forward to
                                                                       Jewish music just for enjoyment. In addition, we start preparing music
                    celebrating with her parents, brothers Ryan
                                                                       for a High Holy Day-themed Shabbat service at Greenspring Village.
                    and Jeffrey, her grandmother, Bonnie, and
                                                                            However, we do relax our rehearsal schedule and meet twice a
                    other family and friends.
                                                                       month through the summer. Some of our singers make it to each
                                                                       summer rehearsal, some to just a few.
                                                                            If you ever had an interest in possibly singing with the Chorale,
                                                                       this might be a perfect time to give it a try. Make it your summertime
                                                                       treat to yourself. Stop in when you’re able.
                                                                            We meet on Tuesday evenings, 7:30-9:00pm (with a break for
  Further information for this column is available only in             minyan). In June, we’ll rehearse June 2, 9, and 23. On June 12, the
  the print edition.                                                   Chorale will join me on the bimah at the 7:15 pm Friday evening
                                                                       service in the Greenspring Village chapel in Springfield.
                                                                            Our July rehearsals are planned for July 7 and 28. Please check
                                                                       back for our August dates.
                                                                            Our members will have a warm welcome waiting for you, when-
                                                                       ever you come by. And if you let me know you’re coming, I’ll have
                                                                       sheet music for you. You can reach me at (703) 250-0554 or
June 2009                                                                                                                                  Page 12

                                         ATION            ACTIVITIES
                                 E D U C ATION AND Y OUTH A CTIVITIES
                                       School office, (703) 425-3237,

                                     News From the School
Director of Education and Youth Activities                                           Heschel: Everything depends upon the person who stands in
                                                                                     front of the classroom: the personality of the teacher is the text
                           Our Religious School Shabbat Service                      that pupils read, the text they will never forget. The love,
                      took place on May 9. Families filled the                       dedication and all-round hard work that emanate from your
                      social hall to overflowing as our children                     teachers are the best “text” anyone can imagine. They are truly
                      led a beautiful service, permeated with love                   the heart and soul of a good Jewish education.
                      and kavannah (intent). Parents joined in,                           On Tuesday, May 12, OTRS celebrated L’ag B’Omer at
                      and together they brought the words of                         Winterset Varsity Park with an Israeli Field Day led by Shiri
                      Achad Ha’Am, to life: “More than the                           Rachamim, JCCNV’s Israeli Shlicha. The weather was perfect,
                      Jewish people have kept Shabbat, Shabbat                       and everyone had a fun-filled afternoon.
                      has kept the Jewish people.”                                        Congratulations to Nechama Retting and Tobey Greenberg.
     I hope you will keep the spirit of this Shabbat service in                      Their textbook, Morah, Morah, Teach Me Torah, is featured in
your hearts, and nourish it within your families.                                    the front pages of the 2009-10 Torah Aura Catalog.
     A special thank you to all our teachers who taught your
children this year. They taught your children Torah, History,                        Have a wonderful summer.
Talmud, Hebrew, T’filah, Holidays, Mitzvot, Tzedakah, Tikkun                         Marian Gorman
Olam, and so much more. According to Abraham Joshua


            Help the Religious School Go Green
         To save trees and mailing costs, the 2009-2010 Religious
     School registration will be e-mailed to you by June 4. You will
     receive one e-mail registration form per child. Simply e-mail back
     any changes or corrections to

          Kindergarten registration will arrive under separate cover, at
     a later date. During the early part of the summer, you will
     receive information about books, calendars, etc.
                                                                                                                               Lag B’Omer Fun
                                                                                                                         Photos by Andrea Gross
        Please call the school office, (703) 425-3237, if you have any
     questions. Looking forward to the new school year.
Page 13                                                                         June 2009

                                       AROUND OL AM TIKV AH
COME TO THE PICNIC! Continued from page 1

                            Celebrate the start of summer at the

                       Kabbalat Shabbat Service

                             Friday, June 19, 2009
 Cost:     $15, Adult
           $6, Kids, age 12 & younger
           Free, Kids, age 2 & younger
           $40 Maximum per family

                            Casual dress: We are planning to eat outside.
                            Don’t worry; if it is too hot, we will be inside.

                                            RSVP by Friday, June 12

          Shabbat Picnic—RSVP by Friday June 12—Checks payable to Olam Tikvah

 Name ______________________________________________________________________
 ___Adults @ $15         ___Kids, age 12 and younger, @ $6 each
                         ___Kids, age 2 & younger (Free)

 Total enclosed, $______            Max/family, $40
 Vegetarian option ____             How many
June 2009                                                                                              Page 14

                                                YA H R Z E I T S

                          During June, we observe the Yahrzeiten of our loved ones:
           6/1                           6/8                          6/15                         6/24
     Roy Ackerman                  Simon Esterowitz             Zephra Bonomo               Frances Berkowitz
     Minnie Gabriel                Walter Froehlich              Lois Johnstad                 Israel Bruch
     Nettie Karpin                 Celia Fuchsman                Hannah Korn                Beatrice V. Dexter
      Clara Reisler                  Max Goldfarb              Abi Alberto Pardo             Victor Feltcorn
                                   Robert Sprecher              Frances Resnick              Mildred Kaplan
            6/2               David Joseph Williamowsky         Claire Sherwin                 Ignacz Roth
      Ann Bernstein                                             Tania Shmukler                 Julia Tursky
      Patrick Byrne                      6/9                                                 David Weinstein
      Julia Fruchter              Morris Gelfand                      6/16
     Ernest Goldberg              Pola Gibberman                William Bielsker                  6/25
    Pearl Zallis Lerner            Irma Lebowitz                 Louis Cornell               Abraham Hyatt
        Yetta Schiff              Gilbert Luckman              Harvey Rosenberg               Susan Siegel
     Sally Schneider                                             Irving Witlin
    Solomon Shulman                     6/10                                                       6/26
     Margaret Stryer             Julia Jacobs Brick                    6/17                   Sidney Feldman
       Louis Tudor               Ida Pearl Brissman                Reva Rachlin                Mary Fertman
                                  Charlotte Radow                                      Arthur Gabriel Hemmerdinger
           6/3                                                        6/18              Ethan Reed Hemmerdinger
     Edward Kritzer                      6/11                    William Bloom             Rabbi Abraham Oler
     Lillian Marcus                Claire Gerhardt              Nathan Hoffman              Joseph Swernofsky
     Kenneth Weiner               Yutko Goldshteyn              Sidney Lebowitz
                                   Evelyn Kaufman            Abraham Mandelbaum                   6/27
           6/4                      Philip Lustig                                               Sam Cook
   Janka Kalman Blau               Ann Rockowitz                      6/19              Leonard Jerome Singerman
  Judah Jacob Grauman                                      Jessica Lauren Blumenfeld
       Hilde Krug                        6/12                   Frieda Eisenstein                  6/28
      Henry Mann                  Jacqueline Davis               Tsiliya Mirkin              Martha Feiner
    Theresa Shnipper              Arnold Drukman                    Anna Ruiz                Sheldon Klein
     Philip Taubman              Sylvia Lederhandler              Sidney Siegel            Hilda Mildred Love
                                     Ansel Lewis                 Mildred Tunick              Marion Miller
           6/5                     Margery Weiner                                             Irving Siegel
      Anna T. Dubin                 Annette Woods                    6/20                   Mollie Silverman
       Rose Garber                                               Rose Fastiff               Dr. Alvin Szojchet
      Irving Lubing                      6/13                  David Freedman
      Max Migdall                   Manny Bogner              Genevieve Madison                   6/29
       Marvin Seril              Victor Lederhandler           Philip Malafsky                 Ruth Falek
       Saul Vitner                  Harold T. Rib               Rose Rosenfeld             Neil Bruce Leckner
                                Barney David Shapiro             Harris Stone              Lorraine Melworth
           6/6                     Donna Shurberg                                          Gertrude Swichkow
       Eva Bruch                    Emanuel Stern                   6/21                    Deborah Taddie
     Morris Finkel                                              Ida Berman
       Ida Masin                        6/14                   Max Fargotstein                    6/30
     Zalman Mirkin              Dr. Samuel Belkowitz           Mary Haimsohn             Frank Kohaner Connor
     William Packer                 Jacob Berger                                              Harry Dubin
                                   Helen Brodkey                      6/22                  Augusta Frazier
            6/7                 Elizabeth Dienstfrey             David Brodkey                Carl Lifland
       George Engel                 Ben Leopold                Donald Goodman               Adele B. Saffran
  Ruth Neuwirth Klewans           Caren Sue Pearl                 Claire Levitt               Josef Tapper
        Herbert Litt               Harry Sacarob                  Simon Meyer                Morris Wexler
      Beatrice Miller                                        Rev. Benjamin Samuels
                                                                 Mollie Snyder
                                                                  Lena Wolfson

                                                                   Ethel Kramer
Page 15                                                                                                                   June 2009

                                                   ONEG SPONSORS

                  Mazal Tov to everyone who donated to sustain our Oneg-Kiddush Fund,
                                   in honor of their June anniversaries.
                         June 1-4                                                           June 19-25
       45 anniversary of Rimma & Semyon Reznik
                                                                             50th anniversary of Deedy & Ed Eisenson
       30th anniversary of Margo & Pat Tamburrino                       Florence & Robert Brodkey, Andi & Brian Dorlester,
                  Beverly & Gerald Sleph                                    Julie & William Gale, Linda & Aron Glasman,
                                                                             Joan & Steven Heller, Louise & Earl Hodin,
                         June 5-11
                                                                        Stacie & James Kaplan, Isabelle & Bernard Manning,
        25 anniversary of Debra & Paul Mendelson
                                                                        Estelle & Howard Mappen, Rho & Richard Silberglitt
       Rhonda & Bruce Brown, Dale & Albert Citron,
      Sharon & Robert Dubrow, Alicia & Elan Freedy,                                          June 26-30
      Lisa & Joel Friedman, Alice & Richard Friedman,                          50th anniversary of Sandy & Al Gabriel
Sarah & Roel Lascano, Barbara & Gary Lustig, Ellen & Josh                   40th anniversary of Myra & Gordon Gondos
 Oppenheim, Rachel & Eric Rothberg, Andrea & Gil Rozner,                    35th anniversary of Linda & Harlan Harber
  Patricia & Stanley Schneider, Maxine & Ronald Sherwin,                  10th anniversary of Heidi & Benjamin Freeman
       Bonnie & Jeff Siegell, Sharyn & Richard Stahl,                    Shirley & John Baer, Norma & Robert Greenbaum,
                 Linda & Michael Wortman                                    Carol & Jacob Klevan: Elissa & Marvin Kon,
                                                                    Betsy & John MacCarthy, Maurine Simon & Mark Rubinstein,
                        June 12-18
                                                                     Rivka & Paul Safferson, Beverly & Martin Schindler, Sandy
        40 anniversary of Meredith & Edward Finn
                                                                           & Robert Tiemann, Deborah & Richard Waxler
          20th anniversary of Lori & Don Frumkin
         15th anniversary of Hillary & Bruce Rubin
   Gary & Linda Bergman, Madeline & Richard Cassell,                 Thanks to Gloria Brissman, AnnEllen Feltcorn,
 Mindy & Warren Cohen, Sue & Ken Cohn, Beth Liebmann                       Alice Friedman and Beth Rivelis,
      & Peter Friedman, Anne Lea & Richard Kramer,                             who made this month’s anniversary calls.
  Julia & David Margulies, Simone Bielsker & Dale Rolfe,
     Donna & Richard Rubino, Sarah & Richard Shack,                            NEW RECRUITS ARE NEEDED
        Carol & Paul Shaman, Jennifer & Scott Shorr,                                   TO MAKE
            Larissa Blechman & Mark Steinberg,                                 ANNIVERSARY PHONE CALLS.
     Emily & Lawrence Stollar, Leslie & Irvin Varkonyi
                                                                          Please call Barbara Holleb, (703) 569-3095,
   In the week of April 10-16, Jeanne & David Argoff                      if you are able to make 20 calls once a year!
       celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary,

                                             A R O U N D T H E B E LT W A Y
                                                                   LT AY

      Northern Virginia Lunch & Learn                               Dupont-Kalorama Museum Walk Features
       Presented jointly with the Jewish Community Center                  Jewish Military Museum
                       of Northern Virginia
      Meets Tuesdays, 12:15-1:30pm, in the library                    National Museum of American Jewish Military History
     at JCCNV, 8900 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax,                                    1811 R Street, NW
     Paul Forbes teaches “Traditional Biblical Stories: Fact or                (202) 265-6280,
Fiction?” Tuesdays, June 9, 23 & 30. FThe archeological evidence                 Sunday, June 7, 1:00-5:00pm
available about the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, and Sodom &              Children (grades 4-12) can enjoy a Treasure Hunt with prizes,
Gomorrah.                                                           while adults explore the American Jewish Military Experience with
     Cost: $25 for Foundation members, $35 for non-members.         lecturer Professor Jeff Greenhut, PhD (1:00 and 3:00pm) or hear
     Lunch is scheduled at 12:15pm (hot beverages provided), and    accounts of true heroism from Concentration Camp Liberator Bern-
study 12:30-1:30pm. Bring a brown-bag pareve or dairy lunch.        hard Storch (2:00 and 4:00pm). Don’t miss the “military fashion show”
     Registration is by check, The Foundation for Jewish Studies,   throughout the day: kids of any age can dress up in deaccessioned
6101 Montrose Road, Suite 206, Rockville, MD 20852, or by credit    uniforms and have their picture taken. Exhibitions: Women in the
card, (301) 770-4787, Information may be       Military: A Jewish Perspective and Jewish War Veterans Protest
found on our web site,                             March Against Nazi Germany–75th Anniversary
June 2009                                                                                                                           Page 16

               FROM OUR HEAR TS                                                                        DA
                                                                                                 T Z E DA K A H
MAZAL TOV                                                                We gratefully acknowledge the following contributions,
                                                                                which were received by April 30, 2009.
We wish a hearty mazal tov to...
                                                                                              CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT FUND
Zenia & Barry Bielsker, on the marriage of their daughter,
      L’vannah, to Matthew Abrams                                             The Capital Improvement Fund enables us to provide funds for
Susan & Allen Bloom, on the birth of their granddaughter,                major, unbudgeted capital improvements to the current facility. We
      Phillippa Amy, daughter of Karen & Wes Bloom                       ask congregants to keep the Capital Improvement Fund in mind
Diane & Norman Fertman, on the marriage of their daughter,               when making contributions to Olam Tikvah, whether to honor
      Ellen, to Bruce Strain                                             someone’s memory or a simcha.
Helen & Zachary Leiner, on the engagement of their daughter,                  Please do not confuse this fund with the Capital Campaign,
      Sara Leiner, to Mitchell Schuler                                   which is solely for the future expansion project of Olam Tikvah.
Diane & Ilan Pardo on the birth of their daughter                        Campaign solicitations are currently being made to the entire
Rochelle & David Salzman, on the birth of their granddaughter,           congregation.
      Lila Jane, daughter of Jamie & Joshua Salzman
Margaret & Alan Shachter, on the marriage of their daughter,             IN HONOR OF
                                                                         25th wedding anniversary of Marie & Glenn Taubman, by Clare & Herb
      Rachel, to Andrew Dober                                                 Bachner; Roberta & Henry Wulf
CONDOLENCE                                                               Bat Mitzvah of Mia Gross, by Nancy & Marty Belkowitz; Roberta & Henry
We extend our deepest sympathy on the loss of..                          Birth of Maya Sofia Blumenthal, daughter of Rachel & Philip, by Roberta &
                                                                              Henry Wulf
Linda Marcus Berman, sister of Michael Marcus
                                                                         Birth of Rebecca Alessandra Finberg, daughter of Sharon Finberg & Chris
Sanford Berman, father of Marc                                                Duncan, granddaughter of Vera & Harvey Finberg, by Roberta & Henry
Mother of Arlene Lebowitz                                                     Wulf
Walter Miller, father of Lynne Castel                                    Brittanie Werbel, receiving the JTS Young Leadership Award, by Shirley &
                                                                              John Baer
Joyce Rose, sister of Michael Rose
                                                                         Kitty Timmes’s gift of the new ark doors, by Fidelma & A. Larry Miller
Miriam Witlin, mother of Michael                                         Ron Sherwin’s retirement, by Roberta & Henry Wulf
                                                                         IN MEMORY OF
TREE OF LIFE                                                             Anna Specht, by Lilly & Stuart Eder
                                                                         Our grandparents, by Lilly & Stuart Eder
A leaf has recently been mounted for…                                    Rae Zeitlin, by Roberta & Henry Wulf
25th wedding anniversary of Marie & Glenn Taubman,                       Rose Weinstein, by Roberta & Henry Wulf
      from Helen and Joel, Elaine & Isaac                                FOR THE R’FUAH SH’LAYMAH OF
                                                                         Isaac Taubman, by Roberta & Henry Wulf
In honor of Sam Jacobi’s Bar Mitvzah                                     Joel Friedman, by Roberta & Henry Wulf
In honor of Kitty Timmes’s dedication to Olam Tikvah, from her friends   Ray Stone, by Roberta & Henry Wulf

THANK YOU, VOLUNTEERS                                                                              CAROL SAMUELS
                                                                                                 MEMORIAL YOUTH FUND
The office staff would like to thank our faithful volunteers—we          IN HONOR OF
could not get along without them.                                        Birth of Jascha Ber Margolis, grandson of Pat & Steve Rose, by Maddy &
Andrea Fabian, Edith Krantzman                                                Rich Cassell
                                                                         Shelly Palley, Leona Shoon and their helpers, for memorable Shabbat
                                                                              dinners, by Dale & Albert Citron

       Want everybody to know?                                                                  RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND
                                                                         IN HONOR OF
                                                                         Birth of our granddaughter, Maya Sofia Blumenthal, by Ellen & Marc Jacobs
                                                                         Dr. Jerome Stein—thanks for redeeming our grandson, Ashton (Yoshua)
                                                                              Gekhman, at his Pidyon Ha-ben, by Miriam & Albert Pinto
                                                                         My aliyah, by Ed Diener
                             Consider an ad!                             IN MEMORY OF
                                                                         Frances Kravitz, by Lisa Blumenthal & Tim McBride
                                                                         Jean Krugman, by Dorothy & Jack Goldstein

                                                                                                     ROBERT NATKIN
           Almost 700 families receive                                   IN HONOR OF
                                                                                                 RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND

 the contemporary!                                                       Olam Tikvah, by Stuart Glickman
                                                                         Wedding anniversary of Ronnie & Steven Tepp, by Janet Kovner

      Call Leona Shoon, (703) 425-1880
Page 17                                                                                                                                June 2009

                                                                 T Z E DA K A H
       COMFORT & CONDOLENCE FUND                                    ISRAEL QUEST FUND                      RABBI ITZHAQ M. KLIRS MEMORIAL
IN MEMORY OF                                          IN HONOR OF                                              ADULT EDUCATION FUND
Helen Lebowitz, by Ev & Joel Paul                     Arnie Hiller, receiving the JTS Community
Ann & Hy Paul, by Ev & Joel Paul                           Service Award, by Jane & Bill Behrmann
                                                                                                         Contributions to help support the Olam
Jacob Premack, by Ev & Joel Paul                      Brittanie Werbel, receiving the JTS Young      Tikvah Chorale may be so designated on your
                                                           Leadership Award, by Jane & Bill          check. They are held in the Adult Education
             EMANUEL PASSAMANECK                           Behrmann                                  Fund for the sole benefit of the OT Chorale
             PRAYER BOOK/TALIT FUND                   Olam Tikvah, by Stuart Glickman
IN HONOR OF                                           IN MEMORY OF
                                                                                                     and are noted below as (OTC).
Birth of our granddaughter, Maya Sofia Blumenthal,    Isaac, beloved husband and father, by
     by Ellen & Marc Jacobs                                Rochelle & David Salzman                  IN HONOR OF
IN MEMORY OF                                          FOR THE R’FUAH SH’LAYMAH OF                    Arnie Hiller, receiving the JTS Community Service
Our beloved husband and father, Philip Plotkin, by    Ray Stone, by Jane & Bill Behrmann                  Award, by Susan & Bill Kristol
     Ruth, Samantha and Rachel Plotkin                                 JERRY WERBEL                  Birth of Maxfield Gideon Shayevitz, great grandson
Rose Weinstein, by Iris & Robert Shamaskin                    MEMORIAL LANDSCAPE FUND                     of Dorothy Levin, by Bernice & Ed Stern
Jerry Werbel, by Judy Werbel                          IN HONOR OF                                    Brittanie Werbel, receiving the JTS Young Leader-
Sylvia Lederhandler, mother of Merle, by the Toobin   30th wedding anniversary of Natalie & Paul          ship Award, by Susan & Bill Kristol
     Family                                                Forbes, by Carol & Paul Shaman            IN MEMORY OF
Victor Lederhandler, father of Merle, by the Toobin   Birth of Alan Jacob, grandson of Layne         Sylvia Rubin, by Natalie & Julian Levine (OTC)
     Family                                                Seelig, son of Malena & Jeff Seelig, by   Ziporah Golomb, by Fidelma & A. Larry Miller
FOR THE R’FUAH SH’LAYMAH OF                                Judy Werbel                               FOR THE R’FUAH SH’LAYMAH OF
Ray Stone, by Maskelim Chavurah                       Birth of Benjamin Zachary, son of Kathi &      Donna Ackerman, by Joan & Don Sacarob (OTC)
                                                           Kirby Newman, grandson of Karen &         Joanne Stryer, by Chavurah Ahavah
         GERALD BRISSMAN/LYLE MILLER                       Howard Newman, by Judy Werbel             Phyllis Olitsky, by Chavurah Ahavah
            COLLEGE OUTREACH FUND                     Birth of Maya Sofia, daughter of Rachel &      Ray Stone, by Bernice & Ed Stern
IN HONOR OF                                                Philip Blumenthal, by Judy Werbel                                     See TZEDAKAH p. 22
25th wedding anniversary of Marie & Glenn             Brittanie Werbel, receiving the JTS Young
     Taubman, by Debbie & Mark Weber                       Leadership Award, by Barbara S. &
Birth of Jascha Ber Margolis, grandson of Pat &            Robert L. Cohen; Phyllis & Jack Lustig;
     Steve Rose, by Debbie & Mark Weber                    Rowena Zelkind; Bobbie & Glen Zelkind;
Birth of Maya Sofia, daughter of Rachel & Philip           Debbie & Garrett Zelkind; Lynne & Jason
     Blumenthal, by Sue & Ken Cohn                         Ford and Elizabeth & Scott Groginsky;
Olam Tikvah, by Stuart Glickman                            the Werbels, Shapiros and Riders; your
IN MEMORY OF                                               Chavurah—the Dallas, Goldberg, Kaplan
Esther Felsen, by Lionel Felsen                            and Sussan families

Gerald Brissman, on the 50th anniversary of our       Engagement of Beth Maer to Harley Magden,
     wedding, by Gloria Brissman                           by Judy Werbel
Julius Cohen, by Mimi & Len Levine                    Second Bar Mitzvah of Reuben Ambaruch,
Rae Zeitlin, by Sue & Ken Cohn                             by Judy Werbel                             a birthday, anniversary
Rose Weinstein, by Debbie & Mark Weber; Mimi &        IN MEMORY OF                                    or life-cycle event?
     Len Levine                                       Jerry Werbel, by Lynn Phillips; Natalie &
FOR THE R’FUAH SH’LAYMAH OF                                Julian Levine
Bruce Magazine, by Mimi & Len Levine                  Rae Zeitlin, by Brenda & Marvin Klemow; the

                                                                                                      HONOR THE EVENT
Joel Friedman, by Debbie & Mark Weber                      Toobin Family
Larry Press, by Mimi & Len Levine                     Rose Weinstein, by Dotty & Al Fuchsman;
Ray Stone, by Debbie & Mark Weber                          Lynn Phillips; Natalie & Julian Levine
                                                      Ziporah Golomb, by Judy Werbel                  by making a contribution
Please note:
Please                                                FOR THE R’FUAH SH’LAYMAH OF
                                                      Al Fuchsman, by Judy Werbel
                                                                                                      to one of the many
The Contemporary goes up on the web                   Elliott Toobin, by Brenda & Marvin Klemow;
                                                                                                      Olam Tikvah funds!
site about one week before the end of                      Judy Werbel
                                                      Ray Stone, by Judy Werbel
the preceding month, and extra copies
                                                      Ruth Diener, by Ed Diener
are available in the OT office once it                                                                To make a donation:
has mailed, so no one needs to go                                                                     Call the office: (703) 425-1880
without the news.                                                                                     E-mail:
                                                                                                      Snail mail: 3800 Glenbrook Road,
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June 2009                                                                                                                          Page 18
                                                                  TZEDAKAH, Continued from page 21
                                                                                                 TZEDAKAH FUND

      S ANCTUARY S CHEDULES                                       In appreciation for Pesach services and aliyah, by Minnie & Morris Edelman
                                                                  IN HONOR OF
                                                                  25th wedding anniversary of Marie & Glenn Taubman, by Carol & Paul
 Shabbat Services                                                      Shaman
                                                                  Karen Tovey & Ed Weiss, by Joan & Paul Blumstein
 Friday   6:15pm, June 5, 12, 19 & 26
                                                                  IN MEMORY OF
 Saturday 9:30am                                                  Abraham Glickman, by Stuart Glickman
                                                                  Abraham Lubing, by Lael Lubing
 Parshiot                                                         Alexander Rajsky, by Violet Gluck
 Saturday, June   6        Parashah Naso                          Andrew Schwartz, by Jack Blumenthal
                                                                  Anne Zweigman, by Freda Tannenbaum
 Saturday, June   13       Parashah B’ha’lotecha                  Avrum Lubing, by Lael Lubing
 Saturday, June   20       Parashah Shelach-L”cha                 Barbara Gluck, by Julius Gluck
 Saturday, June   27       Parashah Korah                         Barney Lehrhaupt, by Charles Lehrhaupt
                                                                  Beatrice Greenbaum, by Robert Greenbaum
 Tot Shabbat                                                      Beverly Chapel, by Anita Dienstfrey
                                                                  Boris Rabinowitz, by Rosalyn & Marc Busman
 11:00am, Shabbat mornings, June 6, 13, 20 & 27                   Clare Waxler, by Richard Waxler
 Babysitting                                                      David Phillips, by Lynn Phillips
                                                                  Edward Markowitz, by Randee & Jerry Markowitz
 10:30am-12:15pm, every Shabbat morning
                                                                  Evelyn Kaufman, by Richard Kaufman
                                                                  Fae Feuer, by Paul Forbes
 Other Services                                                   Faiga Rubinstein, by Fidelma & A. Larry Miller
 Sunday, 9:00am & 8:00pm                                          Harold Gibberman, by Stanley Gibberman
 Monday-Thursday, 8:00pm                                          Harry Stein, by Herman Stein
                                                                  Hyman N. Caplan, by Betsy, John, Jenni and Jimmy MacCarthy
 Wednesdays, 7:00am, June 3, 10, 17 & 24                          Isaac Dubchansky, by Judith Anderson
                                                                  Jack Znilek, by Pearl Raikin
                                                                  Jacob Klitzner, by Jack Blumenthal
                                                                  Jan & Jules Fried, by Judith Douglas
                                                                  Judith Shaman, by Bev & Jerry Sleph
COVERINGS, Continued from page 3                                  Leah Singer, by Mona & Steve Poyta
                                                                  Leeland Hill, by Paul Hill
clinical psychologist, was ordered not to wear a yarmulka         Louis Kenner, by Jane & Herbert Myers
while on duty and in uniform as a commissioned U.S. Air           Louis Reisig, by Barry Reisig
                                                                  Maier Schlussel, by Neil Schlussel
Force officer, because it was alleged to be in conflict with
                                                                  Maurice Katz, by Michael Witlin
Air Force uniform regulations. Goldman claimed that this          Meyer Sushner, by Leo Sushner
order violated his First Amendment constitutional right to        Millie Schwartz, Adelle Goodman and Freda Goodman, by Susan & David
exercise his religious beliefs, although neither the courts nor        Schwartz
                                                                  Miriam Argoff, by David Argoff
the Air Force ever disputed his sincere religious beliefs. The
                                                                  Naum Kogan, by Kelly & Alex Kogan
American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress,              Rose Weinstein, by Donna Schwartz & Gregg Maisel
Anti-Defamation League, Catholic League for Religious and         Sam Kalman, by Bev & Jerry Sleph
Civil Rights and others supported Goldman’s right to wear a       Sam Klein, by Rita Schlossberg
                                                                  Sara & Isadoare Baron, by Sandy & Ralph Rosenthal
yarmulka. Today, Jewish military service members are
                                                                  Sylvia Chickinsky, by Alan Chickinsky
permitted to wear yarmulkas while in uniform.                     Yetta Frahm and Florence Liss, by Irene Smith
     Historically, Jewish society has been concerned about        FOR THE R’FUAH SH’LAYMAH OF
women uncovering their heads. “The Talmud not only                Ray Stone, by Randee & Jerry Markowitz
regarded women’s hair as beautiful, but as erotic; and for
                                                                                   WALTER HAUSFELD PLAYGROUND FUND
that reason it had to be covered.” Otherwise, they could          For the honor and privilege of reading Torah, leading Hallel and returning the
distract men from prayer and cause men to have “unholy                Torah scrolls to the ark, by Tobey & Morey Greenberg
thoughts.” Nevertheless, women argued that they had a             IN HONOR OF
                                                                  Matthew Abrams’s aufruf, on April 11, 2009, by Rita & Seth Abrams
right to experience their “beauty and self-respect”
(Bronner), and head coverings, required by custom, inter-
fered with that right.                                            COVERINGS, Continued from previous column
     Today, the custom in Conservative synagogues
dictates that all adult men, Jewish and not Jewish, must          lifting, tying or holding the Torah, performing an aliyah and leading
cover their heads. Adult women, at least in Olam Tikvah,          the service.
must cover their heads when performing a sacred act on            [Sources: Julian Ungar-Sargon. (1987). The agony of the yarmulka–
Shabbat and other holy days, such as opening the Ark,             A confession. Judaism, 36 (3), 320-322; Goldman v. Weinberger,
                                                                  Secretary of Defense et al. (1986). Supreme Court of the United
                                  See COVERINGS, next column      States, 475 U.S. 503; Bronner, Leila Leah. (1993). From veil to wig:
                                                                  Jewish women’s hair covering. Judaism, 42 (4), 465-478.]
Page 19                                                                                            June 2009

                                          Shabbat Youth Activities
                         Tot Shabbat, 11:00am, June 6, 13, 20 & 27
                         Shorashim and Jr. Cong will resume in the fall.
      Please check, the listserv and the weekly announcements for calendar updates.
   (703) 978-5886              (703) 503-5549          (301) 983-0702                         (703) 299-9316                     (703) 323-4640
   C. Schwartzbach             J. Markowitz            A. Hiller                              G. Frishman                        B. Finkel
   D. Feller                   S. Endick               E. Dubin                               W. Diamond                         Jeffrey Cohen
   A. Feldner                  R. Ellis                P. Driessen                            B. Dallas                          D. Cohen
   M. Feldman                  P. Elliott              S. Douglass                            M. Cury                            C. Cohen
   M. Felber                   M. Eisenberg            J. Douglas                             F. Cooper                          A. Citron
   M. Falck                    S. Eisen                R. Dorosin                             L. Conover                         A. Chmara
   E. Faggen                   J. Eisen                A. Dorlester                           L. Connor                          A. Chickinsky
   A. Fabian                   P. Eggan                D. Domnitch                            K. Cohn                            B. Castel
   J. Estryn                   S. Eder                 M. Dizenfeld                           W. Cohen-Brown                     M. Cassell
   L. Esterowitz               M. Eder                 J. Dietrick                            W. Cohen                           J. Buxbaum
   M. Epstein                  R. Ebert                S. Dienstfrey                          S. Cohen                           M. Busman
   N. Engelberg                R. Dubrow               A. Diamond-Tapper                      R. Cohen                           D. Burton
   S. Engel                    D. Dubin-Kritzer        E. Diener                              Jocelyn Cohen                      J. Budiansky
   June 28-July 2              June 21-25              June 14-18                             June 7-11                          May 31-June 4
you cannot participate. Any male or female Jewish adult, above B’nai Mitzvah age, can participate.
MINYAN is held on Sundays, 9:00am & 8:00pm, and Monday-Thursday at 8:00pm. Please call the Ritual Committee coordinator in charge if
          (703) 246-9392                  (703) 560-4087                (703) 440-0333                       (703) 273-5593
          Stacie Kaplan                   Bruce Gordon                  Ken Goldwasser                       Rochelle Goldberg
          P. Leibow                       V. Lazarowitz                 J. Krug                              W. Kranz
          C. Leckner                      Robert Lasken                 L. Leibowitz                         R. Kramer
          A. Lebowitz                     Rachelle Lasken               D. Kravitz                           M. Kraft
          K. Leahy                        R. Lascano                    G. Krauss                            S. Kopstein
          R. Lazarus                      I. Lapina                     S. Kraus                             M. Kon
          J. Laiks                        J. Kugler                     G. Krasovsky                         L. Komarow
          June 27                         June 20                       June 13                              June 6
 (Fridays: 7:45pm for the 8:00pm service; Saturday mornings: 9:15am). Please call the Board member in charge if you cannot participate.
 USHERING is for every Saturday morning and Friday evenings when there is an 8:00pm service. Please arrive 15 minutes before services
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