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					               South Padre Island
              Birding & Nature Center
 T   he South Padre Island Birding & Nature
  Center is one of nine World Birding Center
  sites in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Their
  location at the southern tip of the world’s
  longest barrier island and on the Laguna
  Madre waterfront makes them a premier
  location for birds and birders alike.
                                          LOCATION: Southern tip                    Sno
                                          of South Padre Island, 3.5 miles               wy P
                                          north of the causeway in Cameron County, TX.              r
                                          SIZE: 4.27 ha (10.55 acres)
                                           HABITAT: The South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center has a
                                           microcosm of rich habitats including dune meadows, salt marsh, and
                                           intertidal flats interspersed with thickets of native shrubs and trees that
                                            are irresistable to migrating birds. 4800 linear feet of boardwalk through
                                             marsh and mudflats allow visitors to see birds at an arm’s length and a
                                             five story birding tower provides a great view of the Laguna Madre.

  BIRDS: As a crucial first landfall for birds crossing the Gulf of
  Mexico, especially during storms, over 300 bird species have been
  recorded in the area including 38 species of warbler, 18 species of
  flycatcher, and 35 species of shorebird. After a spring storm, the
  wooded lots of the island team with warblers, tanagers, orioles, and
  thrushes. During winter the wetlands are full of waterfowl, rails,
                             and shorebirds including rare and en-
     Site Partner:           dangered species such as Snowy and
 South Padre Island Birding Piping Plovers..
      & Nature Center        CONSERVATION: The SPI Birding
                             & Nature Center facility is designed to
  Contact Information: take visitors on an educational voyage
         Cate Ball           from the Gulf of Mexico, through the
   6801 Padre Boulevard      beach dunes and into the Laguna Madre
South Padre Island, TX 78597 to teach about the interactions between the location, the plants, and the animals
                             of South Padre Island that all intertwine
        Website:             into its unique ecology.