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Adhesives                                   Carbohydrates (Chemical Aspects)             Chemical Hazards, Health, & Safety
Service Code 082                            Service Code 05B                             Service Code 023
• adhesives, binders, glues                 • characterization, reactions, structure     • safety in chemical laboratories and
• caulks, sealants, mastics, grouts           analysis, and nonindustrial synthesis        in the chemical and nuclear industries
                                              of carbohydrates and their derivatives     • health and safety of personnel working
Not routinely covered: sizing agents,         and polymers                                 in these areas or working with
inorganic cements, coupling agents,         ISSN: 1084-2314                                hazardous substances
                                                                                         • effects of human exposure
ISSN: 1083-2726                                                                            to hazardous substances
                                            Carbon & Heteroatom NMR                      • hazardous properties of chemical
                                            Service Code 039                               substances and reactions
Amino Acids, Peptides, & Proteins           • chemical aspects of nuclear magnetic
Service Code 03F                                                                         Not routinely covered: carcinogens,
                                              resonance (NMR) of carbon, fluorine,
• synthesis of amino acids, peptides,         phosphorus, and other heteroatoms          mutagens, teratogens, environmental
  and proteins                                                                           pollution, or animal toxicology unless
                                            • chemically-induced dynamic                 human health or safety is emphasized
• chemistry of amino acids and peptides       nuclear polarization
                                                                                         ISSN: 1083-2769
Not routinely covered: biochemical          • internuclear double resonance
aspects                                     • nuclear quadrupole resonance
ISSN: 1083-2750                             • nuclear magnetic relaxation, nuclear       Controlled Release Technology
                                              spin relaxation, spin-lattice relaxation   Service Code 05C
                                            Not routinely covered: proton magnetic       • science and technology of controlled
Antitumor Agents                            resonance                                      release of biologically active materials
Service Code 068                                                                           (drugs, agrochemicals)
                                            ISSN: 1083-2793
• cytotoxic agents, antimetabolites,                                                     • polymeric delivery systems
  alkylating agents, neoplasm inhibitors
                                                                                         ISSN: 1084-2330
• effect and mechanism of action            Carcinogens, Mutagens,
• synthesis and structure-activity          & Teratogens
  relationships of drugs with potential     Service Code 070                             Drug Delivery Systems & Dosage
  antitumor activity                                                                     Forms
                                            • biological response to carcinogens,
• pharmacology of most common                 mutagens, and teratogens                   Service Code 06S
  antitumor agents                                                                       • pharmaceutical dosage forms,
                                            • mechanism of action and structural
Not routinely covered: pharmacology           requirements for activity                    e.g., tablets, capsules, ointments
of steroid hormonal antitumor agents,       • detection and quantitation in feed         • newer delivery systems and forms
neoplasia, immunosuppression in               and food material                            such as controlled-release devices,
non-tumor systems, carcinogenic activity    • occupational exposure and resulting          transdermal systems, ocular
ISSN: 1083-2661                               health hazard and safety requirements        inserts, osmotic devices, antibody
                                                                                           conjugates, and liposomes
                                            Not covered: uses of these agents            • properties, formulation, bioavailability,
                                            to induce pathogenic states for studying       and pharmacokinetic studies of drugs
Asymmetric Synthesis & Induction            pathobiochemistry or for fabrication
Service Code 06N                                                                           from the delivery systems and
                                            of therapeutic procedures                      dosage forms
• synthetic methods for enantiomeric
  enrichment of compounds that contain      ISSN: 1084-2322                              Excluded: pharmacological studies
  one or more asymmetric centers                                                         of drugs themselves with no
                                                                                         formulation interest
ISSN: 1084-2306
                                            Catalysis (Applied & Physical                ISSN: 1084-2349
Batteries & Fuel Cells                      Service Code 022
Service Code 085                            • theory and applications of hetero-         Electrophoresis
                                              geneous and homogeneous catalysis          Service Code 02F
• design, manufacture, properties, and        and catalysts
  use of primary and secondary batteries                                                 • techniques of electrophoretic
                                            • effect of catalysts on reaction kinetics     processes
• fuel cells
                                            Not routinely covered: enzymic catalysis     • cataphoresis, ionophoresis,
• materials-related and electro-                                                           isoelectric focusing
  chemical aspects                          ISSN: 1083-2777
                                                                                         ISSN: 1084-0036
• reclamation of materials from
  spent batteries
• electrodes for batteries and fuel cells   Catalysis (Organic Reactions)
                                            Service Code 021
ISSN: 1083-267X
                                            • theory and applications of hetero-
                                              geneous and homogeneous catalysis
                                              and catalysts in organic chemistry
                                            Not routinely covered: enzymic catalysis
                                            ISSN: 1083-2785
Environmental Pollution                   CA SELECTS PLUS
Service Code 045
• pollution of the environment            Base rate (each topic)                                     $ 305
  by gaseous, liquid, solid,
  and radioactive wastes                  ACS member rate*                                           $ 92
• oil spills                              (To order CA SELECTS PLUS at the ACS member rate,
• nuclear fallout                         contact the American Chemical Society,
                                          Dept. L-0011, Columbus, OH 43268-0011 U.S.A.)
• runoff containing fertilizers
  from agricultural lands                 Shipping and handling charges
• eutrophication of bodies of water        Canada, Mexico, Central and South America                 $   35
                                           Europe                                                    $   50
ISSN: 1084-0441
                                           Japan                                                     $   50
                                           Elsewhere (outside the U.S.A.)                            $   50
Enzyme Applications                       One-year subscription (26 issues) begins any time. Issued every 2 weeks.
Service Code 02X                          Back issues available for preceding 12 months (contact CAS Customer Care
• studies in which enzymes are used       for prices).
  as catalytic agents for the synthesis
  of organic compounds                    Front cover surface 22cm x 28cm, staple bound.
• synthetic or artificial enzymes         * ACS members are eligible to subscribe at a special rate to one CA SELECTS PLUS
  (synzymes, e.g., cyclodextrins,           or one CA SELECTS title. Please note that certain conditions apply.
  cyclophanes, polyethylenimines,
  crown ethers) and semisynthetic           (1) The subscription must be for the personal use of the subscribing ACS member
  enzymes (e.g., flavopapains)                  (that is, the publication is not to be made available to others in the organization).
• enzymes used in a single step             (2) The subscription must be purchased with the member’s own funds
  of a multistep organic synthesis              (not with the employer’s funds).
• asymmetric resolutions by
  enzyme-catalyzed reactions
• enzyme and coenzyme
  models or mimics
• novel enzyme reactions                  Forensic Chemistry                             Gel Permeation Chromatography
  in organic solvents                     Service Code 016                               Service Code 060
• asymmetric resolution by enzymes        • chemistry of investigative science           • theory and applications of gel
Not routinely covered: fermentative       • analytical techniques                          permeation chromatography
synthesis by whole cells; common            in forensic science                          • high-speed gel chromatography
usage of enzymes in organic synthesis     • blood chemistry                              • size exclusion chromatographic
ISSN: 1084-2357                           • biological fluid analysis                      techniques
                                            and identification                           • affinity chromatography
                                          • chemical analysis of explosives              ISSN: 1084-290X
Flavors & Fragrances                        and gunshot wounds
Service Code 071                          • drug abuse
• substances affecting senses             • breath analysis, drunkenness                 High Performance Liquid
  of smell and taste                                                                     Chromatography
                                          • trace analysis
• aromas, odorants, deodorants,                                                          Service Code 018
  perfumes, essential oils, flavoring     • fiber, ink, and paint analysis
                                            and identification                           • high speed liquid chromatography
  materials, artificial sweeteners,
  acidulants, taste-modifying compounds   • arson, forgery, counterfeiting               • high pressure, high performance,
                                                                                           high resolution liquid chromatography
• synthetic methods for these compounds   • rape, homicide, suicide
                                                                                         • solid-liquid column chromatography
• olfaction and gustation                 ISSN: 1084-2365
                                                                                         • ion-exchange chromatography
Not routinely covered: sugars, e.g.,
                                                                                         ISSN: 1083-2815
sucrose, glucose, fructose, corn syrup,
except when taste or sweetness            Gas Chromatography
is the point of the study                 Service Code 029
ISSN: 1083-2688                           • gas chromatography
                                            in chemical analysis
                                          • gas-liquid chromatography
                                          • vapor phase chromatography
                                          • instrumentation and apparatus
                                            for gas chromatography
                                          • flame ionization detectors
                                          ISSN: 1083-2734
Liquid Waste Treatment                        Photochemistry                                Solid & Radioactive Waste
Service Code 051                              Service Code 017                              Treatment
• treatment and disposal by physical,         • photochemical reactions and                 Service Code 057
  chemical, and biological methods              mechanisms
                                                                                            • chemical and chemical engineering
• domestic and industrial sewage              • light-induced excited-state interactions      aspects of treatment and disposal
  and wastewater                              • luminescence (including fluorescence        • municipal, industrial, and
• sludges that result from liquid waste         and phosphorescence),                         laboratory wastes
  treatment                                     photochromism, and phosphors
                                                                                            • sludges and slurries
• liquid radioactive wastes, liquid manure,   • experimental and instrumental methods
  spent industrial liquors, leachates                                                       • nuclear fuel reprocessing wastes
                                              Not routinely covered: photochemistry         • paper, wood, glass, plastic, and
  from landfills, and other solid wastes
                                              and photosynthesis, absorption spectra,         rubber wastes
ISSN: 1084-2381                               photography and photocopying
                                                                                            • disposal processes, e.g., combustion,
                                              processes                                       incineration, biodegradation, hydrolysis,
Mass Spectrometry                             ISSN: 1083-270X                                 chemical techniques
Service Code 019                                                                            • bioremediation
• methodology, apparatus, and                 Pollution Monitoring                          ISSN: 1084-0095
  experimental results obtained
  by various spectrometric techniques         Service Code 055
                                              • analytical techniques and equipment         Ultrafiltration
• structure, thermochemistry, energetics,       related to monitoring pollution of land,
  reaction kinetics and mechanisms,             water, and atmosphere by solid, liquid,     Service Code 03C
  analytical applications                       and gaseous waste products                  • technology and use of hyperfiltration
• certain related techniques, e.g.,                                                           and ultrafiltration
                                              • remote sensing
  ion-cyclotron-resonance spectrometry,                                                     • reverse osmosis (biochemical,
  ion-kinetic-energy spectrometry             • pollution indexes                             medical, food technology, water
Not routinely covered: mass studies           • pollution standards                           purification, waste treatment)
on subatomic particles                        ISSN: 1084-0079                               • manufacture of ultrafiltration
ISSN: 1083-2742                                                                               membranes
                                                                                            • apparatus
                                              Polyurethanes                                 ISSN: 1084-0117
Organosilicon Chemistry                       Service Code 05G
Service Code 015                              • preparation, properties, reactions,
• compounds containing a silicon-carbon         uses of urethane polymers,                  Water Treatment
  bond, silanes, siloxanes, silocarboranes      i.e., derived from polyisocyanates          Service Code 05H
                                                and polyols                                 • chemical and physical purification
• alkyl silicates, silicon hydrides,
  silicon halides                             • urethane rubbers                              of water for home and industrial use
• silicones, silicone oil                     • spandex fibers                              • water softening
ISSN: 1083-2653                               • polyurethane coatings, plastics,            ISSN: 1084-0109
                                                thermosetting resins
                                              ISSN: 1083-2696
Pharmaceutical Analysis                                                                     Zeolites
Service Code 06Y                                                                            Service Code 100
• analysis of drugs in pure form              Recovery & Recycling of Wastes                • preparation of synthetic zeolites
  or in pharmaceutical preparations           Service Code 056                              • use of synthetic and natural zeolites
• all abstracts published in CA Section       • processes and equipment used                  and molecular sieves in adsorption
  64, as well as abstracts published            for recycling or recovery of all types        and drying, catalysis, ion exchange,
  in other sections and cross-referred          of waste materials                            separation by molecular size
  to Section 64                               • inorganic and organic wastes, plastics,     ISSN: 1083-2718
ISSN: 1084-239X                                 oils, industrial effluents, sewage, steel
                                                and other metals, ashes, slags
                                              • conversion and utilization
                                                of waste material
                                              ISSN: 1084-0087

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