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									Men's Suits - Fit For All Occasions
                                 The wearing of suits considerably enhances a man's physical appearance
                                and makes him conspicuous in any social or business gathering. The
                                standard two piece single breasted men's suit is quite versatile and fit to
                                be worn for a very wide range of occasions.

                                The suit is arguably the most elegant of all men's clothing and it will look
                                stunning if the cut, color, fabric and style are carefully chosen and the
                                right suit is worn for the occasion, time of day, the season of the year
                                and the climate.

                                There are three basic things to know about a perfect suit - Cut, Color and

                               A good cut is absolutely essential regardless of fashion and trends. The
                               cut of a well-tailored men suit should look natural and bring out the best
in its wearer. A slim small-bodied person man should opt for a narrow cut without shoulder padding,
narrow lapels and body-clinging trousers.

A well-built, broad shouldered person should dispense with shoulder padding and the suit should be cut
perfect to his natural measurements. If the wearer is has a big build, it is
necessary he scrupulously avoids all types of cut that will make him even

The universally acceptable colors for suits are dark blue, various shades of
gray and black. A brown suit is generally worn only during weekends or
for sporting or other casual occasions.

It is a fact that today most men favor fabrics that are much lighter than
those used in previous years. When deciding about the fabrics, you
should consider the event you will be attending, the climate,
temperature, predominantly a day wear or an evening wear and how
frequently you will wear it. If you intend wearing the same suit
frequently, it is advisable to purchase a machine washable suit as they are
usually stain resistant, crease free, durable and comfortable for moving

If you are contemplating to buy only one suit that will be versatile and fit for all occasions, then go in for
the standard black suit. In the wardrobes of all men - even those who possess many suits - you will most
surely find one black suit. There cannot be two opinions that most men look best in black suit.

The best suit will be a wool suit black in color. There is a wrong notion that black color is for mourning
purposes. As a matter of fact, many celebrities wear black color suit for various occasions including
                                business conferences, wedding, social gatherings, parties, job interviews
                                etc. A black suit would go well with pink, red, white or any light colored
                                shirt and a tie that blends with the bright colors of the shirt. The big
                                advantage with a black suit is it can be worn frequently without letting
                                others know that it is the only suit you own.

                                   Many people wonder how many suits are really necessary. The answer is
                                  a person of reasonable social standing should own a bare minimum of
                                  three suits as even if one is at the laundry, two are available in rotation.
                                  It is advisable that your first suit should be in business blue color and
                                  single-breasted. The second suit may preferably be in any shade of gray
                                  color and also single-breasted. These two suits will be the two premier
                                  suits to be worn for all important occasions. The third suit should
invariably in black color so that it can be worn on all occasions. Remember high quality fabrics and a
perfect fit are the keys that will distinguish a good suit from a bad suit.

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