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					Special Event Newsletter—Netball America’s
                 Night with the Sparks
                                     October 2009                                                     Volume 1, Issue 1

       Netball America Makes Netball History!

      Netball America members should be proud and everyone involved in the Los Angeles Staples Center event
congratulated on making Netball History. Netball for the first time EVER was played in front of a live crowd of well over
14,000 people. This was truly a star-studded event with an exciting game of netball showcased by some of the nation's
                                    top Netballers from the East and West Coast.
Special Event
Newsletter—Netball            Build up to the Big Event
America’s Night with the       This event was a year
                               in the making and cer-
                               tainly well worth it!!
                               Netball America’s
                               President, Sonya
                               Ottaway was casually
                               chatting at lunch one
    “Our partnership with      day with Carla
                               Christofferson, co-
 Netball America is one that owner of the Los An-
                               geles Sparks, about net-
        we really value”       ball. Carla was really
                               interested and intro-
 Kristin Bernert, President LA duced Sonya to the
                               President of the LA
            Sparks             Sparks, Kristin Bernert in October of
                               2008.                                       We then met with the Presidents of
                                                                           our member clubs in January 2009.
                               Kristin grew up playing basketball, has
                                                                           Of course, the excitement was in-
                               held various high level positions with
“It’s gratifying to see                                                    credible and all the clubs were very
                               women’s sports in the USA and felt em-
another of “our” traditional                                               supportive. Certainly a big thank you
                               barrassed that she didn’t know what
sports (along with rugby                                                   to them as we couldn’t have done it
                               netball was. Sonya soon educated her
that is) gaining in profile in                                             without them—The Los Angeles
                               and the entire LA Sparks Team. This
the United States. Best of                                                 Waves, San Francisco Stars, San Diego
                               led to the start of a fantastic relation-
luck with the showcase                                                     United, Thousand Oak Comets, Phoe-
                               ship and to the LA Sparks asking Netball
event at the Staples                                                       nix Heat and Nashville Kangaroos.
                               America to showcase Netball at one of
Centre.”                                                                   So on February 5th the detailed plan-
- The Honorable John Mataira, their WNBA games!!!                          ning and hard work began……..
Consulate General of New
Zealand—Los Angeles
                              A BIG THANK YOU TO THE STAPLES EVENT CAST AND CREW!!!

                                                                                                             This advertisement was included in 15,000 LA Sparks game booklets.

Netball America Directors—
Jo O’Key & Sonya Ottaway
talking netball with Snoop

Page 2
   5-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Ian Thorpe Talks with Netball America’s West
                           Coast Lightning Team

                                                        To prepare for the Staples
                                                        event the West Coast
                                                        Lighting Team had a train-
                                                        ing camp on August 29.
                                                        Well didn’t they have a
                                                        surprise waiting for
                                                        them—a visit from 5-Time
                                                        Olympic gold medalist—
                                                        Ian Thorpe or more com-
                                                        monly known as the Thor-

The Thorpedo talked to the group about a variety of topics, including: the mindset during a game, especially being in a large stadium with nearly
15,000 people watching; the importance of breathing; and tips on focusing. The group had plenty of chances to ask questions and Ian was very
open providing the girls a lot of insight. Ian then stayed for the rest of training, cheering the ladies on and was explaining the rules to our physi-
cal therapists and trainers. A huge thank you to the Thorpedo—a true champion indeed!

   Netball America Sponsors the
      Martin Luther King, Jr.                                                    The Los Angeles Sparks helps
                                                                                       Netball America
              Elementary School
                                                                                       Promote Netball
As Netball America is
a Public Charity one
our goals is giving
back to the Commu-                                                    Teaming up with the LA Sparks has led to many opportunities for Netball
                                                                      America. One of them being able to setup a netball booth at the Staples
nity. So we are very
                                                                      Center to encourage people to learn about netball. We were also able to
proud to have spon-
                                                                      promote the upcoming Staples Center event and the Netball Kids Camp.
sored 30 teachers
                                                                      The event was very successful—it resulted in new members as well as gen-
and students from
                                                                      erated a lot of interest in learning about this new sport. Thanks to the
the Martin Luther
                                                                      Thousand Oak Comets and Los Angeles Waves for participating.
King, Jr. Elementary School in Los Angeles to attend the
Staples event. The Principal, teachers and students had
never been to the Staples Center before.
President Sonya Ottaway visited the school to talk to
them about Netball as well as present them with the
tickets for the event.

                                                                                                                                          Page 3
Special Event                                                 THE BIG EVENT
                          Netball was the curtain-raiser to the LA Sparks vs     A big thank you goes out to the players—it was really
                          Minnesota Lynx WNBA Game. Well it was certainly        great netball and the shooters were on fire!!! Congratu-
                          a star-studded event and very exciting for everyone    lations to the East Coast Strikers for their narrow win
                          involved, including the spectators. With a crowd of    over the West Coast Lightening
                          over 14,000 people the
                                                                                                                          East Coast
                          atmosphere was electrify-
“Congratulations on a
                          Preparations began very
very successful event.”
                          early in the day. For both
- The Honorable Chris     volunteers and the teams.
De Cure, Consulate        Netball America had organ-
General of Australia -    ized with the Staples for
Los Angeles               the players to get some
                          practice time on the court.                                                                     West Coast

“All the girls in the
team at 1/4 time were
saying what is this
game and weren’t
really concentrating on
                                                                                 Pre-Game Teams
our game. They were
more interested in the
                                                                                                                          Mixed Teams
                          We also organized for the players, coaches, managers
-   Kristi   Harrower     and umpires to have access to a professional locker
(Guard for the Sparks)
                          room for the entire day and evening. Also, a big
commenting on her LA
Sparks     teammates      thanks to the LA Sparks for donating all the drinks
thoughts on netball.      for the teams.

did that. Marie Ferdi-
nand was the biggest
offender.   I watched
the whole thing go
down. It was hilari-
ous....”                  There was a Netball America booth located in the
                          main area of the concourse. Thanks to all those who
- LA Sparks President
                          staff the booth over a period of 7 hours.
Kristin Bernert com-
menting on the LA
Sparks watching the
netball while they were
supposed to be listen-
ing to their coach.

Page 4
                            THE BIG EVENT (cont.)                                                            Volume 2, Issue 2

  A big thank you to our guest commentators—Ian Thorpe; Sta-
  cey Francis (England National Netball Player); and Greg Collins
  (Actor—True Blood and retired NFL player with the 49ers and
  the Seahawks). Also thanks to our anthem singer—Melanie
  Fernandez from UCLA—she was absolutely amazing. We also
  had the President of the LA Sparks—Kristin Bernert speak to
  the fans about why they’re supporting Netball America and
  working with us to get netball known across the USA.

  We were also honored to have Magic Johnson, Halle Berry,
  Vivica A. Fox and the President of the WNBA watch the netball.
  Other celebrity guests included the Honorable Chris De Cure,
  Consulate General of Australia—Los Angeles; Marin Henderson       Gregor Jordan, Martin Henderson, Ian Thorpe and Chris De Cure
  (The Ring, Smokin’ Aces); Nigel Lythgoe (“American Idol” / “So
  You Think You Can Dance” producer and judge); Peter Paige
                                                                    Kris Lythgoe, Jo O’Key,
  (Queer as Folk); Gregor Jordan (Director—The Informers and
  Ned Kelly); Krista Vernoff (Grey’s Anatomy writer and co-
                                                                    Sonya Ot taway,
  author of ‘The Game on Diet’); Aaron Ferguson (winner of the
  million dollar Body for Life competition and co-author of ‘The
  Game on Diet’); Valerie Webster (Vice-captain of the 1st ever     Nigel Lythgoe and
  Jamaican National Netball Team); and Kevin Francis
  (represented Saint Kitts and Nevis for international football).   Annalise Lythgoe
  Also, the point guard of the LA Sparks—Kristi Harrower came
  in early to watch the netball.

                                                                         Lisa Leslie & Karen Walker

                                                                         Shooting Competition
Not only was netball on the floor                                       We had 2 shooting competitions throughout the
of the Staples Center but it was                                        event—one at the booth and one down on the Staples
being shown on the large jum-                                           floor. Congratulations to the Booth winners who won
botron screens in the middle of the                                     a netball camp for them and their best friend worth
arena as well as on ALL of the TV                                       $160—Melody, Ashley, Takaiya, Kyndal, Katie, Joi,
screens throughout the entire con-                                      Sophia, Natalie, Stephen, Irene, Dionnie, Paul, Marie,
course. Netball America had ar-                                         Malika, Tyrea, Neriah, Patricia, Eyrika, Christina,
ranged for Krisit Harrower to talk                                      Brigitte, Brittany, Monique, Pa’Shay, Carolina, & Krys-
about how she played netball                                            tal.
growing up in Australia—so this
was also shown on the jumbotron.

                                                                        Ian with his winning
                                                                        team from the
                                                                        Martin Luther King
                                                                        Jr Elementary
Magic Johnson                                                           School.

                                                                                                                       Page 5
Special Event
Newsletter—Netball          PROGRAM FROM THE EVENT

“….how       dedicated,
well organized and
courteous your entire
group is – and also
shared the level of
Netball achieved by
the players in the Na-
tional     tournament.
Your     efforts   have
really paid off and you
should be commended
for a job well done.”

- Valerie Webster, rep-
resented Jamaica in
their first ever national

“….an        amazing
sport!!..held a most
successful event here
in Los Angeles while I
was here....”

- Kathy    Burrows,
WNBA representative

“I believe the game
was amazingly fast
paced and interesting,
I’d like to discuss
maybe practicing with
the team :)”

- Chris Ferrell, son of
the LA Sparks coach
and Director of Opera-
tions for Coop’s Life
Skills—a youth enrich-
ment program

Page 6
PROGRAM FROM THE EVENT (Cont.)   Volume 2, Issue 2

                                        Page 7
Special Event
Newsletter—Netball                        PROGRAM FROM THE EVENT (Cont.)

"Netball is amaz-
ing!! I don't know
how     you   make
those shots without
a     backboard."
- Jim Petersen, As-
sistant Coach of the
Minnesota Lynx

                       Creating harmonic, passionate,            E-mail:
                       progressive Netball communities
                       around America
Special Event
Newsletter—Netball                                        OTHER PHOTOS

        Can you spot Lisa Leslie watching the netball?

                        Creating harmonic, passionate,                E-mail:
                        progressive Netball communities
                        around America

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