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					                                          Reed Family Tree
                                               revised May., 2007
Henry Reed (Henry’s parents were John Reed & Cathrine [Landes] Reed)
Hannah (Lucas) Reed
Eliza (______________) Reed
Parmelia (______________) Reed
  Thomas Reed — Marshalltown, Iowa
  Franklin Reed — Nebraska
  Mary (Reed) Kline — Chambers, Nebraska; no children
  Martha (Reed) Smith — California
  Caleb “Isam” Reed — Nebraska; never married
  Sarah “Sadie” (Reed) Ogden — Storm Lake, Iowa; no children
  Russell H. Reed (1860-1917; Hollaway, Minnesota)
  Charlotte (Radford) Reed (1861-1950)
     Earl Reed (Oct. 8, 1883-March 14, 1978)
     May (Rierson) Reed (Died; Nov. 13, 1884-Oct. 5, 1938; sister to Ella [Rierson] Reed)
        Grace (Reed) Frette
        Roy Frette
               Geraldine (Frette) Peterson
               John Peterson
                       Gerald Peterson
                       Janelle (Hansen) Peterson
                               Jake Peterson
                               Karl Peterson
                               Jenna Peterson
                       Jerita (Peterson) Nelson
                       Jeff Nelson
                               Ashley Nelson
                               Brent Nelson
                       Joel Peterson
                       Debra (VanDeist) Peterson
                               Kristen Peterson
                               Kari Peterson
               Ronald “Ronnie” Frette
               Pat (Stolte) Frette
                       Troy Frette
                       LeAnn (Smith) Frette
                       David Frette
                       Heidi (Reeser) Frette
               Dennis Frette
               Jolene (Male) Frette
                       Holly Frette (adopted) (all 3 are biological siblings)
                       Kevin Frette (adopted)
                       Tracy (Peterson) Frette
                               Paige Frette
                       Sarah Frette (adopted)
                       (never married)
                       Garland Ray
                               Ashley Ray
               Keith Frette
               Nancy (Jones) Frette
                       Lynnette Frette
               Brett Frette
       Elaine (Frette) Christopher
       Gary Christopher
               Lisa Christopher
Ralph Reed
Arlene (Thompson) Reed
       Roger Reed
       June (Keiper) Reed
               Carla (Reed) Chambers
               Todd Chambers
                       Ashlie Chambers
                       Shelbie Chambers
               Krista (Reed) Oehlerich
               Dwight Oehlerich
                       Alexis Oehlerich
       Kenneth Reed
       Linda (Clair) Reed
               Deanna (Reed) Arends
               Lynn Arends
                       Bradley Arends
                       Alyssa Arends
               Brenda (Reed) Poppens
               Tom Poppens
                       Amanda Poppens
                       Lindsey Poppens
                       Rachel Poppens
                       Shane Poppens
       Leslie Reed
       Renee (Madden) Reed
               Brett Reed
               Heather (Taylor) Reed
                       Dylan Reed
               Brandon Reed
               Angie (Gray) Reed
                       Emma Reed
       Pam (Reed) Berends
       Ed Berends
               Michelle (Berends) Cole
               Edward “Pete” Cole
                       Zachary Cole
                       Taylor Cole
               Kimberly Berends
       Douglas Reed
       Roslee (Burns) Reed
               Jon Reed
               Angie (Tuspan) Reed
                       Colton Reed
               Scott Reed
               Jodi (Harper) Reed
                       Turner Reed
       Treva (Junkermier) Reed
              Denise (Reed) Matlage
              Ed Matlage
                      Brian Matlage
                      Heather Matlage
       Lois (Reed) Reisetter
       Eugene Reisetter
              Jeananne (Reisetter) Hagen
              Gerald “Jerry” Hagen
                      Carrie Hagen (adopted)
                      Heidi (Hagen) Smith (adopted)
                      Rodney Smith
                              Anthony Smith
                              Alexandra Smith
              Patricia “Patsy” (Reisetter) Leith
              Thomas Leith
                      Pheobe (Leith) Hommel
                      Mark Hommel
                              Isabelle Hommel
                      Heather (Leith) Leopold
                      Brett Leopold
                              Henry Leopold
              Jane “Janie” (Reisetter) Conard
              ______________ Conard
                      Tacy Conard
              Richard Maneval
       Ray Reed (died young)
Emma (Ruth) Reed (Nov. 4, 1889-May 10, 1979)
Ory C. “O.C.” Reed
Ella (Rierson) Reed (sister to May [Rierson] Reed)
       Rudy (Reed) Abramson
       Lloyd Abramson
              Rose (Abramson) Crawford
              Lawrence Barfknecht (died)
                      Larry Barfknecht
                      Lucinda (DeLap) Barfknecht
                              Kaylee Barfknecht
                              Benjamin Barfknecht
                      Steven “Steve” Barfknecht
                      Mary (Woodman) Barfknecht
                              Beau Barfknecht
                              Travis Barfknecht
                              Ryan Barfknecht
                              Jesse Barfknecht
              James “Jim” Crawford
              Norma (Abramson) Busser
              James Conally (died)
                      James “Jim” Conally
                      David Conally
       Jodi (Kelly) Conally
               Joe Conally
               Josh Conally
       Timothy “Tim” Conally
       Connie (______________) Conally
       Kristi (______________) Conally
       Joey Conally (died)
Lavern Busser
David Abramson
Donna (Abbuehl) Abramson (died)
       Karen (Abramson) Albagley
       Afdul Albagley
               Alie Albagley
               Amera Albagley
               Noha Albagley
       Mary (Abramson) Nadland
       David Nadland
               Tony Abramson
               Kory Abramson
               Kris Abramson
               Shanda Abramson
       Mark Abramson
       Debbie (______________) Abramson
               Joshuah Abramson
               Jessica Abramson
               Jeramy Abramson
       Kurt Abramson
       Laura (Lacion)((sp)) Abramson
               Abby Abramson
               Kelsey Abramson
               Leah Abramson
               Alsyssa Abramson
Marilyn (Hagenmiller) Abramson
Dixie (Abramson) Kriebel
Larry Fishburn
Marvin Kriebel
       Kevin (Fishburn) Kriebel (adopted by Marvin)
       Annette (Sparger) Kriebel
               James Kriebel
       Steve (Fishburn) Kriebel (adopted by Marvin)
       Connie (McCord) Kriebel
               Larry “Jake” Kriebel
               Jessica Kriebel
               Frankie Kriebel
       Diane (Fishburn) (Kriebel) Smith (adopted by Marvin)
       Terry Smith
               Sarah Smith (died young)
               Tyler Smith
               Mathew Smith
Kenneth Abramson
Ruth (Rasmusson) Abramson
               Jeff Abramson
               Elisa (Goodrich) Abramson
                       Sarah Abramson
                       Kyle Abramson
               Tami Abramson
               Chad Abramson
Laureen (Reed) Spitler
Everette Wickham (died)
       Lucile “Luci” (Wickham) Reed
       Duane Reed
               Roxanne (Reed) Mehlisch
               Gary Mehlisch
                       Brian Mehlisch
                       Michelle (Mehlisch) Hovden
                       David Hovden
                               Devan Hovden
               Rick Reed
               Penny (Perisho) Reed
                       Stacy (Reed) Hill
                       Eric Hill
                               Taylor Hill
                       Jennifer Reed
                       Robbi Reed
                       Ryan Reed
       Dorothy (Wickham) Hill
       John Hill
               Bradley “Brad” Hill
               Pamela “Pam” (Hanson) Hill
                       Wade Hill
                       Ryan Hill
               Rodney Hill
               Julie (Williamson) Hill
       Jane “Janie” (Wickham) Klemme
       Raymond “Ray” Klemme
               Jill (Klemme) Engelking (adopted)
               Kevin Engelking
                       Courtney Engelking
                       Ashley Engelking
                       Kelsey Engelking
               Nancy (Klemme) Franzen (adopted)
               Jeffrey “Jeff” Franzen
                       Jacob Franzen
                       Noah Franzen
                       Gabrielle Franzen
               Ryan Klemme (adopted)
       Eloise (Wickham) Bauer
       Merle Bauer
               Lori Bauer
               Teresa Bauer
               Shelly (Bauer) McDaniel
               Jeffrey “Jeff” Gagnon
                       Britteny Gagnon
               Timothy “Tim” McDaniel
                       Matthew “Matt” McDaniel
                       Austin McDaniel
       Robert “Bob” Wickham
       Charotte (Fleming) Wickham (died)
       Virginia “Ginger” (______________) Wickham
               William “Billy” Wickham
               Allen Wickham
               ______________ (______________) Wickham
                       Megean Wickham
                       Zack Wickham
Norman Spitler
Hazel (Reed) Gelhaus
Eitel Gelhaus
       Mary (Gelhaus) Hedge
       William “Bill” Hedge
       Judy Gelhaus
       Mark Gelhaus
       John Gelhaus
Russell Reed
Ruth (Amundson) Reed
       Kathy (Reed) Cobeen
       Donald “Donnie” Roberts
               Rhonda (Roberts) Ward
               Gerald “Butch” Elliott
                       Heather Elliott
               Wade Sunken
               Randall “Randy” Roberts
               Donna (Olson) Roberts
                       Andrew Roberts
                       Ryan Roberts
                       Marisa Roberts
               Rosemary “Rose” (Roberts) Broshar
               Brian Broshar
                       Derek Broshar
               Rachel (Roberts) Diggins
               Christopher Diggins
                       Nicholas Diggins
       Darrell Cobeen
       Diane (Reed) Schwartz
       David Schwartz
               Shawn Schwartz
               Stacie (Schwartz) Reifschneider
               David Reifschneider
                       Hannah Reifschneider
                       Lane Reifschneider
       Cynthia “Cindy” (Reed) Mathein
       Ronald Biggs
        Clarence Burleen
        (divorced) (divorced again)
        ______________ Spencer
        William “Bill” Mathein
        Kevin Reed
Marjorie (Reed) Wiese
Paul Wiese
        Samuel “Sam” Wiese (adopted; last name started as Perisho)
        Charlene (Wiess) (Comey) Perisho (adopted; last name started as Perisho)
        (Sam & Charlene are biological siblings)
        ______________ ______________
        Bruce Comey
               Caryn Comey
Elsie (Reed) Nehring
Donald “Don” Nehring
        Richard “Dick” Nehring
        Audrey (Freeseman) Nehring
               Jeffrey “Jeff” Nehring
               Shelly (Dubberke) Nehring
                       Cody Nehring
               Kelli Janssen
               (not married)
                       Colton Nehring
               Valerie (Nehring) Mahoney
               Chris Jass (died)
                       Paul (Jass) Mahoney
                       _________ _________
                       (not married)
                               Benjamin Mahoney
               Richard Mahoney
                       Timothy “Tim” Mahoney
                       Leah Mahoney
                       Shanna Mahoney
        Mary (Mitterer) Nehring
               Pamala “Pam” (Nehring) King
               Michael “Mike” King
               Daniel “Danny” Nehring
               Kari ______________
               (not married)
                       Brenna Nehring
        Charlene (Nehring) Martin
        Roger Harken
               Randy Harken
               Sharron (Robinson) Harken
                       Jason (Robinson) Harken (adopted by Randy)
                       Jessica Harken
               Tammy (Harken) Johnson
                      James “Jim” Johnson
                              Matthew “Matt” Johnson
                              Eric Johnson
                              Tyler Johnson
                      Richard “Ricky” Harken
                      Sheryl (Nielsen) Harken
                              Jake Harken
                              Seth Harken
                              Zachary “Zach” Harken
                              Rebeccah “Becky” Harken
                      Teresa (Harken) Williams
                      Jack Williams II
                              Jack Williams III
                              Jenna Williams
                              Jarrod Williams
                              Jamie Williams
              Donald “Don” Sieleff
              Samuel “Sam” Martin
              Harold Nehring
              Angela “Angie” (Nehring) Pippin
              Jimmy Pippin (not nickname)
                      William “Billy” Pippin
                      Christine “Chrissie” (Frazier) Pippin
                              Ryan Pippin
                      Sophia Pippin
              Debra “Debby” (Nehring) Terry
              Steven “Steve” Petersen
                      Jesse Petersen
                      Benita Petersen
                              ______________ ______________
              Adam Terry
              Ella “Ellie” (Nehring) Wilson
              Greg Wilson
                      McKenzie Wilson
                      Dauneé Wilson
                      Echo Wilson
              Betty “Betty Jo” (Nehring) Reynolds
              Rick Reynolds
                      Chloe Reynolds
                      Kellie Reynolds
                      Seth Reynolds
Ethel (Reed) Mattheisen
Theodore Mattheisen
       Theodore Mattheisen, Jr. (died, pre-teen)
       Russell Mattheisen (died, teenager)
       Ethel (Mattheisen) Hawley
       Alva “Ray” Miller (died)
              Ethel “Little Ethel” (Miller) Pippin
              Russell Pippin
                      Phyllis Pippin
                      Wanda Pippin
               Carol (Miller) Brewer
               John Brewer
                      Amy Brewer
                      Shelly Brewer
                      Raylyn Brewer
               Fred Smith
                      Glenard Smith
                      Melissa Smith
               Wendy (Miller) Melson
               Gregory Strodtman
                      Christopher Strodtman
               John Melson
                      David Melson
                      Cindy Melson
       Harold Hawley
               Tammy Hawley
Clara Reed (died young; twin to Clarice Reed)
Clarice Reed (died young; twin to Clara Reed)
Leola (Reed) Lynde
George Lynde
       Floyd Lynde
       Claude Lynde
       Ethel (Lynde) Kloek
       William “Bill” Klock, Sr.
               William Kloek, Jr.
               Jeanne (McDonnell) Kloek
                      David Kloek
                      Darla (Rockney) Kloek
                      Debra Kloek (died young)
                      Rebecca Kloek (died young)
                      Daniel Kloek
                      Deborah Kloek (died young)
                      Debra (Kloek) Romann (same 1st name as deceased sister)
                      Daniel Romann
                      Dennis Kloek
                      Douglas Kloek (died young)
               Marcellene (Kloek) Kraemer
               Allard Kraemer
                      George Kraemer
                      Elaine (Washburn) Kraemer
                              John Kraemer
                              David Kraemer
                      William Kraemer
                      Wendy (Davis) Kraemer
               Mervin Kloek
               Zendra (Black) Kloek
                      Shirley Kloek (adopted) (died young)
                      Cynthia Kloek
                      Dianna Kloek (died young)
                      Leslie Kloek
               Gale Kloek
        Dorothy (Hanousky) Kloek
                Dean Kloek
                Stacey (Painter Nathe) Kloek
                        Kristen Kloek
                        Brittany Kloek
                        Dylan Kloek
                Lee Kloek
                Lucinda (Pope) Kloek
                Christine (Kloek) Swanson
                Roy Swanson
                        Zachary Swanson
        Arvid Kloek
        Minnetta (Pike) Kloek
                Steven Kloek
                Stephanie Kloek
        Lyle Kloek (died age 18, Vietnam War)
Edith (Lynde) Sager
Harry Sager
        Betty (Sager) Solberg
        Richard Solberg
                Kenneth Solberg
                Scott Solberg
                Barb (______________) Solberg
                        Ryan Solberg
                        Dan Solberg
        Ronald Sager
        Janet (Crawford) Sager
                Pamela Sager
                Wendy (Sager) ______________
                ______________ ______________
                        Ron ______________
                        Rob ______________
Merle Lynde
(never married)
Lyle Lynde
Loretta (Lake) Lynde
        Loretta “Jean” (Lynde) Ried
        Donald Ried
                Timothy Ried
                Virginia (MaeTowne) Ried
                        Krystal Ried
                        Benjamin Ried
                        Gregory Ried
                        Rachel Ried
                David Ried
                Candice (Hanson) Ried
                        Jacob Ried
                        Josiah A. Ried
                        Elizabeth Ried
                        Matthew Ried
                        Danielle Ried
                        Gabriel Ried
                      Jesse Ried
                      Josiah L. Ried
              Dawnette (Ried) VanEe
              Marvin VanEe
                      Donavin VanEe
                      Marcie VanEe
                      Valerie VanEe
              Scott Ried
              Rhonda (Nelson) Ried
                      Aaron Ried
                      Hannah (Ried) ______________
                      ______________ ______________
                             ______________ ______________
                             ______________ ______________
              Dwight Ried
              Deborah (Hoover) Ried
                      Rebecca Ried
                      ______________ Ried
                      ______________ Ried
       Lyle “George” Lynde
       Marylyn (Bornand) Lynde
              Wallace Lynde
              Barbara (Lynde) Patava
              Thomas Patava
              Carrie (Lynde) Hopkins
              Larry Hopkins
              Jeanette (Lynde) Karlzen
              Timothy Phifer
              Larry Karlzen
              Amy Lynde
       Larry Lynde
       Donna (House) Lynde
              Lynette Lynde
              Lawrence Lynde
              Jennifer (Cornell) Lynde
              Lance Lynde
              Lisa Lynde
       Linda (Lynde) Archer
       Ivan Archer
              Becky Archer
              Nathan Archer
       Leland Lynde
Maude (Lynde) Coburn
John Coburn
       Robert Coburn
       Marjory (Ellen) Coburn
              Christopher Coburn
       Joyce (Coburn) Brown
       Leland Brown
              Rhonda Brown
              Randy Brown
Raliegh Lynde
Betty (Ward) Lynde
                Madeline (Lynde) Logsdon
                Larry Logsdon
                       Laurie Logsdon
                Melvin Lynde
                Barbara (Urban) Lynde
                       Steven Lynde
                       Debra Lynde
                       Toni Lynde
                Raliegh Lynde
        Dorothy (Lynde) Foudree
        Shie Foudree
                Bruce Foudree
                Linda (Alexander) Foudree
                       Andrew Foudree
                Susan (__________) Foudree
                       Grant Foudree
                       Zerina Foudree (adopted)
                Kirk Foudree
                Marsha (Diemer) Foudree
                       Aaron Foudree
                       Nicole Foudree
        Harold Lynde
        Marjorie (______________) Lynde
                Michael Lynde
                Luanne Lynde
        Irene Lynde (died young)
        Lawrence Lynde
        Juanita (______________) Lynde
                Laura (Lynde) Prine
                James Prine, III
                       James Prine, IV
                Steven Lynde (died young)
                Diane Lynde
Lloyd Reed
Ethelyn (Chadwick) Reed
(no children)
Mabel Reed (died young)


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