Substitute Teacher Information

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					                   Alba-Golden ISD Substitute Teacher Information

General Information


All applicants must provide Alba-Golden ISD with an application for employment and
the following items:

   1. Copy of high school diploma or the equivalent; certified teachers need proof of
   2. Copy of valid driver’s license
   3. Copy of social security card.
   4. I-9 Form
   5. W-4 Form
   6. Fingerprint Criminal History Report
   7. Letter of Reasonable Assurance

Dress Code for substitutes is the same as teacher dress code as described in the employee


Non-Degreed                    $55.00 per day

Bachelor’s Degree              $70.00 per day

Certified                      $85.00 per day

Half a day is ½ of full day pay

When a certified teacher will be out of the classroom for more than ten days, the District
shall employ a certified substitute at the average daily rate of a first year teacher (begins
on 11th consecutive day).

Payday is once a month.