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Law firm web marketing requires a certain amount of focus on
things that other forms of marketing don’t.
Part of the issue is that people looking for attorneys are rarely
doing so casually. Law firm Internet marketing must take into
account the fact that when people are looking for a law firm,
they’re probably doing so out of an immediate and pressing need
for legal assistance. Whether for a car accident, an amusement
park tragedy or for a class-action-style lawsuit, looking for a
lawyer isn’t something people do lightly.
There are techniques that can make sure that your firm is more
likely to be seen than a competitor’s in these brief windows of
research. Google Places SEO techniques can make it much more
likely that people will locate your firm quickly and efficiently, for
Another part of the issue is that many law firms specialize. Most
law firms have a solid grounding in tort law, but different firms
will cover separate areas of the field. Where one firm takes on
medical malpractice cases, another might focus almost
exclusively on drunk driving and speeding ticket defenses.
Keyword management is vital in making sure to distinguish your
firm’s specialty in its field. It can be difficult to change the
keywords when you have a specific area of expertise, but this
doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
For example, you could start a legal blog that updates more
frequently than the main content of your site, and keep using new
and fresh keywords related to common legal searches and to
your own legal specialty. The frequent updates of the blog will
help push your site higher up the search rankings, and the fresh
keywords will bring you more in line with what people are
looking for, even if they aren’t, strictly speaking, your specialty.
These are just a few techniques that can be done to help your
firm stand out, and aren’t difficult to properly implement.
Law Firm Web Marketing: Why You Need a Law Blog
An important part of Internet marketing for lawyers is the
presence of a law blog on a firm’s website. Law blogs can be a
focused as a running commentary on the justice system, a report
of current news stories in the firm’s field, a platform for
information geared toward victims of the firm’s particular area of
law or all of the above. Whether it is written by a lawyer or a
hired writer, there are several reasons to have a law blog:
•    Advertising: One of the highest costs of any business is
advertising, and a law blog is a relatively cheap and efficient way
to advertise. With the help of WSI Omega Solutions, your blog will
not only create brand awareness, it also will allow you to
communicate with a greater number of potential clients by using
keyword-rich content that is high quality and effective for search
engine optimization.
•   Earned Media: By providing a link to social media sites,
potential clients are able to share your blog postings and
comment on them where their friends on Facebook or Twitter
can see. This earned media will not only advertise for your firm
and improve search engine results, but recommendations that
come from friends and family are often more likely to be
seriously considered. Therefore, providing social media site links
can improve confidence in your firm by reaching individuals
through trusted friends and family.
•    Potential Customer Satisfaction: The fact of the matter is that
people love free, helpful information. Often if a person is in the
position to need a lawyer in the first place, they are feeling a
plethora of negative emotions: betrayal, grief, loss and anger, just
to name a few. Perhaps most commonly, they feel taken
advantage of. Providing the client with free, helpful information
gives them a sense of security and peace, knowing that you are on
their side and ready to help them. Furthermore, your firm will be
actively demonstrating its knowledge and qualifications for
helping them with whatever difficult situation they are in.
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