corrys-baby-sweater by yaofenjin


									                                                 Corry’s Baby Sweater
                                                  in size 6-9 months
                                                 (This sweater is knitted from the top down, requiring no seaming and
                                                 flexible use of limited yarn and/or multiple colors.)

                                                 4.5 sts. = 1 inch

                                                 materials for sweater:
                                                 yarn: approximately 360 yards of worsted weight yarn
                                                 needles: 24” or 29” circular needles size 8 and double point size 8
                                                 16” or 24” circular size 7 and double point size 7
                                                 (Note: You can knit this all on a size 8 needle, but the smaller size
                                                 needle will create a more finished look.)
                                                 other: 8 – 10 stitch markers, 12” of scrap yarn and a yarn needle

materials for hat:
yarn: 90 yards of worsted weight yarn
needles: 16” size 7 and size 8 circular needle
other: 1 stitch marker

sweater pattern:
With smaller gauged needle cast on 67 stitches. Knit in seed stitch (KI, P1) for 2 ½”. Change to large gauged needle
and knit another ½” until collar measures 3”.
The body of the sweater will be knit next, so you can change colors here if desired.

set up row:
Knit 6 stitches in seed stitch pattern (this is your button band and you will continue this seed stitch pattern throughout
the sweater), place a marker – “pm”, purl 9 sts (sweater front), pm, purl 1 (these “1” sts between markers are your
“seam” stitches), pm, purl 6 (sleeve), pm, purl 1, pm, purl 21 (back), pm, purl 1, pm, purl 6 (sleeve), pm, purl 1, pm,
purl 9 (sweater front), pm, work last 6 stitches keeping in seed stitch pattern.

next row - Right Side row – “RS”:
Continue with seed stitch for button band. On every right side row (RS) increase a stitch in the stitch before the
marker that marks the 1 seam stitch. Then slip the marker – “sm”, knit 1 sttich, sm, and increase in the stitch that
follows the marker. Continue to the end of the row increasing a stitch on each side of the seam stitch markers. (You
will be increasing 8 stitches on every RS row.)

next row – Wrong Side row – “WS”:
Continue the first and last 6 stitches of each row in seed stitch pattern. Purl across row, slipping markers as you come
to them.

(After an inch of knitting on the body of the sweater, see note about button band which follows this section.)

Repeat these two rows 14 times until there are 49 stitches between the back markers. Take a measurement and make
sure the body of the sweater measures 4 ½ “. If it does not, knit without increasing another few rows, ending after
having just purled a row (WS).

Note about button band: Because you are likely to knit for a baby whose gender you may not know, it is up to you
to decide what side the button holes should be on. If in doubt, make them on the right side, meaning you will make
them at the end of a RS row. Begin buttonholes after 1 inch of knitting the body and every 15 rows after that as
follows. Knit the first 3 stitches of buttonhole band in pattern, yarn over –“YO”, knit 2 stitches together in pattern
and then knit last stich in pattern. When you turn to the WS, knit the first 2 stitches in pattern and before knitting the
YO, I twist the YO so that it will make a tighter buttonhole.

next row (separating the sleeves from the body):
Knit the first 29 sts. in pattern to the first set of markers. Remove marker and remove all remaining seam stitch
markers as you get to them. With a yarn needle, move the seam stitch and the next 34 stitches on to a piece of scrap
yarn. Tie the scrap yarn off to secure the stitches. Make 2 new stitches just by looping yarn on to your working
needle, knit the next 51 stiches. Place next 35 stitches on to a piece of scrap yarn, make 2 new stitches, and knit the
remaining 29 in pattern. You will now be knitting just the body. Continue until piece from underarm measures 5
1/2“. (If you are changing color yarn, knit one row in the new color before working in seed stitch pattern.) Change
to smaller needle and knit in seed stitch pattern for 1 ¼”.

 Place the 35 sleeve stitches on double pointed needles. Attaching yarn (leaving a 6” tail), pick up 4 stitches under the
arm and placing a marker at the most center of the underarm. Knit for 1”. Decrease on the following round as
follows beginning at marker. Knit 1 stitch, knit 2 stitches together. Knit to last 3 stitches, then slip one stitch, knit 1
stitch then pass slipped stitch over the stitch just knit, knit I stitch and then you are back of the marker. Continue
knitting and do another decrease round every 1 ¼ “ (2 more times) until there are 33 stitches left and the sleeves
measure 5” from under the arm. (If you are changing color yarn, knit one row in the new color before working in seed
stitch pattern.) Change to smaller needle and knit in seed stitch pattern for 1”.

pattern for hat:
With smaller circular needle, cast on 71 stitches. Knit in seed stitch pattern for 1”, knitting 2 stitches together at the
end of the last stitch – 70 stitches. Change to larger needles and knit until hat measures 5” from cast on edge.
First decrease round: Place a marker to mark the beginning of the round.

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