First Congregational Church of Flagstaff April 2008

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					                                 First Congregational Church of Flagstaff

                                                           April 2008
   Sunday            Monday            Tuesday              Wednesday           Thursday            Friday              Saturday
   March 30                  31           April 1                          2                   3                    4                      5
9:00 – Sunday                                                 4:30pm                                                    8:00 am -
    School                                                  Confirmation                             4:00pm –           Extreme Outdoor
                                                               Class                                 midnight           Congregationalists
    10:30—                                                     4—6:00pm                             Quilt Retreat       Sedona Hike
   Worship                                                 Children’s Chorale
Noon Lunch at                          5:15-7:15 pm          7:00-8:00 pm                                               9 am – 12:30 pm
                    5:30 pm AA
                                       Yoga with Ann       Choir Rehearsal                                              Tai Chi with Michael
   Coco’s             Meeting
                                          Higgins                                                                       Hippard

             6                   7                     8                                   10                  11                      12
                                     9:00am -3:00pm                   9                                                 9:00am – 12:30pm
                                      Quilts for Kids                                                                   Tai Chi with Michael
9:00 – Sunday                         1:00 – 3:00 pm
                                                                                 7:30 am                                Hippard
                                                              4:30pm            Breakfast at
    School         Family Food        Scrap booking         Confirmation
    10:30 –        Center 3:30-                                Class
   Worship           6:00pm           Noon Prayer              4—6:00pm
                                        Circle             Children’s Chorale
                    5:30 pm AA                              7:00-8:00 pm
                      Meeting          5:15-7:15 pm        Choir Rehearsal
                                       Yoga with Ann
            13               14                   15                                       17                  18                        19
9:00 – Sunday                                                             16                                            9:00am – 12:30pm
                                                                                                                        Tai Chi with Michael
    School                                                                                                              Hippard
    10:30—                                                  Confirmation                           6:30 pm - Reel
   Worship                                                                                            Theology          1:30-3:30 pm
                    5:30 pm AA         5:15-7:15 pm            Class
Noon Special All      Meeting          Yoga with Ann           4—6:00pm                            “Prairie Home
Church Meeting                            Higgins          Children’s Chorale                       Companion”          Knit Wits, Too
Noon - Potluck                                             7:00-8:00 pm
                                                           Choir Rehearsal

             20              21                   22                      23               24                  25                        26
 9:00 – Sunday                       9-3pm Quilts for         4:30pm                                                    9 am – 12:30 pm
                                          Kids              Confirmation         7:30 am                                Tai Chi with Michael
    School                            1:00 – 3:00 pm                                                                    Hippard
                                                               Class            Breakfast at
10:30 –                               Scrap booking            4—6:00pm
Worship             5:30 pm AA
                                                           Children’s Chorale
   5:00 pm –                                               7:00-8:00 pm
                      Meeting          5:15-7:15 pm        Choir Rehearsal
  Book Group                           Yoga with Ann
             27              28                   29                      30         May 1                          2                      3
9:00 – Sunday                                                 4:30pm                                                    9 am – 12:30 pm
                                                            Confirmation                                                Tai Chi with Michael
    School                                                                                                              Hippard
    10:30—                             5:15-7:15 pm            4—6:00pm                                                 10:00am –
   Worship          5:30 pm AA                             Children’s Chorale                                           Extreme Outdoor
                                       Yoga with Ann
                      Meeting                                                                                           Congregationalists
Noon Lunch at                             Higgins            7:00-8:00 pm
                                                           Choir Rehearsal                                              Mountain Climb

                      740 North Turquoise Drive, Flagstaff, AZ 86001 928-774-0890
                                       Rev. William J. Guise, Pastor
    “No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

                                        UNITING NOTES
                                             April 2008
740 N. Turquoise Dr., Flagstaff, AZ 86001 928-774-0890     e-mail:

                                                              1Growing Pains
                          It seems inevitable. At least it is consistent. Each time I meet a member of the clergy
                            here in Flagstaff he or she asks, “How big is your church? How many members do
                              you have?” The answer is as predicable as the question: “Do you mean active or
                          those on the roles?” It doesn’t matter anyway. We are not talking about the reality of
                            pastoring a church when the conversation turns to numbers of members. There are
                             clearly some settings which require extreme effort to manage and it has little to do
                             with the size of the membership. I have a friend in West Virginia who is pastor of
                            two “yoked” parishes. They are small churches with one being roughly 140 people
and the other about 65. The 65 people on the roles who mostly attend worship in the smaller of the two churches
 keep him quite busy because of the dysfunctional nature of the church which has developed, unchecked, over
                                           the years.

        Conversely, the large church at which I served my first year of internship (1,800 members) was
proportionately less labor intensive because of the strong lay leadership and well established mechanisms for
meeting the routine needs of the congregation. As a result, it was a healthy church. Please note the important
distinction that large numbers does not equal health in a church. I completed my student pastorate at a
neighboring church that had a membership of close to 600 and it was a deeply troubled congregation.

       One evening at a fund raising banquet in Lancaster, PA, I happened to meet Fr. Loren Mead, an
Episcopal Priest and founder of the Alban Institute in Washington, D.C. This organization specializes in
serving the church and is a resource for pastors as well as congregations on a many significant issues. Fr.
Mead has done considerable work on the subject of church growth. As he says in his landmark book by the
same name, church growth is “More Than Numbers.” He has identified four concepts of what it means for a
church to grow, and only one category has anything to do with attendance, increase in membership, budgetary
changes, or multiplication of programs.

        Beginning next month through July, this page will be devoted to the subject of church growth. In that
we have undertaken an effort at “Vitality” I think it appropriate that we also attempt to understand what are the
signs of vitality which I see as synonymous with growth. I shall ask you to consider what you believe it means
for First Church to “grow.”

        Let me leave you with this image as food for thought. When the discussion turned serious between the
search committee and myself, I prevailed upon an old friend of mine, Dr. David Greenhaw, President of Eden
Seminary in St. Louis, for his opinion of the potential for the future of First Church. The President had some
knowledge of this congregation from working with regional Conference Ministers as The Southwest
Conference prepared its profile. He opened the Yearbook of the United Church of Christ and turned to our
Conference and looked at the data contained therein about this church and community. He chewed his lip for a
moment and said, “This will be a challenge for you, a good experience. That church should grow to 200
members before you leave.” I invite you to reflect upon that prediction and consider how and where you think
we need to grow before we add numbers to the rolls of First Congregational Church of Flagstaff, United Church
of Christ. Watch this space.
                                                            Helps You & Helps First Congregational

              PRAYERS AND NOTES                        Our church is part of four grocery store rebate
                                                         programs – Albertson’s, Basha’s, Frys &
Loving God, thank you for reminding us                   Safeway. Albertsons requires using a key card –
                                                         which we supply. Frys and Basha’s use “debit gift
that we are never alone. Let us pray …
                                                         cards” and the balance on the cards can be added
for Tom and Ruth Reid, Cliff and Doris White,            to by you at any time. The Fry’s card is sold at the
Karen Cooper, and Laureen Antes. Prayers of              church for a beginning balance of $5. Safeway is
thankfulness for the recovery of Carter Fox and          slightly more involved; we register your Safeway
Andrew Znetko following their respective surgeries.      Thank You card number with an escrip program
                                                         and then it is renewed yearly by you – either by e-
                  Prayer Circle                          mail or by mail.
 The prayer circle will meet Tuesday, April 8 at
                                                         If you shop at any of these stores – or all four –
  the church, noon. Please bring your lunch,             would you like to have your purchases earn funds
          Sandy will provide dessert.                    for the church? It’s very simple for Albertsons,
                                                         Basha’s, and Frys, and somewhat easy for
                                                         Safeway. If you are willing to take part, just get in
APRIL BIRTHDAYS                                          touch with Sandy Znetko (853-1436) or Ron Rusch
April 2 - Dave Ostergren
April 5 - Emily Markel                                    For April 6th, we are pleased to welcome
         April 5 - Ron Rusch
          April 8 - Stirling Daykin
                                                             our pulpit guest Donna Cavedon...
             April 10 - Cate Cole                        The Rev. Donna Cavedon, D.Min, received her
              April 21 - Melanie Meyers                  M.Div (1983) and D.Min(1994) from Bangor
              April 23 - Charlie Ostergren               Theological Seminary (Maine). Since her ordination
              April 25 - Nancy Kirk
April 25 - Melanie Richards
                                                         in 1986 in the United Church of Christ, Donna has
                                                         served churches in Maine, Vermont and New
                                                         Hampshire. She most recently served as the
                                                         Associate Pastor at the United Church of Christ at
                                                         Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire. The
             Kurt and Sara Meyers                        Rev. Cavedon has a son, Marc, who is a graphic
                April 2                                  artist in Manhattan. The lure and love of the
                                                         Southwest became a beckoning she could no
                                                         longer refuse and that resulted in a move to
                                                         Sedona in March, 2006. Donna feels that being
                                                         able to live in, and learn more about, the Southwest
       Easter Flower Dedications:                        is a real gift.
In Honor of Don and Doris Birchenough, given by
       Janet Birchenough and Bruce Koehn                      50th Anniversary Celebration
In Honor of Ed and Gertie Koehn, given Janet
       Birchenough and Bruce Koehn                       The committee has undergone a few changes in
In Memory of Caroline Horstman-Hochstatter, given        the last couple of weeks. Sandy Fleck and Sandy
       by the Wilsons                                    Znetko are now co-chairing the event. We are
In Memory of Margaret Birchenough, given by Janet        working toward making our celebration fun and
       Birchenough and Bruce Koehn                       affordable for all. May 17 and 18 is the weekend
In Memory of Marceline Birchenough, given by Janet
                                                         for our activities. Many out-of-town members and
       Birchenough and Bruce Koehn
In Memory of Lavinia Jean Hunter, given by Melanie       friends are planning to attend and we look forward
       Richards                                          to reflection and reminiscing with you all. The
In Memory of their parents, given by Phil and Stirling   official invitations will be out within the next few
       Daykin                                            weeks. Watch your mailbox!
In Memory of her sister Susan, given by Marcia Couch
In Memory of Andy and Minnie Znetko, given by Sandy
       and Ed Znetko

                                                         Reel Theology
                                                         Hosted by Lynn and Ron Rusch

             Our next film will be held at FCCF on       spring Extreme Outdoor Congregationalists hike.
              Friday, April 18th at 6:30 p.m. hosted     The hike will be in the Sedona area and will be
              by Lynn and Ron Rusch. A light             around 10 miles. The hiking group will meet at the
             supper will be provided. As is the          Sizzler parking lot on Milton; bring a lunch; dogs
           custom, bring your camping or lawn            are welcome. If you have a Red Rocks pass,
chairs, wear your pj’s and bring your favorite movie     please bring it along.
snack to share. We’ll be watching Prairie Home           The next two Extreme Outdoor Congregationalists
Companion.                                               activities will be a Kendrick mountain climb on May
                                                         3 – meet at Late for the Train on Fort Valley at
The movie is based on the long-running radio             10:00 a.m. – and RIM TO RIM May 31 – June 1.
program, A Prairie Home Companion, broadcasted           (More about these two activities in the next
on public radio with Garrison Keillor. The film          newsletter.)
opens with a view of rural Minnesota, accompanied
by 1950’s radio – music, farm report, commodity
prices, etc. This is a funny, feel-good, must-see for
fans of the weekly radio program.
                                                         Greetings from the Moderator
                                                         Hello everyone,
         Book Group                                      The Church Council has called for a special
  Janine Ostergren, coordinator
                                                         congregational meeting on Sunday April 13, 2008
                                                         to be held during our monthly potluck. The purpose
 The book selection for April is
                                                         of the meeting is to vote on proposed changes to
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
                                                         the bylaws. The change would split the annual
The group will be meeting at Sharon
                                                         meeting into two meetings. There would be a
Fox’s home at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 20, and
                                                         meeting in June with the purpose of receiving year-
 begins with a light supper. The group welcomes
                                                         end program reporting and election of
  newcomers, so stop in at Bookman’s, pick up a
                                                         chairpersons. There would also be a meeting in
       copy of the book, and join the group
                                                         January with the purpose of receiving year-end
                                                         financial reporting and presentation of a proposed
             Important Update                            budget. Please mark this date on your calendar.
         On Fiscal Year 2007-08 Pledges
                                                         I want to thank Jean Wilcox for chairing the 50th
           The Executive Committee                       anniversary committee. Jean has asked someone
  We began this Fiscal year with 40 pledging units,      else to step in to lead the committee to completion
 but are now at 37 units. The total amount pledged
                                                         of its work. Sandy Znetko and Sandy Fleck have
  was $90,540, but after two pledging units left the     agreed to co-chair this committee. Thank you!
  church and our friend Imy passed away, we are
                                                         They may be asking for some help from you so
  now at pledges of $88,910. As of January 31, 13        please respond positively.
  units are ahead with their donations, 9 are even,
                   and 15 are behind.                    A few of us will be traveling at the end of April to
Our expenses as of January 31 have exceeded our
                                                         Tucson as delegates representing First
income by $13,486. This is due mostly to increases       Congregational Church at the Southwest Annual
  of insurance premiums (health, workers comp &
                                                         Conference. We will update you once we return.
    liability) as well as increases in utilities, snow
  plowing and the loss of $4,200 in rental from the
                                                         Please keep FCCF in your prayers.
                 Seventh Day Adventists.
       In order to make up for the loss of $8,200
   (decrease of pledges & building use fees) each        Rich Fleck, Moderator
 pledging unit would need to increase their pledges
     by $11.00 per week. We ask all members to
 prayerfully examine their giving and increase their
  pledges to help with this shortfall. Thank you for
                   your consideration.

Extreme Outdoor Congregationalists
Nanc Shibley, coordinator

Mark Saturday, April 5, at 8:00 a.m., on your
calendars – this is the date and time for the first