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									Appendix 1

                              Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Category                      Questions You May Ask          Questions You Cannot
                                                             Ask -
Sex and Family                     If applicant has any        Sex of applicant
Arrangements                        relatives already           Number of children
                                    employed by the             Marital status
                                    organization—only           Spouse’s occupation
                                    relevant if within the      Child care
                                    chain of command of            arrangements
                                    job at hand or in           Health care
                                    selecting process              coverage through
                                                                Sexual orientation of
Race                                                            Applicant’s race or
                                                                   color of skin
                                                                Photo to be affixed
                                                                   to application form
National Origin or Ancestry        Ability to speak/write      Ethnic association of
                                    English fluently (if           a surname
                                    job related)                Birthplace of
                                   Other languages                applicant or
                                    spoken (if job                 applicant’s parents
                                    related)                    Nationality, lineage,
                                                                   national origin
                                                                Nationality of
                                                                   applicant’s spouse
                                                                Whether applicant is
                                                                   citizen of another
                                                                Applicant’s native
                                                                Maiden name (of
                                                                   married woman)
Religion                                                        Religious
                                                                   for weekend work
                                                                Religious holidays
Age                                                             Date of birth
                                                                Date of high school

                                     Prepared by the Office of Human Resources, NIH
                                                                            Age
Disability                                     Whether an                  If applicant has a
                                                applicant can                disability (even if the
                                                perform the essential        impairment is
                                                job related functions,       obvious)
                                                and how, if                 Nature or severity of
                                                appropriate                  a disability
                                                                            Whether applicant
                                                                             has ever filed a
                                                                             compensation claim
                                                                            Recent or past
                                                                             surgeries and dates
                                                                            Past medical
Other                                          Convictions if job          Number and kinds of
                                                related                      arrests
                                               Academic,                   Political affiliation of
                                                vocational, or               the applicant
                                                professional                Physical
                                                schooling                    characteristics (i.e.
                                               Training received in         height, weight,
                                                the military                 strength, etc.) –
                                               Membership in any            except if a bona fide
                                                trade or professional        occupational
                                                association                  qualification
                                               Job references—All          Veteran status,
                                                of these areas               discharge status,
                                                should be provided           branch of service
                                                as part of the              Contact in case of
                                                application; only            emergency (at
                                                certain job-related          application or
                                                follow-up questions          interview stage)
                                                would be appropriate        Bankruptcy and
                                                in the interview             credit affairs

Primary Source: Society of Human Resources Management (

                                                  Prepared by the Office of Human Resources, NIH

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