During the past few months 49 family updates, (births, deaths, marriages, etc.) have been
made using Ancestry.Com Family Tree Maker software. Most of the updates came from
E-mails sent to Kerri over the past year and from family representatives.

As of June 1st 2011, we have 1,102 members of the Luby Association, 357 marriages, 9
generations of William and Mary Luby descendants in America, and 318 surnames. The
oldest birth recorded is about 1798 with William C. Luby and the newest birth record is
John Otto Lemke, April 2010.

An analysis of deceased members average life span (age) shows some interesting
statistics when compared with US averages.

                             Average Life Span by Age
                 Avg. Men    Avg. Luby Men Avg. Woman Avg. Luby Woman

Born 1750’s           33                            30
Born 1800’s           51             61             46             78
Born 1900’s           48             60             51             62
Born 1950’s           65                            71
Born 2000             76                            80
Current               80                            84

Born in the 1800’s 2.5% of people lived to be 65 or older. 81% of Luby woman
                   lived to be 65 or older and 44% of Luby men.

Born in the 1900’s 12.5% of people lived to be 65 or older. 50% of Luby woman
                   lived to be 65 or older and 42% of Luby men.

During the past year, Kerri and I determined a safe and secure way to up load the Luby
Family Tree from my individual PC, Family Tree Maker software, to
where we have it available as a private view by guest invitation only. In this way, it
becomes available only after I send the individual family member a guest invitation to
join The guest receives a free membership after registering their ID and
password with and has access to all 1102 records on the Luby Family Tree.
Guests also have the ability to search a family name, view birth, death, and marriage
information. Guests can print reports by individual family or by the complete branch. The
individual guest has view only access and updates will continue to be made by myself.
To date we have 5 family members approved as guests testing out the system.

              Kerri DiSalvatore
              Irene Luby
              David Crotty
              Anne Gumbs
              James W luby 2nd
After we have it tested and understand how to use it effectively, we can provide access
for additional family members along with some guidelines and documentation.

As Genealogist my focus is to assist Kerri in making updates to the family data base,
research missing family data, and continue to research our family roots. My primary
focus however has been in researching past records of William and Mary Luby tracing
their journey so to speak.

I do not have a great deal to report this year except a little information on where William
and Mary lived along with the origin of the name Luby.


The Luby surname (O’Luby, Luby, Lube, and Looby) was originally recorded in the
gaelic as O’Lubaigh. It has the unusual meaning of “The male descendant of the cunning
one” referred to the original chief of the clan. The O’Lubaigh clan are believed to
originate from county Tipperary in the baronies of Iffa and Offa. There is a place called
Ballylooby or the place of the Looby’s where the name originated in ancient times. In
1665, there were 20 families called Looby or Luby recorded in the Hearth tax registers
for Tipperary. There are some noted Looby’s of County Kildare that joined the Army of
King James 2nd in and around 1690 and were outlawed when the King was defeated at the
battle of the Boyne.

Ballylooby in Irish is Beal Atha Lubaigh meaning mouth or pass of Looby’s Ford a
village near Waterford in Tipperary.

Jerry Luby

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