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									       International Excess,
your E&O/Professional Liability source

   When you have a need for professional liability, contact
   International Excess first. Start with us and you won’t have to go
   anywhere else.

   Over 400 classes of business can handled.

   Send us your toughest E&O accounts and watch what we can do.

   Minimum premiums starting as low at $750

   On many classes of business we can endorse on or write a sepa-
   rate policy for the general liability.

   $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 limits available on many classifica-

   Excess professional liability available for most classes

   Deductibles starting at $0
Errors and Omissions
Accident Prevention Consultant       Benefits Consultant             Cost Containment Service
Accident Reconstruction Consultant   Bill Payment Service           County/Clerk Courts
Accountants                          Billing Service                Courier Service
Accreditation Organization           Bookkeeping Service            Court Reporters
Acoustic Consultant                  Broadcaster                    Credential Verification Service
Acoustical Engineers                 Business Appraiser             Credit Bureau
Actuary                              Business Broker                Credit Counselors
Administrative/Office Support         Business Consultants           Cremation Service
Administrators                       Business Managers              Custom Software Developer
Adoption Service                     Business Services              Customs House Brokers
Advertising Agency                   Cabling Designers              Damage Appraiser
Aerial Mappers                       Call Center                    Dance Instructor
Aeronautical Engineering             Career Consultant              Data Entry/Processing Services
Agricultural Consultant              Cartography Service            Database Managers
Agricultural Engineer                Caterer                        Dating Services
Air Balancers                        Cemeteries                     Development Organizations
Air Quality Consultant               Certified Planners              Direct Mail Services
Alarm Monitoring Services            Chemical Engineers             Direct Marketer
Analytical Testing Lab               Civil Engineers                Directory Publishers
Applications Service Provider        Claims Adjusters               Disaster Recovery Services
Appraisers of Real Property          Claims Investigator            Dispatch Service
Arbitrator                           Cleaning Service               Document Destruction Services
Arborist                             Closing Agents                 Document Management Service
Archeologists                        Coaching Service               Drafting Services
Architects                           Coding Service                 Drug Tester
Archiver                             Coin/gem/art dealers           E-Commerce Consultant
Assessor                             Collection Agents              Editors
Asset Managers                       Comm. & Industrial Designers   EDP Consulting
Association Service Providers        Communications Consultants     Education Counselor
Associations                         Compliance Consultants         Educator
Attorney                             Computer Consultants           Electrical Engineers
Auctioneers                          Computer Services              Elevator Consultants
Audio Consultants                    Concierge Service              Emergency Training Consultants
Audio-Visual Consultants             Conference Planners            Employed Lawyers
Author                               Conservator                    Employee Benefit Plan Consultants
Auto Loan Broker                     Construction Consultants       Employee Leasing
Back Office Services                  Construction Management        Employee Screener
Background Searchers                 Construction Manager           Employment Counselor
Backup Services                      Content Providers              Energy Consultants
Bailiffs                             Contest Manager                Engineers
Bank Trust Department                Contractors Professional       Entertainment Agents
Bankers                              Convention Planners            Environmental Consultant
Bankruptcy Specialist                Copy Service                   Environmental Testing Labs
Bankruptcy Trustee                   Coroner                        Equipment Reseller
Benefit Plan Administrator            Corporate Trainer              Ergonomic Consultant
Escrow Agent                         Hydrologists                        Marketing Consultants
Event Planners                       Imaging Services                    Marketing Research Consultants
Excess & Surplus Lines Broker        Industrial Designers                Martial Arts Instructor
Exchange Accommodator                Industrial Planning                 Mechanical Engineers
Executive Coaches                    Instrumentation Control Engineers   Media Buying Firms
Executive Recruiters                 Insurance Adjustors                 Media Consultant
Executor                             Insurance Agents                    Media Planner
Exhibit Designer                     Insurance Auditor                   Mediators
Expediting Service                   Insurance Company                   Medical Billing Services
Expert Witness                       Insurance Consultant                Medical Transcriptionist Service
Facilitator                          Insurance Fraud Investigator        Meeting Planners
Facilities Management Consultants    Insurance Inspection Service        Messenger Service
Facilities Planning Consultants      Insurance Receiver                  Meteorologists
Fact Finder/Investigator             Insurance Recovery Expert           Mining Engineers
Farm Manager                         Insurance Support Services          Modelers/Renderers
Film Producer                        Interior Designers                  Mortgage Bankers
Financial Consultant                 Internet Content Provider           Mortgage Brokers
Financial Management Consultants     Internet Service Provider           Mortgage Field Representatives
Fine Arts Appraisers                 Internet Strategy Consultant        Mortuary Service
Fingerprint Identification Services   Interpreter                         Museum Consultant
Fire Investigators                   Investigator                        Music Producer
Fitness Instructor                   Investor Relations Consultant       Music Publisher
Flood Hazard Searchers               IT Professionals                    Network Administrator
Food Handling Consultants            Jewelry Appraisers                  Non-destructive Testing Labs
Food Inspectors                      Judge                               Notary Public
Foreclosure Agent                    Judicial Research Services          Organizational Structure Consultants
Forensic Engineers                   Kosher Food Inspectors              OSHA Consultants
Forensic Investigator                Labor Relations Consultant          Outplacement Counselors
Forestry Consultant                  Land Surveyors                      Paging Service Provider
Franchiser                           Landscape Architects                Paralegals
Freight Forwarder                    Law Clerk                           Payroll Service
Fulfillment Services                  Lawn Care Expert                    Pension Plan Administrators
Fund Raising Consultant              Lawyers                             Pension/ERISA Consultant
Funeral Directors/Morticians         Lead Generation Service             Personal Property Service
Funeral Homes                        Leasing Agent                       Personal Trainers
Genealogical Investigator            Librarians                          Personnel Evaluations
Geologists                           Licensing Services                  Pet Groomer/Sitter/Walker
Geotechnical Engineers               Life Insurance Agents               Petrochemical Engineers
Golf Course Designer                 Lighting Designers                  Photogrammetrists
Governmental Consultants             Literary Agent                      Photographers
Grant Writing Service                Litigation Support                  Polygraph Service
Graphic Designers                    Loan Review Consultant              Premium Financer
Graphics Consultants                 Lobbyist                            Print Broker
Guardian                             Local Area Network Administrator    Printers
Guidance Counselor                   Logistics Provider                  Privacy Consultant
Handwriting/Document Analyst         Loss Control Consultant             Private Investigator
Hardware Maint. Installation         Machine Design                      Process Engineering
Health Care Consultant               Mailing Services                    Process Service
Health Insurance Agents              Management Consultants              Producer
Helpdesk                             Managing General Agent              Product Development Consultant
Home Inspectors                      Mapping/Photogrammetry Services     Professional Employment Organization
Horticultural Consultants            Marine Adjuster                     Professional Organizer
Hospitality Consultants              Marine Documentation Agent          Programmers
Hotel Management                     Marine Engineering                  Project Manager
Human Resource Consultant            Marine Surveyor                     Property Managers
HVAC Engineers                       Market Researcher                   Property Preservation Consultant
Public Policy Consultant            Structural Engineers
Public Records Searchers            Structured Settlement Broker
Public Relations Consultant         Subrogation Consultant
Publisher                           Syndicators
Quality Assurance Consultants       Systems Analysts
Radon Testers                       Systems Application Developer
Real Estate Agent                   Systems Integrator
Real Estate Consultant              Systems Maintenance
Recruiter                           Talent Agent
Referral Services                   Tax Adviser
Registered Agent                    Tax Consulting
Regulatory Compliance Consultants   Tax Preparations
Relocation Consultant               Technical Consultant
Repossession Service                Technical Help Centers
Research Consultant                 Technical Writer
Research Service Provider           Technology Consultants
Reserve Study Consultant            Technology Staff Augmenter
Residential Real Estate Appraiser   Technology Trainers
Restaurant Management               Technology Writer
Resume Service                      Telemarketing Service
Retirement/Financial Planner        Telephone Answering Service
Risk Manager                        Temporary Help Placement Agent
Roofing Consultants                  Test Administrator
Safety Consultants                  Testing Lab
Safety Inspectors                   Third Party Claims Administrator
Sales Consultant                    Ticket Broker
Screening Service                   Title Abstractors
Secretarial Service                 Title Agents
Security Consultant                 Tour Operators
Security System Consultant          Traffic Engineers
Seedsmen's                          Training Consultant
Seminar Conductor                   Translators
Septic Tank Inspector               Transportation Engineers
Skip Tracer                         Travel Agents
Social Security Representation      Trustees
Social Services                     Tutor
Software Design/Sales               Typing Service
Software Developer                  Urban Planner
Soil Engineers                      Utililization Review Consultant
Space Planners                      Utility Notification Services
Specialty Design Consultants        Viatical/Life Settlement Brokers
Speech Therapists                   Vocational Consultants
Sports Agents                       Water Testing & Analysis Services
Sports Instructor                   Web Designers
Sprinkler designers                 Web Developers
Staff Augmenter                     Wedding Consultant
Staffing Services                    Wholesale Brokers
Standards Developers/Managers       Xerographers
Statistical Consultant              Yellow Page Publishers
Stenographer/Closed Captioner       Zoological Exhibit Designers

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