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Programs of Study
Biology                            Economics                     Philosophy
Chemistry                          Education                     Political Science
Communication                           Elementary               Pre-pharmacy
  Concentrations:                       Secondary                Psychology
     Journalism                    English                       Social Work
     Media Theory and Production   Forensic Biology              Sociology
     Professional Communication    Forensic Chemistry            Sustainability
     Public Relations              History                         Concentrations:
Computer Science                   Information Technology             Communication
Creative Writing                   International Studies              International Development
Criminal Justice                      Concentrations:                 Management and Marketing
  Concentrations:                       Developing Societies          Public Administration
     Crime and Society                  Economics and Commerce   Five-year Bachelor/MBA
     Criminal Investigation             European Area            3+3 Law Program
     Terrorism and Homeland        Law and Society
       Security                    Mathematical Sciences

Accounting                         Biomedical Engineering
Business Information Systems       Electrical Engineering        SCHOOL OF PHARMACY
Finance                              Concentrations:
General Business                        Computer
  Concentrations:                       Electrical
     Entrepreneurship                   Green
     International Business        Industrial Engineering
     Sustainability Management     Mechanical Engineering
Management                           Concentrations:
Marketing                               Green
Marketing Communication/                Manufacturing
   Advertising                          Mechanical
Sport Management                   Five-year Bachelor/MSEM
Five-year Bachelor/MBA             Five-year BSEE/MSEE
Five-year Bachelor/MSA             Five-year BSME/MSME
3+3 Law Program                    Six-year Biomedical
                                   Five-year Bachelor/MBA
You arrive at college with great expectations: for success
in classes, for professional opportunities, for building friend-
ships that will last for life. But you can expect surprises too:
the professor who becomes a mentor, the class that focuses
your career goals, the volunteer opportunity that unveils
your leadership potential, the study abroad trip that
changes your life. At Western New England College,
you expect to go far. But you will be surprised at just
how far you can go.
               t   OVERVIEW
                   • Schools and Programs

                                            A good collegiate community
                                            should both support you and
                                            challenge you.

                                            A brilliant professor inspires
                                            and encourages.

                                            A beautiful campus can relax
                                            and revitalize.

                                            Here, beauty and brains go
     At first glance, you’ll see
                                            hand in hand.
     it: the physical beauty
                                            You have high expectations. You want to follow
     of a private New England               your head and your heart. In college, you want
                                            content and context, to learn both in the classroom
2    college in a picture-perfect           and in the real world. To excel in either, you must
                                            have both.
     setting. But look beneath
                                            At Western New England College, you can
     the surface of things, and             have them all:

                                            • Nationally respected faculty scholars who
     you’ll discover more.                   put classroom teaching first
                                            • Academically challenging programs and
                                             access to labs and research facilities
                                            • Short-term or semester long study abroad
                                             opportunities to expand your “world view”
                                            • Collaborative experiences with peers,
                                             faculty, business professionals, and
                                             community members for internships,
                                             research, and volunteerism
                                            • The academic breadth and depth of a large
                                             university with the unparalleled personal
                                             attention of a close-knit, private college

    Apply online at
    School of Arts and Sciences
    School of Arts and Sciences

    From forensic biology, which pairs the art of             • Established in 2009, our Pre-pharmacy program
    detection with the science of laboratory-based              is attracting students nationwide.
    investigation, to social work, where the art of
                                                              • Integration of liberal and professional learning
    listening meets the science of sociology, all
                                                                prepares students to think, write, analyze, and
    professions require a comprehensive set of skills.
                                                                adapt—qualities prized in the workforce.
    And all professionals must be well-rounded indi-          • Combined degrees such as the 3+3 Law
    viduals adept at critical thinking. At Western New          Program and Five-year Bachelor/MBA can
    England College, expect to hone all these skills            jump-start your career.
    through a rigorous, wide-ranging curriculum that          • Every student has an opportunity to do field
    emphasizes personal attention and professional              studies, student teaching practicums, or
    experience.                                                 internships related to their majors.


                               Senior Kimberly Giulino, an Elementary Education major, reviews a lesson plan with her
                               students at Stony Hill Elementary School as part of her student teaching experience.

    Biology                               Economics                                Mathematical Sciences
    Chemistry                             Education                                Philosophy
    Communication                            Elementary                            Political Science
      Concentrations:                        Secondary                             Pre-pharmacy
         Journalism                       English                                  Psychology
         Media Theory and Production      Forensic Biology                         Social Work
         Professional Communication       Forensic Chemistry                       Sociology
         Public Relations                 History                                  Sustainability
    Computer Science                      Information Technology                     Concentrations:
    Creative Writing                      International Studies                         Communication
    Criminal Justice                         Concentrations:                            International Development
      Concentrations:                          Developing Societies                     Management and Marketing
         Crime and Society                     Economics and Commerce                   Public Administration
         Criminal Investigation                European Area                       Five-year Bachelor/MBA
         Terrorism and Homeland           Law and Society
           Security                                                                3+3 Law Program
School of Business
 School of Business

  The best business education prepares you for                • Internships are available with 1,500
  more than a profession; it teaches you to be                  sponsors from around the country.
  a problem-solver and ethical leader in all aspects
                                                              • Accelerated Five-year Bachelor/MBA and
  of your life. At Western New England College,
                                                                Bachelor/MSA programs help students
  expect challenging classes taught by professors
                                                                fast-track their careers.
  who have worked in the business world and
  understand how it works.                                    • Students get exposure to valuable business
                                                                tools, including the use of SAP enterprise
  Professors emphasize intellectual enrichment                  resource planning (ERP) software used by
  and help provide the global perspective essential             major corporations worldwide. Graduates
  today. They’ll help you acquire the personal—                 with hands-on SAP experience can earn
  and professional—breadth and depth the business               an additional $6,000–$8,000 or more in entry-
  world demands.                                                level salaries.


                               Junior Accounting major Patrick Meffen used the services of the CareerCenter to
                               land an internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the world’s largest professional
                               services firms. Patrick will continue his studies into a fifth year in the Five-year Bachelor/
                               Master of Science in Accounting program.

AACSB International                    Accounting                                    Management
                                       Business Information Systems                  Marketing
Accreditation—less than                Finance                                       Marketing Communication/
10 percent of business                 General Business                               Advertising
schools worldwide have                    Concentrations:                            Sport Management
                                             Entrepreneurship                        Five-year Bachelor/MBA
earned this accreditation                    International Business                  Five-year Bachelor/MSA
valued by top graduate                       Sustainability Management               3+3 Law Program
schools and major
    School of Engineering
    School of Engineering

    Theory and practice go hand in hand. At Western            • Senior Design Projects range from noise suppres-
    New England College you’ll get both—from the                sion for the Boeing 737-200, to Lab-on-a-Chip
    very first day. And that’s true of the hard sciences        diagnostic technology for Third World hospitals,
    of engineering as well as the collaborative, inter-         to a biodiesel fuel generation system.
    personal skills required to be a team leader.
                                                               • Students present award-winning projects at
                                                                national competitions such as recent graduate
    • Laboratory-based courses from day one are
                                                                Melissa Labrie whose project won $5,000 at
     taught by renowned faculty members—not
                                                                the NISH National Scholar Workplace Innovation
     teaching assistants.
                                                                & Design competition.
    • Unique—The College offers the only combined
                                                               • The placement rate for graduates into engineering
     accelerated Biomedical Engineering/Law
                                                                jobs and graduate schools is very high.
     program in the country.


                                         Mechanical Engineering major Austin Pickering sets up a lift and drag experiment
                                         on a golf ball in the new wind tunnel.

                                         Biomedical Engineering                    Five-year Bachelor/MSEM
                                         Electrical Engineering                    Five-year BSEE/MSEE
                                           Concentrations:                         Five-year BSME/MSME
                                              Computer                             Six-year Biomedical
                                              Electrical                                Engineering/Law
                                              Green                                Five-year Bachelor/MBA
                                         Industrial Engineering
                                         Mechanical Engineering
School of Business
 School of Pharmacy

   Pharmacists play a critical role in helping people      tive aspects of pharmacy and develop the skills
   to live healthy lives. Pharmacy, as a profession,       needed to become a healthcare leader.
   is one of the healthiest career fields in the 21st      The Pharmacy program is built on the same core
   century economy. Western New England College            values that have become hallmarks of a Western
   offers a direct route for qualified students to study   New England College experience: student-centered
   Pre-pharmacy and Pharmacy all on one campus.            learning in an atmosphere of personal concern.
   After successfully completing two years in              Small classes, individual attention, and opportunities
   Pre-pharmacy education at our School of Arts            to apply what you learn in practical settings make
   and Sciences, students may take the Pharmacy            our program ideally suited for educating pharma-
   College Admittance Test (PCAT) and apply to our         cists who will be equally committed to their patients.
   School of Pharmacy. The planned four-year program,      Learn more about the School of Pharmacy at
   (pending appropriate approvals), will lead to the
   Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree. Students
   will be taught the technical, social, and administra-   Visit to view
                                                           the requirements for the Pre-pharmacy program.


The new academic building will open in January 2011.

   Building Momentum:
   A New Home for Pharmacy
   and the Sciences
   The Pre-pharmacy and Pharmacy programs, along
   with Psychology and all of our science majors, will
   be housed in a new academic building planned
   to open in January 2011.
   The $40 million academic center features eco-
   friendly construction techniques and materials
   such as solar panels to heat hot water in the labs
   and green flooring. The building will include
   leading edge classrooms and laboratories along
   with a model pharmacy and the College’s Office
   of Health Services. Watch the progress on the
   building at

               • Research and Faculty
               • Internships and Experience

                                              Education takes place
                                              on campus and in the

                                              Problems are tackled in
                                              the classroom, and brilliant
                                              theories are developed
                                              on the job.

                                              Your social skills are honed
                                              in your residence hall.
                                              Classroom textbooks and
     With Western New England                 technology take you around
     College’s rigorous academic              the globe.
                                              So open your mind to surprises, and set new
     preparation, graduates make              expectations. There’s no boundary between
                                              the classroom and the real world.
     easy transitions into the
                                              At Western New England College, you’ll be
     professional world. Expect               prepared for:
     to find opportunities and                • Today’s global, knowledge-based economy
     challenges every day, inside             • An average of 10 career changes in a lifetime
                                              • Success at a future job in an industry that
     the classroom and out.                    does not yet exist

                                              Because here you’ll find:

                                              • Collaborative work between disciplines
                                               and different Schools
                                              • Programs that provide access to
                                               professional programs and research
                                               opportunities usually found only
                                               at large universities
                                              • Academic programs—from Engineering
                                               to Business and Criminal Justice
                                               to Elementary Education—that offer
                                               experiential learning opportunities
                                              • Interactions with faculty and staff that
                                               go far beyond mentoring to a collaborative
                                               partnership in the classroom and beyond

    Apply online at
World Class
     “I want to be an engineer to help
     people. I love solving problems,
     but at the same time, I want
     to be solving problems specifically
     to help people. I come from
10   the Ivory Coast originally. People
     don’t have much money there
     so I wanted to do something
     as a career that would enable me
     to give back to the community.”
     Laetitia Sange

     Laetitia Sange                                  What surprised her
     Major Biomedical Engineering                    Laetitia was surprised to learn how much
     Hometown Hyattsville, MD                        emphasis prospective employers place
     Activities Biomedical Engineering Society,      on experience with teamwork. Laetitia had
     Society of Women Engineers, National Society    many opportunities to work collaboratively
     of Black Engineers, United and Mutually Equal   in the Biomedical Engineering major, including
     (secretary), and Newman's (Christian) Club      projects with students from other majors.
                                                     She says such collaboration, “opened my
     How she raised her expectations                 mind to understand that my ideas and the
     “At first, I was attracted to Western New       way I think are not the only things I should
     England College by the pretty campus.           take into consideration. I feel very prepared
     It’s a small campus, and, in my particular      for my career because I have done a lot
     field, I get to work one-to-one with my         of teamwork.”
     professors. I really wanted a school where
     I wouldn’t get lost in the crowd and that
     is what I found here.”
               t   RESEARCH AND FACULTY

Western New England College faculty members are nationally known
authors and researchers who hold degrees from prestigious institutions
including Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. But above all, they value teaching.
They won’t just know your name—they’ll know who you are.

                                                      “Conducting research and

                                                      participating in professional

                                                      conferences certainly have their

                                                      place, but they are secondary to                11

                                                      what I do in class. The most good

                                                      I can do is in the classroom.”

                                                      Dr. John Baick

 Dr. John Baick Associate Professor of History;     Courses he teaches U.S. History since 1945,
 Director of Admissions, the Honors Program         History of New York, American Cultural History,
                                                    Cities and Societies, History of Modern East
 Education B.A., Columbia University;               Asia. Dr. Baick was the recipient of the 2006
 Ph.D., New York University                         Teaching Excellence Award.

 Setting high expectations “Knowledge               Finding pleasant surprises “Students feel
 doesn’t exist in discrete disciplines—in college   comfortable bringing the rough draft of a paper
 or in life. At Western New England College, we     to me to get feedback and ideas, something that
 believe that beyond specific preprofessional       would be inconceivable at a large university
 skills, you also need skills for understanding     simply because there are just too many people.
 the country and the world in which we live.”       Here, students feel a sense of ownership.”
                                                                                     Study Abroad
                                                                                     Through the College's Center
                                                                                     for International Sport
                                                                                     Business, students have
                                                                                     taken seminar abroad courses
                                                                                     and traveled to the 2008
                                                                                     Beijing Olympics in China
                                                                                     and the 2010 FIFA World Cup
                                                                                     in South Africa. Future plans
                                                                                     include trips to the 2012
                                                                                     Olympic Games in London
                                                                                     and the 2014 FIFA World Cup
                                                                                     in Brazil. Come join us!

     “In this competitive global

     environment, students can no

     longer afford to be complacent

     about international and inter-

     cultural competency. Indeed,
     it is a fundamental skill set

     that students would be wise

     to embrace, and with gusto!”

     Assistant Professor
     Curt Hamakawa

     Curt Hamakawa Assistant Professor of Sport         prior to traveling to South Africa in June. During
     Management and Director of the Center              the World Cup, they attended four soccer matches
     for International Sport Business. Cowinner         and took field trips to the FIFA International
     of the 2009 Teaching Excellence Award.             Broadcast Center, Tshwane University of
     Education B.A., University of Hawaii,              Technology, and went on a safari, among other
     M.Ed., Springfield College,                        excursions. The students gained a historical
     J.D., Western New England College                  perspective of South Africa when they visited
                                                        the Apartheid Museum and Nelson Mandela’s
     Courses he teaches Introduction to Business
                                                        boyhood home in Soweto Township, where
     Law, Business Law for Sport Management,
                                                        they distributed soccer gear and Golden Bear
     Managing Sport Organizations, and International
                                                        clothing to children.
     Sport Management
                                                        Finding pleasant surprises “Virtually every
     Setting high expectations Professor                participant in ‘Seminar Abroad 2010: FIFA World
     Hamakawa, who is the former Associate General
                                                        Cup/South Africa’ said that their experiences far
     Counsel and Director of International Relations
                                                        exceeded expectations. And if attending the first
     for the United Sates Olympic Committee, used
                                                        World Cup on the African continent was not
     his 17 years of experience with the USOC to
                                                        impressive enough, the students were surprised—
     provide students with an insider's view into
                                                        and ecstatic—to get ‘to die for’ tickets to all the
     the FIFA World Cup. Eleven students participated
                                                        matches so close to the soccer pitch!”
     in an online course and six in-class meetings
 Dr. Bart Lipkens Associate Professor and Chair of the
 Department of Mechanical Engineering

 Education B.S., M.S., Catholic University of Louvain,
 Belgium; M.S., Pennsylvania State University;
 Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin

 Courses he teaches Introduction to Engineering, Thermo-
 dynamics, Mechanical Vibrations, Gas Dynamics, Music
 and Acoustics
 Research area An expert in acoustics and fluid dynamics,
 Dr. Lipkens is heading fascinating research applying the
 science and engineering of acoustics in nontraditional
 ways. He says, “Applications of acoustics are found
 in a multitude of arenas from biomedical ultrasound,
 to submarine communication, to reducing the noise
 from jet engines and wind turbines.”

 Setting high expectations “We emphasize the
 professional aspects of engineering. We’re grounded
 in the principles of engineering, but in parallel we ask
 students to convert that theoretical knowledge into
 practical aspects. And we focus heavily on presentation
 and communication skills. By the time they graduate,
 students are ready to go to a company and assume
 positions of responsibility and leadership very quickly.”

 Finding pleasant surprises “When I came here
 I was impressed with the quality of the graduates.
 In most places, the emphasis is on graduate education,
 but here the emphasis is on undergraduates and it shows.”

“Our students are always designing, building,
and testing engineering systems. We go beyond
the textbooks and ask the students to put theory
into practice, which is what they’ll do in the real
world.” Dr. Bart Lipkens
        In her junior year, Communication major Brittany
        Decker won an award in Feature Reporting from the
        Associated Press. She was recognized for her video
        production chronicling the philanthropic efforts of
        the Harold Grinspoon Foundation to support schools
        and a clinic in Cambodia. The project was part of
        an independent study for the College’s Institute for
        Media and Non-Profit Communication, and Brittany’s
        trip was sponsored by the foundation. In June 2010,
        Brittany was crowned Miss Connecticut.

     There’s no better teacher than                            • Engineering students produce Senior Design
     experience.                                                Projects that have been sponsored by such
                                                                internationally recognized companies as
     That’s why every curriculum here involves the              Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, LEGO Systems,
     application of classroom theories.                         and Engineering World Health.
                                                               • All students may take part in internships, field
     • The Learning Beyond the Classroom program                studies, or student teaching practicums from
      takes students into the community: Criminal               a national roster of participating organizations.
      Justice students work with local law enforce-             Recent students have worked with:
      ment; business and engineering students
      have worked on water treatment projects
                                                                   • Baystate Health
      in Central America.
                                                                   • Boston Celtics
                                                                   • CBS-TV-3 WSHM
     • The Institute for Media and Non-Profit                      • Madison Square Garden
      Communication lets students create real                      • Massachusetts State Police
      campaigns for actual clients by writing                      • MassMutual Financial Group
      and shooting films for local organizations.                  • United Technologies
                                                                   • Walt Disney World

The CareerCenter helps students build résumés—and then write them.
It's a resource for determining career paths, and finding internships and
jobs. Counselors provide assistance in navigating the graduate school
application process. They also help students practice interviewing, even
offering learning tips on how to negotiate salary and benefits once you
receive the right job offer.

                                                     “The Finance program here
                                                      allowed me to better
                                                      understand the measurements
                                                      and calculations that were
                                                      behind some of the actual data
                                                      points I calculated. My Statistics
                                                      Through the Use of Excel,                          15
                                                      Corporate Finance, and SAP
                                                      classes are probably the top
                                                      three courses that best prepared
                                                      me for my internship and
                                                      a future career.”
                                                       Kayla Brasile

 Kayla Brasile                                      are truly geared towards concepts and the theory
 Major Finance                                      that is behind those concepts, which I feel is the
 Hometown Killingworth, CT                          easiest way to learn a science, or in this case,
 Activities Member of Accounting and Financial      finance.”
 Management Associations. Participated in the
 Fed Tax Challenge, xTax Challenge, and the         What surprised her “One opportunity
 Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge.         that surprised me was being able to sit in
                                                    on one of the CED Operation meetings that
 How she raised her expectations                    occurred once a week with different LEGO
 Kayla Brasile played with LEGOs as a child         department heads. The main purpose
 and still is a fan today. That’s why she was       of the meetings was to identify problematic
 thrilled to land an internship with LEGO           situations and come up with solutions
 Systems, Inc. in nearby Enfield, CT, through       as a group. It was very informative and
 the College’s CareerCenter. She gives high         exciting to sit in on such important meetings
 marks to the caliber of the professors in the      and observe how the managers problem-
 Finance program for how well they prepared         solved.”
 her for her internship. Says Kayla, “The classes
                t   RESIDENCE LIFE
                    •   Student Organizations
                    •   First Year Program
                    •   Athletics

                                                You work and play here.
                                                Organize and improvise.
                                                Practice and perfect.

                                                You determine when to lead
                                                and when to follow. When
                                                to push or pull.

                                                In college, you both reach for
                                                the sky and develop deep roots.
                                                You need support and challenges, because
                                                college is more than learning how to make
      A strong campus community                 a living, it’s about making a life.

      is more than a safety net.                At Western New England College, expect
                                                the wonderful surprises of a full, rich life:
18    It provides the support
                                                • Opportunities to get involved in more than
      you need in order to take                  60 student clubs and organizations such as our
                                                 Outing Club where you may challenge yourself
      on the challenges you crave.               to kayak down a local river
                                                • Intramural and competitive collegiate athletics
                                                • Comprehensive First Year Program—featuring
                                                 a seminar, free tutoring services, and a personally
                                                 assigned peer mentor—that provides an immediate
                                                 connection the minute you step on campus
                                                • A supportive, close-knit community in which about
                                                 90 percent of freshmen live on campus

     Apply online at

     Residence Life                                         Student organizations include:
     Your living options change as your needs evolve        • Academic and Professional Clubs (from
     in preparation to graduate into the working world.      the Accounting Association to the Society
     First year students live in one of five residence       of Women Engineers)
     halls, coed by floor, with double rooms, lounges,
                                                            • Student Government and Campus programming
     kitchenettes, laundry facilities, data-ports, broad-
     band service, and cable TV. In the summer before       • Honor Societies
     you arrive, you can find a compatible roommate         • Arts and Culture (from our theater group,
     through our online preference questionnaire.            the Stageless Players, to the Concert Band)

     As an upperclassman, your living options will          • Special Interest Groups (from the Dance Club
     range from suites to the Gateway Apartment              to Off-Road Bicycling)
     Complex to Evergreen Village Townhouses and            • Media and Publications (including a literary
     our new eco-friendly Southwood apartments.              magazine, student newspaper, and radio station)
                                                            • Campus Ministry
                                  Allie Lombardi
                                  Hometown Tyngsboro, MA
                                  Major Communication/Public Relations Concentration
                                  Activities Class of 2013 Secretary, Student Senate Arts and
                                  Sciences Representative, Student Senate Legislative Board
                                  Member, Residence Hall Association Franklin Vice President,
                                  Cross Country

                                  What surprised her ”I never thought I would find
                                  my big sister, my inspiration, and my role model, here
                                  on campus!”
                                  How she raised her expectations “There are
                                  many types of support that I had in making the transition
                                  to Western New England College. However, one main
                                  source of support was my Peer Advisor (PA). My PA,
                                  Sammy, is someone I can always lean on, just a 2 a.m.
                                  text away, and someone who I look up to and trust.
                                  It really made my college experience worthwhile. I felt
                                  there was always someone to support me along my
                                  journey through my first year.”

First Year Program
“Peer Advising has given me the opportunity to become a better listener,
a more effective communicator, and a stronger leader. I have taken on more
leadership roles and responsibilities campus-wide because Peer Advising has
given me fundamental skills, such as time management, and the confidence
to conquer a challenge.” Peer Advisor Samantha Moniz
     Justin Walz
     Major Sport Management, Minor: Mathematics
     Hometown Groton, CT
     Activities Captain of the varsity football team (junior/
     senior years) and starting quarterback, Tri-captain
     of the baseball team and starting shortstop. Volunteer
     for Barclay’s Tournament of the PGA Tour, Town of
     Groton Basketball Association, Habitat for Humanity,
     Springfield Boys and Girls Club, the Scantic Valley
     YMCA, and the Springfield Park Restoration Project.
     How he raised his expectations Justin is the
     epitome of the Western New England College “scholar-
     athlete,” earning a 3.75 GPA in his major and a perfect
     4.0 in his mathematics courses. He has been on the
     Dean’s List since 2006, is a member of Alpha Lambda
     Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma, and Chi Alpha Sigma
     National College Athlete honor societies. He is the
     College’s 2010 Male Scholar-athlete.

     What surprised him “It is an absolute honor to
     be recognized by my teammates and coaches as being
     qualified to captain both teams, but it still comes as
     a pretty big shock looking back on it now. The leader-
     ship experiences changed me for the better because
     captains serve as a link between the coaching staff
     and the players. You experience multiple high
     pressure situations out there, so the lessons I learned
     in the business classroom helped prepare me
     to be a successful leader and accomplish our goal
     of winning the game.”

19 NCAA Division III Varsity Sports
Sports provide competitive opportunities for athletes
as well as a spirited campus culture for all students.

Men’s sports:                         Women’s sports:
• Baseball                            • Basketball
• Basketball                          • Cross Country
• Cross Country                       • Field Hockey     23
• Football                            • Lacrosse
• Golf                                • Soccer
• Ice Hockey                          • Softball
• Lacrosse                            • Swimming
• Soccer                              • Tennis
• Tennis                              • Volleyball
• Wrestling
Non-NCAA sports include martial arts and bowling
Learn more at
                t   QUICK FACTS
                    •   Financial Aid
                    •   Programs of Study

                                            Life is both purposeful and
                                            unpredictable. Well-made
                                            decisions open options, broaden
                                            horizons. Here, you have
                                            the options to make the most
                                            of every opportunity.
                                            At Western New England College, your choices
                                            of majors, activities, or career paths aren’t always
                                            defined as either–or. Nor should they be, not when
                                            life is going to bring surprising new expectations
                                            every step of the way.

      The options you
      have determine the                    Quick Facts
                                            • A private, independent, coeducational institution
26    direction you’ll take.                 founded in 1919

      The opportunities                     • Located on a beautiful, 215-acre campus in a resi-
                                             dential neighborhood of Springfield, Massachusetts
      you take shape                        • Close to the exciting college towns of Amherst
                                             and Northampton and easy weekend destinations
      the life you lead.                     of New York City, Boston, the Berkshires, Cape Cod,
                                             Vermont, and New Hampshire
                                            • 2,500 undergraduate students, 90 percent of whom
                                             receive some form of financial aid
                                            • More than 40 undergraduate programs of study
                                             provide the opportunities of a university in
                                             a close-knit environment
                                            • Accelerated five- and six-year degree programs
                                             including bachelor’s/master’s and bachelor’s/law.
                                            • Average class size is 19 students, with a typical
                                             freshman class of 25-35—no large lecture halls
                                            • 15:1 student-faculty ratio and no graduate
                                             teaching assistants

     Apply online at
      Invest in your life
      Western New England College offers an excellent private education at an affordable tuition.
      About 90 percent of students receive some form of financial aid. Assistance may include
      merit scholarships, need-based scholarships, grants, employment, and loans.

      The following are a few examples of the criteria generally used to award merit scholarships
      to freshmen accepted for 2010-2011.

      Recalculated GPA           SAT (2 sections*)               ACT          Amount       4 Year Amount
          4.00                          1200                      27
          3.75          and             1300          or          29          $15,250          $61,000
          3.50                          1360                      31
          3.60                          1060                      23
          3.25          and             1200          or          27          $13,000          $52,000
          3.00                          1250                      28
          3.25                          1000                      22
          3.00          and             1100          or          24          $11,000          $44,000
          2.75                          1200                      27

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                                                                                                                                     172 Miles

Open House Dates                                                                                                 BRATTLEBORO
                                                                                                                 61 Miles                        BOSTON
                                                                                                                                                 90 Miles
2010                                                                                                          92 Miles
Sunday, October 3                                                                                                                       SPRINGFIELD
Sunday, October 24
Saturday, November 13
Sunday, December 5
                                                                                                                            NEW YORK
                                                                                                                         154 Miles
Saturday, February 19
Saturday, March 26*
(Accepted Students Only)                                                                                  PHILADELPHIA
                                                                                                          254 Miles
Sunday, April 10
*Includes Merit Scholar Program
                                                                   WASHINGTON, D.C.
                                                                   400 Miles

                                                                                          Western New England College is committed to the principle
                                                                                          of equal opportunity in education and employment. The College
                                                                                          does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, creed,
                                                                                          national origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity,
                                                                                          gender expression, veteran status, or disability in admission
                                                                                          to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its programs
                                                                                          and activities. The following person has been designated
                                                                                          to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies:
                                                                                          Executive Director of Human Resources, Western New England
                                                                                          College, 1215 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA 01119-2684.
                                                                                          Inquiries concerning the application of nondiscrimination
                                                                                          policies may also be referred to the Regional Director, Office
                                                                                          for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, J.W. McCormack
                                  Western New England College is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment.
                                                                                          P.O.C.H., Room 222, Boston, MA 02109-4557.
                                  The College does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, national origin, age, religion, sexual
                                  orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, or disability in admission to, access to, treatment
                                  in, or employment in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries
                                  regarding the nondiscrimination policies: Executive Director of Human Resources, Western New England College,
                                  1215 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA 01119-2684. Inquiries concerning the application of nondiscrimination
                                  policies may also be referred to the Regional Director, Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education,
                                  J.W. McCormack P.O.C.H., Room 222, Boston, MA 02109-4557.

Office of Admissions
Western New England College                                            Non-Profit Org.
                                                                        U.S. Postage
1215 Wilbraham Road                                                         PAID
Springfield, MA 01119-2684                                             Permit No. 896
                                                                       Springfield, MA


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