Introduction to Raj Course Transcripts by heapsofluvv


									        Introduction to Raj Course in Miracles Study Group Transcripts
                                                   by Janis

These transcripts are Raj/Jesus, the author of A Course in Miracles, discussing and elaborating the
Text of A Course in Miracles for a group of friends. The weekly Course Study Groups began in
Kingston, Washington, USA, in June 2002 and are approximately 1½ hours each.

Raj is Paul Norman Tuttle’s Guide. Paul and Raj have been communicating since 1982. Raj did not
identify himself to Paul as Jesus until after they had been communicating for some months. Here is an
excerpt from the ACIM Conference in 1992--Paul is speaking [my emphasis].

      And it wasn't until about nine months later that somebody who we had shared what
      was going on with said, "Have you seen this before?" And she handed us a copy of the
      text of the Course. I said, "No." And she said, "Well, take a look at it." So, over the next
      few days I glanced at it, and read randomly, and did come across parts of it that said or
      indicated that Jesus was the author of it.

      And so, finally I said to Raj, "Who wrote this?"--meaning… really what I was meaning
      was, “Am I to believe that this really was authored by or dictated to Helen by Jesus?”
      And his answer was, "I was the author of it"--which to me did not mean that "no,
      Jesus didn't author it, Raj did”--it meant that indeed Jesus had authored it and
      was the one with whom I had been speaking.

      I had a momentary slight reaction of awe, I guess, and then I thought, "No." I said,
      "Well, I know you." It was like in spite of all my concepts about Jesus and who he was,
      and who he would be, and so on, I had had nine months of daily experience with Raj,
      Jesus, and he wasn't at all like what I had been told Jesus would be. And so, I didn't
      have to get hung up on who I thought or who I had been taught Jesus was, because I
      could continue talking to him who was very real to me.

      And the reason that I still call him Raj, is because if I do talk to him as Jesus, which I've
      tried at times, I immediately become very artificial.

I discovered Paul and Raj in March 2002. I had studied the Course from 1992-2001 as an enlightening
and awesome written document which Helen and Bill left to us regarding their experience with Jesus.
Well, thanks to Paul sharing his current relationship with Raj/Jesus, it’s not just something written
somewhere, or something that happened in history. It’s happening now and Paul and Raj have
invited us to be a part of it.

I wish to express my gratitude to Raj, Paul, Susan, Chris and Judy for the Raj Material.

The website for the Northwest Foundation for “A Course In Miracles” is:
See the website for the weekly Live Webcast (as audio and video). MP3 files (audio recordings) of the
weekly Course Study Groups are available on the website. I recommend exploring the website.

The Raj Course In Miracles Transcripts for 2002 through May 6, 2006 which I (Janis) have worked
on are on Dave’s website: There are 161 transcripts, plus an introduction, a
table of contents (with hyperlinks to all the transcripts), and update notes. If desired, the transcripts can
be downloaded quickly in a zipped file. In October 2007, I updated the table of contents and
introduction. I also made some small changes to some of the transcripts. If I should further update
them, it will be posted on Dave’s website.

I wish to express my gratitude to all who have provided original transcripts (including Sun Rose, Edwin,
Miguel) and to those who have helped with some of the editing (Alexander, Trish). The transcriber is
noted at the bottom of the transcript.

Introduction                                                                      Last revised October 4, 2007
I have made sure that all of the transcripts I have edited are complete and have been verified with the
MP3 recordings. The Course quotations are exact in terms of wording and capitalization so it is the
same as if you were reading the book directly.

I just want to add that Raj has corrected a number of misunderstandings I had about what the Course
was saying, and has greatly expanded my understanding of what’s really going on. From my
experience I know that Raj/Jesus loves us very much and that he is committed to helping us remember
Who We Really Are.

Other website links:

I wish to express my gratitude to Dave for his very helpful website. Dave has devoted his website to
Raj. For those interested in downloading Raj video, Dave has recorded many of the weekly meetings
and posted them. Usually he provides a video and an mp3 of the weekly meetings within 24 hours. Also
there is a lot of my work on his website, including the 1985 to 1997 Raj audio recordings as mp3s
(which I made from tapes), my Raj Excerpts a.k.a. Janis’ Digs, my transcripts of Raj ACIM and regular
gatherings, some of my fractals. There are also a lot of Ben’s beautiful fractals there.
Dave’s website is:

JCIM (Jesus’ Course In Miracles) is based on the HLC Text but the page numbers are different.
Their website is:

The Sparkly Book is based on the HLC Text but the page numbers are different.
Their website is:

Hyperlinks in the Table of Contents:

The Table of Contents has been provided so that you can easily access all the transcripts and also
know which pages/sections of the Course are covered during any particular study group meeting. For
the hyperlinks to work, make sure the table of contents, the introduction, and all transcripts are placed
in the same folder. Single-left-click on hyperlinks (teal underlined INTRODUCTION or Dates) to open
the document. (If you have Word 2002 or later, also hold down the CTRL key when you click on a


In Word: Use Ctrl+Home to quickly go to the top of a document. Use Ctrl+End to quickly go to the end
of a document.

On both PCs and Macs, most word processors can read .rtf files (rich text format).

Explanation of File Name CYYMMDD:

The format of my file name is CYYMMDD where:
                              C     indicates that it is a Raj Course in Miracles Transcript,
                              YY indicates the last two digits of the year,
                              MM is the month,
                              DD is the day.
This keeps the files in sequential date order when they are in the same folder.

  Example 1: C020828 stands for Course Study on August 28, 2002
             In this example, YY=02 (year 2002)  MM=08 (month August)                DD=28 (day 28)

  Example 2: C051016 stands for Course Study on October 16, 2005
             In this example, YY=05 (year 2005)  MM=10 (month October)                DD=16 (day 16)

Introduction                                                                     Last revised October 4, 2007
Explanation of Reference Coding:
H- is the HLC Text (also known as the final transcript of the Text by Bill Thetford or Thetford Version).
   The number after # is the page number on which the PARAGRAPH STARTS in the HLC Text
   original manuscript. (H-#page)

     I have reference coded the HLC Text so that the H-# page numbers refer back to the original
     HLC Text since that is the original document. The Sparkly Book and JCIM (Jesus’ Course In
     Miracles) are based on the HLC Text but the page numbers of both differ from the original.

     On the JCIM website they have posted what I call the HLC Text original manuscript which is the
     original photocopied pages which have the page numbers I refer to.
         See website:
             Home page: View Type Script Version of J.C.I.M. (Contents HLC Typescript)
     I hope this clarifies what I mean in the transcripts by "H-#".

Sparkly Book is a beautiful hardcover book with a picture of sparkly reflections on water on the cover.
   The HLC Text is in this book. The page numbers in the Sparkly Book are different from the page
   numbers in the original HLC Text. The Sparkly Book page number is identified only at the beginning
   of the transcript.

T- is the Text (first edition or second edition). The numbers after # are the page numbers on which the
   PARAGRAPH STARTS in the first/second editions respectively. (T-#page/page)

Explanation of headings in study group transcripts:

When the First or Second Edition is being studied:
       If the entire section is completed in a single study group session, then there is a single heading
       WITHOUT a part number.
                  Example: Chapter 2 -- The Meaning of the Last Judgment
          If only a portion of a section is covered in a single study group session, then there is a heading WITH a
          part number. So the part numbers indicate that it took more than one study group session to cover the
          material in one section of the Course.
                  Example 1: May 11, 2004 Chapter 3 -- Error and the Ego (Part 1)
                  Example 2: June 1, 2004 Chapter 3 -- Error and the Ego (Part 4)
                                                       Beyond Perception (Part 1)

When the Sparkly Book is being studied:
       If the heading is the same in all four books, then there is a single heading.
                  Example: Chapter 4 -- Love without Conflict
          If the heading is different:
                   The heading on the LEFT is the heading as it appears in the HLC Text and Sparkly Book.
                   The heading on the RIGHT in brackets is the heading as it appears in the first and second editions.
                  Example: Chapter 5 -- The Eternal Fixation    [The Decision for God]
          If the section was covered in more than one study group meeting, then the section covered in a particular
          meeting is indicated by the part number.
                  Example 1: Chapter 7 -- The Total Commitment (Part 1)      [The Totality of the Kingdom (Part 1)]
                  Example 2: Chapter 7 -- The Total Commitment (Part 3)      [The Totality of the Kingdom (Part 3)]
                                          The Defense of Conflict (Part 1)   [The Unbelievable Belief (Part 1)]
          If the section headings are split up differently in the different books, this is indicated in the headings.
                  Example 1: Chapter 5 -- HEALING AND WHOLENESS -- Introduction
                                          Healing as Joining                 [ The Invitation to the Holy Spirit (Part 1)]
                                          The Mind of the Atonement (Part 1) [ The Invitation to the Holy Spirit (Part 2) ]
                                          The Mind of the Atonement (Part 2) [The Voice for God (Part 1)]

Introduction                                                                                   Last revised October 4, 2007

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