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OFM Transmittal No Revised HHS Travel Manual Matrix of Key Changes by NIHhealth


									Attachments:           Travel Manual Key Changes (Version 4).doc; EZ Memo on HHS Travel3.doc; HHS
                       Travel Requirements - Matrix Relief (final).doc

 -----Original Message-----
From:                Papier, Joel (NIH/OD)
Sent:                Wednesday, July 06, 2005 12:24 PM
To:                  NIH Executive Officers
Cc:                  Stith, Kenneth (NIH/OD); Howard, Florence (NIH/OD); Jacobson, Linda (NIH/NHGRI); Windsor, Susan
                     (NIH/NIA); Affeldt, Mary (NIH/NIDA/IRP); Harrelson, Susan (NIH/NIDDK)
Subject:             OFM Transmittal No. 212 - Revised HHS Travel Manual - Matrix of Key Changes


As you know, the revised HHS Travel Manual policy guidance became effective on April 3, 2005. As a
result, The OFM with input from a select group of Executive Officers and Administrative Officers
developed the attached matrix that shows the most important policy and procedural changes. This office
also developed corresponding Q and A guidance and will issue it to the community via a separate OFM
Transmittal to the NIH Listserve of Travel POCs.

FYI: Dr. Zerhouni, with recommendation from the NIH Corporate Travel Management Committee,
recently requested relief for policy changes established in 5 out of 10 identified travel activities (see
attached memorandum and corresponding table of changes). We will keep you apprised of the
Department’s response.

We would most appreciate if the AOs copied above would distribute this guidance to their respective IC
Intramural and Extramural groups.

Should you have any questions w/ regard to this material, I can be contacted on 301-496-4379.


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