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We would like to acknowledge the support of all of those people who have helped us during
the classes and in the development of this paper. In particular we would like to thank:

Professor Dr. Feridun Yenisey (Bahçeşehir University), Assoc. Professor Dr. Deniz Gökçe,
Assoc. Dr. Ümit Kesim (Marmara University), Dr. Gülberk Gültekin Salman (Bahçesehir
University), Emre Koçak (Member of the Turkish Football Federation’s Board of Law),
Yiğiter Uluğ (Journalist and Media Coordinator of Turkish National Football Team during
Euro 2008), Giuseppe Rizzello (Founding Member of Resquadro Stadium Development and
Management Company), Jean-Louis Juvet (FIFA-CIES President), Vincent Monnier (FIFA-
CIES Senior Manager), Prof. Andreas Herren (Externus Sports Communication Consulting),
Dennis Oswald (President of the International Rowing Federation and member of IOC),
Patrick Cotting (University of Freiborg and CCI Consulting), Ayşegül Başer (Bahçeşehir
University Program Coordinator), Cem Ülkeroğlu (Arkhe Consulting Ltd. and FIFA CIES
Local Coordinator), Lütfü Arıboğan (Vice-President Turkish Football Federation), Orhan
Gorbon (Project Manager of LOC during 2009 UEFA Cup Final), Yalcin Aksoy (General
Director of Preparation and Organization Council for the Istanbul Olympic Games), Tolga
Yazici (Ass. Manager of Ataturk Olympic Stadium), Ahmet Ağaoğlu (President of Turkish
Golf Federation), Fatih Ibradı (Galatasaray A.Ş. Director Responsible from Youth Teams),
Dr. Caner Giray (Bahcesehir University), Kısmet Erkiner (Lawyer), Atilla Gökçe (Journalist),
Đbrahim Altınsay (Journalist and Former Member of the Management Board of Beşiktaş
A.Ş.), Tuğrul Akşar (Writer), Kutlu Merih (Writer), Cemal Belgin (FIFA Player Agent),
Ömer Kart (Sport One to One Comp.), Ahmet Gülüm (Sports Net Comp.), Esra Kartal (Ulker
Sponsorship Director in Sports), Mert Güvenç (Adidas Assoc. Marketing Director), Đpek
Özgüden Özen (On Communication Agency), Devrim Kıvanç (MVP)

…along with those who answered our queries on an anonymous basis.
Table of Contents

Section                                                                           Page

1   Abstract                                                                      iv

2   Section 1: Ataturk Olimpic Stadium                                            1

               1.1 The facilities of the AOS
               1.1 Current Marketing Opeations
               1.2 Comparing with Emirates Stadium of Arsenal FC

3   Section 2: Marketing and the SWOT Analysis                                    10

               2.1 Marketing
               2.2 Swot Analysis
               2.3 Internal Evaluation Results
               2.4 External Evaluation Results

4   Section 3: New Marketing Proposal                                             13

               3.1 Marketing of the AOS
               3.2 Improving the Transportation Facilities
               3.3 Sports Lycee and Sports Academy
               3.4 Sports Injuries Hospital
               3.5 Champions League Final 2005 Museum at the AOS
               3.6 Atatürk Cup, Preperation Games for the Season (Mid Season)
               3.7 Fortis Cup Last Four Festival (May 1st and 2nd)
               3.8 Fortis Cup Final with Youth and Sports Bayram (May 19th)
               3.9 Coca-Cola Academia League U-15 Last 8 and Father’s Day (Mid-June)
               3.10 U-17 Istanbul International Cup (June)
               3.11 Rock Concerts and Facilities like Hoopfest
               3.12 Go-Kart Circuit and Luna Park
               3.13 Meetings and Gatherings

5   Section 4: Key Conclusions                                                    18
References:                                              20

6   Appendixes:

              A.1. Mass Transportation Map
              A.2. Emirates Stadium Marketing Brochure
              A.3. Events at the AOS

The purpose of this paper is to assess how to improve the marketing of Atatürk Olimpic
Stadium.Our approach is to focus on the current situation of the stadium and improve the
marketing structure according to the facts which has not been working properly.

Our approach is to determine what can be done to make it easier for the marketing of the
stadium by focusing on the situation in a detailed way. As it is known, the stadium is actually
a small part of Atatürk Olympic Park planned before. The construction of the Olympic Park
was slowed down and interrupted. A main reason for this is the necessity of a considerable
financial support for the Olympic park to be completed and such search is not in the agenda
now. So we excluded the Olympic Park Project and concentrated to the Ataturk Olympic
Stadium. On the other hand, that the stadium can be used solely in its present condition makes
it necessary to market it in a better way.

The context of the paper is introduced through brief information about the Ataturk Olympic
Stadium. (AOS) The description of the stadium and the features are the main subject in this
section. It briefly explains the history, outlining the main facts about the AOS. We also
introduced the current marketing operations while giving statistical data since AOS has been
built. On the other hand, the marketing plan of Arsenal FC`s Emirates Stadium is a good
example to compare.

The second section mainly aimed to mention about how the product can be marketed more
effectively through SWOT analysis by not converting the project a marketing course book
after a brief introduction to marketing. In this section, weak and strong points as well as
opportunities and threats are examined in details.

The main body of the paper, where we consider how the below questions can be replied based
on the subjects determined in the third section:
             Which problems must be solved first in order for new marketing possibilities to
             come to the agenda, in other words to remedy the marketing works?
             What can we recommend to obtain new ways of income, and to market the
             facility more profitable?

With asking questions alike we will try to present the relevance recommendations for the
marketing of the stadium to the reader. Without doubt, such solution recommendations can be
increased with a comprehensive plan but our project mainly aims to offer a different point of
view about the marketing plan of AOS.

Finally, the paper contains some concluding remarks.
1 Atatürk Olympic Stadium (AOS)

The stadium takes its name from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk the Turkish leader. The construction
of AOS was started in 1999 and completed in 2002. It was planned to build for Olympic
Games and cost about 170 million Turkish Liras. The biggest project of the Olympic Park was
built in the space of 584 hectare and located in Đkitelli in the western outskirts of Istanbul.
From 2002 to 2005 the stadium had a capacity of 80,597 (all-seated). This was reduced to
75.145 (all-seated) by removing the seats from where it was not possible to see the entire
pitch, prior to the 2005 UEFA Champions League Final game.

With its 75.145 (all-seated) capacity and Olympic size, it was granted the "5-star sports
complex" title by the UEFA in 2004, enabling it to host the finals of UEFA events. The
stadium is also certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations and
International Olympic Committee as a first-class venue for track and field, and has hosted
several European athletic competitions. According to the book named “Stadi del Mondo”
(Stadiums of the World) which was published in 2004 by “Cribaudo Edition” in Italy, it is one
of the very important and big stadiums of the world.

1.1 The facilities of the Stadium

In this section, we tried to mention about the specifications of the AOS. When compared to
other stadiums in our country, the difference of AOS emerges spontaneously.
   •   Entrances and Exits of the Stadium

There are fourteen main entrance gates around the stadium. In the main entrance gates there
are also payment units. In order to enable the entrance easier, one gate is separated for the
police and handicapped guests at each main gate.

Table 1: The number of the AOS entrances and exits

                                     Entrances             Units
                                        East                 32
                                       West                  48
                                       North                 16
                                       South                18
                                       Total                114

                                       Exits               Units
                                       East                 22
                                       West                 20
                                       North                16
                                       South                15
                                       Total                73

After the events, the spectators can evacuate the stadium using all exits in eight minutes. The
maximum distance between the spectators and the exits is forty-five meters.

   •   Parking Facilities

The parking lot capacity of the AOS is 18.900 cars which 400 cars at indoor, 2500 cars for
V.I.P. and 16.000 cars at outdoor.

   •   Stadium Capacity

The Atatürk Olympic Stadium’s capacity is 75.145 (all seated) and all of the spectators have a
full-view of the sporting events.
Table 2: The capacity of the Stadium according to stands

                                     Capacity              Spectators
                                     East Stand              25.522
                                    West Stand               25.522
                                    North Stand              11.262
                                    South Stand              11.215
                                       Total                 73.521

There are also 669 seats for the media and press members and 335 seats for the presidency
guests at the East Stand.

   •   Restroom Facilities

The restroom facilities are planned according to assumption which projects that there will be
50 thousand gentlemen and 30 thousand ladies during the event. The stadium is equipped by
six water closets, ten urinals and five washstands for each 1.000 gentlemen and six water
closets and four washstands for each 1.000 ladies.

Also there are seventy-four water closets and seventy-eight washstands for the handicapped.
The maximum distance from this area to seats is sixty meters.

   •   Elevators

Ten elevators are used in AOS which four of them are for handicapped. The two handicapped
elevators can carry 21 and the other two can carry 26 spectators.

There are also two special elevators at the presidency lodge for the ceremony which takes the
guests to the field in order to present the award to the competing athletes.

   •   Health Facilities

There are six first aid clinics for the spectators inside the complex. Five of those are located in
the way of circumscribing the stadium in the second and third floors. Apart from that, there is
a big health center built on the space of 190 square meters in the first floor which includes
doctor and nurse rooms, toilets, two observation rooms with eight beds, the examination
room, another observation room with eleven beds and a waiting room.

For the players there are two clinics in the dressing room area. Those clinics are based on the
space of 25 square meters and have all necessary equipment to interfere immediately the
players in case of emergency.

  •      Security

The main security point is working as a coordination center and located in the seventh floor of
the stadium. The recording facility and the CCTV are also at the same place. The five police
offices built by glass case in the critical points around the stadium are controlled and
coordinated by this center. The police offices are located in north, south, east and two in the
west stand. Fire Department Unit and Health Team are located in the first floor.

There are thirty-eight security cameras in total which 18 of them are inside and 20 of them are
outside the stadium and record frequently. The metal checking detectors are equipped to every
entrance. Moreover, four observation rooms are ready for the hooligans that may corrupt the

On the other hand, the entrance and exit gates are magnetically controlled and can be opened
from grand stand in case of emergency like fire, earthquake etc.
   •   Additional Sports Facilities

The additional sport facilities area covers about 240.929 square meters. In this part of the
stadium there are two running tracks and a football pitch for training and warm-up, an
amphitheater and an indoor area for thirteen different sport facilities.

   •   Dressing Rooms and Lockers

Two dressing rooms equipped by shower, Jacuzzi and water-closets and office for the coaches
are located on the ground floor. The two dressing rooms for the referees are also located in
this part of the stadium. Moreover there are also six dressing rooms for athletes.

The six multi-purpose dressing rooms are located in the Additional Sports Facilities part of
the complex.

   •   Presidency Lounge

Presidency Lounge is accessible by using one separated service road. It is connected directly
to the grandstands and the two balconies serve 100 luxurious seats with a magnificent view.
   •   Lodges

The 34 luxurious lodges are equipped by the air conditioner, television set, bar and cabinet.

   •   Amphitheater

The Stadium also has an amphitheatre which is connected directly to the parking garage with
the luxurious 300 seats. It is used for presentations and meetings before and after the events.
The technical service facilities are also located in this part of the complex.

   •   Meeting and Education Rooms

The separate eight education rooms and the assembly hall for 270 persons serve the guests at
the main floor.
   •   Media and TV Facilities

The media and the press members can work effectively and comfortably in the stadium. The
grandstand serves 669 press members with the internet and television connection. The seven
commentator rooms for the radio and television are also located at this part of the complex.
Two call rooms and mixed zone is in use at the ground floor.

On the other hand, conference room for the press which is 96 square meters is located at the
5th floor and directly connected to the interview room.

1.2 Current Marketing Operations

Today, the parking spaces around the stadium are being rented as parking lots. It is the most
important revenue resource comparing to the other revenues.

During the year, Đstanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi Spor A.Ş., the related federations and
institutions arrange organizations in all branches. However, such activities are insufficient in
number and they can not obtain the required public interest due to the lack of public relations.
But the big organizations, arranged successfully before are the biggest evidence that no
problem will be experienced if big activities are brought to the agenda. The milestone events
held in AOS can be listed in the following table.

According to the activity type, there are eight different activity types:
Table 3: Event Types

    International Sport events
      Atletism : World and European championships
      Football : International championships
    Special Sport Events
      Olympic Games
      Mediterranean Games
      Asia – Black Sea Games
    National Sport Events
    Special Sportive Demonstrations
      Grass sports
    Cultural Demonstration
    Fair - Exhibiting
      Car – Truck’s fair
      Equipment – Armament’s Fair
      Hobby’s fair
      Fasihon’s fair
    TV Studios
      Making advertisements
      Special programs
      Monthly Sport Events
      TV”s Demonstratin – Show programs
    Congress and education seminars - Assemblies
      All of the stadium
      One section of the stadium

On the other hand, the opening match between Galatasaray SK-Olympiacos CFP also marked
the record attendance for a football game in Turkey.
Table 4: Milestone Events

 Rank    Attendance          Date                            Game
  1        79.414         31.07.2002   Galatasaray SK - Olympiacos CFP
  2        71.334         27.09.2003   Galatasaray SK - Fenerbahçe SK
  3        70.858         12.09.2006   Galatasaray SK - FC Girondins de Bordeaux
  4        70.024         25.05.2005   AC Milan - Liverpool FC
  5        66.300         30.08.2003   Galatasaray SK - PFC CSKA
  6        62.620         09.08.2003   Galatasaray SK - Diyarbakırspor

The 2005 UEFA Champions League Final between A.C. Milan and Liverpool F.C. was
played on May 25th, 2005, at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium. Liverpool, who had won the
competition four times previously, were appearing in their sixth final and their first final since
the Heysel Stadium Disaster at the 1985 European Cup Final. Milan, who had won the
competition six times, was appearing in their second final in three years and tenth overall.

1.3 Comparing with Emirates Stadium of Arsenal FC

Now, Đstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi Spor A.Ş. football matches are the most weighted
activity in the AOS during the year but the number of supporters per match is very low.
Approximately fifty people attend per match. On the other hand, the total activity number
since its opening date can be seen of Appendix 2. It is clearly seen from the table that activity
number compared to the size of the stadium is highly insufficient.

On the other hand, even the marketing brochure of Emirates Stadium can indicate us what
kind of result can be obtained in case the marketing organization is carried out together. The
local government, transportation authority, the people living in the region and the supporters
of the Arsenal FC worked together before the construction of the Emirates Stadium. These
workshops were aimed to answer the needs of the participated sides. Furthermore, the plan
was established according to long-term point of view.
Emirates Stadium’s transportation possibilities are far better than AOS. It is a walk a way to
London underground System. Ten different bus service line which have stops in the walking
distance from the stadium are provided. It is also very easy to connect to the train railway-
network through underground system. Parking facilities for private vehicles are limited, and
all units initiate mass transportation. Underground train is for free to return home after games
and it departures to city center once in two minutes.

On the other hand, for the AOS the only mass transportation choice is; buses. There are
sufficient parking lots for the private cars but this leads to heavy traffic. Reaching to train
stations from AOS is really difficult and train network is so far from solving this problem.
Possibility of underground train or light rail system is not active at the moment, but their
projects have been prepared and will be ready to solve in ten years.

2 Marketing and the SWOT Analysis

2.1 Marketing

AOS experiences no activity during a large portion of tie in the year as can be understood
from the activities conducted. The reason of this matter is that some basic elements during the
construction of AOS were ignored and it was constructed without a detailed organization
schedule. Going no further from only being Olympic Candidate made it difficult to complete
the Olympic Park contrary to expectations. Thus, the stadium is seen as away from public
interest, and a place which is left alone and where important activities are not conducted at the

Instead of making detailed explanations about marketing theories - not to convert the work
into a textbook- it is more suitable to focus on problems and bring practical solutions to
agenda through SWOT analysis.

2.2 SWOT Analysis

In this section, we tried to develop prudential marketing strategies by analyzing strong and
weak aspects of AOS and opportunities and treats it faces. Our basic aim is to determine its
potentials by taking its performance and problems into account. Strong aspects to be
determined will enlighten to aims for the future, and weak points will serve as a basis to
precautions we will take. Therefore, we will be able to use our strong points more effectively
and will be able to take precautions in order to compensate for weak points.

2.3 Internal Evaluation Results

We tried to mention about the factors we can control relating to our stadium. Our strong and
weak points will form our main subject in this section.

2.4 External Evaluation Results

Factors which are out of the control and form an uncertainty are mentioned in this section.
Opportunities and Threads are the main subjects.
Table 5: SWOT Analysis and the Matrix
As we all know, the SWOT Matrix is an important matching tool that helps to develop four
types of strategies. The results and strategies are explained in Table 5.

           1. SO strategies : Use AOS’ internal strengths to take advantage of external
           2. WO strategies: Aimed at improving internal weaknesses by taking advantage
               of external opportunities.
           3. ST strategies: use a firm’s strengths to avoid or reduce the impact of external
           4. WT strategies: are defensive tactics directed at reducing internal weaknesses
               and avoiding external threats.

3 New Marketing Proposal

After the SWOT analysis made, our advices for better marketing of the stadium are mentioned
in this section. While listing such advices, the main determinant was the criteria of continuing
the activities in the stadium not for once or twice in a year, but constantly for the whole year.

3.1 Marketing of the AOS

Our marketing plan is prepared with a long term perspective. The main issue is to keep the
interest with a busy working program on AOS up during the year. And get it into promotional
activities to provide the acceptance of the stadium by public opinion. In addition, providing an
environment in which children and families can entertain is a must for the future of the
stadium and the stadium weekend activities should be considered last for all day long. In other
words, people will be able to come here not for only a game, but for various facilities which
may continue one after the other at the weekend. The abundance of audience or supporters to
come to the stadium for a weekend will increase the interest of sponsors and encourage them
to take place in these organizations.
3.2 Improving the Transportation Possibilities

The heavy traffic decreases the interest for the stadium experienced on days when events and
organizations are conducted. In order to make it easier for all these marketing activities to
reach end, once the public transportation possibilities (their plans were completed) are
completed, conducting the events stated below will be much easier. It is definitely required to
create possibilities of arriving to the organization field from the city center in a short time and
to return home again once the organization is complete.

By-ways and connection roads developed advisedly for highway and E-5 will provide the
relief of traffic. Also, providing secondary services to audience and fans after the activity,
sportsmen interviews in giant screens, presentation of television programs online, live
connections and similar services will be able to relieve the traffic and the burden of mass

In case railway system is not completed, marketing of AOS will become very difficult.

3.3 Sports Lycee and Sports Academy

It is one of the most important projects to be able to provide the active use of stadium along
the year. All possibilities in educational field are sufficient as physical infrastructure, need for
a facility for sportsmen students in order to camp and stay arises. A sport complex should be
constructed to raise educated sportsmen and athletes with this Project.

3.4 Sports Injuries Hospital

Creating a common working environment with the hospital planned to be constructed near the
stadium, construction of a health complex for only sportsmen injuries and mutilations can be
provided by sponsors which may be found though the support of the government and
federations. Services may be provided for amateur and elite Professional sportsmen for any
injuries which may provide the stadium to remain on the agenda.
3.5 Champions League Final 2005 Museum at the AOS

This game is remembered one of the unforgettable moments of the stadium in the whole
world. English tourists coming to Istanbul, especially fans of Liverpool FC requests to see the
stadium from their tour operators. Therefore, a museum to be built on a special corner of the
stadium and a tour package which may be presented with special memories will increase the
interest on the stadium.

3.6 Atatürk Cup, Preparation Games for the Season (Mid Season)

Many European teams choose Turkey for their mid-season preparation. An organization can
be arranged to provide Istanbul to watch important European teams in the middle of the
season. Small changes in the forms of matches both keeps the interest up and provides the
football devotees the possibility to watch teams and players which will shine in the second
half of the season. For the big clubs, the opportunity to play in such a stadium with important
opponents before returning home from the preparation period will be a unique chance. In
order to use the facility more often and familiarize it with the European Football fans, a Cup
organization in the mid-season sounds like a good idea.

For instance, two big matches that will be played in the same day between AC Milan, Werder
Bremen, Valencia and the Turkey champion of the previous season, will keep the interest on
the football and the stadium up.
3.7 Fortis Cup Last Four Festival (May 1st and 2nd)

This offer is inspired from England FA Cup done in the new Wembley Stadium in the season
of 2008-2009. Matches to be played at weekends can convert the Olympic Park a big football
fest for all the weekend together with other possibilities to be presented. Big number of
audience may be invited to Olympic Park in order to watch the best four team of the Cup.
This is a chance to both incentive sponsors and to increase TV incomes.

3.8 Fortis Cup Final with Youth and Sports Bayram (May 19th)

Fortis Cup Final to be conducted in the day of 19th May with Youth and Sports Day. With a
big concert to be conducted in the stadium, there is a possibility to attract a large amount of

The program to be prepared by inspiration
of National Football League Super Bowl
from American Football League final, will
aim to entertain families for all day long:
American      National    Football   League
organizes the Super Bowl as a family
event. The same model can be applied and
the size of the event may be expanded
Football fans may turn the park into a
football festival for the whole weekend.
Such an event should attract sponsors and
spectators, also increase the TV revenues.
It may become traditional in order to
attract the interest of sponsors.

3.9 Coca-Cola Academia League U-15 Last 8 and Father’s Day (Mid-June)

This organization can be organized with Turkish Football Federation Education Department
and maybe the first step of raising elite footballers. Young footballers can be given a chance
to have match in this big stadium. In case such organization is conducted in Father’s Day, it
may attract minor football fans to the stadium. Such activities may help to correct negative
thoughts about the stadium in the near future.

English youngsters have had the privilege to play their tournament at the Old Trafford
Stadium this year. With the support of the Turkish Football Federation Education department
and a sponsor, Turkish youngsters may experience the same excitement at the AOS. Such a
league would be very entertaining for the children and create a family size event.

3.10   U-17 Istanbul International Cup (June)

A championship, which may be organized similar to the French Toulon Youth Football Fest,
can attract football fans in Istanbul to the stadium. Teams from Turkic Republics and Africa
can keep the interest up. Such matches may be planned to be broadcast in Europe through
such countries and European broadcasts of local Televisions.

3.11   Rock Concerts and facilities like Hoop-Fest

Organizations, conducted through sponsors, will provide the activities of AOS to continue in
the same speed especially during summer moths. It has a highly large field for concerts and
other activities. Some part of parking spaces can be used as event venues easily. There are
also very comfortable venues for organizations like Hoop-Fest.

3.12   Go-Kart Circuit and Luna-park

Entertaining families together is aimed especially in this offer. Service can be provided during
a whole weekend even in match days. Such possibilities can be kept open and it can be
provided for the supporters to spend the whole day here. For instance, racing in go-card
circuit in the day of the match and then watching the game. So the stadium can serve to
audience for a whole day. The families can also like to listen to any kind of musical events
while waiting for the match to start. Families can entertain with their children in funfair and
spend the whole day in the stadium environment providing them to experience an
unforgettable day.

3.13   Meetings and Gatherings

Physical infrastructure is enough for any kind of seminar, meeting etc. Turkish Football
Federation’s education programs can be held in the venue.

4 Key Conclusions

This paper illustrates the clear benefits of planning the possibilities before the construction of
any big stadium or sports complex with the feasibility report. The construction of Istanbul
Olympic Park is such a big sports complex that everything has to be decided according to
feasibility report which had to be prepared before hand.

During the study period we clearly see that the execution period has lots of defects. The
subjects like, transportation policy, management of the project, marketing of the complex,
organizational scheme, legal status, relationship with the environment and the big football
teams in Istanbul, overall cost of the Istanbul Olympic Park, etc. has been ill considered. Or
the answers are missing to the questions like; does the city need a new stadium? Which
necessities will it meet? How big the complex going to be? Where is the perfect location?
How much will it cost? How the financing will be provided? What is the stadium revenue
stream? How many years will it take to finish the project? Which marketing methods will be
used? And etc.

Yet government decision makers and politicians used public funds to construct the project
without answering most of these questions. The main subject to be stated is that when such
projects come to the agenda, evaluation must be done in a wide and long term perspective.
The idea of constructing first and then thinking later about the problems, a facility
construction without a plan may lead other problems to arise later.

Keeping all these problems in mind we tried to recommend solutions to the marketing
problems by using SWOT analysis. It is clear that the overall problem of the stadium can not
be solved only with a genius marketing plan. With a comprehensive working plan organized
by partners – Public, Ministry of State, Directorate General of Youth and Sports, Turkish
National Olympic Committee, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and all Sport Federations-
AOS can be managed properly.

The main issue about the AOS marketing plan is to keep the interest with a busy working
program on AOS up during the year. The main determinant is the criteria of continuing the
activities in the stadium not for once or twice in a year, but constantly for the whole year. In
addition, providing an environment in which children and families can entertain is a must for
the future of the stadium.

Any kind of a marketing plan for the AOS requires high amount of financial investment and
long period of time. Proposals like small event organizations may not be enough for a
sufficient outcome, but may only save the day. The government shall begin to work on a huge
and efficient marketing plan for the AOS. The plan should not be obstructed by any
bureaucratic obstacles.

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Events at the AOS

   Or gani zas yonlar

    30.05.2009 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor -Bursaspor

    17.05.2009 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor -Kayserispor

    03.05.2009 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor -Gençlerbirl iği

    19.04.2009 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor -Galatasaray

    11.04.2009 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor -Antepspor

    26.03.2009 - Tür ki ye - Dani mar ka Ümit Milli Takı mları

    21.03.2009 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor -Konyaspor

    07.03.2009 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor -Deni zlispor

    21.02.2009 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor -MKE Ankaragücü

    08.02.2009 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor -Fenerbahçe

    20.12.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Kocaelispor

    07.12.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Si vasspor

    23.11.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Hacettepe Spor

    08.11.2008 - MKE Ankaragücü - Bursaspor

    18.10.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Antalya Spor

    11.10.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Litex

    27.09.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Beşi ktaş
24.09.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Tokatspor

14.09.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Ankaraspor A.Ş.

23.08.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Es kişehirs por

16.08.2008 - Trabzon Spor - FC Brugge

21.07.2008 - Euro Cup 2008 1.Li g B Grubu Yarışları

22.05.2008 - Küçükçekmece Đlçe Li g Heyeti Puanlı Atletizm Yarışmaları

03.05.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Trabzon Spor

20.04.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Galatasaray

06.04.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Ankaraspor

22.03.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Beşi ktaş

08.03.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Konyaspor

01.03.2008 - Kası mpaşa Spor - Gençlerbirliği

24.02.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Ankaragücü

17.02.2008 - Kası mpaşa Spor - Deni zli Spor

09.02.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Ç.Ri ze Spor

27.01.2008 - Kası mpaşa Spor - Kayseri Spor

19.01.2008 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Si vas Spor

12.01.2008 - Kası mpaşa Spor - G.Antep

23.12.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - G.Antep
16.12.2007 - Kası mpaşa Spor - Vestel Manisa

09.12.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Gençlerbirliği

01.12.2007 - Kası mpaşa Spor - Bursaspor

24.11.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Denizli Spor

10.11.2007 - Kası mpaşa Spor - G.B. Oftaş

04.11.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Kayserispor

27.10.2007 - Kası mpaşa Spor - Fenerbahçe

20.10.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Kası mpaşa

05.10.2007 - Kası mpaşa Spor - Trabzonspor

30.09.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Vestel Manisa

26.09.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Di yarbakır BB DĐSK Đ

23.09.2007 - Kası mpaşa Spor - Galatasaray

16.09.2007 - Đ.B.B. Spor - Bursaspor Müsabakası

12.09.2007 - Tür ki ye - Rus ya Ümit Milli

02.09.2007 - Kası mpaşa Spor - Ankara Spor

25.08.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - G.B. Oftaş

19.08.2007 - Kası mpaşa Spor - Beşi ktaş

12.08.2007 - Galatasaray - Ri zespor

10.08.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Fenerbahçe
29.07.2007 - Galatasaray - Đstanbulspor

12.05.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Türk Telekom

29.04.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Di yarbakır Spor

15.04.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Elazı ğ Spor

01.04.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Samsun Spor

18.03.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Malat ya Spor

05.03.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Karşıyaka Spor

18.02.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Es kişehir Spor

28.01.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - A.Sebat Spor

20.01.2007 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Fenerbahçe

17.01.2007 - Tür ki ye - Arnavutluk Ümit Mil li hazırlı k maçı

16.12.2006 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Gazianteps por

09.12.2006 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Đstanbulspor

05.12.2006 - Galatasaray - Li verpool UEFA Şampi yonlar li gi

27.11.2006 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Altay

12.11.2006 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Kası mpaşa Spor

30.10.2006 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Kocaeli Spor

18.10.2006 - Galatasaray - PSV Eindhoven UEFA Şampi yonlar li gi

14.10.2006 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - G.Antep B.Bld. Spor
21.09.2006 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Samsunspor

18.09.2006 - Đst.B.Ş.Bld. Spor - Uşakspor

12.09.2006 - Galatasaray - Bordeaux UEFA Şampi yonlar li gi

05.09.2006 - Galatasaray - Beylerbeyi Spor Antrenman Maçı

03.09.2006 - Đst. B.Ş. Bld. Spor - Mardinspor

27.08.2006 - Đst. B.Ş. Bld. Spor - Orduspor

24.06.2006 - Garanti Bankası 60. Yıl Kurul uş Et kinliği

11.06.2006 - Radyo Barış Barışa Semah Dönenler Konseri

16.05.2006 - Küçükçekmece Đlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü 19 Mayı s Koşusu

20.04.2006 - Küçükçekmece Đlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü 23 Nisan Koşusu

10.04.2006 - Đstanbul Đl Milli Eğiti m Müdürl üğü yürüyüş yarış ması .

06.03.2006 - Küçükçekmece Beledi yesi ĐLÇENĐN HIZLIS I atletizm yarışı.

02.03.2006 - Avcılar Gençli k ve Spor ilçe Müdürlüğü atletizm yarışı.

22.11.2005 - K.Çekmece Beledi yesi okullar arası Atletizm yarış ması

26.10.2005 - K.Çekmece Beledi yesi okullar arası kır koşusu

08.10.2005 - Tür ki ye - Al manya Hazırlı k M açı

07.10.2005 - Al manya A Milli Takı mı Antrenmanı

16.09.2005 - Si vas Spor - Trabzon Spor

04.09.2005 - Ümit Milli Takı m Antrenmanı
27.08.2005 - Si vas Spor - Vestel Manisa Spor

24.08.2005 - TFF Toplantısı

23.08.2005 - TFF Toplantısı

15.08.2005 - Tür ki ye A Milli Takı mı Antrenmanı

06.08.2005 - Si vas Spor - Malat ya Spor

01.08.2005 - Bahçeşehir Ün. ve Efes Pilsen Atletizm ttakı mları antrenmanı

30.07.2005 - Fenerbahçe - SK/E Verton FC Hazırlık Maçı

24.07.2005 - TFF Eği tim Seminer Toplantısı

22.07.2005 - Tür ki ye Federas yonu Eğiti m Semineri

18.06.2005 - Avrupa Milletler Kupası Atletizm Yarş maları

28.05.2005 - Đstanbul Spor - Trabzonspor

25.05.2005 - Şampi yonlar Ligi Finali Milan - Li verpool Müsabakası

24.05.2005 - Li verpool Antrenmanı

24.05.2005 - Milan Antrenmanı

18.05.2005 - Avrupa Kupası 2. Li g Atletizm Yarış ması

11.05.2005 - Fenerbahçe - Galatasaray

10.05.2005 - Galatasaray Spor Klübü Antrenmanı

09.05.2005 - Fenerbahçe Spor Klübü Antrenmanı

02.04.2005 - TFF Toplantısı
12.03.2005 - Đstanbul Spor - Galatasaray

02.02.2005 - Suudi Arabistan - Macaristan

01.02.2005 - Macarist an Milli Takı mı Antrenmanı

01.02.2005 - Suudi Arabistan Milli Takımı Antrenmanı

26.01.2005 - UEFA T oplantısı

19.12.2004 - Karagümrük - Si vasspor Tür kiye Kupası Müs abakası

16.11.2004 - Tür ki ye - Avustur ya

16.11.2004 - Tür ki ye A2 Milli Takı m - Avusturya Hazırlık Müsabakası

11.11.2004 - Tür ki ye A2 Milli Takı m - Đstanbulspor Hazırlı k Müsabakası

03.07.2004 - 59. Bal kan Atletizm Şampi yonası

20.06.2004 - Atletizm Avrupa Milletler Kupası

15.05.2004 - Galatasaray - Elazı ğspor Müsabakası

14.05.2004 - Galatasaray - Elazı ğ Spor

05.05.2004 - Trabzonspor - Gençlerbirli ği Türki ye Finali

02.05.2004 - Galatasaray - istanbul Spor

16.04.2004 - Galatasaray - Deni zli Spor

04.04.2004 - Galatasaray - Beşi ktaş

20.03.2004 - Galatasaray - Ri zespor

07.03.2004 - Galatasaray - Adana Spor
26.02.2004 - Galatasaray - Villareal UEFA Kupası

21.02.2004 - Galatasaray - Konya Spor

08.02.2004 - Galatasaray - Bursa Spor

31.01.2004 - Galatasaray - Gaziantep Spor

28.01.2004 - Galatasaray – Çaykur Ri zespor

14.12.2003 - Galatasaray – Trabzons por Müsabakası

02.12.2003 - Galatasaray – J uventus Şampi yonlar Li gi

28.11.2003 - Galatasaray – Malatyas por Müsabakası

09.11.2003 - Galatasaray – Ankaragücü Müsabakası

25.10.2003 - Galatasaray – Samsunspor Müsabakası

21.10.2003 - Galatasaray – Ol ympiakos Şampiyonlar Li gi

04.10.2003 - Galatasaray – A.Sebatspor Müsabakası

30.09.2003 - Galatasaray – Real Sociedad Şampi yonlar Li gi

21.09.2003 - Galatasaray – Fenerbahçe Müs abakası

08.09.2003 - Galatasaray – Beylerbeyispor Hazırlık Müsabakası

31.08.2003 - Galatasaray – Gençlerbirli ği

20.08.2003 - Galatasaray – Galatasaray PAF Hazırlı k

13.08.2003 - Galatasaray – CSK Sof ya

09.08.2003 - Galatasaray - Di yarbakırspor
31.07.2003 - Galatasaray - Ol ympiakos Hazırlık

25.07.2003 - Galatasaray - Bakır köy Hazırl ık Müsabakası

29.06.2003 - BMW - Borusan Fir ması Bayi Semineri

21.06.2003 - Avrupa Milliler Atletizm Kupası

17.05.2003 - Tür ki ye Yıldızlar Atletizm Şampi yonası

Reklam Çeki mleri
14.10.2008 - Soda Film Avea Reklam çeki mleri

06.06.2008 - Böcek Yapı m Ziraat Bankası M illi Takım reklam çekimleri

08.05.2008 - Ül ker M illi Takım reklam çekimi

21.02.2008 - M ost Pr oduction Kanal 1 için Aktüel programı çeki mleri

22.11.2007 - Malt Müzi k Grubu Vidyo Klip Çeki mi

01.10.2007 - 14 Fil m Production fil m çeki mi

12.03.2007 - P.T.T Film Vodafone Reklam Çeki mi

24.09.2006 - Plato Fil m Turkcell reklam çekimi

18.08.2006 - Pana Film reklam çeki mi

16.08.2006 - Ford reklam çeki mi

21.07.2006 - Sementa Tekstil katalog çeki mi

09.07.2006 - Sütaş reklam çeki mi

08.07.2006 - Plato Fil m di zi çeki mi
14.06.2006 - Fiat Albea reklam çeki mi

18.05.2006 - Coca Cola reklam çeki mi

04.04.2006 - Deko Fil m reklam çeki mi

01.10.2005 - Avea reklam çeki mi

30.09.2005 - Anadolu Hayat reklam çeki mi

15.09.2005 - Avea reklam çeki mi

29.08.2005 - Akbank reklam çeki mi

05.07.2005 - Arçeli k reklam çeki mi

10.06.2005 - Đddia reklam çeki mi

14.05.2005 - 23. Uni versiad tanıtım fil m çekimleri

04.04.2005 - AC Milan Takı mı tanıtı m çeki mi

10.10.2004 - Mis Prodüksiyon reklam çeki mi

30.07.2004 - Fil ma-Cass şirketi fili m çeki mi

10.07.2004 - Ford reklam çeki mi

30.04.2004 - Cola Turka reklam çeki mi

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