HOME DPA Application11 by yaofenjin


									                                         Clark County
                            Community Resources Management Division

                     HOME/LIHTF FISCAL YEAR 2011
                                               (CFDA #14.239)

                        Applications must be typed and fully completed.
               Application will not be accepted after the deadline, no exceptions.
         Please do not use a font smaller than 10 point and please insert page numbers.


Agency Name:
Contact Person:                                       Title:
Address:                                              City:                       State: NV    Zip:
Telephone:                                            Fax:                        E-mail:
Date of Incorporation:                      Registered in CCR?      Yes    No     DUNS#:
                                            ATTACH 11A
                   Applicant Corporate Status (Check as appropriate)
Organization must be a non-profit HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency to participate in
DPA Program. Please confirm that your organization qualifies:

     HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency

Federal Tax I.D. Number: #

                                CHECK AS APPROPRIATE
Will you / have you submitted an application to another jurisdiction for HOME/LIHTF funds
for this program?                                Yes              No
                                   (ATTACH COPY 11B)
Is this program expected to receive any other federal funding?            Yes         No
If yes, name program:
Are you submitting more than 1 application to Clark County for this HOME/LIHTF funding
cycle?                                             Yes             No

What is the priority of this application? #
In the past two years, has your organization provided direct financial assistance for         YES     NO
low and/or moderate income households to become homeowners?
      If NO, do not continue, as your organization does not meet threshold requirements.
      If YES, please attach the program description. ATTACH 11C
Indicate the number of households assisted to homeownership in the
past 2 years?
   Yes     No    Is your group legally Chartered within Nevada Statutory guidelines and
                 currently in good standing? ATTACH COPY 11D

   Yes     No    Does your organization have a tax exemption ruling from the Internal
                 Revenue Service (IRS) under section 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4)? ATTACH
                 COPY 11E
   Yes     No    Do you have evidence of financial accountability, such as a current single
                 audit report? ATTACH COPY 11F
STOP If you checked no above, provide letter of explanation. ATTACH COPY 11G

Identify a local office in Clark County where project records will be maintained:

Board Member Data
         Name                                Address                           Position Held

Applicant’s Key Management Personnel:
            Name                          Position Held                 Telephone Number
Outline your organization’s experience in providing Downpayment Assistance programs.
Provide the selection procedure or process that will be or was used to qualify potential homebuyers. Be
certain to include how applicants will be selected for participation and if there will be any priority given to
specific groups. Please provide a copy of your organization’s written procedures for prospective
homebuyer intake and selection, a copy of your application for assistance, and a sample letter for
notification of eligibility or approval to receive assistance. Who will ensure homeowner’s income was
verified within 6 months of closing? Describe how your organization will determine the amount of HOME
funds each participant will receive. Provide an explicit description as to how down payment and closing
costs will be determined. How many households can your organization assist through this program?

Provide a detailed description of the homebuyer education and counseling services including an overview
and explanation of homebuyer counseling programs, the presenters, and the number of course hours
and frequency of the course. Does your agency provide Homebuyer Counseling in languages other than
English? Please describe. Describe plans for providing support to the homebuyers after the financial
assistance is provided.


How many staff members do you plan to dedicate to the administration and implementation of this
program? What days of the week and hours of the day will staff be available to assist borrowers with
Down Payment Assistance Program issues? Please describe the qualifications of the staff that will be
assigned to the program. Describe how you ensure that code requirements and applicable property
standards are met. Explain how you will ensure the settlement statements reflect HOME funds
contributed to the purchase.

Describe the nature and form of involvement by lenders, such as private financial institutions and/or credit
unions. Will lenders refer potential buyers to program? Describe the types of first mortgage financing
anticipated to be used in conjunction with the HOME DPA subsidy. Examples of first mortgage financing
include conventional loans, FHA, or any other specialized loan portfolio products. Describe how you will
conduct lender outreach and education so they are informed about your programs. Describe how you will
coordinate your program with existing first mortgage programs. Describe any concessions you have been
able to negotiate with private lenders to reduce some of the closing costs by lowering origination fees as
well as arranging for bulk rates for appraisal title and legal fees.


Projects funded through the HOME Program must follow HOME Affirmative Marketing Procedures.
ATTACH COPY 11I. Describe your marketing strategy for the proposed program with particular attention
to your plans for Affirmative Marketing. Describe your strategy for reaching those eligible households
least likely to apply. Explain how the project affirmatively promotes fair housing and complies with fair
housing laws and regulations, particularly as related to the following 1) describe how the project/program
promotes greater housing choice; 2) is the project targeting minority households?

Disclosure Statement:

I/We, the undersigned, understand and agree that Clark County will consider that an Identity of Interest
exists whenever any party to a transaction has a financial or family relationship or a professional or
business affiliation with any other part to the transaction. The following list may not be all inclusive but is
considered to be representative of some of the more typical Identities of Interest:

1. The applicant or principals of the applicant are related to any Community Development Advisory
   Committee (CDAC) member or their spouse.

2. The applicant or principals of the applicant are related to any Clark County employee or employee’s
   spouse who is involved in the processing of, or decision making on, the subject application request.

3. The applicant or principals of the applicant have any business relationship with any member of the
   Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) or their spouse.

4. The applicant or principals of the applicant have any business relationship with any Clark County
   employee or employee’s spouse who is involved in the processing of, or decision making on, the
   subject application request.

5. The applicant or principals of the applicant are related to the seller, seller’s spouse, or seller’s agent
   of any property to be financed with any proceeds that may result from this application.

6. The applicant has any financial interest in the seller of the property or its agent.

7. The seller of the property or its agent has a financial interest in the applicant.

8. If this is a construction loan, the applicant has a financial interest in or is a director, employee or
   officer of the general contractor, architect, engineer, attorney, interim or participating lender, materials
   supplies, equipment lessors, or others pertaining to the construction of the subject property.

9. The applicant is aware of any other circumstances that may be an Identity of Interest through the sale
   of the property or other matters.

For the purposes of #1 through #9:

“Related” means a spouse or relative, i.e., parent, grandparent, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-
law, child, grandchild, aunt, uncle, nephew, or niece.

“Business Relationship” means a direct interest with either a CDAC member or Clark County employee
or their spouse, or an entity that the Committee member, employee or their spouse has a financial
interest in. See Exhibit O for a list of CDAC members.

“Principals” means owner, partners, joint venture, persons with controlling authority, officers, etc.

If there is an identity of interest, please state its nature in the space below:
I/We certify by signing this application below, except as disclosed above, there is not now, nor will there
be an Identity of Interest under circumstances described in statements 1 through 9 without the prior
written consent of the County. Note: An Identity of Interest does not necessarily disqualify you as an
eligible recipient of HOME/LIHTF.


Whereas,     (the “Applicant”) is applying to Clark County HOME Consortium for assistance from the
HOME/LIHTF program; and

Whereas, the Applicant understands it is necessary that certain conditions be met as part of the
application requirements.
Therefore, the Applicant certifies as follows:

   1. The Applicant is eligible for award under federal and/or local statute and program guidelines and
      agrees to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations in the event that this
      application is selected for funding.

   2. The Applicant will minimize displacement as a result of activities assisted with HOME/LIHTF funds
      and will assume financial responsibility to assist persons displaced as a result of such activities.

   3. The Applicant understands that the availability of HOME/LIHTF monies is subject to HUD
      authorization and is not expected to be available for project use before August 1, 2011.

   4. The Applicant certifies that all known and anticipated sources of governmental assistance
      associated with this application have been fully disclosed herein.

   5. The Applicant is prepared and has the authority within its charter, by-laws, or through statutory
      regulations to enter into a contractual agreement with Clark County for acceptance and use of
      HOME/LIHTF monies, and makes this application and certification with full cognizance of its
      governing body.

   6. The undersigned hereby agrees and allows the release of any and all information submitted to
      Clark County in regards to the representations made within this Application. Such information may
      include credit history and ratings verifications, confirmation of involvement in past development,
      and all other information as may be required by Clark County to aid in making a determination as
      to the awarding of HOME/LIHTF funds to the Applicant.

   7. The undersigned, being duly authorized, hereby certified that the foregoing information, to the
      best of his/her knowledge, is true, complete and accurately described the proposed project.

In Witness Whereof, the Applicant has caused the document to be executed in its name on the

      day of       , 201 .

                                              Signature: ___________________________


Generally, the items below have been requested as part of the application. Please review
this list before submitting your application to insure you have addressed each of them, as
appropriate. Please attach and reference. Check all of the items that you are submitting
with the application.

A        Log in to Central Contractor Registration and Print Screen of your registration
B        HOME Application from other jurisdiction
C        Current Downpayment Assistance Program description
D        A copy of your State of Nevada Certificate of Existence with Status in Good
E        IRS document proof of non-profit status
F        A copy of your organization’s most recent G             Letter of explanation
         single audit report
H        Intake and Selection Documents, Sample Letters
I        Affirmative Marketing Certification
J        Other:

                      11. ?

                Fill in the Blank

(use the drop down menu for each attachment and
          print the page as cover sheet.)

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