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									GCM - April 2001 - Viewpoint - Hassle-free relocating


                                                                                          Hassle-free relocating
                                                                                              Quite a number of us, at some time                              the area you will be moving to and
                                                                                          or another in our careers, are faced with                           looking at housing there. Leave plenty
                                                                                          the challenges of having to move —                                  of time to become familiar with other
                                                                                          whether it’s across town or across the                              aspects of the new area, such as schools,
                                                                                          country. Sometimes that move is an                                  churches, activities, programs for kids
                                                                                          exciting job opportunity; other times                               and possible job opportunities for your
                                                                                          it’s due to necessity.                                              spouse. See if you can make these
                                                                                              I have recently taken a job as super-                           scouting trips fun and relaxing instead
                                                                                          intendent at Dacotah Ridge Golf Club,                               of trying to squeeze in too much. You’ll
                                                                                          a facility being constructed by the                                 end up spending all your time on the
                Mike Nelson                                                               Lower Sioux Indian community in                                     road, where the potential for frustra-
                                                                                          Morton, Minn. The piece of property                                 tion is great.
                                                                                          we have is fantastic, Rees Jones is the                                 If you are doing all the packing your-
                                                                                          golf course architect, and the resources                            self, spread it out. Try to do a little every-
                                                                                          are in place for a world-class golf course                          day so when the time comes to load the
                                                                                          out here in southwestern Minnesota.                                 truck, it won’t seem so overwhelming.
                                                                                          I’m looking forward to being a part of                              Also, as soon as you know your new
                                                                                          this project.                                                       address and the date you’ll be moving,
                                                                                              However, there are many things to                               let the post office know, along with util-
                                                                                          consider if you are looking at possibly                             ity companies and any other agencies or
                                                                                          relocating. Although the job opportu-                               organizations you do business with. This
                                                                                          nity may be attractive, you need to con-                            can be a hassle if you wait until moving
                                                                                          sider the important things in life before                           day to change your address.
                                                                                          making a final decision. In my case, my                                 It’s been a few months since we
                                                                                          wife and I had very recently had a baby,                            moved, and we’re still getting settled in.
                                                                                          and the changes that we were going                                  Our lifestyle is somewhat back to nor-
                                                                                          through — getting acquainted with the                               mal, and we’ve met a lot of nice people.
                                                                 What’s your Viewpoint?

                                                                                          little one, my wife getting used to being                           Having lived in a big city all my life, I’m
       GCM’s Viewpoint column is a                                                        an at-home mom, my new job — made                                   dealing with a little culture shock. We’re
       chance for superintendents                                                         for a potentially stressful situation.                              living just outside Redwood Falls,
       and others in the golf indus-                                                          I don’t regret the decisions we’ve                              Minn. (pop. 5,100), and I’m still getting
       try to sound off about issues                                                      made, but actually going through the                                used to looking out my windows and
       from maintenance practices                                                         process opened my eyes to what’s                                    seeing hay bales and combines within a
       to the rules of golf. If you                                                       important in my life and where impor-                               few feet of the house.
       have something to say to                                                           tant decisions should have their begin-                                 But last night, standing outside my
       other superintendents or the                                                       ning. I have a few suggestions that may                             home, I couldn’t help but notice the
       golf world at large, GCM                                                           be of some help to someone who is                                   incredible display of stars. It was right
       encourages you to say it in                                                        relocating. Some of these I imple-                                  about then I felt I could get used to this
       Viewpoint. To contribute a col-                                                    mented; others, I wish I had.                                       country living.                          GCM
       umn, contact GCM editor                                                                Take time off between jobs, if possi-
       Scott Hollister at (785) 832-                                                      ble. Many things require your attention
       4456 or                                                      during this time. Getting your house
       We’ll also need a color                                                            ready to go on the market might
       photo.                                                                             require some touch-up painting, carpet
                                                                                                                                                              Mike Nelson is the golf course superintendent at
                                                                                          cleaning or general organization.                                   Dacotah Ridge Golf Club in Morton, Minn., and a
                                                                                              You will also be busy scouting out                              10-year member of GCSAA.

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