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					                                                              DHS AP BIOLOGY

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Chapter 49 Guided Reading Assignment

  1. Define the following words:
        a. Mechanoreceptors-

        b. Thermoreceptors-

        c. Chemoreceptors-

        d. Electromagnetic receptors-

        e. Pain receptors-

        f. Exteroreceptors-

        g. Interoreceptors-

        h. Sensory transduction-

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                                                                     DHS AP BIOLOGY

2. Use the following figure to discuss the inner working of the human ear:

4. Describe how the movement of fluids helps organisms to hear.

5. Describe the relationship between taste and smell in most organisms.

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                                                                         DHS AP BIOLOGY

6. Label the following diagram of the structure of the vertebrate eye.

7. Describe the function of the following terms.
     a. Sclera-

      b. Choroid-

      c. Conjunctiva-

      d. Cornea-

      e. Iris-

      f. Pupil-

      g. Retina-

      h. Lens-

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                                                                   DHS AP BIOLOGY

      i.   Ciliary Body-

      j.   Aqueous Humor-

      k. Vitreous Humor-

      l.   Rods-

      m. Cones

8. How is rhodopsin important to sight?

9. What purposes do the skeleton serve for land mammals?

10. How does the muscular system interact with the skeletal system to create

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                                                                     DHS AP BIOLOGY

11. Use the following diagram to explain muscle contraction from the nerve all the
   way to the roles of actin and myosin.

12. Compare and contrast the different types of muscles.

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                                                                  DHS AP BIOLOGY

13. Label the following diagram concerning energy use and locomotion.

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