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					                                    Official Newsletter of Capital District CKI

                                                                                  Volume 49 Issue 5 Winter 2010

  The Capital Courier
                                                                                       In this issue!
   Seasons Greetings!                                                                  Greetings! .............1, 15
                                                                                       New Kid on
                                                                                       the Block, Part II ......... 2
                                                                                       Divisional Pages.... 3-10
HO-HO-HO Capital Crabs!                                                                Spotlight................... 11
                                                                                       JMU Alzheimer’s
‘Tis the season for crisp winter air, snow flur-                                       Walk ......................... 12
ries, hot chocolate, holiday cheer and of                                              Capture the Crab ... 13
course…finals. I hope you are all enjoying the
                                                                                       UM Reads to
end of the semester and that your finals sea-                                          Succeed .................. 13
sons treat you well. For both new members                                              FMR….Ah the
and returning members, I hope that you en-                                             Memories ................. 14
joyed this fall semester of CKI!                                                       Scholarship
As we approach mid-CKI-year, it is important                                           Deadline Change ... 16
to reflect and evaluate the goals we set for our-
                                                                                       UMW Servicefest...... 17
selves back in the spring at the start of our
                                                                                       DCON 201
new year. In this issue of the Capital Courier, I                                      Ooh La La ................ 18
would like to update you on the District’s five
goals and our progress so far:                                                         How Well Do You Know
                                                                                       CKI? ......................... 19

Increase District Membership to 1,111 members by March 31, 2011 (“1111
in 2011”), encompassing divisional goals of:
                Battlefield – Goal: 62, Current: 50
                Foothills – Goal: 135, Current: 28
                Metro – Goal: 100, Current: 80

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The Capital Courier: The Official Newsletter of Capital District CKI                                                       1
New Kid on the Block, Part II

Greetings Capital District CKI!

        I hope that you have had a suc-
cessful fall semester and start to your
CKI year. I am excited to work with Capi-
tal District CKI as your new Assistant Dis-
trict Administrator. As a CKI alumnus from
Virginia Tech, I have experienced first-
hand the great opportunities that CKI pro-
vides for its members. I graduated from
Virginia Tech in 2004 and shortly moved to
Alexandria, Virginia where I joined the Ki-
wanis Club of Mount Vernon. As part of
my Kiwanis work in Northern Virginia, I
                                                                                  Jennifer Wolff
served as a Key Club Zone Administrator and Kiwanis Advisor to      
several Key Clubs and a K-Kids Club.

        In 2008 I moved to Ashland, Virginia where I eventually
joined the Ashland Kiwanis Club. I work for Kings Dominion as the
Merchandise Area Manager and Buyer. In my free time I enjoy
camping, and watching Virginia Tech football.

         In addition to serving as the Assistant Administrator, I will
also be working as the Zone Administrator for the Presidential Di-
vision. I encourage all of the clubs (especially those in Presiden-
tial) to contact me with any questions and to let me know in what
ways I can support them in realizing the objects of Circle K Inter-

In Service,

Derek Dupuis
Assistant District Administrator

2                                  The Capital Courier: The Official Newsletter of Capital District CKI
Battlefield Division

                        Hi Battlefield!
                        We’ve had a lot great things
                        going on in our Division and
                        within the District! DCON is
                        coming up really soon! This
                        year’s DCON is chocolate
                        themed! Delicious! Battlefield
    Minh Pham           Division Clubs, make sure you
                        are in good standing and get in   those awards applications!
                        See you in February!
Foothills Division

                           Hey Capital!

                           We have had an exciting and amazing
                           first half of the year! In Foothills, we held
                           our first divisional social and two divi-
                           sional service projects! Personally, my
                           favorite service project was Foothills Ki-
                           wanis Family Service Day, when Key
                           Clubbers, CKIers, and Kiwanians
                           throughout Foothills united to do mainte-
                           nance on the Miller Home for Girls, a
                           residential home for girls that does not
                           accept any federal or state funding. We
      Mikail Clark         also had a blast at FMR, as the Pink
                           "Domination" Team won the Survivor   contest and the Mr. and Ms. Crabby
                           Competition was a hit! Now, a delicious
                           DCON is just around the corner. So get
                           ready to discover the finer things in life
                           and have a great next semester! I wish
                           you all Happy Holidays and a Happy
                           New Year!!!
Metro Division

 Hello everyone,

 Metro Division has had an EXCELLENT first
 semester! Congratulations to Howard Univer-
 sity and St. Mary's College of Maryland for
 submitting early bird dues. This year the
 schools in Metro have been doing great ser-
 vice projects. George Washington University
 has volunteered with DC Central Kitchen and
 Metro TEENaids; Howard University partici-
 pated in the DC AIDS walk, Food for All DC
 and the DC Homeless Walk; and St. Mary's
 College of Maryland has participated in the St.
 Mary's County Oyster Festival and continu-
 ously works with the Kiwanis Kids and Builders
 Clubs in their area. I want to also congratulate
 Howard University for tripling their active mem-
 bership to over sixty paid dues members!!!
 Good luck on finals, and have a great Holiday
 season. Keep up the good work Metro, and
 see you everyone at DCON!!!!

                                                        Billie Castle

Presidential Division

                                The Presidential Division is
                               wrapping up from a great se-
                                mester. UVA had its annual
                               breakfast with Santa, Virginia
                               State University was officially
                             chartered and charters are in the
                                 works at Bridgewater and
                              Randolph Macon Colleges. Be
                              on the look out for great things
                             from this division next semester.
                             We are well on the way to meet-
                               ing our goals for membership
                                numbers and service hours!
       Ryan White
Ridgeline Division

                          Greetings Capital!

                          Ridgeline has been doing great things! Many clubs made early
                          bird dues, including: UMW, GMU and Shenandoah!! Congrats to
                          all! So far we have collected many cans towards our Divisional
                          Project STUFH!! Way to go Ridgeline!

                          In November we had our annual Ridgeline/UMW Thanksgiving
                          Dinner! It was a huge success with many represented from
                          around the Division and District! We caught up with each other
                          on how we were doing and were just thankful to be together as
                          the K-Family because Kiwanis and Key Club were there!

                          Speaking of K-family, Kiwanis Division 20 had their Sponsored
                          Leadership Program night in November as well! George Mason and
                          NOVA Alexandria were present. We had a great night hearing
                          from the K-Family around the division and district!

                          I am looking forward to another great semester! DCON is right
                          around the corner!!
     Catie Dugan
                          Yours in Service and Friendship,
                          Catie Dugan
 Susquehanna Division

                            I just wanted to send out a quick hello so that you
                            guys know a little bit about me!

                            First, I am Kristy Wallace and I am from the Univer-
                            sity of Delaware and I am a senior! I study Cogni-
                            tive Science and would love, love, LOVE to be a
                            Speech Pathologist working with deaf children. If
                            you ever want to chat about aphasias or linguistics or
                            ASL, let me know!!

                            I have been the president of the UDCKI club since
                            September and have been a member of CKI since
                            last October after FTR (aka FMR) and I loveee this
                            organization!! I come from New York and we don't
                            have many Kiwanis clubs around, so my high school
      Kristy Wallace        did not have a Key Club and I really did not know
                            Kiwanis existed until I came to the University of   Delaware! I am so happy I found this fantastic or-
                            ganization and I am proud to be the Lieutenant Gov-
                            ernor of this division for the remainder of the year.
 Tidewater-64 Division

                          Hi Tidewater-64!

                          My name is Jenn Stolz, and I have

                          been your Lieutenant-Governor since

                          October! I look forward to working with

                          each of you for the rest of this year!

                          We have a lot of great CKI events

                          coming up, the most important of

                          which is DCON! Make sure to get your
      Jenn Stolz
                          awards applications in! Over our much
                          needed Winter Breaks, make sure to

                          do just a little bit of service to make

                          the holidays brighter!
      Secretary Spotlight

Hi Capital!

Dues season is in full swing! Currently our district has 613 paid members and counting! Thank you so much for all
your efforts to educate, recruit and retain members and make them love CKI!

Speaking of dues, have you ever wondered how the money you pay for the Circle K International club fee is
spent? HERE is a resource from the International Office that breaks it all down!

One of my favorite parts of being DST is looking at your clubs' Monthly Report Forms and seeing all the fantastic
things members are doing. Filling out these forms and submitting them on time is a lot of work, so I would like to
congratulate the following clubs and secretaries that have submitted all MRFs from May to October on time!

       Yueting Lei- University of Maryland
       Colin Nickerson-Hampden Sydney College
       Meg Hunt- Lynchburg College
       Nicole Skellie-Randolph College
       Shellese Shemwell-Howard University
       Emily Wavering-St. Mary's College of Maryland
       Leannah Williams-JMU
       Ashley Taylor-UVA
       Kathy Intaraamnuay-VCU
       Howard Morano-GMU
       Breon Campbell- University of Mary Washington
       Brianne Young-Towson University
       Luke Schmidt-McDaniel College
       Kirsten Lewandowski-University of Delaware
       Christina Horton-The College of William and Mary
       Marvin Coaker-TCC- Chesapeake
       Andrea Lane-ODU

CKI Service over Winter Break: don't forget to do CKI service over the holidays! You must promote specific
events or organizations in order for members to report their hours as CKI service hours. Several great organiza-
tions include the Salvation Army, Barnes and Noble gift-wrapping, local food banks and many more!

One of my favorite holiday projects is writing letters to Santa in support of Macy's Believe Campaign- for every
letter Macy's donates $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization that grants wishes for children with
life-threatening illnesses. All the information and materials can be found HERE, and your club could give a ser-
vice hour if a member writes a certain number of letters. I think it would be great for Macy's to receive hundreds
of letters from Capital District CKIers to show just how much we care about children around the world!

Happy Holidays and I cannot wait to see everyone at DCON!

Stacy Whitehouse
CDCKI Secretary

 The Capital Courier: The Official Newsletter of Capital District CKI                                              11
 JMU Alzheimer’s Walk

        The cool morning air whips through my coat to the thin, purple t-shirt I am wearing. The autumn
leaves are changing color and everything in nature seems to stand still waiting for the moment when
winter will arrive. This beautiful October morning was perfect for the Alzheimer ’ s Memory Walk, a time
to reflect on those lost and those suffering from the disease. For this event CKI members were asked to
register for the walk and to volunteer wherever their help was needed. Whether it was running the reg-
istration table, parking cars, handing out raffle tickets or preparing food, CKI members were there to

        For the walk, the Alzheimer ’ s Association prepared a nature trail lined with signs that read: 5.3
million American ’ s have Alzheimer ’ s and Half of the people over
85 have Alzheimer ’ s disease. These shocking phrases have
grown since last year, making it critical that we all become more
aware and involved with finding a cure for this disease. I have a
personal connection with this disease because my father and my
grandmother are part of the 5.3 million that suffer with the disease.
Alzheimer ’ s has slowly entered their daily lives, taking away short-
term memories and their chance at a normal life. During the walk I
told my story to some of the members, and now I am telling it to
you. The Memory Walk is something that I encourage you to par-
ticipate in and volunteer for next year. Remember one in every three Americans will suffer from this dis-
ease, so next year join the walk and save one person, one friend or yourself.

        For more information, the Alzheimer ’ s website is You can search for a local asso-
ciation near you, find out facts and statistics and learn more about the disease.

                                                                               Written by Leannah Williams
                                                                                        JMU CKI Secretary

  12                              The Capital Courier: The Official Newsletter of Capital District CKI
Capture the Crab!

Hello Capital District CKI! Do you have any exciting service events coming up? Share your experi-
ence with Crabby and you could win an awesome prize!
Here’s how you can enter:
   1.) Volunteer for a service event and take a picture of you posing as a crab at the event
   2.) Answer 2 of the 3 CKI questions that can be found in the Capital Courier, CDCKI Facebook
       page, and CDCKI website ( to
   3.) Submit answers, photo, a short description of the service event and your contact info (name,
       school, email) to by February 4th, 2011 at midnight

All entries will be posted on the CDCKI Facebook page on February 6th, 2011 for voting. The top 3 en-
tries with the most Likes/Comments will be announced at the District Convention. The candidates will
reenact their photos and a winner will be voted on.
And now your search begins! You can start right here. Look for this symbol somewhere in this issue of
the Capital Courier (Hint: This one isn’t it!). Once you’ve found Crabby, figure out the answer and send
it to Good luck!

University of Maryland Reads to Succeed!

Springhill Lake Elementary school is one of University of Maryland
CKI's most popular service events. At Springhill Lake Elementary,
we work with kids in an after-school program to further enrich
their lives. Activities include playing various sports during recess,
teaching how to use computers, and tutoring on homework. In
the theme of the Capital District project, University of Maryland
CKI's members created bookmarks for Springhill Lake Elementary's reading program. The
bookmarks were laminated and distributed to the kids. With awesome looking bookmarks, the
kids appreciated the thoughtful gift and were excited to read!

                        Submitted by Ka Yang, CDCKI Technology Chair and CKI at UM Member

 The Capital Courier: The Official Newsletter of Capital District CKI                                 13

14        The Capital Courier: The Official Newsletter of Capital District CKI
 Gubernatorial Greetings, Cont’d

Continued from Page 1

                    Presidential – Goal: 292, Current: 188
                    Ridgeline – Goal: 135, Current: 73
                    Susquehanna – Goal: 147, Current: 77
                    Tidewater-64 – Goal: 158, Current: 71
                    Valley – Goal: 82, Current: 38
                    Total – Goal: 1,111, Current: 605
                    (Current totals based on December 1st report from CKI)

Retain all 33 active clubs from the 2009-2010 year, reactivate at least two inactive clubs, and charter at least three new clubs by March 31, 2011.
                    Retention: We have lost three clubs since April 1, 2010.
                    Reactivations: Six reactivations underway, one of which paid dues this year!
                    Charters: Welcome our newest charter: Virginia State University CKI!
                    Charter efforts are now underway at Hood College, Sweet Briar College, Randolph Macon College, Bridgewater State College,
                    NOVA Annandale, Wesley College, TCC Virginia Beach! (let us know if you have friends at those schools who would be inter-
                    ested in CKI)

Perform a minimum of 25 service hours per member by March 31, 2011.
                We are currently at 16.8 hours per member! This number will increase once November Monthly Report Forms are entered.
                (Based on 605 members (reported 12/1/10) and 10,150.93 hours (totaling through the October Monthly Report Forms))

Charter at least one Kiwanis Kids or Builders Club per division by March 31, 2011.
                   Many clubs are working with Kiwanis Kids or Builders Clubs this year, and we are encouraging others to get involved with these
                   younger branches of the Kiwanis Family and charter a club in your area! Remember that working with these clubs counts as ser-
                   vice hours, and is a great way to enrich your club and members’ experiences in CKI. Contact your Lieutenant Governor for more
                   information about chartering!

Establish and write curriculum for a multi-level district membership education course to be presented at district events, by Spring Officer Training
Conference 2010.
                   The District Board and Membership Development & Education Committee is very proud to announce that its revamped CKI
                   101 and *NEW* CKI 201 debuted just two months ago at Fall Membership Rally! Get ready for CKI 301 which will be presented
                   at District Convention!

          District Project: “Read to Succeed”
                    Clubs across Capital have been starting reading programs and similar initiatives to promote youth literacy in conjunction with
                    the District Project. A special thanks to those who have already incorporated this initiative, and I encourage the rest of you to do
                    so as you prepare for the spring semester of CKI!

As you reflect on our progress as a District, I ask you to think: “How can I help the District reach OUR goals?” The goals above, set forth by the
District Board, are meant to help us grow as a District, as servant leaders. In particular, Goal #1 (membership) is based on YOUR clubs’ goals for the
year, and its success is directly impacted by your efforts at recruitment and retention. With the start of a new semester, keep these goals in mind, and
consider revisiting and evaluating your own goals.

With that, I hope you all have a spirited and relaxing winter break! Do take the time to do some service – especially CKI service projects with nearby
members and clubs – and be thankful for what you have by giving back to others.
Happy Holidays!

Yours in the Spirit of CKI,

 “Great opportunities to help others seldom come but small ones surround us daily” – Sally Koch
(submitted by Jesse Stottlemyer of the St. Mary’s College of Maryland CKI Club)
Deadline Change! IMPORTANT!

     Society of Distinguished Collegians Deadline Correction:
     January 5, 2011

     For those of you that meant to apply for the Society of Distinguished Col-
     legians but ran out of time to do so, good news! The deadline on the
     form posted on the website was wrong. The deadline for District Adminis-
     trator Jennifer Wolff to receive your completed applications is actually
     January 5, 2011. For those of you that managed to get your applications
     in already, many thanks! You should have received a message from Ad-
     ministrator Wolff verifying that she received your application. For the rest
     of you, there is still time! Go to, and click on "Events>
     DCON" to download the application.

     Since the first CKI club was established in 1947, members of the organiza-
     tion have risen to the challenge of becoming involved in both their cam-
     puses and communities by serving others. In the process, members have

                                                                                                  Name one article from this issue of the Capital Courier
     experienced tremendous personal growth and satisfaction. 1988-89 in-
     troduced the first Circle K International "honor society," the Society of Dis-
     tinguished Collegians. The Society of Distinguished Collegians was estab-
     lished to recognize those members of Circle K International who strive for
     excellence in academics, service to campus and community, and com-
     mitment to the local club.

     A district is entitled to induct up to 2 percent of its total membership into
     the society on an annual basis. Induction into the society is permanent,
     and those not selected for membership may reapply. Each inductee re-
     ceives a special membership pin and certificate of recognition. New
     members are inducted and receive these awards at the annual district
     convention. Additionally, members of the Society are recognized each
     year at the Circle K International convention and listed in an issue of CIR-
     CLE K magazine.

16                         The Capital Courier: The Official Newsletter of Capital District CKI
UMW Servicefest 2011

      On November 18, 2010, UMW CKI tried something new, and we were greatly rewarded: SER-

       Our club typically has one or two small “servicefests” a year – we gather in a dorm parlor or
classroom and work on cards, pillows, shawls and other similar things. This year, however, the idea
came about to try and introduce service to the campus at large – as well as get CKI’s name out
there a little more.

       Two months of hard planning gleaned generous donations, cooperation with other campus
clubs and ideas for seven different projects – something to interest everybody. After a hectic hour
setting up tables and supplies, we nervously waited for guests, a bit worried that no one would
come – it was Harry Potter night, after all.

        Turns out, we did not need to worry at all. The first participants arrived within 5 minutes, and
we ended up with over fifty people joining us that night! Several were fulfilling service requirements
for fraternities and honor societies, while others were just curious and looking to help out. We even
had several people ask questions about joining CKI. In the end, we managed to accomplish:

    - 65 chew toys made out of t-shirts, donated to the Prince William County Animal Shelter

    - 28 letters written for a program that sends mail to Cambodian orphanages, letting them know
    they are cared about

    - 70 hygiene kits to be donated to Micah Ecumenical Ministries, a homeless shelter in downtown

    - About 30 blankets, scarves, and shawls also to be donated to Micah

    - 12 coloring books and other hygiene products to be donated to Hope House, a transitional
    housing program for homeless women and their children in downtown Fredericksburg

    - 85 holiday cards to be sent to local troops currently stationed abroad

       Inspired by an art project publicized in an earlier issue of Presidential Pow-Wow, we also wrote
on our hands what we wanted to be when we grew up, to symbolize that “the future is in our
hands.” The results are both entertaining and enlightening and can be seen on our Facebook Fan
Page, University of Mary Washington CKI.

        As a new president this year, I am so proud of my officers and members for helping put to-
gether this experimental new event – I think we can say it was a huge success, and our donations
will be greatly appreciated throughout our community!

The Capital Courier: The Official Newsletter of Capital District CKI                                   17
DCON 2011….Ooh La La

You’re Invited!

Who: Capital District Circle K Members
What: the 51st Annual Capital District Circle K Convention
Where: Hyatt Regency in Crystal City, Virginia
When: February 18-20, 2010
Why: to enjoy a weekend full of fun, friends, and service!

     The 51st Annual Capital District Circle K Convention will take place from
February 18th to the 20th at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City, Virginia. The
chocolate-themed weekend is one to dream of! With the opening session on
Friday, CKI members will come together and show their Capital Spirit! Satur-
day is a fun-filled day with workshops, a ‘Service is Sweet’ Service Fair, and the
Awards Banquet in the evening. As always, there are dozens of awards to apply
for and a number contests to enter. Check out the Capital District CKI web-
site,, for contest and award forms. Registration is open-
ing soon, with Early Registration costing just $110 for the entire weekend. So
be sure to register by February 4th for a deliciously fun weekend of fellowship
and service!

Submitted by:
Christine Pajewski
CKI @ UVA Bulletin Editor
CDCKI Conferences and Conventions Committee Member
CDCKI Strategic Planning Committee Member

18                      The Capital Courier: The Official Newsletter of Capital District CKI
How Well Do You Know CKI?


                                                               1.) Second tenant?
                                                               5.) First tenant?
                                                               6.) Our division?
                                                               8.) CKI headquarters?
                                                               9.) Parent organization?
                                                               11.) Our district?
                                                               12.) Service hours per se-
                                                               13.) R in MRF?


                                                               2.) I in CKI?
                                                               3.) C in DCON?
                                                               4.) Fourth tenant?
                                                               7.) F in FMR?
                                                               10.) S in SOTC??

The Capital Courier: The Official Newsletter of Capital District CKI                    19

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