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					Faculty of Business and Law



One of the main focuses of faculty operations during the past year have been
focussed around preparations for the move to the Rosebowl which will begin
in April of 2009. This will involved a revisiting of all aspects of processes,
from the interaction of staff and students to the course management
arrangements around timetabling and communications with students and

Each aspect of the student lifecycle is being considered to ensure the
disruption to the student learning process is minimised and then are
enhanced by the move to new surroundings. A number of our assessment
processes have been moved and adjusted to ensure the physical move does
not interfere with assessment and feedback, and a number of early
experiences planned for students during Semester 2 to introduce students to
their new home.

Timetabling processes will need to be carefully managed because although
the quality of space is much enhanced the quantity of teaching spaces
available is reduced, the affect of this will be closely monitored to assess any
affect on the student experience.

Annual review

Annual Review and Monitoring within the Faculty of Business and Law during
the 2007/2008 session followed the new procedures for annual review
introduced in November 2007, with the result that the reports that form the
basis of this faculty report have been prepared in line with these procedures.

The Faculty of Business and Law has implemented a two track, three tier
reporting structure - groups of awards / courses (clusters in the relevant
Undergraduate and Postgraduate schemes) and Modules by host Subject
Group – followed by Associate Deans / Unit Head reports and then the
Faculty Report. The only exceptions to this are the professional courses in
Law and Accountancy which, for professional body reasons continue to be
reviewed at course level.

In line with the University process the Faculty held student consultation
meetings and two cycles of annual review meetings in June / July and
Timing of Award Boards and Implications for Student Work Visas
In order for students to be eligible for a post study work visa they must have a
valid student visa and confirmation of successful results. Students who
complete in January may see their visa run out waiting for a board in June.

This would rule out the possibility of applying for a PSW Visa. A solution to
this would be to have a small board in March which the faculty will now
investigate the feasibility of.

Issues from Subject Group Reports

Public Relations Subject Group

A decision was taken to withdraw the MA European Public Relations Course
from 2008-9. This was as a result of falling numbers in the provision – this
course will be replaced by an MA International Communications course which
will be provided in conjunction with other European Universities and
consequently is EU funded. This course is currently going through the
approval process (January 2009).

Marketing Subject Group

The Chartered Institute of Marketing is introducing a new syllabus which
needs to be incorporated into the Professional Diploma in Marketing and the
Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from September 2009.
Concern was expressed in the report about evening delivery in the Rose Bowl
and how the safety and security of female staff and students could be

Human Resource Management/Organisational Behaviour Subject Group
This group stated an intention to review the postgraduate portfolio during the
year ahead. This should be encompassed within the postgraduate curriculum
The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development are introducing new
standards from 2010 and the Subject Group will be liaising with them on this
to ensure the provision reflects the standards appropriately.

Issues from Course review documentation

MSc Marketing
The course leader presented a document which raised some issues with the
Banner data produced for the review documents. The data provided was
contradictory between data sets and was generally felt to be unclear or
The report welcomed improvements in the Marketing Unit but recommended
that the marketing unit gather and process market intelligence as well as
producing course promotion material.

This report also raised concerns about the support for marketing the
programme although did counter that the increased staffing in the Marketing
Unit would help. It was further felt that the approval process for course
promotional material had taken too long which had delayed plans to attract
students which had an impact on actual recruitment.

Report from Postgraduate Business Cluster

As a result of the postgraduate review a new module entitled personal
development planning is to be introduced from September 2009 this report
highlighted that this new module will need resource.
All courses falling within the postgraduate business cluster will be reviewed
under the postgraduate review by July 2009.
It was suggested research should be undertaken to establish an online
masters course.

Report from postgraduate Accounting and Finance Cluster

The Implications of the new visa restrictions and monitoring of outcomes will
need to take place following discussions with Faculty International Manager.
    Problems with access in different centres (e.g. Hangzhou, Nigeria)
    Access for pre-reading for block courses (Nigeria) difficulties in tying
      students to modules

The new PDP module needs development as indicated above.
Demand for more information on Electives (in plain English similar to UG)
Currency of the Curriculum
Periodic Review of Existing Provision

The Faculty experienced a very busy year in 2007 / 2008 in relation to
periodic review activity, re-approving the Faculty Postgraduate Scheme
Framework and subsequently seven constituent postgraduate target awards
within the re-approved Scheme.

          These awards are detailed below:

   i)        MA Business (IPOS)

   ii)       MA International Business

   iii)      MA International Trade and Finance

   iv)       MSc Accounting

   v)        MSc Finance

   vi)       Postgraduate Diploma in Personnel Management

   vii)      MA Personnel Development

The Faculty also undertook periodic reviews of two undergraduate awards:

   i)        HND Business and Management

   ii)       LLB (Hons)

Approval of New Awards

The Faculty approved four new awards during 2007 / 2008 (2 Undergraduate,
1 Postgraduate and 1 Research). These are detailed below:

   i)        A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) award was approved as
             a stand-alone research award.

   ii)       A new MSc Leadership and Change Management award was
             approved within the Faculty Postgraduate Scheme Framework.

   iii)      A new BA (Hons) Financial Services (Level 3 top-up) award was
             approved within the Accounting and Finance cluster of the Faculty
             Undergraduate Scheme Framework.
   iv)    A new BA (Hons) Journalism award was approved within the Public
          Relations cluster of the Faculty Undergraduate Scheme

Modifications to Provision in Approval

The Faculty as a whole utilised the minor / major modification process
extensively during 2007 / 2008.

Minor Modifications

All minor modifications to provision were presented to Subject Groups and/or
the Undergraduate / Postgraduate Boards of Study / School Executive Teams
for approval.

During 2007 / 2008, typical modifications included:

   i)     The approval of new Modules

   ii)    Modifications to existing Modules

   iii)   Modifications to the module structure of awards

Major Modifications

All major modifications to provision were presented to Undergraduate /
Postgraduate Boards of Study / School Executive Teams and then the Faculty
of Business and Law FAMSC for approval.

During 2007 / 2008, major modifications approved by the Faculty included:

   i)     Major modification to the Faculty Postgraduate Scheme Framework
          to incorporate the MSc Leadership and Change Management
          award within the Scheme.

   ii)    Major modification to the Faculty Undergraduate Scheme
          Framework and Accounting and Finance Cluster to incorporate the
          BA (Hons) Financial Services Level 3 top-up award within the

   iii)   Major modification to the Faculty Undergraduate Scheme
          Framework and Public Relations Cluster to incorporate the BA
          (Hons) Journalism award within the Scheme.

   iv)    Major modification to the award title of the MA Contemporary
          Accounting to MSc Contemporary Accounting.
   v)             Major modification to the award title of the MSc Accounting to MSc
                  Accounting and Finance (undertaken as part of the periodic review
                  of the MSc Accounting).

   vi)            Major modification to the award title of the Postgraduate Diploma in
                  Personnel Management and MA Personnel Development to
                  Postgraduate Diploma and MA Human Resource Management
                  (undertaken as part of the periodic review process).

Withdrawal of Provision from Approval


The following undergraduate awards / deliveries were withdrawn from the
Faculty‟s portfolio during 2007 / 2008.

   i)             LLB (Hons) Level 1 delivered at Hartlepool Sixth Form College.

   ii)            Foundation Degree in Legal Services at delivered at Calderdale

   iii)           Foundation Degree in Performance Management at Calderdale

Postgraduate Provision

As a result of the Postgraduate Review undertaken during 2007 / 2008, the
following awards were removed from the Faculty‟s portfolio.

          i)         MA Corporate Direction

          ii)        MA Finance and Accounting

          iii)       MA Management Practice (WBL)

          iv)        MA Public Policy and Management

          v)         MSc Business Excellence

          vi)        MSc International Business Management

          vii)       Postgraduate Certificate in International Business (Target award

          viii)      Postgraduate Diploma in International Business (Target award
       ix)    Postgraduate Certificate in Accountancy (Delivery at Hong Kong

       x)     MA International Business (Delivery at Hong Kong VTC only)

Effectiveness of the Approval / Validation Process

Conditions to Approval / Validation

In all cases (except one) conditions to approval / validation were satisfied
within the timescales agreed by the approval panel.

The condition to validation concerning Vietnamese government approval to
deliver the MA International Trade and Finance in Vietnam remains
outstanding and as a consequence recruitment has been postponed twice
and delivery will now commence from April 2009 rather than September 2008
as originally planned.


In all cases the recommendations made by approval panels were considered
by scheme / course development teams and a formal report was made to the
Faculty Academic Monitoring Sub-Committee (FAMSC) in accordance with
section B1. P.6.20 of the University‟s “Procedures for Academic Regulations”.

Feedback from Panel Members

Feedback from Panel members was very positive, both in terms of the quality
of the documentation being considered, the hard work and dedication of
Scheme/Course Development Teams and where University or external panel
members were involved, the effectiveness of the Faculty's internal quality
management processes.

Validation preparation for LPC3
It was originally intended that the LPC3 Rewrite should be completed by the
summer of 2008. This proved not to be possible. Changes in management
structure within the school and staff absences (planned) meant that it would
have been imprudent to submit to the SRA our proposals. The LPC3
documentation is being worked on now and is to be presented in 2009 for

Part time provision
No working party was established. However an ongoing change to structure
and composition of the school means that we are committed to a review of
provision to seek to broaden the portfolio and access new markets. This will
involve a commitment to delivery to match demand

The Business School sought to improve the elective process to ensure timely
information and selection of modules. A considerable improvement in
planning and co-ordination of elective fairs has allowed a more streamlines
process to be embedded. The achievements in this year have been built
upon in 07/08.

Course teams are emerging albeit not without tensions in a structure which is
driven by modules. The notion of course teams is beginning to emerge aimed
to improve organisation and management of courses. The significant issues
associated with timetabling were considerably improved on in 07/08. Work
has been done on developing accurate class lists and alternative ways of
monitoring attendance. The work on transparent and accessible systems and
procedures is on-going.

Effective course management remains high on the agenda. The transition
process is in place. Systems and procedures are being evaluated and
improved upon. Course teams continue to work towards improving the
operation and management of courses overall. UGBOS (Undergraduate
Board of Studies) is now embedded in the undergraduate operations and
clusters have been realigned into three broad areas, each with an academic
programme director.

A New BABM course is in the process of being approved that will be delivered
primarily by e-learning, the development of this award will also allow the
enrichment of existing provision with the use of more blended learning

Academic standards
External Examiners reports

Generally the reports of external examiners were positive, endorsed
standards set and found boards to be conducted in a professional manner.
However in law there were a number of specific issues that were identified as
unsatisfactory. Where these are within the remit of the Law school they will be
attended to,

One external found some inconsistency in marking between internal markers
in some Modules. This is something that we shall address, though another
commented that there are examples of excellent practice in structure,
organisation, design and marking of examination papers and one described
the work of the students as being at times a joy to read.

Examiners commended the variety of different methods of assessment. The
level 3 Pro Bono module in Law was commended
One external raised the matter of the calculation of degrees. He was an
advocate of the concept of „exit velocity‟ and felt that our awards, as
structured, failed to acknowledge this.

Similarly some concern was expressed regarding the operation of „Mitigating
Circumstances‟. These should be noted
One posed the question “ what steps, electronic or otherwise, does the
university adopt to ensure transcription or outcome errors are minimised, if not
eradicated altogether” It was confirmed that academic staff of the Law school
enter marks directly from scripts on to „Banner‟, the computer information
system ,via Grade-E-ent. The use of Grade-E-ent by academic staff means
that those who do the marking also place those marks directly on to the
system. Thus minimises the number of people and steps involved and thus
opportunities for transcription error. Staffs are able to then print out a list of
marks entered as a double check for accuracy.
Self-evidently a system is only as good as the information provided and there
always exists the possibility of an individual entering the wrong mark. On this
we have to rely on staff checking the accuracy of what they enter.
Examination board and pre-boards offer a further opportunity to identify any

Students' attainment of learning outcomes

Student progression in the law school had been a cause for concern

                   Progression by Number (LLB)                                    Progression by Percentage LLB



  200                                                            70
                                                                                                                    Year 1 PP
                                                     Year 1 PP                                                      Year 2PP
                                                     Year 2PP    50


  50                                                             20

        2002/3   2003/4   2004/5   2005/6   2006/7
                                                                       2002/3   2003/4   2004/5   2005/6   2006/7

Interrogation of the figures suggest that though total numbers progressing
continue to rise when viewed as a percentage of the population of that year
the situation is deteriorating.

This suggests that we must either cease to „over recruit‟ to the law school, or
recruit to the present numbers but accompanied by planned and proper
resource. The present situation where there is always „planned unplanned‟
recruitment in August is not satisfactory. The faculty will therefore review its
targets in Law for 2009/10 and seek not to over recruit these in clearing. This
issue will be taken forward to planning and registry.

Student feedback

Student feedback processes introduced in 2006/07 were refined for the
2007/08 session: Tutors have continued to remind students about various
types of feedback and reminding them that they have had feedback as part of
the normal teaching and learning session; generic feedback has been put on
the students portal (Xstream) and provisional results for L3 students have
been made available before the subject boards which confirm the module

After the results of the NSS in 2008 the issue of feedback both to and from
students has been given a much greater priority across the faculty. Course
management particularly in the area of timetabling was an issue for many
students, this has undergone a full review and a number of key deadlines
adjusted to improve the process, feedback received from the start of semester
1 2008/09 indicates the results have been well received, but the faculty is
aware of further work to be done and the need to remain vigilant to the impact
of late changes ion the timetable for students.

The timeliness of assessment feed was another key issue from the NSS, this
has been considered across all subject groups and a number of strategies
employed to improve this, from reviewing the assessment methods and the
use of formative feedback, to a full process review of assessment practices.
Some of these strategies will take more than one academic year to bear fruit,
but will be kept under review through each academic cycle.

Continue to engage with the students regarding physical aspects of CHC,
feedback and assessment and learning

Meetings have been had with Estates Services to seek to address the
ongoing concerns regarding CHC, particularly the lack of dedicated study
space. At the time of writing no action has been forthcoming. It is hoped that
the impending move of Accountancy support staff will enable some
reconfiguration of rooms to open up more space on the second floor and to
present a more student facing presence on the ground floor. The issue of the
storage of documents on in CHC is a live one. Given complaints re space it is
hard to understand why we should choose to fill so much expensive space
with paper.

Assessment, learning and teaching

      ALT – continual analysis and review of pedagogy, assessment and
        ALT – amendment to current practice, the introduction of practice
         protected time is allowing academic staff to engage more extensively in
         ALT development.
        New PL ALT appointed in Law. This has, as planned, provided
         momentum to this initiative. Staff development sessions have been,
         and continue to be, organised. TEL has been more deeply adopted into
         practice. More extensive use of Xstream has occurred for delivery and
         assessment. Adoption of audio feedback is being piloted. Grade-e-ent
         used by all Law staff and being piloted by Business school staff.

Collaborative partnerships

During 2007 / 2008 the Faculty considered and approved two new
collaborative relationships. These are detailed below:

   i)       Off-Campus Joint Delivery of the MA International Trade and
            Finance with the Academy of Finance (Vietnam) at their Hanoi and
            Ho Chi Minh City sites.

   ii)      Off Campus delivery of the MA International Business at Emerald
            Group Publishing in Bradford.

Collaborative links have been progressed with the new institutions for
HKICHE to pursue a masters in Professional Accounting;
Collaborations are also being sort in Turkey.
Institutes in Africa to pursue the MSc in Leadership and Change Management
Institute in Vietnam to deliver MA International Trade and Finance

Tenders have been submitted for management development in country at
Anchor Housing and Islington Council – however both tenders were
withdrawn by these Institutions because of budget pressures.

Professional, Regulatory and Statutory Body Events

During 2007 / 2008 the Faculty received visits from the Chartered Institute of
Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the Joint Academic Stage Board
(JASB) of the Law Society who re-accredited the Postgraduate Diploma and
MA Human Resource Management and the LLB (Hons) respectively.
  Review of action plan December 2007/08

Issue              Action required                  Responsibility        Result

1. Continue        Compliance with X Steam          ALT Co-ordinator/
work on ALT        requirements. Further            Subject Groups/    Improved           the
priorities.        review of modes of               Module Leaders/    number of modules
                   assessment and provision         FLT                meeting            the
                   of feedback to students.                            minimum
                                                                       requirements        for
                                                                       the use of X
                                                                       stream,        further
                                                                       audits being carried
                                                                       out to assess any
2.Complete PG      Complete schedule of             AD LBS PG.         In process currently
Curriculum         approval events.                                    and due to be
Review                                                                 completed before
                                                                       the 2008/09
                                                                       academic year.
                                                                       Some PG
                                                                       provisions already
                                                                       withdrawn in line
                                                                       with plans for the
                                                                       new Carnegie
                                                                       Graduate school
3. Enhance         Complete     work           on   SGLS/ ADs/ FLT     Regular minuted
functioning of     development plans.                                  meetings are now
Subject Groups                                                         taking place, further
                                                                       monitoring is taking
4. Planning for    Commence planning                FLT/ FB/           Well underway with
Rose Bowl          activity for new building                           full seating plans
                                                                       and operations
                                                                       protocol being
                                                                       developed in time
                                                                       for opening in April
5. Improve         Review faculty website/          FLT/ FB/ Marketing In the planning
faculty website/   publish          strategic       Unit               phase is near
develop            marketing plan/ review                              completion is due
strategic          and enhance lines of intra-                         to be complete by
marketing plan/    faculty communication                               the Rosebowl
enhance                                                                opening in April for
internal                                                               a Launch in June-
communications                                                         July 2009
6.      Enhance SME support/ CPD/              PRI/       Business Developments have
delivery of 3rd Business Start-Up/ Policy      Start-Up & Institute been slow in this
Stream agenda Research                         for Enterprise/ FLT area and further
                                                                    work is planned
7. Enhance         Enhance use of student      SGLS/         Admin A full set of actions
means of           portal/ WEB CT/             Teams/          FLT/ have been
communication      procedures for return of    FAMSC/ FB            developed and are
with students      work and feedback                                detailed in the NSS
and provision of                                                    action plans
8. Improve NSS     Enhance both response       FLT/ FB/ SGLS/ Mixed results,
results            rates and overall results   Admin Teams    some good practice
                   for Law, Accounting,                       identified which will
                   Business, Economics &                      now be extended
                   Management                                 over more subject
Issues for action plan December 2008/09

         Issue                 Proposed Action          Responsibility     Deadline
More systematic            Marketing Unit to carry     Chief Operating        Dec-09
process required to        out market research on      Office/Head of
anticipate                 need and demand for         Marketing
postgraduate market        current    and    future
demand for provision.      provision.
The review of the          The new PDP module          AD Postgraduate        Sep-09
postgraduate scheme        needs development for       and Course
created a new module       September 2009              Leaders
Personal Development
Planning which needs

New visa restrictions    Implications of the new       Faculty             Summer 09
are in place which will  visa restrictions and         International
affect    postgraduate   monitoring of outcomes        Manager and
and     Undergraduate    needs to take place           Chief Operating
students.                following discussion with     Officer
                         Faculty      International
Increase options      to Develop use of Xstream          Associate Dean       Dec-09
provide flexibility   of across masters provision        Postgraduate/
study to students        and explore potential for       Faculty ALT Co-
                         online masters course.          ordinator and
                                                         Course Leaders
Law             School     Revise               School HoS                    Jan-09
Management                 Management Structure
Structure.                 to create clearer lines of
                           reporting,         decision
                           making                   and
Behaviour      /   Staff   To work with (and to HOS, COO, HR                   Jul-09
development           to   challenge) HR to provide
identify, nurture future   strong       infrastructural
school/university          support                when
managers/leaders           challenging those who
                           display      unacceptable
                           behaviour and to support
                           and develop staff to their
                           and     the    Universities
                           mutual benefit.
                           Review roles to adopt
                           the method of working
                           that                transfer
                           responsibility            for
                           administration          from
                           academics                to

Refresh    the      Law Complete LPC3 rewrite             LPC 3 Team         Jul-09
                           Complete Rewrite of PG Dip Team                   Jul-09
                           Grad Dip to PG Dip. in
                           Complete    rewrite   of Law         with         Jul-09
                           Criminology. Justice to Criminology.
                           become      Law     with Team

Enhance effective UG Ensure systems offer                 ADUG and COO       Jul-09
course management           course information as a
Monitor             closely Continue      to     audit    ADUG and PD‟s      Jul-09
courses within the UG electives.               Utilise
portfolio to ensure economies              of   scale
fitness for purpose and where appropriate
quality standards
Build     flexibility    of Approve BABM (e) and          ADUG,        ALT   Jul-09
delivery into the UG continue           to    develop     Manager
portfolio to allow a blended           delivery      in
range of markets to courses
Enhance                 UG Change first year student      UG team            Sep-09
curriculum in delivery experience                   to
and offering to ensure incorporate              these
students learning by aspects.
doing and developing
appropriate skills

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